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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster Part 10 (Mff,anal)
by LL

"You should get a job, Summers," Snyder said, sitting back in relaxation on the sofa, his face a picture of contentment and his head leant back into his hands.

"I think that's a good idea," Ted said, nodding his agreement from the other couch. "What do you think Joyce?"

"Mmmnn," Buffy's Mom made a noise that sounded like agreement; not that Buffy knew what her Mom disagreeing with Ted sounded like as Ted was always right.

"Yes," he continued, "After that vacation we took you on you need to pay your own way, it's not fair expecting Dick to pay for you or to get an allowance off your Mom, especially now she's a homemaker not a wage earner."

"MMnnnn," her Mom made another noise signifying her total agreement with her boyfriend.

Buffy felt guilty, she had been assuming her generous (or at least semi-generous) allowance would be continuing over her senior year. She didn't want to be thought a burden and some money to allow her to buy presents and treat Principal Snyder would be nice. Her tongue slipped up and down Principal Snyder's shaft as she continued her after dinner worship of it. It was so big and she did so love it in her, and anyway she was a strong, independent woman who should be making her own way and earning her keep. She looked up and smiled, "Mmmnn, yes, I'll look for one," she purred and slipped her lips down round his large dick.

"There's a new burger joint, Doublemeat Palace, opening. You'll be perfect for that, instructed Principal Snyder. He pressed his hand on the top of her head and encouraged her downwards, "They're looking for topless waitresses."

"It's such a good idea of the Mayor to licence the first titty burger bar," agreed Ted, "It's some real competition for Hooters."

"Buffy's not Hooters material," said Snyder, "Her tits aren't big enough, but they're perky and they'll do for Doublemeat."

"Make sure you give them a smile when you show them your bosom," Ted counselled, "And perhaps bounce and jiggle them so they can get a real sense of what they'd be like as your bending over to take customers orders."

Buffy nodded, though as much to do with her head bobbing down the dick as her need to take instruction on showing her tits. Without Ted and Snyder's advice she'd probably never have thought about it, but it did seem a good job and one that she was sure her friends would be jealous off - especially Willow who was rapidly becoming Sunnydale's top slut. She'd see if they had an opening for the redhead as well, she decided, it be good if they could both work the same shifts, prancing about semi-naked together. She was still thinking about it as her lips met Snyder's balls and she winced as the cock pushed her throat, her eyes watering - only the vast amount of practice as deep-throating stopped her gagging.

"Gurrhh, guurrhh, guurhh," behind her she could here the frenzied gulps of her Mom as the older blonde sped up, her mouth driving down Ted's large dick so fast that Buffy could almost hear the cock frizzling with friction. It made her go quicker, as if she was in a competition and her head bounced up and down her man's dick with wild abandon.

"That's good, you slut Summers, " Snyder grunted, "Suck me all the way."

The blonde teen blushed at the compliment and sucked him harder, her mouth driving forward down the shaft, leaving it drenched in her saliva.

"Go on Joyce, take my dick," ordered Ted, before turning back to Buffy, "When you get the job you'll have to give up hanging round in the evening with that new librarian... what's his name?"

"Wesley Wyndam-Price," said Snyder, he squeezed at the top of Buffy's skull, not giving her any chance to relent on the blowjob. "I agree. The job comes second."

Buffy assumed, or at least hoped, that the first and most important thing was being Principal Snyder's girlfriend. In which case she agreed that patrolling with Wesley came low down the list. He was a complete dolt and bore. Hanging around in graveyards with him was not a must do exercise, especially as the vamps and demons had been quiet recently (if you ignored the massacre in the school swimming pool where all the jocks seemed to have been eaten inside out and only their skins left). She gulped down some more cock, showing her agreement with her man.

"Good Summers, that is good," he grinned.

The teen bobbed harder and faster, doing the business on the hard dick. She could feel his pleasure, hear his excitement, taste the satisfaction. Her lips trembled as they rolled down the dick, smearing it with her lipstick and washing it with her saliva. She was his, she was Principal's Snyder hot little slut and she loved giving him head. He grunted again, breathing through gritted teeth, his hand forcefully lowering her head. Down she went, all the way, feeling his large cock in her throat.

And then he was cumming. His thick salty goo filled her mouth and she gulped and swallowed it, slurping it down as fast as she could until he was empty. She raised her head, glancing round to see her Mom was still going hard at Ted, before looking up at Snyder, "I'll pick up an application form tomorrow..."

* * *

Principal Snyder sat in his office playing with his new toy - a state of the art surveillance system with high-resolution monitors, motion detectors and a snazzy sound effect when you switched cameras. With the Mayor chairing the meeting the School Board had unanimously voted it through with so little discussion Snyder wondered why he'd bothered making up a business case about the safety of students being paramount and how this would help keep the little dears out of harms way. He switched it down to the library - smiling evilly as he saw Wesley Wyndam-Price waiting dejectedly on his own for a Slayer who, unbeknownst to her Watcher, had blown him off (not literally) to go a get an application for the soon to be opened titty burger-bar.

Snyder glanced back at the panel, looking at the cameras who's lights were detecting motion. As it was after school hours there shouldn't be many and there weren't. He flicked to the first, in a deserted classroom Xander had Jenny Calendar over the teacher's desk and was fucking her furiously from behind - another part of the Mayor's diversion working as planned. Though Snyder did feel that if Xander was going to fuck one of his teachers he should have asked the Principal's permission first. Another light flashed, in one of the janitor's closets and he switched to that. It was one of the janitorial staff with his pants round his ankles as he fucked Willow Rosenberg, holding her up against the wall. If Snyder had wanted money he could have made a sex-tape of all of the redhead's school-based bangings, this was the third time he'd caught her with three different guys and he'd only had the system installed two days. He made a mental note to fire the janitor, he paid him to clean not nail students - no matter how slutty.

He glanced at the clock and smiled, before switching to a camera without the motion light going.

Just in time, the doors opened, the motion light started flicking and in walked the cheerleaders from their practice. A dozen pairs of perfect legs, firm tits and round asses all in the tight yellow uniform of the cheer squad. He couldn't hear them, but he could see them giggling and talking as they put down their poms-poms and started to open their lockers to change. He knew they'd be talking about boys and who was dicking them; and if not they'd be putting down the nerds and geeks and his face burned with righteous fury at old memories.

He leaned forward over the PA system and flicked a switch so that it was solely directed at the changing room. He paused for a second, savouring the moment before he leant over the microphone, "The cheerleaders want to experiment with lesbian sex."

He sat back and watched the screen, seeing the cheerleaders looking at each other, dazed and surprised for a moment and then realisation dawning. They continued to giggle as they continued to change, except now they moving against each other to kiss and undress their fellow cheerios. Snyder watched, his hand slowly moving over his expanding package.

* * *

"Have you seen what Willow has been wearing? I mean it's slutwear," said Harmony.

Cordelia had to agree, "We could pull it off, but for her, she just looks like a half-tamed hooker."

The squad leader, Joy, overheard and gave a small frown, "She's becoming popular."

"It's because she's blown half the football team," confided Amber.

"I heard it was the whole team," corrected Lishanne, who as second alternate always had to try and go one better than her team-mates, in gossip as much as anything else.

There was a brief buzz from the PA, indicating it was switching on and the cheerleaders all half-paused waiting for it to remind them not to hang around school property once changed or to take back library books once finished. Instead came a new message "The cheerleaders want to experiment with lesbian sex."

For a second Cordelia frowned in confusion, not knowing what the message actually meant. She looked round, sensing her squad colleagues had no better idea, her eyes lighting finally on Harmony, her expression of blonde vacancy was kinda cute. In fact Harmony was kinda cute, full stop, with her long blonde hair and luscious smile, the cheerleader costume tight over her round tits, the skirt barely covering her firm and toned thighs. Harmony was looking back at Cordy, the blonde's expression changing from confusion to something else - desire?

It was hard to tell who leaned forward first, it may have even been together, their faces coming together like they were magnetised. Cordelia opened her mouth slightly and touched it against Harmony's, for a second - nothing, and then something, their lips trembling and pressing as Cordelia had her first girl on girl kiss. And she liked it. She kissed her friend harder, relieved that Harmony was kisser her back. Around them she was dimly aware that the rest of the squad were replicating them, cheerleader's pairing off to kiss and make out.

Cordelia was mildly surprised that Harmony was pulling at the brunette's top, but she lifted her arms and let her friend remove it. There mouths met again, except this time Cordelia tits were only covered by her tight sports bra and Harmony seemed intent on pulling that up as well. Cordelia didn't resist and soon the bra was up her chest and her naked tits pressing at her friend. She kissed the blonde harder, her hands reaching down to squeeze Harmony's ass. Her friend seemed to enjoy that so Cordelia lifted the skirt and guided her hands to rest on Harmony's butt, easing them inside the panties and touching the bare flesh.

The blonde cheerleader giggled and moved her hands to stroke up and down at Cordy's waist as the same time as her mouth went to her friend's titty and she began to suck. Cordelia had had her titties played with before by past boyfriends and she was no stranger to a tongue slipping over her teat, but Harmony's licking and slurping was as good as any - a woman knows what a woman needs. She moved from her friend's ass to pull down Harm's skirt. It dropped down to the floor. Cordelia's hands returned to the butt, squeezing it sensually and massaging the round mounds.

Others of the cheerleaders were going further, Joy was on the bench her legs apart and with Michelle between them, whilst Amber had another one of the squad against the lockers and was happily fingering her friend. Even those cheerleaders who hadn't got as far were in the same state of semi-dress and were making out like they'd been invited to party with the football team. It made the locker room even hotter, if you were going to experiment, and that seemed a great idea, it was even better to experiment with friends. Cordy felt sorry that Buffy would never have this feeling of sisterhood, being too unpopular and frankly not that good at cheerleading, but not so sorry that she didn't pull down her own panties and guide one of Harmony's hands from her waist to her pussy.

The blonde knew what to do without it even being said, showing she wasn't as dumb as popularly supposed. Her finger stretched out and slid over Cordelia's slit, massaging and prepping it, the hole underneath getting warmer and wetter as she touched. Her mouth still continued on Cordy's tit, sucking it in and nibbling and nipping at the hard nipple. "Mmmnnn, yes, oh that's good," Cordelia moaned.

She pulled at Harmony's panties, lowering them to the teen's thighs. Her finger stroked at her friend's slot, making the lips quivers as she rubbed them. She could feel the soft velvet of them as she touched and she slowly eased in. Harmony giggled, her face flushing as she looked at Cordelia and then her own finger entered the brunette. The two of them smiled, gazing into each other as they gently worked the digits, pushing down the wet tunnels and twisting and turning, teasing and pleasuring as they sought gold.

Around them the rest of the cheerleaders writhed and moaned, in varying states of undress, from totally nude (Amy) through socks only (Amber) to still in bra and panties (Michelle). They were all kissing and licking and fingering, a couple going for the full sixty nine, whilst others were pulling apart their friend's cheeks to tongue the asshole or slotting fingers down a wanton hole. A few were even swapping, moving from one member of the squad to try a new experiment with another; and one lot of ambitious cheerleaders was even trying a foursome, getting on their hands and knees to form pussy lapping centipede. That did look fun and Cordy decided that in a few moments she'd suggest to Harm they join in. In the meantime...

"Mmmmn, finger fuck me, oooohhh I love having you in me. Your pussy is so tight and wet as well, I can go as hard as you."

The two teens drove their fingers at each other, soon doubling up and making their fingers like pistols to slam in deep. Cunt juice lubricated and dripped, slipping down on their knuckles and between the cracks. The warm liquid covered the digits, a sensual covering. The two teens' mouths moved back together, the kissing even more passionate as they finger. All of a sudden Cordelia could feel another couple of hands on her ass, gently easing them apart and then a new tongue appeared, licking and rolling over her virgin backdoor. She didn't know who it was, but they were doing a good job and she shoved at Harmony harder as she was pleasured from behind. The blonde replied in kind and within seconds Cordelia was quivering on the edge of ecstasy.

"What's going on here?" the door opened and in strode Snyder. His eyes flicked over the naked and semi-naked cheerleaders in a variety of compromising positions.

Cordelia flushed with embarrassment and also with excitement. The lesbian experiment had been fun, but she'd had a crush on the High School Principal since at least this morning. He might not be handsome, but he was the most manly man in Sunnydale and she imagined he was hung like a hippo.

The cheerleaders looked at each other and then at their captain, Joy, who was lying naked on a bench, an equally naked Amber crouched astride her face. The senior pushed her friend away and sat up. "Sorry Principal Snyder, we got carried away with some reflecting on our training session." She stood up, looking more than mildly disappointed that her reflections with Amber had come to an end, "We were about to take a shower."

Before she knew what she was saying Cordy spoke, "Why don't you join us Principal Snyder?"

A dozen pairs of eyes skipped to him and each of the cheerleaders seemed so frozen that they weren't even breathing as they waited for his answer.

"This time," he replied and there was an audibly loud collective sigh of relief "but don't think this is giving you permission to hang round school every day after hours."

Giggling the teens clustered round him. He stood his expression a mixture of a scowl and grin as they helped him out of his jacket and undid his tie. Some knelt down to undo his shoes, whilst other stood up and undid the buttons of his shirt. Joy was behind him pulling it off, whilst Cordy made sure she was in the crowd in front who were competing to undo his belt and unzip his pants. The teens crouched down in front of him took hold of the pants and pulled them off and Snyder was left in just his Y-fronts, an unmistakable bulge making the cheerleaders giggle lustfully. Cordelia artfully pushed Michelle away and placed her hands in the underwear dragging them down to his knees where Harmony and Lishanne took over and pulled them the remainder of the way down. The Principal stood naked amongst his semi-nude cheerleaders. He looked over them, "If you're going to shower you better all finish undressing."

Giggling the teens obeyed, most of them stripping out of the limited clothing they were still wearing as quickly as they could and skipping into the shower, shampoo bottles in hand. Cordelia played it smart, staying close to Principal Snyder and undressing more slowly. She could see him eyeing her as she finished and as she walked over to her locker to collect her shower gel she wiggled her ass. Harmony saw what her friend was doing and also slowed, taking an awfully long time to remove her final sock. Soon the rest of the squad were in the showers, leaving just the three of them. Cordelia put on her most winning smile, holding out her bottle for the Principal's inspection, "Would you lather me up?" she giggled.

"And me," Harmony, pushed her friend lightly to the side and moved in front of Snyder.

The older man leered at the two naked teen's, "I'll soap you both, if you soap me." They nodded eagerly.

Snyder moved behind them, his arms going round their backs and then lowering so that his palm rest of their naked rumps. He squeezed their cheeks, "Let's hit the showers," he said and guided them forward.

Normally the cheerleaders were perfectly capable of cleaning themselves, but this time as Cordelia and the others entered the shower they saw that the squad were washing each other. Cordelia could see how hard Snyder's cock was as he looked at the tableau in front of him, as soapy, giggling teens ran their hands over each others smooth naked bodies. The water coursed of them, leaving the cheerleaders shiny and slippery looking, the soap sliding down their perfect bodies. Cordelia carried on in to stand underneath a nozzle, letting herself luxuriate for a second in the spray as Snyder and Harmony came in close.

"Do you want to soap me up?" smiled Cordelia handing Snyder the gel bottle.

"I can do it for you," purred Harmony as she flicked open her own bottle.

"Yes and yes," said Snyder, making sure he was in the middle of them. He squirted a generous proportion onto his hand and started to work it into Cordelia. His hands massaged her head to start with, innocently working the shampoo through the dark strands as his hard cock scraped across her round ass cheeks. Then he went lower, first to her shoulders and rubbing them, before he squirted some more soap on to his hands and started to soap her titties. She gave a small groan and he said, "These tits are very dirty, they'll need a good hard cleaning." He squeezed them as he spoke, pressing his fingers hard at the flesh.

"Mmmnn, they're very dirty, but not as dirty as my pussy, that'll need a lot of soaping," she moaned, her body relaxing into his.

"All in good time," he said and continued to squeeze her chest. He was pressed close, his hard dick rubbing at her ass as they moved. She could feel her friend's hands brushing her as well as Harmony soaped and cleaned his naked body. The blonde moved lower and Cordelia felt both jealousy and excitement as Harmony began to soap the Principal's balls and dick, her hands moving lightly over them.

For a moment Cordelia had a brief thought that it wasn't appropriate for a High School Principal to be showering with his cheerleaders, but even as she thought it she dismissed it. That might be true for most Principals, but Snyder was a special case and no-one seemed to mind that he joined them for a shower.

"This pussy is so dirty it'll need an extra special clean," said Snyder as his hands moved down to wash at the cunt, his palm massaging over it and the clit as he soaped. His cock kept vibrating against her as Harmony's hands worked over it, covering it with shower gel.

She moaned and shuddered, one hand moving round to his ass and the other to continue the rubbing of her titties, her palms rinsing away the last of the suds. "Wash it for me," she groaned. "Mnnnn, that's so good."

"It'll need to be cleaned outside ... and in," leered Principal Snyder. Even as he was saying the words he was pushing a finger into her slot, wiggling it and twisting, working it up and down.

"Oh," giggled Cordelia and grasped his ass, squeezing it to show she was happy with the extra special cleaning he was giving her. He moved his finger faster, the other hand holding her waist and making little pretence of soaping her down. Cordelia obviously wasn't a stranger to be fingered, plenty of guys she'd dated had finger-fucked her in the back of the theatre or in their cars (and many had gone further), but she'd never anticipated it happening in front of the rest of the cheerleader squad whilst showering. Not that many of them seemed that interested as they kissed and hugged and massaged each other, with more than a few starting to use tongues and fingers themselves.

"This is a very dirty fuckhole," said Principal Snyder, "Has it be used a lot? Is that why it's so dirty?" His finger went in deeper, joined by a second, the two digits driving in and out so fast that her wetness wasn't only due to the water showering down on her.

"Oh yes, Principal Snyder, I've been fucked lots by boyfriends, but none managed my cunt like you're doing," the teen groaned and pushed her body back at him. This elicited a grunt from Harmony who was still cleaning the older man's dick and was almost pushed out of the way. Cordelia ignored her, Snyder was hers and she was so close to cumming.

He pulled his finger out and twisted away from her towards Harmony, leaving Cordy almost weeping in frustration. His hands moved to the blonde's waist and he moved her round so that her back was against him, "Is your pussy dirty as well, Harmony? Does it need a good clean?"

"Definitely, it's the dirtiest cunt in the school," the blonde boasted (though if the rumours were true Willow was coming up fast). "It needs to be cleaned out by you."

She gave a squeak of pleasure as the High School Principal digitally penetrated her, his elbow knocking back and forth as he drove deep. For a second Cordelia just stood and watched, before squirting some gel on her hand and dropping to her knees. She had to admit that Harmony had done a good job on the dick, which was as hard as iron and so soaped and sudded it was almost gleaming. But that didn't mean there wasn't more Cordelia could add. She rubbed her hands together to get a lather and then began to rub them over his massive prick and full-sized balls. The dick trembled and pulsed at her touch, blood pumping hard. She had to admit she'd seen nothing close, none of her previous paramours had been near so large and thick. It made her salivate with lust and she rubbed the soap harder.

Harmony gave another squeal and gasp, her butt bouncing against Cordelia as the blonde trembled in ecstasy. Snyder grunted something in reply. The water tinkled down, spattering on the floor like a million tiny drumbeats and around them the other cheerleaders laughed and giggled, groaned and moaned, squealed and shrieked, as they got further and further from soaping each other down and moved to licking pussy and slurping tit. Cordelia was so turned on that even as she was cleaning and working Snyder's cock with one hand, the other was down at her dirty pussy and this time it was her finger that was washing the inside.

"Ohhh," moaned Harmony as Snyder slipped a couple of fingers back and forth working at her cunt.

Running her hand over the dick made Cordy hornier and hornier. If she gripped it she could feel the beat of the pulse. She licked her lips, salivating with lust. What would it be like in her, she wondered, stretching her teen pussy as it pounded as deep as it could go? She wanted to find out. Her hand moved quicker, wiping away the suds, but the shower keeping his dick wet and dripping and ready for her. She knew good girls didn't suck guys dicks in the locker-room showers whilst the rest of the squad were having a lesbian orgy, but she couldn't help it. The brunette's mouth opened and she slid herself down the cock. There was a touch of a taste of warm water on it, a tiny fragrance still of soap, but the main flavour was man-meat, the sexy, pleasurable but indescribable relish of big dick.

And Cordelia loved it.

Her head went up and down as she enthusiastically sucked, quickly going as deep as she'd ever managed with any other and then steeling herself to go deeper, so her eyes bulged and watered and her throat rebelled and gagged. Snyder didn't seem to mind though, he was such a hunk that he was probably used to hot teen's blowing him. He gripped her head tighter, "That's the way to clean it, suck it down deep."

Cordelia did, ignoring the pleasured moans from the cheerleaders as they kissed and lapped and fingered each other and not minding the squeals and cries of Harmony as the blonde shuddered and shook as the High School Principal hammered a couple of fingers up her fuckhole. She gave a final high pitched squeal before Snyder removed his fingers and gave her a controlling slap on the ass, "Get on your knees, Kendall, and share cock cleaning duties with Chase."

"Yes sir," giggled the blonde obediently and dropping to her knees opposite Cordy. She gave her friend a quick smile, her wet bedraggled hair down her face and cheeks, and then began to lick the balls and shaft not in her friend's mouth. Cordy pulled back a little to let her friend share and then as Harmony's tongue slid up, removed her own mouth and started to lick the other side of the cock, working in harmony with Harmony.

Planting his hands on both their heads, Snyder leered down, "Lick it, your pair of sluts, I want this cock soaked and lubricated."

Cordelia could only think of one reason he'd want his massive prick lubed and it made her lick harder in excited anticipation, her fingers making sure her own hole was wet and prepped at the same time. Harmony either thought the same as her friend or Cordy's licking was acting as a barometer, because her tongue sped round, the two of them covering the entire cock, from tip to balls, in their spit.

"OOooohhh, urrrrrhhh, yesss," the other cheerleaders seemed as little interested in Cordy and Harm as they were in them. The two teens were dimly aware the rest of the squad had divided into two halves with one group squatting below the second group and licking up at the pussies as they were gently doused by the warm water of the shower. Both sides seemed to be enjoying it, though probably not as much as Cordelia who felt that with Snyder she had the best of the deal.

"Up you get," the High School Principal took her arm and pulled her up firmly. He leered at her with no pretence that this was still about cleaning, "Have you fucked a lot of guys, Chase?"

"About half a dozen," she giggled.

"Well you're about to have number seven," he grinned lecherously and pushed her against the wall. The tiles slipped against her back as she moved her pussy to meet his dick, Harmony kneeling in a puddle inches away and watching with rapt fascination.

"Ooohhh," groaned Cordy as she was penetrated, his thick dick spreading open her tight teen twat. She shuddered and her back ran at the wall as he came back and then in again, driving the cock into her. She'd never had anything so big before, not even the nine-inch dildo she'd bought a couple of weeks ago and which was currently stashed under her bed, not the football players none of whom got beyond eight (and most were a more average six). But it wasn't just his length, but the girth - so wide she could feel her walls elasticating to fit in, the membrane grasping round it as he fitted her so perfectly; it was like being banged by a baseball bat. And he knew what to do as well, it wasn't like her fumblings in the back-seat of a car on in the back alley outside the Bronze with a guy who basically had to be instructed where to stick it. No, Snyder was a perfect stud of a man, he might look like a wizened troll, but he was a Schwarzenegger in fucking, ramming like he was a Terminator robot out for a kill. She gripped his shoulders and squealed again in ecstasy as his big cock rammed down her, "Aahh, ooohh, yesss."

A few of the other cheerleaders glanced in her direction, smiling encouragingly, but most were still engrossed in their own lickathon, swapping pussy partners with astonishing regularity and sixty nining on the shower floor as the water continued to beat down. The only exception was Harmony, for who there wasn't a spare pussy. That didn't put off the blonde for long and she slid herself next to Cordelia to lick and lap at the bottom of her friend's cunt and the huge dick penetrating it. Cordelia gasped again, shaking in orgasmic pleasure as both tongue and cock pushed into her sensitive and stimulated hole. "OOoohh, urrrhhh, don't stop, bang me forever," she squeaked her hands gripping Principle Snyder's shoulders and almost dragging him into her, "Fuck me good."

Steam was rising and it wasn't only from Cordelia's hot cunt. She could feel the heat and sweat coursed down her, competing with the shower and her cunt juice in soaking her. Snyder thrust even harder at her, looking down as he did to leer at Harmony and fix her with his eyes, "That's it Kendall, try and see if you fit that tongue of yours down your friend's hot hole." She couldn't - Snyder was too big and fitted to snugly, but that didn't stop the blonde trying and Cordelia shuddered as the tongue pressed at her cunt lips, licking them enthusiastically. "That's a poor effort," Snyder said and pulled his dick out. For a second Harmony's tongue had unimpeded access and she made the most of it, licking energetically at the still open slit. Snyder leered and turned towards her, "Now suck my cock."

Harmony immediately went to it, slurping the pussy juice of the older man's cock. Cordelia was disappointed but she tried not to show it, mainly by dropping down on her knees and sucking at his great big set of balls. They weren't as good as dick, but they were certainly better than extra Math. She suckled them in as her friend slurped the cock and for a minute Snyder stood above them, grinning in contentment, before he gripped Harmony and pulled her up, pushing her against the wall.

The blonde squealed in passion as his dick pounded into her. Cordelia knew exactly what to do and he'd only managed a few strokes when her tongue was hitting him, licking his balls and the vanishing shaft, before ramming at her friends slit, trying to force her way. Harmony cried out and shrieked, her arms out and spread against the wall like she was attempting to imitate the crucifixion. Snyder grunted and pounded in his, ignoring the brunette on her knees and concentrating on thrusting into Harmony. That was dispiriting, Cordy had wanted a smile of encouragement, even one of acknowledgement. But she didn't let it stop her and she continued to swing her tongue at the dick. It tasted of pussy juice as it slid in and out rapidly of her friend's hole, there was probably some of hers still on it as well, which was a strange feeling. She looked up, her eyes trying to connect with his, but the Principal ignored her, panting and grunting as he pounded Harmony against the wall, his gaze fixed on her.

"Oooohhh, uuurrrhhh, yesssss, oooohh," groaned Harmony as she was fucked. Cordy knew her friend was no virgin, but from their sleepover confessions she knew that she'd never had someone as big as the Principal. She seemed to be enjoying it, and Cordy knew why. Her own mouth sucked in the Principal's ball, heaving and filled with cum, before her tongue shot out to wipe round his pulsating and shoving shaft. her friend squealed again as it rammed deep into her, "Aaaarrggghh."

"Uuurrhh, ooohhh, yesss," the groans and cries of the other cheerleaders reverberated around the shower. Snyder wasn't the only one poking some hot teen pussy as the rest of the squad continued to finger fuck and tongue each other in a variety of positions, constantly swapping both partners and acts to keep the variety.

Drawing inspiration from the rest of the team Cordelia shifted her hand and began to rub her friend's clit. The blonde squealed some more and bent her back so hard her head cracked at the wall. Snyder began to go even faster, ramming his huge dick deep into the teen. "AAarrrgghh," Harmony squealed in ecstasy.

"Huh, huh, huh," panted Snyder pounding in.

The only warning he gave was a small contortion on his face before he pulled out his cock and pointed it at Cordelia. He gave it a quick few strokes and before she could react it was pumping his cum all over. Cordy had never had a facial before, she thought it was demeaning and guys shouldn't shoot their load over her face when they'd been banging her pussy. But with Snyder it was different, he was a real man, not a boy and if he wanted to cum over her face it was his right. She closed her eyes and felt the warm strands splatter across her, before the warm water washed them away.

"That was good," grinned Snyder. "I feel much cleaner now."

"Me too," giggled Harmony and Cordy nodded her agreement, as she kept her face under the shower's blast.

The warm water switched off as Snyder reached for the lever, "That's enough showering, heating costs money and I've a budget you know." The cheerleaders almost groaned, but none of them wanted to disobey their respected Principal so there was a chorus of agreement instead. "Out, get dried," he continued, before turning back to Cordelia and Harmony, "As I've no towel you're going to have to dry me," he leered.

Both teens nodded enthusiastically.

He wasn't the only person who'd had the idea of co-operative drying, the rest of the squad also seemed to be doing that and even as Cordy was getting her towel from her locker, she could see Amber padding Joy's tits as she wiped her down. Joy seemed to be liking it.

Neither Cordelia or Harmony had done joint towelling before, but they soon were working well in partnership, making sure they shared the older man between them. One would towel one side and one the other, or they worked top and bottom or front and back. They moved gently and slowly, making sure that Snyder appreciated the soft touches and sensual pads. If the hardening of his cock was anything to go by he did, and that was where there partnership broke down, as both competed to wrap their towels round his rod and make sure they dried it completely.

"Make my cock hard again with your mouths," Snyder said as the two teen's tussled. It was the perfect solution and Cordy found herself on her knees beside Harm, the two of them again in perfect harmony as they took turns to slip their mouths down the erect dick and suck in eagerly, whilst the other one licked down his balls and shaft. Soon they'd got his dick polished to perfection and soaked in their saliva.

"Have you ever done anal?" Snyder took a step back and sat on the bench.

Both Cordelia and Harmony shook their heads. "I have," piped up Lishanne, which picked up a few interested glances from her team mates (especially Amber who was drying her) but was otherwise ignored.

"We should deal with that," said Snyder, a lecherous smile crossing his face, "You wouldn't want to enter senior year as anal virgins."

Cordelia couldn't, at this moment, think of anything worse. She shook her head, Harmony doing the same, obviously aghast at the notion. Snyder smiled wider and he opened his legs and stroked his cock, angling it upwards. "You first Kendall, park that tight little asshole on my cock. Help her Chase, spread her cheeks open."

With Cordy helping Harmony descended onto the dick. Her face contorted in pain as the sphincter pressed at the hole, but she carried on, letting out little gasps and squeaks as her tunnel was stretched painfully. Snyder didn't care, working his thighs and hips so that he was pushing his dick into her butthole, opening it wide for his cock to slide in. Harmony grimaced again, but forced herself down, her anal virginity disappearing to her High School Principal's dick.

As her friend got lower Cordy felt herself being pushed out of the way so she quickly repositioned herself on her hands and knees in front of them. She could see the cock vanishing into Harm's butthole, with every bounce more going in until Harmony's ass was bouncing against Snyder's balls and the cock was full-in. The blonde lay her head on Snyder's shoulder and worked herself up and down as he gripped her waist and kept her in position. There was no way Cordy was going to remain a spectator and she brought her head forward, her mouth opening.

She couldn't believe how juicy Harmony's pussy was. It was soaked, the cum leaking from the teen's slit and covering her lips and mons. Cordelia's tongue went up and down, making it even wetter and her fingers rubbed at her friend's clit. "Aaaarrghh, yesss," Harmony squealed in appreciation and bounced up and down the hard dick, "AAaarrrghhh, fuucckk."

Cordelia's tongue went wild, driving at the pussy and slurping down the juice like she was a cat who was returning to cream after a month long diet. She flicked and hit the cunt, her tongue opening her friend's lips and surveying the pink within. Harmony's hand reached for her head, stroking and encouraging Cordy down and the brunette reciprocated, forcing her tongue in as deep as she could get. The juice fizzed on her tongue and slid down her throat like it was a honied nectar. Her friend continued to vibrate and bounce as the cock shredded her asshole and slammed up. "AAaarrghhh, fucckkk, yesssss."

She could hear the rest of the cheerleaders giggling and tittering, whispering as they watched. She was sure they were jealous of her, in the same way she was jealous of Harmony; though at least she'd already had some Snyder cock and she might still have more to come. The rest of them were just onlookers, watching from the stands as Cordelia and Harmony were in the game. Her friend was squealing and shrieking, she was scoring the anal touchdown at the moment, bouncing her ass energetically, her previous soreness no longer a concern. "AAArrrgghh, yesssss, Principal Snyder, bang my ass, fuck it good."

The High School Principal thrust up into his student, giving her her first A. The blonde shrieked and shuddered, her hand clawing at Cordy's head and insisting her friend tongue her twat with as much passion as she could muster. Luckily Cordy could manage a lot, her mouth was stuck to the cunt, slurping and slathering its contents down her throat, swallowing the girl cum and loving it. Her own cunt was so burning with desire, that even thrusting a couple of fingers vigorously in it wasn't enough to quell it. Still it didn't stop her trying...

Suddenly the words that Cordelia was dying to hear were spoke, "That's enough Kendall, it's time to butt-fuck your friend." Snyder pushed the reluctant Harmony to her feet, as Cordy leapt to hers, ready to replace her friend. Snyder was standing at the same time, "Kendall, show the squad your ass, let them see how much its gaped."

Harmony turned as she was told and Cordelia heard the rest of the squad gasp in jealousy as they looked at the cratered hole, stretched open by Snyder's massive manhood. Snyder grinned lecherously, "That's going to be your hole as well, Chase. I'm going to pound it."

"Oh God, yes," Cordelia couldn't recall being as excited about anything else, she was almost hopping from one foot to another in a little dance.

"Okay Kendall now your friends have had a good look I want you to lie down on the bench. Chase get on top of her and start sixty-nining, I'll join you in a second."

The two teens were on the bench so quickly that they might have been training for the races. Harmony lay on the wooden bench and Cordy got on top of her. There was a moments squirming as the two of them got into the most comfortable positions and then they were cunt-diving, their hands clawing open each other's pussies so their tongues could sweep in deep and hard. The other cheerleaders gathered round, giggling as they watched the showing and sighing jealousy as Snyder broke into the circle to straddle over the bench standing behind Cordy's wiggling ass.

His hands grasped her cheeks, kneading them as he pulled them open and exposed her virgin rosebud. He gripped them harder, yanking them apart so far that her asshole eased open. He spat down and quickly shoved a finger in, breaking into the hole and twisting it. It was uncomfortable, a little strange and alien, but not sore; even as he wiggled and twisted it. Below her Harmony licked harder, as if she was under the older man's control and licking her friend's cunt to match his fingering of the ass. "Such a tight hole," he said, "Let me widen it."

He pulled his finger out, but before the hole had a chance to close his cock was in her crater, pushing down and forcing the muscular entrance open. This time it was sore as his cock was much thicker than his finger and her chute was stretched further than nature had intended. The brunette grimaced, but kept her focus on lapping Harm's pussy, sucking and nibbling at her friend's lips and driving her tongue down the hole. Snyder gripped her waist, his fingers digging in and thrust again. It was painful, sorer than when she'd lost her normal virginity - though the cock size wasn't really comparable, but like then she knew that there was pleasure to come. She just needed to keep her mind on that and concentrate on Harm's cunt, ignoring the pain in her ass.

Snyder grunted again and drove his cock in deeper. Her ass ached and strained, but somehow the pain seemed less than before. Perhaps Harm's pussy juice contained a natural painkiller or the blonde's tongue was magically numbing the pain, it might be that the pleasure receptacles in Cordy's ass were starting to get into gear or her butt was just getting used to the anal invader. Whatever the reason it was starting to hurt less and pleasure more. She trembled and shivered, rubbing her pussy at Harmony's mouth and lifting her butt for Snyder's big cock.

"This ass is so tight and fuckable, I can't believe it's not been banged before," Snyder said. "You won't be keeping it from use in the future, it'd be shame for it not to be fucked regularly. I'm sure the football squad would do so much better if they could bang yours and Kendall's butts after winning a big game. It would act as an incentive."

It was certainly something Cordy would want to consider, letting the football team have anal gangbangs with her and Harmony's ass certainly sounded appealing. And judging from the excited giggles from the rest of the squad they would also be looking to join. She nodded to Snyder, her tongue racing through Harmony's twat. "MMmnn, urrrhh," she agreed.

Snyder grunted and pounded her harder, his ten-inch dick spearing all the way in and stretching her ass obscenely. The teen shivered in ecstasy, sweat dribbling down her forehead and cum trickling from her cunt. The older man's hands gripped her waist strongly, holding her in position as he pounded with speed and power. It was the best fucking ever and Cordelia gasped into Harmony's cunt as she came. Her friend's tongue zoomed up, adding to the waves of sexual bliss that were pouring through her.

The rest of the cheerleaders were standing close, watching excitedly as the two friends enjoyed the threesome with the Principal. Cordy had never banged in public, but it seemed so natural to be doing it in front of the squad and whilst she would have thought she should be embarrassed, she wasn't. Nor were any of the others, in fact they seemed to be enjoying the show almost as much as Cordy and Harmony, most of them rubbing and fingering their naked pussies as they watched.

"Yes, yes, this ass is so tight," Snyder panted as he drove in. A wave of orgasmic pleasure tore through Cordelia as his large dick hit erogenous zones she didn't even know existed. She did know she'd be having lots more anal sex, future boyfriends would be definitely getting her ass. She gave another gasp as Harmony's tongue flicked up and found a spot - she'd also be doing a lot more lesbian experimentation, she decided as well; she suspected (and hoped) she wasn't the only cheerleader for who that would be true.

"Huh, huh, huh," Snyder was panting as he went at her at pace. His large cock had spread her open so far that he could drive in almost without effort and slam his dick all the way up to his balls. She was sure he was enjoying it as much as she was.

"Huh, huh," he grunted some more.

The cum shot deep into Cordelia's bowels as the Principal came, his cock spurting out his goo and filling her asshole. He pulled out and it dripped down from her ass to Harmony's face. He grinned, "Sit that ass on Kendall's face and let her lick out the cum."

Cordelia did as she was told, feeling her friend's tongue enthusiastically reaming her butt, lapping down the cum and soothing the asshole at the same time. The rest of the cheerleaders were moaning and groaning as they finger-fucked themselves at the sight, more than one of them looking jealously at Principal Snyder as he stood back and watched as well. Cordelia rubbed her own pussy with one hand, whilst she slid a couple of fingers over Harm's snatch with the other. The blonde's tongue dove as far as it could, racing round Cordy's opened ass and cleaning it off cum, and then as she lapped away all she could of that, continuing so that she was soothing any residual aches away.

"That's enough," said Snyder, reaching for his shirt, "I want you all up and out in ten minutes. Just because you've had an orgy doesn't mean I'm allowing you to hang round school after hours."

* * *

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