Authors Note - The following series involves refers to characters and
incidents from earlier stories of mine. To understand much of what occurs
from here on in, you should definitely read.

Harbinger Parts 1 - 14
Holmstead (featuring Katie Holmes)
Stolen Child (featuring Rachael Leigh Cook)

If you haven't read them, and you want to get the most out of this then read
them now. Also, if you're after a heap of plotless sex, you won't find it

Crossfire Part 12: Crossed Swords
by Arcane ([email protected])

Sarah looked up at the eyes of the new comers. She anted to tell them everything, from the moment she had discovered Alyson
was a witch, through the ordeal they had all faced, to this final battle.

But she didn't have time.

"That demon is trying to destroy all reality and we need help."

The newcomers exchanged glances.

The four girls in denim seemed to accept it better then the others.

"Save the world again huh?" Keavy shrugged.

"Sounds familiar huh.", asked Winona. "You guys are looking a little worse for wear."

"Speak for yourself." Sinead laughed. "Well girls?" she said turning from her companions to the humanoid form that was Yeatril.

"Lets go for it." Edele launched into the air, fire trailing behind her.

The four witches headed for the battle front where Rachael, Jauden and the others fought.

The red head turned to the boy.

"What do you reckon Keenan?"

"Don't ask me Eda." he shrugged. "You're the changeling."

She smiled, kissed him then walked into a war.

"Um, Sarah." Kate Winslett asked, stepping forward.

"Yeah?" the blonde replied, getting to her feet.

"We're not exactly demon killer material. I'm not going to ask why we're here exactly but.."

"Where are the vampires?" Winona finished, brandishing her stake.

"That way." Sarah pointed to the mass of demons and vampires.


Kate and Winona were gone.

"Now love, I don't know what the hell we've got into but I think it could be rather confusing."

"Miss Edith says we should kill the bad monsters."

"That's what I love about you ducks. So to the point. and it just so happens that even avec brain chip, I can still kill demons.

Better than an after shag fag don't you think."

Sarah and Katie stood and watched as the new warriors each hurried off to their battles.

"Sarah?" Katie asked, looking towards the demon battle.


"Maybe you're just as confused about all this as I am but do you think that Juliet Landau or Drusilla?"

The two actresses watched as the dark hair girl skipped into battle, picked up an axe and decapitated a toad demon to the tune
of Claire de lune.

"My bet would be Dru." Sarah sighed.

"Excuse me?" asked the remaining young woman, stepping forward, and looking rather cold in her slinky night dress. "But are
you who I think you are? And if so, what the hell is going on?"

"Long story." Katie shrugged. "Who are you?"

"Heather Donahue."

Blank looks.

"The Blair witch."

"Ah" Katie nodded. "The movie?"

"No." Heather sighed. "I'm the Blair Witch."

A beam of energy surged through the air, struck Rachael head on and sent her crashing to the earth in a small crater.

As she dug herself out, she heard a voice she never thought she'd hear again.

"Hello Rachael."

She looked up.


Eda Langford shrugged. "Don't worry. I remember everything. And you deserve to be Guardian."

"Thanks. Um.. What are you doing here?"

"Well, we were in Britan, all hell started breaking lose, The World Serpent rose over Dublin and I ended up teaming with
B*witched and The Corrs to save it. How's your day been?"

"Worse. How powerful are you?"

"Well, I can cast some spells. Not much."

"Go to Willow and Giles. Help them raise shields."

"Okay. You're the Guardian."

"So you're the Guardian of Balance?" asked a soft voice with an Irish accent.

Keavy, Lindsay, Edele and Sinead came to rest beside Rachael.

Rachael, folded her arms. "Later we can chat. Right now, we need to hit him with everything we've got. Can you help."

Earth rumbled, Wind howled, Water surged and Fire flared.

"Yeah." Edele grinned. "We can do that."

Angel flipped a vampire over his shoulder, kneeling an staking him. He was tired. More tired than he could remember being in a
long time. But then again, he was human now. There was bound to be a down side.

He rose up, only to catch a punch in the face which sent him reeling.

Another vampire, in full vamp form.

Angel tried to counter another punch but is old strength was gone. He tumbled back, banging into a grave stone.

The vampire stepped forward, ready to grab him.

Then it stopped. Then it exploded into dust.

Behind it stood a short, dark haired girl with a stake.

Angel watched as she spun, kicking and staking another vampire, then jumped and kicked a demon back to the earth.

"Let me guess," Angel drew in breath. "Another Slayer?"

"Something like that." she nodded, lunging and kicking once again. "How many of these things are there?"

"Way too many." Angel sighed, lifting a broad sword from the ground. "But I don't think they care."

He looked around the battle field. As hard as it was to imagine, the demon numbers seemed to be thinning.

But then, the number of combatants seemed to have increased.

The Halliwell sisters were holding there own for the time being.

And the new slayer seemed to have come with a red head, a vampire herself by the way she was throwing around bodies. They
were just two people, but they had plenty of power.

Then he saw something that made him shiver.

Buffy. Fighting Angelus.

He knew the face, though he had never seen it. It was a face no mirror would ever reflect, the face of his demon form, now
separate, now fighting Buffy.

He ran to help.

Buffy blocked a punch and countered with a kick of her own, pushing Angelus backwards. He charged at her, only to be
tripped by Angel as he entered the combat.

Angelus rose, looking at Angel and sneering. The two sides of him, good and evil, locked gazes.

Angelus laughed in his face. "You think you can defeat me? You're nothing but a puny human."

"Maybe," Angel clenched his fist, "but a soul can be a powerful thing."

Angelus raised his fist, ready to strike his good twin down.

A hand stopped him.

"Aren't you forgetting the Slayer here?" Buffy quipped. She pulled and twisted, forcing Angelus backwards to the ground.

He roared, kicking her legs out from under her. Buffy flipped back, rising to her feet.

She scowled at Angelus, holding Angel before him, arm around his neck.

"Now this is interesting isn't it Buffy? Do you try to kill me, and risk Angel. Or do you surrender to me? It's not so easy when
it's a clear cut case of good and evil is it. Not like last time you killed us."

Buffy simply stood.

"What the bloody hell?"

Buffy and two Angels turned to see Spike walking towards them.

"Now, I'm willing to accept all this trans-dimensional bollocks, even the fact that I seem to be in Sunnydale from a year ago, but
what the hell is with two bloody Angels."

"William." Angelus smiled, "How nice to see you. Me and my wearer half have had something of a division of late."

"Oh. Well I've seen stranger things I suppose. But the good bad splits been a bit done to death hasn't it."

"So what now Spike?" Buffy growled, "Are you going to fight me too?"

"Very funny." Spike rolled his eyes. "After what your soldier boy and his friends did to me."

"Solider boy?" Buffy raised an eyebrow.

"Oh never mind. You'll figure it all out eventually."

"William." Angelus called again, "How would you like to kill the one that interfered in your plans so many times?"

Spike turned to him, looking at the helpless Angel.

"Well actually that would be rather fun."

He pulled the stake from Buffys hand, walking over and placing the tip over Angels heart.

"Oh, one thing before I do the deed Angelus?"

"Yes William."

"Well. three actually. Firstly, I rather prefer to be called Spike these days. Second, I have a little problem with a chip in my
head which I won't go into.."

"And three?" Angelus asked.

Spike lifted his hand and thrust the stake right through his chest.

"I always found your evil side to be much more annoying."

Angelus dropped Angel. The demon stepped back, looking at the stake through his heart, disbelieving.

Then he dissolved into dust.

Angel and Buffy stared at Spike.

He shrugged. "You wouldn't believe the year I've had. Or am going to have. Or is that.. Ah bollocks to it. I'm going to hurt
some demons."

With that, he launched back into battle leaving Buffy and Angel, totally stunned.

The sky was lit up by magic.

Blast of chaos clashed with blasts of balance.

Earth, Wind, Fire and Water all buffeted the demon.

Sparkles surged through the sky.

Shields shuddered under the assault.

The battle raged.

"How are we doing?" Willow asked the other red headed witch as she raised another magical shield.

"This is incredible." Eda yelled through the noise. "I've never heard of anything this powerful."

Giles nodded. "The attacks of the others seem to hurt it temporarily but then it recovers. I don't know what else we can do to
stop it?"

"Keep fighting." Keenan shrugged, already preparing another spell.

Sinead wove in and out of a hail of rocks and debris. Of all the nature witches, she had the most manoeuvrable flying ability.

Her friends were probably having a tougher time but she couldn't worry about that now. She blew a hail of rocks back at the
demon form, watching as they detonated along the chaotic skin.

"How much can her take?" she yelled to Rachael, who was flying near by.

"I don't know." the Guardian replied, blasting another wave of magic against the shape. It rippled then returned to normal.

"There has to be some weakness, something that we're over looking."

"Too bad it's not like nature."


"The whole elemental thing. Fire is weak against water. Like a big cosmic Rock paper scissors."

"Which would mean chaos is weak against order. But I've been hitting him with that. I can't stop him."

"You're only attacking one point. What if you tried a broad attack."

"Then I wouldn't have the power." Rachael protested, deflecting a wave of debris. "There has to be some way.."

Xander laid Alysons unconscious form down by the tree. He checked a pulse, winding a very weak one. He tore the sleeves
from his shirt, trying to bandage the cuts on her hands and wrists, trying to keep her from bleeding to death.

But it seemed already too late.

"Alyson!" Sarah cried out, running to the side of the fallen witch.

"She's lost a lot of blood." Xander explained. "A Lot!"

"So what can we do?"


"Alyson knew some healing spells but.."

"I know, she can't cast them."

Katie ran to their side, closing her eyes.

She opened them after a few seconds. "She's still there, her soul anyway. But it's fading."

Sarah looked at the cemetery, a huge war zone of physical and magical combat.

"Magic, magic everywhere and not a drop to use."

"I think I can help."

The three turned to Heather as she approached.

"I don't know how I know them but.. I know some spells."

"Well go!" Xander yelled. "Heal her!"

"I can't heal her as such. I can exchange life forces. Sort of like a spiritual blood transfusion."

"Okay." Sarah nodded. "So which of us-"

"Me." Xander said flatly. "You're all more important than I am. Magic wise. What do I do?"

"I've never done this before. I don't know what will happen to you if-"

"What do I do?" he demanded.

The three woman looked at him.

"I was ruined. She saved me. I was alone, she came to me. I love her and I am not going to let her die. Now what do I do!"

"Put your hand on her chest." Heather whispered.

He did so.

Heather closed her eyes, moving her lips, uttering silent incantations that somehow had been infused into her mind.

Xander felt a puling inside him, a weakness running through him. He felt warmth flowing through his body, through his arms and
into Alyson, leaving behind a cold chill.

Then the warmth stopped flowing, leaving only the cold sensation.

He opened his eye, looking down.

Alyson blinked, looking up at him.


He picked her up and hugged her tight.

"How are we doing?" she asked, her voice still groggy.

At that moment a blazing comet tore through the air, split the tree in half and crashed into a crater behind it.

Seconds later, five more comets came down, all blasting up pillars of light as they crashed.

Xander and the four actresses watched the closest crater as a figure slowly emerged.

"You know." Rachael rubbed her head. "I'm getting a little sick of that."

Slowly and painfully, Jauden and four Irish witches emerged from their craters.

"We tried a unified attack but he just blew us out of the sky."

Sabrina, Giles, Willow, Eda and Keenan rushed to them, followed by Salam, whose fur was standing on end.

"We need a new plan." Giles coughed, brushing away dust. "He's ripping through our shields like tissue paper."

"I don't suppose we can just beat him up?"

Everyone turned to see Buffy approaching.

Behind her walked a mixed assortment of warriors.

Behind them was the biggest field of demon corpses any of them had ever seen.

"You actually killed them all?" Willow asked, looking at the battered Slayer.

"With a little help. Now we just have the big guy to go."

They all turned to Yeatril, even larger, even more chaotic than before.

The air was filled with a constant rumble.

It sounded like laughter.

"The longer he spends here, the more he's going to break down our world." Rachael explained. "We need to put order into

"How do we do that?" Buffy asked, taking charge.

"We need to unify our attacking power. Hit him from all sides at the same time. "

Alyson, Winona, Kate and the Irish witches exchanged a glance. It sounded familiar.

"We could link our minds." Alyson suggested.

"How?" Rachael asked immediately.

"Well we just need enough members of a lesbian mind control cult." Keavy shrugged.

Numerous eyebrows rose in utter confusion.

"Long story." Winona waved it away.

"I can do it." Alyson said.

"But-" Xander began.

"I can do it. I know I can. But I need a drop of blood from you. All of you."

There was a moment of silence.

"Oh I like her." Dru giggled.

Eleven witches, six humans, three vampires, two slayers, two changelings, one genie and a cat, waited.

Formed in a circle around the massive demon, they focussed on what was to come.

The last, final strike on the demon.

Alyson mixed the blood on the plate before her, whispering the words of the spell.

She closed her eyes.

She said the words.

Twenty six minds merged.

50 hands and a tail rose.

Light surged.

Yeatril screamed.

It was impossible. Nothing could attack with such precision, such power. Every side was struck with equal force, the chaos
energy left with nowhere to escape to.

The thunderous roar filled the sky, shaking the earth, the air, the very fabric of reality itself.

It struggled, fighting to retain it's chaotic form, pushing against the relentless magical energy, channelled from so many worlds.

Then it wound the key.

One witch. The red headed one that was the centre of all their power. Destroy her and the link would be broken.

A bolt of energy surged, from him, a single strike, heading towards the one target, ready to kill.

Some didn't see it. Some did but were frozen. Some moved but were too far away.

The bolt struck flesh, burning through the body, shattering internal organs.

Each of them, bound together, felt the agony of the single searing attack.

The screaming body of Xander Harris fell to the earth, mid leap.

Behind him, Alyson sat, unable to open her eyes as she maintained the spell, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Yeatril roared again. But this time it was too late.

The chaotic form collapsed, folding in on itself, shrinking until all the remained was a single solid form, engulfed in a sphere of

The light faded, leaving only blackness.

Twenty five people opened their eyes.

Where the mass of chaos had been, now stood a black, smoking heap.

"Xander!" Alyson called out, moving to him. She lifted him up, looking at his blackened chest. Blood ran from his lips as he

Willow looked at him, then turned away, Buffy hugging her tight, her own eyes transfixed on what didn't seem real.

"Please." Alyson gulped back a sob. "Someone do something."

The witches each stepped forward, closing their eyes, speaking their words, raising their palms.

Nothing happened.

"Chaos." Rachael whispered. "It was chaos energy. Without magical shielding it.. We can't save him."

"hey.." Xander whispered. "Buffy?"

The slayer moved towards him.

"Look after them all okay. It was a hell of a ride. No regrets."

"Listen." Buffy sniffed. "You can't die. Because you're Xander. And.. you just can't."

"Say bye to Willow. And Alyson?"

"Yeah?" the blood witch hugged him.

"No guilt. It was all good."

Despite the pain he smiled.

Alyson kissed him.

And he died.

There was silence, even from those of them without souls.

Hell, thought Spike, He was a weed but he didn't deserve that.

No one knew what to say.

Until the silence was shattered.

By a laugh. A single, booming laugh.

All eyes turned to the charred mound, watching it crack, break open.

From within came a form, ten feet tall, a jet black insect like figure, a distorted head, writhing tentacles and glowing red eyes.

The solid form of Yeatril

DON'T CRY. laughed the grating voice. YOU'LL ALL SOON JOIN HIM.

No one could speak. No one save for a single voice.


Sarah Michelle Geller stepped forward.

"No." she repeated, shaking her head.

The demon laughed again.


"Yes." Sarah nodded, her face fixed with rage and determination. "But you are solid."

She raised her hands. White light flared. Then it flared again, brighter and brighter, engulfing the demon, then the cemetery, then
the entire town.

There was a roar, louder then the scream of the demon, louder than the rumbling of the earth.

It was the power of The Gateway. The power of infinite worlds.

As a being of Chaos, Yeatril was beyond her power. As a solid being he was not.

Sarah pulled at him, tugged at him.

She ripped him apart. Then she ripped again and again and again, tearing at the very fabric of his being, dividing him into marble
sized particles, then dust sized, then atom sized then smaller still, splitting until she had torn him apart as far as possible,
scattering his infinite remains into infinite different universes, so that he would never, ever be able to reform.

She dropped her hands.

The light dissipated.

And Yeatril was no more.

The war was over.


When morning came, the storm gone, many people awoke, having had very odd dreams.

Thora Birch, Jeri Ryan and Shannon Elizabeth both remembered rather pleasant dreams.

Jennifer Connelly, Catherine Zeta Jones and Denise Richards remembered nightmares.

Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry, Famke Jannsen, Rebecca Romjin-Stamos, and Alicia Silverstone remembered nothing unusual
at all.

Kristy Swanson, Salma Hayek, Julliette Lewis and Eiza Dushku all wondered why they woke naked in a warehouse in L.A.

* * *


A crack of sunlight shone through the curtains, just enough to wake her up.

Sheri Appleby opened her eyes. She reached out her hand.

She was alone.

She sighed, slipping out of bed, sliding her pyjama top on and looking out the window.

Sun was shining. The signs of the wild storm were gone. All the signs.

Looking back at the bed she felt a void. If it had been a dream then it should have faded, but the memories were so vivid that
she couldn't dispute them.

Isabella had been here. She had been with her.

They had shared a common soul together.

Now she was gone, back to her own world, her own troubles.

She sat down on the bed, looking at, then lifting the phone.

It was working again, power and communications restored.

She dialled and waited for an answer.

"Hi. Katherine? It's Sheri.."

* * *

In some ways it was like throwing away a piece of her past. But in others it was like moving on, towards a more mature world.

And it was a way of getting over memories, that would torment her for a long time to come.

It was nightmare, but it had been real. She had discovered that when she awoke, finding the lifeless remains of dolls upon the

For a while, Kirsten Dunst hadn't wanted to go near them.

Eventually she had.

She heaved the bag into the dumpter, lost among a dozen others.

Inside was the broken, shattered remains of the Gwendy dolls.

And every single doll she had ever collected.

* * *

Carrie Anne Moss awoke with a sore neck, tense muscles and a bad taste in her mouth.

Seconds later she realised what had happened.

The last thing she remembered was walking into a restaurant, in The Matrix.

She had returned to her own world as suddenly as she had left it.

As she got out of bed, dressed and went for breakfast, she wondered if it was all a dream.

Or perhaps, reality was dream and the Matrix was real, or at least real in it's own term.

She looked down at her bowl of corn flakes, wondering whether or not it even existed.

"There is no spoon." she said aloud, looking at the implement in her hand. "Fuck it."

Real or not, it was the best breakfast she'd eaten in a long time.

* * *

Gillian Anderson looked out at the sunshine and wondered. A few days ago she'd been reluctant to do another series of The
X-files. Now she had a new perspective on the whole thing.

After all, if she didn't play Scully, then what would happen to their world.

It was confusing to think about it, so she tried to put it in the back of her mind.

If nothing else, it might make a neat story idea for Chris Carter.

* * *

Natalie Portman stayed in bed, taking a well deserved sleep in.

It wasn't every day you were pulled through into another world and helped save a planet from invasion.

In fact, it wasn't any day.

As she lay there she couldn't help but wonder what would happen to her counterpart in another universe, in a galaxy far away.

She would never know if things would turn out the same as they would in the movies.

But she believed that in the end, the good guys would win.

It was the way of the force.

* * *

Claudia Christian looked at the cover of the video.

In a way, she owed a lot to Susan Ivanova. Perhaps she owed her more than she could ever repay.

They had talked for many hours.

All the actress remembered was talking about series plans she knew of. Then she fell asleep.

When she awoke Susan was gone. Presumably back to her own world, a world of the future, where aliens existed.

But then, Aliens seemed to exit in her world too. And Susan had recognised them.

Did that mean that Babylon Five really was the future?

Claudia didn't know the answer, nor did she have any idea what had occurred last night.

All she could do was wait for the future.

* * *

When the crossover occurred again, Andrea Parker was ready for it. One moment, she was sitting on a chair, the next she
was.. sitting on a chair.

Only it was in a different world. Her own.

She sighed, sitting back and looking out the window.

Despite herself, she laughed.

She had saved Miss Parker. But the Pretender had been cancelled anyway.

But she had a feeling that, no matter what was screened on T.V, Jarrod would be out there somewhere, and Parker would be
hunting him.

He had plenty of places to run.

It was a big universe.

* * *

"Reports are flooding in from everywhere." Billy commented, as he ran through pages of text. "Whatever it was it was big."

"And I'm betting that once again, no one will know what really happened."

"Well personally, I'd like to know myself. Parallel worlds, dimensional portals and all that. I mean, it's incredible to think that all
this really happened."

"Let it go Billy." Christina smiled. "I'm sure that the day was saved."

She put her hand on his shoulder and kissed him.

A few minutes later, he wasn't thinking about science at all.

* * *

There was a flash. As it flared, Lacey Chabert was sure she was going to die.

The ship destruct had fired and she was dead.

At least, she was until she opened her eyes.

And saw sunlight shining into her bedroom.

For a second she wondered if she had been dreaming

Then she realised that she was wearing a black rubber suit two sizes too small.

"It was real." she gulped aloud.

"What was?" Groaned a voice.

Lacey looked down to see Heather Graham, dressed in a suit of her own.

"I feel like I have a hell of a hang over." Heather moaned.

"Heather, you have no idea."

* * *

When Kate and Winona reappeared on the worlds they knew, one thing made them very relieved.

There wasn't a vampire in site.

They sat down, looking up at the sun.

"You know," Kate commented eventually, "I'm really glad I get to see sunlight."

"Yeah. It's kind of a relief after a storm and all. Do you think there are any vampires about?"

"Oh there are always vampires. But I think I need a holiday."

"Agreed. I wonder what the Sisterhood is up to now."

* * *

Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt walked down the hallway, hand in hand.

They passed a cleaning lady, but she didn't see them at all. It didn't matter how famous you were, if you could make yourself
psychically invisible then no one was going to stop you for an autograph.

The stopped at the door and knocked.

Uma Thurman opened it.

"I thought it was you." she said softly.

"We need to talk about last summer." Jennifer bit her lip.

"Come in." Uma nodded. "There's a lot to tell."

The trio walked inside calmly, closing the door behind them.

"By the way," Uma turned to them, "Did anything weird happen to you last night?"

Jennifer and Neve exchanged a glance.

And burst out laughing.

* * *

Heather Donahue woke up in her apartment, in her own bed. She'd been having a dream. The weirdest and most vivid dream
she'd had in her entire life. Not that it was surprising.

Everyone still pestered her about the Blair Witch Project. And she was looking for acting jobs everywhere. She'd worked with

Alyson Hannigan, so she'd been in the dream. It all made perfect sense really.

She got out of bed, crossing over to the mirror.

She looked normal. Not a witch by any means.

She sighed. It had been a hell of a dream.

Then she noticed the muddy footprints leading all the way back to her bed.

* * *


It was dark by the time the sisters got to the recording studio.

Security didn't ask for I.D. as there was no question as to the identity of the Corrs.

They walked in, up a fight of stairs and knocked on a door.

Jim answered.

"Hey there." he said, unable to hide his surprise. "I didn't expect to see you."

"Something came up." Andrea exchanged a knowing glance with her siblings.

"I'm still working." he motioned for them to enter. "Things have been crazy."

"Jim," Sharon smiled. "You have no idea."

* * *

In a stone circle, on a hill top, in the middle of nowhere, Eda and Keenan lay on a blanket.

The moonlight shone down on their naked bodies as they lay in each others arms, their love consummated in the traditional

"So what are you going to do know?" Keenan asked, stroking his fingers through her red hair.

"I don't know." She smiled. "I mean, even with everything that happened, all the chaos and death.. I still feel like a weights been
lifted from me."

"You know the truth about yourself." he kissed her forehead. "That sets anyone free."

"And I helped save the world. I fought along side Rachael. And even though she never said anything, I think she forgave me for
what happened."

"I'm sure she did. She was a smart young woman."

"And what was I?"

"You were a fiery tempered girl." he chuckled. "Full of passion and desire and vitality. You chose the path that was right for

"Because it led me to you."

They kissed gently.
"Would you do it again if you had the chance?" he asked.

Eda smiled. She nodded gently.

And they kissed, and held each other tight for hours to come.

* * *

"What do you think?" Keavy asked, walking into the room.

The others ran their eyes over the outfit, tight black shiny fabric, clinging tightly to her.

"Well. It's a far cry from denim." Lindsay suggested.

"I thought Rachael had a neat style. Tight and black. We can't stay looking like teenagers forever you know."

"Of course, Rachael made her costume out of pure shadows." Sinead pointed out.

"Well, we do have fashion budget." Keavy folded her arms. "And maybe Rachael can teach us a trick or two. I mean, as
Guardian of Balance she should owe the witches of nature something."

"Maybe we should give her a call." Edele nodded. "You never know when we might have to save the world... yet again."

* * *


"I never really though about parallel world before." Phoebe mused, as she munched on popcorn. "I mean, what are we like in
other worlds? Do you think we're sisters? Or friends? Maybe we don't even know each other. Maybe we don't even exist?"

"Phoebe," Prue put her arm around her sister and sat down on the couch, "It doesn't matter what were like in another world, so
long as we're all together in this one."

"Which we are right now." Piper added, placing a fresh pizza down before them, sitting down. "What videos did you get?"

"Blair Witch Project and Titanic."

"Good for killing time." Phoebe smiled, sitting back and pressing play.

Then she frowned.

"Now that I think about it, did you notice how much that red headed vampire slayer looked like Kate Winslett?"

"Just watch the movie Phoebes?" Prue laughed.

And the Charmed Ones sat back to watch.

* * *

Sabrina threw the pizza box in the rubbish bin.

"I don't know if I'll ever be able to eat pizza again." she sighed.

"You're a teenager. Of course you'll eat pizza." Salam quipped, sitting on the bench.

"I know. It's just weird. There's so much more to the universe than I knew."

"Well. It's all a learning curve. I'm going to lounge out in the sun. A cat can get real sick of eternal night.

Salam jumped off the bench and headed for the door.

"Say, Sabrina?"


"While you were under Yeatrils spell.. did you remember anything at all?"

Sabrina chewed her lip. "No. She shook her head. "Everything from the video to the cemetary is a blank."

"Oh.. Just checking." Salam walked out the door. "Don't try and cook anything, we're not insured against fire."

Sabrina smiled to herself.

"I love you too Salam."


"So what are you going to do now?" Rachael asked.

The genie scratched his beard, looking out at the bright day.

"Well it's a big world. Now that I've saved it, I thought I'd try exploring it."

"I thought you might. I suppose you can only spend so long in a bottle before getting cabin fever."

"What about you? Does the Guardian of Balance ever get to take a holiday."

"I don't think so. But I sure deserve one."

"Well don't work too hard. What's the fun in a totally balanced world?"

Rachael smiled.

"So long Genie of the Lamp."

"Till we meet again Guardian of Balance."

With that Jauden disappeared in a puff of smoke. Rachael knew he could have disappeared without it, but it was a special
effect which some magic users got used to.

She walked out of the ally way, back into the street.

"He's gone?" Katie Holmes asked.

"Yep. Not that I blame him. It doesn't take your powers to sense what he was going to do either."

They walked back to the studio lot, basking in the sunlight.

"You know," Katie commented, "There are plenty of single guys who'd love to have time alone with you. Just talk to someone
in the cafeteria. I could even make them lust after you."

Rachael turned to Katie, scowled and made her eyes glow red.

"Okay." Katie laughed. "So maybe I won't try that again."

Rachael let herself laugh along. "Of course, that doesn't mean I might not try thing the old fashioned way. No magic, no mind

"Oh." Katie put her hands in her pockets. "You're no fun."

The actresses laughed and headed for the studio, ready for whatever came their way.

* * *

"Well here we are." Sarah crossed her arms, looking at the blank wall which had sucked them into another world.

It was completely unharmed, bearing no sign of the chaos which had started here.

"Good old Warner Studios." Alyson nodded. "So, are you ready to go back to being Buffy?"

"I'm not Buffy." Sarah smiled. "I just play her on T.V"

"But you are The Gateway."

"Believe me, I'm not going to be using that power for a long time."

"I'm going to take a break too. I think I've bleed enough for now."

"Sarah? Alyson? Where have you guys been?"

The actresses looked over to see Nicholas Brendon watching them.

"You guys vanished, then this storm came up and everything went. Woah!"

He flinched as both girls slammed into him and hugged him tight.

"Am I missing something here?"

"Nicholas Brendon," Alyson smiled as she took a step back, "You are missing absolutely everything. And that's the way it
should be."

"Okay. Now I'm totally confused. I feel like Xander."

"Oh you're no Xander." Sarah smiled. "Trust us, we know."

"Oh.. Okay. I have to go and check in. I'll see you later." he said, voice full of confusion.

"Don't die on us." Alyson called out.

"Sure." he called back before vanishing.

Sarah and Alyson looked at each other, feeling their smiles slip away. Xander. They had killed Xander.

Suddenly, Sarah laughed.

"What?" Alyson raised an eyebrow.

"Xander is gone but Nicholas is still playing Xander here. Which means we broke continuity."

"So what does that mean?"

"It means they're free." the blonde smiled.

The two shared a moment of understanding, broken only by Eliza Dusku walking past them, hair tangled, clothes ill fitting.

"Eliza? What happened?"

"Even if I could tell you, I don't think I'd want to. I think I had a very weird night."

"Believe us." Sarah patted her on the back. "It couldn't possibly have been as weird as ours."

* * *


"Ow." Spike cursed as he banged his head on a loose board. He was starting to get sick of this teleporting lark.

From what he could tell, he was now in the ruins of Sunnydale high. Which meant he was back in his own time, having lost any
chance of knowledge of the future. At least he'd got a little revenge but that was hardly enough.

"How many times do I have to help save the world before you give me a bloody break." he cursed.

"Spikey?" came a sugar sweet voice from the darkness. "Miss Edith said you'd be here."

Spike looked skyward and smiled. "Well about bloody time."

* * *

Willow looked out the window, at the moonlight streaming in. Her arm was draped over her lover.

"You're thinking about him aren't you?" Oz whispered.

"Yes. I mean, now that is. Not when we were.. which was nice.. I mean really."

He put his finger to her lips and kissed her.

"It's okay." he said. "I miss him too."

"He was.. I mean... he.."

"He was Xander."

"Yeah." Willow nodded, holding him close. "And I know he saved as all but.. I still miss him."

He kissed her again. This time she smiled.

"So how does it feel? Not being all wolfy?"

"It feels good." he replied, looking out at the full moon.

The cure to his lycanthropy had been very simple indeed. But the spell had been where no one could ever find it, hidden in the
Book of Shadows.

Willow had asked and received, and now she lay in the arms of a very human Oz, who had just become her first lover.

"Do you think things were meant to happen this way? All these changes?"

Oz considered for a second.

"I don't think things are meant to happen anyway. I think things just happen and we have to accept them, making the best of
what we have. Maybe things might have been different, but that chance has gone now. But you can't regret it."

"I don't." Willow smiled, kissing him once again. "I don't regret any of it."

* * *

Anya was in a bad mood. There had been a huge crossing of parallel worlds and somehow she had missed it.

Perhaps her last chance to ever regain her demon status and she had missed it.

All because she was too moody to get out of bed.

Female bodies sucked. No wonder they were so willing to curse vengeance on their ex loved ones.

She browsed the shelf, looking for spell components. In the old days she had all the power she needed at her fingertips.

But that was before her amulet had been destroyed by an alternate Giles.

Now she was just plain human Anya. She had tried to get Willow to help with a spell, but that had backfired. Now she
wondered if any of them would talk to her.

"You want to be careful with that." A voice said beside her.

"'Im sorry?" Anya asked the girl.

"It's Dry fern powder. It can make men fall in love with you."

"Oh." Anya retracted her hand. "I don't want anything to do with men."

"Are you new to this?" the girl asked, pulling a leaf off a shelf and examining it.

"Not exactly." Anya answered. "But I'm working on new areas."

"Maybe I could help. I always like experimenting with new spells."

"Perhaps." Anya nodded. "I believe an exchange of greetings would be customary."

The ex-demon extended her hand. "My name is Anya."

The girl shook her hand and smiled. "I'm Tara."

* * *

Buffy and Angel stood before the grave.

It was a grave that shouldn't be there.

It was Xander. And Xander wasn't supposed to die. It was against the rules.

But the rules had changed. Everything had changed.

Holding hands with the warm blooded Angel was enough to tell her that.

They had cremated him to avoid any risk. He would have wanted it that way.

"At least he earned some peace for a while." Buffy whispered.

It had been quiet lately. As if the Hell Mouth was all out of evil. They had killed enough monsters for a whole year in just one
night. And Sarah had given them some hints on just what Faith and the Mayor were up to.

For now, they had all earned their rest.

They turned away from the grave and walked, two humans, hand in hand.

* * *

Giles completed the journal entry.

Though he was no longer a Watcher, he felt the need to keep notes.

It was a very long entry. But there was a lot that had happened.

Angel was human, Oz was cured. Xander was dead.

Giles felt a pang of remorse. In many ways the death of Xander was even worse than Jenny had been.

It just felt wrong.

But Sarah had said it was wrong. And that things were different now.

And suddenly he remembered words she'd said back in the library.

She had said these events would set them free. Their universe would diverge from the one Sarah knew.

And it had.

Because now Buffy, Angel, Willow, all of them were free.

Their destiny was their own.


Authors Note:
Well, what can I say, it's finally over. An epic that took ten months complete, with over forty chapters.

It took a life of it's own, and I have written no MC work outside it for all that time.

I can actually remember the moment a year ago when I considered a sequel to Harbinger.

But I never dreamed just how big it was going to be.

The concept offered a lot of scope for one off stories, meaning I didn't have to make everything plot.

Inevitably, the main plot became more about story than sex.

It was a road I was willing to take.

Tremendous credit to Anynom, fellow writer for a number of Crossworlds stories. His suggestions of stories, plot and
dialogue were a brilliant source to me.

He introduced, Jauden, Spike and Dru to the story, all of whom took a role in the main storyline.

He also suggested the JLH/ Neve story idea and the wonderful Juliet Landau or Drusilla line in Point Blank.

Thanks to all those who contacted me with ideas and suggestions and to all the readers.

Any Author wanting to supply a Crossworlds story may still contact me.

I'm sure there were plenty of untold stories over the night.

For the time being, I'm all epiced out. Expect the old style one off Arcane stories for a while.

Of course that doesn't mean that I don't have another story on the horizon, but there will be time yet.

Thanks again for all those who read this and any of my work.

Comments on this story, or others are very welcome [email protected]

Happy Hypno.
Arcane. January 23rd, 2001


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