Buffy TVS/Dawson's Creek: Joey And Buffy Part 2 - Welcome To The Hellmouth
by Phreak921 (ffff,mmmf,orgy)

When we left off Joey and Buffy had had sex and then fucked Joey's friend
Dawson. After they all got up and put their clothes on Buffy gave Joey her
phone number and address and said that she might be returning home someday
and if Joey was ever in Sunnydale to give her a call. Then Buffy went off
into the night.


Buffy had returned home now and everything had pretty much been forgotten.
She was actually happy back home with her mom now knowing her secret. Buffy
walked through the door after a long night of slaying. She started to walk
upstairs to her room and jumped when the phone suddenly started ringing.
'Gee it's kinda late for someone to be calling,' she thought. She picked up
the phone and heard an estranged voice at the other end.

"Hi is Buffy there?" the voice said.

"This is her," Buffy replied.

"Hi Buffy, I'm not sure if you remember me but this is Joey from Capeside."

Buffy was silent for a moment and then said, "Oh yeah now I remember."

"Well, me and a few of my friends were going on vacation to California so I
thought hey might as well stop by Sunnydale to meet my girlfriend Buffy,"
Joey said.

"That's cool, when will you be here?" Buffy asked.

"Next week."

"I can't wait, bye," said Buffy.

Buffy hung up the phone and walked up to her room. 'Wow,' she thought, 'Next
week is going to be fun.'


Buffy and Willow stood outside the movie theatre waiting for Joey and her
friends to show up. Buffy and Joey had talked once more on the phone before
Joey left Capeside and had agreed to meet here to have a girl's night out. A
car pulled up to the curb in front of them. Buffy saw Joey and Dawson sitting
in the back seat and another boy and girl in the front. Joey and the other
girl stepped out of the car and the car pulled off.

"Hi Buffy," Joey said.

"Hi," Buffy replied.

"Jen meet Buffy, Buffy meet Jen," Joey said.

"Hi," Buffy and Jen said in unison.

"This is Willow," Buffy said.

"Hi" Joey said.

The four girls went into the Movie Theater and sat down. Willow looked at
Joey's body. It was just how Buffy had described it. She was perfect in
every way. Buffy and Joey sat down next to each other and Willow and Jen
sat next to each other. Jen could feel herself getting wet just looking
at the other three girls. She found herself especially attracted to Willow
though. She involuntarily started rubbing herself through her jeans. Willow
saw this and placed her hand down Jen's jeans and started to finger her. They
then started to make out. Joey and Buffy saw this and then agreed that they
should all go to Buffy's house.

The second they got into Buffy's room Buffy ripped her clothes off.
Immediately Joey started to make out with her. Joey then started to eat
Buffy out. Willow took Joey's clothes off and started to eat her out and
finally Jen started to eat Willow out while she fingered herself. All four
girls moaned and screamed with pleasure. Jen thought about how good Willow
tasted and the thought made her have an unbelievable orgasm. The feeling of
Jen moaning into her pussy made Willow shake and tremble as she was also
rocked with a huge orgasm. Joey and Buffy soon followed.

Buffy and Jen decided to go into the kitchen to get some snacks. Buffy opened
the fridge and saw some whipped cream. Buffy sprayed whipped cream all over
Jen's body and then starting with her feet slowly licked it all off. Buffy
then sprayed some on her finger and stuck it in Jen's cunt. She reached her
tongue as deep inside Jen as she could and licked it all out. They then ran
upstairs with the whipped cream to find Joey and Willow making out while they
fingered each other. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Who the hell is that?" said Willow.

"Oh that's only the guys," said Joey.

Buffy ran downstairs and opened the door naked. The second the three guys
standing outside the door saw her they almost stopped breathing.

"Hi Xander, Dawson, and who are you?" said Buffy.

"I'm Pacey," the third boy said.

"Well boys wanna fuck me?" Buffy said.

"Yes!" all three replied almost at the same time.

Buffy brought them into the living room.

"Take off your clothes," Buffy said to the three boys.

They all did as they were told and Buffy was really getting horny as she saw
three huge dicks pop out at her. She was having fun with the girls but now
she needed some cock. She told Xander to lay down on the couch. She sat on
top of him and lowered herself onto his cock. She bent over and started to
suck Dawson's dick. Then Pacey started to fuck her tight ass.

"Mmm you got one nice ass bitch," Pacey said as he started to pump harder and

Buffy would ordinarilly kill him for a comment like that but he felt so good
inside her that she choose to ignore it. She felt the dick she had in her
mouth spasm before Dawson shot a huge load down her throat. She swallowed it
all. Pacey was fucking her ass really hard and fast now and she was fucking
Xander really hard. Xander shot his load in her tight cunt. It felt so good
that she screamed as she came too. Pacey felt her ass tighten as she had her
orgasm which made him cum. The three girls upstairs just heard a whole lot
of screaming and yelling and decided to come downstairs to join in the fun.

Joey, Jen and Willow all walked downstairs to find Buffy laying on the couch
exausted from the gang bang she had just had. As Buffy slowly drifted off to
sleep the three girls decided to have some fun of their own. Joey got Xander
and he started to fuck her ass. This was the first time she would ever do it
but she was so horny and it looked fun so with a scream she took Xander in
her back door. It really hurt at first but as it continued it really started
to feel good. She moaned with excitement.

As they were doing this Dawson started to fuck Willow. Willow was really
tight and Dawson thought she was the best fuck he had ever had. Pacey fucked
Jen and loved the thought of screwing the girl his friend had been dating for
months. All three guys shot huge loads inside the girls they were with and
everyone collapsed on the floor and went to sleep in each others arms.


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