Buffy TVS/Dawson's Creek: Joey And Buffy Part 1 - Welcome To Capeside
by Phreak921 (ff,mff)

Buffy Summers slowly stepped off the bus. She had just run away from home
after killing her true love Angel. She had been in such a rush to leave
Sunnydale she had just gotten on the first bus she could. 'Where was she?'
She thought. She read a sign over the door of the bus depot that said
Capeside. 'Sounds interesting,' she thought to herself, 'Maybe I'll stay
awhile.' Buffy walked down the street and found herself near a small
restaurant. She had a few bucks in her pocket and she had not eaten in a
week so she stepped inside.

As she walked through the door she saw the most beautiful girls she had ever
seen in her life behind the counter. Buffy had already accepted that she
liked girls and was bi ever since she had started to fuck her friend Willow
back in Sunnydale. She sat down at the counter and got a good look at the
girl. She looked about 15 and was really hot. She was 5'3" and was really
skinny. Her breasts weren't that great but neither were Buffy's.

"What'll it be?" the girl asked.

"Uhhh I think I'll have a cheeseburger." Buffy replied.

"Coming right up."

The place was empty so Buffy decided to talk to this goddess. "So you from
around here?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah" the girl replied.

'What a stupid question,' Buffy thought, 'of course she was from around here
why else would she work here?'

"What's your name?" the girls suddenly asked.


"Hi, Buffy. I'm Joey."

"I'm kinda new in town Joey could you maybe show me around after you get off,
I mean get off work," Buffy asked.

"Actually I get off work now and maybe we can get off later," Joey replied.

'Oh my god did she just come on to me,' Buffy thought.

The two left the restaurant and headed towards Joey's friend Dawson's house.

"Dawson is out with his girlfriend Jen so we should have the place to
ourselves," Joey said.

Buffy and Joey climbed up the ladder to Dawson's room. As they climbed the
ladder Buffy could not staring at Joey's nice tight ass. When they got
inside Joey went out into the hallway to make sure that no one was home. She
came back into Dawson's room and locked the door.

"Joey ever since the minute I saw you I have been extremely attracted to
you." Buffy said.

"Me too," said Joey.

They started to move closer to each other then Buffy leaned in and started
to kiss Joey's tender lips. They gently moved their bodies together and
kissed passionately. They broke their kiss for a brief second so that Joey
could remove her shirt and bra. Buffy bent down and very sweetly sucked on
Joey's breasts. Joey had done this with Jen before but there was never this
much caring involved. Joey thought for a second she might be in love with
Buffy even though they had just met about an hour ago. Joey pulled Buffy's
shirt off and repeated the sucking on her.

After a few minutes of sucking on each other's breasts Buffy pushed Joey
down onto the bed and put her head down towards Joey's crotch. She pulled
the zipper of Joey's really tight jeans down with her teeth and then pulled
them off. She also pulled her panties off with her teeth. She then saw the
most beautiful pussy she had ever seen in her life. For a brief second Buffy
wished she were a guy so she could fuck this beautiful snatch. Joey's naked
body was amazing. It was nothing like when she was clothed. Buffy could
feel herself dripping with excitement so she removed her own pants, no
panties, the started to finger herself as she moved her mouth towards this
exquisite cunt. She licked it once then started fucking her with her tongue.
Joey moaned with pleasure. Buffy inserted two fingers as she licked away and
Joey started screaming as she had the most powerful orgasm that she had ever
had. Joey's orgasm pushed Buffy to the edge and she screamed with her

"Oh god you're good," Joey said as Buffy laid down next to her.

"You too" Buffy replied.

They both held each others naked body and fell asleep in each other's arms.

* * *

Dawson and Jen stopped in front of her house. They said goodbye and had a
brief kiss. Jen went inside and Dawson headed home feeling good about his
date with Jen. He walked upstairs and tried to open his door. It was
locked. That's odd, he thought, how could my door be locked? He left the
house and ran around to the back where the ladder leading to his window was.
He climbed up the ladder and as he dropped through the window into the room
he saw Buffy and Joey laying there naked holding each other. "Joey!!!" he
cried out in shock.

This quickly woke the two girls on the bed. "Dawson, it's not what you
think..." Joey explained.

"What the hell are you doing in here? And who is this?" Dawson asked.

"We were kinda....experimenting? And this is Buffy."

"Uh hi," Buffy said as she lay there embarrassed.

Dawson could feel his dick getting harder as he saw the two naked girls
trying to explain their actions. Joey saw this and reflexively started to
touch herself and so did Buffy. "Joey what are you doing?" Dawson asked.

"I'm sorry you just have such a big hardon I am getting really turned on by
you." said Joey.

"Hey um if you want you can join us," Buffy said.

"Is that ok with you Joey?" Dawson asked.

"Yes I really want your cock inside me" Joey replied.

Dawson walked towards the bed and the girls quickly pulled off his clothes
and pushed him down on the bed. His cock was huge. Buffy had seen a few
dicks before but never one this big it as about 9" and rock hard. She bent
down and started to suck it. Joey got under Buffy and started to eat her
out. Buffy let out a gentle moan that made Dawson even harder. She took
him all down her throat and sucked as best as she could. Dawson let out a
long moan as he shot a huge load of cum down Buffy's throat. She was
overpowered by how much their was but she swallowed it all.

They all laid down on the bed next to each other. Dawson rested for a few
seconds but then the sight of Joey's beautiful body was too much and he felt
his cock growing again. Joey saw this and knew it was finally time to live
out her biggest fantasy. "Fuck me," she said to Dawson.

He leaned over her hot body and she felt his dick slowly press into her cunt.
He started off slow by sliding it in and out of Joey very slowly but she was
too beautiful and he quickly started to speed up and was fucking her really
hard. She screamed as he rammed his huge dick in and out of her so fast.
Buffy wanted a piece of this action and started to make out with Joey. Joey's
pussy felt so good that Dawson could not last very long. He was fucking that
beautiful pussy as fast and hard as he could and then he pulled out and shot
a load all over Joey's stomach. Buffy licked it all up and then Joey licked
the remaining cum off of Dawson's dick.


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