Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Hellboy: Part 2 (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Buffy Summers walked through the streets of her town. It was night and
already things were looking shady in the small town. Most people could
sense that things weren't exactly normal in Sunnydale. People went
missing at alarming rates. People died in mind-numbingly brutal ways.
Deaths by fire, decapitation, evisceration. The town mayor and the chief
of police said that these were the actions of gangsters. Some people
suspected the truth. Sunnydale wasn't like other towns. Evil lived there.

The forces of evil liked Sunnydale and they had no intention of leaving,
since it was also the location of the Hellmouth. Demons. Vampires.
Werewolves. Hellhounds. Monsters of nonspecific origin. All those things
lived in town and preyed on the humans. Only one thing stood in their way.
The Slayer. The Slayer in question was Buffy Summers, a short blonde girl
with superhuman strength and speed, born with the ability to sense vampires
and trained to fight and kill them by her Watcher, Rupert Giles. Buffy
Summers and her friends fought against evil and usually won. Alexander
Harris, Anya, Willow Rosenberg and Tara Mac Lay were Buffy's friends and
allies in the war against evil.

Buffy was patrolling with her 'boyfriend' Spike. Spike was a tall, lean guy
with blond hair and dark eyes. Although he looked like a regular guy, he was
actually a vampire. Not just any vampire. He was a vampire with a soul. There
were only two good-guy vampires in the world. One was Spike, and the other
was Angel, Buffy's ex-boyfriend. Angel was an Irish vampire who got cursed
by gypsies and became a champion of the Powers That Be. He lived in Los
Angeles with his new lady, Cordelia Chase, one of Buffy's high school pals
and his son, the supernaturally gifted super-human boy Connor who grew up in
a Hell dimension. Angel had a few allies in his battle against evil. Among
them were ex-Watcher Wesley Pryce, Winifred Burkle, a gifted female scientist
and Charles Gunn, a strong black man and a former vampire hunter. There was
also Lorne, a human-friendly demon entertainer from the demon realm of Pylea.
There were other agencies and groups out there fighting evil but they were

As Buffy and Spike walked through the streets of Sunnydale, they noticed
something peculiar. A young black man was running, and he was being chased by
a young woman. At least, that's what it looked like to anyone with normal
vision. Buffy wasn't someone with normal vision. She knew a vampire when she
saw one. Spike grimaced. Buffy knew what he was thinking. She was thinking
the same thing. They rushed toward them. The young man tripped over something
and fell. The girl leapt on him, morphing into her vampiric face as she did.
Spike got to her first. He slammed his fist into the female vampire's face
and she roared, reeling from the pain. She lashed out, scratching Spike
across the chest. The blond guy roared in pain. Buffy intervened. She
produced a stake and shoved it into the vampire's chest. The female vampire
turned into dust a second later. Buffy looked at Spike and winced. She
touched his shoulder sympathetically. He shrugged and gave a hand up to the
young man.

The young black man looked at the two of them. He looked scared. Buffy
watched as he took off, running as fast as he could. Spike laughed. Buffy
looked at him. She was in awe of him sometimes. Spike, whose real name was
William Hardy, was once a poet in Victorian England. He had been seduced by
the female vampire Drusilla, herself a follower of Angelus, one of the most
evil vampires in all the world. Angelus had been traveling through Europe
with his lover, the nefarious vampire Darla when Drusilla took a liking to
William. She turned William into one of the undead. Since then, William Hardy
became Spike, a wicked vampire. Years ago, Spike was captured by top secret
government agents who implanted a micro-chip inside his head. The chip
controlled his baser nature and prevented him from hurting humans. Since that
day, he allied himself with Buffy and proved himself a useful ally. Recently,
Spike's soul had been magically restored and he became a champion of the
forces of good.

Spike and Buffy had recently become more than friends and allies. They had
become lovers. Buffy had been single and pretty much celibate ever since her
lover, bio-enhanced super-soldier Riley Finn left town to join a military
group that hunted supernatural creatures. Before Riley, Buffy's first lover
had been goody-two-shoes Angel, the first vampire with a soul, Champion of
the Powers That Be, formerly known as the evil vampire Angelus. Spike was
different from both Riley and Angel. Riley was a Boy Scout. Angel was a
Super Boy Scout. Spike was a sexy Bad Boy with an attitude problem. Buffy
loved that about him. She looked at him, and licked her lips. Spike grinned,
knowing what that meant.

Spike pulled Buffy to him and they kissed. They kissed passionately. They got
so caught up that they fell on the floor of the dark alley. Buffy practically
ripped Spike's clothes off. He sure as hell didn't mind. Buffy grunted,
aching to feel him inside her. Soon, they were both naked. Buffy got on all
fours. Fighting against the vampire earlier had seriously aroused her and now
she needed a good fucking. She took Spike's cock in her mouth and sucked it,
getting it nice and hard. Spike grimaced in pleasure as the Slayer sucked his
dick. He took it out of her mouth and slapped her face with it. Buffy looked
up at him, grinning naughtily. She then turned around and got on all fours.
Her slim hands spread her butt cheeks wide open, exposing an obvious target.
Spike grinned and rubbed his cock against her butt hole. He entered her ass
in one swift thrust. Buffy was no stranger to ass-fucking. Spike had
introduced her to it. At first, it had taken some convincing but these days,
after trying it many times, Buffy Summers loved taking a big cock up her
asshole. Spike was the only male on the planet to have the honor of screwing
the sexy Slayer in the ass and he loved it. He grabbed her by the hips and
thrust into her. He fucked her, hard. Buffy grunted and urged him to fuck her
harder. He did. He pumped his cock into her until he came. When Buffy felt
his cum flood her ass, she screamed in pleasure.

A little while later, the Slayer and the vampire with a soul put their
clothes back on and left the alley. Both of them were still glowing a bit
from the raunchy fuck they just had. Neither of them knew that they were
being watched. The man watching them wasn't a man, though he was clearly

A tall, large red humanoid form clad in a dark trench coat. His name was
Hellboy and he was an Agent of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.
Hellboy was a resident of Hell who had been found by government agents at the
end of World War II. Although he was decades old, he still looked young. He
was the Bureau's top field operative in the war against the forces of evil.
Hellboy walked through the streets of Sunnydale, California. He had been
looking for Laura Brett. The brat had walked out and no one knew where she
was. Hellboy had decided to find her. He found her with Buffy Summers, the
vampire Slayer. He didn't like California. Too many people obsessed with
looks and fame. Also, way too many creeps.

Since coming to Sunnydale, Hellboy had discovered that the town was full
of demons, vampires and monsters. The only thing keeping them in check was
something called a Slayer. Hellboy knew what he had been looking at the
moment he saw the blonde girl in action.

His supernatural vision allowed him to see that there was a lot more to the
chick than meets the eye. She had killed a vampire with ease. Also, she
worked with a vampire who, at first glance appeared to be an ordinary member
of the undead realm but when Hellboy took a closer look, he saw that the
vampire's aura was different from other vampires. He had an aura of humanity
within his demonic form, he had a soul. A vampire with a soul working with a
Slayer! Hellboy shook his head. He had never heard of anything like that
before. There were stories at the Bureau about a vampire with a soul
operating in Los Angeles but Hellboy didn't believe them.

Out of boredom, he walked through Sunnydale. He was starting to seriously
miss Liz Sherman, his pyrokinetically-powered former girlfriend. Oh, well.
Hellboy headed back to the place where his cohorts were staying. They were
going to have to deal with the Slayer sooner or later in order to complete
their objective. Hellboy was ready to call it a night.

To be continued...


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