Buffy Tha Vampire Slayer/Lizzie McGuire/Smallville:
The 13 Brides Of Queen Lizzie Part 2 (ff,Ff,F-solo,trans,magic,oral,voy)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Lizzie, now transformed into a demonic queen by the demoness Ajani, gently
stroked Miranda's hair as her best friend licked the shaft of her magic cock.
She would use this magical cock to impregnate 13 brides and populate the
world with her demonic progeny. She could turn it back to a normal clitoris
at will, a handy trick. Lizzie's second bride had been a simple choice, her
best friend Miranda. Turning her mom and best friend were for her own
pleasure but she began to think that she needed more quality brides. Brides
that were powerful in their own right. Miranda opened her mouth and began to
deep throat Lizzie's magic cock.

"Mmm good girl." Lizzie said as she bent down to kiss the top of Miranda's
head. "My next bride must have power. One who, when she breeds with me, will
produce powerful progeny. But how do I find such a girl?"

Jo, Lizzie's mom and first bride, entered the room wearing only a thong.

"Lizzie, sweetie, I overheard you thinking out loud and I think you should do
a search online." Said Jo.

"Good idea mom. MMMMM yes." Lizzie grabbed her bride's hair and filled
Miranda's mouth with some cum. "Share with mom Miranda."

Lizzie got up and spit her mouthful of cum into Jo's mouth. Jo swallowed it
down. Lizzie's cock transformed itself back into a normal clit. While her mom
and her best friend ate each other out, Lizzie sat at the computer and did a
several searches for extraordinary women. She soon ran across a long series
of articles written by a woman named Lois Lane. They were from a magazine
that was loaded with stories that were COMPLETE bullshit but Lizzie sensed
that there was more going on in Smallville, Kansas than normal small town

"Mom, Miranda, I am going to take a trip to Kansas. While I'm going make sure
to keep Matt and Dad imprisoned and as miserable as humanly possible." Said

"Yes, my queen." Said Jo and Miranda together.

"Good girls." Lizzie said.

Lizzie began to draw upon her demonic power. The energy flowed through her
and into the world around. BAMPH!!!! Suddenly she was no longer in her home.
She was in Smallville, Kansas.

* * *

"Smallville, Kansas?" Demanded Xander. "You want to go Smallville, Kansas?
On purpose?" As watcher, Xander felt that sending one of his best slayers,
Kennedy, and his absolute best slayer, Buffy, to Kansas based on Willow's
dream made no sense to him.

"Just listen Xander..."

"No Willow, you listen, I don't like this. My gut tells me that this is bad.
If you insist on going to Kansas based on some nightmare you had about a
powerful demon being there then at least let me send a contingent of slayers
with you..."

"No Xander, I have the feeling that this is something I should do alone..."

"For the last time Willow, there is no way that I'm letting you go by

"Kennedy is right, and I'm going with you too..."

"But Buffy you don't even know what is going..."

"It doesn't matter Xander, I trust Willow's instincts..."

"Which are telling me that I need to do this on my own..."

"OK, if you insist on going then there is absolutely no way that you are
going by yourself. Buffy and Kennedy will both go with you. AND I am going
to keep a close eye on this." Xander said.

"Look at you with all the masculine assertiveness." Buffy said.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Buff." Said Xander.

* * *

Lizzie entered the Talon and took a seat. She looked all around the coffee
shop and her eyes eventual fell upon a blonde girl. She was thin but had
decent tits. She was pretty but what drew Lizzie's attention to the girl was
the power that Lizzie could feel radiating from her. It was as intoxicating
as any drug. Lizzie could smell it all over her from across the room. Lizzie
stood and crossed over to the blonde woman.

Kara Kent did not know the blonde teen that was approaching her but she
could feel her. She could feel the energy from her. It was smothering Kara
and drawing her in.

"Are you OK?" Asked Lizzie as she closed in on her prey.

"I-I feel so ooo weird wh-what are you doing to me?" Kara demanded.

"Me? I'm just trying to make you feel good. Don't you want me to make you
feel good?" Asked Lizzie.

Kara struggled to fight off the effects of Lizzie's demonic power but she was
struggling. Unfortunately for her, Lizzie could sense her internal strife and
decided to flood Kara's senses with demonic pheromones. Kara gasped. She was
overcome with powerful feelings of lust.

"Yes, yes please make me feel good." Said Kara breathlessly.

"Let's go someplace more private." Said Lizzie as she took Kara's hand.

From a nearby table Lois Lane was drinking a coffee and noticed the strange
exchange between Lizzie and Kara. Her journalistic curiosity was piqued when
she saw them leave together hand in hand. Lois quickly decided to follow them
out the door. Lizzie and Kara ended up in the alley behind 'the Talon'. Lois
hid behind a dumpster where she could keep an eye on what was going on. She
was somewhat surprised when she saw the two blondes begin kissing. Lizzie
took Kara by surprise but the alien girl did not fight it. The teen grabbed
the alien's ass lewdly as she sucked Kara's tongue.

"Very sweet." Commented Lizzie after they broke their kiss.

"You, why are you doing this to me?" Asked Kara.

Kara was losing her battle with the overwhelming lust within her.

"Because you are filled with such delicious power. Before I can cement my own
rule over the Earth I need to spread my energy to 13 Brides who will carry my
spawn and give birth to my legions. Tell me Kara will you submit to my will?
Will you bare my spawn, will you be my bride?" Asked Lizzie.

Kara whimpered as she let go of her will and submitted to Lizzie. "Yes."

Lizzie kissed her again. Lois took in the bizarre conversation and the sight
of Clark's cousin kissing a teenaged girl with disbelief.

"Mistress, please let me pleasure you." Kara said.

"Go ahead." Said Lizzie.

Kara unzipped and unbuttoned Lizzie's jeans. She got on her knees and lowered
the teen's jeans to the ground and then did the same with her panties.

"I can do something I think you are REALLY going to enjoy." Said Kara.

This piqued Lizzie's interests greatly. She watched as Kara licked her middle
and index fingers then slid them into Lizzie's pussy. Nothing new there
thought Lizzie...WOW!!!!! Kara's fingers began vibrating inside of Lizzie's
pussy at super speed. Lizzie's fingers were moving faster than humanly
possible frigging Lizzie into a frenzy of hot passion. Kara's fingers started
beating faster and faster. Lizzie lifted her head and wailed in pleasure. She
couldn't believe how much Kara was driving her over the edge. Lizzie began to
cum like crazy. She squealed as she shot her girl cum out onto Kara's hand.
Kara licked her fingers clean.

"Now I have a surprise for you baby." Said Lizzie.

Kara, and Lois from her hiding spot, both watched in astonishment as Lizzie's
clit began to grow and shape it ‘self and finally transformed itself into a

"What the..." Kara's comments were cut off by a kiss form Lizzie.

"Get undressed and then get on your hands and knees." Lizzie commanded.

Quickly Kara removed all of her clothing and dropped to her hands and knees.

"No peeking." Said Lizzie.

From her hiding place, Lois was shocked to see Lizzie spontaneously grow a

"Well that's fucked up." Lois whispered to herself.

Kara still had no idea what was going on. So she was incredibly shocked when
she felt a cock pushing its way into her. She was doubly shocked when she
looked back and saw that the cock was attached to Lizzie. Lizzie slipped her
demonic member into her new fuck toy slowly and deliberately. She savored
every single moment as she penetrated Kara. Lois watched the entire thing
intently. Lizzie's sex magic was like second hand smoke and was indirectly
affecting her as well. Lois's fingers strayed down to her pants. She
unbuttoned them and then slipped her fingers down her underwear to her
hungry pussy. She watched Lizzie fuck Kara rhythmically, hypnotically as she
fingered herself to an orgasm. The whole thing was interrupted by the arrival
of 3 women.

"I'm guessing we came at a bad time." Buffy said.

"My guess is that they are about to too." Said Kennedy.

"" Willow wasn't sure what the hell was going on but
she could imagine that it wasn't just some lesbian fun.

Lizzie looked at them and smiled while she continued to fuck Kara.

"You all smell of power. I like it. Why don't you all join us?"

"Forget it, bitch.” Willow said. "We take out evil whores like you, we don't
join them. Right Buffy?...err...Buffy?"

But Buffy was already stepping past her to stand with Lizzie. Kennedy placed
her hand on Willow's shoulder as she passed her on her way to join Buffy.

"What the fuck? What are you two doing?" Willow demanded.

"Sorry Will." Buffy said. "But I'm just to damm hot for this demoness. I
can't resist her."

"Me neither." Said Kennedy.

"Why don't you join us? We can all have so much fun together." Said Kennedy.

Lizzie approached Willow and ran her fingers through Willows hair.

"She's right we really can have so much fun together." Said Lizzie.

Willow slapped away Lizzie's hand.

"I don't know what you did to my friends but I am immune." Willow said as she
backed away. Lizzie practically stumbled on Lois who had collapsed to the
floor after her little masturbation episode.

"Oh well. Ladies, please kill them both. If she isn't going to cooperate I
just don't want her to live." Said Lizzie.

Neither Lizzie nor Wilow knew why she was Willow was immune but Willow knew
it was time to go.

"Ashanandri Digimoss!" Willow said as she grabbed Lois. The two promptly

"What the hell was that?" Lizzie demanded.

"She's a witch explained Buffy.

"Well that isn't good." Said Lizzie.

Middle of Fucking No where, Wyoming...

Willow had teleported herself and the hot stranger to a motel in a random
location. She still had the feeling that she was royally screwed. Her new
enemy had effortlessly taken control of the minds of TWO slayers. As well
as another girl, one who Willow felt was probably special.

"What happened, where are we?" Asked Lois.

"You were about to get wasted by a demon." Said Willow. "But I got us both
someplace safe. I cast an anti scrying spell, so one should find us."

"Nothing you just said made sense." Said Lois.

"Can't help it. Not much has made sense since I was 15." Said Willow. "Then
later I became a witch and things got worse."

"What happened back there?" Asked Lois.

"I really don't know." Said Willow. "We should be safe here for the night but
that demonic little blonde bitch will probably try to find us so I need to
come up with a plan." Said Willow.

"Well we may as well get a room for the night." Said Lois.

"Good idea." Agreed Willow.

The pair went and rented a room. They spent most of the night getting to know
each other before Lois finally went to sleep. Willow who was still terrified
that Lizzie would show up at any minute to kill her did not begin to drift
away until later. She was starting to slip into sleep when all of a sudden a
woman appeared with a brilliant flash of light. She was blonde and dressed
all in white.

"Who are you?" willow said in shock.

"I am a messenger sent to you from ‘the Powers That Be'." She explained.

" ‘The PTB?' What do they want?" Asked Willow.

"They want to stop a young girl who is possessed by demonic powers."
Explained the woman.

"That girl in Kansas?" willow asked.

"Yes." Said the woman. "she is filled with mighty sex magic. The more brides
she collects, the more powerful she will become. If she collects 13 brides,
nothing will stop her from taking over the world."

"What do I need to do?" Asked Willow.

"You are immune to her gifts, there for it must be YOU who becomes her
opposite and her equal. I shall grant you the power to claim and draw upon
your own brides. When you have found 13 worthy brides you will be able to
defeat her. These brides are not necessarily powerful but usually are."
Explained the messenger.

"How do I know a worthy bride when I see one?' Asked Willow.

"Like your counterpart, you will just know. You will be drawn to her. And in
some cases she may present herself to you." Said the messenger.

"All right, she has my friends, so I'm ready to take the bitch down." Willow

"That's the Spirit." Said the messenger.

The messenger blasted Willow with a bright white ray and suddenly as she
appeared, disappeared. Willow felt full of power, she also felt really horny.
She stood momentarily dazed for a minute but then turned her attention to
Lois Lane. She was undeniably attractive and Willow felt a white-hot burning
passion for her. Willow walked over and nudged her awake. It was involuntary,
but Willow was already unleashing her new power on unsuspecting Lois. Lois
awoke and instantly began to feel a powerful lust for Willow.

"Uhh Willow, what's going on?" Lois asked as she tried to choke back her

"I know how to stop that demonic blonde bitch." Said Willow.

"What? How?" Asked Lois.

"Well firstly I need you." Willow said as she sat on the bed next to Lois.

"How can I help?' Lois asked.

"No Lois, I mean I really, really need you.' Willow explained.

Willow kissed her new friend and but a hand on her thigh. While rubbing her
thigh and kissing her, Willow's free hand went to Lois's pleasantly shaped
tit and began to massage it gently. Lois was confused but was enjoying
herself way too much to stop. Willow broke the kiss so that she could take
off Lois's top. She took the other woman's bra off and sucked her nipple.
Lois moaned as Willow slipped a hand down her pants and began to finger her.

"Shit..oh god Willow...that feels so damm good." Lois moaned.

Willow removed her hand then smiled at Lois.

"That aint all that I got baby." Willow said.

The red-haired witch pulled her hand away, which drew a disappointed sigh
from Lois. Willow began to quickly strip out of her clothing.

"Mmm mmm you look so damm hot." Said Lois.

"Wait till you see my surprise." Said Willow.

Lois stared in stunned silence as Willow's clit swelled and enlarged until
it became a giant magic penis.

"Holy shit!!!." Lois exclaimed.

"Get on your back and spread your legs baby." Willow ordered.

Lois didn't know what was going on but she did know she wanted Willow inside
her and she wanted it as soon a possible. After stripping off the last of
her remaining cloths she lay on her back and spread her legs as wide as she
possibly could. Willow climbed on the bed and crawled on top of Lois. Lois
wrapped her legs around Willow while Willow plunged her magic-cock deep into

"Oo yes." Lois cried in pleasure as she was filled by Willow completely.

Willow kissed Lois and felt her body up and all over until her magical penis
pummeled lois's pussy. Lois wrapped her legs around Willow's waist and pushed
her cunt up to meet each thrust. She grabbed Willow tightly as she began to


Afterwards they lay in bed side by side.

‘Wow Willow, that was so amazing." Said Lois.

"Yeah it really was." Willow agreed. "But there is something you should

"What?" Asked Lois.

Willow explained to her, in great detail, how she needed to collect 13
brides to draw power from so that she could combat Lizzie.

"Are you with me?" willow asked finally.

"Till the very end." Lois said.

To be continued...


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