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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives/Gilmore Girls: The Daughter Swap Club Part 3 - The Daughter Swap Club Meet Again (FFFFFffffff, inc, anal)
by LL

"I'll just be a minute," said Dylan Mayfair, her voice on the edge of panic as she looked at the kitchen clock.

"No hurry," said Danielle van de Kamp, glancing at her watch. She was quite content to be late - it was only school.

"Yes, don't worry," repeated Julie Mayer. Unlike Danielle she hated being late for classes, but she'd also worked out if they went through the park and walked just a little bit quicker they'd arrive at the school gates well before the bell rang.

Picking up a hairbrush Dylan quickly ran it through her hair. A cornflake dropped out and landed on the kitchen floor. It was one clue why the teen was running late, as was the fact that the kitchen table was pushed out of position, her blouse was undone and there was print of her nose in the butter. Julie smiled, Dylan whilst not the youngest of the swaps was the newest. It was only a few months ago that she had been introduced to anal sex and so it wasn't a surprise that she was doing it when she should be eating her breakfast; it was good practice.

As if to confirm what had been happening Katherine Mayfair entered the kitchen; she was wearing a small see-through nightie, which would have shocked Danielle and Julie if they hadn't seen what was underneath several times before. Nor were they surprised by the strap-on dildo dangling from the Milf's waste, if anything there feelings were disappointment that Dylan was going for something so small - but then again it was first thing in the morning.

"Morning girls," smiled Katherine. She held out a small delicate pair of panties to Dylan, "Looking for these."

"Shit," said Dylan as she took them. She blushed as her Mom raised an eyebrow in admonishment, "Sorry, Mom."

Still in a hurry Dylan was still pulling up her panties as they left the house, whilst at the same time trying to put her backpack on and wave goodbye to her Mom. Julie grinned and was about to say something when her mobile rang. She pulled it out of her jean pocket and smiled as she saw the name, "Hey Buffy. How's things?"

"Cool, cool," replied Buffy Summers, her voice echoing down the phone, "You can get here early still?"

Julie smiled at the trace of nervousness in Buffy's voice, it was the first time Joyce had hosted a meeting of the club and her daughter was panicking in case it didn't go well. Julie nodded to her friends as they tried to listen in, "Hi Buffy, don't worry we'll all be there in plenty of time."

"You sure? You'll call if there are any problems?" Buffy asked.

"I'm sure and yes if we're delayed even for thirty seconds I'll ring you," Julie laughed, "Now stop worrying."

* * *

Joyce Summers looked at her daughters, they both looked so innocent, almost perfection in human form. In reality there innocence had fled screaming a while back; Buffy and Dawn Summers were a pair of pussy monkeys, who their Mom enjoyed fucking regularly and in positions that needed to be seen to be believed. Joyce smiled, at the thought of the two of them tonight, even her two darling sluts were often sated after Daughter Swap Club meetings. At just short of nineteen and a few months over sixteen Buffy and Dawn were both the oldest and youngest members of the Club. And in Joyce's biased opinion, the most fuckable, and given the other four teen daughters, this was high praise. She gave one more look at her daughters "Are you sure you don't need me to stay and help set up?"

As Joyce didn't know what her daughters and their friends had planned she was putting a lot of trust in them. She was sure it would be fine, she told herself, Buffy and Dawn never let her down, well not very often. The two teens seemed to know what she was thinking as they smiled and exchanged glances, "No Mom, you head off we'll see you about four?"

"Okay Buffy, Dawn, you've got my number if you need anything," Joyce kissed her two daughters on the cheeks, gave each of them a cheeky butt squeeze and picked up her bag, "Call me if there's any problems."

"Bye Mom," the two teens said in unison. They stood at the front door waving at her as she unlocked her car door. She had just opened it as Bree van de Kamp's car drew up; Bree wasn't driving instead it was Danielle. She got out of the car and waved, followed by Dylan Mayfair, Julie Mayer and Rory Gilmore. The four girls tittered to themselves, "Hi Mrs Summers," they called.

"Hi girls," Joyce smiled back, "See you later."

* * *

Joyce undid her seat belt and got out of her car. Beside her Susan Mayer did the same, as from the car behind Katherine Mayfair, Lorelai Gilmore and Bree van de Kamp got out.

"That was a nice lunch," said Lorelai.

"I agree," said Bree, "We must lunch in Sunnydale more often."

Joyce basked in the praise, especially Bree's who was a bit of a gourmet. She had chosen one of Sunnydale's nicest restaurants for the lunch and it seemed to have worked. The salad was delicious, the wine sweet and the conversation amusing, a perfect lunch. Joyce cast a nervous eye at her front door, she could only hope that the afternoon session was as enjoyable.

She was concentrating so much on waiting for the front door to open she was surprised when the garden gate opened and through it stepped Buffy. The teen was in a bikini so tiny that it hardly warranted the name, her legs toned and accentuated by the pair of stilettos she was wearing. She walked forward with a beaming smile, "Mom, ladies this way please," she gestured towards the garden gate.

The fencing was over nearly seven foot, high enough that Joyce couldn't see through it. But she could hear some giggling, suddenly shushed as she and the others followed Buffy. Just inside the gateway stood Rory, like Buffy she was wearing high heels, but seemed to have neglected to put on a top to go with her bikini bottoms. She held out her silver tray filled with flutes of champagne, her naked tits bouncing with the movement "Drink Mrs Summers?"

"I don't mind if I do," replied Joyce with equal politeness.

"Nibble?" asked Dylan, giggling as she put out the tray filled with pineapple and cheese stick. She had followed the same dress code as Rory and like her friend her titties bounced enticingly as she passed the tray round.

Bree helped herself to a nibble and looked admiringly at Joyce, "Silver tray service as well. I must say your daughters are doing you proud."

Joyce blushed in pleasure as Buffy held out her hands, "Please, follow me."

Chattering the Milf's followed the teen round into the back yard. The girls had been busy, six sun-loungers were set out on the patio, with an umbrella over each to stop the sun rays getting into the Milf's eyes and a small table pulled up for drinks. Beside the swimming pool was a large box, beside what looked like a marble plinth and the top was off the Jacuzzi, which was bubbling away merrily. Pointing at an item Joyce had seen since the girls were a lot younger looked quizzically at Buffy, "Is that your old paddling pool? And what's that in it?"

Buffy merely smiled enigmatically and snapped her fingers. Rory and Dylan put down their trays and glided over to stand in front of the Milfs. Buffy waited until her friends were in position before speaking, "Ladies if you'd like to get undressed and give your clothes to my lovely assistants; then please take a seat."

As was customary at daughter swap club meetings the horny Milfs quickly got undressed, passing the clothing to Dylan and Rory, who made sure it was carefully folded up. Once the Mom's were naked they took the clothes inside, whilst Buffy picked up the nibbles and handed them round the Milf's, instructing, "If you want any more drinks or bites, let me, Dylan or Rory know."

It hadn't taken long for Dylan and Rory to put the clothes away and when they returned outside they were again clutching silver trays. Except this time they were piled high with dildos, ranging from tiny toy-like which would risk getting lost up pussy if let go to massive tree-truck contraptions, which would probably split the Milfs in half if used without due caution. Laughing and giggling the Mom's picked the dildos, aware that the girls had obviously got a treat planned.

Buffy waited until the Moms had got what they wanted, before clicking her fingers. Rory and Dylan moved to the sides of the Milfs to pick up the trays of champagne and nibbles. They quickly went around reoffering, but the Moms were all more interested in what was coming next than food and drink, so quickly they went to the side.

'Clap' Buffy banged her hands together and waited for the excited Milfs to stop giggling and whispering. She stepped back so that she was too the side of the Milfs and not blocking their view. She raised her voice slightly and clapped her hands, "Dawn Summers..."

A naked Dawn sprang from the large cardboard box, her naked titties bouncing as she moved. She sashayed over to the plinth in front of her and sitting on it, struck a pose with one leg cupped under her chin and another spread out in front of her. Joyce was struck by the artistic beauty of the teen and from the gasps and murmurs of appreciation from her friends they too were impressed by the nude sixteen year old.

Buffy walked over to stand next to her nude sister, "Dawn Summers, a classic beauty. Note the large plump tits," Buffy reached down and squeezed them hard, Dawn remained perfectly still as if she was unaware her bosom was being groped. Buffy let go and moved her hand down the teens stomach, " the toned, tanned tummy and..." her hands moved to touch the top of the buttocks... "an ass made for fun."

The Milf laughed as Buffy stepped back. Then they all gasped in unison as Dawn span round and somersaulted from the plinth backwards into the pool. She slid gracefully through the water before surfacing on the far side and pulling herself out. She sat on the side and spread her legs, before sliding her hand over her wet pussy. The Moms clapped at the display. Buffy grinned and stepped in front of them again, "From statue to acrobat, the flexible Dawn Summers," the blonde paused and gave a sly wink "And not the only thing she's flexible with..."

The Milfs grinned as they admired the sexy teen posing, pouting and preening for them. Dawn was leaning forward and running her hands over the curvy mounds of her tits. More than one of the Milfs felt the quiver of excitement in their loins and several dildos slid between lips and over dampening slits. They continued to admire the view, it was more made more delectable by the Mom's knowing that later they would be more close and personal with the sixteen year old.

Buffy timed her interruption to perfection, suddenly clapping her hands. The Milfs reluctantly turned their heads from Dawn to her sister. Buffy smiled again and clapped her hands once more, "Julie and Danielle," she announced as the two teens ran from the house onto the patio.

There was an initial disappointment from the Moms. After Dawn's display and the waitressing of Rory and Dylan they had been expecting the last two to be dressed to impress. If so there attire wasn't bad if you were on a Sunday School picnic, T-shirts through which you could see the bikini tops and which went so far down to the knee you couldn't see the covered bikini bottom. The two girls giggled as Buffy took their hands and led them over to the paddling pool. Letting go Buffy bent over and slid her finger through the gunk.

"Mmmnnn," she straightened up and slid the finger into her mouth, licking it so slowly and seductively that the dildos were touching cunt again. She popped the finger out of her mouth and gave the Mom's one of most sultry and smouldering looks, "Some cream and jelly, with just a hint of fruit syrup."

"Sounds like dessert," Bree quipped.

Julie and Danielle tittered and moved closer to one another, sliding their hands up and under the other T-shirts to rest on their butts. Buffy smiled and licked her finger again The sweetly sensual movement of her tongue making sure that neither was there any juice was left on her digit and that not a Milf pussy was untouched by the Mom's toys. Buffy moved back and purred "Dessert... or other things..."

On cue Julie and Danielle stepped into the pool, giggling as the trifle surfed up their legs. Lightly they began to kick, at first just sending tiny spatters up each others legs.

"Oh you bitch," giggled Danielle as she rubbed away a spot of cream from her thigh, "You are getting me so messy..."
"Bitch yourself," tittered her younger friend, kicking the trifle so it splurged up Danielle, making her squeak. In return Danielle slid her hands under the cream and splashed it up soaking Julie.






"Oh you..."

The two girls were kicking and splashing each other, sending waves of cream and jelly over each other. The air was full of their laughs and fake oaths, as they creamed each other. The T-shirts stuck to their bodies, the material stretched so tautly that the bikini tops stood out like shadows at noon. It was hard to tell who tackled who first, but they went down in a chaos of splashing limbs and rolled around under the creamy jelly. When they resurfaced they looked were dripping with fruit syrup, their hair tangled with jelly and with cream covering every part of their skin.

Danielle, at least it was probably Danielle, the two teens were so covered it was hard to tell, squeaked in horror. She moved her hands over her T-shirt, pressing it further against her skin, "Look at this," she purred, "You've ruined it."

Without saying anything else she peeled it off. For a second the Milfs got a glimpse of skin not covered in sticky jelly, only for Julie to reach under the surface and send a deluge of cream over her friend. Danielle shrieked again and through her T-shirt to one side, none of the Milfs were interested in where it landed being too entranced by the quivering jelly quivering on Danielle's barely held in titties. She shrieked again and returned the deluge over Julie.

It was the younger teens turn to squeal, "Oh you bitch, look what you've done?" she laughed and pulled off her T-shirt. It went in the same direction as Danielle's, but even before it landed Julie was leaping forward trying to wrestle Danielle beneath her. There was an explosion of suds as the two daughters vanished in a spray of dessert.

The Moms were loving it. The sight of the two sexy siren wrestling in jelly was enough to make even the most frigid slit soak like a sponge, and no-one had ever accused the Daughter Swap Clubs Moms of frigidity. There slits were soaked, liquid dripping onto the sun-loungers as the five of them hammered the dildos into their cunts. The yard was filled with their moans, mixing with the screams of the fighting teens and splashing of the trifle. Harder and harder the Milf's hammered their pussy, the toys ramming into their clits like crash test dummies hitting a wall.







The cries were loud and passionate. Standing beside them it was hard for Rory and Dylan to keep still and hold the trays. Surreptitiously both teens tried to slide their fingers under their bikini bottoms.

"Ahem," coughed Buffy and gave them a warning look. Reluctantly the two teens pulled out their fingers and stood back to attention; it was hard being a good daughter sometimes.

Somehow or other Julie and Danielle had lost their tops and when they re-emerged the soaking cream and jelly ran off their naked titties. It slid down the flesh, seemed to pause at their hard nipples before dripping with the slowness of a choice seduction down their naked, toned tummies.

"Oh you slut," gasped Danielle.


"Cunt licking whore."

"Pussy hound,"

"You're so dirty."

"You're turning me on..."

Both teens slid their hands beneath their bikini bottoms and started to rub at their slits with one hand. The other slipped over to their friend's bottoms and started to undo the knots holding the bottoms in place. The thin strips of material fell into the gunk as the two teens began to move together, except this time they weren't wrestling, but kissing and massaging each other. They splashed through the trifle, with first Julie on top and then a quick twist putting Danielle above her. Their hands ran through the cream covering each others flesh and their bodies thudded together as they moved.

"Aaarrrghhh" gasped Susan cumming as she looked at her daughter's naked body. It was as if she had unleashed a flood, as the other Milfs started bucking and screaming as they started to explode with orgasms. Cum splattered from their cunts, soaking the sun-loungers and over their toys.

Buffy smiled, glad that the afternoon was turning out to be such a success so far. And it wasn't over yet. She clapped her hands and Julie and Danielle stopped making out. Giggling the two girls got out of the paddling pool and stood holding hands. Buffy grinned and slid a finger each down each their fronts. She seductively licked it clean, first one digit and then the other, "You look messy," she purred, "You better wash it off."

Laughing Julie and Danielle ran the few yards to the swimming pool, and still holding hands, jumped in. There was an almighty splash as they landed, the water surging over the sides and sliding over the patio tiles. Buffy turned to Dylan and Rory, "Towels please."

Putting down the trays the two teens ran into the house returning moments later with a pair of large towels. It was just in time as first Danielle and then Julie pulled themselves out of the pool. The water may have washed away the cream, but it meant they were dripping, the chlorinated liquid sliding down their bodies in rivulets. Buffy smiled, "You better get dried..."

She stepped back to allow the Milfs a good look. Rory moved behind Danielle and Dylan behind Julie. They began to rub down the two teens, slowly and carefully massaging their skin so that not a droplet remained. Nor was it a surprise that extra care was given to towelling the teen's titties and cute cunts. It would have been quicker if Rory and Dylan hadn't moved their tongues over their friend's skin so that they needed to be wiped dry again.

Not that the Moms were complaining, the sexual show was scintillating, driving the Milf libidos up into the stratosphere. It didn't matter how quickly or with what pressure the Moms hit their clits, whether with fingers or toys, whether they threw back their body silently or bucked with a moan, nothing seem to sate their desire for beautiful daughters. In front of them Julie and Danielle leaned in to kiss, their tongues touching momentarily before their lips collided. They twisted and moved their heads, slurping and sucking at each others mouths. If that wasn't enough to drive the Mom's crazy Rory and Dylan had dropped their towels. The two teens moved behind their friends, rubbing there cute, shorn slits against Danielle and Julie's prime rumps. Rory slid her hands round onto Danielle's tits, caressing and enfolding them like a sculptor crafting a statue. It didn't take long for Dylan to follow with Julie, playing with the teen's pert tits lovingly. The Mom's libido's left Earth and started rocketing to the Moon.

The Moms had been so fixated on the four daughters that they didn't noticed the two Summers were no longer around. It was only when Buffy and Dawn returned with gift laden silver platters that the Moms realised that the two teens had been preparing. Buffy lent over and offered Lorelai the tray, "Strap-on?"

"Oh yes, Buffy, I think I will" grinned Lorelai. She quickly glanced over what was on offer before pulling out a big black one, with a bell-end in the shape of a real cock.

Quickly Dawn and Buffy went down the queue offering the Mom's their choices of strap-ons. The Mom's chose quickly and slid the toys into position, whilst Buffy put away the platters. Dawn moved to her four friends and taking hold of each others hands the five sexy vixens walked over to the well cropped lawn. Buffy was out with a small video camera and started to film her sister and the other daughters. The five teens got onto their knees and lent forward, spreading their arms across the grass and lying their chins on the ground. As the sun went down five cute rears wiggled in the air, the owners so close that the left arm of one was slid under the right arm of the daughter next to her. Slowly the daughters raised their asses enticing the Moms to come on.

Laughing Joyce stood up and beckoned to her friends, "Let's go fuck some ass, girls."

The Milfs slowly sauntered over to the tight-assed teenagers. The sun slowly dipped, casting a bronzed glow over the naked Milfs and their daughters; the shadows of the women moved across the ground the Mom's titties wobbling as much as the daughter's welcoming butt-cheeks. Joyce took position behind Danielle and gave her a friendly slap, "That's a cute ass."

It was Bree who replied, she had moved behind Dawn and was running her palms over the teen's toned cheeks, "It is and it looks like we've got a straight swap."

Lorelai moved forward, rubbing the large dildo between Julie's ass cheek, but being careful not to penetrate, "We some lucky Moms, they've all got butts to die for."

Squeezing Dylan's rear Susan Mayer laughed, "Well used though."

"Who cares how well used as long as they're as sweet as they are," said Katherine as she ran her hands up Rory's waist and rested them on top of the sexy ass cheeks, "I'm going in..."

Five large strap-ons invaded five tight teenagers, racing down the back chutes to scream over the hidden G-spot. The five girls screamed in pleasure; given the size of the cocks within them it was lucky that all of them were used to large objects being inserted in their back holes. And the Mom's rammed them in with an expertise gained from regularly hammering their daughter's butts. The Milfs rose and fell in unison ploughing their dildos in to their daughter's rump.

The teens gasped in excitement, their lusty cries driving the Moms on, "Yesssss.... Aaarrrgggghhh.... Fuuuccckkk.... Ohhhhhh..... Baaaabbbbyyyyy."

The Mom's replied yelling oaths and instructions as they thrust forward and down, "Take it bitch... Open that ass... Fuck, slut, fuck....yes, yes, yes...I'm going to fuck that hole until you're screaming."

Harder and harder the Milfs rammed, Buffy moving in close to film the action individually, before stepping back for some group shots. The intensity of the group butt-fuck was so overpowering that the blonde couldn't help but slide her hand under her bikini and start fingering her slit until the front of her bottoms was soaked through with her cum. She still managed to keep the camera to her eye as she moaned in excitement, "Yes, oh yes, fuck them hard, open those teen asses."

The Moms weren't listening to Buffy, so busy were they concentrating on slamming the five teens. The cocks were springing back and forth, driving down deep and making the recipients bounce like beach balls. The teens screamed harder and louder as the orgasm ripped into them, pouring through in a continuous wave of pleasure. Cum dripped from their pussies, fertilising the lawn with its protein. Every now and then Julie or Dylan or Dawn or Rory or Danielle would give an extra loud scream as a super-orgasm hit them, oftentimes leading to more juice dropping from their slick cunts.

"Swap!" gasped Susan and pulled the cock out of Dylan, allowing the teen a few seconds respite before Lorelai came behind her and gave her a refill. Lorelai's own daughter was taken by Bree. Danielle groaned in pleasure as her neighbour Katherine slotted her dildo down the teenager's chute. Joyce quickly inserted her strap-on down Julie and started to ram her, whilst Susan, in return, moved to take Dawn Summers to another level of anal heaven. The Milf shoved down, yelling "Let's fuck them hard!"

The other Moms were already doing so, their sweaty bodies rising up and slamming down. The teens butt passages had been well opened and the toys glided in and out as easily as skis down a snowy slope. The strap-ons might have been shooting down faster and easier, but it wasn't stopping the daughter's enjoyment, in fact it was possible the new partners had even enhanced the orgasms. The teens shrieked and squealed like a Boy Band had decided to strip in front of them, the dildos sending jolts of pleasure ripping through them with each thrust over their anal G-spots, "Harder... fuck me, fuck me... slam it in me... I can take it... oh God, yes, oh God..."

The Milf's ass's rose again and fell, the shadows lengthening as the sun slowly crept behind the trees. Sweat and cum covered all the ten Moms and daughters, and Buffy was also seeping pussy juice like she had sprung a leak. Gradually the exhausted Mom's slowed down and eventually pulled out.

Stepping back Joyce got her breath back, as an equally exhausted Katherine lent on her friend for support. Joyce wiped her sweat from her brow and pointed at the teens. The five girls were lying face down on the lawn, their bodies shining even in the dim light, as the sweat slowly dribbled from them. Joyce grinned, "Look at those asses..."

Given how open the daughter's back holes were it was easy to see what they had been doing. They were gaped open, bruised and red-rimmed, a easy visual aide to mark the enjoyment the Moms and daughters had just enjoyed.

If the night had ended there the Moms would have agreed it was an enjoyable meeting, but Buffy wasn't going to let her Mom down. She said it would be special and it would be. Putting her camera down she started to coral the teens into getting up, "Come on girls, we want those strap-ons glistening clean."

The teens moaned with exhaustion, but a few chastising slaps from Buffy and they were back on their knees facing the Milfs. And as they started to lick the cocks it was like a magic spell rejuvenated them. Soon Dawn was just licking Bree's toy, but sucking it and bobbing her head as she took as much as she could. Danielle was doing the same to Joyce, her expert deep throating skills allowing her to take more than most teens could have managed. Julie was no slouch either, the practice she gained in cleaning her Mom's toys helping her gargle Katherine's cock. Beside her Dylan was sucking Lorelai's dildo, seemingly not to care that only minutes before it had been up her butt. And Rory showed that she too was an expert cock-sucker with the amount of Susan's strap-on she was swallowing.

The teen's heads bobbed back and forth, their necks rocking like they were at a Heavy Metal Gig, their hair whirling and flying. The Milf's grabbed the back of their heads or balanced on their shoulders and enjoyed the show. The teens were taking so far back that the cocks were hitting the back of their throats, pushing the dildos back down against the Milf's already pleasurable feeling pussies. Harder and faster they sucked and slurped, dribbling saliva from their full mouths. The Moms giggled and laughed, "Suck it... suck my dirty cock...suck it you slutty whore...choke on my big toy, slut... take it all , you dirty whore."

Buffy jacked herself harder and harder, still filming away, though she could hardly see the lens was steamed up so much. Her breathing got quicker and more heavy as she slammed her finger in and out of her hole. Shaking she groaned and gasped, the camera shaking as her body shook like it was exploding. She gave a long, deep, sensual moan "Oooooohhhhhhh"

As the dildos glistened the teens began to stop sucking, sitting on their knees looking up at the Moms with loving eyes. Buffy switched off her camera and wiped her cummy hand over her sweaty forehead. She looked at the Moms and smiled, "I going to start the barbie, but if you'd like to lie back the girls will give you a nice, relaxing massage."

"What a good idea," laughed Susan. She slid her strap-on off and lay face down on her sun-lounger, the other Milfs quickly following her example. The teens joined them on the loungers, sitting astride the Moms and starting to slowly run their hands and damp slits up the older women's backs.

"This is so nice," moaned a relaxed sounding Katherine, as Dawn rubbed at her naked skin. The teen's cunt left a small trail of cum as she slid up and down the Milf. Beside them Dylan massaged Bree with just her large tits, pushing them up and down the redhead's back, leaving Bree groaning and gasping for more. On the other side of Dawn, her Mom was lying, her large tits crushed into the sun lounger as Julie rubbed away her cares. Next to her Susan sighed in pleasure as Rory's hands expertedly patted her body, before the teen moved her body so she was lying on top of the Milf and rubbing her entire being up and down. Finally Lorelai was moved to heaven by Danielle and the way the teen moved her cute cunt over the Milf's butt cheeks and played with her naked waist with sensual fingers.

The girl's bodies were acting like a fragrant bath lotion as digits, hands, pussies, tits, tummies and assorted other parts rubbed and massaged the Milfs. The sexy young women had either being secretly practising their masseur skills or they were all talented amateurs. The Mom's didn't mind either way, all they were aware of was that muscles that had been aching after their earlier exertions, were relaxing and recovering. Above the soft sighs and the smell of excited pussies was the sound of the barbie sizzling and the odour of bacon and sausage.

"Dinner time," called Buffy. She was standing barbecue and the plastic table next to it, piled high with paper plates, napkins and salads. The Moms sat up and none, with the possible exception of Bree, were looking at how beautifully Buffy had laid out the condiments or how tasty the burgers looked. Instead their eyes were drawn to the succulence of the blonde. Sometime between the start of the massage and dinner Buffy had slipped out of her bikini and replaced it with an ankle chain. The little gold chain chinked as she walked, but failed to conceal any of the teen's perfect naked titties and lovely smooth slit. Buffy smiled, as if she knew what the Mom's were thinking, "Tuck in and help yourself," she teased.

The daughter's quickly walked over to the barbie, their cute naked asses wiggling enticingly as they walked. Buffy picked up the thongs and filled the girl's plates with food, some meat, some salad. After she had ladled the plate full she would then pick up the ketchup and squirt a dollop onto the plate. And without fail each time she would miss and send a large spurt down her own front. She raised her finger to her mouth and wiggle her tomato flavoured titties, before doing her best Marilyn Monroe voice; "Whoops."

The Mom's licked their lips salivating as the teenage tease, but before any of them could anything the other daughters were back on the sun-lounger, with the plates and complimentary refills of the champagne glasses, "Would you like something?" they purred and started the feed the Milfs.

It was a most enjoyable meal, even if the burgers were dry, the sausage burnt and the champagne warmer than was strictly pleasant. However, each of the Moms had a daughter snuggled into her breaking up their food and feeding the Moms, so that all the older women had to do was chew and move their heads back to allow the fizzy champagne into their mouths. If that wasn't all they were all looking Buffy seductively eating, or rather sucking, a sausage, the juice of it spilling out of her mouth and down her chest.

"Are you finished?" asked Buffy, her seductive voice enhancing her trim sexuality, "Would you like the girls to help you put on those big, big, strap-ons again?"

The other daughter's didn't wait for an answer, it was obvious what it was going to be. They quickly slid the strap-ons back up the Milf's thighs and placed them ready to action, as Buffy prowled in front of them looking more like a cougar ready to strike than the kitten about to be eaten.

It was Bree who was ready first, she stood up and walked over to Buffy. The Milf took the teen's hand, "Come here sexy," she drawled and led the blonde back to the sun-lounger. Stopping the redhead Milf lay back on it and rubbed her dildo sexily, whilst smiling at the teen, "Sit on it. Lower that cute ass onto this huge dick."

Buffy turned her back on Bree and standing astride the sun-lounger began to lower herself down. She paused briefly as the tip of the toy rubbed against her rectum. She looked up at the other Mom's, they were crowded around in anticipation, with the daughters either leaning against them or massaging their naked bodies in the dull light. The blonde licked her lips with a slow seductiveness."

"Get down... slam that ass... " the Moms cried in excitement. Buffy listened to their cries for a moment as she waited for Bree to grip hold of her waist. Then, with all her strength, Buffy slammed her ass down. It was well used to big toys, Joyce used them on her daughter's regularly, but such was the speed and pressure tears still blinked in Buffy's eyes. The older women whooped and cheered as Buffy went down, "That's a girl... take it you little slut..."

Groaning in lust Buffy worked herself up and down, the cock ramming her hole as she spread her legs and displayed her shaven, and leaky, slit. The harder she bounced the more juice slid out. The teen gasped again as the dildo rushed up he. She gave a challenging look at the Moms, "I can take more."

"I bet you can," agreed Katherine.

She moved forward and got onto the lounger to take up the challenge. Bree paused in her thrusts long enough for Katherine to take hold off her own dildo and drive it into the blonde teen's slot. Buffy screamed in pleasure as the second cock took her. Together they squeezed her inside, like a giant hand was taking hold off her clit and crushing it in a muscular grasp. The orgasmic feeling was explosive, even with Bree and Katherine were still. When they began to move Buffy could help but scream, "Yesssss, yessss, yessss."

"God," gasped Katherine as she pounded into the soaking slot, "You are such a whore!"

"Aaaarrrghhh," screamed Buffy in reply. As the waves of passion flowed through her back bent so much that it almost snapped and her blonde hair streamed back over Bree's face tickling the redhead's face.

The Milf hammered upwards, her own pelvis bucking like she was a bronco. Harder and harder Bree rammed her strap-on into teenager butt, as her hands gripped and held Buffy's firm titties. Katherine continued to slam down, the two dildos ripping into Buffy in rhythmic unison. Around the three of them the other Moms were clapping and cheering, turned on by the sight and sound in front of them. The other teens were also looking on greedily, but it was Rory who broke first.

"Fuck me," she grabbed Joyce and Susan by the hands, dragging them towards the sun-lounger. Within moments the teen was lying face down on top of Joyce, whilst Susan rammed her ass. Her screams of pleasure mixed with Buffy's cries, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder."

Susan rammed down, her cock opening up Rory's hole. She moved her arms round and grabbed the teenager's tits, rolling and rubbing them even as she continued to wreck her back chute. Joyce in the meantime just lay back, relaxed and let the others do the work. The teen rammed down harder and harder on the Milf as Susan worked herself into an ass-fucking frenzy, ploughing the dildo down the teenage butt like she was racing a champion sprinter.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Buffy was screaming in pleasure as her two holes were brutally stretched. Her cum was soaking Bree, as Katherine's cum soaked onto her. The sweat and juice gave her skin a sheen, making it slippery to hold onto, but Katherine was still continuing to hammer the well-rammed cunt. Buffy's head flicked back as she yelled again, "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

Lorelai in the meantime had shifted Julie onto nearest sun-lounger and was slamming the teen's ass. Below the teen Dylan had moved into position and was supping at the wet twat, licking and lapping as Julie's body bounced in front of her. Julie would have been returning the favour if Dawn hadn't been in the way, pushing her sweet slit into Julie's face. Julie couldn't resist but giving it a touch with her tongue as she was sprung forward. Lorelai hammered in harder, "My God, fuck, fuck, fuck that sweet ass."

"Aaaarrrrghhhh," screamed Julie as she came like the rapture, her eyes almost swivelling three hundred and sixty degrees. Lorelai pulled the dildo out and offered it to Dylan. The teen stopped sucking at her friend's pussy lips and opened her mouth for the plastic rod. She gulped greedily as Lorelai pushed it down her mouth.

Next it was Dawn turn to cum as Julie was able to give her full attention to licking the youngest Summer's hole. Dawn cried out as her clit exploded into shards of crackling pleasure. She threw her head back as her cum shot out of Julie's face, before dripping down onto Dawn and Dylan. Dawn forced herself up to lie on top of Julie. Julie dropped down fully onto Dylan, resting her naked body on the bare flesh of her friend. Dylan continued to slurp at the cock she was being fed, even as she squashed beneath her friends.

"Nice ass," murmured Dawn and opened the cracks so she could slide her tongue down Julie's open hole. The teen gasped as Dawn's tongue slipped into her and squeaked as she went deeper.

Across from them Buffy exploded in another orgasm, her cum drenched body wracked and ragged.

* * *

The next morning Joyce stood in the driveway, her two daughters beside her as she waved goodbye to her friends. They stood there until the cars had turned the corner and were out of sight. Only then did Joyce drop her hands down to rest on Buffy and Dawn's bikini covered butts. The Milf smiled, "Another successful Daughter Swap Club meeting. And thank you for making it so special."

The two teens smiled; it went without saying that they and their friends had enjoyed it as much as the Moms.
_ _ _

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