Authors Note - The following series involves refers to characters and
incidents from earlier stories of mine. To understand much of what occurs
from here on in, you should definitely read.

Harbinger Parts 1 - 14
Holmstead (featuring Katie Holmes)
Stolen Child (featuring Rachael Leigh Cook)

If you haven't read them, and you want to get the most out of this then read
them now. Also, if you're after a heap of plotless sex, you won't find it

Crossfire Part 10: The Counter Turn Trilogy - Counter Spell
by Arcane ([email protected])

Everything was white clouds.

A normal teenager would have been bewildered.

But she was not a normal teenager.

She was a witch, born of another world, sent to live among mortals, destined
to inherit great power.

In the past few years she had encountered more fantastic things than any of
her schoolmates might have encountered in an entire lifetime.

But Sabrina was bewildered anyway.

She was bewildered because the last thing she could remember had been nothing
to do with white clouds.

She had been watching a movie and eating pizza.

Then things got weird.

First she felt light headed, then she started talking about her witch

Then she had a strange feeling that the pizza girl Katie had been feeling her

Then she was here.

Obviously something odd had been happening.

She stood, wrapping her hands around her tight pink sweater.

There was nothing to see when she turned her head. Nothing but an infinity of
white clouds.

She raised her hands, trying to cast a spell, any spell.

Nothing happened. She was totally without magic.

Sabrina sighed.

She was tempted to sit down but she realised that wasn't going to get her
anywhere either. This was going to be one of those problems that she would
have to sort out by herself.

She got to her feet and started walking.

As she moved, or seemed to move, through the white void, various images
passed through her mind.

A portal. A park. A dungeon. She vaguely remembered seeing the pizza girl

"Ow." she winced.

Turning to her side she saw a single black thorn reaching out of a white
cloud. It had snagged her sweater and pricked her arm.

Sabrina scowled and tried to pull away the wool from the thorn. It refused to
come loose.

She tugged again but there was still no getting it free.

She sighed, trying to break the wool. No luck. The thread was unbreakable.

She shrugged and turned. It would break soon enough. And she would be weary
to look out for more thorns in the future.

After another twenty paces, thing became worse.

She looked back at the unravelled thread behind her. Most of her left sleeve
was now left behind. She tried again to break it but to no avail.

She kept walking. She kept watching as her sweater slowly unravelled, first
her sleeves, then her waist, then upwards until at last there was nothing
left of the sweater at all.

Sabrina scowled, watching the last of the pink thread as it fell away.

"What?" she exclaimed, looking down to realise, for the first time, that she
was bare from the waist up. It didn't make sense.

Surely she would have been wearing a tee-shirt or at the very least a bra
under her sweater.

But it was very clear from her very exposed breasts that she had neither.

She sighed, folded her arms across her chest and kept walking.

Another three steps and she hit a thorn, this one snagging her leg.

She knew what it meant. Soon, a long black thread was all that remained of
her track pants.

And as she had expected, she was not wearing panties beneath them.

Two thorns had managed to rob her of all her clothing.

The teenage witch was having a bad day.

It was about to get worse.

At first, Sabrina thought the black cloud was just an optical illusion, but
as she moved forward, it became clearer and darker.

She stopped moving. scouting the black mass.

Then it lurched.

She stepped back but it consumed her in a second.

Unlike the white cloud, which was warm and light, the black mass had a
chilling touch, raising goose bumps on her body.

Sabrina swatted her arms but there was no repelling the mass. It clung to her
naked body, cold touch invading her every inch of her skin.

She felt the strength fading as she fell back. Rather than reach the ground,
the cloud lifted her off the ground.

Sabrina struggled but there was no escaping now.

She flailed helplessly, screaming uselessly.

A sudden surge flowed through her.

White heat burned her veins.

The young witch let out a squeal of shock and delight. From the cold shill
had come a wave of pure, burning pleasure.

She struggled even more but had no more success.

Another wave struck her, making her squirm and scream yet again.

She felt her body responding to the pleasure, her skin becoming flushed.

A third bolt struck, and this time her scream was not one of pleasure.

* * *

There were worse things than being caught in the middle of a battle for all

Such as being caught in the middle of a battle for all reality trapped in the
body of a cat.

Salam's feline agility moved him out of the way of a swinging sword, just in
time to avoid his tail getting cut off.

He dodged again, looking back to see the sword swinging vampire get dusted by

A chill ran through him.

"Sabrina." he scowled, at least as much as a cat could ever scowl.

He sprinted from the combat, rushing to the side of the other witches.

"Alyson!" he called out to the red head as she unleashed a hail of red
spikes, slaying a mob of vampires. The young witch didn't notice the cat,
instead preparing another attack against the seemingly endless tide of
vampires and demons. While the field was up, Yeatril could not be defeated.
All she could do was hold off the demons and hope that her anti-lust spell

"Hey Red! Down here!"

Alyson still didn't notice him.

So he bit her.

"OW!" Alyson yelled, pointing a finger down at the cat. "Salam? You're lucky
I didn't hit you with a spell."

"And do what? Turn me into a mouse?"

"What is it?"

"I need your help. I want you to separate me from my body."


"Sabrina is fighting to get free. I need to help her. I need my spirit free."

"Okay. Maybe I can do it but.. with your spirit free, you might get lost, or
trapped. You could die."

"If I don't, we all die anyway. I need to do this."


Alyson knelt down, pulling a needle from her belt. As she came closer, Salam
noticed that her hands were covered in blood, obviously her own. The cat
wondered how well Sabrina would have done if she had to cut herself for every

"You're sure?" she asked.

"Do it." Salam said, raising her tail.

Alyson pricked his tail, drawing a drop of blood.

She closed her eyes, whispering words.

Seconds later, she held in her hands, a seemingly lifeless cat.

* * *

Screams had become calls, calls had become moans and now, moans had become
all but whispers.

An eternity seemed to have passed her by.

Every burst of pleasure was as powerful as the last, exhausting the young
witch, sapping her strength and her will.

From time to time her mind drifted, thinking of secret fantasies, wishing it
were Harvey touching her, not this malicious black cloud. Wishing that she
could be safe, back in her own room.


She could even imagine his voice saying her name.


"Harvey?" she sighed, opening her dreamy eyes.

"Do I sound like that romantic drip?"

Sabrina blinked. Through the black mist she saw a man. He wasn't Harvey. He
was dressed in a black jacket and tee-shirt and jeans, short black hair
cropped on his head.

Sabrina was quite sure, even through her pleasure induced haze, that she had
never seen him before.

"Who.." she managed to say before another wave struck her.

"Sabrina. It's Salam."

"Salam? But you're a cat. OOHH!"

"Listen to me. We're inside your mind. This is a spiritual projection. A
little more useful than a cats body too."

"In my mind?"

"Listen Sabrina, I'm going to tell you what's happening and you have to
concentrate. You have to fight what your feeling."

Sabrina nodded, gritting her teeth and refusing to yell as a rush hit her.

"You were controlled by a demon called Yeatril, who is trying to destroy
reality. Now this is serious stuff Sabrina, not your usual 'opps I turned
someone into a pineapple' dilemma. We're talking the end of everything. Now
there's a whole heap of people trying to fight it, but they need you. We
need you Sabrina."

"But.. I can't!" Sabrina moaned.

"You can! This is your mind. You have to break free!"

Sabrina moaned, feeling another wave of pleasure surge through her, even more
intense. The demon. It had to be the demon doing this, trying to contain her,
trying to trap her inside her own mind. She closed her eyes, clenched her
fists and concentrated. She focussed on everything she knew and loved. Her
aunts, Harvey, even Salam. things that were worth saving.

Things that were worth denying pleasure for. That was it! That was the
secret. Denying what was being forced upon her. This was her mind. She had to
break it. She had to get free.

"LET ME GO!" she screamed, fanning her hands out in front of her. She opened
her eyes, watching as the black clouds blasted away from her body, forced by
the power of her own mind.

Naked and exhausted, Sabrina fell to the soft white ground.

She lay there on her hands and knees, panting for breath. Then a hand touched
her shoulder.

"You have to get up. It's not over."

Sabrina felt a jacket being draped over her. She slipped it on and rose to
her feet.

"Salam? Is this what you looked like?"

"Well, this is a soul projection. It's more like what I wish I looked like.
But it does the trick. Come on."

He took reached out his hand to her."

"How do we get out of here?"

"It's your minds Sabrina. You have to find the way."

She reached out to take his hand.

Her palm passed right through his.

"Sabrina! My link is failing. My body is dying. And however much I hate that
black feline thing, it's the only one I have."

"But I need your help."

"You don't Sabrina." Salam said, his body already starting to fade. "You're
a strong, clever young woman. You have all the help you need already."

For a second he disappeared then reformed.

"But what if I can't win."

"You have to." Salam coughed, strain showing on his human features. "Because
the universe is counting on you. And you've never let anyone down."

"Go Salam. I'll try."

"Sabrina." he whispered. "If I don't make it back to my body, I'll die."

"You will. Go!"

"But," his voice was a breath of wind, his body a mist. "If I don't.."

Salam's body vanished before her eyes, leaving her alone.

"I love you Sabrina.."

The young witch felt a chill run through her. Then it was replaced by rage.

If Salam died, the demon was to blame. And the demon would pay for what he
had done to her and her friends.

The black cloud approached once more, larger than ever. It filled the white
sky, a massive black storm bearing down, engulfing her.

She opened her palms and stretched out her hands, gathering breath.

She struggled to think, to recall incantations, magical spells of protection,
ant chant that might save her.

They all failed her.

The cloud, the black evil of the demon threatened to overrun her once again.

Then suddenly she knew exactly what to say.


White light surged from her palm, a ball, a globe, a sun. A brilliant,
searing mass of pure energy.

It forced the blackness back. further and further the dark clouds went,
retreating to the horizon.

Still Sabrina did not cease. She channelled the energy of her soul, all her
passions all her hope into the single brilliant blast.

When it became to bright for her, she closed her eyes but kept surging the
power out of her palms.

The black cloud retreated, to the horizon, then beyond, until it reached the
furthest limits of Sabrinas mind. There, unable to go further, the white heat
consumed it, burning it away, purifying the contamination that had infected
the young witches soul.

Finally, when Sabrina was sure that every last hint of evil had been purged,
she stopped.

The white light dissipated.

She dropped her hands to her sides, feeling light-headedness consume her.

The evil was gone from her mind.

But outside, it still lurked and a battle awaited her.

She took a last deep breath.

And she opened her eyes....


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