Disclaimer: We do not own any of these characters, we wish we did but
unfortunately we do not, so we are just borrowing them for a while.

Notes: We came up with this idea while chatting it up in our IRC chat room
at #Charmed_Slash. Hopefully this won't be our last time to collaborate on
a fic.

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Piper/Faith, Phoebe/Cordelia, Leo/Cole Paige/Tara

Warning! Strong sexual content, Male homosexuality, Lesbian sexual
encounters, spanking and fisting.

Summary: The gang come together for a very special Thanksgiving dinner.

Dedicated to all the members of the Charmed_Slash list. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Buffy/Charmed: A Charmed Thanksgiving
by Crystal L, JT Langdon and SC Rose.

The sounds of pots and pans clanking filled the air as Piper busied herself
in the kitchen. It was Thanksgiving morning and she had a lot of work ahead
of her. Why she agreed to cook the Thanksgiving feast all on her own, Piper
had no idea. All she knew was that she wanted everything to be perfect. This
would be the first Thanksgiving with not only her baby sister Paige, but
Faith as well.

Faith had only been in their lives for a short time but she seemed to have
the strangest affect on all of the Charmed Ones. She knew exactly what to
do to make any of one of them at any given time smile. Piper felt like she
was in high school again whenever she was around Faith. Piper was very
frustrated, she had no idea where the gravy bowl was.

"Ooooh, where are you dammit!" exclaimed Piper, throwing her apron to the

"Hey Piper," Faith asked, walking in from the living room. "You ok in here?"

"Yeah I'm fine," Piper said.

Just seeing Faith made her insides rumble. Her new girl was looking
incredibly hot in a white tanktop and black leather pants. She sure was glad
everyone agreed to dress casual for their first Thanksgiving together! It
seemed to be getting warmer in the kitchen and Piper knew it had nothing to
do with the turkey in the oven. All that heat was coming from Faith, and it
was burning her up. She needed to concentrate. Hadn't she been looking for
something? Of course! Now she remembered!

"I just can't find the gravy bowl. You don't happen to know where it is do

Faith picked up the discarded apron and handed it to Piper. "Sorry, P. I
haven't exactly been rolling in the gravy lately."

"Right, sorry," Piper said blushing, she always liked it when Faith called
her P. Faith used it for her and her only, it made her feel kind of special.
"So how's the game going?" The Green Bay Packers were playing against the
Detroit Lions, but Piper had no idea who they were exactly. She just wanted
Faith to keep talking to her.

"It's okay. Kinda getting a bit freaked out by all the male bonding going
on with Leo and Cole in there. He was your husband right?" Faith smirked,
catching the way Piper kept blushing.

"Yes . . . was being the operative word here. But let`s not get into that
shall we? I`m just glad you`re here now."

Faith moved closer and smiled. "I'd be glad if you were wearing this apron
and nothing else"

"Mmm," Piper murmured. "Maybe later." She pulled Faith into a hug. "I'm so
happy we're together for the holiday. It's very special to me."

"Same her, P," Faith said. "Never had a Thanksgiving dinner before. Mom would
just leave some TV dinners in the freezer for me to cook up. You and your
sisters have been wicked cool letting me stay here and all."

"Well, gee Faith, you only did save our lives from that nasty cult of
vampires." Paige bounded into the kitchen sucking on a lollipop. She looked
terrific in a hot pink belly shirt and a blue denim miniskirt so tight Piper
wondered what kept it from splitting at the seams. That outfit sure didn't
leave much to the imagination. But then Paige had a great body. Why not show
it off?

Piper made a face at her little sister. "Paige, what did I say about those
lollipops? It's going to ruin your teeth, not to mention your appetite." She
poked Paige in the chest with her turkey baster.

"All right," Paige said. "I'll stop. Just don't touch me with that thing!
It's all turkey smelling and stuff." She grinned and said, "Don't know why
I'm throwing away a perfectly good lollipop. My last dental checkup was

She tossed her unfinished lollipop into the trash then stuck her tongue out
at Piper. "There. Hope you're happy . . . Mom."

"Keep that tongue in your mouth young lady or I'll cut it off," joked Piper
with knife in hand.

"Better not Piper," Faith said. "You could do a lot with that tongue." She
gave a wink to both sisters as she made her way back towards the living room.

Piper and Paige stood there in shock as the slayer walked away to join Leo
and Cole.

Piper was a little shocked by what Faith had just said. That was so gross! So
why couldn't she seem to stop thinking about Paige doing very naughty things
like grabbing her and gently slipping that hot tongue into her mouth?

* * *

Phoebe sat in the attic searching through The Book of Shadows. She had no
real reason to be looking through the book; she just didn't want to have to
go downstairs where Cole would be. Not until Cordelia got in from LA. Having
her new love at her side would give her the strength to deal with him and Leo
without getting upset.

It was only a month ago since she and Cole decided to break up, and although
it was a mutual decision she still felt awkward being around him . . . and
even more so when she would see that he and Leo seemed to be forming a
relationship that was more than normal male bonding. Then she had to contend
with the fact that Paige and Tara always seemed to be making love or that
Faith and Piper ended up going at it like bunnies just about every night. The
walls in the manor just weren't all that sound proof. She couldn't get the
mental images of her sisters and their respective lovers having wild sex or
sweetly making love to each other out of her mind.

It was very difficult living under the same roof with two couples when her
girlfriend lived in LA. She'd found that she had gone from masturbating once
or twice a week to playing with her pussy on a daily basis and sometimes more
than once a day. It seemed like forever since she had touched herself, though
she had earlier that morning.

So Phoebe decided to take a shower and get cleaned up for the big dinner that
everyone was supposed to attend. She headed down to the bathroom and started
the shower, adjusting the water slightly.

She felt the pulsing hot water hit her shoulders, working out knots and
tensions she didn't even realize she had. She grabbed her lotion soap and
soaped up every part of her body with it. She always tended to concentrate
on her breasts and stomach first. Then she gave a nice thorough washing to
the sensitive folds of her sex, and the center of her pleasure. Luxuriating
in the way her fingers felt as she ran them over her pubic hair that she
kept very neatly trimmed into a neat dark patch fur, she thought it looked
very sexy. It always turned her on.

Only after everything was thoroughly washed did she remove the massaging
showerhead she had installed into their bathroom. She ran it over her breasts
until her nipples got nice and hard and then she slowly rinsed off the rest
of the! soap before letting the pulsing jets of water hammer into the swollen
lips of her pussy and the hard little nub of her clit.

She bit her lower lip so she wouldn't scream out in pleasure, so it came out
as a low moan that she hoped none of the others in the overcrowded manor
could hear. She then slammed two fingers into her pussy while running the
pulsing water over her clit. While still biting her lip and moaning softly
as she had her orgasm, she added a third finger and leaned against the wall
and continued ramming her fingers in and out of her pussy.

She was still running the pulsing water over her clit as she had her second
orgasm. She drew blood from her lower lip from trying not to scream out in
pleasure. She let out a low moan as her orgasm subsided. She then stepped out
of the shower and dried her hair and body, making sure to wipe her bleeding
lip off.

Feeling much more composed and ready to face what was going to happen the
rest of the day, she headed for her room to find a killer outfit to wear so
she would look her best when Cordelia arrived.

* * *

Faith couldn't believe Cole and Leo were making so much noise over a football
game. It seemed so unlike them! They both had to really try when it came to
doing `normal guy things' so they tended to overcompensate and sometimes they
looked and sounded a little silly in the process.

"Yeah baby, go for it that's the way!" shouted Cole at the TV set as the 3rd
touchdown of the game was made.

"Yes!" cheered Leo, giving Cole a high five.

"Ok I think I've had enough of this," sighed Faith, getting off the couch.
She enjoyed football very much, but if she saw Leo and Cole give each other
one more high-five, she would have to kill them both.

"You guys what something to drink?" Noticing both of the men were too busy
watching the game to hear her, she waved them off. "Nevermind. I'll just go
and get myself something then."

Paige must have decided that if she couldn't help with the cooking then the
least she could do was help look for the gravy bowl. Which was why she was on
her knees with her head buried in one of the cabinets and her ass waving in
the air.

"Uhhh, Piper are you sure we have a gravy bowl?" she questioned, with her
head still in the cabinet. "Can't we just go and pick one up or something?"

"I know it's in there somewhere," Piper said, "and the stores are probably
all closed by now anyways." She started work on the pumpkin pie for desert
when she noticed Faith looking through the refrigerator. "Faith, honey, do
you think you could help Paige look for the gravy bowl?"

Faith looked down to see Paige's butt swaying around and raised an eyebrow.
That woman sure had a nice ass. And it looked great in that denim miniskirt.
"I think I could do more than that," she replied, licking her lips.

Piper couldn't help but get jealous of the look Faith was giving her sister.
"Oh, nevermind Faith. How about you help me and try this?" She waved a
spoonful of her special sauce in front of her.

Faith seductively licked the spoon's contents off. "Mmmm. Delicious, P."

Piper just stood there with her mouth wide open.

"Hey I want to try some," requested Paige, coming out of the cabinet. "Oh,
and I found the gravy bowl, finally."

Breaking out of her trance, Piper handed Paige a spoonful of her special
sauce. Paige imitating Faith's actions, slowly licks off the special sauce.
"You're right Faith, this is good."

"Yeah, my girl can cook," Faith said. She smiled. "And not just in the

Piper blushed. "Has anyone seen the colander?"

"Uh, yeah," Paige said. "Hang on."

Faith watched Paige bend over to open the cabinet. God damn! That woman had
a fine ass! She smiled and went over to Paige, raising up her skirt with a

"Hey!" Paige said in mock protest. To Faith's surprise -and delight- Paige
wasn't wearing any panties. Her naked ass looked so inviting. How could she
resist? Faith crouched down behind Paige and planted a soft kiss on her
buttocks, inching closer to the puckered rosebud between them. Then she
parted Paige's ass cheeks and flicked her tongue over that delightfully
tight asshole, making Paige moan for more.

"Faith, sweetie," came Piper's voice, "do you mind taking your tongue out of
my sister's ass, please?"

Faith got to her feet, embarrassed. She expected to find Piper seething -and
she wouldn't have blamed Piper at all for tossing her out in the street!-
but the look on Piper gave her was not one of anger. What was up with that?

"Maybe I should go," Paige said with a sheepish smile.

"Yeah," Piper said. "That's probably a good idea."

Paige nodded and scurried out of the kitchen. Faith watched her leave then
turned to Piper and said, "Baby, I'm so sorry. Please don't make me leave."

Piper cocked an eyebrow. "Leave? Why would I do that?"

"Uh, because I was just rimming your sister right in front of you?"

"Well, there is that," Piper said, pulling her close. "But I'd rather keep
you around, if you don't mind."

Faith was about to tell Piper she didn't mind at all but before she could
Piper was kissing her, hard, devouring her mouth with an urgency Faith had
never seen in Piper before. Damn! Her sweet P was totally cranked up! Piper
kissed her and pawed at her breasts, wedging a thigh between her legs. Faith
moaned as she rode Piper's thigh, grinding her pussy hard against her lover.

"If I'd know seeing me with Paige turned you into an animal," Faith muttered
between kisses, "I would have stuck my face in her ass a long time ago."

Piper grunted into the kiss and pulled back to look at her. "Oh, you're going
to get it."

Before she could shoot back some smart-ass remark, Faith found herself being
spun around and bent over the island in the center of the kitchen. Then Piper
yanked down her pants. She didn't have on underwear, of course. Faith wiggled
her bare ass and laughed.

"Aren't you afraid we'll get caught, P?"

"Why should I be?" Piper asked. "Paige won't be back, Phoebe isn't gonna show
her face until Cordelia gets here, and the guys are too busy watching the

"Mmmm," Faith purred. "Then I guess you can do whatever you want to me."

"Uh huh," muttered Piper. "And I'm going to."

Faith liked the sound of that! At least she did until she heard the sound of
a wooden spoon smacking flesh and pain flared through her buttocks. Gods!
Piper was paddling her ass! She couldn't believe it! Of course, she deserved
it. But she never thought Piper would . . .

Her thought was cut short by the smack of the spoon. Ow! That stung! Piper
brought the spoon down again . . . then again, finding a slow, steady rhythm
and sticking to it. Just as the pain of one blow faded away the spoon came
down on her again. Faith whimpered softly. It felt like her ass was on fire!
It throbbed with a vicious heat that was matched only by the heat between her
legs. This was really turning her on! Piper brought the spoon down on her
tender buttocks once more. Faith whimpered softly.

"Please," Faith whispered.

"If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen," Piper told her. Then
she brought the spoon down again. "You were a naughty little slut, weren't


"Yes," Faith answered.

Smack . . . smack!

"You aren't going to stick your tongue in my sister's ass again, are you?"

Smack . . . smack . . . smack!

"No," Faith said between gritted teeth.

Piper smacked her again. "Not without permission, at least."

Faith glanced over her shoulder. Piper was grinning at her. "No, baby."

"Mmmm," Piper murmured. "Does it still hurt?"

Faith nodded.

"Maybe some . . . butter will soothe that little red fanny of yours," Piper

Faith sighed as Piper spread a glob of butter over her burning ass cheeks.
Gods! That felt good! Although it did ease the pain flaring through her
backside, there was much more to it than that.

Piper smeared the butter all over her ass, caressing her, greasing her up.
Then Faith felt Piper's finger slide over her puckered asshole and she
moaned. She thrust her ass at Piper, leaving no doubt what she wanted. And
Piper gave it to her . . . well, at least a little. Piper's finger eased
into her asshole, but just a little bit . . . enough to tease her. Faith
wanted to scream.

"Come on, baby," Faith begged.

"Are you going to be a good girl from now on?" Piper asked.


"And only be with me?"

Faith swallowed the lump in her throat. "Yes . . . yes! P, I'm dying here!"

That made Piper laugh. But there was no laughing when Piper thrust that
buttered-up finger into her ass. Faith moaned with pleasure as Piper fucked
her from behind, sliding that long, tapered finger in and out of her butt
hole at a frantic pace. She squealed and gasped with delight, grabbing onto
the counter for support as Piper thrust into her . . . harder . . . faster.
Gods! Piper was going to make her come just like that! Faith could feel the
pressure in her gut, a rock-hard ball of tension about to explode. Piper
continued sliding that slippery finger up her ass until Faith couldn't hold
back anymore. She came with a soft, needy cry.

Piper turned her around by the shoulders and kissed her, long and deep. Then
she pulled back and with a smile said, "Since you want to use that tongue so
bad, why don't you use it on me?"

"Anytime," Faith said, grinning.

* * *

Paige tried to watch football with Cole and Leo but she just couldn't stop
thinking about what happened in the kitchen. She bent over to get something
for Piper and the next thing she knew Faith was lifting up her skirt and
licking her ass! The more she thought about it the wetter she got, until
she just couldn't take it anymore.

Leaving the game to the boys, Paige headed up to her bedroom. Tara said she
wanted to take a little nap before lunch but Paige found her lover sitting
on the edge of the bed still in her nightshirt.

Tara saw her and smiled. "I was just coming downstairs."

"I have a better idea," Paige said. She pushed Tara back into bed and crawled
in next to her, kissing her lover hard on the mouth as she slipped her hand
under Tara's nightshirt to cup a breast. Tara had large, supple breasts and
Paige loved the feel of them in her hand. She squeezed and groped them, wild
with hunger. Tara noticed.

"What's gotten into you?" Tara laughed between kisses.

Faith, thought Paige. But she didn't say that. She would have to tell Tara
what happened, and she would, when the time was right. For now, though, she
wanted to fuck, not talk. She dragged her thumb over Tara's nipple and felt
it stiffen under her touch. Tara moaned in answer, returning her kisses with
equal fervor.

Paige couldn't wait any longer. Without even bothering to take off her skirt
she straddled Tara's face and lowered her pussy onto her lover's mouth. Tara
wasted no time getting inside her. Paige sighed and rode Tara's face as her
sweet blonde lover licked her out from underneath. The woman had turned
eating pussy into art and in no time Paige was groaning desperately. Paige
humped Tara's face like a wild woman, bouncing up and down as that talented
tongue darted around inside her. She reached under her skirt and impatiently
started to rub her clit, grinding her pussy against Tara's mouth as she
fingered herself to a toe-curling orgasm.

With a satisfied sigh, Paige slid off Tara's face and crawled into another
kiss. She could taste her juices on Tara's lips. It just made them more
delicious. She propped herself up on one elbow and stared down at her lover.
Gods! The woman was so beautiful! She brushed an errant strand of blonde
hair from Tara's face and smiled.

"How did I ever get so lucky?" Paige asked.

Tara blushed. "I was thinking the same thing."

Paige smiled and kissed Tara again. She hiked up Tara's nightshirt to get at
those luscious breasts and took a nipple into her mouth, circling it with
her tongue then sucking it. Tara moaned in answer, fidgeting restlessly on
the bed as she moved from one breast to the other, kissing and sucking and
squeezing those generous mounds. From the way Tara moved underneath her, it
was clear her lover was feeling just as needy as she had a moment before.
Paige moved down Tara's soft belly with kisses until she was between Tara's
spread legs. She blew a soft breath over Tara's mound and delighted in
watching her lover shudder. Running her fingertip down Tara's slit, Paige
then slipped her finger inside that sopping wet pussy. Tara moaned. Paige
added a second finger, then a third, finger-fucking her blonde lover faster
and faster. With each thrust Tara got wetter. Paige could feel that hot cunt
clenching around her fingers. She added a fourth finger now, pumping into
Tara, harder ! . . . faster . . . building up to that glorious moment when
she tucked her thumb in and pushed her entire hand up Tara's cunt. Tara
screamed her pretty little head off as Paige fisted her. She was up to her
wrist in Tara's sweet pussy now, rocking back and forth, making Tara howl
in ecstasy. She took it slow at first but let the momentum build until she
was fucking Tara just as hard and fast as ever. Then she leaned closer and
flicked her tongue over Tara's clit. That sent Tara over the edge. She came
with a shriek of pleasure.

Easing her hand out of Tara's gushing pussy, Paige clawed her way up the bed
and into Tara's arms. It was a place she wanted to stay for the rest of her

* * *

"Great game," Cole said, downing the rest of his beer. It was halftime and
the Packers were up by two touchdowns. In truth, he didn't care which team
won. But he was still enjoying himself. And he got to spend time with Leo.
That made it worthwhile.

Next to him, Leo nodded. "So far, yeah." He looked around. "Have you noticed
everyone seems to have disappeared?"

Cole laughed. "Yeah. Can't imagine what they're doing."

"I don't have to," Leo said, grinning. "I'm their whitelighter. I can see
what they're doing."

Cole arched an eyebrow. "And?"

"I can't say," Leo said. "It's sort of a witch/whitelighter confidentiality

Cole smiled and ran his hand up Leo's thigh. He could feel the bulge in the
whitelighter's pants. "Oh, come on. You can tell me. Guys tell each other
that stuff."

Leo seemed to blush. "Well, uh . . . Piper is on the kitchen table and Faith
is, uh, licking her. Paige is on her hands and knees in her bedroom and Tara
is, uh, using a dildo on her from behind. And Phoebe . . ."

"Yeah?" Cole asked.

"Um," Leo said, blushing even more. "She's in her bedroom using a vibrator
on herself."

Cole smiled. The thought of Phoebe upstairs getting off turned him on. In
fact, hearing about what the other sisters were doing turned him on, too. His
cock was so hard now it almost hurt. He looked at Leo with a wicked smile.
"You know, we have about fifteen minutes before halftime is over. That's long

"For what?" Leo asked.

"For this," Cole said, pulling Leo into a kiss. He didn't meet any
resistance. Leo returned the kiss without hesitation, their tongues sliding
over each other in growing lust. Then Cole felt Leo's hand moving up his
thigh and moaned into the kiss. Leo fumbled with the fly of jeans but finally
managed to get it open and slip his hand inside, freeing Cole's hard cock.
Cole sighed as Leo began to stroke his cock, gently caressing his manly
flesh. He didn't need to tell Leo what he wanted. Leo knew. He leaned over
and took Cole's throbbing cock into his mouth, sliding his lips up and down
that long shaft.

Cole tossed back his head with a groan. He had no idea whitelighters were
such good cocksuckers! But Leo was sure skilled at it. Cole raked his fingers
through Leo's hair as the whitelighter sucked him off. Damn! That was so
good! Leo was even better than Phoebe at giving blow jobs! Leo certainly
seemed to enjoy it more. That was fine with Cole. Leo could suck his cock
anytime! At the moment he was doing a wonderful job! Cole could feel his
balls tighten as he neared climax. Leo sucked him off faster, head bobbing up
and down in his lap. Breathing hard, Cole grabbed a fistful of Leo's hair and
held on tight as she shot his load down Leo's throat. The whitelighter took
it all, milking the jism out of his cock until he had nothing left.

Still holding onto Leo by the hair, Cole pulled the whitelighter into a
kiss . . . a kiss that would have gone on forever if the doorbell hadn't
interrupted them. Cole broke the kiss and sighed.

"I'll get it," Leo said.

Cole grinned. "Yeah, you will. After you answer the door."

The two men shared a look then Leo went off to answer the door. Cole heard
Cordelia's voice coming from the foyer and smiled. Looked like Phoebe would
be occupied for a while.

* * *

Phoebe was on her bed, legs spread, running the head of a vibrator over her
clit when someone knocked on the door. "Uh, just a minute!" She switched off
the vibrator and got out of bed, grabbing a robe and slipping it on as she
answered the door. It was Cordelia!

"Hi sweetie," Cordelia said.

Phoebe squealed with delight and pulled Cordelia into her arms. "Oh, baby.
It's so good to see you. I've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you, too," Cordelia said.

Phoebe held Cordelia a moment longer then stepped back to look her over.
Gods! She looked hot! Cordelia had on a red sleeveless turtleneck and tight
black pants. How yummy! Phoebe took a moment to admire how beautiful her
girlfriend was then pulled her into a long, deep kiss. The minute their lips
met the hours and hours of waiting meant nothing. Cordelia's tongue found
hers with effort, making Phoebe groan with longing.

"God I want you," Phoebe muttered.

"How much?" Cordelia asked.

"So much, I was in here getting off with a vibrator," Phoebe said, "and
thinking of you eating my pussy."

Cordelia smiled at her. "Show me."

Returning the smile, Phoebe let her robe fall to the floor and reclined on
the bed once more. She switched on the vibrator and ran it over her clit,
just like she had been doing before Cordelia got there. Cordelia closed the
door then came over and sat down on the bed, watching as Phoebe buzzed her
throbbing clit.

"I've been doing this all morning," Phoebe muttered breathlessly. "And
fantasizing about you the whole time."

"Mmmm," Cordelia purred. "You don't have to fantasize any more, baby." She
took the vibrator from Phoebe's hands but kept it against her clit, leaning
down to slip her tongue into Phoebe's now dripping wet cunt.

Phoebe groaned. The combination of Cordelia's tongue inside her and the
vibrator humming against her clit brought her to a screaming orgasm in no
time. She sank back into the bed with a sigh as Cordelia snuggled up next
to her. The two of them shared a long, deep kiss.

"I wanted to get all dressed up for you," Phoebe whispered.

Cordelia smiled. "And you still can. But later, baby. Much . . . much later."

* * *

Much, much later everyone had finally gathered around the dining table.
Paige and Phoebe got into the family china cabinet, got out the white linen
tablecloth and set the table with the china, stemware and silverware that had
been in the family for generations.

As everyone gathered together for the informal dinner, Piper and her sisters
brought out the food. Piper wanted to make sure that dinner was perfect, so
she asked everyone in advance if they wanted anything special. She worked
hard to make sure that all the requests were prepared for this very special
Thanksgiving. So Faith had her black olives, she had her mashed potatoes
with lots of thick gravy, Paige had her candied yams with lots of gooey
marshmallows on top, Tara her three bean salad, Phoebe had corn on the cob
with lots of butter, Cordelia had spinach salad with honey Dijon dressing,
Cole had asked for of all things cranberry sauce which seemed kind of silly
for a former demon to want and wasn't even something special just for him,
and Leo wanted fresh apples and pears so the center piece was edible.

Piper stood and raised her glass in a toast. "Well, this year I know what I
am thankful for, my new family," she said proudly, her glance trailing around
the room. Paige blushed slightly as she gave Tara's hand a gentle squeeze
under the table. Phoebe and Cordelia look tenderly at each other and return
Piper`s smile with one of their own. Piper lovingly gazed at each person
around the table, her eyes finally stopping on Faith making the vampire
slayer blush. "So, Happy Thanksgiving everybody."


We Hope You All Have a Safe and Fun Thanksgiving!


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