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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster Part 8 (MF,mF,anal)
by LL

"Morning," Buffy said cheerfully as she entered the kitchen, the smell of waffles and Ted's cookies combining to make her salivate with hunger.

Looking up from his newspaper Ted asked, "What time did you get back last night?"

"About two? three?" Buffy said, "Was I late? After me and Will finished being banged by Principal Snyder we both so zonked we just passed out. By the time we awoke it must have been well past midnight."

"I hope you walked home, it's not fair on Dick to expect him to have sex with both you and Willow and then drive you both home; he's got a job and you're a Slayer, you need less sleep."

Buffy couldn't remember when the conversation about her being a Slayer had come up, like many of her memories and thoughts it seemed a little fuzzy, as if there was something at the back trying to get through. That was what love was, she decided, it fried your brain. She nodded, "We were in the spare room so we didn't wake him, I walked Will home and then came back myself. I wasn't too loud?"

"No, Buffy. I'm not telling you off, I've always said Dick Snyder is the best thing that's ever happened to you and it's nice that you're sharing him with your little friend," Ted smiled and pushed the plate towards her, "Have a cookie."

Realising how ravenous she was Buffy snatched one and ate it greedily. It was still warm and so fresh that she could still smell the oven. " What about Xander? I asked him to come round as you said, though can't see why as I wasn't here."

"He came round," Ted gave a smile, "He's such a nice boy, I really like him, if I had a son he could do no worse than turn out like Xander. Anyway we invited him for some cookies, he had sex with your Mom and then we dp'd her together."

"Way to go," grinned Buffy. Then she paused, "You didn't tell him about me and Principal Snyder?"

"No, I know you don't want to tell anyone, apart from Willow, so it's still our secret," Ted smiled.

That wasn't strictly true, Buffy would have loved to shout to the world she was seeing Principal Snyder, the best boyfriend a teen could have, it was him who was insisting that it was kept secret. Still Buffy nodded, glad that Xander didn't know - it would have required complex explanations as she told Principal Snyder how her Mom and Ted had accidentally outed their relationship.

The door opened and her Mom appeared. As normal for the morning she was wearing a tiny robe, which wasn't fully tied, and nothing else apart from slippers. Buffy grinned at her, "Way to go Mom, your first dp."

"And very enjoyable it was," her Mom confirmed with a smile, "Xander was very hung, almost as much as Ted and with them both filling me I was stretched like a balloon."

"We'll have to film it next time," Buffy said and her Mom nodded, taking a cookie as Ted offered the plate.

"I'm sure we'll do it again sometime, if Joyce's wants," Ted said as she took a cookie and crunched into it. He put on a serious expression, "But I think we need to find young Xander a proper girlfriend. It's fine to share your Mom with him, but he's a growing boy and sometimes her ass won't be available."

"Willow's always had a bit of a crush on him," Buffy said helpfully.

Ted ignored her less than helpful intervention, "I was thinking that we might set him up with Jenny Calendar."

Buffy and Joyce nodded in unison, chorusing, "Good idea."

Ted acknowledged their agreement with a slight incline of his head as he set out his reasoning "She's single now and it would boost Xander's confidence to be banging a teacher."

The two Summers' agreed wholeheartedly, so Ted continued. "We should go round and take her some of my cookie's and see if she's up for a double date.

"I'm sure she will be," said Buffy, no-one could resist Ted's cookies.

Her Mom nodded.

* * *

"Oh fuck, yes, oh fuck," the gasps from the toilet cubicle were distinctly audible.

Buffy admired her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She looked too hot for school, with her tits nearly falling out of the tiny vest she was wearing and her skirt riding so far up her legs that she had to be careful how she walked so as not to give away glimpses of her pantyless pussy. The door began to open and Buffy reached out and slammed it shut. There was a cry of complaint from the other side, some senior wanting a piss. But Buffy held it closed without effort and after a few tries the other girl gave up and went to try another restroom further down Sunnydale High's main corridor.

Letting go Buffy fished in her purse for her lip gloss and leant further over the sinks to close with the mirror. She carefully reapplied the bright red over her lips, they might not be getting any action, but they were perfect cock-sucking ones; red and succulent and soft. She could just imagine sliding them down Snyder's shaft in the bathroom, sucking him in his school. Not that he'd let her, but a girl could dream.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," the cries from the behind her were definitely louder, from the sounds of it the guy lift off would be achieved in a few moments.

Buffy hadn't really thought of Will having perfect cock-sucking lips, but in the week since she'd shared Principal Snyder with her friend, the redhead had blossomed. Buffy smiled as she wondered what the guy was thinking. Her and Willow had just been walking down the corridor, heading for the canteen, when her bff had seen a guy she thought was kinda cute. She didn't take no for an answer, or even ask him the question, just grabbed his arm, dragged him into the restroom, Buffy following as Will told him she was going to blow him in the cubicle. The guy had seemed shocked, but kinda happy. Buffy was content to wait outside, she loved the fact her friend was turning cockaholic, but she herself was a one Snyder woman (unless he wanted to share her).

"Oh fuck, fucccckkk," the guy called out. "Fuuucckkk!"

The door opened and a dazed teenager with his pants still round his ankles wandered out, followed a few seconds later by a broadly beaming Willow. Buffy subtly pointed the side of Will's mouth where a trail of cum had leaked out and handed her friend a tissue. "If you haven't eaten enough, shall we join Xander in the canteen?"

"Yes, I could eat" Willow said. She turned to the guy, who was struggling to get his pants up and buttoned. "Thanks for that Tim. It was great."

"It's Mike," he said, "Hey, I don't suppose I could get your number, we could grab a burger some evening."

"Oh that's sweet," Willow shook her head, "but no, I'm not that kinda girl."

She gave him a little wave, before hooking her arm through Buffy's and joining her friend in walking the corridor. Buffy smiled as they sashayed down, the Slayer had been dressing super-sexy in school ever since she'd started banging Principal Snyder, but Willow was now joining her, the redhead wearing a cropped T-shirt and tight hotpants over a set of torn net suspenders. Guys and not a few girls looked at them with lust, no doubt wishing that they could go see what was underneath the little they were wearing. The two teens continued on their way, basking in the admiration. A trend was starting and number of the other girls had started to follow Willow and Buffy's example. The average size of the skirts in Sunnydale High had shrunk dramatically, as had the tops, many of which seemed a couple of sizes too small for the young women wearing them.

Xander was already in the canteen, wolfing down a burger. He paused long enough to raise a hand before resuming his guzzling like he'd been told there was a race. By the time Buffy and Willow had loaded up their trays to join him, he'd demolished the burger and was well into his fries. "Hey," he managed in greeting in between stuffing more into his mouth.

His two friends acknowledged his greeting and sat down. Xander might have shown a little too much interest in their chests as they descended, but he was a guy and they were hot, so Buffy didn't mind. She cracked open her own diet coke and took a sip, "Ted, said you're coming round tomorrow for dinner."

"Uh-huh," Xander nodded and grinned lecherously, before deciding that as a loyal friend he shouldn't be looking quiet so leerful. "You okay with what happened? Me and Ted dping your Mom."

"Sure, of course," Buffy was puzzled why he'd think anything else, her Mom was a hot nymphomaniac and Ted was more than happy to share her. She looked at Willow as if her friend could answer her question. Willow just shrugged and left Buffy to put Xander's mind at ease. "Ted's pretty fond of you."

"He is?" Xander brightened so much it was if he'd just been connected to the mains.

"Yeah, I guess he likes being all paternal," Buffy said and as she spoke she wondered if she'd misread Xander; it wasn't concern about fucking her Mom which was giving him niggling worries, but because he was worried he might push Buffy out from her (almost) step-Dad's affections. That would never happen, so she could be magnanimous, "You'll enjoy tonight, Ted's looking out for you and they'll be another hotsicle there."

"You?" Xander sounded a bit too hopeful.

Buffy shot him down, "I'll be out, got a date," not adding the words that came to her mind, with my big-dicked Principal boyfriend.

"Do you know who?" Willow asked, interested.

"Yes," grinned Buffy. "All I'll say is Ted is confident that she's right for Xander."

Willow nodded with a smile "And Ted's not wrong about these things."

Xander's beam was the widest of them all, "He's got a gift."

* * *

Getting out of the car Jenny Calendar tugged at her dress, adjusting it so at least it covered the top of her thigh. She couldn't remember wearing anything quiet so daring and she still wasn't sure it was the right thing. Joyce had suggested it as they went shopping earlier that afternoon, something sexy, she said, hot and slutty, a thing make her blind date hard as iron. They'd just finished a coffee and nibbling one of Ted's super-cookies Joyce had brought along and the dress seemed such a good idea at the time.

Now she was less sure. It had been nice of Joyce and Ted to come over a few nights ago, to see how she was doing after Giles's passing, especially as she hardly knew Joyce and Ted even less. She hadn't been feeling too bad, the Mayor had helped her get some perspective the night of the funeral, reminding her she'd only known Giles half a year and he wasn't the only fish in the proverbial sea. But by the time she'd eaten a couple of Ted's cookie's she could hardly remember Giles and certainly what she had seen in him, he was a wishy-washy Englishman who wouldn't know RAM from ROM and thought the web was something spiders spun. It had seemed a good idea to agree to come over for dinner on Saturday, especially as Ted mentioned a single friend he was sure Jenny would like.

Now she was outside the door, it didn't seem such a good idea. Perhaps she should be single for a little longer, just for forms sake, and the dress was way too revealing, they must think she was kinda of a slut. She was about to turn and go home, to ring and pretend she was sick, when she smelt it. The waft of freshly baked cookies drifting through the window, the aroma overpowering her nostrils and making her salivate.

She rang the doorbell.

The door opened so suddenly she wouldn't have been surprised if Ted had been waiting on the other side. He smiled welcomingly as she stepped inside without a invite, "You made it," he said and lifted a plate towards her, "Cookie?"

"Yes," she said ravenously and took one. Ted continued to smile beatifically as she ate it, almost moaning in pleasure as the flavour swirled round her mouth.

"Hello Jenny, glad you could come over," Joyce came out from the kitchen. Jenny worried less about her own dress on taking a look at Joyce's which was little more than a blue strap of cloth round her midriff and two tiny straps which reached up over her nipples and round her shoulders. Ted whirled round and offered her a cookie and she took it, showing the same enjoyment as Jenny.

"Let's go into the main lounge," Ted gestured with his spare hand and Jenny followed Joyce through. She stopped in stunned surprise when she entered and saw the young man, rising from the couch and looking as surprised as she was. Ted didn't seem to notice anything amiss, "Jenny you know Xander."

"I'm his teacher," said Jenny.

"Miss Calendar," confirmed Xander, looking red. She thought he probably had a crush on her, many young men had inappropriate thoughts about their teachers, it was up to the teacher to make sure they remained thoughts only.

"I'm sure that's not a problem," smiled Ted, "Have another cookie. You have one as well Xander."

Automatically Jenny took one, quickly thinking of a polite way to say that she'd have to leave as she couldn't have a blind date with a student. She bit into the cookie, it was soft and crunchy at the same time, with a lovely strawberry flavour infused throughout, warming her mouth delightfully as she chewed. "As we're just having dinner, that's not a problem," she agreed. Obviously she couldn't go any further, but there was no hurry in leaving, it wasn't as if she was alone with Xander and Ted's cookies did need to be eaten.

"Why don't the two of you sit on the couch and I'll put the cookies on the coffee table in front of you, so you can help yourself," Ted smiled.

Jenny and Xander both nodded, their eyes drawn to the brown goodies.

"Don't worry about finishing them, I've got some more on the bake," Ted said and withdrew to the kitchen

"Dinner will be ready shortly," said Joyce and followed him.

Jenny sat in uncomfortable silence with Xander, the two of them eating away at the pile of cookies. "They're very nice," said Xander after a few minutes.

"Yes," agreed Jenny. He was kinda cute, she thought, pretty handsome in fact. "So you're single?" It was a surprise to her, but that was what Ted and Joyce had said.

He nodded, blushing slightly, "Yes. And you? After G-man, er Giles, I mean, er sorry, I shouldn't mention him if it bring back bad memories."

Jenny paused. It didn't really bring back bad memories, or good ones, Giles was just someone she used to know. "I had a brief fling with the Mayor."

Xander grinned broadly, with an infectious energy and enthusiasm which lit her up, "I'm not gay, but if I was I'd have him."

"I'm not gay either," she giggled, "and I did. He was great. Best bang ever. What about you?"

"Me, what?"

"Best bang, who the hottest you've fucked? You're way too gorgeous to be a virgin," she smiled and found her hand on his leg.

He blushed, "Well, not sure I should say..." he paused and before he could Ted came in.

He beamed happily, as if his two favourite pupils had just told him they'd been awarded scholarships to Harvard, "You too look like you're getting along," he said and deposited a fresh batch of cookies on the table. "What are you talking about?"

"Sex," admitted Xander.

"Xander was going to tell me who was his best bang," Jenny smiled.

"Well that's easy isn't it?" smiled Ted, "Why don't you tell her?" he turned to the kitchen and called, "Joyce come here."

Xander was red and Ted pushed the plate nearer to him to take a cookie. As they were on offer Jenny took one too as Joyce entered the room, a happy smile emblazoned across her face. "What is it darling?"

"Xander's just telling Jenny about the best bang," Ted said.

"Only woman I've banged," admitted Xander. He looked at Joyce and he went red, "Joyce."

"We dp'd her," said Ted.

"It was great," enthused Joyce, "Ted's always a stallion, he's my best bang. But Xander's so hung as well Jenny and he knew what to do so naturally I'd have thought I was his hundredth not his first."

Jenny looked at the teen stud next to her with new found respect and not a little lust. "Xander, you bad boy."

"You ought to have a look," said Ted with a smile.

"Can I?" giggled Jenny, shifting closer to Xander and giving him a sexy smile as she ran a hand over his thigh. The pants were risen. They rose higher as she did and Xander nodded, his gaze on her chest. The young teacher slipped down the zip and undid the buttons, before her hand reached under his boxers. The dick within felt hard as she wrapped her fingers round, it was thick and she could feel the pulse pumping as she gripped and pulled it out. "Mmmnn," she hummed admiringly, "So big, Joyce was right."

"It's only fair now you've got Xander's prick out that he gets to see your tits," said Ted. He reached out and took Joyce's waist, pulling the blonde Mom towards him. Jenny blushed a little, realising it was going faster than she had expected and with an under-age pupil as well (albeit he was seventeen and so big it would be a waste for that cock not to be in use). Ted sensed her discomfort. "Why don't you get yours out first Joyce? Show Jenny that's she not alone in having gorgeous boobs on show,"

"Good idea, Ted," Joyce smiled happily and undid the straps which covered (just about) the tits. They fell away and the dress followed it, leaving Joyce with just a suspender belt and panties. She posed, hand on hip, gently rocking so that her tits swayed like corn in a summer breeze.

"They're are good," said Jenny. Her hand went up Xander's member, gently stroking it, almost without her thinking about it. She was still a little worried about showing her titties, but she didn't want to be the odd one out, not now Joyce's were free. She forced a nervous smile and turned her back towards Xander, still keeping his dick in her hand, "Could you unzip me?"

"Yes," Xander answered with more enthusiasm than he ever showed in class. He tugged the zip down, without much finesse but with lots of force. Jenny wiggled her body and used her spare hand to push it down to her waist, glad she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Now they are nice tits," said Ted. "Have another cookie?"

"Thanks," said Jenny. Her spare hand reached forwards for the plate.

"Xander, you think they're nice?" Ted asked.

"They look pretty hot and sexy from where I'm sitting," the young man conceded with a grin.

"Why don't you give them a lick?" Ted asked, "That's if Jenny's happy with you having a go?"

"I am, give them a try," she smiled, leaning back on the couch. The teenager leant over her and his tongue slid round her nipple. Slow and gentle at first, like he was feeling his way, then increasingly fast and passionate, his tongue ramming out to bang at the teat and his lips crawling up the bosom to suck it in. Jenny gave a small moan of excitement, as her nipple stiffened. Her hand continued to roll up and down his dick, hopefully returning the pleasure.

"Ooohh," she moaned as he switched, suckling at her bosom with an eager energy. His teeth bit gently at the nub, stretching and worrying it as he pulled back, his gaze going upwards to her face and his eyes flashing in passion.

"Dinner's ready," called Joyce from the kitchen. Jenny gave a gasp of surprise, not realising the other woman had even left the room, and pushed back Xander blushing. He was red as well, but smiling. He licked his lips and pushed his cock back in his pants.

"Shall we go through?" Ted beamed, like Jenny and Xander hadn't been going at it in front of him. Jenny nodded and moved to pull her dress up. Ted shook his head, his beatific smile still etched on his face, "Don't bother to pull it up. There's no need for you to be shy, Joyce often eats topless."

Joyce wasn't just topless when they entered the kitchen she had also removed her underwear, her smooth slit on as wanton display as her large bouncy tits. She gestured at the plates on the table, on which were what looked like a cookie pie, with vegetables, gravy and chicken swimming inside. "It was Ted's recipe," the chef proudly said, "His cookies wrapped around the meal."

"It looks delicious," said Xander.

Jenny nodded in agreement. She was almost salivating as she sat, the aroma from the cookies almost overpowering her senses. She didn't wait for the others, or for Ted to pour a glass of orange juice, but dived right in. She was glad to see that neither Xander or Joyce were put out by her lack of manners but was also scooping up the meal with enthusiasm. Ted sat down and ate his more delicately, and if the others concentrated on the cookies with the rest as an afterthought, he was the other way round. He also kept the conversation going as the other three were too engrossed in eating to talk. Unsurprisingly he was an engaging conversationalist, in line with his general affability and charm, telling them off how he and Joyce had met. They'd hit it off straight away and within a few minutes he'd been butt-fucking her in the storage room and they'd moved in together the next night. Jenny could see the attraction, and looking at Xander beside her, was sure she too would be doing a first-date fuck later (albeit a couple of hours after meeting, not ten minutes).

"So what about you Jenny? Do you enjoy anal?" he asked as she finished the last bit of cookie pie.

"I... yes, I've only done it once. A few weeks ago, with the Mayor. He was very big."

"Like Xander," Ted grinned and winked at the teenager, who blushed slightly.

"Yes," said Jenny, though she thought the Mayor was perhaps near an inch bigger.

"Joyce is a real anal fiend, aren't you?"

"Oh yes, I can't get enough," the blonde Milf said as she put her cutlery together in the middle of the plate, "I love getting it morning, noon and night from Ted. He's got such stamina, like a machine, I swear he can cum half a dozen times and still get hard when my lips go round his big dick."

"Speaking of blow-jobs," said Ted reasonably, "How about instead of dessert, Jenny, we go into the lounge and you and Joyce suck Xander and me."

Jenny turned her head to look at the teenage stud beside her, she knew he was her pupil and it was wrong, but they both wanted it and she was so horny for him - he was the perfect blind-date. Her smile asked the question, "Xander?"

"Oh God, yes," he nodded.

She stood and took his hand, the two of them following Ted and Joyce into the main room. Once inside Joyce slipped down to her knees and began to undo Ted's pants. Jenny didn't join her straight away, pausing long enough to remove her dress so she was just wearing a very tiny pair of panties and her suspenders. Even that was more dressed than the blonde, who's nakedness was on full display. Xander didn't seem to mind the delay, kicking off his own shoes and undoing the pants himself.

"That's so large," Jenny said as she knelt down in front of her student. His hard cock stuck out, inches from her face. Beside her Joyce was slathering over Ted's large dick, it was supersize as well and Jenny could see why the older blonde loved having her boyfriend in her. She moved her face closer to Xander and let out an exploratory tongue.

"Yes, God," groaned Xander at her touch. His entire body trembled with desire. She could feel it as her tongue went out a second time, tracing a long slow glide down his large dick, the dong trembling at her touch. She slid round and up, looking up at his face with lustful eyes. His expression was alive with desire for her, his teacher. She smiled and wrapped her tongue round his dick, the lithe muscle sliding over his erect gland, leaving lines of dampness. Circling his dick, she could feel him revving, ready like a racing car on the grid. She wasn't in a hurry, she wanted to tease him and make him so horny and hard before she moved into pleasure him. She wanted him to be able to tell his friends about how good a cock-sucker she was, that she wasn't just a quick gobbler, but a queen of the oral arts. Her tongue flickered down, the tip tapping at his testicles, making the heavy balls swing gently as she probed forward. He moaned "Oh God, I'm a believer."

Jenny smiled, she wasn't, techno-pagan's didn't believe in old men with beards. They did believe in large cock though and how it good it felt to have your lips round it. She opened them and slid down the member, her jaw opening wider the further she went. Her gaze remained glued to Xander, watching out for any hint that this wasn't a perfect blow-job. His face remained wide in rapture, his mouth half-open and his eyes glazed. She moved deeper, taking him further.

She could hear Joyce's enthusiastic slurps as the blonde hammered her head down, bouncing and bobbing like an eager teenager in a mosh pit. The younger woman was just as eager, but wanted to make it last; there would be time to go to town on
Xander's dick in a moment, but for now it was building up. Releasing her mouth from his cock Jenny lowered her head and face under it, licking up at the thick shaft. Slowly her tongue glid down the gland until she got to the balls and her mouth opened to gently suck in the sac. Xander groaned with pleasure, his entire body tensing and relaxing all at once. "God," he murmured in prayer again.

"Grrrrhhh, grrrrrhhh," Joyce's face hammered down the dick next to her, Ted's expression showing his appreciation.

Jenny opened her mouth wide and took Xander's cock again. A drip of pre-cum landed in her mouth - salty, but good. The teasing had gone far enough, now it was time to show Xander what a date she could be. Her mouth pushed down his massive member, stretching her jaw. She couldn't take it all at once - it was way too big (probably the second largest she'd seen after the Mayor) so she bobbed back and forth, each time taking more. Increasing speed she let her tongue drive down the bottom of his prick, adding to his pleasure and her hands reached round to grab his ass, holding onto to the firm buttocks like they were safety handles.

"Oh God, oh yes God," Xander moaned, his eyes rolling upwards and his hand gripping her shoulders.

"Good yes, good," Ted said. He was probably speaking to Joyce who was well down his dick, but the words encouraged Jenny as well. The teacher drove down her pupil's stick, harder and faster, taking his cock so deep into her throat it was banging at her taste buds. She wanted to gag, she wanted to take him all the way - she did both, choking on the bile and cock, swallowing one and letting the other swill out through the crack in her lips. Xander was jerking his hips, working his dick into her mouth.

"Oh yessss, Joyce," Ted grunted in pleasure. He pumped into the blonde's mouth a couple more times before pulling his dick out. Jenny could see the cum in Joyce's mouth as the Milf swallowed some and let the rest pour out of her chin and boobs. She thrust her own face down Xander's cock, concentrating on his pleasure. His hands were gripping her shoulders, the nails needle sharp in her flesh. Down she pushed, the dick entering her throat and making her gag some more. She didn't mind, all that mattered was making Xander cum.

And with her throat muscles joining in, it didn't take long. "God. I'm cumming."

"Why don't you cum in her mouth Xander?" Ted said from the couch, "Jenny would like that."

Jenny made a nodding motion, her head bouncing forward as fast as it could. Xander groaned again, his body as tense and hard as his cock. She felt the blast of cum exploding against the back of her throat before she tasted it, so salty it made her eyes water even more, but so smooth it flowed down her oesophagus like melted chocolate. There was so much she couldn't hold it and even as Xander was withdrawing his softening dick cum was sliding out with it, trickling down her chin. She swallowed what she could and licked at the rest, trying to get as much as possible.

"I knew you'd hit it off," smiled Ted, sitting on one couch with a naked Joyce on his knee. "Didn't I?"

"You did, sexy," giggled the blonde, cuddling into him as she spoke.

"You were so large and manly, Xander," giggled Jenny as she stood up.

He nodded and took her hand, leading her to the other couch. She sat down on his lap, allowing him to place his hand on her inner thigh and stroke up, inches from her moist hole. "That was great, you were so hot. I've a confession to make though."

"Go on," giggled Jenny, sure that whatever her said wouldn't be off-putting enough that she wouldn't want seconds of his marvellous rod.

"You're pretty much the hottest teacher in school, I've often jerked myself off imagining fucking you."

Jenny laughed, "Is that all? Now you don't need to bother, I can do the jerking off... and more." She twisted on his lap so that she was able to place her hand on his cock and rub it. The organ was still wet with cum, but it rose to the occasion. Her hand moved up and down it, drying it whilst keeping it hard.

"Look at those two lovebirds, Joyce," said Ted and his girlfriend nodded, even as she was dropping down and licking his cock back into an erection. For a moment he lay back and relaxed, his arms spread out over the back of the sofa as Joyce's tongue wrapped round his rapidly hardening cock. Then he grinned at Xander, "You should get those panties off Jenny and then we should take her and Joyce upstairs and fuck them hard."

"Yes," grinned Xander and Jenny nodded her eager agreement. She stood up and wiggled her ass at Xander, who moved behind her and hooked his thumbs into her panties. It didn't take much effort to remove them and she kicked them away once they reached her ankles.

Swinging round, she faced him, the thin strip of neatly shaved pussy hair the only adornment to her naked cunt. "So what do you think? Ready to bang a hot teacher."

"More than ready" grinned Xander, his eyes fixed on her cunt and she could almost smell his desire for it.

"Let's go upstairs," Ted said, taking Joyce by the hand and leading her up, "We better use our room, Buffy hates it when we cover her bedding in cum."

"Both of us, together," Jenny said. She had a feeling that was even more taboo than just banging a student, or even a couple of women sucking a couple of guys together. Not that she cared.

"If that's okay with you," Ted smiled, "The two of you have a cookie, finish them off."

Jenny certainly wasn't going to say no to that offer and even as she and Xander were following Joyce and Ted they were eating a couple of crumbling cookies, the taste of them even better than Xander's cum.

In the main bedroom Joyce eagerly got down on one side of the bed and with equal enthusiasm Jenny joined her. The two women spread themselves, their fingers reaching down to rub and massage their pussies, gently opening them to show the pink. Xander and Ted removed the rest of their clothes, until they were naked, their hard dicks pointing like lances at the women's juicy cunts.

"Come fuck me big boy," giggled Jenny.

"Please give me your cock," begged Joyce, her fingers prying her hole even further apart.

The two men, one young, one older got on the bed and onto the women. Jenny gasped in pleasure as Xander guided his large dick into her slick hole. She could feel the tunnel stretching and expanding to meet his girth, gripping round the large dick like it was plastic moulding. The bed rocked and shuddered as the men thrust down and the women jerked up. Xander was in all the way, his balls pressing and bouncing at Jenny as went up and down, his hands on either side of her and his pecs beating down onto her tits. Beside her Joyce was shivering and shuddering as well, her legs trembling, spread apart to allow Ted easy access.

"OOohhh, oohhhh," Jenny gasped as Xander's cock found her erogenous zone and proceeded to pummel it. "Ooooohh, yesss." The pleasure arrived within moments, waves of ecstasy which crashed through her like a storm. Her body twisted and turned, as she both rose to meet him and dropped down under the teen's thudding thrusts. She reached round and grabbed his back, holding it tight.

"Uurrrh, uurrrhhh," Jenny turned her head to see Joyce. The blonde's face was contorting, the muscles in it straining against the skin as if they wanted to break lose. The Milf's eyes were wide and her mouth open, gasping out little plants of pleasure. Jenny could see the boobs bounce and swing with every violent thrust, leaping and jumping like beans on a stove. Her own tighter dancer's ones, jiggled as well, swaying like wobbling jelly as Xander hit her pussy. Joyce turned her head momentarily to look back and gasp out a smile, "UUrrrhhh, yesss, give it us, ram our wet cunts."

She was speaking for both women and both men responded, pounding their naked bodies harder and faster, ramming their dicks into the soaked twats.

They switched positions so that Jenny and Joyce were on their hands and knees, Ted and Xander behind them powering in. Jenny squeaked and squealed loudly, her shrieks almost as loud as Joyce's as she too was pleasured by the big dicks. The sounds of thighs thwacking at flesh competed with the screams and cries, the low pitched guttural grunts of the guys adding to the mix. Jenny grasped the bedding, gripping it tightly and screamed again, "AAArrrggghh, yessss, give it me Xander, give it me."

Her cunt was soaked, the juice lubricating Xander's massive dick and dripping from her lips onto the quilt. She was sweating as well, her perspiration running down her arms and face, and she was nothing like as much as Xander who was putting in all the effort, ramming her so energetically that his cock threatened to tear through her tunnel. It was lucky they weren't using Buffy's bed, the blonde Slayer would be returning to a bed which looked like it had been hit by a hurricane in rainy season. "Harder, Xander, yessss, harder," Jenny screamed, wanting to ruin the quilt even more.

The young man was up to the challenge, his hands gripping her tightly as he drove forward. Another orgasm hit her, and her body felt like it was ablaze with flaming ecstasy. She had a vague idea that when she'd first saw Xander this evening she'd thought the blind date was a bad idea, but she had no idea why. Nor why it was wrong for students and teachers to fuck. Xander was her all, his cock was what she needed and any life which didn't involve it pounding her cunt was a life as false as a bad Broadway play.

"AAarrrghhh, yessss, Ted, I want that cock so good," Joyce shrieked and squealed beside Jenny. There was something even sexier than normal being banged in company, hearing and seeing another woman taking cock as she was, especially when the man ramming her was Ted, a dish and a half. She had never had a foursome, not even at college, but feeling Xander behind her and hearing Ted's pants and seeing Joyce's face contorting next to her, Jenny was sure she'd be wanting one again. Joyce screamed again, "Aarrrghh, fuccck, yessss!"

Jenny screamed out in unison, "OOoohhh, God, harder, aaaaarrgghh." The screams of pleasure rent the room.

The bed pounded at the wall, denting the wallpaper and leaving chips in its own woodwork. The cocks drove down and in. Orgasms hit both women, their bodies arching and bending as they had some of the best sex ever, Xander and Ted putting Casanova to shame with their skilled and energetic fucking. Jenny's cunt was soaked, the cum covering her lips and mound, dripping like a steady drizzle. Her dancer's tits jiggled beneath her, firm and round they swayed and jerked, the nipples red and pointed like little caps. Xander's hands were gripping her hard, his fingers stabbing at the flesh. "God, you're so hot," he panted, not slowing for a second.

"Ooohh yessss, aaaarrgggh, fuck me Xander, give your teacher your cock," Jenny shrieked resolving to give him an A+ no matter the quality of his next homework assignment. Another orgasmic wave hit her, like a tidal wave of warm pleasure. "Yesssss, fucckkk, aaaarrghhh."

"Let's swap holes," Ted grunted, "and give these pair a good anal reaming."

"Oh yes, ram my ass," Joyce gasped in agreement and Jenny nodded enthusiastically.

The teacher lay her face down on the bed, raising her ass up and reaching round to grasp her cheeks, easing them apart so her rosebud was in display. Xander's saliva trickled down the crack as he spat, his finger immediately pressing at the sphincter, opening it so the spit could trickle in. He turned and twisted, working the hole's entry so it was ready for her. She heard a groan from beside her and could see Joyce's face twisting as she began to rock, Ted's dick already in the blonde's butt. Jenny felt jealous that the older blonde was already getting dick, but she was aware that her ass was less well-used. It had been virgin until she'd met the Mayor and it was still tight, Xander was in for a treat.

She shivered impatiently waiting for Xander to get his thick prick into her ass. He seemed to spend hours prepping her, but it was probably only a couple of minutes until he pulled out his finger and she felt the tip of his cock pressing on her entrance. "Fuck me," she moaned, confirming to him how much she wanted it, "Ram my butt."

He rammed in and it was magic.

His first thrust broke through the crater, even if only went in a couple of inches. But even as Jenny was realising he was in, he was pulling back and thrusting again. Hard, deeper, forcing the tunnel open with his iron dick. Jenny gasped her hands reaching out in front of her to grip the bedding. One connected with Joyce's and the blond took it, holding it as she shook in pleasure. Xander rammed and rammed, each time going further, opening Jenny's reluctant asshole with his vigorous pounding. There was a sore ache in her hole as the walls stretched, but it was nothing compared to the sexual bliss that was flowing through her. Jenny cried out, recognising that she was an anal fiend. How she had ignored butt-sex for the last ten years she would never understand, but she wouldn't be ignoring it now - her whole life would be dedicated to anal fucking. She squealed out, "Fuccckkk yeesss," as Xander's cock went in all the way.

The bed rocked under the pressure as Ted and Xander ploughed the two women's back holes. Jenny shrieked in pleasure and Joyce was equally as loud, she squeezed Jenny's hand in friendship as she came and Jenny squeezed back. She was loving getting her ass banged in company, it made it seem even more intense. Xander's balls slapped at her, big and heavy, filled with cum. He gripped her waist and panted as he pumped, giving her his all. "Yes, take it, all the way, God."

"Uuurrhh, yesss, fuck me Xander, ooohhh shit yes, I want that dick," she cried back, her tushy shuddering as he pounded into it.

"Aarrrghhh, yes Ted, ram my ass, you know how much I need your big cock," squealed Joyce, her mouth twisting as she cried out.

Ted and Xander sped up, slamming their dicks all the way in and making the women sob with pleasure.

They switched positions again, this time Xander and Ted sat on the bed's edge and Joyce and Jenny lowered their asses reverse cowgirl. They had been opened so wide they slid down easily and within seconds the two women were riding the cocks, bouncing up and down on them, their tits jiggling and jerking and their faces contorting in ecstasy. The two other's grasped their waists, holding them firmly in position as they rose up to meet them.

"Aarrrrghh, fuck, this is too much, fuccckkk, I love having my ass rammed so hard," Jenny shrieked. She slammed down hard and Xander speared upwards, her walls giving easily so his cock went balls deep.

"Joyce, you should give Jenny a kiss, nice and hot," suggested Ted.

Jenny had never kissed another woman before, she hadn't even thought about it, even at college. But with Joyce naked and sweaty beside her, her hair awry and her large tits swaying and with them both anally impaled on a pair of huge dicks it seemed an excellent idea. Jenny slowed her riding and leaned the few inches to the side so that she met Joyce half-way. The blonde's Milf's mouth was already open by the time Jenny got to it and she did the same. Their lips moved round each other, circling and exploring as their tongues darted and probed, the make-out made more passionate as the guys slowed their fucking to a more sedate, almost casual, pace.

Without warning Jenny felt Joyce's fingers on her snatch, the older blonde gently massaging over the lips and up pressing up to the clit. It felt good and Jenny knew she should return the favour. She reached down and began to rub the blonde's shaven pussy, it was velvety soft and smooth, moist over the lips and crack. Joyce kissed her harder and she kissed back. Every hole was being touched and pleasure flowed through her.

"That's so hot," grunted Xander, pushing his cock up Jenny's butt.

"Yes," agreed Ted, as he too went up, "I knew Joyce was a natural fuckaholic, but it seems Jenny is as well."

She felt so proud. She had never thought of herself as being particularly nymphomaniacal, she'd enjoyed sex, but no more than most and possibly less than some. But here she was, making out lesbian style, whilst anally riding a dick; and all on a first date. Not that she regretted any of it, this was the best blind date she'd ever been on, Ted and Joyce had been so right in picking Xander, he fitted her ass like his dick was made for it. Any reservations she had about fucking one of her pupils were dissolving away and she twisted slightly on his dick so that her spare hand could fondle the titty of another student's Mom. Joyce's tongue reached forward and her lips enclosed Jenny's.

"Let's pick up the pace, Xander and glaze these holes," Ted said.

He and Xander pounded up hard, the force of their thrust breaking the two women's kisses. Jenny squealed in pleasure, her tunnel being shredded by Xander's huge member. He rammed her up and she bounced so hard her hands shot away from Joyce. She leaned back on the teenager, planting one palm on the bed for balance and vigorously rubbing her clit with the other. Beside her Joyce was squealing and shrieking, confirming Ted's diagnosis of her as a fuckaholic. Though as Jenny was shrieking just as loudly and enjoying Xander's dick as much as her friend was enjoying Ted the description equally held true for her. As the orgasms claimed her Jenny was sure fuckaholism was the cure, not the disease. "Aaarrrrgghhh, yessss, yessss, I'm cumming."

"Me too," grunted Xander.

Jenny could sense the pop of his cock and then the cum flooding into her butthole, blast after blast of it, like a machinegun spraying. It filled her hole, warm and soft, the goo running down the tunnel as Xander pulled out. It dripped down her butt and thighs as she collapsed on the bed, exhausted and sated. Xander lay back beside her.

"Aaarrrrggghh," Joyce screamed and bucked as Ted suddenly stopped his pumping and beamed broadly. Moments later Joyce slid off his cock, her butthole dripping cum as well. She fell down next to Jenny, panting in pleasure.

Ted grinned, "That was a great night."

"Yes," agreed Jenny and Xander murmured something indistinct but which seemed to be in line with Jenny and Ted's view.

"You enjoyed your blind-date?" Ted grinned.

"A lot," giggled Jenny.

"I knew you would, I can tell you're a good couple," Ted said. Then just to end the night on a perfect note Ted stood up, "Why don't I go and bake a fresh batch of cookies and then you two lovebirds can arrange another date?"

* * *

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