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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Lover Part 11 (Ff,inc,anal)
by LL

Down below the fighting figures looked like scrabbling ants; either that or the pixelated characters in computer game, Buffy couldn't decide which. With the Slayer's sight she could make out Giles and Xander swinging swords like some medieval knights, Spike relying more on his fists, feet and forehead like he was a drunken Scot not an English Poet turned vampire. And Willow, dancing around shouting encouragement, warnings and casting spells (some of them very odd, there was one of the little demons standing looking into the night sky and literally counting the stars after Will had magicked him).

She should be down there helping them, not up here where she could do nothing if one of the evil pixies got a lucky strike in or turned out to be more competent in hand to hand than they so far had demonstrated. But she had a job to do and sometimes being the Slayer meant she had to put her friends in jeopardy for the greater good - and no good came greater than saving the world. She gritted her teeth (metaphorically) and continued her climb up the rickety structure. It looked like it had been made by a mad scaffolding engineer who wanted to drop his workers to their deaths, which, as it had been made by Glory, the completely insane Hell Goddess, was probably not a million miles from the truth.

On the top the tower swayed worryingly as Buffy walked purposefully across the narrow plank which separated the ladder she'd climbed from the platform Glory was standing gloating on. The blonde didn't look down; there weren't any safety rails and it'd be an anti-climatic end to the world if she got vertigo and plunged to her death.

She stopped when she got onto a (comparatively) firmer floor. Glory was waiting a few feet away, her smile as wide as the cat who'd got the cream or perhaps the cheerleader who'd outwitted the geek to get the guy. She swung a heavily ornate golden key round on it's real silver chain, so casually as if it wasn't worth several hundred thousand dollars. "You're too late, Slayer," she crowed, "The portal is opening."

And indeed it was. Buffy could see behind her storms cloud beginning to whip where there had been stillness before, rolls of thunder replacing the grunts, screams and cries from down below and to add to Hammeresque atmosphere a flicker of lightning shattered the darkness. The clouds spun faster and faster until they were merged in a single rings of darkness, looking like the smoke from the fires of hell as the sky opened and a red hole appeared, rapidly expanding. In a way it was beautiful in the same way a burning building is. Glory was watching none of it, her eyes remaining fixed on the Slayer, savouring her triumph.

Which was kinda lucky really...

There was a scream so loud it could have only come from inches behind her. Buffy ducked as the demon which had been following her up the ladder, knife in mouth pirate style was whipped off his feet and dragged towards the hole. More screams followed as Glory's minions below were lifted from the battlefield and dragged skywards. Their cloaks flapped round them so that Buffy could see their genitals exposed; the small size provided an explanation of why Glory had always given off a lesbian vibe.

The Hell Goddess's expression changed and she looked round in concern at the involuntarily flying demons and saw the portal. She immediately turned round to Buffy, confusion on her face, "That can't be, that's not my dimension." She held up the key and looked at it as span on its chain.

"Wrong key?" asked Buffy unhelpfully.

Glory stared at her and understanding dawned, "You tricked me, that's not fair."

"I've been told life's not," said Buffy and ran forward to shoulder barge the other woman.

It was like hitting a wall and even as a Slayer it hurt; it'd have probably shattered bones in a normal person.

It was enough, Glory tottered on the edge, flailing. Buffy grabbed the key from her hand, Giles had told her to save it if she could, he'd signed for it from the Watcher's Council and even saving the world wouldn't save him from years of endless paperwork if it went missing.

"No, no, no," Glory said petulantly.

Buffy pushed her lightly and the Hell Goddess fell. Downwards for a few seconds and then as if a gust of powerful wind had caught her up and to the glowing red light. She screamed something, which might have been a threat or an appeal or even just some clever last words. Whatever they were they were lost as the portal swallowed her and immediately snapped shut to leave a perfectly still night sky. Buffy twirled the key round her finger and murmured to herself, "Faith was right, Slaying makes you horny. God, I hope Dawn's ready for a good banging when I get home." Then she grinned, What was she thinking? Dawn was always ready.

* * *

It wouldn't be true to say Buffy woke up refreshed; when she'd got back after exiling Glory to hell central Dawn was waiting in her bed as enthusiastically energetic as a recently powered toy racing car. Buffy had taken full advantage of her sister's night-time nymphomania to bang the teen with eager intensity until well into the small hours, before drifting to sleep entwined with her. But if she wasn't refreshed Buffy felt alive in a way she'd seldom felt before, defeating Glory, fucking her sister, the morning rays all combining to make her feel that life was so worth living.

She slipped out of bed gently, careful not to wake Dawn. The teen wasn't a Slayer and needed a full eight hours. Buffy began to get dressed, looking down at her sleeping sister, the quilt half wrapped around her so that Buffy could only see a touch of boob, but a lot of leg. She still couldn't believe how lucky she was to have Dawn, her sister so sexily seductive.

Dressed she left the room, silently closing the door behind her. In the kitchen her Mom was sitting, reading the newspaper and drinking a coffee. She looked up, with a greeting smile as Buffy entered the room and made a straight beeline for the percolator. "How was last night?" she asked.

Given her Mom had turned out to be a big supporter of Buffy banging her sister the Slayer wasn't sure whether her Mom was asking about her sexlife or not. She decided after a second that she probably wasn't - Dawn wasn't silent in shrieking out how much she was enjoying the banging and her Mom almost certainly knew what hole Buffy had been using. "Shall we say Glory's not going to be hanging round Sunnydale anytime soon."

"Good, I didn't like her anyway," her Mom smiled.

"Me neither," Buffy smiled back, it had taken her Mom a little time to come to terms with her being the Slayer, but she seemed now to be able to cope with it; perhaps that was why she was so relaxed about her and Dawn? Strange things happened in Sunnydale and compared to hell dimensions and demonic gods, lesbian incest was normal.

"Just in time as well," her Mom said, getting up to pour some coffee into a cup for her eldest.

"Yeah, today would have been apocalypse day if we hadn't persuaded her that fake key in Sunnydale museum was the real thing," Buffy said.

"I was more thinking about your education," her Mom replied, "You're back to college tomorrow. Prepared?"

Buffy took the proffered coffee and sat down at the table, her Mom rejoining her there and sipping from her own mug as Buffy shrugged, "Kinda. Me and Willow have got a place together, I've got my books on order and I even bought some new clothes so I'm not wearing last term's fashion." She sighed a little, "It's silly I know, I mean Dawn's only thirty minutes from college, but after our summer..." she trailed off.

Her Mom gave a sympathetic nod and Buffy continued, "I mean, I know as long distance relationships go it's not far, it's not out of state. But we've been together most of the summer and over last couple of weeks, since we told you about us, we've slept together every night. Once I'm back in college, I can hardly have her over for some nighttime nookie when I get back from patrol, not unless Willow goes blind, deaf and dumb."

"Shall I let you into a secret?" Joyce smiled.

"Sure," nodded Buffy.

"When I left for college I left my boyfriend some mementoes, sexy nude photographs of me spreading my legs and wiggling my ass at him, he told me when I got back at Christmas that it took the edge of his horniness." Her Mom smiled as if remembering then turned back to Buffy, "You should get some dirty pictures of Dawn. If you're careful you can even borrow my new digital camera."

"Borrow the camera for what?" the kitchen door opened again as Dawn pushed it aside. She was wearing a pair of tiny silk shorts and small vest, which was so loose it barely covered her titties. She staggered over towards the coffee.

Being a good Mom Joyce was already on her feet and pouring a mug for the teen. "We were just talking about you posing for some naughty photos for Buffy when she returns to college."

"I'd like to take a few," admitted Buffy to her sister.

The teen smiled back teasingly, "You can take some on one condition."

"What's that?" Buffy grinned back, guessing from the tone of Dawn's voice that it was a condition that Buffy would be happy to meet.

"You also pose for me," Dawn smiled and Buffy nodded her agreement.

"And if you want I can take some of the both of you together," their Mom said, "For the family album - the uncensored version."

* * *

The three Summers were clustered around the laptop as Dawn uploaded the pictures from the camera. Buffy had enjoyed it and she was sure her sister had as well. And if her Mom was only doing it because she wanted to support her daughters and make them happy, well Buffy loved her for that (even if it was a different type of love to that she felt for Dawn).

Dawn moved her finger over the mouse pad and touched it firmly to start a slide show of the photos. The first were taken by Buffy of her sister:

Photo 1 - Buffy had taken it in the bathroom. Her sister was pretending to step out of the shower, though she was as dry as a bone (apart from between her legs, posing nude obviously turned her on). She was holding a towel open, flashing herself at the camera.

Photo 2 - had been taken seconds later, in the towel had been dropped to the floor and a bare-assed Dawn was leaning over the basin unit, half turned to the camera with a sexy pout, half a tit and ass cheek exposed for the viewer's gaze.

Photo 3 - was the last bathroom shot, this time of Dawn lying back on the bathroom mat, slightly raised on her elbows and smiling at the camera as she spread her legs and pointed her feet at the air, allowing Buffy to focus the shot on the shaven slit.

Photo 4 - they moved to the landing, Dawn leaning over the rail and looking down the stairs as Buffy took a shot from her from behind.

Photo 5 was similar, except that Dawn had moved her hands to her buttocks and was spreading the cheeks so that her rosebud was the centre of the picture.

Photo 6 - had Dawn dressed in a tiny bikini, leaning against her bedroom door and smiling cheekily as she gently pulled the bikini bottom away to reveal a flash of gash.

In photo 7 her bikini top was dangling from a finger as she used the other to slide under her bottoms and into her sweet hole.

By photo 8 the bikini bottoms were half-way down her legs as she bent against her door and showed her hot ass to the camera.

And by photo 9 she was nude again, her back to the door and sultry look on her face as she rubbed her wet pussy.

For photo 11, the teen sexpot had changed into a pair of light stockings and suspenders and a matching see-through bra. She stood coyly in the middle of the room, a finger on her lip and her mouth partially open, like she was being surprised by being snapped.

Photo 12, had her move to the bed with a dildo, sliding the toy up her pussy as she groaned in appreciation and slid her hand over a barely covered tit.

Photo 13, continued with the montage except the bra had been pulled down.

Photo 14, had the bra off, so Dawn's tits were fully exposed as she sucked the juicy dildo whilst gazing naughtily at the camera.

They moved downstairs to the kitchen for photo 15 - starting with an unrealistic shot of Dawn from behind, wearing a pair of pumps, a plastic apron and nothing else as she pretended to stir a pot of something.

Photo 16, had the apron dropped and the near nude teen leaning against the counter with her trademark naughty smile as she spread her pussy open with her hands.

Photo 17 had her still by the counter, her eyes closed and her expression caught in ecstasy as she pushed a recently bought cucumber up her teenage fuckhole, the juice streaming down it's skin.

Photo 18 had Dawn turning her back to the camera again as she leant forward over the counter, one hand was outstretched across it as the other thrust the cucumber up her cunt.

Photo 19 had the teen back into the main room, wearing a skimpy top and an even tighter pair of hotpants, giggling naughtily for the camera and threatening to remove the pants, her fingers hooked into the elastic.

Photo 20 had them down, her back turned to the camera so that her ass was fully on display. And between her cheeks was the anal plug she had inserted, the toy shoved deep so that only the finger ring was visible.

Photo 21 was almost the same pose except Dawn had pulled out the toy to show her open asshole.

Photo 22 had the teen half-sitting, half lying on the couch, her top was on, but half way up her tits as she pushed the plug into her ass, a look of ecstasy on her face.

Photo 23 had the plug out of the ass and in the teen's mouth, Dawn sucking it greedily as she used her spare hand to finger her wet cunt.

By photo 24 the top had come off and Dawn had replaced the plug with a larger dildo, which she was using to spear her ass whilst still fingering her pussy.

Photo 25 had the teen lying forward on the couch, her mouth open as she squealed in excitement, her dildo working into her butt.

"Wow they're so hot Buffy, I'm so hot," giggled Dawn.

"You certainly seem to have a photographer's eye," smiled Joyce.

"Let's see the ones I took," Dawn was almost jumping up and down with excitement and didn't even wait for her sister and Mom to agree before she pressed the mouse.

Photo 1 was Buffy in the bath. Taken from above and to the side, the blondes pert tits were just about visible under the suds and whilst the bubbles concealed where her hand was the smile on her face gave a hint.

Photo 2 had Buffy standing the bath, the soap hid much, but to make sure the shot was a tease not a please the blonde had one hand covering her shaven slit and her other arm draped across her tits.

The fake shyness had gone by photo 3, which had a smiling Buffy leaning back against the basin, her hands sliding down her sides.

And for photo 4 Dawn had asked her to lean forward, on her hands and knees, like a striking puma across the bathroom mat, gazing up into the camera lustfully.

Her bedroom was the next backdrop. Photo 5, had Buffy lying back on her bed, naked as the day she was born, in one hand a lesbian porn magazine, the other gently stroking her slit.

Photo 6 had the magazine dropped on the bed as a still naked Buffy masturbated furiously, a couple of fingers shoved deep into her fuckhole and her head pressed hard against her pillow, her face a picture of sexual joy.

In photo 6, Buffy was wearing a bikini, which was so small she shouldn't have bothered. The picture was artfully taken, over her shoulder as the blonde posed in the mirror, so it was the reflection that was shot.

In photo 7, Buffy was paused at the top of the stairs in her bikini, pulling one the tiny flap of the bottoms aside so that a photographing Dawn could get a cheeky shot of a cheek.

Photo 8, Buffy was on a towel in the back yard, lying forward but holding her bikini as if she was just about to drop it on the grass.

Photo 9, a topless Buffy had turned onto her back and was lying relaxed with her sunglasses on and her hands by her side.

In photo 10, she'd crept a hand under her bikini bottom's and was fingering her pussy, the bikini so tight you could make out the contours of her knuckles and the back of her hand as she worked it.

Photo 11 had her bikini off completely and her fingers deep inside her pussy, masturbating with pleasure.

By photo 12 she'd replaced her fingers with a big dildo, her back arching as she rammed it into her cunt, her spare hand sprayed out over the grass and the towel beneath her rumpled.

Photo 13 had a relaxing Buffy, half sitting, half leaning on one elbow as she licked the wet toy whilst looking seductively at her sister and the camera.

They had moved indoors for the next shot, Buffy in a pair of satin shorts and matching night vest. For photo 14 the teen had pulled the shorts halfway down her legs and was leaning over a table, fiddling with her cunt.

For photo 15 the shorts were round her ankles as Buffy replaced the fingers with the cucumber, pushing the green vegetable up her twat and gasping in pleasure.

Photo 16 had her just wearing the satin top and it half way up her tits, leaning against the kitchen door, giggling naughtily as she continued to slide the cucumber up her pussy.

Before moving to photo 17 where she had removed the top completely and was sitting at the table, legs splayed and her tongue sliding over the, now ruined, cucumber.

"You are so sexy looking in those, Buffy," giggled Dawn, "I'm going to be continually finger fucking myself over them when you go back to College."

"They do have a certain look," her Mom agreed nodding.

"I look okay," blushed Buffy, a little self-consciously, "I think you brought out the best in me."

"Dof," Dawn grunted in derision, "Buffy you're so hot a blind mouse could have taken those photos and you'd still be totally hot."

"Shall we look at the photos of you both together?" Joyce smiled and without waiting for an answer clicked onto the folder with the ones she had taken.

Photo 1 was the two Summers' sisters in the bath, Buffy at the back, her arms wrapped round Dawn as the teen half turned her head to look at her sister lovingly.

Photo 2 had them standing outside the bath, both holding towels as they looked at each others nude bodies with lustful expressions.

Photo 3 had Buffy behind Dawn, towelling her upper legs and pussy, the teen was leaning into her older sister a look of ecstasy on her face.

Photo 4 had the two of them starting to get dressed or at least a topless Dawn was standing behind a bottomless Buffy hooking her sister's bra in place.

Photo 5 they were in the Dawn's bedroom, both of them leaning against the wall in some panties and matching lacy black bra, the panties down their thighs so their cheeks were exposed.

For photo 6 they were in a similar pose except only one hand from each of them was pressed on the wall, the other was massaging a buttock.

On photo 7 they were on Dawn's bed, lying on their backs with their legs in the air. Both of their panties were hooked round their ankles, the only thing which was stopping them spreading into a wider V. Their hands were over their pussies, opening them wide to show the pink.

Photo 8 had the two sister's lying naked and front down on the bed, each resting an arm lightly across the other's back as they looked up at the camera.

Photo 9 had Buffy sitting on the comfy chair in the corner of the landing a dildo sliding up her cunt, as her sister sat on her knees just a couple of inches away watching with rapt attention.

Photo 10 was the two of them walking naked down the landing towards the stairs, gently holding hands.

Photo 11 had Dawn in suspenders and panties, but nothing else sitting on the knee of Buffy who was just wearing a bikini, the blondes hands were massagging her sister's thighs.

By photo 12 the panties were off the teen and a still bikini clad Buffy was pushing apart her sister's inner thighs to show the pussy to the camera.

For photo 13 the two sisters were standing close and opposite to each other as Buffy's bikini bottoms off and her sister reaching forward to unhook the top.

For photo 14 Dawn was on fours, thrusting a dildo into her pussy from behind, whilst Buffy sat above on the couch, slipping another one into her own cunt.

Photo 16 had them sitting next to each other on the floor, legs open and up. Their heads were turned and smiling at their lover as they dildoed their hot holes.

Photo 17 had them on their hands and knees towards the camera, Buffy sliding a dildo into her pussy, whilst her sister toyed her own ass.

Photo 18 still had Dawn on her hand and knees masturbating herself anally, but Buffy was now sitting over her back, leaning forward and smiling for the camera as she held her sister's cheeks apart.

Photo 19 had Buffy in the same position, but now she was holding the dildo and slamming it into her sister's ass, whilst Dawn used Buffy's previous dildo to fuck herself in the pussy.

Photo 20 had the two Summers sitting on the floor, Buffy against the sofa and Dawn against Buffy. The blonde was smiling at the camera, whilst her sister was sucking the dildo which had just been in her ass, like a popsicle.

"They're really good Mom," said Buffy, "I guess a talent for photography runs in the family."

"You two made it easy for me, you were so natural," her Mom replied.

"Y'know whilst photos are fine, Mom" said Dawn, with a sly smile she used when she was angling for an advance on her allowance, "but for a memento nothing beats a movie."

"What do you mean?" asked Buffy, with a smile as she suspected she knew exactly what Dawn was thinking.

"If both you're up for it I'd love for Mom to film you fucking me, good and proper," giggled Dawn.

Buffy looked at her Mom, nodding, "I'd enjoy it as well."

"I'll get the movie camera out," said Joyce, smiling back at her two daughters.

* * *

They were soon prepared and upstairs in Buffy's room; Dawn dressed in her sexiest stockings and suspenders complete with a bra which her circled her titties rather than covered them, Joyce with a camera more often used to record school plays and vacation spots than incestuous lesbian loving. Buffy watched in excitement as her Mom raised the movie camera to her eye and began to film the introduction they'd all agreed would be the perfect start. Dawn wiggled and giggled, twerking her hot little ass in front of the camera, bouncing her firm cheeks around, her hands slipping down to the buttocks to caress them and peel them gently apart hinting at what was going to happen next. All the time as she did her sexy dance Joyce's eye followed her, the camera focussed on the teen butt, almost like the Mom was a professional camera woman.

After a couple of minutes booty dancing Dawn climbed onto Buffy's bed, crawling across it like a lioness on the prowl. Joyce (and Buffy) continued to focus on the wiggling, swaying ass - so sexy and nailable, as if was just designed to be butt-banged. From under a pillow Dawn pulled out a plug. She swung to sit on her knees, facing the camera and slid the toy into her mouth, sucking it gently like it was a lolly she had to make last to dinner time. Her other hand slid between her legs and slowly, sensually massaged her pussy. Buffy touched herself in desire, so turned on by the show her sister was doing for her. Her Mom was focussing in on the teen, first on her cunt and then panning up to her mouth and the toy; she was so calm and collected as if it was totally usual to film your daughter playing with herself - but then Sunnydale was strange.

Shifting position Dawn ended up lying on the bed, facing the camera. She moved both her hands behind her, one to take hold off a buttock and pull it away from its partner, the other to press the plug against the rosebud and then push in. She gave a gratified moan of pleasure as the toy went in, sliding it all the way to the ring and opening her ass for later. She wiggled and raised her ass, feeling the pleasure and pressure of the plug within her, "Mmnnn, that is good," she moaned.

She got off the bed and Joyce followed her, catching the sexy swagger and the tremor of the toy between the bouncing cheeks. She walked over to the comfy chair in the corner of the room, normally covered in soft toys and clothes that had not yet been put away, now it only had Buffy on it, the blonde as naked as classical statue and as horny as goat waiting for Diana. The Slayer spread her legs, rubbing at her pussy lips as she did so, "Come lick my cunt, Dawn, lap my sweet twat."

"Oh yes," giggled Dawn.

Their Mom continued filming as the teen dropped to her hands and knees, raising her ass so that the camera could take it the wiggle and see the butt-plug was still firmly encased. If the back of Dawn was bouncing for the camera the front of her was thrusting forward into Buffy's hole, the teen's tongue swirling round and up and down the Slayer's cunt. Buffy gasped as her sister touched her, shuddering as the teen's teeth closed gently on her lips to pull and stretch them out, before letting go and pressing her tongue at the still open hole. "Ooohhh, oooohhh," Buffy groaned, stretching back in her chair, "Ooohhh, yessss, that's it Dawn, lap my pussy."

The teen balanced on one hand and used the other to open Buffy's hole even wider. Buffy groaned and gasped, shuddering and pushing herself up against her sister, one hand stroking the back of the teen's head, the other playing with her own titties, squeezing the nipples between her fingers and enjoying the resulting sensation. She could see her Mom standing close, pointing the camera down to take in Dawn's enthusiastic lapping. Buffy gasped again and pushed her sister's head forward, encouraging her to lick more, "Ooohhh, ooohhh, urrrrh, go for it, lick me so hard."

"Mmmnnn yes, mmmnnn," the brunette teen did as she was asked, her tongue moving even faster and harder within her sister's slot. Buffy gasped again. While she hadn't had her pussy licked enough to confirm it, she wouldn't have been surprised if her sister had been the best cunt muncher on the Western seaboard, she was certainly skilled, enthusiastic and energetic, knowing exactly where to plant her tongue for maximum Buffy pleasure. The blonde squawked again, thrashing back on the seat and grabbing the rests for support as if the orgasms were so powerful she risked either taking off or falling forward.

"Dawn, could you flick your hair back, it's getting in the way," Joyce directed, not taking her eye from the viewfinder as she knelt at the side taking in all the action.

The teen quickly swept her hair back before returning the hand to Buffy's cunt, pressing the finger in with her fast moving tongue. Buffy gasped and shuddered again as the pleasure tore through her. It was hard to tell, as she always came hard and often from Dawn's tonguing, but she thought that them being filmed by their Mom was adding an extra frisson to Buffy's pleasure and an increased pace to her sister's laps. Buffy had never thought herself an exhibitionist, if she hadn't been the Slayer she'd have been happy to have a low profile as head cheerleader or homecoming Queen. But being filmed seemed to be bringing out the exhibitionist streak in her; she almost giggled as she thought about what Giles would say if she decided to do this full time. He'd be horrified at her as a porn star, even more horrified if he knew that it was her younger sister who was pleasuring her pussy with a fevered intensity. "Ooooohhh, fuccckkk, ooooohhhh."

The pressure was building upon between Buffy's leg, orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave, slowly building to a crescendo. She shuddered and gasped, her hands gripping hard at the rests, so hard that the wood creaked and she could feel it above to give. Luckily the orgasm came first, "AAaaarrrghhh, fuuuuckkk, aaaaaarrghhh," she screamed and gushed.

Her juice exploded out like a fire hydrant that had just been knocked over. It splashed across Dawn's beautiful face, the teen raising her head and opening her mouth like she was trying to drink from a water fountain. But there was too much, too quick for her to swallow more than a fraction, most of it splattering across the teen's face, drenching her in girl cum. As Buffy dropped back, Dawn giggled and licked the juice. She turned to face the camera, still licking, "Yum," she giggled and stood up.

Joyce followed her as she walked over to the bed, stretching and leaning over it so that her plug jiggled in her ass. Meanwhile Buffy was putting on her favourite ten-inch strap on, the one with the widest girth and bulbous head and ridges like veins for extra pleasure. She unscrewed the top of the anal lube and squirted on a generous amount, in front of her Mom she wanted to put on a great show and really pound Dawn until her sister was orgasming to heaven.

Buffy walked into shot, taking her sister by the shoulder and twisting her round, "I so want that hot ass," she said and kissed the teen.

Dawn responded passionately, her mouth moving against Buffy's as her hands slipped up and down her older sister's waist. Buffy kept one hand on the teen's side, squeezing her gently as the other one went down behind and below until she found the butt-plug ring. She tugged at it and it came out with a small pop. She pulled back from the kiss, "I am going to fuck your butt so good." She placed a hand on Dawn's chest and gave her a small push, propelling the teen onto the bed.

Dawn went with the flow, falling backwards onto the bed and then pulling herself further back so she was fully on it. Joyce knelt down beside it as Buffy climbed on, approaching her sister like she was a cat stalking its prey; though the mouse was grinning and giggling in eager anticipation. Buffy took hold off Dawn's legs and pulled them up and apart, pushing them back like levers so the brunette rolled onto her back and showed her ass to her sister (and Mom). Buffy gazed down at it, "That ass is so hot and ready to be filled with cock."

"It is, it's horny for your plastic dick," Dawn reached up and grabbed her ankles, pulling them down and rolling even further on her back.

Taking the dildo in her hand Buffy guided it to the waiting hole. Covered with lube it felt wet and slippery, the excess lubricant dripping onto the bed as Buffy's hand slid down it. She paused when she got to the rosebud, briefly looking at her Mom to see Joyce was in position.

Dawn moaned in impatient irritation, "Come fuck my ass Buffy, ram it good, you know how I love big strap-ons in my tight teen tush."

Joyce nodded to show she was focussed on the hole and the toy rubbing it. Buffy thrust in, breaking the seal as she had done so often. The plug had done it's work (and Dawn ass was far from virgin tight anyway) and the toy was in about four inches before it slowed on meeting resistance. With her Slayer strength Buffy could have easily continued, but she loved butt-fucking Dawn because her sister loved it as well, and ripping her open wouldn't have enhanced the teen's pleasure. Buffy pulled back slightly, allowing the asshole to recognise what was happening and when she came in again, the resistance was less.

"Ohhhh," Dawn moaned in appreciation, pulling her legs back further and wantonly displaying her pussy to Buffy and her Mom. Buffy rammed in again, pushing the toy further into the teenage butt. Dawn quivered and pushed her head back into the quilt, "Ohhhh, yes," she moaned again.

The toy was in deep enough that Buffy let go, gripping Dawn's ankles instead. The teen let go of them, sure that Buffy would keep them pushed down enough and lever her ass upwards. Buffy did, thrusting forward and pressing down, making Dawn squeal in excitement. The teen's hand moved to her pussy and she began to rub it vigorously, her palm moving in swift circles over the lips. The sight of Dawn playing with herself made Buffy even hornier and she rammed harder and deeper, pushing aside the anal walls and filling her sister with dick. "OOohhh, yes, fuck my ass, Buffy, fuck my hot little butt," Dawn cried in pleasure.

"Yes, this ass is so fuckable, I am so going to miss it when I head back to college," Buffy moaned, levering herself in. She could feel her thighs against her sister's cheeks as she gave the brunette sexpot the full length of toy. She rose again and slammed forward, her sister shuddering as she smacked into her.

Behind her she could sense Joyce, her Mom filming every magic moment. Buffy pulled back and thrust, moving faster and pounding harder, wanting to make sure that it was a movie she and Dawn could watch and remember for years to come. She wanted it to be special, to be the best porno ever - even if the only viewers were her and Dawn. The teen reacted to Buffy's increased pounding, squealing and jerking and showing every sign of enjoying the anal ploughing. If the camera was putting her off, she didn't seem to be showing it, she seemed to be a big an exhibitionist as her older sister. That thought excited Buffy still further and she had visions of them fucking regularly whilst their Mom filmed, until they had a library of their own porn they could watch whenever they wanted. "Oh God, yes Dawn, take it, take my big dick," Buffy cried out excitedly and went in hard.

"Aaaarrrhhh, fuck, Buffy, fuck," Dawn jerked and shuddered, her hand whizzing over her pussy to double the pleasure she was receiving, "Fuck, Buffy, fuck..."

Normally Buffy would have been content to keep pounding her sister in the same position, at least until she was sure Dawn's anal passage needed a rest. But as she was being filmed she wanted to show what Dawn could do. She slipped the cock out of her sister's hole, gesturing to her Mom to zoom in to take a shot of the open gape, before sitting down herself on the edge of the bed. "Come on Dawn," she cooed, "Sit on my dick."

Giggling Dawn rolled over and up. Her Mom continued filming as the teen clambered onto her sister, placing her feet on the blonde's thighs and lowering herself backwards. Buffy used one hand to hold the strap-on up and the other to hold her sister's waist and guide her down. With the hardcore fucking it had already received Dawn's back passage slid easily down the toy and within seconds of finding the tip it was encased way up her ass. "MMmnnn, urrrrhhh," she moaned in appreciation as she worked her way up and down, making sure she was fully impaled on the dick, "Oooohhh, mmmnnn."

"Your ass is so fucking hot on my dildo," Buffy said as she began to thrust up.

"Urrhh, urrrrhhh," Dawn groaned in agreement. She moved quicker and harder, her body rising and falling as she jumped the plastic prick. Her sister's hands held her tight and kept her in place as the teen moved more and more energetically, one of her own hands sliding down to her cunt, even as she flapped the other one like she was creating pictures in the air. "Ooohhh, urrrhh, that dick feels so great in my ass, oooohhh."

Directly in front of them their Mom stood filming Dawn's jiggling body and zooming in so close to watch her teen daughter's ass being pounded by her other daughter's fake cock. It turned Buffy on even more and she responded by thrusting harder and faster into Dawn's tushie, filling her sister with pleasure. and in return Dawn squeaked and squealed and bounced the cock with an eager energy. "Fuck, oooohhhh, fuck yes."

Buffy was so glad her sister was an anal slut, and not just an anal slut, but Buffy's anal slut; and even more than that Buffy's anal slut with their Mom's loving approval. The blonde thrust up, enjoying every second of ecstasy she was giving her sister. The teen bounced and squealed, her toes curling on Buffy's thighs, giving every sign she was enjoying it too. And from the look on her Mom's face as she filmed, she was enjoying watching her daughters in love, in fact she was staring so intently Buffy would have thought she was turned on by it, if the idea hadn't been so preposterous.

"Oooohhh, yessss, fuck me, Buffy, fuck me," Dawn screamed, "Ohhhhh, fuccckkk, aaaaarrgghh, you're making me cum, oooohhh aarrrghhh, you are so making me cum."

As her sister orgasmed Buffy decided it was time to switch positions again, "Face down on the bed, Dawn, let me really go to work on that hot tushie," she said gently lifting the teen up.

Dawn did as she was told, falling onto the bed on her front and spreading her legs so her wide open asshole was glaring at Buffy, asking to be filled like a hitchhiker asking for a lift. Within seconds Buffy was filling it, lying on top of her sister and pounding down and deep, making the bed shudder with her desire. She grunted, her arms bending and the muscles straining in them as she levered herself up and down. Her sister squealed and squeaked happily, her feet banging against the bed as her legs jerked like she was running on the spot.

"Go for it Buffy," their Mom said, "I'm filming it all."

The blonde grinned and with her Mom's encouraging words at the forefront of her mind she began to do her anal press-ups even faster and harder, slamming the full length of dildo all the way into her sister's anal chute, again and again. Dawn squeaked and gasped, shuddering and Buffy pounded even harder, imaging what the movie would look like when they viewed it, her own ass rising and falling, her slim body crashing into Dawn's, her blonde hair falling down her face and sides. And her sister as sexy as ever, her back bending and arching, her legs kicking and her hands clawing at the quilts as she caterwauled with every thrust.

"That's right, Buffy, fill Dawn's ass, this will make a great movie for you both," Joyce called out and Buffy smiled in agreement as she slammed down.

"Aaaaarrrghh, yessss, aaaarrghh," Dawn's body shook like she was in the middle of a heart attack or beat dance. "AAaarrrrghh, you're making me cum, Buffy, fuucccckkk, aaaaarrghh."

There was little Buffy enjoyed more than riding her sister anally as the teen came, it was like being on a bronco - albeit a sexy, hot one. She went in even harder, making the orgasm even more intense and keeping Dawn in realms of ecstasy for so long the teen's screams became gasps as she desperately tried to breath and shriek together. And still Buffy didn't stop, hammering down, her body crashing against her sister's, making the bed rock like it was about to magically take off. "Huh, huh, huh, yeah Dawnie, take my hard strap-on dick, huh, huh, huh, you're so sexy."

The teen screamed again as another round of orgasms hit, her hands clawing at the bedding and dragging it towards her. Buffy slammed on, driving her dick in hard and making her sister twist and shake like a leaf tossed into a gale. "AAaaarrrghhh, fuuuucckkk, aaaaaarrrghhh."

As a Slayer Buffy could have gone for ages, but she knew the film would soon be running out and even if she had supernatural strength, unfortunately Dawn's ass didn't. With a sigh she pulled out and rolled onto her back, allowing her Mom to zoom in one more time to catch the work of art that was her sister's gaping hole.

"That was one hot movie session," the Slayer groaned.

"I can't wait to see it," her sister said.

* * *

A couple of days before...

The bell over the gallery's door lightly tinkled. Joyce looked up and saw it was Giles. He briefly glanced towards her and then down at price tag of a statue, his face contorting in a grimace as he saw how much. Joyce turned to her assistant, "I'll deal with this customer."

The other woman nodded and resumed reading her magazine; the gallery was not busy on weekday afternoons.

"Rupert," Joyce smiled, a trifle falsely as the Watcher seldom brought good news. She took his arm and guided him over to some wooden figures in the far corner, which depending on your view were either ancient fertility Gods or modern art, though in both cases with a sale price just under five hundred dollars. "Is it Buffy?" she murmured quietly, not wanting to let onto her assistant or the one other customer that the tweed based English man was her daughter's Watcher - it would be too easily misunderstood and she didn't want to give Buffy a reputation.

"Er, yes," Giles said, as if he wouldn't be visiting for any other reason - which to be fair her probably wouldn't be.

"A vision? " Joyce asked.

"No," Giles wiped his glasses and for a moment Joyce wondered if he was going to make her play 'twenty questions', but before she could ask another yes/no he spoke again, "We have a plan to deal with Glory. You know the break in at the museum yesterday?"

"Yes, it was on the radio. Some medieval casket was stolen, supposedly the property of John Dee."

"Together with the key..." Giles paused on the word as if that was going to tell Joyce everything she wanted to know. It didn't so he continued, "It's a fake, well not a fake, the key is was John Dee's, except we've managed to convince Glory it's a key to her dimension, when it's not."

"So what does it open then?" Joyce asked.

"The casket," Giles said confused and then paused, "You mean what dimension. Well it won't open any on its own, but if Glory casts the incantation to open her own dimension without the right key... well it's not pretty. And she's going to do it tomorrow night, the stars are in alignment, she's got her acolytes building a tower as we speak."

"That ramshackle thing on the edge of town, I wondered what that was," Joyce said, "Will it be dangerous?"

"Moderately, it's not well built. Oh, you mean Buffy and Glory, not much at all" said Giles and his nose only grew a couple of inches. He coughed, "However, once we beat her, about Buffy and Dawn...."

"They can stop, can't they/" Joyce said.

"I'm afraid not, at least straight away. If Dawn breaks up with Buffy, especially if Buffy then thinks she was being set up it would be devastating for her; and a heart-broken Slayer often becomes a very dead Slayer."

Joyce sighed sadly for Dawn, though she could see the logic, "They need to continue."

"Yes, for the moment. Though if we're lucky, once Buffy returns to college she might meet someone."

"Let's hope so," agreed Joyce.

"However, we don't want anything too precipitous," Giles said, "I think it'd be best if Buffy still had some reminders of Dawn as a lover, so that's she not pining too much, perhaps some photos, even a movie?"

"I'll arrange something with Dawn," Joyce said.

"That's the spirit," said Giles, then he looked at the price tag of one of figures, "Do these sell? I find if I price anything over a hundred dollars it just ends up gathering dust..."

* * *

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