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Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Desperate Housewives/Doctor Who:
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth Part 5 (FFf,FFF,Ff,preg,inc,anal)
by LL

"Come on, come on," Buffy whispered inaudibly to herself. The woods around
were almost emanating tension, as beside her other women clutched at their
automatic rifles and looted plasma blasters. It was six months since the
invasion and the rebels were still striking back.

On the road in front of them a patrol advanced. The two Daleks at the front
swung their eyestalks from side to side, as did the pair at the back. In
the middle goose-stepped a dozen Robowomen; their legs kicking so high that
they almost seemed a parody of Monty Python.

Glancing to her side Buffy saw that Bree, as normal, was as cool as a
winter's evening. The redhead was competently measuring the movements of
the patrol, waiting for the exact moment to strike. Suddenly she smiled and
called out "Now!"

As she did so she flicked a button on the remote control in front of her. A
blast of explosive flame shot out from the bush where the bomb had been
hidden. It engulfed the nearest Dalek in and even above the rattle of
gunfire, Buffy could hear the creature's death agony.

She felt no sympathy for it. Instead she concentrated her fire on the
nearest Dalek, as Bree had ordered. Others with plasma weapons raked it as
well. Within seconds smoke was pouring from the grills in it dome. The
Dalek gave a hysterical shriek and then there was a bang, as the top was
lifted of the body in an explosive blast.

Moving her gun round Buffy concentrated on the remaining Dalek. Its partner
was already burning fiercely and dark smoke was crawling across the road.
Buffy blasted the Dalek who returned random shots of energy that sheared
through the branches above her.

The outcome was never in doubt and the surviving Dalek joined its
compatriots in a ball of fire.

"Cease fire," shouted Bree. The rattle of gunfire stopped.

The rebels ran down the hill, they needed the weapons of the Robowomen.
Buffy looked around at them. They had suffered as badly as the Daleks and
all twelve of them lay on the tarmac, blood pouring from multiple wounds.

There was the sound of a hacking cough. Buffy had heard it too often over
the last few months. It was the sound of someone choking up the remains of
their lungs, a mortal wound. She walked quickly over to the Robowoman and
knelt down beside her. The woman would once have been pretty, but impending
death had robbed her face of its attractive qualities. Now she just looked
pale and thin.

The woman grabbed Buffy's hand, desperate for some final human contact,
"Who are you?" she tried to give a smile, but the effort of speaking only
made her cough a thin spray of blood down her chin.

"She's Buffy. Buffy the Dalek Slayer," Buffy looked round to see Bree
standing with a pistol beside her. The redhead raised her pistol and fired.

The Robowoman jolted backwards as the bullet hit her in the forehead. Bree
turned round, "Come on! Hurry up, we need to move out. Now!"

* * *

The screen went black for a second, and then with a crash of guitar chords
the credits started to scroll down the screen. Susan gave an exaggerated
yawn and stretch, "I'm off to bed anyone joining me?"

Kral's dome swivelled round and his eyestalk pointed at Susan accusingly,
"It is only twenty hundred hours Su-zan."

Susan patted her pregnant belly, "With this little one growing inside me, I
and Dylan need our sleep."

Dylan patted her own bump in agreement and nodded.

"Illogical," said Kral. In the six months that they had shared a house with
the Dalek Susan had begun to notice that his voice had slightly different
inflections and the tone this time was irritation. Susan gave him a cheeky
grin. Kral whirred round to fully face her.

"Illogical," Kral continued, "You will not sleep Su-zan. You and Dy-lan
will have sex with the mother of your babies," he whirled towards Katherine,
who was putting down the book she was reading. "Kath-er-ran you are not
pregnant. Therefore you cannot be tired."

Katherine stood up and patted Kral's dome, "I will be after I've fucked
these too."

The next noise from the Dalek Susan recognised as a sigh; "I was planning
to finish `A Tale of Two Cities'. Now I will have to record data on your
sexual activities. I have enough data on this," there was a slight hint of
petulance in his voice, "I want to learn more about humans through your

Katherine leant over and kissed the top of Kral's dome and there was a
weird sound from his voicebox. Susan slipped her arm through Katherine and
the other through Dylan's and headed up stairs. Behind them Kral spoke
again, "I am going to finish this book. Do what you want!"

Stripping off Susan stood in front of the mirror and looked at her bump.
Dylan came up and stood beside her. She slid her arm round Susan's waist
and the two of them admired each other's beautiful naked pregnant bodies.
Six months ago, Susan mused, she couldn't have imagined she'd have been
happily living with her neighbours and a Dalek. Now she didn't want
anything else.

She hated the Daleks with a passion, with the exception of Kral, who had
become part of her family. But she was, in a funny way, grateful for them.
They had taken some cells from Katherine and impregnated her and Dylan with
them. Without the Daleks she wouldn't have Dylan and Katherine, and she
couldn't now imagine living without their love.

She bent down and kissed Dylan's bump and the teen gave a little giggle.
There was a cough from the bed.

"I'm not just lying here looking pretty," said Katherine. The cover was
down to her belly button, leaving her ample titties on show. A tent above
her pelvis showed that she'd already equipped herself and was reading for
the banging to begin.

"Kral," shouted Dylan, "we're ready for bed."

"I am reading Dy-lan," Kral's voice came back.

Susan shrugged and walked over to the bed, there was no point arguing with
him when he was in this mood.

She leant down and started to run her tongue around one of Katherine's
nipples. She could feel the brush of Dylan's hair against the top of her
head as the teen munched on her Mom's other teat. Katherine gave a groan as
her two lovers suckled her. Her hands reached out and rubbed at their naked
backs, encouraging them to lick harder.

"Whose turn is it?" Katherine asked suddenly.

Susan broke contact with the tit, "Its Dylan's" she said mournfully.

Dylan smiled at Susan and the two of them pulled down the bedding to reveal
a large dildo strapped to Katherine's pussy. It jutted upwards like a
telephone pole all alone in a well-cut field.

Dylan got onto her hands and knees and waggled her ass invitingly at
Katherine. Her Mom got up and moved behind Dylan. Susan crawled over and
grasping at Dylan's butt cheeks pulled them apart. Katherine gave her a
quick kiss on the lips and taking hold of the dildo guided it into her
daughter's back hole. Dylan gave a quick grimace as the large toy went up
her chute and moved slightly to get the maximum benefit. As the cock
entered fully Susan let go off Dylan and sat back. Her finger went down to
her own pussy and she started to play with herself as she watched Katherine
bugger Dylan.

The teen's moans of pleasure were soon driving Susan wild with lust. Her
own cunt was splurging juice as her finger went in and out of the hole. She
pulled it out and moved round to the front of Dylan. She slid downwards
until her pussy was directly in front of Dylan's face. The teen got the
hint and started to lick at the quim lips, bouncing back and forth in time
with her Mom.

Suddenly Dylan gave a final scream of lust as Katherine's thrusts brought
her to fruition. Sweating heavily Katherine pulled out the strap-on and
fell back down on the bed. No longer being rocked by her Mom Dylan was able
to give Susan's pussy her full attention. Her tongue pushed apart the lips
and slid gracefully down the hole, until she found the clit.

Susan groaned and grasped her own milk-engorged tits. With the bump in her
belly in the way she couldn't see the teen, but Dylan knew what she was
doing. Susan could hear her slurping loudly as her tongue slid through the
jizz and rubbed against the g-spot.

At first the feelings she felt were like mild shocks, but quickly they
started to come faster together, merging into one intense feeling of lust.

"Oh baby, come on!" shrieked Susan.

Then she screamed, as the orgasm became too mind-blowing to contain. Her
back arched in triumph and her whole body seemed to be on sexual fire.
Breathing heavily she fell back to the bed and lovingly patted her tummy.

* * *

"Hurry up," Lilah scolded Danielle. The younger teen gave her a scowl and
continued dressing. She'd had a heavy night; the slave was still in her
bunk bed, whimpering. Danielle slipped zipped up her black combat suit and
admired herself in the mirror. She could never get enough of her own
reflection, the uniform radiated power and fitted her body in all the right

She leant down and dragged the slave up by her hair. The woman tried to
hide her nakedness, though it was questionable why she bothered as Danielle
had spent half the night buggering her. The door opened and Danielle threw
the woman out into the cold, Lilah picked up the slave's clothes and
dropped them outside, "You need to be at work in twenty minutes," she

The slave scurried away, holding her rags to her chest. Lilah and Danielle
stepped out, it was still dark, but there was a slight shimmering on the
horizon as the Sun started to return after it nightly rest. Danielle
watched the retreating slave, "I love this job."

"Money for nothing and the chicks for free?" Lilah grinned as the two of
them walked towards the patrol's forming up point, "How was she anyway - I
heard you give her a few slaps?"

Danielle laughed, "I don't think she wanted to fuck me. I had to remind her
about what happens to those who rebel. She was as good as gold then, the
slapping was just to make her go faster."

A few Robowomen were already standing round the shuttle pad, waiting for
the Daleks and the transport to arrive. It was good to be back in the main
base, thought Danielle. She'd just done a brief tour in Britain - it was
still hellish there. In the ruined streets of London or Cardiff, or from
the desolate slopes of the Highlands or the Mountains of Mourne, rebels
were still holding out. They would swoop down destroy a few Daleks and kill
a few Robowomen and then be gone.

It had got so bad the Daleks had been forced to move their main base from
Bedfordshire to California. All that was left in Britain were isolated
outposts under continual attack. At least here, the rebel attacks, whilst
equally as violent were rarer.

The shuttle touched down and the ramp opened. At the top stood a Dalek,
"Embark!" it shrieked.

The Robowomen picked up their plasma weapons and went up the ramps. The
shuttle took off; the journey was almost as short as the Dalek's briefing.
Patrol and destroy anything they encountered.

The ramp opened again and the Dalek glided down into a forest. The
Robowomen and a second Dalek joined it. They all stood back as the shuttle
took off in a swirling fog of leaves, twigs and assorted debris.

"Patrol will advance," ordered the Dalek leader and they set off through
the forest.

There were no signs of any rebels. The only humans were the Robowomen. Now
and then they came across grim evidence of the Dalek victory, a burnt out
car as they crossed a road, a grinning skeleton in some bushes, the wreck
of plane - the last moments of its journey gouging a line through the

Danielle began to feel horny again. She'd noticed a nice brunette and an
older blonde among the slaves yesterday and decided that she'd have them
tonight, whether they wanted it or not. She began to smile to herself as
she thought of the fun she could have beating the brunette's ass and then
stuffing it.

Then the world turned upside down. There was an explosion and the front
Dalek ignited. Even as she stared in shock at it, she could hear the whip
of bullets and the screech of plasma weapons. Beside her Lilah went down,
choking blood from a hole in her neck.

The second Dalek fired twice and then exploded under the concentrated fire
of the rebels stolen weapons.

Danielle fired wildly, but it seemed to make no difference. The ambushers
continued to rake the killing ground with fire. The remaining Robowomen
started to fall; dead, dying or too badly injured to shoot back.

Dropping her weapon Danielle ran. She didn't get far, her ankle tripped an
out sprung root and she fell to the floor. She desperately tried to
struggle up, but her foot was caught beneath the branch. She turned to
heave at it, aware that one of the rebels was purposely striding towards

Tears trickled down Danielle face. It wasn't fair; she didn't want to die.
Not now, not alone in this wood. The silhouette of her nemesis got closer.
Danielle tried to focus on the women, but her own tears half blinded her
and all she could focus on was the woman's pistol.

Terrified, she watched, as the finger slid of the safety catch and she
could see the weapon being raised.

She closed her eyes and waited.

"Danielle?" said the woman in shock.

Danielle opened her eyes and rubbed them, sniffling. She recognised the


* * *

They lived like moles, only coming up out of the underground station to
scavenge for food and kill Daleks. Dawn sat in her room, cleaning her
weapon. In days long ago it had been a small cleaners storeroom and even
now it still had shelves filled with cleaning fluid and mops laid against
the wall. However, she had also personalised it and made room for a
mattress and clean sheets. On the shelves bottles of cleaning fluid vied
for space beside books and instead of staff-rotas and safety instructions
the walls were covered with posters of boy-bands, reminding Dawn of a
happier time.

The door opened and in came the leader of the small rebel band. Sarah Jane
Smith was in her late fifties, but even with the harshness of her new life,
she looked about ten years younger. Her light brown hair had a few patches
of grey, but given what she had witnessed it always surprised Dawn she
hadn't gone white overnight.

Sometimes, as they clustered together on the cold winter evening Sarah had
told them about her past adventures with someone called the Doctor. She had
met the Daleks before, indeed had been there at the birth of them. As she
reminded her followers, the Doctor would arrive and then everything would
be alright.

"I hear you destroyed another Dalek today," said Sarah.

Looking up at the newcomer, Dawn nodded, and then returned to cleaning her
weapon. Sarah sensed something was wrong and sat down on the mattress
beside her. She put a friendly arm around the sixteen-year-olds shoulders.

"Are you alright?" she asked. She ran her hand down Dawn's long hair.
Dawn tried a smile and failed, "It would be Mom's birthday today."

Sarah stroked at Dawn again and with her other hand gently patted her knee,
"I'm sure she's alright."

Putting down her weapon Dawn took Sarah's hand in her own and held it,
"It's the not knowing which is worse. If I knew she and Buffy were dead I
could grieve and move on."

Sarah squeezed her hand; "You know what you need?"

This time Dawn managed to complete her smile and she replied, "A good

Leaning forward Sarah kissed the younger teen tenderly on the tip of her
nose, "How did you guess?"

"It's your normal cure for anyone who's blue," said Dawn. She moved just
enough away from Sarah to pull off her t-shirt and then to unclip her bra.

Dawn's arms stretched out and wrapped around Sarah's shoulders, pulling the
older woman forward until Sarah's head was against her tits. Nature took
over. Saliva dribbled from Sarah's mouth as she suckled and tongued each of
the nipples in turn whilst Dawn moaned appreciatively.

Sarah undid the top button of Dawn's jeans and slid her hand in, below the
teen's panties, feeling the smooth skin. Dawn groaned in pleasure as the
older woman caressed her. She took hold of Sarah's hand and reluctantly
guided it back out.

"I'm saving myself," she said. Then she unzipped the jeans and pulled them
off. Her panties followed. She turned over and lay on her front, licking
her lips sexily.

"You can bang me up the ass," she said. It was one of her eccentricities
that she was happy to be fucked in her back-door, but she wanted her first
time in her pussy to be with someone special, not just a `pick me up'

Sarah stood up and went over to where Dawn kept her toys. Dawn watched her;
she licked her lips in anticipation, then gave a low whistle as Sarah
pulled out a large double ended dildo.

"Do want to give it a suck first?" Sarah handed the toy to the teen.

Dawn slipped it into her mouth and started to suck at it, behind her she
could hear the light flap of clothing fall to the ground. Sarah reappeared
and took back the toy. With one hand she slid apart her cunt lips and with
the other pushed the toy up her hole. She grunted and groaned as the cock
entered her, until it was deeply embedded.

Turning her head Dawn watched as Sarah walked behind her again, holding the
cock in place. She twisted her head as far she could without spraining her
neck so she could just about see Sarah squatting over her. The teen faced
back to her front and lay her chin on her hands. Then she felt Sarah's hand
on her ass cheeks. At the first the Gilf just massaged them, then she
gripped the firm flesh and pulled it apart. Dawn knew what was coming next.

The toy was a tight fit. Sarah pushed hard and from her moan Dawn could
tell that the dildo was jamming up against her friend's clit. She wriggled
slightly to allow the hard cock to slip down. It hurt, but it also produced
some other feelings - more pleasurable ones. Dawn pushed her ass upwards
and there was a grunt as Sarah put her entire weight on the cock, pushing
it down. Dawn felt the older woman's smooth pelvis slap into her ass.

Thrusting up and down Sarah began to fuck Dawn hard, which was how Dawn
liked it. She loved the feeling of the dong threading against her inside.
Each push seemed to fill her completely and she gritted her teeth, as it
seemed the cock went in so far that it would come out the other side. It
didn't, but the next thrust hit her secret spot and Dawn felt that
pleasurable shudder ripple through her body again.

"Oh fill me," she grunted, "fuck me hard."

One part of her mind wondered what her Mom would have thought, but that
part was being pushed out by the orgasmic overflow she was suffering from.
She started to babble incoherently - interspersing screams of `fuck' with
noisy grunts. Above her Dawn could also hear that Sarah was yelling in joy
and the small room almost rattled to their shouts and shrieks.

The orgasm when it hit Dawn was one of the best she'd ever had. It seemed
to take control off her whole body and left her struggling to breath,
except in ragged gasps, and to say nothing apart from "My God, oh my God."

Sarah lay on top of her; the dildo still jammed in their holes, hardly able
to say much more. Her hand stroked at Dawn's cheek as they both lay

"Feeling better?" asked Sarah

"Much," replied Dawn.

The two of them disentangled themselves and started to get dressed. Dawn
was just buttoning the top of her jeans when the door opened and Jackie
Tyler rushed in, "I've just seen the TARDIS."

* * *

It would take a lifetime to explore the Doctor's TARDIS, thought Rose.
Except it wasn't the Doctor's TARDIS anymore - he was dead, his body
disintegrated beyond any regeneration. His last act had been to save both
the Universe and his companions. The TARDIS had hurtled through time and
space, away from the implosion of New Gallifrey. It had flown for what
seemed like weeks, until it had materialised beside its new owner; the
Doctor's daughter, Jenny.

She had picked up where the Doctor had left off. Over the last few months
Jenny, Rose and Martha had embarked on a series of adventures - some of
which even involved them wearing clothes.

However, it was the other sort of adventure she was looking forward to now.
Opposite her Martha was sitting naked, the Jacuzzi bubbles popping against
her dark skin. Through the effervescent water Rose could see Martha's
finger gently rubbing her slit, as they waited for Jenny to join them.

The door opened and a bikini clad Jenny came in carrying a holdall. She
opened it and poured the contents onto the floor next to the Jacuzzi.
Vibrators, strap-ons and double-ended dildos skidded across the smooth
tiles. Rose wasn't sure if the TARDIS had always had a sex-toy room, or
whether it changed its design on the whims of the current owner. What she
did know was that the dozens of toys that Jenny had brought were only a
fraction of what was in there. Jenny claimed it contained every dildo ever
designed, neither Rose nor Martha was inclined to disagree.

Martha stood up. Water cascaded down past her dark nipples, across her
sleek midriff and down to drop from her thighs. She stepped out of the
Jacuzzi and reached for a pink coloured strap-on, complete with artificial
balls and ridges for extra pleasure. She fondled the toy lovingly, "That
look's nice."

Jenny slipped off her bikini and Rose watched lustfully as she bent over
and searched through the toys.

"Take a big one," said Rose, "I want to be stretched."

Taking her advice Jenny picked up the largest strap-on she could find, it
was at least a foot long and as thick as a horse's cock. Martha helped
Jenny buckle the strap-on in place. Then she gave Rose a wink and crouched
down in front of Jenny. The young black woman opened her mouth and started
to swallow the cock.

As the dildo went in Jenny started to thrust forward and throat-fuck
Martha. Rose swung one of her hands away from the Jacuzzi edge and down
towards her pussy. The warm water swept along the her skin in a comforting
motion as she used two fingers to slightly widen her cunt and slip her
middle digit in. She quickly located her clit and started to finger
herself. Martha was an expert deep-throater and she was taking the cock so
far down her lips were rubbing against Jenny. Rose played with herself as
the tableau in front of her unfolded.

It didn't take long for her to cum, her juices swirling away into the
Jacuzzi, as she gave a groan of satisfaction. Jenny pulled the cock away
from Martha and stepped into the tub. She slid over towards Rose and two of
them kissed. Rose could feel the Time Lady's hands grappling down her back
to slide under her buttocks. There was a further splashing sound as Martha
joined them. From the corner of her eye Rose could see she was equipped
with the toy she had been admiring earlier.

"I dibs her arse," Martha said. Jenny had her mouth full with Rose's tongue
and couldn't reply. She slid her hands under Rose's arse and started to
pull her up. With a bit of squeezing and teasing, Martha positioned herself
below. When she was in place Rose lowered herself down; as the dildo
entered her she felt her excitement rise. It scraped in and Rose shuddered
with joy as its ridges rubbed within her, sending waves of energy through
her body.

She swiftly got into a rhythm with Martha. Jenny slid back against the
opposite side; she slid her fingers under the leather strap of her toy and
started to wank herself. From the contorted look on her face and the
strangled cat-like cry she emitted, Rose guessed that Jenny had cum. It was
also the final tipping point for Rose's second orgasm and she let out a
shriek of joy.

"So ready for two's-up," Jenny stood up; the water from the Jacuzzi came up
to her thighs. She waggled the cock and it slapped hard against the
bubbling water.

"Am I ever," gasped Rose. Then she turned her head towards Martha, "Give it
me hard."

Rose's gripped hard and pull her slot apart as far as she could, as Jenny
forced the large cock down. It was a battle between whether it would get in
fully, or whether it would jam half way and push Rose arse deep onto
Martha's toy. Rose's face contorted and she let out an unladylike grunting
noise as the two cocks squeezed into her holes. Finally Jenny's cock was in
as deep as it could go and Rose gave a sigh of relief.

With every thrust the squeeze was repeated, but the large toy couldn't help
but flatten her clit, whilst the one up her arse was also hitting a hidden
g-spot. It was uncomfortable, like being battered with a hurricane whilst
dancing in the nude. But with that discomfort came some of the most intense
pleasure Rose had ever experienced.

She bit her lip and tried to hold in the feeling. She succeeded for a few
minutes. Jenny took this as a challenge and increased her ferocious
pounding, ignoring the friction of the water and slamming the cock deep
into her friend. Sweat started to trickle down her brow and she began to
pant with exhaustion.

And then it was all too much for Rose. It was like a thunderous crash of a
church organ as she let go and screamed in pleasure. A thousand different
nerves overheated in a mind-blowing burst of pleasure,
"AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh" screamed Rose and her body convulsed
like an electric wire was strapped within her.

The three of them lay against the sides of the Jacuzzi; recovering and
letting the water relax and rebuild their strength. Suddenly there was a
large bang; water, dildos and women were thrown out of the Jacuzzi and
against the floor. Jenny was up in seconds and running to the control room,
puddles of water forming behind her.

Seconds later Rose and Martha joined her at the console. She looked at
them, an expression of shock on her face.

"The time line, it's been changed. And it can't be reversed back."
_ _ _

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