Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Lizzie McGuire/Smallville:
The 13 Brides Of Queen Lizzie Part 3a (ff,fg,trans,magic,mc,nc-cons,rough)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Back at Lizzie's crib...

Lizzie had three powerful new brides but she was still royally pissed. The
witch and the voyeur had escaped and may end up interfering with her plans.
She was in what used to be her room and was taking out her aggressions by
using a whip to torture her little brother's testicles ruthlessly. She lashed
them over and over, his screams were sweet music to his ears until Miranda
opened her door.

This had better be really important Miranda. I was torturing Matt.

"Well Lizzie, I think I know something that will cheer you up." Miranda said.

"What?" Asked Lizzie.

"I found a blog that claims a girl saw one of her fellow students fall to her
death and then show up alive and completely unharmed a few minutes after the
police were called. I did research and the same girl was also reported dead
in Texas then shortly later walked out of the morgue and was elected
homecoming queen." Miranda said.

"Oh Miranda...this girl sounds SOOOO delicious," said Lizzie, "I must find
her. You did such a good job. Let me give you a reward."

Lizzie kissed Miranda deeply and squeezed her butt. Lizzie lifted up
Miranda's shirt and tossed it aside. Miranda's blue bra was just as quickly
discarded. However Lizzie was interrupted by a knock at her door.

"This had better REALLY be important." Lizzie said.

"Sweetie, Matt's little friend Melina is here to see him." Jo said.

"Really? Well then send her in." Said Lizzie.

Her mood brightened quite a bit. Melina was a sweet little strumpet that she
could have loads of unwholesome fun with. The door opened and Melina walked
in. She took in the site of Matt and Lizzie's dad naked and chained to the
walls. Lizzie had found it very amusing to let her brides suck her dad and
brother off until they were almost ready to cum and then leave them hanging.
The two men where now in a permanent state of dazed stupidity brought on by
the world's worst case of blue balls.Lizzie stopped playing with Miranda's
naked tits when she noticed the girl.

"Oh my god! What the hell is going on here?" Melina cried.

" Dammit Melina, don't you knock? Grab her." Lizzie ordered.

Immediately she was grabbed from behind by Lizzie's mom.

"What? Let me go." Melina was used to being in control and being the one who
was causing trouble. She wasn't sure what the hell was going on in Lizzie and
Matt's house but she was acutely aware that she was way out of her league.

Kara, Kennedy and Buffy soon entered the room and grabbed Melina also.

"Good." Said Lizzie. "Now it's a fucking party. Strip the little bitch."

"LET ME GO! What are you going to do to me?" Demanded Melina.

The two slayers and the kryptonian made very short work of the frightened
girls clothes.

"Well, to be honest my plan mostly involves sexual punishment, and out and
out fucking." Lizzie explained.

"No, I won't let you." Melina cried.

"Not only are you going to let me, you are going to be a very willing
participant." Lizzie said.

"NO!" She cried.

The others laughed.

"Shackle her to the wall next to my idiot brother." Lizzie ordered.

Her brides Quickly moved to obey her. Once her wrists were safely secured to
one of the sets of shackles that Lizzie had attached to the wall for such

"Let me go please." She begged.

"You're not such a tough girl when you are getting punished are you? Where's
that cocky fucking attitude I'm so used to from you?" asked Lizzie. Melina
was now in tears. Lizzie walked over to her and licked the tear from her
cheek. "Mmm, mmm that's sweet. Time for some fun. Who wants to watch me put
a cattle prod to really good use?"

"Oooo, oooo me, me, me." All the brides said as they jumped up and down.

"Now Lizzie aren't you going to use our powers to make her want it first?" Jo
asked of her daughter.

There was a murmur of disappointment from the other brides.

"Nah, though it would be a lot more fun to try some non-consensual with her
at first," said Lizzie.

"HELL YES!!! Great idea..." said Miranda.

Jo shrugged. "Whatever suits you dear."

Melina started begging and pleading but it was pointless, in her current
evil demon-possessed state, she would have had to luck the word mercy up in
a dictionary to understand what it meant. Buffy walked over to a chest and
opened it, from inside she withdrew a cattle prod and handed it to Lizzie
with a kiss. The Brides all sat down to enjoy the show.

"Please, please don't hurt me." Melina begged through some sobs.

"Quit whining. I'm going to sexually torture you and rape you. Boo-hoo, get
over it. There are a lot of people worse off than you." Lizzie said.

"What?" Melina said in astonishment.

"Yeah like your friend Matt over there, he never gets to cum. If you behave
yourself properly I might let you." Lizzie said. Lizzie put the tip of the
prod between the eleven year old girl's legs. Melina whimpered as Lizzie
rubbed it against her pussy. "You like that don't you? Don't you like that
you dirty slut?"

"no, please." Melina said. Lizzie pushed the tip of the prod into her tight
little cunt "Eeeep no it's too big, no."

This had the exact opposite effect that Melina desired. Lizzie got excited
and rammed the thing up inside Melina viciously. Melina's virginity was
obliterated. Melina cried as she was fucked with the rod over and over. After
several strokes, Lizzie pushed the button and gave the girl a shock. Lizzie
laughed as Melina screamed and thrashed. At the height of her suffering
Lizzie unleashed her demonic power and made the poor girl insanely horny.
This combination of lust and pain jumbled together.

"OHHH GOD PLEASE FUCK ME PLEASE!!!" Melina cried. Lizzie gave her another
shock and once again Melina wailed like a banshee, but this time in pleasure.
"Uhhh yes oh yes, please fuck me, make me CUM."

"Why not?" Asked Lizzie with a shrug. Lizzie unshackled Melina and dragged
her over to the bed. She bent the girl over the edge and roughly kicked her
legs apart. Lizzie focused her demonic power and transformed her clit into a
demonic cock. "Open wide."

Lizzie pushed her demon penis into the girl's fried and battered cunt. She
grabbed a handful of Melina's hair and wrapped it around her fist. Lizzie
violently pulled back as she thrust her cock into the girl.

"EEEEUUUUNNNNHHH." Melina cried.

Lizzie pulled her cock slowly out of the girls cunt. She placed her cock in
front of her face. Melina began sucking it like a baby with a bottle. Lizzie
pulled out just as she was ready to cum and splattered her demonic seed all
over the girl's face.


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