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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives/Gilmore Girls: The Daughter Swap Club 2 - The Daughter Swap Club Christmas (FFFFFffffff, inc, anal, BDSM)
by LL

Lorelai Gilmore rang at the doorbell. Misted breath sprang from her mouth as she waited. She smiled, at least she was fully dressed beneath her overcoat, her daughter Rory standing behind her was only wearing a very skimpy Santa costume beneath hers. She could almost hear Rory's teeth chattering. Luckily for her daughter the door opened, her friend Bree van de Kamp, gave them a welcoming smile, "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, Bree," Lorelai stepped in and kissed her friend on the cheek.

"Happy Christmas, Mrs van de Kamp" repeated Rory as she stepped inside.

"Are the others here yet?" asked Lorelai.

Bree nodded, "They're in the lounge. Come in and drop your presents, I've got some mulled wine."

The two women followed them in. Standing drinking the warm red wine were the other Daughter Swap Club Moms, Susan Mayer, Joyce Summers and Katherine Mayfair. The women exchanged Christmas greetings as Rory put the presents under the tree. The young teen, took off her coat. There were murmurs of appreciation from the assembled Moms, as well there should be thought Lorelai. Her daughter was wearing a pair of black calve length boots, which was her only cover until a pair of tiny red shorts, trimmed with white fur, which ended at the top of her thighs. An eensie-teenie red bikini, also trimmed with white fur just about covered her tits.

"You look good enough to eat, Rory," complimented Susan, the other Moms laughed at the joke. Pussy munching was usually on the menu.

"Why don't you go up to Danielle's room?" said Bree, "the others are there; except Danielle."

Lorelai looked at her friend in shock, "Danielle's not here? I wouldn't think she'd want to miss a meeting, especially our Christmas get together."

Bree smiled, patting Rory's ass to guide her upstairs, before answering, "Danielle will be here, but I don't want to say more. It would spoil the surprise."

This set the Moms twittering about what the surprise could be. They couldn't come to an agreement, apart from that it would be wonderfully kinky. Bree smiled enigmatically, refusing to be drawn about what Danielle was up to. Her ability to avoid the others skilful interrogation technique was helped by, every time she was asked a difficult question, something more needed to be done to prepare the Christmas dinner. Eventually she came through a final time, her apron off, "Ladies, right this way for dinner."

The others followed Bree into the dining room. Almost a big an attraction of the club as the swapping of their sexy teen daughters was Bree's cooking. The housewife had done them proud, turkey, chicken, beef, several types of potatoes and a selection of vegetables that put the mix in mixed veg. But that wasn't what made the Moms stop and stare as they came, but rather the table decoration.

Spread in the middle of the table, her wrists and ankles tied to its legs was a naked Danielle van de Kamp. A lit candle had been put in her pussy and its warm wax trickled down to create a lump round her shaven slit. In her mouth was a double ended dildo, wrapped with tinsel. Her eyes smiled in welcome as the Moms came in.

"Very Christmassy," said Joyce.

Bree nodded as she opened the wine, "I did think of dressing her up as a Christmas Tree, but I think this works better."

"Absolutely," agreed Joyce, sitting down. The other Moms agreed. They all took their seats gossiping and passing the dishes around until their plates were piled high.

"This's delicious, how did you get it so crisp?" asked Katherine.

Bree smiled, "A magician doesn't say how they practice their magic..." she grinned at the others downcast faces and relented, "Well, Danielle helped..."

There was a grunt from Danielle, still unable to speak, but she nodded her head to show that she had assisted. Bree gave her a stern look for interrupting and the teen lapsed into being a Christmas table decoration again. Bree looked round the others, "I made Danielle squat over it whilst it was defrosting and I dildoed her repeatedly, until the Turkey was soaked in her juices."

"I must try that with Julie," said Susan, leading to a burst of laughter from the others, it being well known that Susan was the most dangerous cook since Lucretia Borgia.

"Leave some space for dessert," Bree chided. It was not an easy thing for the Milfs to manage given the amount of food on the table and its tastiness, but reluctantly they didn't go for thirds. Bree stood up and cleared the table, she returned a few minutes later with five hangars, "We better get undressed - dessert may be messy."

The other four Milfs looked at each other quizzically, wondering what their friend had planned. Almost simultaneously they grinned, if it involved them getting naked it was bound to be fun. Minutes later the women were stark naked, Bree folding the dresses neatly on hangars as the others sat down, drinking their wine. Bree took the clothes upstairs, this time when she returned she was carrying a tray with a large steaming Christmas pudding and a jug of cream.

"I don't think we'll need spoons for this," she grinned and then upended the pudding onto Danielle. The teen may have been expecting, but she still let out a muffled squawk as the hot dessert slammed down on her midriff. Bree gave her a smile and lent over to blow out the candle, before pulling it out of Danielle's twat. She next scraped away the hot wax, leaving a red mark round Danielle's cunt. Finally she picked up the cream and poured it all over the teen, some of it even landing on the pudding, but most covering Danielle's titties and cunt. Bree looked at her friends, "Get stuck in ladies."

The four Moms didn't need any urging, within second the five women were all on the table. Danielle shook under the combined assault of five tongues and mouths. All table manners forgotten as they grabbed the pudding in their mouths and licked it down by lapping up the cream. Even Bree, normally such a delicate eater, was busily sucking the cream off one of her daughter's tits. The pudding crumbled and smeared itself into Danielle, bits being squashed down into her cunt, where the five women competed to eat them up.

Susan stepped back, and rubbed some cream from her lips. She needed to watch her figure, unlike the others who seemed to be able to put away what they liked with no ill-effects with her it was a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips. Still, she remained horny and if she couldn't eat, she'd have to do something else. She smiled, Danielle looked so enticing lying back with a dildo in her mouth. Susan got onto the table and squatted over Danielle, whilst with one hand she unwrapped the tinsel.

"Hey girls, I'm coming down," she laughed, spreading her pussy so that she could slide down the cock. Her weight pushed the other end of the toy deep into Danielle's mouth and the teen gave a spluttering gurgle as it rammed against her tonsils.

"Cream her face," encouraged Katherine, as she momentarily looked up before returning to sample the cream in Danielle's cleavage.

Susan bounced herself up and down, feeling the toy run against her clit. She gave a brief moan of pleasure, as her cum began to drip out and down the toy. She moved faster as the others, now full-up, sat back down to watch and call encouragement. Beneath her Danielle was snorting for air through her nose as the dildo blocked her throat, "Yessssss," shrieked Susan as the explosive orgasm tore into her.

Gingerly she climbed off the table, Danielle looked a mess, her hair was awry, her body covered with the remains of pudding intermixed with cream and the girl cum dripping from her face. Bree pulled the toy out of her daughter's mouth, leading to a series of wretching coughs from the teen until she recovered with a smile, "Merry Christmas."

Bree passed round a cloth for the women to clean themselves with, before untying Danielle, "Go and get a shower, but before you do send the others down to the main room," she turned to the other Milfs, "Shall we go through?"

In the main room were five presents, neatly wrapped with bows, "The girls clubbed together to buy them," explained Bree as she uncorked some wine.

"We wish you a Merry Christmas;
"We wish you a Merry Christmas;
"We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year;
"Good tidings we bring to you and your kin;
"Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year."

In trooped the carol singers; Buffy and Dawn Summers, Dylan Mayfair , Julie Mayer and Rory Gilmore. They stopped singing and stood giggling, as the Moms eyed them up. Each of the Moms secretly thought her own daughter (or daughters in Joyce's case) was the most sexy, but clad only in red, white fur, lined bikini's it would have taken a blind woman not to agree that they were all damned fuckable. However, they were still all dressed, the Moms raised eyebrows in surprise, with Lorelai saying what they were all thinking, "Girls, you're not naked."

Buffy rewarded her with a charming smile, she pulled a CD from behind her back, "We've been practising a little number," she passed the CD to Bree, "Track five."

As Bree put in the CD the five teens turned their backs on the Moms. Britney Spears, "Baby, one more time" began to play. As the intro played out the five daughter's turned in unison, shaking their hair sexily. The Moms murmured in appreciation as the girls walked towards them slowly shaking their bodies so their titties bounced beneath the bikinis. Just before they reached they all put fingers to their lips in a move of mock innocence and swiftly twisted so that their behinds were being waggled inches from the Moms faces. They strode forward a few feet, before stopping and turning their heads over their shoulders with such wanton looks that Joyce and Lorelai couldn't stop their groans of lust.

Five bikini's swept into the air and the teens turned again. Five pairs of tits bounced as they bowed forward and rocked back. There was a round of applause from the Moms, "They're so talented," said Susan.

"Definitely," agreed Joyce and took a sip of her wine. The teens swung round so that again their backs were facing the Milfs. This time their hands moved to each other's ass cheeks, giving them a squeeze as they walked a few steps. Suddenly they all stopped and bent down, so the thongs of the bikini's slid up their asses, they wiggled their bottoms enticingly encouraging wolf whistles from the older women. Still bent over the daughter's hooked their thumbs under the elastic and in one smooth movement brought them down. They straightened up as the Milfs shrieked in appreciation. The final 'hit me one more time' boomed out and on cue the teen's hands slapped out onto the asses of the girls next to them. In the brief moment of silence that followed the end of the song they twisted round and ended up sitting on the floor, their legs up and pulled apart.

The Moms spontaneously broke into a roar of approval and the teens grinned at each other, relieved their dance routine had been so popular.

"Bravo," clapped Joyce.

"Beautiful" applauded Lorelai.

"Such sluttiness," Susan stamped.

"Wonderful," cheered Katherine.

"No more Britney," said Bree and quickly switched off the CD player as the opening bars of the next song started. She looked at the other Moms, "Shall we open our presents now?"

The others agreed and they quickly tore away the paper and packaging., "It's lovely," Katherine pulled out the ten-inch blue strap-on for the admiration of all.

"They're so bad," said Susan grinning as her hands slid over the ten inches of rubber.

"We thought you'd like them," piped up Buffy. She gave a wanton smile at her Mom, "we're hoping they get a lot of use."

"Oh they will," replied Joyce as she pulled hers up her thighs.

"They'll do for our first game," smiled Bree. The others looked at her quizzically, Bree shrugged, "What's Christmas without family games..."

"As long as it's not Trivial Pursuit," laughed Lorelai aware that it wouldn't be "I'm in. What's the game?"

Bree quickly glanced at the daughter's making sure none were opposite their Moms, so that a different Milf than normal could take them, "Girls get on your knees, begging position."

The teens complied as Bree turned to their Moms "It's called deep-throat race. We throat fuck the girls and they've got to keep it in as long as possible. First one whose partner pushes out the strap-on is the winner. The girls have different rules, for them it's the one that lasts the longest."

"Sounds interesting," replied Katherine. She quickly stepped in front of Buffy, beside her stood Susan with Dawn, Bree took the middle with Rory, Joyce on her other side with Dylan and finally Lorelai with Julie.

"Okay, girls open wide, ladies just the tip to start with," Bree said. Rory opened her mouth and slid her lips over the rubber toy. She looked up at Bree, eyes glinting wickedly as she mentally issued the Milf with a challenge to make her gag. Bree leant down and patted her head, "Rory, you little slut, I am going to choke you."

Rory's eyes suggested that she didn't believe it, that she would win the girl's race and Bree would be last for the Milfs. Bree grinned and looked to make sure her friends were in position; each of them was standing in front of their teen the cock just in there mouth, hands laying lightly on the back of the girl's head, "Ready," said Bree, "On the count of three."

The women tensed as Bree counted up, "One, two, three."

She belted the cock into Rory's mouth. The teen's eyes widened as the dildo reached down her throat, a spew of liquid dripped through her lips and she gagged. For a second Bree thought Rory was going to push it out straight away, but the teen recovered and let the second thrust in. Bree gripped the teen's head hard, forcing it forward as she slammed the cock in. Water leaked from Rory's eyes and she gargled an indecipherable sound. Despite her concentration on Rory Bree was dimly aware of the other, the splats of cock in throats, the bouncing of titties as the naked women energetically thrust and the other Milfs cries of encouragement to their teen. Bree looked down at Rory, the teen's looked determined to hold the cock in, despite the drool pouring down her chin and the fact her eyes were so watery she could hardly see, "Take it," screamed Bree and slammed in as hard as she could.

"Yesssss," yelled Katherine and punched the air in victory. In front of her Buffy was bent over wiping her mouth, unable to take any more. Katherine rubbed the top of the teen's head affectionately and Buffy managed a smile.

Bree redoubled her efforts, she could see Rory was close. There was a sudden pop and gasp as the teen forced out the dildo. She coughed and wretched before allowing Bree to help her up. The Milf led her over to the sofa and sat her on her knee as they watched the remaining three couples throat fuck. Barely had they done so that Dylan gasped backwards, spitting out the cock and holding up a hand to Joyce to show she was beat. Joyce grinned and helped her up.

There was no doubt a close competition going on between Dawn and Julie. Both girls were rubbing their pussies vigorously and despite the pounding they were getting neither had thrown-up the toy.

"Come on Dawn, you little cocksucker, take it down," called out Joyce in encouragement.

Not to be outdone Rory cheered on her Mom, "Give it her Mom, fuck her hard."

Julie's head jerked back. As the cock exited her mouth she let out an explosive gasp of air and wiped the saliva from her chin. Dawn's eyes slid to the side long enough to see she was a winner, before repeating Julie's action. For a second the young teen sucked in oxygen, before she stood up amidst the Moms' applause.

"Well done Dawn," Bree gave her a hug, "that was some impressive cocksucking."

Dawn blushed and gave a joke acceptance speech, "Thank you, thank you all, I couldn't have done it without my Mom, she put in hours of training with me so I could stand here today."

Bree's hand slid down to feel the teen's ass. Dawn gave a little squeak, which she turned into a giggle as Bree pinched her tight ass. The older redhead grinned at the other Milfs, "Well now we've lubricated up..."

"It does seem a waste not to use them," Joyce slipped an arm round Rory and guided her towards the coffee table, the teen leant over it as Joyce pulled apart her cheeks. Seconds later the young girl stiffened in pleasure as Joyce entered her backdoor.

"Yessss, yessss, fuck me hard," she squealed as Joyce's cock rammed in. All over the main room the teens were being positioned for fucking, soon their gasps and cries were littering the air, intermingled with the grunts of the older women as they athletically pounded the young women.

"You could have waited for me..." said Danielle plaintively as she came downstairs from the shower. The fucking couples ignored her. Danielle looked around, that was the trouble with their being one more daughter than Mom, two of the teens always had to share.

On the floor in front Julie was on her back, her legs clasped round Lorelai's back as the Milf slammed the teen's ass. Danielle quickly considered there was room for one more. She lowered her cunt over Julie's face and lay her own over Julie's leaky twat. Julie took the hint and began to lick at her friend's slit as Danielle's tongue dipped into her own juicy quim. Danielle pushed her tongue down then pulled it out to try and lick the dildo piling in and out of Julie.

"That's a girl," gasped Lorelai, briefly she pulled out the toy offering it to Danielle. The teen gave it a quick suck before Lorelai pulled it out of her mouth and re-entered Julie. She thrusted into Julie a few more times, before again pulling it out for Danielle to clean, a muffled groan of frustration came from Julie as she sucked on Danielle's twat lips to remove the frustration. Her tongue shot up the hole, as Lorelai again pushed the strap-on up her ass. Lorelai grinned as she teasingly alternated between Julie's tight teen ass and Danielle's succulent sucking skills.

Suddenly Danielle felt a pair of hands grip her ass and pull apart her cheeks. A dildo slid in and she groaned in pleasure as it filled her back passage. Behind her she could hear Katherine's voice, "You've got such a tight back hole Danielle, it would be a shame not to open it up."

Danielle was about to reply when Lorelai pulled out the cock from Julie, so she prioritised that; sucking at the rubber greedily as behind her Katherine slammed in and out of her back hole. As quickly as Lorelai had put it in she pulled it out, allowing Danielle to reply to Katherine, "Yeessss, fuuucckkk meeee," she squealed, unable to think of anything more witty to say.

There was a grunt from Katherine as she levered the cock in again. There was another mumble from Julie, as Danielle's twat was squarely planted on her mouth she couldn't work out what she was saying, but seeing the glistening juice from her friend's pussy made her wonder if Julie was complaining that she was doing all the tonguing. Danielle bent down and began to slurp away, pushing her tongue in deep to lick at the clit. Below her she could feel Julie shake as both her anal and pussy g-spots were stimulated.

"I think you could fit another one in there," Joyce said. Danielle gave Julie's slick slot one final lick and turned her head to see what Joyce was talking about. The busty Milf was standing beside Katherine waggling her strap-on expectantly.

"We could give it a go," agreed Katherine as Danielle nodded enthusiastically. The Milf paused as Joyce stepped over Danielle and started to push the second dildo in. The pain was excruciating and Danielle couldn't help letting out a cry. Aware that everyone had heard her the teen went red with embarrassment; it was one of the rules of the Daughter Swap club that anything goes and shrieking in agony could be off-putting to the Moms. Luckily Lorelai was around to save Danielle from further faux-pas. Pulling out the cock from Julie ass she guided it into Danielle's mouth, "Suck on this," she instructed.

It didn't stop the pain. as Danielle's ass was stretched beyond all its natural boundaries, but at least it stopped her shouting it out. Danielle sucked gratefully. Slowly, agonisingly Joyce pushed in the cock, its friction burnt against Danielle's inside as it beat open her ass. Gradually a new feeling came, if not replacing the pain, at least making it more bearable. Danielle shook in enjoyment as two toys rubbed her anal g-spot.

"I've got to get a photo," Bree pulled her dildo out of a spent Dawn and rushed upstairs for her camera. When she returned Danielle was screaming in joy as the two Milfs rhythmically thrust at her asshole.

"Smile," called out Bree. Joyce and Katherine grinned for the camera as Bree snapped a picture of them double analising her daughter. She stepped back a few feet and took another one, which took in Lorelai feeding the cock into Danielle's mouth and Julie slurping at her pussy.

Bree grinned, those were definitely one for the scrapbook. She looked round the room. Rory was on her back, sixty nining with Dawn, the two teen's sending cum flying through the air as they enthusiastically lapped at each other's soaking cunts. Behind Dawn her sister was reaming her open asshole, the teen blonde had her hands gripped on her sister's thighs and her face deep between her cheeks. Dylan in turn was doing the same to her, whilst Susan rammed a strap-on in and out of her ass. Bree took a few pictures, the Moms would appreciate the souvenirs.

Slowly the orgy was coming to a halt as exhausted Moms and daughters disentangled themselves and flopped down. Bree decided this was a good time to refill the wine glasses.

"That was hot," grinned Joyce.

"I didn't think we'd both get in Danielle" admitted Katherine.

Bree nodded sagely, "It was impressive - I think I'm going to start using larger toys on her now I know how much she can take."

"It was easy," lied Danielle, her face lighting up with pleasure at the thought that her Mom was planning to use even more massive dildos on her than usual. She paused long enough for the thought to fully sink in before adding, "Can we open our presents now?"

Six expectant and excited faces looked at the Moms. Bree smiled, "Okay. We did a secret Santa, picking you all out of a hat. Whoever bought the pressie for you gets to use it."

The teens had already dashed at their presents by the time Bree had finished and were sitting cross legged tearing them open. Buffy and Dawn were first, ripping apart the paper for their joint present. It was a rubber ring, attached to it were three dildos, "A triple ender," gasped Buffy in a mixture of surprise and admiration, "I thought they were a myth."

Dawn looked quizzically at her sister, who smiled and explained, "Three women, Dawnie, three holes. Here sit with your leg over mine and I'll show you."

Dawnie complied and let out a groan as Buffy slid one of the dildo ends into her cute shaven slit. Once it was secure Buffy slid the second one into her own cunt, pushing it as deep as it could go. She closed her eyes and breathed heavily as the toy's tip brushed against her clit. With a slight moan she pointed at the other dildo, bouncing on the floor, "That fits the third person."

"That'll be me," said Lorelai. She got on the floor sliding her legs under the teens and wangling her cunt onto the dildo.

Beside her, her daughter Rory, was looking with unconcealed lust at the anal beads. She ran her mouth over them briefly, before turning onto her hands and knees to thread them up her ass. She groaned in pleasure as the hard balls rubbed against her anal G-spot.

"Let me help," grinned Susan. She got onto her knees and started to thread the beads in until only a little knot hooked round her finger remained unconcealed. With a grunt she pulled it out, the sudden movement with her ass made Rory scream with pleasure.

Also screaming in pleasure was Danielle. Behind her knelt Katherine, running a double dildo into the teen's ass and pussy. The toy was designed so that it could fit in both holes at the same time, stimulating both anal and cunt G-spots. And Katherine was ramming it in so hard that it was doing the trick.

"Woof, woof," went Dylan.

"Good girl," said Bree and patted her head. She pulled at the lead, snapping Dylan's slave collar into the back of her neck. The teen obediently moved from her begging position to her hands and knees, following her mistress across the floor.

Katherine looked up briefly from dildoing Danielle, she smiled, "That present will get some use when we get home."

"Woof, woof," agreed Dylan and went onto her back, legs and arms in the air. Bree knelt down and tickled her cunt.

It was Julie who was most enjoying her present. The scream of pleasure she let loose as the crop thrashed into her buttocks was proof of that. flexed it menacingly and let loose another thwack on the teen's ass. Julie shuddered as the blow ran through her like an electric shock. If she hadn't been tied to the door frame she'd have fallen over, but the tight knots kept her in place. Joyce slowly moved behind her and ran the crop over the teen's naked body, caressing the smooth flesh in a way that was both seductive and dangerous. Leaning forward she murmured, "How do you like your first bondage kit,"

"I love it Mistress Summers," moaned the teen.

"I'm going to thrash that cute little bottom of yours until it's red and raw," whispered Joyce, moving the crop under the teen's nipples and using it to lift them up. Julie only reply was a groan of lust. Seconds later she screamed again as the crop smashed down on her ass, wobbling the cheeks with the blow. Joyce was as good as her word, thrashing Julie ass until the teen was screaming in agonised pleasure. Only then did Joyce step back and admire her handiwork. The teen's ass was glowing so much that Santa could have tied her to his sleigh and had Rudolph as Sunday Roast.

Swish! Crack! Joyce brought the crop down one last time for luck and was rewarded with a lustful yowl from the teen. She wiped the sweat from her brow and did a whimpering Julie. The teen rubbed at her ass cheeks as if her palms could remove the stinging agony.

"I guess you won't be sitting down for a while," laughed Joyce. Julie grinned ruefully and shook her head.

Bree walked up, "You'll all be coming to my New Year's Eve party?"

The Moms and daughters nodded their assent.
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