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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster Part 9 (MMf,anal,dp)
by LL

It was the last day of Buffy's vacation and she felt a moment of sadness on awakening that it was coming to an end. It had been a magical three days sharing a small villa with her Mom, Ted and Principal Snyder - who was the love of her life. She rolled over ready to wake him, but the bed was empty, her man already up. She felt a surge disappointment tinged with shame, whenever they were together she always woke him up with a blow-job, more regular than an alarm and a much more pleasurable way of entering the day. But she'd obviously slept in and missed him; perhaps it was a good thing the vacation was ending - as it seemed she was growing spoilt, she just hoped Principal Snyder could forgive her.

She quickly got out of bed and into the shower, wishing he was there as well, balling her up against the wall. She was so lucky, she concluded, many people had to wait years to find their soul mate, she had found him when she was seventeen, now all she had to do was make sure she didn't ruin it with him. It was lucky Ted was around to give her advice and guidance, her Mom's boyfriend was the fount of all wisdom as far as Buffy was concerned and in her pantheon of heroes, second only to Snyder.

As she got out of the shower she could hear sounds from the kitchen of breakfast being made, hopefully Ted was baking up a fresh batch of his delicious cookies as well. Buffy salivated at the thought as she dried herself.

She opened the drawer and surveyed the clothes within, Snyder's spare slacks and shirts, a couple of ties and some socks and y-fronts, all neatly folded by Buffy on one side. And on the other her vacation wear, some hot shorts and a tiny T-shirt, a shiny small gold dress in case she'd been taken out to dinner (she hadn't been) and some bikinis, including her new one. It was that one she pulled out.

It was so small that the top barely covered her nipples and the bottom just about managed to hide her pussy, whilst doing nothing to cover her ass cheeks. It was Ted again, who had come to the rescue. When her Mom had announced that they were going on vacation and Ted had asked Snyder to join them the teen had panicked. All her bikinis were so staid and conservative, fine for when she was sixteen and a single virgin, not suitable when she was seventeen and the Principal's girlfriend. Luckily Ted had stepped in, not only lending her the money, but going shopping with her to give his opinion on which bikini she was trying on made her the most fuckable. Looking in the mirror she had to say that Ted was a fashion genius.

With a smile on her lips Buffy sauntered into the kitchen. She could see Ted smiling at the bikini approvingly from behind the breakfast counter as she twisted and turned. It wasn't for him she was posing, important though his approval was, but for her one-true, the love of her life, her High School Principal. She carried on round the counter to Snyder, smiling sexily and then wrapping her arm around him as she half sat on his lap.

"Good morning, baby," she gave him a sexy little glance, half-coy, half-fuck me now.

He grunted something, he wasn't a morning person she'd realised or a afternoon one or evening one come to that. But he looked her up and down a lustful smile on his face and that said more to her than any words ever would, especially as he followed it up with squeezing her ass making her giggle and smile at him.

"Did you sleep well?" asked her Mom, like Buffy she was wearing a tiny bikini, even more lewd with her larger tits and rounded butt. She held it well and Buffy knew Ted liked it, from the way he continued to squeeze her Mom's waist with one hand, whilst gently stroking his erect dick with the other.

"Like a log after I'd had my log," giggled Buffy, looking down at Snyder's midriff. His cock was under his pants, but she could see it in her mind's eye and even that made her quiver lustfully. "What about you?" she asked her Mom.

"I got my full ten," and Buffy knew from her Mom's giggle she wasn't talking about hours.

The teen wrapped herself further around Principal Snyder, pressing her pert tits at him and gently rubbing them at his chest. Her hand moved down to his lump, massaging and feeling its pulse beneath his pants. "So you want to go to the pool and hang? I could rub some sun lotion on your back."

"No," said Snyder and sipped his coffee. Buffy was disappointed, more so as he didn't give an explanation, he was her man, but sometimes he could be a little unkind, she thought.

Ted came to the rescue again, "We've got to give the Mayor a call," he explained.

"Thank him for letting us use this villa," said Joyce.

Buffy nodded her agreement, quiet why the town council had a private beachside villa on a secluded beach about five miles out of town she wasn't sure. However, as the Mayor had let them use it she wasn't complaining, and if that meant Snyder and Ted owed him a boring phone call, she wouldn't be a martyr, guys hated those types of girls. "Perhaps you could join us later and we could go for a romantic walk?"

"What time are we calling him, Ted?" Snyder ignored Buffy.

"He said ten thirty."

He looked at his watch, "As you're acting like a slut Summers, I'm going to have to treat you like one and give you a quick fucking."

Buffy giggled as Snyder pushed her up and gripped her hand like she was a naughty schoolgirl and led them to their room. Once inside he didn't waste time with closing the door, her Mom had seen her being fucked plenty of times before and it didn't worry any of them. Instead he pushed her down over the side of the bed, so she was half-on and half-off. The blonde teen giggled and wiggled her butt invitingly, "Come fuck me, Principal Snyder, ram me in any hole you want."

He grunted an acknowledgement and with her super sensitive Slayer hearing, she heard the sound of a zip being pulled down. She reached forward gripping the bedding in anticipation and swaying her hips to rock her tushy as she wondered what hole her man was going to go for. Her cunt was already soaking just with the thought of his big dick, nicely slick for a hard pounding. Her ass on the other hand was Slayer tight, it would squeeze and grip him, making him cum with an explosive intensity.

She didn't have long to wait... His fingers pulled the bikini away from her ass crack and cunt slit.

The Principal's large cock pressed at her pussy, quickly pushing back the slot entrance and slamming in. Buffy cried out in pleasure, swiftly adjusting her position to make sure Principal Snyder could get the maximum penetration for the minimum effort. Whether he appreciated her shift she couldn't say, but he gripped her waist and rammed in. His large cock was soon filling her hole, stimulating her erogenous zones and driving deep into her. The teen made sure she went with him, showing him how much she enjoyed his large dick and she wasn't just a passive hole for his passions. Her body rocked back and forth, working his cock as much as it was slamming her. She kept her hands gripped to the bedding and her knees firmly planted on the floor to make sure her balance was right.

And she screamed and squealed in pleasure, "Yessss! Yessss! Fuck me, fuck my pussy raw. I want that big dick to fill me up so much. OOoohhh, urrrrhhhh, harder, baby slam me harder."

"Huh, huh," Snyder panted and drove in. He was the best, Buffy knew, so big and hard, with the stamina of a long distance runner and the sexual strength of a bull. His large prick was all the way in her, ten-inches of goodness slipping up and down her stretching tunnel, his balls smacking at her as they went. "You're such a whore, Summers, a total skank like your Mom."

"I am baby, I'm a cock slut for you, I need your dick all the time; just yours, it's the best prick ever," Buffy squealed as she rocked and rolled with him. Her hands gripped the bedding as tight as she could, dragging it when she went backwards and ruffling it forward as she was pounded back. Her tits were squashed against the bed, the erect nipples rubbing hard at the quilt, little pecks of pleasure zipping from them as they were stimulated. It was nothing to the ecstasy pounding from her pussy, puddles against an ocean of pure bliss. Her pussy blazed as Snyder's hard dick speared forward and the teen had to shriek out her passion, "AArrrrghhh, yessss, aaaarggghhh. It's so good, I want it harder."

Snyder didn't go any faster, but he didn't slow down. The blonde teen shrieked and gasped, in heaven with her man. She could dimly hear the sounds of her Mom orgasming from the other bedroom, Ted must have decided he also had time for a quickie. Buffy cried out louder, and the villa was filled with the Summers' ecstatic yells.

"Aarrrggghh," the teen came again, just as the blast of Snyder's cum shot into her pussy. She moaned happily as the warm seed filled her, oozing down her hole and dripping from her slit. "MMmnnn, baby that was wonderful," she moaned turning to him as he buttoned himself up.

"I'm going to finish my coffee and then call the Mayor," he said, "Go hang round the pool and don't disturb me until I'm finished."

* * *

Buffy lay back on the sun lounger, trying to appear both casually relaxed and instantly available the moment Principal Snyder and Ted finished, what was undoubtedly, a boring conversation with the Mayor. She could see her Mom trying to do the same, positioning herself to look like she was reading the magazine and keeping it's glossy pages out of the sun's bright light, whilst ready to drop it and get onto her knees for Ted at a moment's notice.

The door to the villa opened and out came Ted and Principal Snyder, wearing their trunks and so to Buffy's delight finished with business and ready to have some fun with the Summers. To some the men approaching would have been best described, for Ted, as tubby and, for Snyder, as skinny, but to Buffy (and she was sure her Mom) they were the Greek Adonis come to life. She swung into a sitting position, smiling enticingly and waving her chest so that her titties bounced at the tiny bikini, which was just about holding them in. "Do you want to lie down and I can oil your back?"

Snyder nodded, "And you can make me a cold drink as well."

"Sure thing baby; Ted?"

"Your Mom can rub the suntan lotion over me," he smiled jokingly, "A drink would be nice."

Buffy scurried over to the bar to make a couple of cocktails for the guys, shaking the mixer hard and hoping that Snyder was admiring her jiggling boobies. She returned and put the glasses down next to the men. They were both already on their fronts, Joyce leaning over Ted and massaging the oil into his flesh. Buffy knelt on a towel beside Principal Snyder and poured a generous helping off lotion onto her hands, she didn't want him to burn. She began to rub it in, her palms massaging over his back and shoulders and down his legs, her fingers kneading and pressing, finding any tense spots and making sure they were well covered in lotion. He gave a grunt of appreciation and turned over. Buffy's hands continued to do their work, gliding over him gently and sensually, wiping every inch of him and leaving not a spot to burn. She even ran her hands over his cock, paying special attention to it, even though the sun couldn't reach it through the trunks. She gave a naughty smile and pulled them down an inch, her eyes flicking to his face.

"Later Summers," he grunted, to her intense disappointment (and just a little worry, she was sure he wasn't bored of her, but there was that insistent voice which kept telling her she wasn't good enough, no matter how hard she tried to shut it out).

Luckily Ted was on hand to suggest a solution, "Buffy, why don't you and your Mom get in the pool and put on a little lesbian show? You know that always gets the mood going." He smiled like a father giving his favourite daughter advice and Buffy basked in his parental love.

"I'm up for that," her Mom giggled, "Buffy?"

"Of course, it seems like weeks since we've given them a show."

"It was last Wednesday, so six days," her Mom corrected.

Buffy didn't reply to the pedantic point, but instead jumped into the pool. The water was warm, but compared to the sun's heat it felt cool and she shivered for a moment as she immersed herself. Her Mom joined, the Milf giving a little squeak as she hit the water. The two of them swam a width and back, before heading to the shallower end and standing up. Buffy was the first to uncup her bikini top, letting it slowly drift and sink to the bottom. She wiggled her tits to the appreciative audience; Ted and Snyder sitting on their sun loungers, cocktails in hand.

Standing a few feet away her Mom giggled sexily. She too jiggled her tits, the large bosoms straining at the bikini top. Buffy waded across to her, standing waist deep in water in front of her Mom. She slipped her arms round the Milf and slid them upwards, searching for the knot. She paused for a moment when she found it, letting the audience appreciate the artistry of the Mom-daughter show. Then she opened her mouth and met her Mom's with it. They kissed slowly and sensually, no-one would think it was a parent giving their child a familial kiss, it was too sexual for that. No normal Mom would be slipping tongue in, nor would a normal daughter be moving her open mouth round to engulf her Mother's. Even as she was kissing Buffy was tugging at the knot, pulling away the bikini top so she and her Mom could go tit to tit.

They had kissed before like this, dozens of times, and Buffy enjoyed it. Not kissing her Mom so much, though her Mom was a good kisser Buffy wasn't really a lesbian and wouldn't have gone girl to girl out of choice. But she knew both Principal Snyder and Ted enjoyed it, the taboo of it being with her Mom adding to their thrill. That made her kiss her Mom harder and she was sure the same knowledge was driving her Mom to kiss her back, the older woman's hands under the water to squeeze at Buffy's firm buttocks. The bikini removed Buffy lowered her hands as well and her fingers kneaded at the older blonde's ass cheeks, the two Summers pressing together as they made out.

"Mmmnn, Buffy that was hot as ever," smiled her Mom as they temporarily broke, "Snyder's lucky to have you."

Snyder wasn't one for kissing, still Buffy took the compliment and giggled, "I'm lucky to have him." She cast an eye over to him sitting on the sun lounger, a lustful leer on his face as he watched the two of them. His cock was obviously straining at his trunks, the lump as large as a hillock. He was still sipping his drink, not yet joining them. The blonde teen turned back to her Mom, "What about you sit on the edge of the pool and I get you ready for some Ted dick."

"That sounds like a good idea," Joyce said and hoisted herself up, sitting with her legs trailing in the water.

Moving between them Buffy found the clip for the bikini and snapped it open, pulling away the thin strip of cloth and artfully throwing it over her shoulder and into the pool. She placed her hands in the inside of her Mom's thighs and pushed them further apart.

The teen bent down, feeling the water lapping round her tits. Her fingers reached up to pry apart the twat lips, like Buffy her Mom was smoothly shaved, her pussy as bald as the proverbial coot. Buffy mouth opened and her tongue went out, gently licking up and down the slit, making the lips quiver as she passed over and between them, the tip of her tongue tasting her Mom's pink. Slowly the tongue slid up the slot to the clit and the teen dabbed at it, pressing and pushing at the hot button.

"Oooohh," her Mom moaned and shuddered. They had done this so often that Buffy knew exactly how to pleasure the older Summers, her tongue expertly finding its rhytmn as she licked. Her Mom leant back, resting on one hand, as the other stroked Buffy's hair, pushing it away as it fell down over her forehead and covered her ears. The teen licked further, her tongue pushing into the hole and probing its sensual spots. Her Mom gasped as the teen found some, her tits heaving as she shook in pleasure, her breath coming in deep gasps, "OOoohhh Buffy, make me wet, mmmnnn, I want to be soaked for Ted's big cock."

Buffy knew how she felt. She wanted to be soaking as well and whilst her pussy was under the water, it was the wrong type of wet. She brought a spare hand down and slipped the bikini's gusset from her slit, pushing her fingers in. As she tongued her Mom she jilled herself, the excited feelings rising as she drove in and out, the water rippling around her. Her Mom squeaked and squealed, her feet kicking out and making the water even wavier. Buffy's tongue pressed hard against the slit and she could see her Mom's pussy leak even more cum, the taste of it coating the teen's tongue (though it didn't compare to cookies). She lapped harder, wanting to make sure her Mom was ready for Ted and that both he and Snyder were turned on by the teen and Milf sexfest.

"Oooohhh, aaaarrghh," her Mom shrieked again, leaning back on her hands and arching her back. Her legs straightened and for a few seconds her feet emerged out of the water, as the Milf's muscles contracted with the pleasure. Buffy stabbed at her own cunt, driving her fingers in. It didn't feel as good as Snyder's thick dick, but it still was enjoyable, the cum from her pussy coating her fingers only to be washed away by the pool water. Her twat, however, felt slick and ready for use, the pussy walls relaxed and ready to welcome an intruder.

She took a second to glance at the two men, smiling sexily at Principal Snyder. They were both sitting with wide grins on their faces and with their huge cocks poking out the top of their trunks. Their drinks were nearly finished and Buffy hoped that neither would want a refill. She quickly returned to her Mom's pussy, lapping away with a renewed vigour, making her Mom cry out in pleasure and bounce her tits as she arched and rocked on the pool's side.

"Aaarrrghh, aarrrghhh, oh you're so good Buffy, you're a foreplay wonder, ooohhh yes, you're making Mom cum. OOOhhh I need some Ted dick soon, please Ted come fuck me," the Milf shuddered.

Ted wasn't ready yet so Buffy had to do the honours, even as she continued to finger herself she brought her spare hand up to her Mom's cunt and thrust in a couple of fingers. She worked them deep in the fuckhole as her tongue pounded above it at the sensitive clit. Her Mom squealed and shook again, crying out to high heaven, her pussy soaking and leaking so much that Buffy was swallowing the cum down like it was a liquid fruit jelly.

She was so engrossed that it took her a moment to realise that Principal Snyder was sitting on the edge of the pool, leering down at her and stroking his large cock, out from under the trunks. Buffy giggled and pulled her head back from her Mom's juicy hole, noticing that Ted had also joined them, standing beside the Milf as she pulled down his swimming suit to take his dick in her mouth. Buffy moved over to her man, "You want me to suck that?" she smiled sexily.

"No, I want you to cover it peanut spread and put it in a sandwich," Snyder responded sarcastically. Buffy pouted sexily, whilst pulling down his trunks and letting them join the other bits of swimming apparel floating around. The large cock jutted upwards and out, a missile aimed at Buffy's heart, she instantly forgave Principal Snyder his words - if there was anything even to forgive, it had been a dumb question. The blonde's mouth opened and she slid it down the pole, her hand reaching round to jerk it enthusiastically into her mouth.

Snyder gave a satisfied grunt and placed one hand on the top of her head, encouraging her down. Buffy went to it with her normal energetic eagerness. If eating her Mom's pussy was kinda okay, gobbling down her Principal's cock was manna from heaven. He never said anything, but she thought he enjoyed it as well. She liked to think she'd improved so much since she'd started dating him, and whilst she was sure that Snyder could have his pick of any teen he wanted (he was so sexy) she didn't think any of them could give him head like she could. The only possible competition was her Mom, who she could see banging her head like a rocker as she choked down Ted's dick. However, no matter how good a cock sucker her Mom was (and Ted often said she was the best), she had her own man and didn't have any spare time for Buffy's (unless it was to be shared between them, which had happened a few times). The teen gave a satisfied wiggle of her tits, bouncing them at the water and went down the cock.

With her expertise and the practice she'd had it wasn't long before she was taking it all the way. She gagged a little as the huge rod pushed at her, but like a sword swallower she'd trained herself to take it deep and she was able to continue down, forcing herself over the prick, ignoring the choking sensation in throat and teary liquid filling her eyes.

"That's it Summers," snarled her boyfriend, "Suck my cock like a slutty pro."

Buffy didn't know how a pro sucked and whether it was any different to what she was doing. However, she decided to take his words as continuing to go fast and deep, taking the prick enthusiastically. If that was how pro's did it, it seemed an easy job as long as you were sucking the cock of a dream-boat like Snyder. Despite the discomfort the blonde teen could have blown him forever. She reached under the water, pushing aside her bikini bottom to shove her finger into the slot, working it with the same eagerness as she was managing the cock, her saliva sliding over one and the pool water drowning the other.

Beside him Ted stood like a giant, feeding his cock to Joyce, the Milf deep-throating with the same expertise as her daughter, making Buffy wonder if it was a genetic talent. Her Mom could certainly go fast and deep, and she was taking it with the same enthusiasm as her daughter, ploughing through her gag reflex and its urge to make her stop. Buffy pulled back to wipe her mouth and briefly looked up to see Ted's expression showed the same rapturous pleasure as Snyder's. The teen grinned and returned to her massive prick.

Snyder grunted and pushed her head down, keeping her in position as he pushed his massive dick at her throat. Her eyes watered and her mouth filled with bile, but being a Slayer was about working through pain and discomfort, whether that was being battered by a vamp or deep-throating your guys huge dong. She gulped at it, sucking it in, her lips squeezing and rolling the shaft as Snyder hummed like he was about to explode.

Suddenly grunting he let her go and fell back for a moment. Buffy waited for a cum explosion, but Snyder just got up, "I think this cock is lubricated enough for that tight ass of yours."

He turned and headed to the sun-lounger as a giggling Buffy pulled herself out of the pool. She hopped towards him, removing her bikini bottoms as she did. He was lying back relaxed on the sun-lounger, holding his cock upwards. "Reverse anal cowgirl," he instructed.

Buffy nodded, it was a position she enjoyed almost as much as Principal Snyder. She skipped the rest of the way, turning her back to him as she got to the sun lounger and standing astride. She lowered herself down, her asshole almost quivering with excitement at the treat to come. Snyder took her waist, guiding her down to his waiting dick. She gave a little gasp at it pressed at her sphincter and then entered.

Despite the fact they'd spent much of yesterday morning, afternoon and evening with his cock encased in her butt, Slayer healing had left the tunnel tight. She placed her feet on the sun lounger, screwing them up like talons as if it would help her get a grip and lowered her hands behind her. Snyder was grabbing her waist to make sure she didn't slip and she began to work her tight little tushy hole up and down the thick dong.

"That's it Summers, get that ass all the way down. I want to be balls deep in you before I cum," he said and with those encouraging words Buffy pressed down as fast and hard as she could.

Her ass stretched. Slowly (and she had to admit, a little painfully - the perils of a big cocked boyfriend) at first, but as she pushed herself up and down it began to open more. She grinned and worked herself up and down, her body jerking and her blonde hair flying as her pert teenage tits bounced and jiggled. Snyder's fingers were gripping her tightly, making sure she remained in position and didn't fall off, his breath coming in excited pants into her ear as he dick remained straight up her asshole. The warm sun was drying the pool's water from her skin, but nothing could dry the soaked cunt as it seeped with excitement. "Oh yes, oooohhhh yes, I want it all the way."

Soon she could feel the slap of her man's balls against her and the thud of his cock as it went all the way in, slamming hard at her cervix and stimulating her clit from behind. She shifted position, sitting more up, so that she could use her hand to rub her pussy, enthusiastically stroking and fingering the wet hole as she bounced her other hole down Snyder's dick.

In front of her Ted was standing, hands on hips, grinning wildly as her Mom sucked him. He saw Buffy looking and smiled, "You having fun Buffy?"

"Oh fuck, yes Ted, you know how much I love having my ass filled by Principal Snyder," she gasped back and to proof it upped her speed, driving her tight little ass down his thick dick.

"You should join us," grunted Snyder, his hands reached round to her thighs pushing them apart, before swiftly moving to her pussy, prying it open so the pink snatch was wantonly displayed, "It's got to be a least a week since we dp'd the slut."

Ted pulled his cock out from her Mom's mouth, "I don't mind if I do, if its alright by Joyce and Buffy?"

Buffy nodded eagerly, "It is by me."

"And me," said Joyce. She jumped to her feet, her naked tits bouncing, "Shall I get the camera and take some vacation snaps of the three of you?"

Buffy giggled as she lay back on Snyder, her legs as open as she could manage and her pussy spread by her man. She loved being dp'd by Ted and Principal Snyder, if she had a favourite sex act it was probably that (or perhaps being ass fucked by Principal Snyder over the sofa armrest), especially when her Mom was looking on lovingly. It was her favourite men together, both doing something they loved and were good at; and the orgasms were super hard as well. She smiled up at him as he stood over her, "Give me your big cock."

"Manners, Buffy," he said sternly, but lovingly.

The teen giggled and ran a finger through her wet slit, "Please."

"As you ask nicely," Ted gave her a wink and then his cock.

"Aaaahhh," Buffy gave a gasp as the second cock entered her. Like Snyder Ted wasn't small and having two massive cocks in her petite body always stretched Buffy; luckily she was always up for the challenge.

She began to rock gently, shuttling between them, letting them get up a rhythm and then matching it. Snyder was gripping her waist and Ted, her shoulders, both men making sure she was held in place and didn't slip off as they pushed and heaved, grunting and snorting as they worked their dicks down her fuckholes. Soon they'd got into a pattern, seesawing in and out of her so that one was driving in as the other was sliding out and then vice-versa, their big dicks going in as deep as they could go.

"Aaarrrghh, yesss," Buffy squeaked in pleasure, trembling with sexual joy. It felt so good to being having a dp. Snyder was very seldom wrong, but he had been about the time since they'd last dp'd her - it hadn't been a week, it had been nine days (though they had dp'd her Mom a week ago, whilst Buffy watched, so perhaps he was thinking of that instead). She had missed the double-cock helping and now she was getting it she wanted to enjoy it. Her hands gripped at Ted's waist, using him as a lever, pulling up as he drove down and then ramming back a the upcoming Snyder. The men's thrust became more powerful and the sexual dance sped up, ramming and slamming faster and faster. Buffy squealed out again, "Aaaarrrghh, yesssss."

"That's it you slut, take our cocks," instructed Snyder.

Buffy did so, screaming her pleasure.

Her Mom was standing nearby, a camera to her eye as she snapped away, taking new photos for their expanding collection of Buffy family porn. The teen bucked and smiled, showing her white teeth for the camera, and making sure she twisted her head as her Mom shot, so that it got her best side. Her Mom grinned back and got on her knees, focussing on her lover's prick pounding into her daughter's slick twat. Ted grinned and slammed in harder, making the teen shake in ecstasy and her cunt weep cum.

The sun beat down on them, its heat burning Buffy's naked skin and making her sweat. She could feel the perspiration on the men's grip as well, their hands slipping and sliding over her flesh, forcing them to grip tighter. It matted Ted's hair as well and she could see little droplets of salty water sliding down his forehead as he pounded away. She went at it him and he smiled, slamming her back onto Snyder. Buffy's ass went down her boyfriend's dick, bouncing at his balls. The cock hit her from behind and she squealed as the pleasure drove through her, "Yessss, yessss, aaaarrghh, fuck, I'm loving this, give me more!"

"Huh, huh, huh, you dirty whore Summers," Snyder panted in reply and shifted his hands to grip her titties, squeezing the teenage mounds and pressing his fingers tightly into the soft flesh.

Buffy shrieked again, "OOoohh God, you're making me cum, it feels so good, aaaaarggghh, fuck!"

Even as she was exploding in orgasm the men were fucking her, ignoring her caterwauls and rocking, concentrating on thrusting her hard and fast, keeping up the pace and making sure she was totally filled with dick at all time.

The teen's legs spread open, her feet stretching flat and her toes pointing outwards as her muscles strained and tore with the pleasure. Her head rocked back, her blonde hair brushing against Snyder's shoulder. He squeezed her boobs in response and slammed his member upwards. She squealed and shrieked, unable to keep quiet as the pleasure controlled her, the two pricks quadrupling her ecstasy as if the formula for double dicking was cock squared. Ted smiled down at her as she rocked and bounced, full of sweet care for his lover's daughter like he was her real Dad. She brought her legs back in, wrapping them round him and encouraging him without words to slam her pussy as hard as he could.

The sun-lounger squeaked and wobbled, barely able to hold up the action. It didn't stop the two men spearing the teen as hard as they could. She squealed and bucked, putting even more pressure on it - somehow it held, though her pussy didn't, gushing cum out all over Ted and the towel. He didn't seem to mind, just smiling at her and continuing to ram her.

"Aaaaarrrghh," Buffy screamed, pleasure tearing through her like a cyclone. Every nerve seemed to be on fire, indescribable pleasure flaming within her. Snyder was grasping her titties like they would otherwise fall off, his cock pounding her with a speed and power that put him in Superman territory. The teen felt herself being driven back on her man by Ted's hard ramming, getting the best of both worlds. "AAarrrrghh," she screamed again, "Make me cum so hard, aaarrghhhh, yessssss!"

The orgasm hit her like the famous thunderbolts of Zeus, blasting her into space like a rocket and making her brain send messages to her eyes that rainbows were exploding in front of her. "AAaarrrrghh," she screamed so loud her vocal chords hurt, "AAaarrrghhh, yessssss!"

"I'm going to cum soon," said Ted.

"Me too," panted Snyder as he continued to pound up.

"On your knees Buffy," smiled Ted as he pulled out from her, "Joyce make sure you get Buffy's facial."

Buffy got up, her head still dizzy and her legs wobbling. She dropped to her knees smiling broadly at Ted, as he stood to one side stroking his cock, before turning and giving a cum on me grin to Snyder as he got up from the lounger. The High School Principal moved beside her and started to jerk hard at his dick.

It wasn't long before the two men were spurting, their cum shooting out in arcs to cover the teen's face and mat her blonde hair, more landing on her tits and trickling down. Blast after blast of liquid silver shot out, coating her. Buffy giggled and grinned, luxuriating in the man shower. Her Mom held up the camera and snapped away, taking shots for the family album.

It didn't take long, however for Ted and Snyder to empty their balls over the pretty blonde Slayer, leaving the cum dribbling down her nose and chin, sliding between her tits and round the nipples to drip onto her stomach. She stood, "That was fun," she smiled before turning towards the pool, "Let me wash it off."

Naked she ran towards the water and launched herself in...

* * *

Upstairs Joyce could hear the sound of Snyder and Buffy having sex. The blonde Mom smiled as she heard her daughter's squeals; the teen had barely arrived back in the house, not even unpacking her case, before she and her boyfriend were upstairs and fucking again. They weren't being quiet about it either - Buffy's screams were enough to wake the dead, if this hadn't been Sunnydale and them being awake already. Still smiling Joyce turned on the oven and walked over to a recipe book to see what she'd treat Ted to dinner for tonight, flicking through the pages until she found something she knew he would enjoy - even if it meant three hours in the kitchen to prepare it properly.

"Aaarrrrghhh, yessss," her daughter screamed in pleasure.

Joyce smiled again. She had high hopes for her only daughter and Principal Dick Snyder was perfect for her, sexually compatible and insatiable, capable of giving the teen the sexual pleasure she needed. He was much better than that reprobate, Angel, Buffy used to hang with, Snyder was a real man, not a shampoo advert; Buffy was so much more happy with her Principal. Joyce certainly couldn't imagine having so much fun with vacation as the four of them had had if Angel had been swapped with Snyder. For starters she couldn't imagine the pasty faced freak would have been in the sun and she certainly couldn't have imagined him taking part in a swapping exercise as Joyce and Buffy bonded as each other's boyfriends pounded their asses. Nor would she have thought Angel would have been up for some DP action, which not only had Buffy loved, but Ted as well; and Joyce had got some fantastic pictures to remind her of the vacation.

The door opened and Ted came in. Joyce's heart leapt and it was all she could do to stop herself dropping to her knees and pulling out his massive member to suck. He smiled and kissed her on the cheek, fondling her naked titties as he did, "I'm just going to make some more cookies."

"I'll clear some space," said Joyce. She didn't just love Ted for his cookies, but she had to admit they helped.

She moved over to the counter, moving her cooking implements to the smaller side to give him plenty of space. A sudden wave of dizziness washed over her.

"Are you alright Mom?" asked Dawn.

"I think I just moved too suddenly, I got light-headed," Joyce shook her head, "I feel fine now." She could hear Buffy and Snyder upstairs, the sound muffled by the closed door in Buffy's room, but still audible, her oldest daughter enjoying herself. If Dawn hadn't been around the door would probably have been open, Buffy didn't hide much from her Mom. Joyce turned back to her youngest, "Have you unpacked your suitcase?"

"Not yet," Dawn admitted. She quickly moved the conversation on, turning to Ted, "Are you baking some more cookies?"

Ted gave the youngest Summers a winning smile, "Yes, you can have one when they're ready..." he winked briefly at Joyce, "...if you've unpacked."

"Okay," said Dawn gaily; she was a good girl who always did what Ted said. Even if not straight away, "Um I was thinking, what with Buffy making a racket up there and me not being allowed to disturb her when she and Snyder are doing it, I could hang in the kitchen."

"Would that be because you're thinking I might rip of your Mom's dress and take her over the table?" asked Ted with a fatherly smile.

Dawn tried to look innocent, and failed, "Really, you would be having sex when I was here. I wouldn't be a nuisance." She attempted to look hopefully, getting nearer to the right expression, but not quiet there.

Joyce gave a small frown, "We've talked about this Dawn, when you're sixteen you can watch, but until your birthday we're not fucking in front of you, and before you ask neither is Buffy."

"But Mom, you want me to know where everything goes for when I get laid," Dawn whined.

"Read a textbook," said Joyce, a little unkindly. Dawn was always moaning about how she wasn't allowed to join in with the family fuckfests and she'd be told an equal amount of times that she wasn't going to be even watching them until she was sixteen. It was the same age as Buffy had been for her first fucking and Joyce thought it was the right age, even if her youngest daughter didn't.

"You'll be sixteen in a few weeks, pumpkin," Ted moved gracefully into the conversation. "What about I arrange for Snyder to come over for your birthday tea and afterwards him and I will fuck your Mom and sister in front of you? We might even dp one of them if you'd like to watch that."

Dawn nodded eagerly and Joyce smiled at how well her boyfriend could pour oil on troubled water, "Now go up and unpack your suitcase whilst I blow Ted."

"And afterwards you can have a cookie," he said to the departing teen as Joyce got down on her knees in front of him.

* * *

Earlier that day...

Snyder looked out the window of the villa; the slut Summers was sunbathing next to her skank mother. He couldn't believe how dumb they were - he'd known Summers was a delinquent and he'd suspected she was a whore, who'd cock-tease the shy and vulnerable whilst putting it out for the jocks. But he hadn't realised how dumb she was until he'd starting fucking her, she kept yapping on about love and him being the only man for her, without thinking what would a hot little tramp like her really see in an older teacher. She was so stupid she had no idea she was bespelled.

"We should call the Mayor," he turned from the window and towards Ted, who was sitting next to the desk and the speakerphone.

Ted looked at the clock and nodded. Outwardly he could appear affable at times, a perfect Dad, husband, neighbour. But in reality he was a controlling, amoral, psychopath; Snyder liked him a lot. He tapped in the number that his powerful brain had committed to memory.

The speakerphone buzzed a couple of times before a cheery voice came on the other end, "Mayor Richard Wilkins the Third."

"It's Ted here"

"And Dick Snyder," Snyder added, "How did your spell go?"

"A perfect confluence of the stars and the sacrifices hardly left any blood after they'd been devoured; so much cleaner."

"It was successful then?" Snyder was less interested in the technicalities than the results.

The Mayor sounded surprised he'd asked, "Of course. My power over Sunnydale has increased exponentially, you'll notice some changes."

Snyder could almost hear his smile. Not that he and Ted weren't smiling as well, Sunnydale would be becoming a lot more like the ancient sex-capitals of Sodom and Gomorrah. The powerful spell would make the Sunnydalians much more receptive to the demands of the Mayor and his acolytes (of which Snyder was proud to be a leading member) and it wouldn't just be those who ate the cookies who fell under the control of the men. Buffy and Joyce had been filled with the cookies, that being in the spell-zone might have literally blown their minds and made them even more zombie-like than they were already. Snyder would have felt a vague disappointment that he wouldn't get the same eager reaction from Buffy as he fucked her ass, but had been prepared to live with it, especially as there'd be plenty of other teens he'd soon be able to fuck whenever he wanted. However, the Mayor didn't want the complication of another Slayer being called and so had suggested the four of them take a little break. It had allowed Snyder and Ted to fuck both Mom and daughter multiple times, so neither was complaining.

"We can come back then?" asked Ted.

"Yes, whenever you want," said the Mayor cheerfully. "Though there's one extra change you might need to be aware of."

"Oh," Ted and Snyder exchanged glances.

"Yes, it seems a Hell Goddess from another dimension had been exiled here. Don't worry, I've found her and put her on ice, I really don't want any deities wandering round Sunnydale upsetting plans gestating for a century. However, it seems the monks who exiled her created a key in the form of a human girl."

"Is she going to be trouble?" asked Ted.

"No, she's going to be your step-daughter, I've intercepted her as she came towards this reality" the Mayor answered. "I've taken a few liberties with her, aged her up to nearly sixteen and made her much prettier than the Monks intended, they just don't seem to appreciate what a good looking girl looks like, they're original design was all goofy and piggy-nosed. She'll be through this afternoon and reality will change with her."

"Has she a name?" asked Snyder.

"I thought Dawn would suit," said the Mayor.

"I'll be sure to treat her like one of the family," said Ted.

"No don't, I've plans for her" the Mayor's beam could be heard down the phone. "She's going to be a perfect part of the new Sunnydale."

* * *

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