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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Cookie Monster Part 7 (MmF, anal, dp)
by LL

"Hello Xander," Ted grinned in welcome, standing back from the door to allow the teen boy to enter.

Xander knew the drill, no invites ever. He stepped inside and waited until Ted had shut the door behind him so there could be no confusion whether he'd stepped over the threshold or not. "Is Buffy around?" he asked.

Ted frowned, "She's gone out with Willow."

"Oh," replied Xander. That wasn't surprising in itself, the two girls often went to the theatre to see some slushy rom-com without him, correct in their assessment he'd rather amputate his testicles with a dull spoon than watch Julia Roberts make eyes at George Clooney. But he was sure she'd said she'd be in this evening and to pop round, "Um, we were going to do some study."

"Are you sure? She's not going to be back to late," Ted looked concerned as if Xander had just told him he was loosing a kidney, not got the wrong evening.

Xander briefly pondered, Buffy had been a little strange recently, even before Giles had been murdered. But he was also aware that he wasn't always Mr Reliable and as Buffy had been talking about school work (with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm) he'd zoned a little and she might not have said tonight. In fact if she wasn't here she'd almost certainly not said it. "No, I'm not sure. Tell her I came round - no don't, she'll think I'm goofy."

"Okay," Ted gave him a sympathetic look as if her understood every teenage woe. Then he grinned, "Tell you what, why don't you stay and have a cookie? I've just whipped up a fresh batch."

"Yeah great," Xander said, immediately wondering why teenagers had any angst, when they lived in a world that had Ted's cookies. Perhaps he'd been a little too gushing, he was supposed to be a moody teen like all the books said. He dialled down his enthusiasm to a more societally acceptable level, "I mean I could have the one."

"They're in the kitchen," smiled Ted and led the way.

Xander could smell them as he walked through the house, and he hoped he wasn't salivating. Whilst he was a virgin and couldn't be sure, he thought that Ted's cookie were better than sex, and even if they weren't the cookies were available and no nympho Sunnydale High cheerleaders were.

"Hello Xander," Joyce Summers was in the kitchen, tidying a desktop.

"Hi Mrs S," Xander replied, trying to look at her without being seen to look at her whilst not making it obvious he wasn't looking at her. He could see where Buffy got her hotness from and it wasn't from her Dad. Of course in ranking Mrs Summers high in the sexy league he helped by the fact that she was wearing the tiniest skirt imaginable and a black lacy bra which probably should have been covered by a blouse but wasn't.

"Have a cookie," said Ted and gestured to the plate on the table.

Xander sat an angle so that he could pretend he was facing Ted, whilst actually just missing his eyeline to gaze over his shoulder at Joyce. He took a cookie and bit into it, damn they were good. He glanced at Joyce, sure her ass was wiggling at him as she polished the counter. His 'not-looking look' obviously wasn't successful as Ted turned round to see what he was staring at. The older man grinned, "Enjoying the view?"

"Um, the view?" Xander's practised technique when faced with difficult questions was to show ignorance in the hope the questioner lost interest.

It didn't work with teachers and it didn't work with Ted, "Joyce's butt. You were looking at it."

Xander blushed red, this was much more challenging than any math question (well most math questions, he was still struggling with the one about Pi from earlier that morning). He was given a moments grace as without waiting for an answer Ted pushed the plate towards him, "Have another cookie, Xander."

The teen grabbed one and jammed it in his mouth, if he was chewing he couldn't talk and if he couldn't talk Ted might change the subject. The older man turned back and looked at his lover again, a slow smile spreading across his face, "I don't blame you. It's a fine ass, don't you think?"

He turned back to Xander who finished chewing and with Ted's eyes on him couldn't take another bite without obviously avoiding the question. "Yes?" he said as if he was unsure of the answer.

Ted nodded and turned back to Joyce, "Lift your skirt, let Xander take a look."

Xander was half way through a bite of the cookie and he nearly choked it down as Joyce lifted up the skirt, showing her ass. Not only was she not wearing panties, but she started to lightly bounce her naked buttocks at them. Xander stared at the jiggling round cheeks, wondering if he was on some sort of adult version of Candid Camera. "They're nice aren't they Xander?" Ted said, as if he was talking about the new wallpaper.

"Yeah," Xander nodded, transfixed.

"What about her tits? Show Xander your tits Joyce," Ted instructed as Xander's mouth fell open, letting some crumbs tumble out. The fortysomething Milf turned round, pulling her bra down as she did so her titties spilled over the material.

"What do you think Xander?" Ted asked and Xander managed a nod. Ted smiled, "Are they hot?" Joyce was smiling and cupping her hands under them, lifting and playing with the two titties, her fingers starting to move round the nubs sensually making them erect. It wasn't the only thing, Xander's cock rose in his pants, straining uncomfortably at the material. He nodded quickly and nervously and without permission reached for another cookie. Ted grinned and pushed the plate nearer, before edging his chair back so that he could get a better look at Joyce's juggling jugs as well as giving Xander a better view.

For a minute the blonde Milf continued to play with them, teasing her nipples and Xander and smiling naughtily at him, whilst Ted looked on. Xander ate his cookie and was tempted to go for another. But before he could Ted scraped his seat forward so that he was at the edge of the table, blocking Xander's view. The teen wasn't sure whether to sigh sadly or breathe out in relief that the embarrassing, but sexy, show had been curtailed. He didn't have to make the choice. Ted patted his knee, "Come sit down Joyce," he said and the blonde immediately obeyed, sitting on his knee opposite Xander.

The older man grinned and gently stroked her thigh. His hand went higher, to her skirt and lifting it up. Xander's mouth fell open as Joyce slowly opened her thighs, giggling like a naughty schoolgirl as she showed him her perfect pussy. Ted's hand moved down and he gently slid his fingers over her cunt lips, brushing them sensually. "I like my pussies shaven so you can get a good look, what about you?"

"Um, the same," said Xander, thinking this wasn't a conversation he could imagine having with his own Dad.

"Joyce's makes sure she keeps it trim," said Ted. His fingers arched across the slit, opening it and Xander could see the pink insides. His dick was so stiff it was actually hurting. Ted smiled, seemingly unaware of Xander's discomfort. He rubbed the pussy gently, the top of his finger entering the crevasse and swishing through the flesh. "I'm guessing a stallion like you, Xander, is getting lots of ass."

"Um, well..." Xander said.

"I can't believe they're not lining up, the hot little things," said Ted, smiling, "You'd be a catch for them."

"Most of them don't seem to be fishing," admitted Xander.

"Really?" Ted seemed shocked, "Teenage girls today, it's terrible, there should be laws."

Xander agreed, though he couldn't see what the Government could actually do; even Clinton wouldn't pass legislation requiring women to bang uncool teen guys.

"What about Joyce?" asked Ted.

"Um, what about her?" Xander asked back, unsure what the question meant.

"Would you like to fuck her? Have another cookie," Ted smiled cheerfully and pushed the plate at a stunned Xander.

The teen stuffed two cookies in at once, blinking furiously and wondering if he'd died and gone to heaven - they really were that good. He shook his head and forced himself back to the present. Ted was still smiling benignly at him and Joyce was still sitting on her boyfriend's knee, her pussy spread for him by the aforesaid boyfriend. He certainly thought she was hot, but she was Buffy's Mom and Ted's girlfriend. He bit into the cookie again, chewing it slowly and thinking, Ted was offering her and Buffy wasn't here.

"What do you think Joyce?" Ted asked. "Would you like to take this young hunk of manhood upstairs and let him bang your brains out?"

"Oh yes, Ted," Joyce tittered again, "You know I would."

Ted turned back to Xander, "Can I ask you a blunt question?" Xander nodded and wished he hadn't swallowed the last of the cookie. Ted fixed him with a stare, "Are you a virgin?"

"Depends what you call a virgin, technically you could put me in that ballpark," admitted Xander.

Ted grinned, "So what better way to become a man than with fucking your friend's hot Mom, they've even coined a word for it Milf - Mother I'd like to fuck," Xander knew that, he'd seen American Pie (with a girl in it who was a doppelganger for Will). He nodded as Ted placed his hands on Joyce's inner thigh and pushed them apart, so her pussy was even more on show. "And you heard, Joyce, she'd love to give it you."

"Oh yes, Xander," she purred, "I'd love your dick in me, then you can shoot over my gorgeous titties and my face; that would be so hot for me."

"One more cookie and then decision time, do you stay or do you go?" Ted pushed the plate back at Xander.

"I stay," said Xander and took a cookie.

"Good man," Ted nodded and patted Joyce, encouraging her to stand, "Take him upstairs, I'm going to put on another batch of cookies."

"Yes, Ted," giggled Joyce. She reached out for Xander, taking his hand and leading him from the kitchen and up the stairs. The journey to the bedroom was short, but to Xander a blur, his brain still struggling to kick in. The door closed behind them and Joyce pulled off her bra, standing topless in front of him. "You want to give them a feel, don't be shy?" she said brazenly.

Xander reached forward, unable to believe his luck and slid his hands gently over them, massaging them so softly it was like he was scared they were made of porcelain. Joyce smiled and giggled, "Give them a squeeze Xander, grip them harder."

He did as he was told, squashing them in his hand and feeling the soft flesh moving beneath his fingers. She moaned gently, her eyes glazing and her mouth slipping ajar. He squeezed them harder, kneading the flesh, feeling his confidence rise.

"Suck them Xander, lick my tits," Joyce murmured and he did so, his mouth moving to connect with the teats. His tongue swung out and slipped around nipple, feeling it becoming erect as he ran over it. Opening his mouth, he sucked, swallowing the teat. Joyce moaned and giggled, her back bending gently, her body swaying. He quickly moved to the second, repeating the process, his tongue darting out and around to tease the nipple before his lips clamped down on it, drawing it into his mouth. "MMmnnn, yes my big boy, that's good."

Her hands were down at his pants, undoing the belt and buttons. Before he knew it her hands were under the material pushing it down with his boxers, leaving his erect cock sticking out. "Let me lick something now," she murmured sexually and dropped to her haunches in front of him.

"Oh fuck, shit, God, damnation, crapping hell," Xander gasped as the Milf's tongue swung round and over his erect organ. He'd never imagined that he'd be in Joyce Summer's room as she knelt in front of him, her tongue polishing his dick - or rather he had imagined it, several times, but it was a fantasy he'd never expected to turn into reality. He couldn't think that he'd be able to ever look Buffy in the face again, though on the plus side Joyce's expertise with her tongue was even more enjoyable than his late night fantasies had suggested.

And it was about to get better.

"Fucking hell, Christ, shit," he cried out in delighted surprise as the older blonde's mouth opened and sailed down his dick. She looked up at him with dirty eyes, daring him to object as she slid her wet lips over his manhood. Down she went and up, slowly and sensually, allowing him to get used to it as she went a little deeper each time. Her hands reached for his pants dragging them down to his ankles and he stepped out of them. Joyce looked up, as her head slid downwards, her gaze locking with his, sexual and exhilarating. He let out a shuddering breath as his cock slipped further into her warm, wet mouth. He could feel her tongue gently wiggling at the underside, teasing the erect gland. It was hard to believe this was Buffy's Mom, but it was.

One of her hands was undoing her skirt, casting the material away. As soon as it was gone her hand moved to her pussy stroking it in time with her bobs, her finger slipping over the wet slit. Xander groaned and took in a deep breath, the oxygen slipping through his gritted teeth. "Oh fucking God, yes, fuck," he groaned as Joyce got deeper and deeper, until she was swallowing him whole, her red lips pressing at his balls. He gasped, exhaling in shock, looking down at her face, the mouth opened and round his dick, her eyes blurred as she struggled to take it all. For a second she remained frozen, his cock buried deep in her mouth and then she fell back gasping.

"Xander, you're so big, almost Ted sized," she giggled. He nodded, sure this was a good thing, and then gasped as her mouth returned to his cock again. If before she'd been slow and steady, taking him gradually in, this time she was speed and pace, her head banging like her neck was broken. He grunted and shuddered as she went up and down his cock, sucking it in enthusiastically. Her round tits bounced and jiggled as she went for it and her hand rubbed vigorously at her pussy.

"Fucking shit, fuck, fuck, fuck," Xander gasped, his legs feeling weak with pleasure as she sucked him hard. He leant forward, resting his hands gently on her shoulders for balance and swore some more. Joyce's mouth zoomed down his member, taking it in and bouncing at his balls. He had never had a blowjob before, so wasn't sure how she compared to others, but if she wasn't a champion cock-sucker he'd probably explode if her ever met one. She was going at with an enthusiasm and eagerness that was almost obscene, sucking him like a woman who hadn't eaten for a year. He vaguely thought he should feel guilty for having his prick swallowed by Buffy's Mom, but it was hard to feel concern about that when he was close to exploding with ecstasy.

Then almost as quickly as she'd descended, her mouth was off his prick. He looked down at her wondering if he'd done something wrong or whether she was about to restart. She smiled and stood, "let's get this T-shirt off and you should get rid of your pumps as well." He kicked them off as she lifted his T-shirt, pulling it up over his head, leaving him in just his socks, which was more than Joyce was wearing. The Milf grinned and turned, sashaying over to her bed, "I didn't want to waste than gorgeous cock of yours in my mouth, not when there's my horny cunt to fill." She dropped onto the bed, her legs spreading.

Xander almost sprinted to join her. Joyce giggled and licked her lips enticingly as he got on the bed, her hand went down to her cunt and her fingers spread her other lips, showing her hole. His cock was hard and ready for her twat as he moved to board her. For the first time a woman's hand gripped his dick, guiding it to her hole. He could feel the tip touching her slit and then slipping in, the warm and wet walls seeming to massage it in greeting. He pressed forward, more of his prick entering her cunt, the tunnel opening to receive it before closing in like a gentle hand.

"Mmmnn, yes Xander enter me, I want that big cock all the way," Joyce smiled sexily beneath him, her eyes connecting with his and her hands placing on his back, gripping him like she was worried he might get up. Not that Xander had any intention of going anywhere but down; his luck was in and if Ted was happy that he banged Joyce and Joyce was also eager Xander was more than happy to oblige. And perhaps afterwards he could have one of Ted's freshly baked cookies.

He thrust in, feeling his cock driving in, the pussy welcoming it. He slammed again and again, soon getting into a rhythmic pattern, his balls slapping at Joyce's cunt lips. Her fingers clawed at his back and her thighs gripped his, "Give it me Xander, ram me hard. I want your big cock... mmmnnn fuck me like I'm my slutty daughter."

Xander definitely had a crush on Buffy, but at this moment she was taking second place to her hot Mom. He pounded forward, driving all the way in, feeling Joyce's body rocking and shuddering under his, her boobs bouncing and jiggling at his naked chest, her face a mask of pleasure. Again he rose and fell, hammering in and out, faster and harder, letting his most primitive instincts guide him. Joyce squealed and gasped, her legs reaching up and wrapping round him, dragging him down into her hole. The pussy grasped and massaged his cock, a continual wet stimulus, far better than how his hand had ever felt. He pushed forward, the hot dampness of her cunt washing his dick. It was so great he was beginning to revise his opinion of sex verses Ted's cookies, at the very least the choice between banging Joyce and eating one of the delectable treats would be a hard one.

"Ooohhh, yesss, yessss, Xander, take me hard," Joyce cried out. Her nails dug into his back, "Bang me so hard I cum."

Xander was carried away with passion, ramming forward as fast and hard as he could. He panted and grunted, using every ounce of strength to slam the Milf as deep and violently as she seemed to want. She screamed once more, shrieking her enjoyment, "AAarrrghhh, ooohhh yessss, Xander, you're making me cum, aaaaarrghhh."

He hammered on, his body slapping hard at hers, his dick driving as deep as he could. Sweat formed on his brow, trickling down his face and stinging his eye - he didn't care. He'd forgotten Buffy and Willow and Ted downstairs and Giles in his grave; all that existed was Joyce and all that mattered was having his dick in her. The Milf's nails were in his back, scratching like claws and her legs clamped him like a vice. With each thrust her face twisted and contorted, her cries wild and loud, "AAarrrghh. yessss, harder, fuck, aaaaarrghh, give it me deep."

Xander continued to pound, matching her passion with his own. His dick drove through the soaking hole, the pink flesh gripping round it. His chest bounced on her boobs, squashing them down onto her. He grunted and panted, his hands palm down beside her, his ass rising and falling at speed. Sweat covered him, making him cool and sticky at the same time. "Aaaarrrrghhh," Joyce screamed, her hair pushing back and her curly blonde hair waving like she was caught in a sudden gale. "Yessssss."

"Fuck," gasped Xander in reply, "I'm going to cum."

"Over me," gasped Joyce and he quickly withdrew, grabbing his dick and pumping it.
His entire body seemed to be made of jelly and every nerve went into sensory overload. The cum blasted from his cock , zipping out like flames from a flame-thrower, splattering across her large boobs and over her chin and face. Joyce giggled and smiled as his cum land over her, waiting until he finished before sliding out her tongue and running it over her lips, washing away the salty goo.

Xander collapsed onto his back, still panting and fighting for breath, as if he'd run all the way up a skyscraper's stairs.

The door opened and in walked Ted. Xander was instantly galvanised, grabbing a pillow and covering his dick with it and blushing as if Ted hadn't been the one that sent him up, but had just found them in a secret liaison. Ted, on the other hand, was smiling broadly and holding a plate of cookies. They smelt delicious. "I thought the pair of you might want some freshly baked," Ted said.

Xander had to admit that fucking made him peckish and so he shuffled across the bed to grab one, still holding the pillow. As soon as he bit it he felt less embarrassed, Ted had sent him up here to bang Joyce, so he was hardly going to mind that Xander was naked on his bed. He relaxed and chewed, tasting the sweetness as it crumbled in his mouth.

"So how was Joyce then?" Ted asked conversationally, pulling of his shoes, "Did you enjoy her?"

"Yes," Xander nodded.

"He came all over my tits," said Joyce proudly.

"Good," said Ted and started to undo his shirt, leaving Xander a little confused about what was going on and why Ted was getting changed in front of him. Ted's shirt came off and then his vest. "Did you try her ass?"

"Er.. no," said Xander, frowning in puzzlement as Ted undid his belt.

"You should, it's to die for," said Ted, pulling down his pants and boxers and stepping out of them so he was as naked as Xander (and almost as naked as the sockless Joyce). He grinned at the young man before turning back to Joyce, "On your knees," he said and the Milf grinned happily as she obeyed.

"Should I, y'know, get dressed and go, leave you some space?" asked Xander as Joyce's mouth slid onto her boyfriend's prick.

"Have another cookie," invited Ted, smiling broadly as Joyce's head worked itself up and down, "Have two in fact." Xander accepted and took them, chewing them as he watched the blonde's head bobbing with unfeigned enthusiasm. Ted grinned and placed his hand on the back of her skull gently pushing her forward as his hips moved in a tempered tandem. He looked at Xander, "I bet you enjoyed her mouth, Joyce is such a skilled cock-sucker." Xander nodded and Ted continued, "If you go faster she can take it, she can deep-throat to perfection, I swear she's got a clit in place of taste buds." He began to move faster, keeping Joyce in place as he pressed his dick all the way in, pressing her face against him. "Why don't you sit on the chair over there," he pointed to one near the dresser, "You can get a better view. Take the cookies as well, help yourself, they're there to be eaten."

Xander picked up the plate and moved to the chair. The view was better in that he could see more than the back of Joyce's head, though not much more as she was pushed tight against Ted and his cock was deep into her mouth. It was still hot, much better than watching a porn and Xander could feel his member coming back to life. He took another cookie and started to eat it, watching in fascination as Ted face-fucked his friend's Mom, the cock filling her mouth. Her eyes blinked and dribble spilt down her chin, but she was still taking it with enthusiasm, her head bouncing at the prick like kids jumping for candy.

"So what do you think of her throat-fucking skills? Impressive?" Ted smiled cheerfully at Xander.

"She's good," agreed the teen.

"You should see her butt-fucking skills, she's incredible," smiled Ted and pulled his dick out of the Milf's mouth. Joyce doubled over, wretching and gasping for breath. Ted placed his hands on the top of the her back and continued her downward descent, pushing her so she was bent over. Joyce placed her hands on the floor and turned to Xander; her lip-gloss was stained and her eye-shadow was messed and saliva still dripped down her chin, but she was smiling in excitement. Ted reached down again and gripped her cheeks and pulled them apart to show her rosebud. "It's your favourite hole isn't it Joyce?"

The Milf nodded, grinning greedily, "I love having Ted's huge dick up my ass, its so big, I cum almost straight away."

"You'll definitely want a go," smiled Ted at Xander, spanking a palm across the cheeks and making them wobble as he spoke. Xander nodded and ate another cookie, his eyes wide as he stared at Joyce Summer's round behind and the hot hole that every teen boy had an ambition to hit. Xander saw his look and grinned, "You'll get a go, but for now I'm going to claim boyfriend's privilege and get this tight little ass opened and gaping."

Xander watched in fascination as Ted moved, guiding Joyce into position, so her face was down on the carpet and her ass was raised, her hands gripping her buttocks and easing them apart for Ted's prong. He didn't enter straight away, sliding a finger in first and working it back and forth, making Xander feel he was watching a masterclass on how you went about preparing a woman for an anal banging. The Milf still moaned, even with the finger, shaking gently as Ted twisted and turned it, pushing and probing the hole. After a short while Ted withdrew the finger and Xander was close enough, that for a second, he could see the muscles open and relaxed, before Ted moved in the way.

"This how you get it in," explained Ted, gripping his large cock and pressing it forward.

Joyce yelped and jumped, her back bending as the cock pushed at her hole. Ted grinned and held her waist for balance, pushing forward. Xander watched as the older man moved back and forth with increasing speed and force, thrusting at Joyce's butt. His own cock was rock solid and ready for action as soon as Ted was finished. The older man was moving harder, slamming downwards at the Milf's hole, his large dick hammering all the way in so his body slapped her from behind.

"Given how many times this butt is fucked, Xander, I can't believe it's so tight," said Ted. He raised his hand and gave the ass a playful slap before pounding downwards.

"Ooohhh, urrrrhhh, yessss, yessss, fuck, yessss," squeaked Joyce, her hands out in front of her, clawing the carpet. She rocked and jerked with every hammering blow, her body arching and bending, the muscles straining at the skin. Xander licked his lips, waiting eagerly for his turn. The Milf gasped again, "OOoohhh, urrrrrhhh, God!"

"That's good Joyce, take me all the way, you're a naughty girl who loves big dicks aren't you?"

"Aaarrrgh, yes Ted, I am, I love massive cocks in my ass pounding me."

"I can tell you're looking forward to a second helping of Xander, why don't you tell him how much?"

"OOoohhh, yesssss, aaarrrgggh, Xander, I want your dick, I want it in me, ooooohhh I can't wait for our massive prick to be pounding my butt," Joyce gasped out, her body rocking to Ted's slamming, "Fuuuucckkk, yessssss."

"You can tell what a cockaholic Joyce is, can't you?" Ted turned his head to smile at Xander, whilst not pausing in the butt-banging. His face creased with concern, "You've finished the cookies?"

Xander looked down surprised, the plate was empty, he'd just been eating them automatically, they seemed to go down so well with watching Ted hammering Joyce that he'd not even noticed that he'd had more than he should. "Erm yeah?"

"We'll have to make some more," said Ted, "but they'll have to wait, I can't leave Joyce unsatisfied and she's so horny that she's needs lots and lots of dick before she's through."

"When you're done I'm willing to take over straight away," Xander offered and Ted smiled in gratitude.

"I've got a better idea," he said, "What about we share her?"

"Share her?" Xander said in surprise. This was such an unrealistic fantasy he hadn't even though about it since he was fifteen and had agreed with Jesse that, in the unlikely event, one of them got Cordelia he'd invite the other to share. Jesse's death had made that fantasy even more unobtainable and here was Ted just casually inviting him. Not that he was complaining...

"Yes, share," said Ted with a smile, "Joyce has got more than one hole. Anyway we're buddies aren't we? I wouldn't invite just anybody to joint fuck my girlfriend, only my closest friends." He grinned and Xander felt a rush of pride that Ted considered him that good a buddy.

The older man slapped his palm on Joyce's butt again, like he was riding a horse, "You okay with that Joyce? Do you want to be double-banged by me and Xander here?"

"Oh yes, Ted, yes," she squealed.

Ted grinned and beckoned Xander over, "If you're going to bang Joyce's tush you'll need to be lubed, so what about we start by spit roasting her." Before Xander could reply Ted was speaking to Joyce, "Lift your head and get on your hands and knees, let Xander get his dick into your mouth."

"Oh yes, baby," groaned Joyce obediently. "Come here Xander let me suck that huge cock."

Xander moved to her front. Ted stopped thrusting forward, keeping his cock encased in her ass, but holding the blonde in place as Xander stood in front of her. Joyce's tongue crept round his dick for a few minutes, shining it with a smile on her face. Then she opened her mouth and slipped it round the member, her succulent lips rolling over it. "Work it in Xander," grinned Ted, "Let's start slow and get into a rhythm so we're fucking her together from each end."

Xander nodded, his hips moving gently. At first it was difficult to match Ted's pace, even if the other man wasn't moving at speed. Ted smiled, "Don't worry, it'll soon come, enjoy the blow-job." Xander nodded and let himself relax, groaning in pleasure as Joyce took more and more of his member in her mouth, sucking it greedily. Her lips rolled forward and back, and Xander held her head, keeping her in place. Before he knew it he and Ted had got into time, thrusting and pushing so that the Milf bounced between them. Ted grinned, "That's good Xander, you're doing well, now I'm going to gradually speed up, keep with me."

At first the increased speed and power were barely perceptible, but soon Xander realised that they were both going faster than they had been doing, his sub-conscious keeping up with his friend, allowing his conscious to concentrate on enjoying the blow-job. And he was enjoying it, Joyce knew exactly what to do with her mouth and lips, taking him deeper and deeper, playing her tongue along the shaft and guiding it across the soft wetness of her cheek. He could sense the vibrations running through her tongue as she was rocked and rammed, her skilled mouth making the most of them as she wrapped round his dick.

"Oh fuck," he groaned.

"I know, great isn't it," smiled Ted, "Joyce is so good at this and she loves pleasuring guys, I think she was born to be double-teamed."

Xander didn't doubt it, he vaguely wondered if Buffy knew her Mom was such a slut; probably not or else she'd never have invited any guy home for fear that the Milf would eat them as soon as her back was turned. He rocked forward, pushing his dick into the blonde's eager mouth, grunting with pleasure as she tickled it with her tongue. Deeper and deeper he went, she took it all. In front of him he could see Ted's dick vanishing between the Milf's cheeks as he thrust in far as he could. It was a magical moment when they both found themselves fully in the shuddering Milf. Ted grinned and gripped Xander's hand in a powerful shake, "Well done Xander, that's great, your as much a natural at fucking hot women as Joyce is at being fucked."

"It was nothing, I was just following you," Xander said modestly.

"Do you want a go at this ass now, it's very fuckable," Ted said.

"Sure," Xander nodded enthusiastically, pulling his dripping cock out of Joyce's mouth. The blonde gasped for breath and smiled happily.

"Great," Ted pulled out his own cock and leant down to help his girlfriend to her feet. "If you sit on the edge of the bed and stick your cock up, Joyce will get her hot tushy down on it and then once you've got it well in, I'll come in the front. That sound okay?"

It sounded more than okay it sounded excellent. Xander had never imagined when he left his house, thinking he was going to study with Buffy, he was going to end up dping her Mom. He nodded, "That works for me."

"Joyce?" Ted asked.

"Mmmnn, sounds perfect," she giggled.

It didn't take long for Xander to get into position, watching as Joyce retreated towards him, Ted in the background smiling with almost paternal affection at the teen. "Take your cock and guide it up her ass as she gets on you," he said and Xander nodded. Joyce was on his thighs, her feet balancing for a moment as she lowered herself down. Xander held her waist with one hand whilst the other held his cock, trying to position it under the down-coming hole. Ted had done a good job in opening the Milf, as when it found the rosebud it was able to push easily into the cratered hole. Ted nodded proudly, "Good."

"MMmnnn," moaned Joyce, "That's right, get that big dick up my ass Xander."

The young man did as he was asked, wrapping his hand round her stomach and pushing up. Ted nodded approvingly and the Milf moaned again as she came further down. Her ass gripped at his cock so tight and hard that Xander felt it might explode, he never felt anything so intense, and as he went deeper the sensation increased. "Oooohhh, mmmnnn, Xander, push it all the way," Joyce moaned, "Stick it deep into my butt."

"Don't worry Xander, she can take it," said Ted, "Get it all in."

"Yeah, will do," said Xander, working his hips and pushing in. The tight ass loosened slightly with every thrust, allowing him deeper and deeper. Joyce's feet slid of her thighs as she came down, sitting against him, her legs dangling over his. He let go off his prick, the hand was unnecessary as he got deeper and gripped her waist, guiding her and keeping her balanced. Up he shoved, thrusting deep. The feeling of his cock being squeezed increased, but he wasn't complaining.

Nor was Joyce, "Oooohhh, yes, Xander, yes. You're nearly there big boy, all the way in my asshole."

He moved quicker and harder, making Joyce bounce on his lap as he fully penetrated her. He slammed up and in, again and again, getting into his stride and enjoying her ass. Ted looked on in approval, "That's right Xander, bang her good, I want to here Joyce squealing."

"Yes, yes," grunted Xander, "You're right about her ass being so fucking great."

"I know, ram it as hard as you can," Ted nodded.

"Ooohhh, God, yes Xander, do. I want my ass to be fucked so hard and fast, ooohhh, urrrrhhh, yesssss, yesssss," Joyce gasped and shuddered, laying back against him so that her blonde hair was covering his shoulder and brushing at his face and ear. He rammed upwards, feeling her shake and vibrate against him, her large tits bouncing and trembling.

"Hold still for a moment Xander, let me join you now and we'll take her together," Ted said. He moved forward, gripping his large dick as Xander held Joyce in position. "Take the inside of her legs and open them up, spread that sweet pussy for me," instructed Ted and Xander did so, relying on the older man's experience of the best way to conduct a DP.

"MMmnnn, oooohhh that's good," Joyce moaned pleasurably as Ted's dick pushed at her slit and penetrated inside. He moved slowly, allowing Xander to get used to the pressure on Joyce and adjust himself so that he wasn't being squashed. The teen moved his hands higher, sliding them up Joyce's waist and onto her tits, gently groping the boobies and kneading the flesh like dough. The blonde shivered in ecstasy, her head pushing back on Xander's shoulder as her breath came in short ragged gasps, "Ohhh, this is so great, having two dicks in me.... oooohhh, fill me up with your cocks, I want them both."

"You okay Xander?" Ted asked, pulling back before slowing easing in again.

"More than okay," the teenage boy replied, "Great. I can't believe I'm in Joyce with you."

"It's what good buddies do," said Ted with a smile, "Share each other's girls. I'm sure when you get a girlfriend you'll let me join you in banging her holes."

"It's a deal," agreed Xander and squeezed Joyce's titties again. They were soft and malleable in his hands, the flesh oozing as his fingers stabbed in. The Milf moaned and worked her ass, sliding it all the way down his prick. Ted grinned, holding her waist for balance and pushing his cock in, deeper and deeper, gaining speed all the time.

"Ooohhh, God, fuck yes, my holes are on fire, fuck me, oooohhh God give it me you both," Joyce gasped.

"You can start again Xander, I'm in enough that you won't jerk me out," Ted said.

"This ass is so fine," said Xander as he lifted himself, thrusting in and out of the tunnel. The walls gripped his cock, squeezing and grasping, friction burning the dick with every thrust. He rammed in, pushing apart the walls and feeling them giving way to his dick. Vibrations shivered through them and he could sense the rhythmic thud of Ted's dick hitting Joyce from the other side. Xander drove in trying to match his friend's intensity and Joyce squealed.

"AAaarrrghhh, yesssss, yesssss," the blonde rocked and shuddered on Xander's lap, her legs jerking like she was a marionette on a string. The bed squeaked and shook, the headboard banging and echoing round the room. Ted and Xander thrust in and out, harder and faster, driving their dicks into Joyce's two fuck-holes, filling them with cock, thrusting in until their balls were hitting the edges. Joyce screamed louder, her cries of passion unconstrained, "Aaaaarrrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaaargghhh."

Xander had assumed he'd be doing Math tonight. He was glad he wasn't. This was a much better area of study and, much as he loved and adored Buffy, he couldn't imagine she was in the same tutoring league as Ted. The older man grunted, "That's good Xander, go a bit faster if you can and squeeze Joyce's tits, she loves having them played with as she's banged."

Xander nodded and followed Ted's instructions. The reward was a series of even louder squeals and screams from the blonde Milf, her ass bouncing down his dick like she was riding a pogo stick. He rammed back, filling her hole with thick prick. Joyce screamed again, shuddering and shaking, her body jerking as it was banged between the two guys, "Aaaaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrghhh."

"Ready to cum yet?" Ted panted.

"Soon..." agreed Xander.

"Let's finish her with a double facial," Ted grinned. He stepped back and helped Joyce up. She stood for a second, looking dizzy, before Ted pressed on her shoulder, "On your knees, grab our dicks."

Xander stood and groaned in bliss as Joyce's hand gripped round his cock. Opposite him Ted gave a similar sigh and Joyce grabbed his dick as well. Sitting in the middle she pumped the two of them in tandem, jerking so hard that she risked tennis elbow. Xander knew he wasn't going to be able to hold long and neither did he. Within half a minute of Joyce's fingers ringing round his cock he was spurting, his cum lashing out in thick gooey tendrils, splashing all over the Milf's face. He grunted and gasped, aware that Ted was also cumming at the same time, the older man's seed washing over Joyce in silvery waves.

The blonde continued jerking them until they were spent and then let go, sitting on knees and licking at the cum which covered her face. Xander looked at her, surprised he and Ted could produce so much cum between them; it was matting Joyce's hair and covering her face, strands dripping down her cheeks and chin, oozing down over and between her tits, leaving wet trails as it trickled down.

"You better take a shower and tidy the place up," Ted said to her, before turning back to Xander, "That was great fun."

"It was," Xander agreed.

"We'll need to do it again," said Ted.

Xander nodded enthusiastically.

"You better get dressed now," the older man continued, "I'll give you a lift home."

* * *

Knotting his tie Snyder looked down at the two teens asleep in his bed. The two sluts were both naked and sated, exhausted by the evening's fuckfest. Without him in the middle Willow had rolled over and had slipped an arm over Buffy, making it look like they were snuggling girlfriends. Snyder smiled, the redhead had certainly put on such a good lesbian show with her friend he was sure that she was a secret pussy hound. Not that it mattered, she could take cock as well and this evening had made her love it.

He picked up his keys and walked to the car. It was nearly two and not one light was on in his neighbours. He saw someone or something skulking further down the street. If it was a vampire it made no move to intercept him - being an ally of the Mayor meant he was one of the few who could walk Sunnydale in the dark and be as safe as when it was light. The roads were quiet as well, a few trucks passing through Sunnydale and not stopping and a couple of cop cars who kept their doors closed at all times.

He slowed into a parking space in front of the Town Hall, noting Ted's car was already there and then headed inside. The hall was empty of people, the only sound the clip of his shoes on polished floor. Taking the elevator up to the top floor, he was greeted by the Mayor with a cheery wave and by Ted with a grim smile.

"Take a seat," the Mayor led them into his office and gestured for them to sit. The two men (or one man and one robotic construct) did so and waited for their boss to speak. The Mayor leaned back in his seat, pressing his fingers together, "I see the Council have sent a new Watcher for Buffy."

"He's applied for Giles' job, we have a vacancy," Snyder replied. That was the only problem with having Giles eaten by vampires - it left a hole in his staffing roster and played havoc with his budget, temporary staff weren't cheap.

He was relieved when the Mayor said "Hire him, he's not a threat. I'd even go so far as to say he's so useless that he'll probably end up being more a help than a hindrance."

"He's on the payroll," confirmed Snyder. "I'll have to interview him for form's sake."

"Good, good," the Mayor smiled, "Make sure you don't pay him too much, he's not well qualified." Snyder nodded, he generally paid as little as he could to his staff. The Mayor paused for a moment and then continued, "This night's work, how did it go?"

"Willow's neutralised," said Snyder, assuming you spell worked he wanted to say, but was sensible enough to leave out, "Now she's been introduced to cock whilst under the cookie's influence she'll be a total slut, all she'll care about is being dicked."

"Xander's wrapped round my little finger," said Ted, "Everyone could sprout two heads and as long as Xander's getting Joyce's cunt he won't notice."

"We might want to get him his own girlfriend, keep him even more entertained; I've got several options in mind."

"Joyce will be disappointed," Ted said smiling, "She enjoyed her double-penetration."

"I'm sure they'll be other eager volunteers," the Mayor replied.

They nodded and watched as the Mayor got up. He stood with his back to them looking out the window over Sunnydale, "My power grows and so does my influence over the Town." Snyder could see his smile in the window's reflection.

* * *

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