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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Lover Part 10 (Ff,inc,BDSM,anal)
by LL

"Oooooh, ooooohhhh, fuck my ass, fuck my tight little ass," it was lucky the house was double-glazed or the screams of Dawn Summers would have been heard all down the street instead of just down the stairs. "Oooooohhh. hammer it, ooooohhh yessss, harder, harder."

Joyce Summers tried to concentrate on the Gallery's accounts, it had been a busy week and she knew that if she didn't keep on top of the sales and stock orders that it would be a nightmare when the tax return was due. "OOOohhhhh, fuuuuckkkk, yessss, slam it harder. OOooohhh God, that's it, ooooohhhh." It was hard to think about incoming and out-goings when your youngest daughter was getting butt-banged upstairs by your oldest daughter. Especially, if like Joyce, you were as green eyed with jealousy as a Japanese Hiroto Demon (which according to Joyce's readings were both noted for their large bright green eyes and thankfully extinct). She tried to ignore the urge in her own pussy, the hot tingling sensation that was building up down there. Her eyes went back to the sheets in front of her and one set of fingers twirled a pen between as the other thumped at the calculator buttons. "Oooooohhh, oooohhhh, slam my ass Buffy, ram it good." Joyce wished it was her up there, pounding Dawn's butt. And she was sure her hot sexy youngest daughter did as well. However the teen having sex with Buffy was the key which was keeping the Hell Goddess, Glory, from returning to misrule her own dimension; which would have the side-effect of sucking Earth into a vortex and shattering it into tiny pieces. Joyce had taken the risk once and fucked Dawn, their passion uncontrollable, but it couldn't happen again, the risk of her getting between the two sisters and leading to a break-up was too great. Dawn had to stick to her duty, no matter what the cost to either of them.

"AAaaaaarrrghhh fuuucccckkk," Dawn's latest scream was so high pitched that there was no way Joyce could work through it, she paused as the teen continued, "AAAarrrghhh, fuuuucckkk, aaaaaarrrghhh."

Then there was silence and Joyce returned to her accounts.

* * *

Buffy pulled the strap-on dildo out of Dawn's ass, the teen was gasping for breath after multiple orgasms, and looked down. The hole was gaping, like a cavern into her insides; he two of them had really gone for it this morning - Dawn was such a nympho. She smiled at then thought it was hypocritical as she was the same for her sister as well, totally unable to ever get her fill of the sexy teen. The brunette swung round onto her back and looked lovingly up at her sister, "You really are the best, Buffy"

"I'm not," Buffy blushed and tried to be modest, "I mean you're so hot and sexy, I just love being with you, banging you."

"I noticed," Dawn laughed, then her expression became a little more serious, "I love you fucking me as well, as I said you're the best."

"Good," smiled Buffy and leant down to gently kiss her sister on the lips.

The brunette teen grinned back and pulled herself back up the bed to sit against the board, with her feet under the covers and her tits on display. "Shall we watch a movie?"

Undoing her strap-on Buffy nodded, "Sure." She placed the strap-on on Dawn's comfy chair, nestling it top of a pile of very small tops her Mom had recently ironed but her sister hadn't yet put away. "Romance or porn?"

"Romantic porn," her sister grinned wickedly. Buffy smiled back, Dawn's idea of romance didn't seem to be rose petals and tender kissing, but down and dirty hardcore fucking. The brunette got off the bed and padded towards the shelf containing her collection of porn DVDs, of which there were a lot. She reached out for one, "I just ordered this, haven't see it yet, but it'll be hot."

"Okay," Buffy got on the bed and sat against the board, watching her sexy sister as the teen padded over to her computer and slid the DVD in. As the machine whirred she turned back to the bed and got on, sliding beside her sister as Buffy wrapped her arm round her shoulder. The screen on the monitor turned blue and Buffy read the title out loud "Tie her up, tie her down."

"It's a lesbian bondage BDSM movie," explained Dawn as Buffy eyes widened as the first woman came into view wearing a very tight leather catsuit equipped with one of the largest strap-ons the blonde had ever seen (though not the largest, which was in Dawn's ownership). "It's looking hot already."

The dom had picked up a whip and had moved over to a totally naked redhead, tied up over a table. Buffy watched as the leather clad lovely proceeded to jerk her wrist so the whip cracked lightly, but still painfully on the redhead. Dawn was right about it being hot, "Not too sure on the romance side," she said to her brunette sister.

Dawn put her hand on Buffy's thigh, gently sliding it up and down, "Come on Buffy, surely you've imagined putting me over your knee and tanning my ass."

"When you were being a brat when you were twelve, not since you've grown up," Buffy said.

"Your nose is growing," Dawn giggled and took her hand off Buffy's thigh to tap the side of it.

"Not really," Buffy blushed, if she had a few dark fantasies about it the reality of banging Dawn was keeping her occupied and sated enough. "I can't really see the thrill."

"It's about trust," Dawn said and she rolled over so she was straddling Buffy's thighs and facing down on her. "You're totally in control of me, I'm in your hands trusting you completely, that you're going to hurt me, but not much, tie me up, but let me go, fuck my holes, but make me cum. And if you don't there's nothing I can do so I can only do it if I can fully trust you."

"It sounds scary," Buffy said and took hold of her sister's waist, gently massaging up and down.

"Tpppff," Dawn made a noise half-way between amusement and disbelieve, "You're the Slayer, you face soul-sucking demons most nights, you can't be scared. Anyway that's the point."

"Do you want to do it?" Buffy asked.

"Do you?" Dawn smiled, "You're the top in our relationship, I'm just your meek and mild fuckhole sister."

That wasn't the way Buffy would have described Dawn and from her sister's smile she wouldn't either. But it seemed Dawn wanted to try it, to show how much she loved and trusted her sister, and thinking about it Buffy wasn't against it - as long as it was controlled, and she was confident she could control it. "Okay, let's try it sometime."

"What about now?" Dawn asked eagerly.

"I'm not an expert in this, but we haven't got the room or the equipment," Buffy said reasonably, whilst expecting from her sister's smirk that Dawn had been planning for this for a while.

"I've got a lot of the kit, down in the cellar, I ordered it before summer and told Mom it was exercise equipment - which is kinda true - it only needs to be put up. And as for where let's ask Mom if we can use the cellar as a sex dungeon, she's got to say yes, it's not like we use if for anything else."

"Um, not sure she'll go for it," Buffy was still a little surprised that their Mom was so relaxed about their relationship.

"Bet she does, I can persuade her," Dawn grinned with the confidence of a youngest daughter well used to twisting a parent round their little finger.

"Okay," said Buffy, out of excuses, but also starting to get a little turned on by the thought of it.

"Goodie," grinned Dawn. She jumped up of her sister, switched off the PC monitor (she could be very environmentally conscious) and began to get dressed, pulling a pair of hot pants over her luscious butt and a top over her tits, before adding some socks and a pair of slip on shoes. Buffy followed her sister and reached for her clothes Despite becoming as much a slut for pussy as her sister Buffy had never been comfortable dressing in as little as Dawn and it took her longer to slip on panties and bra as well as jeans and top.

Her sister waited like she was impatient trying to act patiently and not managing it very well. As soon as Buffy was dressed Dawn took her hand and led her downstairs in a not very sub-like manner. Their Mom was in the kitchen, doing the accounts, she looked up as they came in and smiled, "You're both up early for a Sunday. I thought you'd want to lie in?"

"I've a small confession," Dawn gave her best good girl smile, the one she'd used to give Buffy just before admitting she and Janice had spilled milkshake over her sister's favourite top whilst rifling through her drawers.

Her Mom obviously recognised it as well as she looked fully up and her eyebrows rose as little as she put emphasis on the word, "Yes?"

"You know that exercise kit I ordered before Summer, it's all in boxes in the cellar?"


"Um its not technically for exercise, except in a round about way, it's BDSM kit."

"Oh, I knew that Dawn," Joyce smiled, "Seriously I don't think I'm always as naive as you girls think I am."

Buffy wasn't sure how naive she thought her Mom was, but since the summer she'd been having to constantly recalibrate her openess. "Oh," she managed.

Dawn looked less surprised, almost as if she knew her Mom had known. She still kept up her smile, "And we were thinking, as the cellar's not used, we could set it up in there and make it a sex dungeon."

"It wouldn't just be for us, you could use it as well, if you brought anyone round," blurted Buffy, feeling she had to contribute to the discussion.

Her Mom gave her a look that suggested Buffy had recalibrated the openess as a touch too high. She pursed her lips together, "Thank you Buffy." She looked at Dawn and smiled a little more, making Buffy a little jealous - Dawn did know how to work their Mom - "Of course sweetheart. Why not get some use out of the space."

"Um just one more thing," Dawn said, "Could you help us set it up? I think the instructions might be a little complex."

* * *

The instructions may or may not have been complex, but it still took them to mid-afternoon to set up. Mainly this was however to the three different approaches, Dawn ignored the instructions completely and just dived in, Buffy gave them a quick scan and they relied on her memory, Joyce followed them at every step, regularly consulting them. It might have been a less than efficient way of putting the equipment together, leading to lots of mini-squabbles, frustrated groans and exaggerated sighs, but - if you could forgive the pun - it was also a great family bonding experience. When the room was complete the three of them stood proudly looking at their handiwork.

"Is that table firm enough to take Dawn's weight?" Joyce asked a little nervously, pointing at the four wooden legs on which a top with manacles sat. It did look a little like a table and a little rickety.

"Are you saying I'm fat?" Dawn grinned jokingly as Buffy said, "We'll be careful."

She continued to look round the cellar, with no windows and only one lowed powered bulb it was full dark shadows and looking almost like a real dungeon, even to the extent of having chains with a pulley hanging from the roof as well as manacles fixed to the wall. Apart from the 'table' there was a frame, like a street sign except made of wood and with a rounded top that Dawn could lean over with her rump held high. A wooden shelf, like a rifle rack, held a selection of spanking implements ranging from whips to canes to paddles; Dawn had spent a lot to come to this collection and not for the first time Buffy wondered how Dawn had managed to squirrel so much away her allowance.

"It's wonderful," grinned Dawn, "We'll have so much fun."

"I'm sure you will," said Joyce with a smile.

Her youngest daughter turned to her, "Can we use it now, please, please..."

"It's Buffy you should be asking," Joyce replied.

"Please, Buffy, let's use it now," Dawn said, smiling wickedly at her sister.

"Okay," Buffy agreed and blushed slightly as her sister kissed her hard in front of their Mom.

"I'll let the two of you get on with it," their Mom said, "I'm going to finish the accounts before dinner."

She turned and left, leaving the two sister's alone. Dawn grinned, "We need to do this properly."

"I wasn't aware there was a proper way," Buffy smiled back, brought in by her sister-lover's enthusiasm.

"You need to be dressed all dominant and I need to be all subby," said Dawn, "You know - you should wear your leather pants, they're really kinky."

"They're a pain to get off in a hurry," smiled Buffy, slipping an arm round her sister and then sliding it down to the teen's ass so she'd get the hint.

Dawn laughed and shook her head, "Dress like a leather clad dom and I'll be your hot little sub." She turned and headed to the door, "Let's get changed and be down here in a few minutes." She sped up the stairs and out of the cellar. Buffy followed her, a little behind as her sister rushed. The teen continued to her room, turning to pause by the door, "Wait here," she giggled, leaving Buffy bemused. Seconds later she reappeared with a magazine in her hand. On the cover was a woman wearing leather with a stern expression holding what looked like a cross between a table tennis bat and boat's oar. "It's a lesbian dominatrix magazine, to give you some ideas," said Dawn as she thrust it into her sister's hands.

The door slammed shut, leaving Buffy with the magazine. She opened it and leafed through, her eyes widening at some of the pictures. It wasn't her type of reading material, she decided, she wasn't as kinky as Dawn, but it did give her some ideas.

Stripping off (including her underwear) Buffy went with Dawn's advice and went for some leather pants, albeit an even tighter pair that she'd hadn't properly fitted into since she was sixteen. The leather was tight against her pussy, even the smallest movement making the cunt tingle as the leather dug between her lips. Over them she slid a strap-on, pulling it tightly in place so it stuck out like a ten-inch pole. From the bottom of her wardrobe she pulled some high-heeled cowboy boots, brought in a moment of weakness when she thought they might be returning to fashion - they hadn't, but they found their use with her new ensemble. On her top she placed a tiny black bikini she'd bought for a beach vacation last summer and then not dared to wear, it covered her nipples... just; which was about the most you could say on it. Finally she pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail which lifted her forehead and gave her, what she hoped was an appropriately stern expression. Turning to the mirror, Buffy looked in it, she looked hot she had to admit to herself and if she wasn't as dominating looking as the women in the magazine she didn't look bad considering her outfit was something she'd thrown together from what was in her wardrobe.

She left her room to the cellar, her sister's open door telling her she was already there. "If you're going to be loud please close the door," her Mom called from the kitchen.

Buffy closed the cellar door behind her and walked down the steps.

Her sister was waiting for her, the teen brunette sitting on her knees in a begging position, naked apart from a leather collar round her neck. She smiled at Buffy, "Do you like mistress?"

"I like, but what's with the mistress thing?"

"Role-playing," Dawn grinned.

"Like Dungeons and dildos," quipped Buffy, "I'm playing the owner and you're my hot little slave."

"MMmmn, that sounds exactly right," giggled Dawn. "I don't want you to hold back - well a bit because you are the Slayer - but I really want to be dominated and controlled, used and abused."

"If you want," said Buffy and she had to admit, even if only to herself, Dawn sitting naked and begging to be treated like a piece of meat was kind of a turn-on, the blonde's pussy getting itchy just with the thought. "Now I don't know much about BDSM, but I do know we've got to have a safe word."

"We don't, it's about trust," said Dawn.

"It'd make me feel a lot better, we've not done this before and if you really want me to go to my limits I got to know that I'm not accidentally breaking yours," said Buffy.

"Okay, what about 'Sunnydale'? It's easy to remember and it's not going to slip out in the throes of passion by accident."

"Sunnydale it is, now get over here and lick my boots, slut," Buffy grinned.

Dawn grinned back and immediately crawled across the concrete floor to her sister. Remaining on her hands and knees she began to run her tongue over the leather. She licked slowly, her eyes looking up at her sister to show Buffy what a good little slut the teen was. She went down from the toes up the foot and round the calf leaving a wet trail of saliva dark against the leather. Down she went and round, cleaning first one boot and then the other.

Reaching up Buffy gripped a couple of the ropes dangling from the ceiling. Balanced, she lifted one foot up and presented the narrow heel to her sister. "Suck this," she ordered. Her pussy quivered as Dawn's mouth slid round the heel, her lips moving and her head bobbing as she fellated the boot. It was narrower than dildo she normally sucked and sharper, but the teen went at it with the same enthusiasm, her mouth engulfing the prong and her eyes gazing at her sister as if the sultry look of a sucking teen would make them both cum. Buffy pulled at the ropes, lifting herself up and pulling the boot away from her sister. She swung the other one, "Now this," she said pushing it at Dawn. The teen opened her mouth and slid up the heel, pressing her mouth at the sole as she sucked the narrow piece of leather with enthusiasm. Buffy grinned and swung back, standing a few feet from her crawling sister, the teen looking up at her with a dirty expression.

"Stand up," Buffy ordered. Dawn immediately did as she was told, standing naked in front of her sister, exposed to the Slayer's lascivious gaze. "Turn around," Buffy ordered, "Let me see that hot butt."

Dawn turned round, her sexy cheeks wiggling as she moved. Buffy licked her lips, "Spread them," she ordered. Dawn reached to her buttocks, gripping them and pulling them apart so that her sister could see the hole she banged so often. It looked hot, deceptively tight, but very fuckable. Buffy considered banging her straight away, pushing the brunette down and ramming the bangable behind over the table. But it would be more fun for them both to play first, she decided, Dawn seemed to be up for playing at a sub to Buffy's dom. She stepped forward and slipped a finger over the hole, teasing it with her tip. Dawn gave a little moan. "Do you want me to fuck you?"

"I always want you to fuck me," her sister replied truthfully.

"Mmmnnn, I know. Beg for it," Buffy said, knowing that no matter how much her sister begged her ass would remain unfucked - for the moment at least.

"Fuck my ass Buffy, please fuck my ass. Ram it good, give it me hard, please. I beg you hammer my hole, dick my butt, make me your Dawnie slut, please, please, fuck me," Dawn whined.

"You're a bad girl aren't you?" Buffy purred in her sister's ear, reaching round to stroke at the teen's shaven slot.

"I am," Dawn nodded.

"And you know what happens to bad girls...?" Buffy whispered gently to Dawn as rubbed the brunette's slit.

"They get spanked," Dawn quivered, in excitement or fear, Buffy wasn't sure which.

The blonde smiled broadly keeping her mouth next to Dawn and her voice low, "They get more than spanked, they get thrashed, whipped, caned..."

The brunette quivered some more as Buffy lent back and placed her hand on her sister's back, propelling her to the table. "Lean down and raise that cute ass in the air," she ordered, "Place your hands forward."

As her sister complied Buffy took some of the cuffs attached to the table and clipped them round her sister's wrists so the teen couldn't escape. She paused for a second looking at her sexy, naked sister. "You remember the safe word," she asked, she was going to give Dawn a beating but only as far as her sister could take it.

"Sunnydale," Dawn smiled, "I won't need it. I'm you're bad girl who should be punished, I want to be thrashed."

"Hmmppff," snorted Buffy with what she hoped was a dominatrix's contempt for her slave. She went over and got a paddle from the rack on the wall, slapping it down on her hand with a bang that reverberated round the room. It stung her palm and made it redden, which suggested it would do the same to Dawn's ass. She moved behind her sister, momentarily admiring the smooth, pale skin of her sister's round rump, it was so pure looking. Then without warning she raised the paddle and brought it down.

"Aaaahhh," shrieked Dawn as the wooden implement cracked on her ass. Her body jerked and she pulled at the cuffs, automatically trying to stand and move away from the paddle. Buffy brought it down again, slicing through the air to bring it down with perfect precision straight across her sister's ass. The brunette teen screamed again, her cheeks wobbling like jelly as the paddle struck them. Again Buffy spanked down and again. Each paddle made her sister squeak and squeal in pain, "Aaaahhh! AaaaaHHH! AAAAHHHHH!"

Buffy felt a tingle in her pussy with each thrash. There was something both deeply disturbing and strangely exciting about controlling and spanking her sister. It was as if was allowing her to become all dark and twisted in a safe space, letting out her inner demons and torment in a way that would harm nobody - well perhaps Dawn's ass, but she'd volunteered. She breathed heavily, panting with excitement as she brought the paddle down, each smack laid on top of the others so the skin went from pale pink to a dark red to a mottled purple. But still Dawn didn't utter the word. Buffy was glad, she was enjoying this - a little too much perhaps, but still not so much she wouldn't have stopped as soon as Dawn had shouted. She brought down the paddle, "AAAahhh," her sister screamed and bucked in her cuffs, her legs trembling and pushing trying to escape, but 'Sunnydale' never escaping her lips.

"You're a bad girl, a naughty whore, the most depraved fuckhole in America," Buffy spanked down.

"I am... aaaaaahhhh, I'm so bad.... aaaaahhh... you should spank me harder.... aaaaahhh," Dawn replied amidst her shrieks.

Buffy walloped the paddle down, her sister's cheeks jumped as it struck. Buffy was far from using all her strength, if she had it would have been a race between what shattered first, the paddle or her sister's pelvis. But even using a fraction of her strength, the teen's ass looked like a recreation of an alien planetscape, all yellows and purples, the colours spreading against each other like the easel of a mad artist. Buffy pounded down, smacking the paddle hard. She had plenty of healing cream for later, so she'd let herself go now and wait for Dawn to scream Sunnydale.

"Aaaaahhh," the teen shrieked, "Aaaaaaaahhhh." the cheeks wiggling and bouncing. Buffy struck once more and pulled back, panting a little as she looked at her handiwork. Dawn's ass was amazingly multi-coloured, bruised so badly that Buffy didn't think she'd be sitting comfortably for a bit. She looked at the paddle and walked over to replace it with a thin cane. She felt powerful and cruel and she could see how easily vampires and demons could fall for the intoxicating mix; she just had to remember beneath this all Dawn was her love, not a thing.

Walking round the front so her sister could see her she flexed the narrow slice of wood, "You're still a bad girl Dawn, you need more punishment."

"I do, I'm such a slut, I need to be taught how to behave for my mistress," Dawn smile was a little forced and it looked like her eyes had watered, but she was still obviously up for more.

Buffy reached down and unclipped the handcuffs, to her sister's confusion. The teen got up slowly and rubbed her wrists, "I didn't say the word, I thought you were going to thrash my ass."

"Did I say that?" Buffy gave a thin smile,

Dawn looked confused, but shook her head, "No, but it was implied."

"It wasn't. I said I was going to punish you, nothing about your butt."

"Oh... yes," Dawn nodded, being forced to agree with Buffy's logic.

Buffy gave a small smile, cruel, evil, in control. "Stand up slut."

Dawn did and it wasn't just the coolness of the cellar that made her tremble (though excitement couldn't be discounted). She stood in front of the table, her hands over her pussy and looking down like a good slave should, looking at your mistress would be a sign of defiance. Buffy walked round the table to where her sister was standing and taking her shoulders turned the teen without a word so that her bruised ass was against the table. Dawn winced a little as it touched the wood, the beating having made the rump super sensitive and overly tender. Still without saying anything Buffy grabbed Dawn under her thighs and lifted her onto the table. Dawn's expression twisted momentarily as her battered butt bumped down. She then pressed on Dawn's chest so the teen fell back against the table, before soundlessly continuing to position her - cuffing her wrists and pulling Dawn's legs apart as far as they would so that her teen twat was spread before too shackling the ankles.

The Slayer stood back and picked up her cane again, swishing it through the air to land on against her boots with a resounding crack, as she inspected her spread-eagled sister. "I've punished your ass and you're still bad. I'm going to have to step up the caning and pussy thrash you. Do you still want to be a naughty girl?"

"I'm still bad to the bone, Buffy, I think I need more discipline," Dawn replied.

"You remember the safety word?" Buffy said and Dawn nodded. The Slayer continued, "You say it I stop."

Dawn nodded. "Yes," there was a quiver in voice and she gave a small nervous giggle before adding, "I won't need to say it, I'm a slut who can take her punishment."

"Are you sure?" Buffy flexed the cane between her hands, before releasing one hand letting it spring free and shoot up, "That sounds like a challenge to me." Dawn gave a moany sigh, but nodded. Buffy's wicked smile got wider, she had to admit she was enjoying this too much, "And this pussy whipping is going to be agonising for you... if ecstasy for me."

Buffy raised the cane and swiftly brought it down without warning. Dawn screamed and pulled at the chains, ropes and cuffs holding her in place. Buffy could probably have broken them without effort, but Dawn was only human. The blonde didn't allow any time for respite and again brought the cane down at speed. Her aim was perfect, the thin wooden implement landing exactly between the open pussy lips and smacking at the pink flesh. Dawn screamed and bucked, obviously in pain. Buffy was holding back, but only a little. She brought down the cane again, in exactly the same place, thrashing the cunt hard.

"Aaaaaahhhhh," Dawn screamed so loud that she was probably heard all the way to the beach. Buffy struck down again. "Aaaaaahhhhh!" Dawn's screamed echoed round the room as the brunette jerked and pulled at her bonds. Buffy thrashed down again, feeling cruel and evil, but excited and turned-on, her cunt wet beneath her pants. Dawn bucked and shuddered, trying to escape her sister's blows, "AAaaahhhh."

Only a Slayer would have been able to cane with such speed and accuracy, without sacrificing power. The thin tool spanked down again and again, thrashing against the pink so that it turned red and the hood bruised and went purple as the cane's trajectory brought it against the clit as well. Dawn shrieked with every blow, but Buffy didn't stop. They had a safety word for a reason and Buffy was determined Dawn would forget her pride and scream it out, what else was a punishment for but to make the teen bend to her sister's will? She thrashed down, a little harder, making Dawn body bounce and rock as she tried to tear herself away, "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" she screamed, "Aaaaaaahhhhh."

Buffy didn't stop. Her eyes remained fixated on her sister's reddening pussy as she brought the cane down again and again, whipping at her sister's sensitive hole. It must he agonising, she thought, much more than the paddling of the butt - Dawn was tough though, she could take more. Buffy went harder, cracking at the hole, each cane laid precisely across where the previous blow had fallen - if Dawn wanted to be tough, Buffy would have to be harder, thrashing the teen until she fully submitted.

"Aaaaaaahhhh, stop, please, stop, aaaaaahhhh," Dawn shrieked.

Buffy almost did, but then she quickly remembered they had a word for this. She thrashed the cane down even harder, the sound of it almost like a gunshot, "You know the word, you know what to say," she smiled cruelly.

"AAaaaahhh, please, no more please, aaaaaaahhhh, stop, please stop," Dawn shrieked.

Ignoring the teen's cries Buffy continued the punishment, thrashing down hard and fast, beating the pussy with a violence she normally reserved for vampires, demons and other creatures of the night. Dawn bucked and struggled, trying desperately to close her legs to protect her pussy, but failing. The cane cracked down, banging on the sensitive soft skin. "AAaahhh," Dawn screamed, "Aaaaaahhhh.... Sunnydale. Sunnydale!"

The cane was already speeding down. Anyone else would have continued, most because they couldn't stop it, Faith, who did have Slayer reflexes, because she was dark and would have being enjoying it even more than Buffy. But the blonde Slayer wasn't Faith or anyone else. Her hand stayed mid-air, the cane quivering as it came to a stop inches from her sister's battered pussy. Dawn looked up and breathed heavily, "Sunnydale," she smiled, "You win."

"That's what punishment is about," said Buffy sternly, "So we won't be having any of this 'I won't need to use my safety word' talk?"

"No Buffy," Dawn blushed, "That's a lesson I've learnt."

Buffy smiled and leant down to kiss Dawn's tummy gently, "Good. Now let me untie you and as a reward I'll give you a fucking."

"Yes," the teen smiled as Buffy undid the cuffs and bonds. She stood up and winced, "In my ass I hope, my pussy is just way to tender."

"It'll be in your butt," Buffy agreed. She took Dawn's hand and led her over to where some ropes were dangling from the ceiling, "but it's not going to be some slow, romantic anal love-making, but a hard dominating pounding until I've fucked your hot little ass raw. Now stand still whilst I loop these ropes round your tits."

The brunette teen did as her sister asked, Buffy wrapping the rope round the pert boobs as they were designed and then pulling hard so the rope dug deep at the flesh and made the boobs balloon and turn a gentle purple. Dawn grimaced and gave a little squeak as Buffy tightened the ropes. Buffy swatted the bruised ass with her open hand, "If I wanted your views I would ask for them."

"Sorry Buffy," Dawn replied submissively.

Buffy continued with the rope hooking it round her sister's wrists so her arms were roped together in front of her and squeezing her in. Satisfied the teen was tied together Buffy reached for the final rope which hung down from the pulley they placed in the wrist. Dawn grimaced again, but kept her mouth shut, as she was hoisted slowly into the air, only a couple of inches but enough that she either had a choice between standing painfully on her tiptoes or swinging free by her tits, the rope burning and yanking them as she hung. She tried to choose a mixture of both as Buffy turned away and began to lube her strap-on, whilst singing a cheerful Britney Spears classic under her breath.

She turned back to see her sister scrabbling to gain a toe hold on the concrete floor. "Mmmmnn, make that hot ass wiggle," said Buffy as she watched her sister's ass bounce and jump as her legs moved rapidly. "Because I am going to fuck it so hard."

"Ooohhh," Dawn moaned in anticipation managing the seemingly impossible task of twerking whilst hanging, "It's your Buffy, fuck it as hard and as much as you want."

Buffy moved behind her sister, wrapping one arm round her waist to take the weight. The ropes still dug into the teen's tits, but not as deeply. With her spare hand she took her dick and guided it between the cheeks, rubbing the tip at the waiting hole. "I'm going to fuck this hot ass, but if you want me to stop you can say the word..."

"I won't, this time," Dawn breathed.

"Mmmnnn that's good, cos this time I might not listen, not with this hot butthole wrapped round my big plastic cock," Buffy purred into her sister's ear.

Dawn made a sound which might have been a giggle, a sigh or even a pained squeak as the ropes dug into her. Buffy ignored it as she guided the toy up her sister's waiting asshole. They'd fucked a lot over the last couple of months and ever since Dawn had introduced Buffy to anal the Slayer had to admit she could hardly get enough of it, the butthole quickly becoming her favourite hole. But it was new to do it with Dawn roped to the ceiling and totally under her sister's control, it made it seem even more perverse, depraved and taboo - all of which made Buffy as horny as she'd ever been. The well-used ass easily opened to the Slayer's thrust, the walls recognising they were out classed and falling back like a curtain opening on a movie theatre screen.

The Slayer moved quicker and quicker, the dildo was soon in far enough that holding it was superfluous, leaving Buffy's hand free. Normally at this point she'd have stroked Dawn's pussy, adding to her sister's ecstasy, but today was a day of domination and control for Buffy, not mutual pleasure. So instead Buffy reached for the hanging rope and yanked at it in time with her thrusts. Dawn jerked like a puppet on a string, twitching as the toy hammered her butt at the same time as she was pulled violently up. Buffy grinned and upped her speed, almost in competition with herself as her teen sister violently jumped.

"Aaaaaahhh" Sawn shrieked in pain. "Aaaarrrghhh," she cried in ecstasy. The two noises were virtually indistinguishable, only a small difference in the sound enabled Buffy to tell them apart. The blonde hammered harder and harder, concentrating on the different sounds and squeals Dawn made, "Aaaaahhhh" sounding as different from "Aaaaarrrghhh" as "AAaarrrrhhhh" did from "AAaaaaarrrr." And that was before the "Oooohhhhs" and "Uuuurrrrhhhs" that punctuated the squeals, squawks and shrieks. In fact about the only sound Dawn didn't make was one that began in 'Sunny' and ended in 'dale', which pleased Buffy no end.

"Who's my anal slut? Who's the anal whore of the Summers' house? Who's the family fuckhole?" Buffy grunted.

"Aaaarrrhhh," Dawn shrieked in reply, "Aaaaarrrghhh."

Buffy took that as Dawn's affirmation that she was the answer to all of the above. She pulled the rope harder, squeezing the boobs and making her sister's back bend like she was being torn in half. "You're my fucking fuckhole. I can do anything I want with you. You're just a plaything to be used and abused as I want. I ought to tie you up and leave you on Mom's bed with a strap-on and plug up your ass as a thank you gift. Would you like that? would you like me to give you to Mom so she can use you as a whore?"

"Yessssss!" Dawn shrieked and gasped, her body bucking and twisting as the pain and pleasure fought and combined.

Buffy grinned and hammered harder. Unlike normally, as she was wearing leather pants, the toy wasn't rubbing at her pussy and stimulating her. But it didn't matter, fucking her sister so controllingly was making her so wet and excited an orgasm would be a waste, like skiing down a mountain at speed and crashing into a snowdrift when you just wanted to go faster and faster and never stop. "Whore, fuckhole, dirty little slut. I own you, I control you, I can do anything I want to you."

"Yessssss," squealed Dawn loudly in agreement, "Yessssss! Aaaarrrghhh, aaaaaaahhhh, aaaarrrrr!"

The dildo pounded all the way in, only stopped by the fact that Buffy's thighs were bouncing at her sister's butt. The brunette teen was dripping, Buffy's super hearing could hit the pitter of the cum landing on the concrete floor even as the teen screamed as loud as an artillery barrage. "Aaaarrrghhhh!"

Buffy shifted her hands, letting go off the rope to grip under Dawn's thighs, holding her up as she slammed in. The cock sped into the hole, smashing all records, so fast there were almost sparks of friction from the teen's ass. Buffy couldn't believe how much she was enjoying it, the tiny slivers of guilt about how hardcore and brutal the fucking was being outnumbered by the massive chunks of excitement and pleasure she was feeling. She might have felt bad about it if Dawn wasn't screaming orgasmically (even if the cries and yelps included pain). Anyway Buffy reminded herself there was a safety word if needed.

"Aaaarrrrhhh, aaaaarrgggghhh, fuuucckkk!" screamed Dawn louder, trying simultaneously to ride down her sister's plastic cock and raise herself up so that her tits weren't be tugged so tightly by the rope. She failed at both, her body jerking and shaking as Buffy banged the hanging teen. "Aarrrrrrgghhh, fuuuucckkkk"

More cum squirted out of the brunette's pussy, an arc of clear liquid blasting out and onto the floor, leaving a small puddle of girl cum. Buffy thrust harder, driving her sister to even more explosive highs, the teen's pussy remaining as wet as rainy weekend. Harder and harder Buffy went, driving deep. Her lover was screaming even louder, her body twisting as she seemed to cum with every brutal thrust, as if the rope and lack of power were orgasm enhancers. "Aaaarrrrrghhhh, oooohhhh my fuck, aaaaarrghh."

Buffy could have fucked her all afternoon, she certainly had the Slayer stamina for it and it wasn't like Dawn could escape, but two things were stopping her - fear that she wreck here favourite hole so bad even Slayer healing cream wouldn't fix it and also that she was hungry. She pounded in once more and then pulled back, letting go off Dawn's thighs at the same time, so the teen dropped like she'd just be dropped through a gallows' door. She gave a squeak of pain as the rope bit deep into her flesh. Buffy looked as her sister scrabbled for the floor, her toes scraping at it but failing to get a grip. Gradually the teen got some control, positioning herself in a way that was painful but not totally agonising.

"If you want to hang round here," Buffy grinned, "I'm just going to see if Mom wants any help with dinner."

* * *

"How's that feel?" Buffy lightly rubbed some ointment onto her sister's pussy, the red weals fading as the magical cream did their work.

"Mmmnnn, cool and hot at the same time, kinda tickly, makes me quiver," Dawn said, hoisting herself up on her elbows on her bed to watch her sister massage her pussy.

"I mean is it still sore?" Buffy said.

"Um, if I said yes would you rub it more?" Dawn gave a sexy smile and Buffy leant forward to kiss the slot.

"You don't need for it to be hurting for me to give your pussy some TLC," the Slayer smiled. Then she looked up and serious, "I mean this afternoon, I didn't go over the top."

"No, it was fun, painful but still fun," Dawn said. Then she screwed up her face as if thinking, "I may be way to into be sexually dominated by my older sis - is that weird?"

"A little I guess," Buffy smiled relieved that Dawn didn't seem to mind what had happened and that Buffy hadn't gone too far. she gave a small shrug, "You know as well as me, Sunnydale is a strange place."

"Safety word," grinned Dawn.

"I don't think it counts if I say it," Buffy smiled back and leant down to kiss her sister's sexy slit again.

* * *

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