Authors Note - The following series involves refers to characters and
incidents from earlier stories of mine. To understand much of what occurs
from here on in, you should definitely read.

Harbinger Parts 1 - 14
Holmstead (featuring Katie Holmes)
Stolen Child (featuring Rachael Leigh Cook)

If you haven't read them, and you want to get the most out of this then read
them now. Also, if you're after a heap of plotless sex, you won't find it

Crossfire Part 8: Breaking Point
by Arcane ([email protected])

Frustration and fatigue were thick in the air of the Sunnydale High Library.
Of all the many souls that presently resided within the walls not one was
content with the way things were.

Giles waded through piles of ancient text's, searching in desperation for
something about the demon known as Yeatril, the demon who had kidnapped Katie
before their eyes. As yet there was nothing but Giles kept searching, moving
and further back into his stack file and further into the past. I hoped that
somewhere there was something he could use.

Xander was still moping and struggling to come to terms with the fact that he
had played an integral part in their present problem and neither Willow nor
Alyson could draw him out of that state completely. Willow herself was tired
after a painful last few days and a long night of internet searching which
had failed to turn up anything of value.

Alyson and Sarah were becoming increasingly afraid that there would be no way
back home at all, and that Katie might well be lost to them forever. While
Alyson had some experience and skills with the supernatural, Sarah could
offer nothing more than an extra pair of legs and eyes to fetch and read. She
missed home. And she was scared. It took a measure of acting ability to
conceal that fear from the others.

Rachael found her abilities useful but she too suffered an alienation from
the world she knew. It was still nature but it wasn't her nature. And here in
Sunnydale things were strange at the best of times. She knew all about the
Hellmouth but she feared that something else was going on. It was the same
feeling she'd felt when the portal had been reaching for Sarah in their own

Something was disrupting the balance, not only of nature but of time and
space. Rachael decided not to mention it to the others.

They already knew what they were dealing with was serious and they didn't
need to be even more scared. Silence didn't suit her well. The nature spirit
was of very low spirits indeed.

In a locker room, behind a makeshift set of heavy drapes, Angel was
slumbering. He didn't usually like to leave his home but everybody knew that
something was going on and when it came to head he wanted to be there. The
renovations were hardly aesthetic but they did the job of protecting him, at
least until the sunlight faded.

And Buffy felt as helpless as anything. Two days ago she had been itching for
something to stake. Now she had an enemy but she was every bit as helpless as
before. Even she was suffering from lack of sleep and every few minutes she
felt herself casting glances at the sheeted locker room, wondering what it
would be like to get some sleep beside Angel. Every time she thought about it
she was forced to shake her head, bringing herself back to the present and
the books in front of her.

Most of them were reading and most of the books were in English.

Rachael seemed to have a talent for reading some of the foreign languages and
Alyson had been able to assimilate Giles' knowledge for a while, through a
few drops of his blood. At first he was understandably apprehensive but
Alyson seemed possess the same innocent charm that Willow did and once she
was able to explain the fundamentals of her powers he felt more at ease.

As it happened it came in handy.

"Here." Alyson called to Giles, bringing him over to the dusty tomb she was
searching through. "There's something about freeing Yeatril. I couldn't make
it all out though."

Giles adjusted his glasses and scanned the text, reading aloud as everyone
listened intently.

"Yeatril is a high chaos demon. When the universe was new and truth was non
existent, Yeatril reigned over a realm of unlimited disorder. When dreams
separated from reality he fought back. Finally he was trapped between worlds,
forever exiled to the void between truth and dreams."

"Until now." Buffy bit her lip.

"The ceremony of Kasindryal may be performed every three thousand years,
requiring the life force of virgin maidens."

"Which was what we stopped right?" Willow asked.

"Yes." Giles nodded. "Or at least diverted. But your spell seems to have left
a small bridge for part of Yeatrils consciousness to escape. It will ride the
mind or minds of those it controls, goodness knows for how long."

"So what's it trying to do?" Rachael. "And why did it want Katie."

"There's another way it can break the seal. There's mention of a spell which
can break down the barriers between worlds. But it needs three witches to
cast it and only one copy of this spell is known to exist."

"Where?" Alyson scanned the text, wishing she could read it better.

"According to this it lies in The Book of Shadows."

"And where's The Book of Shadows?" Buffy sighed.

"In possession of The Charmed Ones. Three good witches bound by fate and

"The Charmed Ones?" Sarah looked up and caught Alyson's gaze.

Both girls had heard that term before.

"Charmed." they said in unison.

Only Rachael had the slightest idea what they were talking about.

"Okay." Buffy waved her hand, "I'm obviously missing something. What happens
if this spell gets cast?"

"The barriers between world will shatter. Fact and fiction will collide,
potentially violently. Fictional characters would be drawn into a real world
and visa versa. The effects would be catastrophic."

"So we have to stop it." Buffy said coldly. "But where do we find the Charmed

"I have a feeling," Giles said grimly, " that they will be trying to find

* * *

"Are you sure you don't want me to drive?" Phoebe asked as her sister hurtled
down the highway.

"I'm fine." Piper retorted. "Besides if we almost have an accident I can
freeze it. You're more likely to have a vision and send us off the road. No

"I see your point." Phoebe leant against the window, staring out at the open
road. "How far is this town anyway?"

"I'm worries too." Piper interpreted her sisters tone of voice. "I just hope
this is the right thing to do."

"Since when have my visions been wrong."

"Well I hope you're right too." came a voice from the back seat. "Sabrina
makes mistakes every other week but she isn't the evil sort. That's supposed
to be my part."

"Why are you a cat anyway?" Phoebe turned to Salam curled up in the back

"itrdtotakovrthwrld." he mumbled.


"I tried to take over the word! Gee, can't people let sleeping dogs lie."

Phoebe turned back to the road before her. "Touchy subject." she shrugged.

* * *

"Would it be a stupid idea to just look up Charmed web sites?" Sarah asked as
she watched Willow trying to find any reference to the Charmed Ones.

"Different universe." Rachel noted from across the room. "It wouldn't turn up
anything more than if you searched for Buffy."

"Oh yeah. Different universe. I keep forgetting." Sarah grumbled as she sat

Right now she wanted nothing more than to get a good nights sleep. Last night
had been spent pawing through even more books and when she tried to sleep the
sound of turning pages kept her awake. After twenty or so very stressful
hours she was looking forward to a bed and soft pillow. Preferably her own.
But of course her own bedroom, her own house, was in another world entirely.

"Wait a second. Shouldn't Charmed be in a separate universe to Buffy?" she
asked Rachael.

"Not necessarily. Where no clash exists it's possible for two stories to


"Well..." Rachael pondered an explanation. "Friends. The T.V show."

"What about it?"

"It co-existed in a New York with The Single Guy, Mad About You and Caroline
in the City."

"Oh. Okay that makes it so much clearer."

"Okay.. let me put it a different way. Doctor Quinn couldn't exist in the
same universe as Star Trek because ones in the past and one's in the future.
But when two fictions are close enough they can exist on the same
geographical earth. Charmed is literally a drive away."

"How do you know all this?"

"How else?" Rachael shrugged as she returned to the page before her. "I read

Sarah dropped her head to the desk and sighed.

"I really hate this. I'm getting a headache."

"I could fix you something." Willow offered. "I know some neat herbal tea

"Thanks but... on the other hand drop that 'but'. Anything would be great

"Hey." the young witch smiled. "You called me Will. Just like Buffy."

"I'm just dropping into old lines. I'm tired."

"We all are. Try to get some sleep." she patted Sarah on the shoulder and
walked off.

"Sleep." Sarah sighed and leant back in her chair, folding her arms and
closing her eyes.

She yawned.

* * *

The demon was a towering monstrosity, a whirling mass of chaos.

Whenever she tired to make out its form it became something else.

The graveyard itself seemed to twist and reform around him.

The demon seemed to ignore her, as if she was no threat.

There were others in the whirling chaos, some she recognised, some she

They were fighting.


Fear. Cold fear gripped her and refused to let go.

She wanted to do something, anything but she couldn't move.

Still the mass of chaos swirled, growing in size, more shapes swirling within

She screamed

* * *


The actress recoiled as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Willow.. I.."

Sarah looked about the room realising that everyone was looking at her.

"You were having a nightmare." Willow explained. "It's okay. Here.. I made
you tea."

"Thanks.. I.. it was.. I saw the demon.. Yeatril.. it was huge... you were
fighting it and.. I was helpless.."

"Sarah." Giles walked over to the shaking young woman. "It makes sense that
you'd have a nightmare. Your tired and stressed, you're in a strange world.
And you'd have one about the creature we may have to combat.

"No. You don't understand. I had this dream before. Before all of this, back
in my own world. I knew."

"You're saying you had a premonition of this creature?" the Watcher was

"It's true." Alyson added. "I'd forgotten about it until now... all the
madness I guess. Sarah.. what happened in the dream."

"We.. you.. were all fighting Yeatril.. in the graveyard.. he was huge and I
couldn't move and...."

"And what?" Buffy asked with dread.

"You were losing." Sarah finished as a cold chill ran through her.

* * *

Sabrina Spellman and Prue Halliwell lay side by side, oblivious to the dusty
ground beneath the, oblivious to anything but the echoing voice which
dispersed through their minds, perpetually beating down their attempts at
resistance. Both women were, in their own way, strong and independent but
their barriers had been broken and the voice of Yeatril now resided within
them, feeding on their own weaknesses. Even so he was still much weaker than
he should be, still trapped in another realm. If the spell was not performed
soon then the chance would be lost and his presence would fade. He needed
Katie, one whose powers were so useful too him. She was so skilled at
weakening the minds of others, so convincing in her roles as the innocent.

Such was the weakness of the human frame, one which was so prone to
uncontrollable desire. A demon did not feel love or passion, unless that
passion was for something such as power or revenge. Human flesh held no lure
to him yet ironically it that very desire which would free him from his

Even with Katie absent, performing her work, the two were still easy for him
to handle.

He explored their minds, stretching his consciousness into their own, drawing
upon their own self knowledge to maintain his control.

Whenever their spirits put up a fight or a wall it was easy to distract them
with their greatest fear or their most wild desire.

Their bodies twitched and shuddered, tossing and turning with each little
battle that they lost. In the hot air of the chamber, sweat clung to their
garments and yet they were oblivious to such external discomfort, instead
resigned to the deeper regions of their mind, perpetually assailed by
frightening torture or enraptured delight.

* * *

"How are we doing?" Angel asked as he drew the curtain aside, dusk having at
last come.

Even before anyone answered he could tell that the looks of fatigue were not
going to offer happy answers.

"Well Xander went to get hamburgers." Willow tried to lighten the mood.

"Which is great for everyone except me." Angel shrugged.

"And me." Rachael cut in. "Vegetarian. Never mind, I'm sure I can draw some
nutrients from plant life. Handy quirk of my magic.."

"Well, as unpleasant as this sounds, I could really use some blood."

"Yeah me too." Alyson sighed.

She realised everyone was looking at her strangely.

"For spells." she explained. "You know. Blood magic."

"I'm going to get something. Does this school still have a rat problem?"

"Ewww." Sarah wrinkled her face. "Go and eat..." she waved Angel out of the

He exited with a paced walk and once her was out of earshot Sarah turned to

"What do you see in him?"

"Oh, once you get over the rat eating thing he can be a real sweet heart."

"I wish I had my sweetheart." Willow sighed, tapping idly at her keys and
looking out at the half moon in the sky. If ever a girl had a reason for the
moon to remind her of her beloved it was Willow. Somewhere out there on a
week long tour was Oz. It had to be this week that the band went out, both
due to school commitments and lunar cycles. Oz could hardly explain to his
friends that they'd have to chain him up at sun down on a full moon. So this
week had been the only chance they had.

But Willow still missed him.

"So what's his name?" Willow turned on her chair to Alyson.


"The Oz in your universe?"

"Oh. Seth.. Seth Green.. He's a great guy. We've known each other since we
were kids."


"Oh no.. Just friends. Really good friends.. Like you and Xander.."

"That's probably a bad example."

"Oh.. Yeah.."

The doors of the library burst open.

In an instant Buffy realised it wasn't Xander or Angel. She was on her feet,
stake in hand, running towards the intruders.

The woman raised her hands and flicked her fingers.

Buffy stopped.

So did Giles and Sarah.

The others simply looked on in confusion.

"What is going on here?" Willow looked at the two women and the cat at their

"Willow." Rachael waved a hand at the new comers," meet two thirds of the
Charmed Ones."

* * *

Lumbered with a large carton of hamburgers and similar unhealthy junkfood,
Xander waddled down the hallway as best he could. As awkward as the load was,
and as daunting as their situation seemed to be, he felt good to know that he
was actually doing something, even it was as simple as getting food for the
others. He wasn't any good with most of the books, or the internet like
Willow, or fighting like Buffy, but when it came down to it he was another
set of hands and legs which could leave them undisturbed and still get things
to where they were needed.

Xander felt a rumble in his own stomach, knowing that even fast food would be
something to sate his hunger.

And it was something to keep his mind off what Yeatril did to him and worse
what he did to Katie. Xander might not be the cleanest of guys in the world
but he had a good sense of morality and what he remembered doing, tormenting
and molesting the helpless girl, made him nauseous.

"Hey gorgeous."

Xander stopped and slowly turned to the source of the compliment.

From anyone else it would have made him smiled but from her it chilled him to
the bone.

She stood seductively, tight blue jeans clinging to her legs and a white
singlet even more so to her chest.

"K.K.Katie." he stammered, wondering when the box would slip from his grasp.

"That's my name. In a manner of speaking." she smiled at a private thought.
"Well how have you been? I must say, you looked a lot more confident last
time we met."

"That.. that wasn't me." He took a step back, not dropping the box, not
breaking her gaze from her piercing eyes.

"It's so easy to say that isn't it? So easy to separate yourself." she moved
forward, matching her retreat with her own calm advance. "But part of it was
you Xander. Your desires, without boundaries, your lusts without morality.
Freedom Xander True freedom."

"I wasn't free." Xander realised that he had backed into a classroom door.

"Sometimes we have to be controlled to be truly free." Katie approached him,
leaning over the box in his hands. "Freedom to ignore all those nasty
boundaries of society Xander. Where you could have Cordellia and Willow and
no one could stop you.

You tasted that freedom Xander." she reached out a finger and took a drop of
sauce, liking it off slowly. "How did you like that taste Xander."

"It tasted like shit." he growled angrily at her insinuations. "And the after
taste was even worse."

"Oh now Xander, there's no need to get all upset now is there?" She slipped
her hands over his and he reflexively recoiled, dropping the box to the
ground. The barrier between then having been dispensed, Katie slipped even
closer, sliding her hand around his side.

"What.. do you want?" Xander found himself caught between the proximity of
such an alluring woman and his rampant terror of her.

"Oh Xander." She smiled. "I hope I don't have to spell it out for you."

She turned the door handle and Xander tumbled backwards into the classroom,
with Katie right on top of him.

* * *

"So Katie turned Sabrina and then they turned Prue." Rachael summerised the
complicated story which the two sisters and the black cat had been telling

"And they stole a spell from the Book of Shadows." Piper added.

"A spell to break down the barriers between worlds." Giles scowled.

"But which needs three witches." Buffy pointed out. "Katie isn't a witch, she
just has powers which the demon used to convert the others. Which means her
needs one more witch."

"Why not just have taken one of us." Phoebe wondered aloud. "I mean me, Piper
and Prue are three witch sisters. Wouldn't that make the most sense?"

"I think that for the spell to work they have to be three different witches
from three different worlds." Giles explained. "Now under normal
circumstances this would be impossible but in our present situation, those
gaps between close worlds have been damaged. Yeatril can take these witches
from neighbouring realities and use them all."

"Hold on." Phoebe stopped him, trying to process it all. "Are you saying that
by driving here, we've crossed into another reality.

That's pretty good mileage for a tank of gas."

"Um.." Giles wrinkled his brow for a better way of explaining. "Rachael?"

The young woman considered for a second.

"Though you and other worlds are geographically similar, you're paths would
never cross. Buffy would never end up in San Francisco and you'd never come
here. You're only here because that balance has already been disrupted and
taken you to a place you wouldn't have ever known existed."

"Okay." Phoebe nodded unsure of herself. ",but why would we always be in San
Francisco? what is it about our reality that relegates us such a small part
of the world? and as a side issue, what's with the identical twin thing?"

Before anyone else could speak Buffy leant over the table.

"A little piece of advice: You really don't want to know. Trust me. " she
cast a quick glance at Sarah. "It will change the way you see yourself"

"Okay." Piper nodded. "I'll accept that we don't have to know anything. But
if this spell is going to be cast then they need one more person. How many
witches from worlds other than theirs can their be?"

Rachael, Willow and Alyson raised their hands.

* * *

It was not the first time that Xander had been in this situation. Only when
her had been with Faith the situation had been slightly more mutual than it
was now. Katie was on top of him, somehow possessing the strength to keep a
stronger, larger male underneath her. He squirmed and twisted his head but
her lips always seemed to find his, and even when they didn't they kept
kissing wildly. Xander knew that he was responding to the attentions despite
all attempts at control. It wasn't just the physical side of things either,
her knew that Katie had to be using her power, flooding his mind with lust.
But from her physical actions, he really didn't need that much flooding.

She grabbed the sides of his head, looking him straight in the eye.

"Now whose in control?" she giggled and kissed him again.

Xander could smell the scent of faint perfume from her neck, mixed with the
days of perspiration and lust which had been oozing from her body. The scent
of desire, both hers and his.

He tried to move again but she twisted her arms again, holding him, pinning
him in a tight embrace.

"Katie" he tried to worm his way out but it was no good."

"No." she giggled, "Catherina."

He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest, separated only by two
thin layers of fabric. They rolled and rubbed as she nuzzled at his neck,
flicking the skin with her tongue.

Her thigh was pressed firmly between his legs, pressure enough to arouse, as
she moved her hips in time, but not enough to hurt her prey.

Xander looked up at her, her fiery eyes meeting his own from time to time,
her tangled hair flicking wildly. And her mouth, her lips, open, inviting,
alluring as they danced over his skin.

As she moved the shoulder strap of her singlet started to slide down,
exposing more of her smooth breasts. He tried not to look at her, at her
body, but to close his eyes was simply to subject himself to further fantasy,
those which she was forcing on him. It was better to look, to retain the
reality of what was happening, no matter how unreal it seemed.

He felt her hand slipping, unzipping and sliding down, flicking and rubbing
against the centre of his arousal.

"You want release don't you?" she giggled between kisses, the combination of
her touch, her words and her will over powering him.

Under her influence Xander failed to hold out any longer, shuddering with the
force of orgasm, drawn out by Katie's power.

He caught his breath as she sat back, calmly, her passion having faded
abruptly. Her her hand she held a condom. Used.

He hadn't noticed her putting it on but then he was somewhat distracted.

"What?" was all he was able to gasp.

"For my master to possess the force of life in this world, he must possess
the seed of life from this world. Now we have all we need."

Katie stood and headed for the door, Xander still to stunned to stop her.

She was almost out the door when he called out again.

"Why me?"

She turned and looked at him with contempt.

"Now we're even."

Then she was gone.

Xander groaned, rolling over, rezipping his jeans. He wasn't looking forward
to yet another embarrassing story to the others, but it had to be told.

"He was just getting to his feet when Angel opened the door, looking at the
dropped box of food and then at the flushed Xander.

"What happened to you?" Angel raised an eyebrow.

All the teenager could do was shrug.

"I just had the best and worst sexual experience of my life."

Angel nodded and sighed. "Been there. Done that."

* * *

"So they're going to come for one of you?" Sarah looked at Alyson

"It seems likely." the blood witch shrugged. "I mean we're here right. And
I'm guessing that the others are in this town too."

"We came here because of Phoebe vision." Piper noted.

"And here would be the most obvious place." Giles chewed the end of his
glasses. "A Hellmouth already has a weakening between worlds. I image that
was why the original ceremony was supposed to be here."

"So this next ceremony might be being held at the same place." Buffy

"It may well be. It might pay to check it out."

"I'll go." the Slayer volunteered. "Angel can be back up.. when he gets

Before she could finish her sentence Angel and Xander entered, the latter
carrying a box of somewhat squashed food and looking embarrassed and puffed.

"What happened to you?" Sarah looked at the youth.

"I'd say I'd just lost my innocence but it wouldn't be completely true."

"Well we we're going to check out the place where the others came through.
There might be something going on there."

"We can come too." Phoebe volunteered. "If Prue is there we want to find

"We have time. Right Giles?" Buffy asked as she lifted a stake.

"I imagine so. They still require another witch."

"I don't think you can count on that." Xander swallowed.


"Because I just had a run in with Katie. And she said they had
everything they needed. If we're going to get down there, then I suggest we
do it fast."

"Er.. Okay." Buffy flicked her mind back to the present. "So we go right now.
Whose coming?"

Rachael was already heading towards the door.

"Who's not?" she asked.

No one answered.

* * *

Sabrina stood silently, her body rigid, arms at her sides and fists clenched
tight. Her will was not her own, nor was her body.

Instead she was a puppet, the slave of a force which demanded to be freed. As
much as she feared it she knew that she would obey, that she would help it
to escape. She stood naked, her grimy clothes thrown aside, a sheen of sweat
clinging to her nude form. Blonde hair plastered now and then to her
shoulders but she could do nothing to change her appearance. She could do
nothing at all.

Across the circle Prue stood, equally upright, her mind possessed by a will
she could no longer resist.

Across from them both stood the third.

As one they began to chant, the words of the spell torn from the book of
Shadows, the spell that would break down the barriers of reality.

"Sotalaer Snart Solbiad"

* * *

They walked in single file down the tunnel, Salam leading the way. He had
professed that this was the path to be taken, that there were witches in this
direction. As yet he hd not been wrong so they treaded with caution.

"Why here?" Buffy wondered aloud.

"It may be that the breach here before has weakened space." Giles suggested.
"It would be easier to break through here."

"I still want too know how they intend to get a third witch. Are we walking
into a trap?" Alyson shivered.

"If we are then we're going to be ready for it." Angel held a metal bar out
in front of him.

"You're not going to hurt them are you?" Phoebe suddenly worried.

"Not any more than we have to."

"Sabrina can't cast spells if she can't talk." Salam commented.

"And Prue can't use her power if she can't see." Piper added.

"Which leaves Katie.. and you'll probably have to knock her out.." Alyson
noted. "Where did she get those powers from anyway."

"I wondered that myself." Rachael quipped.

"Long story." Xander tried not to think about exactly how he'd been forced
to extract that information.

"Oh my God!" he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Interum Praxis Valtoros Ignium"

"What?" Willow asked. "Xander?"

"Katie's not a witch." he whispered.

"We know that." said Sarah. "So?"

"Katie isn't a witch. But she's not Katie now. She's Catherina."

"Eragnos Seragal Herafiuo Culjari"

"Catherina Hume is a witch!" Xander yelled his realisation. "They already
have three witches!"

Every one started to run.

* * *

Inside the chamber the power was beginning to build, three witches of three

Sabrina, Prue and Catherina.

Together they spoke the words and the energies converged, filling the chamber
with a crackling purple light.

It shot between them, joining their power and their minds.

The chalk circle around them began to glow with the same light.

"Dominum Yosorivis Flagor Limatus."

The chamber door burst open and Buffy and Angel charged forth ready to tackle
the witches head on.

All they tackled was a barrier of magical energy which sent them sprawling to
the floor.

Piper stumbled in and flashed her hands, trying to freeze what she saw.

Nothing happened. The magical defence had rendered her ability useless.

"Get down that barrier!" Buffy yelled.

Rachael focussed and the light itself began to bend, forming a lance which
began to stab at the barrier.

Alyson gritted her teeth and sliced the palm of her hand, buffeting the
barrier with a hair of glowing red droplets of blood.

Willow tried to remember an disenchanting spell, reciting it to bring the
barrier down.

The barrier held.

"Sutamil Rogalf Sivirosoy Munimod."

"Prue!" Piper screamed as she pounded on the barrier with her fist. "Please
don't do this!"

"Prue. Listen to me! You're being controlled." Phoebe yelled as the crackle
in the air grew louder.

"Sabrina!" Salam howled. "Snap out of it."

The barrier weakened.

"Irajluc Ouifareh Lagates Songare"

Xander, Sarah and Giles stood helpless as they watched a ball of energy
growing in the centre of the circle, fed by the power each of the three
witches was giving off.

In front of them all their forces were attacking yelling and pounding.

The Halliwells yelled at their sister, Salam at Sabrina.

Angel and Buffy pounded against the wall with all their collective strength
and three types of magic hammered at it.

"Muingi Sorotlav Sixarp Muretni"

The ball of light spun wildly, it's energies at a peak, now ready to split
open and do their damage.

Rachael poured a final wave of light into the barrier.

The magical barrier faded.

Piper charged for Prue.

Buffy Charged for Katie.

Salam sprang for Sabrina

"Diablos Trans Realatos!"

Six bodies tumbled to the ground.

All eyes turned to the surging sphere of chaotic light.

"Oh Shit" Giles whispered as the sphere began to contract, shrinking in size
yet growing in intensity.

"We're too late." Sarah couldn't help but stare at the collapsing light.

It shrunk further and further until it was little more than a point.

Then it flared, an impossibly powerful shock wave, slamming against the walls
of reality itself.

And the walls came crashing down....

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What A Genie Wants by Anynom - Christina Aguilera
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Slayer Layer by Anynom - Eliza Dushku, Kristy Swanson
Silver Cross Trilogy - Salma Hayek, Juliette Lewis, Kate Winslett, Winona Ryder
Blair Witch Project: Rites Of Ascension - Heather Donahue

Other stories.

Roswell: Crashdown - Sheri Appleby, Kirsten Dunst
Toy Soldiers: Small Packages - Kirsten Dunst
Matrix: Dual Trinity - Carrie Anne Moss
Star Wars - Episode 1: Force of Will - Natalie Portman
X-Files: X-Roads - Gillian Anderson
Sleepy Hollow: Hollow Echoes - Christina Ricci
Predenter: The Art Of Pretending - Andrea Parker
Labyrinth: Labyrinths Of The Mind - Jennifer Connelly
Babylon 5: Babylon Two - Claudia Christian
I Know What You Did Last Summer: What Did We Do Last Summer? - JLH, N Campbell
Lost In Space: Alien Space - Heather Graham and Lacey Chabert.
Star Trek - Voyager: Assimilation - Jeri Ryan.
James Bond 007: Bonded - Denise Richards.
House On Haunted Hill: Haunted - Catherine Zeta Jones.
Batman And Robin: Tangled Ivy - Alicia Silverstone.

All Greek To Me by Anynom - Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Conner, Hudson Leick
Dragon's Eye by Anynom - Thora Birch
What A Genie Wants by Anynom - Christina Aguilera
Ghost Of A Chance by Anynom - Shannon Elizabeth
X-Cess Success by Anynom - Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, Rebecca Romjin Stamos


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