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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Lover Part 12 (FF,anal)
by LL

"So anything happening with you guys?" Cordelia asked as the waiter vanished with their pizza orders. She had already filled in her High School friends/rivals on her adventures in LA over the last year since they'd seen her. This seemed to consist of almost getting spots on commercials and fighting demons in company with Angel and Wesley ("Wesley!" both Buffy and Willow had chorused together, thinking that their friend must have been hit too often on the head and was suffering delusions).

"Buffy's into girls," said Willow.

"Really?" asked Cordelia and smiled.

"Um women more, girls make it sound kinda icky, like I'm sneaking them out of elementary school," Buffy replied. Willow was right, coming out was easier if you just did it.

"She's been banging a married woman," added Willow, who was under the delusion, encouraged by Buffy, that the secret Summers' summer lover was in a relationship, which was why Buffy couldn't introduce her.

"Naughty," Cordelia grinned, "Was?"

"We finished before I returned to college," Buffy said, the lie came easier than before, so fluid she could almost believe it. It made things simpler for conversations with Willow and stopped her friend pestering her for too many details; plus if she did have a lot of calls on the phone bill to Dawn there was nothing strange about calling your little sister after a break-up.

"How are you feeling about it? You still okay?" Tara asked; you could always rely on the blonde for tea and sympathy.

"I'm good," said Buffy and that was true. Even though it had been two weeks since she'd seen Dawn it wasn't nearly as hard as she thought, sure the dirty photos she had hidden of her sister had helped, as had a threesome with Willow where they'd dp'd Tara again. But she thought she'd be missing Dawn more, in fact she'd hardly even thought about her, as if there'd been a spell that she was waking from. (She knew there wasn't as Giles periodically checked she wasn't under any enchantments and had given her the all clear at least half a dozen times during the summer). Still she decided to quickly change the subject, if Cordelia decided there was interesting gossip to be had on Buffy's love life she'd burrow for it with the intensity of a demon bunny. "What about you, have you been seeing anyone?"

There was a small smile on Cordelia's face, "Just turned single a couple of weeks ago."

"Who was he? Anyone famous?" Willow had never been to LA and seemed to be under the illusion the population was made up of Angel, Cordelia and a thousand celebrities.

Cordelia's response was more surprising than a well-known actor "She not he." Taking a look at the Buffy's and Willow's stunned faces (Tara didn't know her well enough to know Cordy's High School reputation as having an eye for the hot guy) she laughed cheerfully, "What? Did you think you were the only pussy hounds?"

"Up until a few months ago, yes," said Willow and squeezed Tara's hand.

"Good for you," grinned Buffy, "We should start a club." The others looked at her and she blushed, "I mean not that kind of club, like an alliance...oh I give up you know what I'm talking about."

"So you're not seeing this other woman?" Tara asked, taking the attention of the blushing Buffy.

"We split recently," said Cordelia, "She couldn't keep up with my nymphomania." The brunette grinned. "I need a lover who can hammer me all night."

"You're a bottom?" Willow asked and smiled at Buffy.

The blonde kicked her under the table, "I'm sorry about the break-up."

"It wasn't a bad one," said Cordy, "A one candy boxer at most. Anyway I got over it by letting some hot waitress bang me hard later that night."

"That is the way to get over these things," said Willow, not even pretending she wasn't grinning at Buffy.

The Slayer ignored her friend. Not that Cordy wasn't hot, she was, she was so hot Buffy wondered why she hadn't had a crush on her at school; God, if only she'd have been an out lesbian then she wouldn't have wasted her time pining after Angel, but trying to get into Cordy's silky panties. The blonde shook her head and sipped her water, she was seeing Dawn, she wasn't single, even if Willow thought she was. Cordy was speaking again, "I've had a few lesbian affairs since I came to LA; I think I'm becoming the accomplished pussy licker."

Buffy wasn't sure if Cordy was looking at her, but she suddenly felt flushed and her cunt began to itch as if imagining the brunette's tongue down there. "I got lots of practice over the summer as well," she said and blushed again, she wasn't flirting with Cordelia, she was dating Dawn.

"MMnnnn, practice makes perfect," giggled Cordy. She was flirting back and Dawn was a long way away.

"Pepperoni," the waiter said.

Buffy hadn't been so glad for a pizza in her life as she put up her hand and squeaked "me". If the food hadn't arrived she'd been starting to feel so horny she'd have taken Cordy on the table.

* * *

"You should make a move, Cordy has pretty much invited you in," Willow pursed her mouth and reapplied her lip gloss in the mirror.

"Is this why you invited me to the restroom?" Buffy asked and checked whether her own lips needed a fresh coat. "So you could act as matchmaker?"

"That and in case there was a vampire in the cubicles," Willow grinned unashamedly. "You're single, remember, and a lesbian and so's Cordy. And don't tell me you're not finding her cute."

"Okay a little," admitted Buffy. She hated to admit it, but Cordelia was a lot hotter than Buffy remembered.

"So, what's the problem?" asked Willow, "If you've fallen off a bike, you should get on another one."

Buffy played for time by sliding the lipstick around her mouth, though it probably wasn't needed. She thought for an excuse, but couldn't find one, apart from that she was seeing Dawn and she could hardly use that. But would it be so bad, if she did just make-out with Cordelia, it wouldn't be like Dawn would know. She mentally shook her head, yes, it would be bad, and if she wasn't a saint she wasn't a cheater. But a little voice was in her head and wouldn't go away, it reminded her that banging Dawn was even more morally wrong and that there was no future, that Buffy needed to fuck someone who wasn't her sister. She put down the tube, "We'll see."

Willow grinned like she'd just got a triple word score in scrabble, "Okay. It's a nice night, we could walk through the park, the four of us, see if there's any vamps hanging round the swings."

Buffy wasn't naive. She knew the park at night had a romantic aura, if you ignored the occasional demonic interloper, and she didn't think Willow was suggesting the detour just because they'd skipped patrol tonight (things were quiet, Cordy was in town and it was Xander's and Anya's monthly dinner with his parents). Still Cordy was hot and Dawn wasn't here, "Yeah, we could take a wander that way."

Willow's smile suggested the triple word score included an 'X'.

They left the restroom, Tara and Cordy were waiting for them by the exit. "It's a nice evening," Buffy announced to them, "We thought we might walk through the park. I've got my stakes."

"Why not?" giggled Cordelia, her eyes looking Buffy up and down, "As long as you protect me." She slid her arm through Buffy's crook, drawing the Slayer close. Buffy ignored Willow's smirk.

The park was closed, there'd been too many mysterious deaths at night, but Buffy picked the lock and then relocked it behind them. During the day the grass was covered with students, reading, playing, making out and the air would be filled with shouts of recognition, laughter and shrieks of fun as someone made a mad dive for a frisbee. Now, it was silent and lonely, the four young women the only (living) people within it. However, with the moon glowing down and the warmth of early fall, it was perfect for a night-time walk; the only sounds the distant screech of owls and the chirp of a cricket who didn't know the time.

By accident or design Willow and Tara walked ahead, arm in arm, staying within sight of the Slayer, but giving her and Cordy space. The brunette tugged Buffy closer, smiling in a way that suggested they were not close friends, sharing body heat, but something else altogether. "I always thought you were pretty hot when we were in school," Cordy said, "I just didn't know I liked other women."

"Yeah me as well, it kinda crept up on me," Buffy admitted. Ahead of them Tara and Willow had stopped and were kissing on the path. Buffy halted to give them some space, turning round to Cordelia, "But if I had been a lesbian at the time I'd have definitely made a move on you."

"You could make a move on me now," the brunette grinned naughtily.

Her mouth looked so kissable that Buffy couldn't resist. Even as Buffy's lips connected Cordelia was opening them and moving them in tandem with the blonde, allowing Buffy's mouth to slip over hers and her tongue to dart forward to run round the inside of the lips and connect with Cordelia's. Buffy's hands slid down to Cordy waist and then lower, holding the cheeks under the other woman's dress, cupping them and squeezing them. She felt the same happening to her as Cordy's hands went to her own ass and the brunette kissed passionately back, her tongue slithering at Buffy's like it was trying to mate.

The two young women went at each other with eager enthusiasm; Buffy knew she was still with Dawn, but it didn't seem as important as it should. She had always thought Cordy would be a good kisser, her reputation at school was that she'd had lots of practice, but she was surprised how good the brunette was. They stood close together, pressed at each other, their mouths moulded like they were one and their hands squeezing and groping each other's butts, feeling the round cheeks under the clothes covering them.

In her peripheral vision Buffy could see that Willow and Tara had finished their kissing and were watching her and Cordelia. Slowly, almost reluctantly, Buffy pulled away. Willow smiled, "Best thing to do after a break-up is get back on a horse."

"I'm not a horse," grinned Cordelia as she squeezed at Buffy's ass cheeks one last time, but she didn't seem offended.

"Er, yeah, let's head back," said Buffy. She turned to go down the path towards the exit, leading the others. Cordy skipped quickly beside her and took the Slayer's hand; Buffy didn't resist - she thought she knew where it was going. There was further confirmation as they left the park and continued past the cab rank, which Cordy ignored, and down past the campus to the small apartment Buffy shared, in term-time, with Willow.

"Well night," Willow said as soon as the door was opened and led Tara to her room, leading Cordelia and Buffy alone in the small lounge.

"Do you want a coffee?" Buffy asked.

"Is that code for do I want to go to your room and fuck like bunnies?" smiled Cordy.

"It wasn't, it was more checking whether you wanted a hot drink. However..." Buffy took a step forward and wrapped her arms round Cordelia again, drawing the brunette close. Their mouths came together, opening in unison and moving passionately against each other as they're tongues touched and teased. Their hands drifted across each other's bodies, massaging tenderly and sensually. Even as their lips locked Buffy could feel Cordy's hands lifting the blondes sweater ands T-shirt up her waist so that brunette's fingers were brushing over naked skin. Buffy went with it, kissing Cordelia even more passionately and using her own hands to lift her friend's dress so she could slide her hands under it and down to the brunette's ass. It didn't surprise her that Cordy was only wearing a tiny thong underneath and Buffy's palms slid over the naked buttocks feeling the round smoothness. After a few more moments she broke the kiss and smiled teasingly, "So that's no for a coffee?"

"I think I won't need caffeine to keep me up late tonight," Cordelia said back. She continued to push up Buffy's sweater and the Slayer raised her hands to allow the other woman to remove it.

The tops fell to the floor and Buffy gave a dirty grin, "Shall we go to my room?"

"Yes," said Cordy.

The apartment was cheap and the walls were thin, so Buffy could hear Willow and Tara's moans through them. It made her a little hornier as she reached up and unclipped her bra, exposing her firm tits to Cordelia's lustful stare. She reached forward and kissed Cordelia again, before gently pushing the brunette back onto the bed. Kicking off her shoes and undoing her jeans, as Cordelia watched, a naked Buffy dropped on her knees between her friend's legs. She pushed up the dress to the midriff and using her Slayer strength tore the cord of the thongs. "Sorry," she giggled as she held up the ruined underwear.

"You can make it up to me," replied Cordelia.

Buffy intended to. Her mouth went down to the pussy and she kissed a different pair of lips to those she'd kissed previously. The effect on Cordelia wasn't too dissimilar, the brunette letting out a small moan and placing her hands on Buffy's scalp, massaging her skull under the blonde hair. Buffy lips continued to purse as she kissed the slit all over, not caring that she already had a girlfriend. Cordelia giggled and shuddered with anticipation, "Oh, Buffy, oh, tongue my pussy."

The Slayer brought her hand up to the slot and used her fingers to pry it open for her tongue to slip in. She slowly began to lick, tasting the twat of her old friend. It became wetter and wetter, saliva and girl juice mixing together. Buffy went faster, driving her tongue forward and in, like she'd done with Dawn so many times. And Cordelia reacted similarly, gasping and shuddering as the tongue found the erogenous spots.

"Mmnnnnn, mmnnnn," the pussy was so tasty. Buffy's thumb moved and she pressed and circled the clit, pushing it in and around. "Mmmnnn, yum, mmmnnn."

"Oooohhh, fuck, ooohhh," Cordelia shivered on the bed, her hands clawing at the covers and dragging them too her, as her ass wiggled scrunching the duvet even more. Buffy's tongue slapped down, vigorously lapping the pink hole and down the crinkled, soft walls. She loved how Cordy reacted, squealing and shaking, even as much as she loved the taste, sweeter than Dawn, more spicy as well, like pineapple and pepper pizza. Her tongue went harder, making the cunt secrete more cum for the Slayer to lap down.

"Ooohhhh, God, Buffy yes.... ooohhh fuck I've never been licked so good," Cordy gasped and Buffy blushed with pleasure at her words. She reached to her friend's thighs and pushed them even further apart, at the same time pressing her face down, so she was stuck to the pussy, tongue hammering it like if she stopped the world would end. The brunette was squealing and shuddering in passion, her body twisting and jerking like she was sitting on an electric spike.

"Aaaarrrggghh, fuuucckk, Buffy, fuuucckkk," it was obvious Cordelia was coming as she shook and screamed, her body seeming to loose control and shudder like she was a break dancer on acid. "AAaarrrrrghhh, yeesssss."

Buffy stood up, licking her lips. "Shall we get that dress of you?"

Cordelia nodded and stood, pulling off her dress. Buffy hadn't realised her friend had a tattoo, round her belly and as she turned back to the bed, another one on her lower-back. They were hot and made the naked brunette seem even sexier. On the bed, Cordelia turned and lack on her back, her legs spread "Let's sixty-nine," she giggled, "If you've done that before..."

"A real lot," grinned Buffy and climbed on top of the brunette. She lowered her mouth to one hole and her pussy to another, her tongue spearing down as Cordy's speared up. The brunette's hands were clasping Buffy's ass, massaging it as she lifted her head and licked at the slit, moving furiously fast. Buffy matched her speed, using one finger to jam into the cunt to open it for her tongue, the other rested on the bed beside her new lover.

They licked with an enthusiastic intensity, the bed jiggling under them. Cum filled their pussies, coating their tongues and cunt lips. Buffy continued to enjoy the taste of Cordy, whilst hoping the brunette found her as nice and flavoursome; she was certainly lapping hard enough at the hole to suggest she did. Through the walls they could still hear the sounds of Willow and Tara banging away, their squeals and shouts a background to Cordy and Buffy's slurps and lower toned moans.

"Mmmnnn, yum, mmmnnnn."

"Mmmnnn, urrrrrhh, mmmnnn."

Two tongues tasted two twats. Both young women quivered and shook, shuddering in pleasure as they were driven to pleasure. Buffy's finger worked in and out of the hole, her thumb rubbing at the clit as it did. Under her Cordy had moved one hand to Buffy's cunt and had eased it apart, allowing her own tongue to thrust deeper and harder into the hole, swirling around and finding the blonde's sensitive spots, hammering and lapping them into orgasm after orgasm.

"Yes, mmmnnn, urrrrhhh, yum," Buffy came and licked and licked and came. Cordelia was a skilled a cunt licker as Dawn, with the added bonus she was here. For a moment Buffy wondered what her sister was doing, whether she missed her and then the thoughts were blown from her head as Cordy's tongue found her erogenous zone again and slammed at it. "Mmmnnn, uuurhhh, yes, yes, mmmnnn urrrhhh."

Beneath her Cordelia was quivering as Buffy's licking also drove her to orgasm. The blonde ground down, pressing her face into the luscious cunt and slurping as quick as she could, drinking down the yummy cum. Cordy's back arched and bent, her face jamming back up into Buffy, her tongue going into overdrive as she pleasured Buffy as the Slayer was pleasuring her.

They both grunted and gasped, shuddering together as they came to yet another orgasm. Their heads fell away from the twats as they both squealed out, "AAarrrrghh, yessss."

Buffy slipped off the bed, panting with pleasure and smiling at Cordy. The brunette sat up and removed her heels, dropping them to the floor so she was as fully naked as Buffy. She looked totally hot, thought Buffy, with her large boobs, firm midriff and sexy, beautiful smile. "I've got a strap-on in this drawer," Buffy pointed, "Want me to put it on?"

"Only if you're going to put it in me," Cordelia's eyes followed Buffy's contours, obviously admiring the nude Slayer as much as Buffy had been admiring her.

"It's not just for decoration," grinned Buffy as she took it out. It had been a favourite of Dawn's, a thick ten incher that had regularly stretched her younger sister's asshole. Buffy had brought it in the hope that Willow might decide to spend a weekend away and Buffy could invite Dawn over to stay. That didn't seem so important now, not as Cordy had lay back on the bed and slid her fingers into her wet pussy. Buffy both watched and pulled the strap-on into place.

"Come fuck me, Buffy," moaned Cordy, pumping herself furiously, her back arching and bending, "Oooohh, come give me that big plastic cock of yours."

Swiftly Buffy tightened the toy making sure it was firmly over her clit so that every thrust would stimulate and excite her as much as Cordy. She almost skipped to the bed, humming with excitement. Up until tonight she'd never been interested in Cordelia, now she was so wanting to bang her that she was almost shaking. She hoped it'd live up to her hopes, though she was sure from the cunt lapping that her friend was as an experienced lesbian as anyone. "I'm coming in," she said as she got onto the bed.

"MMmnn, yes, fuck my tight pussy, come and give it me hard," Cordelia removed her fingers from her soaked pussy. The digits dripped juice as she moved her hands to her large tits to massage and knead them, the two boobs mashing together as squeezed.

"Ready?" asked Buffy as she took hold off the toy. Cordelia moaned something that was both indecipherable and obviously a 'yes'. Buffy went down, pushing the dildo forward. For a microsecond the slit held firm, but then the tip was in and the rest of the toy followed. Buffy kept hold off it long enough to ensure it was in and not going to slip out, before dropping her hands either side of Cordy and lying on top of her.

The other young lesbian moaned in pleasure, her body arching up to meet Buffy and her hands resting on the back of the blondes shoulders, encouraging her down. Buffy began to fuck, ramming the dildo back and forth into the wet cunt. It didn't take her long to get into a rhythm, slamming the toy all the way in with each thrust. Cordelia jerked in passion, her body bouncing at Buffy's, the large tits banging the blonde's. "Oh, urrhh, ooohh, yes, Buffy fuck me, fuck me good."

"Yes, yes, yes," Buffy moaned in response. she began to go faster and harder, using all the skills and knowledge she'd picked up from fucking Dawn to screw Cordelia and make sure the brunette got the best banging of her life. Faster and harder she went, slamming the toy down deep. Cordelia shrieked and gasped, her back arching so hard it seemed her spine was elastic. Her hands, on Buffy shoulders, clawed as she gripped them deeper, her nails stabbing into the flesh. Buffy ignored the slight pain and hammered down, grinning at her new lover as the brunette's face contorted in pleasure. "Take it Cordy, take it all."

"Ooohh, aaaarrghh, yesss, Buffy, yesss," the brunette squealed and shuddered, her body juddering like she was an electric wire. Buffy hammered harder, slamming the Cordy. The bed squeaked as it waved back and forth like flotsam on the tide. The headboard banged at the wall sounding like fast moving metronome. The bangs and moans from the other side from Willow and Tara almost sounded like an echo. Buffy grinned, wondering if perhaps she could talk Cordelia into a foursome with the two witches. The thought of it made Buffy up her speed and she ploughed forward harder and deeper. She'd love to have a foursome she decided, something she'd never have been able to do with Dawn.

The thought of her sister should have made her guilty, but it didn't. She wondered why that was, whether Dawn was just a summer's romance... Cordelia screamed, "Harder, Buffy harder," and Buffy put the thoughts of her sister to one side to concentrate on pounding the brunette underneath her.

"Yes, Cordy, yes, you're so fuckable..." Buffy grunted in reply.

"Aaarrrrghh, fuuccck, Buffy, fuck, fuck, fuck, aaaarggghhh," Cordelia screamed back. Her body bent and Buffy could feel the juices squirting out all over the cock and Buffy as she came. "Aaaarrrghhh, aaaaarrrggghhh," Cordelia's orgasmic screams were as loud as any Dawn had ever yelled. "AAAarrrrghhh, aaaaarrghhhh," the brunette came like a express train shrieking to a halt.

If however she thought that meant Buffy would stop she was, happily, mistaken. Buffy upped her speed and power, slamming down and in, her dildo racing down the fuckhole and stimulating the erogenous zones within. The Slayer had the stamina of ten men and the skill of twenty, wielding her fake phallus with a virility and expertise even Casanova would have envied. The brunette shrieked and squealed louder, her hands on Buffy's back, clawing at her like a wild animal and her legs raised and pressing at Buffy, keeping the blonde in position like a vice.

Buffy continued to pound down, any thoughts of Dawn banished as she concentrated on fucking Cordelia. With each thrust the toy pressed at Buffy's clit, sending waves of pleasure through her and she grunted and gasped as much from them as from any exertion. But no matter how loud she was Cordelia was still beating her, the brunette screaming and shrieking like a banshee, "AAarrrrrghhh, fuccccckkkk, yessssss, aaaaarggghhh." It made Buffy even hornier and she put all her strength and stamina into ramming down. The brunette screamed even louder, her fingers gripping at Buffy's back like she was scared she'd fall off, "AAaarrrrghh."

At some point an exhausted Willow and Tara's cries subsided, though Buffy could imagine they were listening to through the wall to her and Cordy. The bed continued to spring and swing, more than it had ever done with previous occupants, hitting the wall and leaving the paint work dented and chipped. Buffy grunted and moaned, gasping and panting as she went to it like she was racing. Cordelia screamed even louder, her body turning and twisting, "AAaarrrgghhh, fuuccckk meeee! Aaaaaarrghhh!"

Buffy continued to pound harder, thrusting at the wet pussy, enjoying it as much as she did Dawn. Cordelia squeaked again and then pushed at Buffy making her pause. Buffy stopped, her dildo half-in, half-out of the cunt, hoping that nothing was wrong as Cordy panted and managed to find her voice. The brunette grinned, "I want you to bang me in the ass, you want to?"

"The first time we have sex?" Buffy asked, a little incredulously, Dawn had made her wait. Then she remembered how much she loved fucking tight tushy holes and she smiled and nodded, "Totally do."

Cordelia grinned and twisted her body under Buffy so that she was lying face down, ass up. Her hands reached for the butt cheeks and pulled them apart as the dildo hovered inches above. "You don't need to be gentle," Cordy giggled, "I'm far from an anal virgin."

"Good," said Buffy, "when I pound butt I really like to slam it."

She guided the toy to the sphincter, nestling the tip in rosebud crater, before pushing it forward. "MMmnnn," Cordy moaned in appreciation as it broke the seal and slid into the entrance of the tunnel with an ease that suggested Cordy hadn't been joking about her lack of anal virginity. Buffy continued to head down, shoving the strap deeper into the chute, expanding the tunnel. Cordelia continued to make happy squeals and groans, raising her ass to meet Buffy, as one hand went to her pussy and the other reached out and grabbed the duvet to drag it towards her. "Mmmnnn, yesss, ohh, Buffy give it me hard, give it me deep."

"Sure thing Cordy," grinned Buffy as she began to speed up and get into a rhythm. It didn't take long for the full length of the toy to be slipping in and out of the ass, the cheeks aside the hole wobbling as Buffy crashed into them. She went harder and faster, hoping that Cordy's anal muscles were as strong as her sister's and that the brunette could take a Slayer butt-fucking.

It seemed they were, "Ooohhh, yessss, Buffy, yessss, ram my ass. OOoohhh God, I love being banged in my butt, I want it more, Buffy, slam my hole open wider." The brunette squealed and rocked, her ass rising and falling in time with Buffy's thrusts so the two of them smacked together like slamming doors. Buffy went harder and faster, content to give Cordelia what the brunette seemed to so desperately crave. Cordy screamed again, louder and, if it was possible, even more passionately. Her arm was working back and forth underneath her, obviously managing her pussy as Buffy filled the other hole. "Aaarrrghh, fuuucckkk, yessss."

"Oh, this ass is so hot, I'm loving banging this ass," Buffy called out; and she was. With every bang her toy rubbed and stimulated her, so that her cunt was leaking juice and tingling with pleasure. But it was more than that, it was the feeling of freedom to be fucking a woman who wasn't her sister. She someone she could see whenever she wanted and not have to worry about hiding, someone she could take to parties and graduation balls and make out with in the park. And she was hot and fuckable and from the look of it an anal nymphomaniac who readily invited Buffy into the blonde's favourite hole. "Oh Cordy, you're so sexy, this butt is just heaven to fuck."

"Aaarrrggghh, yeesss, pound it then, Buffy, ram it until it's gaped so wide I could stick a globe up there, aaaarrghhh, fucccckkk, yessssss," Cordelia shrieked and shuddered.

The bed bounced even more wildly, jumping so much Buffy was half scared it would either break or take-off. Not scared enough that she halted or slowed down, though, she was the Slayer and they had to have nerves of steel. She went down and up, thrusting in again and again, her back bending as she matched Cordy's contours, her firm tits banging against the brunette's back. "Yes, yes, oh God, yes."

"AAaaarrrrghhh, fucccckk me, fuck meeee!" squealed Cordelia in reply. Her back bent and stretched as she came, her howls becoming even louder, "Aaaaarrrghhh, yessss, aaaaarrghh."

Buffy didn't stop when Dawn came from an anal fucking and she saw no reason why she shouldn't continue with Cordelia. She pressed her hands down and hammered her waist up and down harder, her butt bouncing as she rammed down into Cordelia. The brunette shrieked and shuddered more, "Aaaaarrrrghhh, don't stop Buffy, fuck my ass forever."

Buffy grinned, "It's one bangable butt so I might do that."

"Less talking more fucking," squealed the brunette being typically bossy in a way only she could manage.

Buffy nodded and did as she was told. She shoved down and made Cordelia scream again, the brunette thrashing on the bed, twisting and squealing. Buffy rose up and pounded down, sending the dildo deep into the brunette. At the same time it's haft rubbed at her own clit, making her shudder and tingle. The harder she slammed the better she felt, her cunt slick and wet with excitement, her nerves burning and her breath coming in short pants as if the pleasure was short-circuiting her lungs, "Huh, huh, oh God Cordy, this ass is the most fuckable ever."

She said the words, wondering if they were true. She felt they were, even Dawn's fuckable butt seeming to fade compared to Cordy's; it might have been the memory playing tricks and making the present better than the past, but equally it might have been true. It didn't matter which, however, the butt was fuckable and Buffy was enjoying pounding it. She went faster and harder, hitting the hole as vigorously as she could.

"Aaaarrrghhh, yesssss Buffy, aaaaarrgggh, you're making me cum again, aaaaaarrrghhh, you are so making me cum."

"Huh, huh," Buffy grunted in reply and rammed deep into the shaking brunette, making the bed jump and scrape along the floor. "Huh, huh, fuck, yes, ooohhh."

"Aaaarrrrghhh, aaaaargghhh, fuuucckk me, aaarrrrgghhh," Cordelia seemed in a state of constant orgasmic overdrive, her shrieks and screams filling the room and her body shuddering like she pea being rattled in a tin can, "Aaaaarrrrghhh, fuuuucckkk, aaaarrrghhh."

Still Buffy didn't pause or stop, hammering the once tight asshole as hard as she could, turning the tiny hole into a cavernous crater and making walls that had once been firm and stiff as loose as an oversized summer dress. She slammed again and again, enjoying every second. But eventually even Buffy had to stop, if only for fear that she'd leave Cordelia paralysed if she continued. With a sigh she pulled out and fell onto the bed. "Wow," she murmured.

"Wow yourself," panted Cordy back, "I don't think I've ever been fucked so good."

"It was fun, wasn't it" agreed Buffy.

"You around tomorrow, we could get some lunch, perhaps come back to your place and do it again," Cordelia said.

"It's a date," Buffy agreed.

* * *

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