Disclaimer: I don not own either the Buffy or Heroes property neither am I making money off of this piece of fan fiction.

Note: Takes place at the beginning of season 3 of Heroes and midway through season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (4.11: Doomed). In this world, Willow and Buffy are not roommates.

Characters: Claire Bennett (Heroes) and Buffy Summers (BtVS)

Codes: MF, F-Monster, Anal, Oral

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Heroes: Claire Bennett In Sunnydale Part 2
by The Chemist

Every since that little prank that they pulled on that jerk Parker, Buffy Summers and Claire Bennett had been nearly inseparable. The rest of the gang easily expected Claire as well, but Buffy was the one that took the greatest interest. This was probably due to the mystical element that surrounded Claire, as it was something they shared in common even though their circumstances were different. Neither chose to have the abilities that were beset upon them but Claire had chosen to embrace her regenerative mutation and make sacrifices, one such being hidden 10 years in the past.

"So Riley is one of the G.I. Joe soldiers that kidnapped Spike?" Claire asked as she sat on the end of Buffy's bed.

"That's right. He also knows I'm the Slayer, even though he looked confused as if he had never heard of that title," Buffy answered.

"It's not like everyone is aware of everything that goes bump-in-the-night and what hunts them," Claire replied, standing up for the hunky senior classman.

"I know but you figure if they are also hunters and experimenters on these demons then the least he could be is more educated on the topic," Buffy said.

"Fair point I suppose. So how did you guys leave the situation," Claire enquired.

"Said I needed time to deal. I want things to work out but I just feel like he takes it for granted. He can quit anytime he wants but this is my life forever," Buffy explained.

"Are you sure it doesn't have more to do with getting burned by fellow demon hunters and co-eds," Claire asked.

Buffy had asked herself that question before too, but was never willing to dwell and really consider the true answer. It hurt losing Angel twice, once by her own sword, and having Parker turn out to be a super douche wasn't fun either. Claire was aware of the situation and wanted to help her friend work out any personal problems because she knew Buffy deserved to be happy and she figured Riley was a step in the right direction.

"I'm surprised you like Riley after learning he's part of an organization that round up people that are different given your past. Or future. I'm still kind of confused by time travel," Buffy said.

"People with abilities are still human beings that have souls. For the most part, it's impossible for a demon to have a soul so I think these people are doing great by trying to learn more about what goes bump in the night," Claire responded.


"Hello. Giles slow down. Okay we'll be straight over."

"Some big bad going down?"

"Yeah I guess. Willow called it in. We're all meeting at Giles' place to discuss," Buffy answered as the blondes grabbed their coats and started the trek.

* * *

"...And when the lights came on I saw the mutilated kid. It looked like whatever did it to him had drained all of his blood from the way he was propped up like that. Oh and Percy called me a nerd," Willow explained.

"What a jerk! Does he even go here," Buffy asked her shocked friend.

"Let's stay to task please," Giles sighed. "Anything else Willow."

"Yeah he had this carved on his chest," Willow said while handing over a piece of paper.

Willow had drawn out the symbol that was carved on the man's chest. It was a triangle with an eye in the middle with lines radiating outwards.

"Oh my," Giles exclaimed. "It's the sign of a race of demons used only when they are preparing to doom Earth by opening the Hellmouth."

"I've seen this symbol before. In the cemetery on Cook St. I'll go check it out and see the relevance of the crypt," Buffy interjected. "Hopefully that demon will be there and I'll straight up beat his ass back to whatever dimension will torture him the most."

"It won't be that easy Buffy. These beasts are tougher than anything you've seen before. They are incredibly hard to hurt, much less kill," Giles explained.

"Don't worry Buff, we got you're back," Xander added.

"No you won't. It would mean certain death if any of you accompanied Buffy and this demon was there."

"Fine then I'll go. They wouldn't know how to keep me dead," Claire added bravely. "I'm not letting Buffy face this thing alone."

Giles knew it was a fight he couldn't win. Buffy and Claire had evolved into quite the pair and would never leave each other in a moment of need. Plus the fact that she couldn't be killed or feel pain meant she was the perfect companion for Buffy.

"Well then leave here at once and good luck."

* * *

"So the apocalypse is coming from the sounds of it," Claire said to break the silence on the long walk to the cemetery.

"I've stopped it before and I'll stop it this time," Buffy answered somberly.

"I'm worried Buff. Giles made the situation sound pretty dire."

"Claire it'll be fine," Buffy said, trying in vain to comfort.

"Distract me. When I'm stressed like this I get depressed so tell me something interesting or something that no one knows," Claire asked.

"Demons, any and all, are horny as hell," Buffy spat out.

"No seriously," Claire said with a smile.

"I swear. They fight me to rape me, not to kill me. Well not right away. It's a great honor in the demon world if any can get with a Slayer. It explains why a vampire just doesn't get a gun and shoot me dead."

"Hmm. That does explain a few things," Claire thought to herself. "At least we are here now."

"The crypt is this way. I know way too much about the 17 cemeteries in this damn town," Buffy concluded.

The two short blondes made there way to the back left corner of the field and walked down a row of crypts until they approached the largest in the block. The tall grey mausoleum bore the symbol that Willow had described above the ajar metal door.

"Shh," Buffy mouthed as she peered in the tomb.

Inside was a large blue demon dressed in thick arm from head to toe. It stood 3 meters tall and was easily 120 kilograms, making it one of the biggest monsters Buffy had ever encountered. He had hair resembling dreadlocks but they here sharp as knives with barbs running along the length.

"Here's the plan. I go kill him and you pat me on the back afterwards," Buffy said, getting ready to spring into action.

"What Buff. That's thing fist is the size of my head and you only have a crossbow. No way that 15th century weapon could power an arrow through that thick armor he's wearing," Claire described.

"So what do you purpose then," Buffy asked out of frustration.

"This may seem extreme but just hear me out..."

* * *

Claire stumbled into the crypt that was presently occupied by the large demon. She made sure she made lots of noise as she pushed open the heavy metal door so the hinges squeaked. The demon, who was currently in the middle of gathering a child's set of bones into a large burlap sack.

"Oops. Please don't hurt me," Claire said as she threw up her hands in surrender.

The big blue monster simply examined the non-threatening human girl as she stood alone with him in the tomb. He approached her slowly before stopping right in front of her. Claire hoped that he didn't bat her around to much but was prepared in case her plan backfired.

Big blue moved within a few inches of her face before drawing in a long sniff. Claire was unsure if he was satisfied as he moved past her. She had her answer though when he shut the only door behind her.

* * *

Buffy wasn't happy with Claire's plan at first but she knew she couldn't fight that behemoth one on one. Claire offered to distract the big fella using her body and when Buffy thought she would have the kill shot she would take it. The plan was working until the demon wanted some privacy, leaving Buffy searching for another view.

Her search was interrupted swiftly when she heard a twig break behind her. Her ultra-quick reflexes spun her around in time to duck the first punch from another of the blue demons before getting caught in the ribs with his left. The blow doubled Buffy over but she was able to recover in time dodge and block the next of his attempts.

This demon wasn't nearly as big as his friend in the tomb, but he was still quite the opponent. He was strong as all hell but was only 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, more on her playing field.

She shock off the effects of the earlier blow and was know gaining a foothold on the fight. She had now landed several punches but she telegraphed a kick to his ribs and the demon caught it. He twirled her around and slammed her back into another crypt, which sent spidering cracks all the way to its foundation.

Buffy could hear and feel half the ribs on her right side crack like a lobster's claw. Her body wasn't responding with the same speed it normally did and the demon was back on her before she got to her feet. He pulled her up by her long blonde hair before lifting her up with two hands and walking closer to a sharp cross standing up from the ground. Before he was able to impale the lovely Slayer, the demon's knees gave out as two hunting knives stabbed through the joint.

* * *

It all happened so fast for Claire. One second she heard the door slam shut and the next she felt the demon's massive presence behind her. She heard her cotton shirt ripped from her body but was happy that she left her leather jacket outside or else it would have had a similar fate. Next to go was her bra, leaving her perky tits completely bare.

Claire knew her jeans were coming next so she undid them and stepped out of them herself. She turned around and thought she could make out a grin on the demon's face as she stood in front of him in only a tiny black thong. Her wavy blonde hair cascaded down to the beginning of her rounded boobs. Her bare ass cheeks, separated by only a strip of thin satin was impeccable and quite possibly the only ass sweeter than Buffy's on the west coast.

The demon grunted loudly and made an aggressive gesture, leaving Claire to believe it was time to bare all. She didn't hesitate to step out of her panties and expose her landing strip to the monster. Again he appeared to sprout a grin as the gorgeous 18-year-old stood naked in front of him.

A smile wasn't the only thing that he was sporting either. Even though his armor seemed a rather thick metallic substance, this monster's erection was pushing it out and actually bending it!

"Holy shit," Claire thought to herself. "Hopefully Buffy is getting set up in a new vantage point to kill this guy."

The demon advanced and lifted her small body up with one arm and carried her to the casket that he took the bones from earlier. While still holding her he used his unreal strength to single handedly pull the lid of the cement casket back in place. Like a sack of potatoes the big blue demon threw the co-ed down and positioned her so her legs dangled off the end.

"Something must be happening with Buffy. I need to give her a different angle," Claire thought. "Hey there big boy. Come get a taste of this lovely pussy."

Claire wasn't sure if the demon spoke English so she spread her legs wide and started to play with her tightness. Big blue went straight to his knees and started lapping at her box. His tongue was barbed like his hair, but not nearly as sharp. The demon shoved his entire tongue into her pussy so far that it tickled her G-spot and cervix all at the same time.

"Oh my fuck," Claire screamed as she was starting to get off.

Being sure not to grab his knife-like hair, Claire used her hands to pull his face further into her pussy. He translated the body language to mean tongue fuck the living hell out of her snatch and that's exactly what he did.

"I'm cumming you big son of a bitch!!!"

The demon lingered between her legs for another few minutes and stood only when he was certain he drained her of all of the sweet nectar that exploded from her twat during her orgasm. Claire didn't know if he had gotten what he wanted from her and was going to kill her now. That theory was put to bed when he started removed his armor from his muscular body.

"Cheese and rice," Claire explained, not wanting to take the Lord's name in vain.

In front of her stood a 3-meter tall demon with a cock the size of a horse! At least a foot and a half long with the width of a man's fist and standing erect between a set of nuts equal to a tennis ball each. All Claire could do was stare dumbfounded and ponder how the hell that thing was fitting in her tight 18-year-old snatch.

The demon was going to put her quizzical mind at peace as he approached her with cock in hand. Claire spread her legs as wide as she could and prepared to be entered by something bigger than her own forearm!

"Fuck I feel full!"

Even though Claire couldn't feel pain, she could most certainly feel pressure and she was definitely feeling that now. The monster pushed his cock in as far as he could, which was only about 9 inches before ramming into the back of her snatch. Angered slightly, the demon continued to push in and out of her but kept getting met by that resistance with only half of his slong in the beautiful girl.

All Claire could tell was that the demon had popped her cherry and caused her pussy to stretch beyond normal limits, which was why there was a wet sloshing noise coming when he ploughed into her. She also knew the demon was becoming more and more frustrated that he couldn't ram her with his entire member, but it didn't stop him from trying.

"I don't like where this is going," Claire mumbled as the demon hoisted her legs onto his shoulders.

Claire felt the pressure of his horse cock leave her pussy and even felt her body heal the rips inflicted by him. The blonde co-ed assumed that big blue must have had a basic understanding of the human body as she felt his fist-size cockhead poking around her asshole. With her own blood acting as lubrication, big blue pushed his way into her backdoor.

Claire felt the change in pressure happen immediately and heard fresh sloshing occurring even louder now. The demon appeared to be satisfied now that he could ram all 18 inches into the girl's rectum, the huge appendage going as far up as the middle of her torso.

The blonde was stunned that Buffy had come to her rescue yet, giving her the impression something was wrong. By the way that the demon was fucking her ass faster told her that he was getting close to cumming. Silently she hoped that Buffy would rush in here while the demon was completely shed of his armor and had all his vital organs exposed.

When she felt his dick start to twitch, she knew that Buffy had a minute at the most to kill this juggernaut or else everyone dies...

* * *

Riley stood over the demon that had now collapsed to the ground. Buffy was rolled harmlessly to the soft grass below as a consequence and was relieved to see her white knight.

With the demon severely injured, Riley had little trouble finishing the thing off with his taser gun that was set to kill. The demon made no noise as he was zapped with enough electricity to light a small village.

"Buff are you okay?"

"My hero," Buffy said with a large smile as she was helped to her feet.

"I talked to Willow and she said you came here looking for the beast and thought back-up might not be such a bad idea," Riley informed.

"I'm very grateful," Buffy added.

"Buffy I know this might not be the best time, you almost being impaled and all, but I want to continue our conversation. I think you should be more positive about our situation. I mean I really like you and I think that you really like me too. Give this a chance," Riley asked.

"It's just so complicated and I'm not sure I'm ready," Buffy replied, taking the same stance as earlier.

"Stop looking at the bad Buffy. We wouldn't need to lie to each other about the major part of our lives. I don't care about your past and I'll help you work through it," Riley insisted.

Buffy knew Riley was continuing to speak but the words weren't really sinking in. After a great fight and kill, the urge to fuck always crept up. Usually Angel was around and they would jump each other or she was alone and would just take care of business alone. But now it was Riley with her, a guy she liked but wanted a commitment from her. There would be no sex without it so she had to make a choice.

"You're right. I'm in. Now fuck me," Buffy said.

"Wait. What?"

"We're going out now. When I date people I have sex with them. I want sex from you right now," Buffy answered as she back him up.

Riley back into a headstone and balanced himself before he fell, sitting on the slab of stone. Buffy had his pants undone and around his ankles in no time, folloed swiftly by his boxers. The Slayer was already kneeling on the soft grass between his legs and stroking his cock to life.

"Impressive Mr. Finn," Buffy cooed.

Riley blushed at the comment as his 8 inch dick stood at full mast in the blonde's hand. Her mouth quickly engulfed his crown and she was swiftly pushing more of his flesh along her plush lips. Riley was no stranger to blowjobs but the urgency that Buffy was showing was bringing him to an orgasm quicker than ever before.

"I need inside you. Now," Riley insisted.

"That's the spirit soldier," Buffy retorted.

The Slayer got to her feet, as did Riley. The part-time psychology TA dragged her forward until she was standing in front of the tombstone, his hand pushing between her shoulder blades the sign for her to bend over the stone. Riley squatted down behind her to rip her pants and panties off before taking a few licks at her bald pussy to get her wet.

"You're fucking soaking down there," Riley observed.

"Yeah I'm pretty damn horny right now so do something about it," Buffy demanded. "And screw me hard."

Riley had never heard a girl be so forthright about sex and it was a major turn-on for him. He guided his manhood into her snatch and took a minute to adjust to her tightness before powering up his thrusts.

Normally Buffy cared about how loud she was being so that neighbors didn't hear her, but tonight that didn't cross her mind. She screamed into the cool night sky with little regard who was within earshot as her military boyfriend brought her closer and closer to an orgasm.

"You're so fucking tight," Riley grunted from behind her.

Riley had fucked virgins that weren't as tight as the Slayer's pussy, probably due to her heightened healing ability. He knew he couldn't hold out too much longer but he tried to do so by thinking of old wrinkly women. It worked for awhile until he opened his eyes and stared at her shapely ass.

"I'm cumming Riley!"

Her tight twat got even tighter and wetter as Buffy came. It was one of the best orgasms of her life, easily the best one induced by a human being. She felt Riley still pounding into her cunt from behind, but his thrusts were becoming jerky and she felt his dick start to quiver in her.

"Me too," Riley yelled.

"Pull out, I'm not on the pill," Buffy replied quickly.

Riley did that but couldn't help but feel disappointed by having to blow his load onto the ground rather than Buffy's hot pussy. He was massively surprised and excited when the Slayer dropped back down to her knees and took his bulbous crown into her mouth. No sooner had her lips clamped around his cock when the first blast hit the back of her throat. Buffy gladly accepted every ounce and swallowed it down with easy, even giving him a few minutes of a blowjob on his sensitive cock so she could suck her own delicious cum from his meat.

"That was amazing," Riley conceded.

"You were great too," Buffy added while they both re-dressed themselves.

"Not to screw and bail but I really need to report back to home base," Riley said with regret.

"No problem Riley, you have a job to do," Buffy answered.

Once Riley left Buffy sat on the tombstone to regain her breathe. She couldn't wait to tell Claire about what had just happened, then she remembered where Claire was.


* * *

Buffy had been so horny after that epic battle she forgot all about their original plan. She just hoped Claire was okay and would find the compassion to forgive her. She grabbed the small sword from her bag and crept around to a small concealed door in the rear of the crypt and prepared to strike.

Buffy's jaw nearly hit the floor when she saw the scene in front of her. Claire's legs were up on the naked blue demon's shoulders with her own bare skin pressed flat on the stone casket lid. His dick was buried deep in her ass, which was now dripping with cum as thick as pudding. The demon was doubled over and was dead before he even knew Buffy had snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the head.

"Not a word of this to anyone," Claire said coldly to Buffy.

"I swear. I'm so sorry," Buffy apologized.

"I figured you had trouble out there, but so long as you don't breathe a word of this to anyone then we're cool," Claire demanded.


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