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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Lover Part 8 (Ff,inc,anal)
by LL

"Is Buffy coming back home after her patrol?" Joyce asked her youngest daughter, as she came in from the kitchen.

Dawn looked up and fought to control her feelings, her Mom was just so hot and sexy, why couldn't it be her that she got to bang her to save the world? Life sometimes was so unfair. It wasn't even as if her Mom was even having to put in any effort, just her being in slacks and a sweater that was too big made Dawn think dirty, dirty thoughts, all of which had the older woman shedding her clothes to fuck Dawn in various positions. The teen made herself smile casually, "She's spending the night with Willow and Tara."

"In a threesome?" Joyce asked nonchalantly and sat down next to Dawn on the couch. If only she'd known how Dawn's heart was pattering with desire for her she'd have jumped up and run a mile, she'd probably call the Watchers Council as well and Mr Uppity Travers would give the teen a thirty minute lecture on her duty - as if she could forget.

"Yes, she didn't take that much persuading " Dawn nodded. It was another one of life's little unfairnesses that her sister could be encouraged to cheat and have a threesome and everyone thought that was great, but Dawn had to be a nun for everyone else whilst still being a whore for Buffy. A little whine of frustration escaped her lips before she could stop it. Quickly Dawn put in an excuse, she didn't want her Mom to think that she was slacking in the Buffy's girlfriend department so she quickly gave an explanation "Though I could have done without the thank you anal." That was true enough anyway.

It seemed to fool her Mom, "How's it going?"

"Buffy's still head over heels, if that's what you're asking," Dawn replied, still thinking how unfair it was that Buffy could bang Willow and Tara, whilst Dawn had to stay sitting next to the unknowing object of her affections.

"I know, we're asking a lot of you in becoming a trampy lesbian." her Mom probably thought she was being sympathetic.

"Mom, that's the bit I don't mind. I never thought I was a dyke, but as I started to watch the lesbian porn it turned me on so much and I began to notice other women and think how hot they were. I don't even mind dressing like this, it's kinda liberating especially as I do have a pretty great body, don't I?" It was ironic, that saving the world could allow her to have such open conversations with her Mom, except on the bit that mattered,

"You do," Joyce said, and she looked at it like she needed to check, if it had been Buffy she'd have just said yes.

Still now she'd started the talk Dawn felt like she had more to get off her chest "It's not even the anal. I mean there may be a little too much of it, but that healing cream for Slayer's really does the trick and no matter how hard or long my ass can be back to new within minutes." She didn't want them to think it was just the butt-fucking, otherwise she could imagine all Travers would say would be 'use more lube' so she continued. "And I kinda enjoy it, actually not kinda, I like it a lot, I think I may actually be a lesbian anal fiend."

"So it's still Buffy?" her Mom asked, as if it wasn't obvious.

"You can't force a connection," Dawn replied, "I love Buffy as a sister, but as a lover - there's nothing; I'm pretending all the time I'm in love with her as she is with me, but even as she's banging me I'm wishing it was someone else." Perhaps her Mom could say something to the Council and they'd send Buffy on lots of extra tiring training missions so she was so exhausted she'd be sleeping to noon.

"I know, it's hard," Joyce said, "I wish there was another way and that it didn't have to be you. But it does." This time she managed to pull of the sympathetic Mom to absolute perfection and Dawn's stomach leapt again.

But then it didn't matter how much her Mom might all be cookies and cream she'd still have to fuck Buffy to save the world. "I know. I can get through it, I have to." However perhaps she could show that once Buffy had dealt with this new queen bitch, Glory, and Dawn was free that she wasn't going to be sitting in a nunnery cell "Can I make a confession?"

"I don't think we have any secrets left," her Mom said, little realising Dawn had a big secret she was keeping from her.

"While Buffy's banging me I fantasise about it being someone else," Dawn said, it was one of her little secrets.

"That's only natural. Other women?" her Mom replied casually "Who?".

"Lots," lied Dawn, "Tara, Janice, my English Teacher, that hot single Mom who sometimes come over to see Mr Baxter..." a few names came out. She looked at her Mom and the words were out of her mouth almost before she could stop them "...You."

The words seemed to hang in the air for ages as Dawn realised what she had just said and her Mom looked at her in shocked surprise. There seemed to be only one way to manage the silence and the teen took it. She pushed her mouth up and forward, connecting hard against Joyce's lips...

She was against her Mom before she could stop herself and even as she instantly regretted it her mouth seem glued to the blonde Milf's lips and she couldn't pull back. She could see the surprise in her Mom's eyes, and something else... something undefinable. The teen knew what she was doing was wrong and if she could have thought of something to say which would make it seem the kiss was accidental she would have done. But as she had no excuses she kept her mouth in place - knowing once she'd finished the earth was likely to swallow her up - and this being Sunnydale there was always a chance that would be literal.

It was only seconds into the kiss, but it seemed longer. And then to Dawn's shock her Mom reacted. And not in the way the teen was expecting - she didn't push her away or slap her or even scream and run to the telephone to call the Cops (or the Watcher's Council). Instead she opened her lips and slipped her own tongue forward, connecting it against Dawn's. The teen's felt like a surge of electricity was flowing through her and she gripped at her Mom's hands, holding them tightly in her own.

As suddenly as she started to kiss back Joyce stop, jerking her head away like Dawn had halitosis. She blushed a deep a red as Dawn had ever seen, like every drop of blood had decamped to her cheeks. "We can't do this Dawn, it's wrong," she said, her voice sounded like she didn't wholly believe it.

"Because your my Mom?" Dawn asked plaintively.

Her Mom gave a humourless laugh, "Dawn, I've been encouraging you to fuck your sister in more and more inventive ways; I think us worrying about incest being taboo is a little late." She paused and shook her head, "No, it's Buffy."

"She's not here," Dawn tried a bright smile and failed miserably; life continued to be unfair - it seemed she was close to the object of her desires, but Buffy was still running her life.

"But you need to be hers, she needs to have sex with you or the world..." her Mom left the words unspoken as they'd said them often enough.

"I can do you both," Dawn said with a little desperation, "The seers only show that I'm being banged by Buffy, they're not even looking at whether you're fucking me as well..."

"But Buffy..." her Mom started to say.

Dawn decided to take a further chance, "Fuck Buffy..." she said and launched herself again at her Mom.

This time there was no hesitation from the Milf. Her mouth was opening as soon as Dawn's closed on it and she slid it around the teen's, her lips moving on and over Dawn's as she slipped her tongue forward, wrapping it round the teen's lithe one. They didn't stop, her Mom might still think it was wrong, God knew Dawn wasn't sure she didn't, but their lust overcame the reservations. The teen's hands moved up her Mom's waist, pushing the sweater up as she did so that it gathered about half way up. When her hands came down it remain bundled tightly up round her chest and the teen's palms and fingers glided over naked skin. The touch of flesh on flesh made their kissing more passionate and intense, slurping each other's mouths off, their tongues sweeping in and round.

When they came up for air they paused long enough to suck in some oxygen and then resumed. Dawn couldn't believe how her luck had turned, Buffy might only be across town, but it could have been a million miles. Joyce didn't seem to be thinking of her eldest daughter either, instead she was just kissing Dawn like the teen had never been kissed - with an intensity and a love which was almost unworldly. The Milf's hands were tugging at the teen's top and Dawn pulled her head back and lifted her arms long enough for her Mom to pull it off her. It wasn't the first time the blonde had seen her daughter topless, but it was the first time her mouth latched onto a nipple and began to tease it with her teeth and tongue.

"OOoohhh," Dawn shuddered as her Mom pleased her teat. She could sense it and its partner's erection, two little stone pebbles as hard as iron. Her Mom switched and began to lick the second nipple, her tongue drawing round circles before she closed her mouth further over the tit and began to suck it in. The teen gasped in pleasure, "Oooohhh, don't stop Mom, please don't stop."

Her hands reached for her hotpants and she began to undo them. Her Mom saw what she was doing and her own hands came down to compete with Dawn's in undoing the buttons and pulling the tiny denim shorts down her thighs. Dawn never bothered with panties anymore and soon her naked pussy was revealed in all its glory. Her Mom pulled her head back from the tits and licked her lips, which if they were anything like her daughter's were as dry as a desert. She stared at the pussy and Dawn tried to open her legs wider to show her Mom more, but was stopped by the pants still half way down her thighs. Joyce forced her gaze upwards to look her daughter in the eye, "We can stop now. Pretend this never happened."

"We could," Dawn replied, trying to remain cool.

"We should," her Mom corrected.

"I don't want to, neither do you," Dawn answered her Mom with the truth.

"I want us never to have come to Sunnydale, for Buffy not to be a Slayer, for us to be a normal family, not one where I've got one daughter cheating on the other with me."

"But that's not going to happen, well not unless you've a time machine tucked in the cellar," Dawn smiled, trying to both be sympathetic and beguiling.

"No," her Mom gave a sexy quirky smile, "Whatever is happening, it can't get in the way of you and Buffy, that's too important for this."

Nodding Dawn said, "It won't, I'll fuck with Buffy double enthusiastically, bang her brains out."

Her Mom smiled, "The conversations we have." She paused, "But tonight... as Buffy's not here... let's just get this out of our systems."

Dawn's grin showed she was in full agreement. Her Mom put her hand on the teen's chest and gently pushed her back so that she fell on the sofa. The teen lay back and lifted her legs. Her Mom took the hint, taking hold off the hotpants and lifting them up the teen's legs before dropping them in a pile beside them. Dawn lay naked apart from her socks and they soon followed. Her Mom pulled off her sweater and unclipped her bra, so her large tits swung free. Dawn looked at them lustfully as her Mom seemed to realise what she was thinking about and swung them enticingly. The teen giggled as she pointed her toes at the ceiling and opened her legs, showing her Mom the pussy the older women had obviously lusted over for so long and which only Buffy had ever used. "Eat me," Dawn grinned.

Her Mom's mouth came down, already open by the time it reached the pussy. For a moment all Dawn could feel was the tingle of her Mom's lips gently brushing over her lower ones. She giggled and slid herself upwards, encouraging her Mom to do more. The tongue swung out, slipping over her slot, wetting the flesh around it and making the teen quiver with excitement. Her Mom's hand gripped the inner thighs of her daughter, spreading them further so that Dawn's legs resembled a V - a symbol of victory. Joyce was licking faster and faster, driving the tongue at the teen with enthusiasm. Dawn gave a little cry and shudder, her feet tensing and her toes pointing like she was a ballerina without a floor.

"Mmmnnn, yummm, mnnnn," her Mom ate noisily, her tongue thrusting at the slit and pushing at the pink between it. She hit the malleable, soft wall with force make it shudder and slide to her will, moulding it with her licks.

The teen gasped in pleasure, realistically she couldn't be cumming more intensely than she did with Buffy, her sister had been a natural cunt licker, who matched enthusiasm and skill with the strength of a Slayer. But the flows of ecstasy which were rushing through her seemed more violent than anything Buffy had managed, even if her Mom wasn't power-eating her cunt like it was a battle. "Uuuuhhh," she gave a low pitched moan, "Eat me, slurp my cunt."

Her Mom was pushing the tongue in deeper, working the cunt lips apart so she could clean the inside. To help the Milf brought up a couple of fingers, planting them on either side of the lips and easing the hole wider. The sixteen year old brunette shuddered, her legs waving and quivering in the air, the feet stretching upwards, her toes painted to the heavens. "Ooooohhh, fuck, urrrrhhhh," she gasped and her back arched and bent, rubbing at the sofa's fabric. "Fuck, urrrrrrhhh." Her Mom's tongue went faster, slamming through the wetness and hammering the pink flesh with an intensity Dawn had never experienced. Another explosion and she shuddered again, her whole body seeming to rise into the air, "Ooohhhh, God, Mom make me cum."

The tongue slammed harder and Joyce's thumb began to work the teen's clit, desperately trying to follow Dawn's instruction. The young brunette squealed with pleasure, her hands clenching together and hammering at the sides of the couch, dull rumblings sounded with every thump. Her Mom was going even faster and deeper, her face thrust far into Dawn and her tongue speeding like an out of control pile-driver. With every slam of her tongue and circle of her thumb the Milf sent waves of pleasure crashing through Dawn. So fast and so strong was their intensity that they soon merged into one powerful tsunami, making Dawn shriek and gasp and shake, her cunt so wet the juice seemed to be pouring. Still her Mom continued, her enthusiasm evident in what her mouth did. The teen screamed in ecstasy, "AAaaaarrrgghhh, fuuuccckkk, aaaaaaarrghhh."

"Mind your language," Joyce lifted her head, but the smile said she was joking. Dawn lowered her legs, resting one against her Mom's shoulder and letting the other trail down the sofa's side, her toes sliding across the carpet. Her Mom looked down at the pussy between them, wet with saliva and cum, "That was the sweetest cunt I've ever tasted."

Dawn smiled and blushed with pleasure, "I should eat yours."

"Let's go to bed," her Mom replied.

She stood up and offered her hand to Dawn. Dawn took it. The naked (apart from socks) teen followed her Mom across the main room and up the stairs, the topless Milf walked casually down the hall past Buffy's room and Dawn's to her own. She paused for a second, turning to Dawn and for a moment the teen thought her Mom was going to give her one last chance to reconsider. She wouldn't have taken it. Perhaps that was why her Mom didn't ask, but instead leant down against the teen and kissed her passionatetly. Dawn replied in kind and that was how they entered the room, shuffling together, lips locked.

They backed towards a comfy chair in the corner, that Joyce sometimes used on when she wanted to read a book in peace and quiet away from her daughters. When she sat on it this time she wasn't thinking about literature. As Dawn stood above her watching, her Mom undid her slacks and pulled them off, revealing a sexy pair of small panties. The teen didn't have long to admire them either before her Mom was slipping them away to reveal her bald snatch. There was no objective way to measure how sexy a snatch is, but in the teen's subjective viewpoint it looked much yummier than Buffy's.

"Let me eat that," she said and she was aware her throat was so dry with lust that it came out almost as a growl.

Her Mom removed her socks, dropping them on the floor and swung her legs up and over, the inside of the knees resting over the arm. Her pussy seemed to be smiling at the teen and Dawn smiled back, dropping to her knees and shuffling forward. She looked up at her Mom, "You don't know how long I've been wanting this."

"Oh, I do," her Mom gave a small laugh, "Believe me, I do. I've been wanting it the same time."

"It's look so yummy," Dawn grinned.

Her Mom smiled back, "Less words, more action then."

Dawn giggled and went in. Her tongue tickled against the twat, teasing with her tip. Her Mom quivered, giggling with pleasured anticipation. Dawn was in no hurry. She slid the tongue, slowly but sensually up the crack and round the lips, leaving a damp trail behind her. She raised her eyes as she moved, gazing at her Mom's beautiful face, already starting to twist and contort in excitement. The teen smiled inwardly and continued to gently slide round the hole, the slow lap a promise of things to come. Her Mom gave another small giggle, her hand reaching down to brush through Dawn's hair, her fingers sliding over the fringe and pushing it back. The teen began to gradually speed up, sliding her tongue over the slit and tipping the end in. Her Mom grinned and swept her hand through Dawn's hair faster, almost encouraging the teen.

Bringing up a couple of fingers Dawn slid them into the waiting hole. Her Mom really did shudder this time, her eyes rolling and her face giving a twist of pleasure. The tunnel was wet and warm against Dawn's fingers, opening easily as the teen thrust them back and forth. Her Mom gave a little cry of pleasure as Dawn's tongue slipped up and then began to press at the clitoral hood, pressing down hard on the bud beneath. She licked faster and faster and then swept down to the hole, thrsuting her tongue in deep and pulling out the fingers at the same time. It was a swap as whilst her tongue drove deep into the hole she brought her soaked fingers up to her Mom's clit and began to press it as she circled.

"Ooooohhh, yessss, baby, that's so good, pleasure Mom with your tongue and fingers," Joyce squealed, her body rocking and shaking.

Dawn did as she was asked, hammering the hole with the same enthusiasm and passion as she played with the clit. She couldn't believe how good it was, her Mom's taste in her mouth, the shudder of the Milf vibrating through her, up her hands and shoulders, the sight of her Mom, naked and so, so sexy as she enjoyed her youngest daughter. Dawn was in heaven, it made all the times with Buffy worthwhile, a reminder the world was worth saving.

"Ooooohhh, urrrrrrhhhhh, tongue my wet cunt, clean it off my juice, oooohhh yesssss, go in deep, rub my spot, ooooohhhh Dawn," Joyce shook so violently that the chair rocked. Her body arched, her large tits bouncing up and juddering in pleasure. Her daughter sped down, sucking in the sweet juice and keeping the clit on the edge with her finger. Her Mom squeaked louder, her body tense and relaxed all at the same time. "Uuuhhhhh, fuuuckkk, Dawn you're a perfect pussy eater, ooohhhh, you're tongue-fucking my cunt so good."

Blushing with pleasure Dawn continued to show the proof of her Mom's words, lapping with the real enthusiasm she always had to fake with Buffy. Her tongue was deep in her Mom's fuckhole, washing it with saliva, fighting a never-ending battle with the secreting cum. She swung it down and swirled it around, tasting the juice and sensing the walls pulsating to her touch. At the same time her fingers swept in a circular motion, pressing down at the flesh over the clit and making the bud vibrate with excitement. She could feel the shivers off her Mom as she drove the older woman to heights of pleasure. "Uuurrrrhhh, oooohhh yessss, Dawn, eat my cunt, lap it all up..."

Upping her game Dawn went harder and faster, slamming her tongue down her Mom. Soon Joyce was rocking like she was on a see-saw, her skin flushed red with pleasure. "Ooooohhh, yesssss, baby, that's it, you're making Mom cum.... aaaaarrghhh God, you are making me cum so good." Her body straightening, every muscle like iron and a wail filled the room, "AAAaaarrrrggghhh." Dawn knew she'd just brought her Mom to fruition.

Pulling her head back, she smiled up at the panting Milf. "You were so tasty."

Her Mom looked back down with a dirty grin, "You don't know how much I want to fuck you right now."

"If its anything near as much as I want you to strap-on my tight little twat, it's a lot," giggled Dawn. She stood up and let her Mom's eyes feast on her slender, naked body, before giving a small twirl so her sexy ass was on display for her Mom. She turned her head over her shoulder, her smile as wicked as the one that was still on her Mom's face. "Let me just get something to help us, back in a min."

She sashayed out of the room making sure her hips swayed and her ass wiggled for her Mom's delectation. Once out of the bedroom she hurried to her own and started to rummage in her sex-toys draw for a suitable strap-on. She found one, a deep purple one who's colour was so bright it almost made her reach for sunglasses. Still, it'd be invisible when buried in her pussy, and hopefully her ass as well, and it was thick and long, with hard knobs along its length for extra pleasure. She quickly returned to her Mom's room.

Lying totally naked on the bed her Mom was waiting for her with a hot smile and a gorgeous body. "Is that for me?" she giggled as Dawn came in with the toy.

"For this," Dawn nodded and slid a finger down her cunt. It was soaked.

Her Mom stood up and took the strap-on from her as Dawn moved to the bed. She spread her legs and stroked her pussy as she watched her Mom, slip on the toy, tightening the straps and adjusting it so the end rubbed at her own clit with each thrust. After a minute she was ready, turning towards Dawn so that the large plastic prick pointed towards her like a weapon. The Milf smiled, "I should at this point, tell you we don't have to do this, but I'd be wasting my breath wouldn't I?"

"Yes," Dawn quivered in excitement. She had waited too long for this.

"I thought so," giggled her Mom. She walked slowly over to the bed, swinging her hips so her tits jiggled enticingly. She got on the bed, crawling over to the centre and her hot to trot daughter, "Last chance," she giggled.

"Just fuck me," said Dawn, "Take that big strap-on and hammer it into my tight little hole." To add emphasis to her words she took her pussy between her hands and stretched it out so that the pink pulsating walls were on display.

"I'll do that," her Mom purred.

She moved on top of her daughter, their naked bodies brushing against each other and Dawn felt so excited that she almost cried out in pleasured anticipation. She opened her legs wider, spreading them as far as they would go and pulled at her pussy lips, making it easy for her Mom to enter her.

The Milf guided the toy in, Dawn didn't know how experienced she was, she hadn't asked. But the way her Mom slid in suggested she was either a gifted beginner or Dawn wasn't her first. Not that it mattered, Dawn wasn't coming to her Mom's bed a virgin either. She raised her hips, meeting her Mom half way. The Milf looked down at her a smile on her face, "Good girl," she mouthed and rose herself. Within seconds she came down again, the toy sliding into her teen's daughter's damp hole.

Dawn moaned as she lifted her hips, the dick felt so good in her, but then she loved hard plastic cock in her holes, she knew that. But this time there was more, instead of the blonde over her being Buffy, it was her hot Mom and that made it seem all the more pleasurable, as if bliss was in the face of the fucker, not in the strokes of the toy. Her Mom was smiling happily, sexily, lovingly; her face as beautiful as Aphrodite, her blonde hair curling like an angel, her eyes magical pools which locked Dawn and brought her in. The teen gasped and rose herself, meeting her Mom as she thrust down. "Oh God, this feels so good." She'd said the words before, but they'd never been truer.

Her Mom just smiled and slipped the dick down the wet pussy. The knobs on it sent sexual vibrations flying through the teen, sparks of ecstasy flittering in her pussy and whizzing up her body and down her legs. Her muscles seemed undecided whether to contract or relax and tried doing both. It made her shiver, but in a good way. Forcing them to react to her control she brought her legs up and round, clasping round her Mom's naked calves, encouraging the older woman to go faster and deeper into her. At the same time she wrapped her arms round her Mom's upper back, interlocking her hands so that her Mom was in her ring. The hot Milf grinned deeper and pushed down.

This time she didn't rise, even though she had Dawn fully impaled on dick, their tits squashed together like four rubber balls in a tin can designed for three. Instead she lowered her head. Dawn met her again, her lips already open. They kissed hard and long, the toy sitting all the time in the teenage twat. Their tongues curled round each other and slid down and up, left and right, exploring the mouths. The kiss went on a long time, only stopping when Joyce had to break for air. She raised herself, "You're so hot," she breathed.

"You...urrrrhhhh," Dawn's reply was interrupted as her Mom pushed in. Almost before she could react her Mom was rising again, her face split by her smile. Dawn hands dragged her back and deep, their lips and tongue briefly caressing before the older woman was up. They repeated it again and then again, the slow fucking being as powerful as any of Buffy's more vigorous hammerings and the kisses taking it to a new level. Dawn's cunt was so wet she almost worried it would flood the house; it was so excited and tingling, the pleasure seeping out all over her body. The teen pushed back her head into the pillow, exposing her throat to her Mom like a victim to a vampire. Her Mom kissed and licked the bare flesh as she came down, gently sucking the neck, before moving up and coming down. Dawn gasped in pleasure, "Ooooohh, urrrrhhh, God, fuck me Mom, oooohhh fuck me."

Her Mom began to speed up, so that she was no longer kissing Dawn. But the dildo slamming into her cunt made up for that, as did the fact her Mom's beautiful face still remained over her, the attractive enhanced and not diminished by the way it contorted and blushed with effort. Faster and harder the older Summers rammed the toy into her teen daughter's cunt. The twat was soaking, filled with hard cock, each thrust a flame of bliss. Dawn reacted to her Mom's thrust, vibrating and driving back up, her naked tits banging at her Mom, their stomachs connecting and rubbing together, her heels scraping at her Mom's legs and the palms of her hand pushing down, dragging the Milf towards her, hard and fast. The teen shrieked as her Mom drove her to a place of sexual joy, "Aaarrrghhh, God, don't stop, don't stop. Fuck my pussy, fill it with that plastic cock."

Her Mom sped up, reacting to Dawn's cries with harder pounding. Her naked body crashed against Dawn's, her large tits bouncing around and slapping at the perter teen pair. Dawn thrust back, hoisting her hips to meet the toy and thrusting back, the dildo vanishing into her wet fuckhole and sending cum dribbling out. The teen squealed and gasped, arching her body and almost moulding herself to the bed as she thrust back and then up against her, driving herself against that wonderful plastic prick and the sexy woman wielding it. "Aaaarrrrghhh, aaaarrrrghhh, you're making me cum."

"Me too baby, oh God me too," Joyce panted. Sweat was visible on her forehead, the perspiration gleaming like little silver beads. She pounded down, her face contorting with pleasure with each thrust.

Dawn squealed again, feeling the pleasure explode within her like a thousand suns. Her body turned and twisted, enslaved to a bliss she'd never felt with Buffy. She hoped it would last forever, but if her Mom made her cum more than her sister ever did, she was also lacking the Slayer stamina and with a moan she slowed and rolled off Dawn, "I'm done, baby," she gasped.

"Mmmnnn, that was wonderful," Dawn rolled into her Mom and kissed her, showing that she appreciated the fucking in a way words weren't powerful enough to express. The older woman returned the kiss, her mouth moving against Dawn and her hand sliding round the teen's tits, caressing and stroking the firm, naked boob. It made Dawn excited again, and even whilst her lips were playing against her Mom's she was starting to roll further, so that she was on top of her. She lifted her mouth and sat up, straddling the Milf and looking down at her sexy body. The young brunette smiled, "I want to fuck you more."

Her Mom giggled, "I should say no."

"But you won't," Dawn laughed back. She took hold off the dildo, still slick with her cum juice and lifted herself up over it. For a moment she hovered like a eagle deciding on its prey. Then she went down, guiding the dildo towards her ass. It went between her back cheeks and touched at her anal rosebud. She didn't pause, but pushed down, feeling the tip of the toy spread the muscle and push into the tunnel.

Her Mom's eyes widened as she realised which hole Dawn was sliding down the dick, then she smiled and reached up to hold Dawn's legs as the teen came down, "That's it Dawn, give me your butt."

"Mmmmn, this cock feels so good in it, so big and thick, it's really stretching my tight little asshole," Dawn moaned in appreciation. She worked her ass up and down, easing the dick into her butt. She'd had lots of practice with Buffy and her ass was trained to elasticate round huge invaders. Soon she was sliding all the way down, the entry of the dick only stopped by her Mom's body.

Below her the Milf licked her lips, sliding her hands up Dawn's legs to hold her thighs, gripping them tightly and squeezing at the flesh as Dawn moved them up and down. "I cannot believe your ass is all the way down my dildo," she said, before swiftly adding, "I've been wanting this for so long."

"You're not complaining?" giggled Dawn.

"No, not at all," her Mom smiled.

The teen began to move faster, her haunches straining as she moved up and down. Harder as well, hammering her butt down the dick so she could enjoy the feel of the thick toy slamming up her chute and hitting her wall from behind. With her Mom holding her on she had a free hand and she began to rub vigorously at her clit, making the bud a song of ecstatic joy. The dick pounded at the nerves and made them sing as well. "Aaahhh, aahhhhh, oooohhh, urrrrhhh."

"Oh shit, that's it Dawn. Oh God, ride me, ride my big dildo," Joyce called out. Her own exhaustion seemed to be a thing of the past, her daughter's ass reenergising her like a phone plugged into the mains. She began to work her hips, slamming them up to meet the hot teen coming down. "OOoohhh God, let me fuck this ass."

The dildo pounded deep. Dawn could feel her ass stretching to accommodate it, each thrust making the next one easier as the ass walls relaxed and retreated. It allowed her to go faster and harder, filling her hole with cock and her body with joy. She rubbed her pussy and clit with vigorous circular motions, feeling the wetness of the cunt as her fingers went over it. She lifted herself up and slammed down, "Ohhhh, urrrrrh, aahhhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck." It was like being in heaven, except being less dead. Up she went and down, fast and deep, the cock rocketing up her anal fuckhole like a rocket blasting off. Another wave of ecstacy poured through her and the teen lifted back her head, gasping to the ceiling, "Fuck, fuuckkkk."

"Yes, Dawn, oh shit yes," her Mom said as she pounded up, her big boobs were jumping and swinging, jerking a like a pair of beach balls. Her eyes were bright and locked onto the teen bouncing on, a smile on her face as she enjoyed it.

"Oooohhh, aaaaarrhhhh, yesssss," squealed Dawn. The orgasms started to come fast, each one a powerful explosion of pleasure that threatened to sweep her away like a driftwood on a tide. "Aaaaaarrghhh, fuck, fuck, fuck, aaaargghh, yes."

"Shit, oh shit, fuck," her Mom said in reply, using language that she wouldn't have ever used at the dinner table. She slammed up Dawn's ass harder making the hole ache with joy. The teen rammed down to meet her, loving the feel of her Mom's dick stretching her. Cum stained her fingers as she continued to rub at cunt and clit, adding to her pleasure. She had wanted this for so long, and now she'd got it, fucking her Mom was turning out to be so worth it. The dick pounded deep up her ass again, her Mom's pelvis hammering against her cheeks. The Milf gasped in pleasure, her spine bending and her eyes flickering, "Fuccck, aaaaargghh, fuuuckkk."

"Yes, yes, yes," shrieked Dawn. She hammered down hard, panting with exhertion and covered in a sticky, sheen of sweat. She must look like a pup who'd fallen into a bath, bedraggled and damp, but it didn't matter. All that was important was the feeling in her ass and pussy, the sheer pleasure of sex. She came down, arching and squealing as the toy rammed deep up her ass. "Aaaarrrghhh, fuuuckkk, aaaaarrrghh."

The orgasms was one desperate rush of pleasure, the waves so long and intense that it was continual. Her body shuddered and burned so hot she was surprised smoke wasn't coming out her ears. Down she slammed and up, panting and grunting in the most unladylike way. Her Mom was ramming up as well, her face contorted with the effort. The explosions in her chest, stomach and pussy almost made Dawn take-off and she screamed one more time, "Aaaaaarrrrghhh, fuuuucckkk, aaaaarrggghhh."

Dropping off the cock, she fell forward onto her Mom. The Milf caught her and their lips came together again, kissing deeply and lovingly. "That was so special," Joyce said.

"I know," her daughter replied, rolling so that she could snuggle into her Mom atop the bed's covers.

"But we can't do it again, this has to be a one-time thing to get it out of our system, we need to think about Buffy," Joyce said.

"I know" Dawn replied a little wistfully, her duty had to come first.

Her Mom gave a wicked smile and rolled over on top of the teen, "We do have the rest of the night."

Dawn giggled, "I know."

* * *

"Hey, I'm back," said Buffy with the air of someone who'd just spent six months on a tour of Iraq rather than having a threesome with her best friend and her girlfriend.

Her Mom was just putting away the last of the breakfast dishes, she was just about ready for work, the only thing missing was her jacket and that was over the chair. She looked up and smiled, "Hello Buffy, good evening?"

"What did you two do?" Buffy grinned cheerfully, not wanting spoil her Mom's innocence by replying.

"Oh nothing much, just hung around," Dawn said, looking as ravishing as ever in a tiny short skirt and vest. She leant casually against the counter, probably knowing the effect she was having on her sister's pussy.

"You're back early," Joyce said and reached for the jacket.

"What can I say? I missed you," Buffy grinned. It was half-true. She'd really enjoyed the threeway, but waking up entwined with Willow and Tara this morning, she'd felt a deep yearning for Dawn, a desire so hard she almost felt guilty about being naked in bed without her teen sister. She had left as soon it was polite to get back, her timing a little out as she thought her Mom would have left. She took a quick look at the clock, her Mom was running late.

Her Mom saw the movement and correctly surmised the question, "We both slept in a little," she explained.

"Late night?" Buffy grinned, she couldn't imagine her Mom staying up beyond cocoa time.

"A little," Joyce blushed, "We were talking and we lost track."

"Cool," Buffy grinned and halted the conversation. Whilst she did love her Mom and would have been happy to chat normally, at the moment she was jonesing for her sister's ass and for that she needed her Mom to leave.

"I better be going, see you both tonight and behave," Joyce said, obviously not reading her daughter's mind or she'd have stayed whilst calling in the psychiatrists.

"Don't we always?" said Dawn giving as innocent a look as a teen who was half-undressed could.

Her Mom just smiled and left by the backdoor. Buffy gave her a couple of moments to leave, using her Slayer senses to listen for the slam of the car door. As soon as it did she was over to Dawn, grabbing her sister and kissing her. Their lips locked as Dawn returned the kiss with so much passion that she knew the teen loved her as much as she loved Dawn. They broke, "I missed you last night," Buffy said.

"I missed you too," grinned Dawn and she spun round heading to the door that would lead upstairs. She stopped by it and turned her head, looking over her shoulder at her sister. "But I've prepared."

She lifted her skirt and Buffy gave a small gasp as she saw there was a plug encased between her buttocks, "You were standing there with Mom, with that in?" she asked.

Her sister flashed a cheeky smile, "She did ask why I didn't sit down. I told her I had an ache. I think she thought I meant I'd slept funny." She wiggled the butt, "Are you going to come upstairs and help me get it out."

Buffy grinned and nodded, "I am."

* * *

The shop wasn't busy, Joyce thought as she tried to stifle a yawn, which was lucky. She wasn't sure when she and Dawn had finally fallen asleep, but she could remember looking at her clock in the darkness and it reading 3.00 and that was before she'd finished fucking her daughter. She didn't know how often they'd banged, but she did know it had meant that she'd hardly any sleep and was exhausted. It had been worth it; not that it had in anyway dampened her desires for her daughter, but at least in banging her she'd got to enjoy it. She'd told Dawn they couldn't do it again though and the teen agreed, she only hoped that they were both strong enough to keep to that promise.

Still, she wondered what was happening to her youngest daughter now. Probably she was on her back (or perhaps front), getting her ass pounded by Buffy. The anal plug had been Dawn's idea, allowing them to have one last butt-fuck before breakfast, without Buffy wondering when she returned why Dawn's ass was so flexible if she hadn't fucked it for almost a day. The thought of Buffy hammering Dawn's anus made Joyce both hot and jealous and she wished she was home so she could masturbate in her room, whilst Buffy stewed in hers, unable to touch her sister whilst her Mom was home.

The bell to the door tinkled and Joyce looked round to see who was entering. She wasn't that surprised to see Quentin Travers arrive in, his face like thunder, which was his normal expression, followed by Giles. Without asking her the head watcher switched the sign round to read closed, before marching over to Joyce like she was an errant schoolgirl, "We need to talk," he said, "about Buffy." As if they talked about anything else.

Joyce put on her most polite smile, "I see."

* * *

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