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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/La Blue Girl: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vs La Blue Girl Pt. 04a
by Muhabba

"All right people, let's get up to speed," Giles said to the group of people filling the library as the morning's first light dribbled in through the window. "This is Miko Mido of the Miroku Clan from Japan," he said, holding his hand out to indicate the purple haired Asian girl.

"Pleased to meet you," Miko said brightly, waving her hand as she stared out at the group. A sudden blush crossed her face and her hand dropped in embarrassment as her eyes met Angel's. "I, um... this is Fubuki, Yaku, Kanako, and Nin-nin, also of the Miroku Clan," she said nodding at her friends. Fubuki grunted a little as she nodded her own head slightly, Yaku smiled warmly as she bowed, Kanako chirped, "An honor to meet you," as she bowed and Nin-nin waved his hand energetically and shouted out, "Hello, America!" before a glaring stare from Fubuki silenced him.

"Right," Giles said, trying not to smirk at the small ninja's enthusiasm. "I'm Rupert Giles and this is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, both of the Watcher's Council. And this is Jenny Calender, computer teacher here at the high school and practicing witch." Both groups nodded towards each other, Wes unable to make eye contact with Fubuki and Yaku. The two groups stood opposite each other and Giles held his hand out to the third group sitting at the long table. "This is Buffy and Faith, Vampire Slayers. Angel, while a vampire, is currently on our side," he said, trying not to grind his teeth. "Willow and her... friend, Tara. Both young witches. And Xander who seems more and more our... utility member."

Xander bent over and whispered in Willow's ear, "What's that mean?"

"Shh..." Willow hushed at Xander.

"And Joyce and Dawn Summers, Buffy's family," Giles finished.

Buffy was sitting next to Angel with her head on his shoulder until she saw her mother glaring at her as Dawn skipped over to Kanako and the two girls immediately started whispering and giggling like the young girls they were. Joyce stood up and cleared her throat, drawing the attention of the group. "Now that the introductions are out of the way I'd prefer our younger guests be not here for the rest of our little meeting."

"But moooommm..." Dawn whined.

"Office now," Joyce said sternly. "Door closed, radio loud. Now. Go."

Dawn and Kanako slumped towards Giles' office and closed the door behind them. Joyce held her hand up for silence until she heard the radio start. "Proceed," she after putting her hand back down.

"Way to go, moms," Faith snickered.

"Yes, well, lets continue then," Giles said and motioned to Miko. Miko and her group had dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts except for Nin-nin who dressed in his usual blue uniform. For some reason most people always thought that he was nothing more peculiar than a small child wearing a costume all year long. "I'm Miko, and me and my friends are from the Miroku Clan of Japanese demon hunters. We became aware of something strange going on when we investigated a break-in at a museum back in Japan. A small scroll was stolen, a scroll with no real value other than historical. It was close to a thousand years old and written in a language that nobody could decipher."

"A deeeemon language," Nin-nin said mysteriously.

"Ahem, yes," Miko said, trying not to let her embarrassment at her friend show. "We eventually tracked down the culprit, a small, purple demon named Modup. We tracked the demon to a small, abandoned house and prepared to kill the demon and take back the scroll."

Off to the side Nin-nin pantomimed an entire fight scene as Miko tried to ignore him and remain professional looking. "Stop it," she whispered as her friends snickered. "So, ah... we were about to kill him when 'whomp', he disappeared in a puff of smoke." Nin-nin dropped a smoke grenade and then hid behind Yaku's rounded thighs as the cloud cleared. "Stop it," Miko whispered louder and tried to nonchalantly kick him through the smoke. "Our tracking spell placed him in Hu... Hu... Who se ten? So we took off for Ta... Te... Texs ass? and followed him here."

"Houston, yes," Giles said as he stepped up next to Miko and tried not to smile at the small ninja still hiding behind the well-endowed green haired girl. "I've spoken to the Watchers Council and with their files, along with Willow and Ms. Calender's use of that dreaded computer, we've been able to sketch out what may have happened next. Some one summoned Modup to Houston, bringing him out of his normal region. Based on police reports of him forcing himself on females along the way, he then made his way here, to Sunnydale."

Buffy held her hand up. "So why not just summon him straight to Sunnydale?" she asked.

"There are reports of Modup being seen with a human in Houston but not afterwards," Giles answered. "It appears they split up, possibly meeting back here for some reason."

"Nin-nin has a theory about that," Miko said.

"Me?" Nin-nin asked, peering out from behind Yaku's thighs. "Oh, uh, yeah. The scroll, we later translated, is used to summon the Demon Lord Cathix. The ingredients are very rare. The summoner probably had to search far..." he said as he held his arms open as wide as he could, "...and wide."

"And I guess a rape-y purple demon does kinda stand out when you're shopping," Faith said sarcastically with a smirk on her lips.

"Yes, thank you, Faith," Joyce said. "Can we talk about the 'rape-y' part. What is 'Sexcraft'?"

"Oh, I can answer that," Yaku said. "See, when we're young girls we start out training..."

"Yes, yes, I'm sure," Giles said, interrupting the busty girl. "It's simply a tool the Miroku Clan use. The, ah, the Hentai demons seem somewhat obsessed with, ah... mating with, ah, humans."

"That's it, Buffy!" Joyce said as she shot to her feet. "We're moving. Grab Dawn."

"Mom," Buffy said, trying to interrupt her mother.

"Joyce, really, there's no reason..." Giles tried to say before being interrupted.

"Don't, 'Joyce,' me, Rupert," Joyce said as the began trying to drag Buffy out of her chair. "I do not want what happened to me last night happening to my daughters."

Buffy and Wes' eyes glanced at each before quickly looking away. Everybody had decided it was a good idea to censor some of what happened last night while filling Buffy's mother in on every ones' activities, so they had glossed over Buffy fucking her way across town and Wes ass-fucking her as well as Dawn's activities.

"I'll handle this, Rupert," Jenny whispered to Rupert. "Joyce, lets go for a walk," she said as she lead Joyce out of the library and past Xander who was pulling out his phone.

"Right, Cathix," Giles said, trying to get back on topic. "What can you tell us?

"Oh, oh, oh! Let me! Let me!" Nin-nin asked enthusiastically.

"Fine," Miko muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose.

Nin-nin used his scary, mysterious voice as he said, "The Demon Lord Cathix commands a demon legion that wish to try and take over the Shikima Realm and then the woooorld."

Giles took his glasses off and began cleaning them out of nervous habit. "What we have to figure out is how."

"It might have something to do with the kidnappings last night," Willow said meekly. Ms., ah, Ms. Calender and I found half a dozen kidnappings last night in the police reports."

"Hmmm..." Giles said as he put his glasses back on. "What could Cathix need them for?"

Xander hung up his cell phone as forcefully as he could. "I still can't get a hold of Anya."

* * *

Spike stood in the middle of the cavern surrounded by Hentai demons and smirked up at Cathix. "Love what you've done with the place," he said as he looked around.

Cathix sat on his throne and peered down at his guest. Or next victim. "And what brings you here, vampire? I though the native demons had all fled," he smirked.

"Not really one for fleeing," Spike said, never losing his cool.

"His name is Spike and he is accepting my invitation," a voice said from one of the cavern's entrances. "So good of you to join us."

Cathix peered up at Modup fluttering above him. "Perhaps we need to discuss the word 'Secret', as in 'Secret Lair', Modup."

"Don't blame the small one. It's hard to have secrets from one's summoner," Ethan said as he entered the cavern. "Ethan Rayne, at your service," he said joyfully.

Cathix glared at the human a moment before turning to Modup. "Rape him into submission, Modup," he said nonchalantly.

"Submission?" Ethan said, trying to appear shocked rather than scared. "When I bring you such gifts willingly?" he said while holding his arms open as a completely nude Cordelia walked out from behind him.

Cathix stared at the beautiful naked girl and his massive cock began to throb. She was a excellent specimen. "And what do you want for such a gift?" he asked.

Ethan grasped Cordelia's hand and walked her toward Cathix' throne. "Nothing more than to serve, Lord Cathix," he said smugly, stopping next to Spike.

Cathix steepled his fingers as he peered down at the small group. He snapped his fingers and two demons exited the cavern. "I seem to have a surplus of aide. Perhaps you should prove your worth." The demons returned leading a nude Anya between them. "Vampire, you may not spill your seed inside our captives due to your demon heritage. That being said, bring the women to ecstasy so that we may collect their juices for my upcoming spell."

"Well, that's a new type 'a spell to me," Spike said as he shrugged off his trench coat. "But I'm game," he finished as he stared at the two naked women. "Hey, don't I know you?" he asked, motioning to Anya as he began unfastening his belt and pants.

Anya stared at Spike's crotch as he undressed and licked her lips hungrily. "We have a friend in common," she said as her hands slid up her exposed body to her chest, palming her firm tits and moaning in lust.

"Humph," Spike chuckled as he stepped out of his pants assuming that since he already knew the girl then he must have all ready had sex with her. He reached forward and grasped the other girl's wrist, yanking her from Ethan's grasp who could only scowl at him. "And who are you, luv?"

Cordelia couldn't take her eyes off of Spike's slowly growing prick as she chewed her bottom lip. "Who? Oh, Cordelia. Cordelia Chase. I go to the high school."

"Funny, I don't remember you at Parent/Teacher Night," Spike said, remembering his first battle with Buffy at the high school as he pushed Cordelia down on the ground. "But I've always loved a schoolgirl."

"Are we gonna fuck?" Cordelia asked hopefully as she was pushed down on her knees, her eyes still locked on the vampire's now completely hard cock.

Spike smirked, "What do you think?"

"Oh, thank God!" Cordelia nearly shouted as she laid down on her back and spread her long legs, not even minding the cold, dirt floor. "I am soooo horny," she gasped as Spike climbed on top of her sexy, willing body. "I haven't cum in, like, hours."

Anya looked down at the front of Ethan's bulge-less pants. "Well?"

"Wha?" Ethan grunted, still dejected by Spike stealing Cordelia from him. He looked over at the other naked girl as she stared at him in exasperation.

"Are we gonna fuck or what?" Anya asked, placing her hands on her hips and tapping her foot impatiently. "Aren't you supposed to be ravishing me right now?"

"Oh, um, yes, yes. Right. Of course," Ethan stammered. "Get... ah, get on your hands and knees," he said weakly as he began undoing his pants.

"Finally," Anya said as she threw her hands up in surrender before turning around to get on her hands and knees pointing her ass back at the older man.

"Mmmm, Spike," Cordelia groaned as the vampire slowly slid his hard rod into her hot, needy pussy. "Fuck me good."

Spike grinned. "No need to worry about that, luv," he snickered as he slowly drew his hard prick out a bare inch before slowly pushing it back into the young girl's tight cunt. He kept a slow, short pace in and out of the schoolgirl's tight cunt, causing her to moan and writhe underneath him, her large tits swaying softly on her chest with each gentle thrust.

"Yuuuummmm, Grandpa. Fuck me good," Anya said as she felt the older man place the spongy tip of his cock against her wet pussy and grasp her hips. She cooed as he started out slowly, gently stretching her around his prick before she lost patience and shoved her ass back, her tight cunt swallowing his dick whole. "I said, 'Fuck me, Grandpa'."

"Ach!" Ethan shouted as he was nearly knocked on his ass. "Bloody, bent," he muttered as he gripped her hips and began jack-hammering away inside of her little cunt and causing her to squeal in pleasure.

"Oh God. Fuck me, Spike. You feel so fucking good," Cordelia moaned as Spike began slowly drawing out of her farther and pushing back in faster. Slowly increasing his pace, slowly building up her pleasure, making her wetter and wetter. She wrapped her long legs around his tight ass and gripped his forearms as she rolled her hips up to meet his thrusts, giving him deeper access to her boiling pussy.

"Oh yeah! Right there, right there!" Anya gasped as the old man pumped into her. "A little to the left, oh yeah. There, there. So good. Down, down a bit. Oh, oh, right. Right there. Slower. Harder. There, there. No, back. Just a bit."

"Bloody hell," Ethan muttered. "She's never satisfied," he thought with gritted teeth. "Enough of this bloody mess." He pulled out of the girl's tight pussy and reached into his pants pocket on the ground next to him and pulled out his ring he used at the hospital. Putting the ring on he lined up behind the bossy girl and slapped her taunt ass hard pricking her with needle point. "Ouch, you old fuddy duddy," he heard her yell as the drug took effect and her groans turned to moans of lust. He rubbed his purple cock-head against the puckered entrance to her ass and gritted his teeth as she pushed back against him.

"Oh Spike, oh Spike, oh Spike," Cordelia chanted as Spike worked himself into her faster and harder. His hips were a blur as they slammed into her sweat covered and heaving body and she felt her orgasm begin to crash through her. "I'm cumming!"

Spike pulled out of the spasming schoolgirl and crawled up to her chest, barely noticing a small demon crawling between Cordelia's thighs and holding a silver bowl to collect her juices. He aimed his throbbing cock at her large, jiggling tits and jacked his shaft as he shot his thick, creamy load all over her tan tits.

"Oh God!" Anya squealed as the old guy shoved his cock up her ass. "Fuuuuck!" she yelled as she felt him bury himself balls deep inside of her, triggering her orgasm as he began fucking her.

"Fuckin' take it," Ethan grunted, pummeling away into the girl's ass, wanting to hear anything other than her demanding requests. He saw a small demon place a silver bowl between her legs and knew he had achieved his task. He pulled his cock out of her ass and shuffled over to her face, pointing his cock at her gasping mouth. With just a few strokes he came, shooting his first load into her mouth and the rest onto her face before collapsing on his ass.

Cathix began clapping his hands slowly. "Very good," he said to Spike and Ethan. "But these two are only the start. We shall bring all the humans of Sunnydale to the sacred pool, releasing their sexually charged juices to begin the spell and with the cum of the Slayers we shall open the Hellmouth. With the power of the Hellmouth I shall then rip open a portal to the Shikima Realm and rule both it and the mortal world. Ba ha ha ha...!'

* * *

"Um, right. Everyone have their robes and towels then?" Giles asked the group nervously, fiddling with the tie of the school robe Xander had retrieved from the swim team's locker room. He peered around the room and saw everybody standing around just as nervously as he. Except of course their Japanese allies who stood relaxed and comfortable in their nudity beneath their robes. "Right then. Seeing as I'm..."

"To British to talk about sex," Faith interrupted.

"...unfamiliar," Giles continued, "...with Sexcraft..."

"And now that my mom's out of the room and Dawn's off to school with Kanako and Nin-nin," Buffy whispered to no one in particular.

"...I'll let Miko take over," Giles finally finished, going to stand next to Jenny who had just returned.

Miko looked over the group of nervous Americans. At first she thought of choosing Angel but decided it might be to awkward after what had happened between them last night. "Xander? Will you come here please?" She stood to the side as he meekly shuffled up next to her. "O.k. Now I want you to try and hit me as hard as you can."

Xander stared at her dumbly. "Huh? I thought... well, you know. That..."

Miko smiled slightly at Xander's embarrassment. "It's o.k. Just try and hit me."

Xander looked around the room, either hoping someone would object or that the whole room would disappear but when neither happened he took a deep breath to steady his nerves and cocked his fist back. Just as he was about to swing Miko leapt over him, her robes opening to flash her firm breasts as she gripped his fist and brought it behind his back as she landed. With her free hand she reached around him and tugged open his robe, baring his soft cock as she gripped it at the base. With just a few tugs the sexy Japanese girl had his dick at full hardness as she pressed her body against his back, trapping is arm between them as she released his hand and reached around him to cup his balls, never missing a stroke with her other talented hand.

"Oh God," Xander grunted as he came, his thick, white cum splashing to the floor. He felt Miko release him and nearly stumbled to the floor before catching himself on one of the tables. "How did you... so fast..." he stammered, staring directly at the Japanese girl's exposed chest.

Miko looked at Xander's stray drops of cum on her hand. "Wow, he's really eager," she thought as she wiped her hands off on a towel and then tucked her firm breasts back into her robe. "Um, practice," she answered Xander, sparing him the embarrassment of telling him that it had very little to do with her.

Fubuki sauntered in front of the group, her robe barely tied and exposing her chest down to her waist and her legs up to her hip. "Let an expert show you how it's done," she said breathlessly as she approached Jenny. "Ms. Calender, if I may?"

"Um, yes.. I ... I suppose," Jenny stammered, trying to keep up the appearance of being not nervous in the least and failing. Fubuki quickly invaded her personal space, startling her.

"Cast a spell," Fubuki whispered in Ms. Calender's ear as she pressed her young body against the older woman's. She didn't know what it was but she just had a thing for teachers. As the teacher started her spell Fubuki moaned into her ear, "And try to stop me," as she pressed her chest more firmly into the teacher's chest, stimulating her larger breasts and causing her to stumble with her spell. As Ms. Calender started again Fubuki ran her hand down the other woman's arms, tugging at the sleeves and opening the teacher's robe slightly. As the Gypsy witch tried to regain her spell Fubuki slid her hands to the front of Ms. Calender's robe, loosening it even more and causing her to gasp, her eyes fluttering. Fubuki let a self-satisfied smirk cross her lips as Ms. Calender had trouble restarting her spell and she slowly opened the teacher's robe, exposing her tanned, golden body to the room and the older woman did nothing to stop her.

With a smug look on her face Fubuki looked over her shoulder at the group of Americans: the Watcher everybody called Giles looked torn between looking away in embarrassment and helping his girlfriend, the younger Watcher she'd fucked was practically drooling with his hard prick poking out of his robe, Xander was staring in open mouthed shock with his robe still open and sporting a impressive hard-on, the red-headed witch was squeezing her girlfriend's hand with her eyes torn between the naked teacher and Xander's large prick while the girlfriend had eyes only for the teacher's naked body, the vampire named Angel had the strange impassive look he always had, the blonde Slayer called Buffy kept looking around the room like she was trying to find a single spot not occupied by naked flesh, and the dark haired Slayer Faith just looked on in unabashed glee.

Fubuki tried not to chuckle as she opened her robe and began rubbing her naked body against Ms. Calender's, causing the teacher to begin panting in lust. She slid her hands down between the moaning woman's legs, spreading her wet pussy-lips with the fingers of one hand and sliding two fingers of her other hand into the teacher's tight pussy.

"Oh Goddess," Jenny gasped out as she gripped Fubuki's wrists and began humping the talented teenager's hand, her juices sliding over her thrusting fingers.

Fubuki looked back over her shoulder at the group. "It's not about sex," she began, never stopping her strokes. "It's about who's the top and who's the bottom. It's not even about who cums first, even 'tho there's spells for that. It's about who fucks and who gets fucked." With a practiced ease she slid her fingers deep into Ms. Calender's tight pussy and strummed her G-spot at the same time that she slid her thumb over her hard, little clit.

"Cuuummming!" Jenny gasped out as her spasming cunt clamped down on Fubuki's questing fingers and the entire room watched her twitching body as her orgasm crashed through her.

Fubuki pulled her fingers from Ms. Calender's twitching body, letting her collapse against Giles as she turned to the group, her naked body fully exposed and her fingers dripping with the teacher's cum. "There's any number of spells that could have been tied to Ms. Calender's orgasm, or cast on her body. But in this case it was just a little domination spell," she said as she turned back to the older woman. "Ms. Calender, pleased take your robe off and pretend you're a kitty," she said with a smirk.

In a flash Jenny had her robe off and began crawling nude across the floor, her back arched and her thick ass upthrust as she began mewling and trying to clean herself.

Despite herself, Tara couldn't stop herself from licking her lips as she watched the early morning sunlight glint off the teachers golden ass.

Wesley wiped the drool from his chin, actually disappointed at having stopped Ms. Calender from seducing him last night.

Xander began choking, having forgotten how to swallow as he watched his teacher's perfectly round ass as it swayed back and forth.

"Oh dear," Giles said as he tried to cover Jenny's naked body with her robe.

"Yeah," Buffy said as she began stalking up to Fubuki with Angel following her. "I think that's enough."

"Oh, calm down," Fubuki said dismissively, not bothering to cover her slim, naked body. "It'll wear off in a couple of minutes."

Miko quickly got between Buffy and her friend. "I think what Fubuki means is that you'll have to train yourself to get used to more... ah... casual nudity."

Xander immediately began looking at Buffy and Faith the instant Miko said 'casual nudity', his head turning back and forth from one sexy Slayer to the other. Wesley happened to look down and noticed his hard prick was sticking out from his robe and tried to cover himself. At the same time Willow and Tara tightened their belts and Faith chuckled.

"O.k., let's try a different exercise," Yaku chirped, trying to break the tension. "Mr. Giles, Buffy, you two come to the middle," she said. As the Slayer and her Watcher stood on either side of her, Buffy still glaring at Fubuki, Yaku threw off her robe. Xander, Willow, and Tara's eyes nearly popped out of their heads as they watched Yaku's large breasts sway on her chest. Faith tried to hide how impressed she was and Wesley tried to look while still trying to help cover Ms. Calender. "Off with your robes, you two," Yaku said with her hands on her hips, totally comfortable in her nudity.

Giles tired to give Buffy a reassuring smile as he stepped away from Jenny and Buffy did the same as they both began fiddling with their belts. Distantly they heard Yaku chirp, "Come on, guys. Times a' wastin'." Buffy looked up at Giles with resignation in her eyes. "Same time?' she asked, actually happy to see the difficulty in her mentor's eyes.

Giles looked into Buffy's eyes again and nodded his head. "On 3."

"One," Giles said.

"Two," Buffy said.

And at the same time the both said, "Three," as the slid off their robes and exposed themselves to the whole room and both immediately began looking up at the ceiling.

Xander eye's immediately zeroed in on Buffy's naked, tan body. Her medium sized breasts looked like they would fit perfectly in his hands as every fantasy he'd had about Buffy since she came to their school zipped through his head. Her ass looked perfect, more perfect than he had imagined and he imagined himself playfully biting down on the firm flesh and her pussy looked like the most delicious peach in the world.

Willow had almost the same thoughts about Buffy's toned body and then her eyes turned to Giles. She had no idea how old he was, she had just always thought of him as a adult and therefore 'old', but now that she could see him naked she was impressed. He had a nice chest and arms, his ass looked tight and his semi-erect dick looked particular good and she imagined herself trying to swallow his entire length.

"Not to bad at all," Faith thought as she felt herself become aroused looking at Buffy and Giles. She'd often wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone capable of taking her full strength and since meeting Buffy she'd kept the fantasy in the back of her mind. "Maybe, if I play my cards right, with everything going on around town, I'll get to find out," she thought as she smiled wolfishly. And as for Giles, well, she'd always had a thing for older men and hadn't met one yet to turn her down.

Yaku began snapping her fingers between Giles' and Buffy's heads to get their attention. "Guys? Guys, eyes front," she said until the Slayer and Watcher finally lowered their heads to stare at each others' faces but no lower.

It was almost like a staring contest, neither Buffy nor Giles prepared to look down and simply staring awkwardly into each others' eyes. After several nervous moments they each tried to speak, interrupting each other and Buffy quickly looked down. Her mentor's soft, semi-erect penis suddenly filled her vision for a moment before she broke eye contact and grabbed her robe.

"And I think that's enough studying for today," Buffy said as she hurriedly shuffled away trying to put her robe on as quickly as possible.

"Quite right," Giles agreed as Buffy's firm ass filled his vision before being hidden by her robe. He quickly put his robe back on and went to Jenny who was coming out of her trance.

Yaku held her face in her hand and groaned. "This is getting us no where," she muttered, not even feeling the need to put on her robe.

Miko patted Yaku on the shoulder reassuringly. "Good try. Let me try again," she said as Yaku walked completely naked to stand next to Fubuki. Noticing Wes trying to hid his erection Miko held her hand out for him to come to the middle and then turned her attention to the dark haired Slayer. "Faith, would you and Wesley try please?" she asked and moved off to the side.

"5 by 5," Faith said as she threw off her robe and stood perfectly nude in the middle of the group. She chuckled to herself as Xander, Willow, Tara and Wes stared at her naked, pale body. She slowly walked forward, her large tits swaying and jiggling with each step and felt herself become aroused the closer she walked towards Wes, teasing him as his eyes grew larger with each step. She "accidentally" brushed up against her Watcher as she moved away from the group and felt their eyes crawling over her tight ass so she put a extra swish in her step. She raised her arms up, her firm breasts pulling up on her chest, and arched her back, running her fingers through her hair until she was standing right in front of Wes. "Ready for the ride of your life?" she whispered breathlessly into her teacher's ear and then licked his ear lobe.

Wesley couldn't speak, breath or blink. His entire brain was devoted to the sight of the naked, teenage girl walking up to him, and now that she was in front of him he was completely senseless.

In a flash Faith ripped open Wes's robe, pressing her young body to his, his erection trapped between them. She grabbed the back of his head with one hand, holding him still as she thrust her tongue into his mouth and wrapped her arm around his back. With a twist of her hips she threw him to the floor, stunning him. She jumped down on top of his thighs and gripped the base of his hard dick and with a quick lunge she impaled herself on his stiff prick, taking all of him into her hot pussy, using her lower muscles to ripple along the length of him.

Wesley lurched, burying his last inch into the tight juncture of Faith's pale thighs and came, erupting inside of her. He tried to groan but choked as her tight cunt continued to ripple along the length of his cock.

"Maybe it's an American thing," Miko wondered at how fast the young Watcher had cum. She looked over at Giles and shrugged her shoulders.

Giles finished helping Jenny with her robe before turning his attention back to the group. "I think that's enough practice for this morning," he said. "Why don't Buffy, Willow and Xander head to classes with Yaku and Fubuki. Wesley can take Tara back to campus for her classes while Angel, Miko and Ms. Calender and I go over strategy."

With a sticky wet sound Faith crawled off of Wes as everyone else began changing into their clothes. Buffy gave Angel a quick peck on the cheek as she said goodbye and Willow did the same to Tara as Jenny helped Wes get dressed. Faith simply leaned against the wall still completely naked with Wes's cum dripping down the insides of her thighs.

With the group gone Giles turned back to Jenny, Angel, Miko and Faith. "Right, I think we can all see where our faults lay," he said as he threw a towel to Faith a little to forcefully.

"Yeah. Everybody's got a stick up their asses," Faith said, finishing with her towel.

Jenny frowned at Faith. "I think, perhaps, you mean our emotions towards each other is going to interfere with our training, Faith."

"Yeah, that," Faith agreed, missing Ms. Calender's sarcasm.

"So our training partners will be the ones with have the least familiar emotional investments in," Giles said as he nervously cleaned his glasses. "Our learning to control our emotional attachment will be of paramount importance."

"Faith," Angel said as he slid off his robe.

Faith went suddenly still. "Something up, Fang-face?" she asked with a smirk.

Angel stood just out of Faith's reach. "There's a reason you didn't put your robe back on."

"It was so white and fluffy, I didn't want to rip it," Faith said sarcastically as she got into a fighter's stance.

Jenny, Giles and Miko quickly stood back from the two fighters. "Remember the training," Miko said. "And don't forget the spell."

In a flash Angel's fist streaked towards Faith's head. Easily dodging the blow she dropped down, her leg swinging out and connecting with his knee. As his balance shifted she slid under his flailing arms, her head now in front of his groin. Capturing his hips in her hands she held him still as she sucked his soft, white cock into her warm, wet mouth. She suck hard on the soft meat, licking at the underside and moaning as she felt him start to harden. As his length stiffened in her mouth he gripped the sides of her head and began to thrust, burying his now hard cock in her throat and cutting off her air. She held the hard prick as long as she could, massaging him with her tongue, trying to force him to cum, swallowing around the cool shaft and causing her throat to ripple down the length of him. Suddenly she realized what Angel had done, she thought she would use her oral skills to suck him off into submission, but he had flipped her plan around and was now choking her with his prick.

Faith forcefully pushed Angel away from her, gasping for breath as she struggled to regain her feet. He gripped her hair and yanked her up and bent her over the closest table with enough force to crack the wood. He shoved two of his fingers into her tight pussy, thrusting them in & out as he searched for her G-spot. She moaned in unwanted pleasure for a moment before kicking back with one leg and connecting with one of his thighs causing him to stagger. In a flash she was down on her knees in front of him again, wrapping her large, silky tits around his dick, working her firm tits up and down his shaft, trying to milk the cum from his balls. Whenever his soft, spongy cock-head emerged from between her cleavage she swirled her warm tongue around it, covering it in her saliva.

Angel struggled to stop himself from thrusting his prick between Faith's large tits, struggling to keep her from dominating him with her impressive breasts. He pulled away from her, nearly poking her in the eye with his cock, and slid around behind her pushing her head to the floor, raising her pale ass up, and shoved his tongue into her tight, wet cunt. She nearly screamed out in pleasure as his tongue probed her and she began unconsciously thrusting her ass back to meet his questing tongue and then suddenly she thrust her ass back, smacking him in the face and causing him to tumble backwards, smacking the back of his head on the floor.

"Ride 'em, cowboy!" Faith shouted as she mounted Angel, her hot, tight pussy swallowing his hard cock. She bent forward, dangling her jiggling tits teasingly in front of his face as she began riding him, their bodies slapping wetly against each other as she bounced up and down on his prick and her firm tits smothered his face.

Angel was nearly lost in pleasure at the feel of Faith's sexy body wrapped around his dick and had to force himself not to begin sucking on her dangling tits. As her sexy, sweaty body pistoned up he thrust his hips up with her and rolled them over until the dark Vampire Slayer was on her back with him buried balls deep inside of her. He pinned her legs back, her knees pressed against her chest, and began fucking himself deep inside of her, his hard dick barely pulling out an inch before burrowing back inside of her, his heavy balls slapping against her rosebud asshole.

Faith groaned in unwanted pleasure as Angel fucked her deep and hard. If he was going to force her to cum, this was the way to do it she realized. But she refused to lose. Mustering her will she waited until he had pulled out that precious inch and slid her legs under him and as he started thrusting back down she kicked out, launching him across the room.

Angel landed hard against a bookshelf, the wood breaking and the books scattering before he regained his feet, finding his balance just as Faith launched herself at him.

Faith once again smothered Angel's face with her large tits as he caught her. He spun her and himself around so she was face-first against the wall and released her with her pale ass thrust out. He quickly pierced her hot cunt with his ridged prick again, pinning her to the wall as he wrapped his arms around her, squeezing one tit with one hand and strumming her hard clit with the other. He heard her groan in pleasure as he fucked her rough and fast.

Faith bit her lip to keep herself from groaning in pleasure any more than she already had as she tried to push herself away from the wall. With only a few precious inches of space she got a arm between her and the wall and reached between her legs, cupping Angel's cum filled balls.

"Fuck," Faith grunted as Angel moaned at the same time and they both came, his thick seed filling her clutching pussy as her tight cunt rippled around his thick shaft. As their mutual orgasms subsided he pulled his softening length out of her twitching pussy and staggered over to one of the few non-broken tables as she tried to catch her breath against the wall.

"Oh wow," Jenny whispered, surprised by how turned on she had become watching the fight.

"I... ah..." Giles muttered, his cock throbbing as he stood behind Jenny, rubbing his erection against her round ass.

"I guess it's not all Americans," Miko whispered to herself as she rolled one hard nipple between her fingers and slowly sawed a finger of her other hand in and out of her hungry pussy, remembering her fight with Angel. She quickly covered herself when she accidentally locked eyes with Mr. Giles and Jenny, all three of them blushing and quickly covering themselves. "Right. Well, I guess a tie can be considered an improvement. I'm not sure the school's janitor will be to pleased with us 'tho."

Giles finally noticed the destruction to his library. "Excellent point, Miko," he agreed.

Angel pulled on his robe while Faith, still completely naked, sauntered up next to him. "I think I can help," he offered.

Faith snickered, her dark hair mussed and clinging to her head and flushed face, her pale body gleaming with sweat. "You were a carpenter when you were alive?" she asked sarcastically.

"More like I know a place we can train," he said as he tied his robe. "There's storage space behind the Magic Box downtown. And the owner is on vacation for the next couple of weeks."

Faith cocked her hips and pretended to look at her fingernails, enjoying her bout with public nudity. "And since when are you so witch-y?" she asked sarcastically.

Giles tried to ignore Faith, both visibly and verbally. "That sounds helpful, Angel. If all of this is any indication," he said, holding a hand out to all the destruction, "We'll be needing the room."

* * *

"I imagine roll call must have been fairly short," Fubuki said sarcastically.

Yaku poked her friend in the ribs with her elbow. "Don't be mean."

"No, she has a point," Buffy said as she peeked into a random classroom.

"Where do you think they took them?" Willow asked.

Xander looked into Anya's homeroom classroom but didn't see her. "I don't know but I bet they kidnapped Anya and took her there."

"Look. There's one right there," Fubuki said to Yaku, pointing down the hall.

Buffy looked where Fubuki was pointing. "Where's who's one there?"

Willow saw who the Japanese girl was pointing at. "That's just Johnathon."

Yaku cleared her throat nervously. "Well, Fubuki and I thought, what with your embarrassment at training with your Watcher, you could, maybe, try with him," she said, nodding her head in Johnathon's direction.

Buffy and Willow looked blankly at each other before Buffy looked blankly at Yaku. "You mean, 'There's one right there,' potential test subject right there? Johnathon right there?"

"Sure," Fubuki said nonchalantly. "I figure the worse thing you can do is get the poor guy laid, y'know? Even if you can't get the spell to work."

Willow stared at the two Japanese girls in disbelief. "Johnathon?"

Fubuki just shrugged her shoulders. "Hey, Buffy needs to practice so it's either this or head back to the library. You said you and the hot vampire can't have sex or he'll lose his soul and trust me that Wesley isn't up to the task so that leaves the computer teacher or your Watcher. Your choice."

Buffy stared down the hall. "But... Johnathon?"

Five minutes later Buffy and Johnathon stood alone in a empty classroom.

Johnathon looked around the empty room nervously. "What... what did you want to see me about, Buffy?" he asked. He'd had many fantasies about Buffy that had started just like this and he was trying with every ounce of will power he had not to get a erection.

Buffy looked Johnathon up and down. Outside of being the only student shorter than her he was nearly unremarkable. "His black hair is kinda pretty," she thought. "That's something, I guess." Buffy nervously licked her lips as she rubbed her sweaty palms across her thighs.

The instant that Buffy licked her lips Johnathon's erection sprain to life.

"Well, I..." Buffy started to stammer. "I just..." She could feel nervous sweat trailing down her back. "It's just..." She looked around, searching for something even though she didn't know what. "It's kinda, like... well..." Frustrated with herself she threw her arms up in surrender. "Dammit," she muttered as she gripped the front of Johnathon's shirt and yanked him towards her. She wrapped one of her arms around his head and thrust her tongue into his mouth, kissing him clumsily.

Johnathon was in shock, completely incapable of responding as his sexy schoolmate kissed him.

Buffy suddenly broke the kiss. "Oh, Johnathon. I so want you," she said with less acting ability than the average porn star. She quickly removed her top and brought Johnathon's numb hands up to her bra encased breasts. "Take me," she said flatly before kissing him again.

Johnathon barely moved as Buffy had her way with him.

Once again Buffy broke the kiss and began untucking Johnathon's shirt. "Oh, Johnathon. I want you so badly," she said, trying for a husky, passionate voice and failing as she pulled his shirt over his head.

Johnathon didn't move his hands the least little bit from Buffy's spongy breasts so his shirt hung limply from his forearms. His brain had completely shut down and he had no idea what to do with the hot girl.

Buffy stared blankly into Johnathon's dark eyes as she began unsnapping her tight slacks. "I've wanted you for so long, Johnathon," she said woodenly as she pushed her slacks over her tan thighs and they pooled around her ankles. "Take me, I'm yours," she said as she tugged his pants down over his tighty-whiteys and they fell to the floor. "Make me feel like a woman."

Johnathon continued to barely move as Buffy continued to have her way with him.

Buffy stood still, waiting for Johnathon to move or say something. When her nerdy classmate continued to stand motionless she grabbed his wrists and pressed his hands more firmly against her chest, causing her tits to nearly bulge out over the top of her bra. "Johnathon? Hello, Johnathon," she said as she shoved her panties down to join her slacks. When he still didn't answer or respond she rolled her eyes in defeat and decided to drop her seduction technique. She stepped out of her pants and underwear and used his grip on her breasts to push him back towards one of the classroom chairs. "Johnathon!" she shouted as she snapped her fingers in front of his face.

"Wah?" Johnathon shouted as he was startled backwards, falling into the chair. As he sat he looked up at Buffy's golden, sexy, nearly nude body, his cock throbbing as it made a tent out of his underwear.

Buffy rolled her eyes again. "Finally, he's awake," she thought as she shrugged off her bra. Even as he looked up and down her body Johnathon still wasn't moving as she bent over, her tan tits dangling in front of his face as she yanked down his underwear, freeing his hard cock. With a bit of will taught to her by the Sexcraft Ninjas she felt herself become wet as she straddled his lap. She took one of his hands and placed it on one of her tight ass-cheeks and placed the other hand on one of her warm tits. "Hold on, Johnathon," she said as she lowered herself down. She gripped the base of his throbbing dick and held it still. "Here you go."

"Ohhh Goddd," Johnathon groaned as Buffy's wet, tight, hot, wonderful pussy swallowed his dick. Suddenly his body came to life and he gripped her ass and tit, squeezing the tan orbs as he bent forward and began sucking on her hard, pink, ripe, delicious nipples.

Buffy concentrated on the Sexcraft Ninja's words from this morning about controlling who fucked who. She planted her feet on the floor and rolled her hips, fucking down on Johnathon's hard prick, controlling the pace as she began lifting herself up and down. She bent down and whispered into Johnathon's ear, trying to excite him more, "Oh Johnathon."

"Mmph," Johnathon choked as he suddenly came, filling Buffy's tight cunt with his thick cum.

"Urgh," Buffy choked as she felt Johnathon cum. She looked into Johnathon's eyes as he stared dazed up at her. "Crap! The spell," she suddenly realized. "Um, Johnathon... you..." she stammered. It was a domination spell but she couldn't for the naked life of her think of a command. "You... you're a cat!"

Johnathon looked up at Buffy with a confused look in his eyes. "Um, have we met before?"

Ten minutes later Buffy had rejoined her friends as Johnathon wobbled down the hall. "I don't know what happened," Buffy said.

Fubuki leaned against the row of lockers. "Well, first, he was probably a virgin so that explains him cumming so soon," she said matter of factly.

Buffy held her head in her hands. "Oh my God. I'm Johnathon's first?"

Willow tried to console Buffy by rubbing her back as Yaku patted her head. Yaku bent down to her new friend's ear. "He was bound to lose his virginity sometime. And if he could remember I'm sure he'd thank you," she said, trying to be helpful.

"I don't think that'll make her feel any better," Willow said. "But why didn't the spell work?"

"Oh that's easy," Yaku said. "You told him he was a cat but what you actually wanted was for him to forget it had ever actually happened."

Buffy looked up hopefully. "So he'll never remember I fu... I fu... I had sex with him?"

Fubuki snorted. "Ha. That spell sucked. He'll remember everything in about 10 minutes."

"Oh God," Buffy moaned as she held her head in her hands again.

From down the hall the four girls heard Johnathon shriek, "Thank You God!"

"Heh," Fubuki chuckled. "5 minutes. Spell was worse than I thought."

* * *

Principal Snyder skulked outside the swinging double door to the school library. With his ear to the door he could hear moans and groans coming from inside. "I knew it," he hissed as he slid the school's master key into the lock. There was a warning sign stating that the library was closed for repairs but even though the stuffy librarian had filed the paperwork this morning he didn't believe it for a moment as he quietly entered.

Inside the library Snyder shuffled forward a couple of steps before starting to announce himself. "Ah ha! I knew it!" he exclaimed before being stunned into silence. Mr. Giles stood in the middle of the library wearing a terrycloth robe, next to him was the other British man always hanging about the school and also wearing a robe, next to them was a completely naked young man that he had seen with the Summers girl, and next to him was two nude girls, one of which appeared to be the purple haired Japanese exchange student. "What is going one here?" he asked, completely stunned.

Miko pointed at Snyder. "Ms. Calender. Stop him."

"Oh, bloody Hell," Giles muttered.

After a few moments Snyder realized that the exchange student wasn't pointing at him but behind him. He quickly turned around and found the computer teacher, completely naked, and standing between him and the door.

Jenny rolled her eyes. "Just perfect," she muttered before stepping forward, gripping the back of Snyder's head and kissing him deeply. She kept a firm hold on the back of his head with one hand as she pressed her naked body against him and trailed her free hand down to the front of his pants and began fondling his rapidly growing prick. She began shuffling backwards, bringing him with her as his hands began exploring her golden body. She felt the cold wall behind her and released his cock from his pants as his hands found and groped her thick ass.

As she lifted one leg up and wrapped it around Snyder's waist Jenny was amazed at how easily he was submitting to her spell as she placed the tip of his dick at the entrance to her pussy and he immediately pushed into her already wet hole. He thrust himself quickly in and out of her as she broke the kiss, pushing his head down to her chest and he immediately latched onto one of her dark nipples, sucking like a hungry calf as she found herself responding to his rough and clumsy treatment. The Sex-Ninjas were right, what she was doing now had nothing to do with intimacy or desire, it was purely physical and her body responded to the stimulation. She moaned softly as he filled her again and again and he grunted with every thrust.

With a final thrust Snyder buried himself deep into Ms. Calender's cunt and came, filling her sexy body with his warm seed. He practically chewed on her nipples as he grunted and moaned in complete sexual pleasure.

Jenny gritted her teeth and moaned, ignoring the erotic stimuli flooding her body as she orgasmed and released her spell, doming the trollish little man. As their orgasms subsided Snyder shuffled backwards, staring lovingly up at the sexy, panting teacher. It took Jenny a moment to remember why she had fucked the principal in the first place as she caught her breath. "Oh, um... You saw nothing. You... you remember nothing. You have no desire to ever come to the library again. Ever," she said.

Snyder beamed up at Ms. Calender. "Of course, of course," he said as he tucked his soft and sticky dick back into his pants. "Have a good day," he said warmly as he shuffled out of the library.

Jenny stood naked and looked awkwardly around before Miko and Faith began clapping. "Good job," Miko said, causing the sweaty, panting teacher to blush.

"Not to shabby for a teacher," Faith said, looking up and down the older woman's sexy body.

"Yes," Giles said awkwardly. "Um, good job?"

* * *

Cathix looked down at the naked human obviously trying not to tremble in his presence. "A good show. But nothing that couldn't have been achieved under my control," he said imperiously. "Why should I not claim your will as my own?"

Ethan continued to stand naked in front of Cathix, afraid of looking weak if he tried to put his clothes on. It just seemed unfair that Spike, as a vampire, looked just as fit as he did hundred of years ago. "But I know of your enemies, Lord Cathix," he said with a unfelt smirk.

Cathix reclined back in his throne. "Information you would gladly give as my slave."

Ethan continued feeling jealous of Spike as he peeked over at his pile of clothes. "But as your slave would I have been able to direct Modup to your summoning spell and then summon him to America? Would I have been able to help him plan the distractions of your enemies? Or would I have been only a mindless sex slave?"

Cathix grinned evilly. "I had thought Modup more clever since arriving in America. But now that all has been accomplished, why continue to allow you fee will?"

Spike stood around nonchalantly naked. "Yeah, mate? Why put up with the fragile human?" he said gleefully to no one imparticular.

Ethan smiled smugly at Spike. "Because unlike any self-satisfied vampires wandering around, I know where the Slayer lives. Mate."

* * *

Ethan parked the white laundry van across the street from the Summers' house.

Cathix poked his head between the seats of the van. "This is demeaning, human. Have we arrived?"

"We're at the house," Ethan responded. "I'm just seeing if anyone's home and it looks like there is."

Cathix grinned evilly. "Excellent. I shall..."

"Hold up, mate," Ethan said hurriedly. "If you get out here the neighbors will see you and call the cops. And we don't want that."

"Humph," Cathix chuckled. "I do not fear the human authorities."

"It's not the authorities we have to worry about," Ethan said as he slid the van in gear and pulled out onto the street. "It's the mayor. I'll just pull in to the alley in back and then you can get out, unobserved, and do what you do best."

As the van stopped in the alley Cathix stepped out of the sliding door and looked around. "Such a nice afternoon," he said as he strode across the yard to the back door. The door was unlocked and he quietly entered the house as the van pulled away. He walked slowly through the bottom floor, noticing pictures of the blonde Slayer and her family. "Excellent." he hissed as his cock became erect.

From the second floor Joyce called down the stairs, "Buffy, is that you?" After a few moments with no answer she called out again, "Dawn?" When there was still no answer she walked down the stairs and into the living room where she saw a massive demon with a massive erection standing casually next to her sofa.

Cathix grinned hungrily. "Greetings, human. I am your new king," he said as he gestured to his giant prick. "Kneel and worship me."

Joyce lunged towards the front door as she screamed for her daughter, "Buffy!" but the large demon was to fast for her. He gripped her hair in one monstrous hand and ripped her blouse and bra off with the other as he threw her kneeling to the floor. Keeping his grip on her hair he held the base of his prick as he shoved it into her gaping mouth, cutting off her scream, stretching her lips and plugging her throat as her eyes shot open in shock. She shoved against his granite thighs bit it did no good as he began thrusting in and out of her mouth, his giant, cum filled balls slapping against her chin. He held her head immobile as his larger than life prick worked in and out of her warm, sucking mouth.

Reaching down with one massive clawed hand Cathix squeezed the human's firm tits and pinched her nipples to hardness. He grinned maliciously as she began to respond to him, her wet tongue stroking and wiggling underneath his dick as she began to suck him with every thrust.

As her fear was quickly replaced with lust Joyce moaned happily in pleasure as the monster fucked her face. Her hard nipples sizzled in pleasure every time he pinched them and her pussy throbbed in need. Her hands slid off his thighs and between her legs as she frantically began trying to pull her pants down.

Cathix released his hold on the female's head and shoved her backwards onto her shapely ass. With one clawed hand he ripped away her pants and underwear, baring her wet cunt to him as he grinned evilly at her. She spread her legs to him as he knelt over her now willing body and aimed his throbbing cock at the small entrance of her wet cunt. "Yes!" he bellowed as he unceremoniously thrust himself balls deep inside of his first American woman. He could feel her body convulse and her cunt clamp down on his invading cock as she screamed in pleasure while she came and he began fucking her hard and deep.

Once Joyce started cumming and screaming in pleasure at being brutally fucked she couldn't stop. Every thrust of this beast's impossibly large cock caused her to cum again and again, the giant prick reaching, stretching and stimulating parts of her she didn't even know she had. She held her legs open wide in the air as the huge demon fucked her into ecstasy and she squeezed and kneaded her jiggling tits, yelling out in pure, primal pleasure.

* * *

Back in the library Giles, Wes, Xander and Angel finished pushing all of the furniture, broken and otherwise, to the side to give them more room to practice. "I can think of better ways to spend my lunch period," Xander said, once again dressed in his robe.

Giles noticed the strained note in Xander's voice as he placed his glasses in the pocket of his robe. "Xander, I assure you that learning this... exotic fighting style is the best way for us to get Anya back," he said hopefully.

Xander waved his hand dismissively. "Yeah, yeah," he said as he shuffled over to Buffy.

"Right, everyone have their partners then," Wesley said in his usual overly enthusiastic way. He looked around the room and saw Miko and Faith already squaring off, Buffy and Xander were shuffling their feet off to one side, Giles stood talking to Fubuki and Angel while Yaku was talking to Willow and Tara. "Excellent. Let's begin."

Miko removed her robe and bowed respectfully to Faith, her ass upthrust and giving just the barest hint of her pink pussy lips before righting herself. "Are you ready, my American friend?" she asked happily.

"5 by 5," she said as she shucked off her robe. Like every one else she was completely naked underneath and took a deep breath, pushing her large chest out. It had the desired effect and she caught Miko staring at her tits so she kicked out, trying to catch the Japanese girl off guard.

Miko quickly blocked the kick, barely making it in time, her firm tits jiggling with the effort. She glared at the dark haired Slayer. While it was true that she had allowed herself to become distracted by Faith's impressive chest, they were supposed to be practicing Sexcraft, not fighting. In a flash her arms shot out, her hands catching Faith's large creamy tits and twisting her nipples. She smiled as the American girl screamed out, giving her time to bend low and catch Faith in a leg sweep. "Ha!" she screamed out triumphantly.

"Uuf," Faith grunted as she landed on her firm ass. She kicked out, building momentum to flip to her feet but was quickly blocked by Miko who grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide as the Sexcraft Ninja slid to the ground, spreading her own legs wide.

From her place on the floor Faith had all of her weight on her neck and shoulders with Miko holding her legs in the air, raising her lower body and hips up. From behind the juncture of Faith's thighs Miko glared at her and said, "We're supposed to be practicing Sexcraft, not 'Bitch-craft'." In a flash Miko buried her face in between Faith's tight ass cheeks and speared her tiny asshole with her tongue.

Faith's eyes shot open in surprise as she shouted out, "Oh Fuck!"

Miko moaned slightly as she thrust her warm, wet tongue onto Faith's pale ass. She used her tongue's incredible dexterity and rolled it into a tube and began thrusting it like a small cock in and out, tongue fucking the American girl's tight ass. She kept a firm hold on Faith's legs, keeping them spread wide both to keep the dark haired girl off balance and to give her easier access as she never let up her assault on her captive's tiny hole.

"Oh, oh, oh..." Faith panted, her breasts bobbing up and down with each breath as Miko continued her unrelenting assault on her ass. She hadn't been prepared for such a attack: a punch, hit, kick or something like that she could have blocked but not this. With every probing thrust she felt her orgasm building and building until she turned her attention down her body and saw the Asian girl wink at her, triggering her orgasm. "Oh God!" she shouted as she trashed around on the floor, her warm juices spraying out of her cunt and showering onto Miko's face.

"Ah!" Miko shouted, releasing the naked Slayer to twitch on the library floor. "It's in my eye!"

As Faith lay panting on the cold floor she thought to herself, "I have never cum that fast in my life," as she grinned in post orgasmic bliss.

Across the room, to nervous to start their own practice session, Buffy and Xander stood awkwardly in front of each other.

Buffy looked sheepishly up at Xander. "So, ah... how do, ah... what do we, I mean, how do you want to.. I mean, how should we do this?" she stammered.

Xander could only gulp in response. He'd had a crush on Buffy since the day they'd met but she had never seen him as anything other than a friend and now... Now he was being told that he'd have to have sex with her to save their lives. It hadn't been in any of his sexual fantasies before now but now it just seemed like such a obvious fantasy to have had, if only he wasn't so nervous. Or in a room full of people, one of whom was her vampire boyfriend capable of killing him to death. "Well, ah... you're the... the, ah, Slayer, so I guess... I guess that makes me the demon?" he said as the realization that the demons raped their victims into submission made his nervous dick throb to life with adolescent images of Buffy submitting to his every wish him shot through his brain.

Buffy licked her lips nervously. "Right, right," she said as she stared at her feet. Steeling her determination she turned around to face away from Xander and said, "Right," one more time and hesitantly let her robe fall from her shoulders to the floor.

Xander nearly came in his robe as Buffy slid out of hers. She had her hair up in a ponytail which gave him a unobstructed view from her neck to her bare feet. The robe seemed to fall from her golden body in slow motion, revealing her neck and shoulders, her graceful back with just a hint of side-boob due to how she was standing away from him, and finally her heart shaped ass and legs. He may have actually drooled watching her ass sway as she took a few steps from side to side and then bent forward slightly to brace herself against a table, pushing her awe inspiring ass out and giving him just a peek of her plump pussy. And when she said, "Do it, Xander, take me," he nearly fainted and actually swooned a little.

Taking a deep breath that did nothing to settle his nerves Xander let his robe fall to the floor and his dick lead him to Buffy's tight ass. He nearly lost his nerve when she looked over her shoulder at him and her eyes trailed down his body. Suddenly her eyes shot wide open and she quickly looked away.

"Oh my God he's huge," she thought to herself. She'd seen his prick for the first time during Miko's introduction to Sexcraft but everything had happened so quickly that she hadn't gotten a good look at him until now. Her pussy had already been slightly wet with just nervous anticipation but now she felt her pussy throb to life. "No, no. It's Xander. I can't let it be anything other than a quick practice session," she told herself without much convection.

Xander stood with is pre-cum dripping cock barely an inch from Buffy's beautiful ass. "O.k., I'm a demon. Grrr, argh," he said, to nervous to step closer.

Buffy smirked at Xander's pathetic demon voice. "You're gonna have to attack me Xander. I know it's weird but I trust you," she said with a slight, unconscious twitch of her ass. "Now attack me."

"Just, ah...just, ah, just grab you?" Xander asked nervously.

Buffy tried not to laugh. "Who would have thought it'd be so hard to get a guy to fuck me?" she wondered to herself. "Yes, grab me and try to... uh, you know," she said, still embarrassed by the thoughts she was having about Xander's large prick. "I'll be o.k."

Xander took a deep breath to steady his nerves and wondered why people took deep breaths to steady their nerves since it certainty wasn't helping him at all. He reached out and placed his hands on Buffy's shoulders, using one hand to grip her as his other hand trailed down from her shoulder to her graceful back and then rested on her warm hip. He pressed his body against hers, the back of her head against his chest and his throbbing cock resting between her golden ass-cheeks, smearing pre-cum across her lower back. His thick length slid over the puckered entrance to her ass and he could feel her shudder against him.

Buffy shuddered in pleasure at the feel of Xander's thick cock pressed between her ass-cheeks but some of the pleasure left when she remembered that Wes had already taken her anal virginity. "Just practice, just practice," she chanted in her head. Putting herself into Slayer mode she gripped both of his wrists and started to half-halfheartedly struggle against him, careful not to hurt him with her strength. If this had been a regular fight she'd just flip him but this was a fight for sexual dominance. Suddenly she felt a warm wetness cover her lower back. "Xander, did you just cum?"

"Just kill me now," Xander muttered.

Ten feet from where Miko and Faith were sparring and across the library from where Buffy and Xander were so that Buffy and Angel wouldn't distract themselves with each other, Fubuki was on her hands and knees with Giles fucking her pussy and Angel fucking her mouth. Angel approach sex with the Japanese girl with the same detachment he'd developed since regaining his soul. His hard cock slid past the slim girl's red lips and over her talented tongue, stopping just short of plunging into her throat and gagging her. He held her head steady with one hand and reached underneath her and fondled her small tits, stimulating her even more. She moaned lustfully around his dick as he thrust in and out of her and her tongue lashed along the length of him with each thrust.

Giles had no idea where to look as he fucked himself in and out of the Japanese girl. If he looked up he had the perfect view of Angel's face, the face of the occasional monster that had nearly killed Jenny and if he looked down he had the perfect view of Angel's prick, the same penis that had been Buffy's first. If he looked off to one side of him he had the perfect view of Buffy and Xander awkwardly trying to practice and if he looked to the other side he had the view of Miko and Faith and he didn't want to give Faith the satisfaction of watching her. So he had to keep his head bent firmly down towards Fubuki's ass as he slid in and out of her pussy. He gripped the girl's hips firmly as he rocked his hips back and forth and thought, "I don't think she's really trying to fight back."

Fubuki moaned in pleasure as she was rocked back and forth. "Yes, yes, yes! Finally!" she thought as she was finally fucked hard, deep and good since first entering Sunnydale. "This town definitely has it's perks."

In the back stacks Yaku, Willow and Tara listlessly disentangled their sweaty limbs from each other. "Wow," Yaku said as she giggled in post orgasmic bliss. "Great practice, guys."

Willow sat up straighter on the floor, for the first time not feeling embarrassed at her nudity. "I'm not sure who was supposed to be domming whom," she said as she tucked her sweaty hair behind her ear.

Tara giggled, "I think we skipped that part."

Yaku snapped her fingers, pretending that she had just realized something. "Crap. I knew I was forgetting something," she said as she looked coyly at the naked Willow and Tara. "I guess we'll have to start all over again."

Willow licked her lips as she stared at Yaku and Tara's large breasts. Yaku's were defiantly larger and firmer but the way Tara's swayed on her chest was almost hypnotic. "Well, you can ask anyone, if there's one thing I'm for it's extra studying," she said as she leaned towards Tara and kissed her deeply. Tara moaned into her mouth before she broke the kiss and leaned towards Yaku and kissed her just as deeply.

Tara leaned towards the two naked girls and joined in on their kiss, their three warm, wet tongues sliding and caressing each other as all three girls moaned in pleasure. Tara slid one hand in between Willow's slender thigh and her other hand between Yaku's thicker ones and began caressing their hot, wet pussies. Her questing fingers slid up and down between their wet folds and they all began moaning louder.

Willow slid her hands between Yaku and Tara's thighs at the same time that Yaku slid her hands between Willow and Tara's. All three girls began caressing and fingering each other, their digits sliding into their tight, wet cunts as they began pressing their bodies in closer together. Their chests met, Willow's much smaller tits becoming enveloped by the other girls' more endowed chests. Their bodies writhed together as they began panting and moaning, already rising up to another shared orgasm. Their hips rolled and bucked as they humped against each others hands, their bodies rubbing together as they kissed and licked each other.

On some unspoken but shared idea Willow and Tara began kissing down Yaku's body, licking and nibbling her sweat slick flesh until they reached her spectacular chest. Each girl latched onto a hard nipple and began sucking like nursing calves on Yaku's full tits. "Oh geez," Yaku gasped out as she felt her orgasm begin to crest. She began strumming each of the girls' clits, sending them all into orgasm at the same time. As Yaku felt herself cum it sent the pair of American witches into their own orgasms as they all moaned and panted in pleasure as their orgasms soared through their tight, teen bodies. The girls all shuddered in pleasure and collapsed back down to the floor, all of them with the same dopey grins on their faces.

Panting, Yaku snapped her fingers again. "Dang it, we forgot again."

"Guess we'll just have to study some more," Tara giggled.

Willow smiled wide. "Best study group ever."

After finally deciding that Fubuki wasn't the best teacher, Giles stood in the middle of the library pinching the bridge of his nose trying to drive off a growing headache named Faith the Vampire Slayer. "It has nothing to do with your fighting prowess, Faith." He stood in his robe tied loosely, barely covering his semi-limp penis. By now the whole group had grown more comfortable with casual nudity as the training had continued. Xander's robe was barely closed with his erect cock sticking out, Buffy's robe was closed just enough to conceal her pussy and one plump breast, Willow's robe was open enough to expose both of her small breasts and Tara's robe closed just enough to cover both of her large breasts but left her cleavage and belly exposed. Wes's robe was closed completely and the only two left to join the Asian ninjas in being completely naked were Angel and, of course, Faith.

Faith pretended to stretch, raising her arms up and arching her back, thrusting her firm tits out. "Not sayin' it does, G" she said as she stretched left, her large tits swaying on her chest as she enjoyed the look on Xander's face as she showcased her body. "Just sayin', with moves like mine, I'm pretty well set as far as these new demons are concerned." She stretched to the right and tried to suppress a laugh at the way Wes's eyes nearly bugged out of his head. "Ain't my fault our visitors from the land of Pokemon can't take the heat in a fight so they gotta 'cum' up with this messed up fightin' style."

"I'll show you 'heat'," the naked Miko said, once again failing to come up with a good threat.

Giles held his hand out to signal Miko that he'd handle the situation. "So you believe that you're adequately prepared for what we might find tonight?"

Faith smirked as she stretched backwards, thrusting her hips and groin out. "5 by 5, G-man"

Giles let his robe fall to the ground. "Then show me."

Faith cocked an inquisitive eyebrow. "Heh, you sure you're not just missing Ms. Calender? Lonely with her off teaching a class?"

Giles didn't respond to Faith's taunt, he just handed his glasses to Buffy, not noticing how her robe opened even more as she took them.

Buffy whispered into Giles' ear as she took his glasses. "Uh, are you sure you wanna pick a fight with a horny, naked Slayer with anger management issues?" She placed her mentor's glasses in the pocket of her robe causing it to gape open even more, revealing her hard, pink nipples. "You're over twice her age and she's over twice as strong as you." She was so concerned with the librarian's possible, immediate beating she barely noticed his prick throbbing to life or Wes staring at her exposed breasts. "You're no good to us with a broken hip," she whispered.

Giles affectionately patted Buffy on her exposed shoulder. "Your somewhat condescending concern is appropriated, Buffy. I'll be fine." He couldn't help but notice as the back of his hand accidentally brushed against one of her firm tits as he turned his attention back to the naked Slayer in front of him.

Faith smirked wickedly as she finally stopped pretending to be stretching. "Don't worry, B," she said in Buffy's direction. "I'll go easy on him," she finished as she lunged forward suddenly, her fist flying forward.

Faith was fast, far faster than Giles but her move was obvious to the more experienced Watcher. After all he'd helped train her. He easily side-stepped her clumsy blow, grabbing her wrist and yanking it behind her back as he pulled her off balance. He pulled her naked body to his, pulling her against him with her large tits smashed against his chest, he could feel her hard nipples scrapping across his skin, his hard cock pressed against her flat stomach. His free hand reached down and gripped her tight ass, his finger tips dancing across her puckered asshole as he shoved his tongue in her mouth and kissed her roughly.

Faith's eyes shot open in surprise as she was molested by Giles. His fingers gently probed her tiny asshole and caused her to shiver in unexpected pleasure as his tongue explored her mouth.

Giles expected Faith's next move and quickly released her an instant before she yanked herself away from him, stumbling back and falling on her shapely ass. He took a step towards her just as she expectedly kicked out, aiming for his bobbing dick and he blocked the obvious kick by grabbing her ankle and twisting her toned leg, flipping her onto her stomach. Bending her leg down with one arm as he fell to his knees beside her groaning body as he slid the fingers of his free hand in between her tight ass-cheeks and shoved his first two fingers into her tight cunt.

"Fuuuck!" Faith grunted as she was penetrated by Giles' thick fingers. Her traitorous cunt clamped down on his invading digits and her juices flowed freely as she was remorselessly finger-banged by the talented librarian. Her nipples sizzled as they rubbed against the cold floor and she unconsciously spread her legs to give the older man easier access to her hungry pussy. "Fuck this," she muttered as she used her Slayer strength to kick free of his leveraged grip and roll over.

The instant Faith flipped over on her back, causing her large breasts to sway like ballast, Giles pinched her nose closed and straddled her shoulders, pinning her heaving chest. As she opened her mouth to breathe he shoved her hard prick into her mouth, stretching her scarlet lips and gliding over her wet tongue. He gripped the sides of her head and began fucking her sexy, amazed face as he tilted her head back and raised up from her chest, sliding his hard prick down past her lips, over her tongue, through her mouth and deep into her throat until his balls rested on her chin.

Faith sucked hard on the invading prick, lashing it with her tongue and enjoying the taste as it buried itself down her throat. "Wait! What?" she thought, trying to fight through the lust filled haze now filling her mind.

Giles felt Faith's body clench and realized what she was about to do. As fast as he could he pulled out of her mouth and rolled to her side just as she flipped herself to her feet. Just as she landed he swept her feet out from under her causing her to fall flat on her stomach, her firm breasts cushioning her fall. He quickly crawled between her toned thighs and aimed his throbbing cock-head at the entrance to her tight cunt and gripping her hips he thrust himself forward, burying his cock and using it to pin the sexy Slayer to the floor.

"Fuck!" Faith gasped out as she was speared on Giles' cock. She unconsciously raised her ass up to give him easier access as she began rolling her hips back to meet his thrusts.

Pulling Faith's sexy ass up Giles kept her face down and moved one hand over her firm ass-cheeks. He had forgotten what a teenage girl felt like wrapped around his cock and knew he wouldn't last long with her sexy body gripping down on him, he had to end this quickly before he came and lost the spell. Remembering how Faith had reacted to Miko's attack he slid his thumb between her ass-cheeks to her still spit lubed asshole and with one final thrust of his prick he slid his thumb into the young girl's asshole causing her to scream in pleasure as she came, succumbing to him.

Faith's spasming pussy clamped down on Giles' cock as she came and triggered his orgasm, his throbbing tool exploding deep inside of her convulsing body. As she felt the librarian fill her it triggered another orgasm and her sexy body shuddered as more waves of pleasure washed through her and her eyes rolled back and her toes curled as she came. After what seemed like a eternity her muscles finally relaxed and she slumped to the floor as Giles' wet, sticky cock pulled out of her.

Giles sat back, his bare ass getting cold on the floor as he looked up at everyone. "And that's why we need to practice," he said to no one imparticular but loud enough that Faith could hear over the sound of her panting. His eyes locked on Buffy's for a moment and he smirked to himself and muttered, "Bloody well 'Break a hip,' my arse."

* * *

After his sparing match with Faith Giles had decided that it was best for Buffy to train straight from Miko. "No, no, you're fighting to hard," Miko pleaded to Buffy. Unfortunately by this time in her life fighting was second nature to the Slayer and Miko couldn't find a way around her defenses. "Again," Miko said as both naked girls got into their fighting stances.

Buffy's golden, heart shaped ass clenched and released as she unleashed a front kick at Miko. The Asian girl caught the Slayer's ankle with one hand and ran her other hand along Buffy's out stretched leg and cupped her vulnerable pussy, her lithe body standing slightly sideways. Buffy gave a quick "Epp!" of surprise before bowing backwards, flipping back to kick Miko in the back of her head and freeing her trapped foot.

"Ouch!" Miko exclaimed as she rubbed the back of her head. "That hurt."

"Oh, I am so sorry," Buffy said as she rushed over to check Miko for injuries.

Miko looked up and down Buffy's naked body. "At least the nudity isn't bothering you any more," she told her.

Buffy's eyes flew open and she looked down the length of her exposed body. "Epp!" she chirped again as she looked around at everybody naked and practicing before running for her robe and quickly putting it back on.

"Oh brother," Miko muttered under her breath as she rolled her eyes in frustration.

* * *

After school Dawn led Kanako and Nin-nin back to her house. "No, you're gonna love it," Dawn said as she unlocked her front door. "The Fruit Salad and Chocolate Milkshake it totally the best thing I've ever invented," she continued as she threw her backpack on the couch and led her friends into the kitchen. "I can't believe nobody ever thought of it before." As she walked towards the kitchen she shouted out, "Mom, we're home," right before seeing the giant demon.

"Sleep," Cathix growled as he shoved his hand in front of the American girl's face. His palm flashed and the young girl crumpled to the floor as his other hand swung out, knocking the small ninja, blue ninja back into the living room. He reached out and gripped the Asian girl by her pink hair with one hand and ripped her clothes from her ripe body with the other as she screamed out in shock.

Nin-nin tried to struggle out of his daze as he felt a wet pressure growing in his crotch. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a woman sucking on his slowly growing prick as she finished yanking down his pants. "M... M... Miss Summers!" he called out in surprise as the nude woman swallowed his cock completely.

Joyce looked up at Nin-nin and gleefully winked before pulling his prick from her warm mouth. "I think you can call me Joyce," she said before licking his shaft from the based up to the sensitive tip.

Cathix flipped Kanako onto her hands and knees with her tight ass pointed high in the air. He pressed down on her shoulders with one hand while he plunged the middle finger of his other hand into her vulnerable pussy with the other, causing her to shriek out. He licked his smiling lips as he drove his thick finger in and out of her until her little cunt was dripping wet before pulling his finger out of the girl's body with a pop and lining his impossibly large cock with the entrance to her hot, wet hole.

"Nooo..." Kanako screamed out as the large demon filled her with his cock, causing her to cum immediately. Her young body rocked back and forth with the demon's thrusts and her small breasts swung back and forth underneath her. Despite herself she began thrusting herself back, quickly becoming excited as Cathix fucked her and she began moaning low in her throat as she began enjoying the unwanted sexual sensations more and more. Her juices slid down the insides of her quivering thighs and dripped down onto the carpet as she felt another unwanted orgasm begin to crash over her.

Nin-nin was trapped under Joyce as she rode his stiff cock. He gave no thought to helping Kanako or rescuing Dawn, all he cared about was the feel of the older Summers woman's body bouncing up and down on top of him. He watched her small, firm tits bouncing around on her chest as he squeezed her ass-cheeks since he was to short to reach up and suck on her hard nipples but as far as he was concerned the view was just as good.

* * *

Angel closed the delivery door in the rear of the Magic Box after the last of the Scoobies were inside. He flicked the lights on to cut through the early evening gloom and heard Xander whisper to Willow, "This is way better than the library." Angel tried not to smirk at the boy's youthful enthusiasm as he walked past the eager teen and approached Giles. "Here you are," he said. "All the room we could need."

Giles took in the storage room slowly. "Yes, very good, Angel. This should do remarkably well." He turned back and faced the group. "Well, Wesley, Ms. Calender and I will begin unpacking the van while the rest of you will start out on patrol." He looked briefly at Buffy, a bit of parental concern crossing his face before continuing. "I want you all to be careful. With the patrol routes we've laid out no one should be more than 2 blocks from anyone else so don't be afraid to yell for help."

"That's right," Xander said. "Us fearless demon fighters shouldn't be scared to scream like little girls at the first sign of trouble."

Giles rolled his eyes at Xander's attempt at levity as the group began leaving the storeroom.

* * *

Fifteen minutes into her patrol Miko crouched in the shadow of a rooftop letting her keen senses try to figure out what was bothering her. From almost the start of her patrol something had been bothering her but she just couldn't figure out what it was. Suddenly a black mass filled her vision and she quickly leapt to the side. She rolled to her feet and saw a naked vampire standing right where she had been crouched, a large black duster at his feet. "You've been following me!" she shouted in defiance, pointing her finger at him, his cock already hard.

Spike smirked. "Yeah, luv. Us vampires are known for our lurking skills," he chuckled an instant before launching himself at the Sexcraft Ninja. She ducked him easily just as he thought she would so at the moment his feet touched the rooftop he launched himself backwards, his elbow connecting with the back of ninja's head.

Miko's head snapped with the force of the vampire's blow and she made sure her body followed, rolling across the rooftop and springing to her feet. The vampire just grinned at her as he sauntered around. She pointed at his hard prick and said, "Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren't we?"

"Heh. You'd be surprised by how far me and the American Healthcare are ahead of you," Spike chuckled before suddenly jumping forward. He feigned a kick as he landed just out of arms reach of the ninja and as she bent back to duck the fake kick he lashed out and gripped her wrists. Yanking her arms out and down caused her to become unbalanced as he swept her legs out from under her.

"Hey!" Miko yelled out right before the vampire shoved his hard dick into her gaping mouth. Her lips snapped shut automatically around his length as he forced himself in and out of her warm mouth. She started to use her tongue to rub along the underside of his prick before realizing she didn't really feel the need to suck a dick. "Someone's taught him some Sexcraft," she realized. "But he has no real idea on how to use it," she thought before gathering her will for a interrogation spell. She gripped his bucking hips to hold him still as she circled the tip of his prick with her magical tongue. She heard him groan in pleasure and smirked to herself in pride as she gathered her strength and then shoved him back, lashing out with her leg and sweeping his feet out from under him.

As Spike fell on his naked, pale ass he tried to shake the cobwebs from his mind but before his mind could clear the sexy ninja was suddenly kneeling between his legs.

Miko gripped the base of the vampire's cock with one hand and his sack with the other, stroking his shaft and massaging his cum filled balls. "Who do you work for?" she asked coyly before dropping her head down, her heart shaped ass thrust up high as she swallowed half his prick in one gulp.

"Ca... Ca... Cathix," Spike mumbled as he reclined back, dumbly allowing the sexy ninja to work his stiff meat.

"And what does Cathix want?" Miko asked, rubbing the vampire's dick across her cute face before licking it up and down like a ice cream cone.

Spike began bucking his hips up and down, fucking the young girl's talented mouth. "I... I... he wants us to bring humans back... back to his... his lair," he gasped.

"Hmmm..." Miko thought to herself. "He's trying to resist. I guess this isn't enough for him." She pulled her mouth off of is dick and wiggled around, presenting her ass to the lust addled vampire. She slid her tight stretch pants down, baring her dewy pussy to the blood sucker. "Why do you need humans?" she asks as the horny vampire scooted around and got on his knees behind her.

"I don't know," Spike gasped out. He urgently placed his throbbing cock at the entrance to the Asian girl's pussy and thrust himself inside of her, fucking her roughly.

"Ugh," Miko grunted as she was taken from behind. "He defiantly likes it rough," she thought as her body shook with each of the vampire's thrusts. "How... how... how can you... you not... not... not know?" she gasped out as her fluids leaked out of her tight pussy and she tried to concentrate on her interrogation spell.

Spike grunted with each thrust. "He, ah... he never... never said," he choked out as he hands slid over the Sex-craft Ninja's tight ass.

"Mmmm..." Miko groaned in pleasure. "Are all vampires good at sex?" she wondered remembering her interrogation of Angel. She began thrusting her sexy body back, half in pleasure and half to keep up the spell. "Then why are you... are you helping... helping him?" she asked, hoping to end the quickly before the talented vampire could dom her.

Spike shoved his cock as deep into the ninja's sexy body as he could as he reached underneath her, sliding his hands under her top and squeezing her sensitive tits. With his head next to hers he whispered into her ear, "I'm just in it for the sex, luv."

Miko's eyes opened in surprise. "You were faking!" she screamed as she bucked backwards, knocking the vampire back from her. She leaped to her feet, her pants around her ankles as she looked around but the vampire was gone, his trench coat missing as well. Straining her senses the only thing she could hear was her own panting breath and the vampire's distant laughter.

To be continued...


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