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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Lover Part 6 (FF,Ff,inc,anal,fist)
by LL

The car rocked to a stop as Buffy applied the brakes a little too roughly. She frowned and looked down at the brake pedal, "Mom really needs to get these looked at, they're supersensitive, the slightest touch and it's like hitting a wall."

Dawn let go off the sides of the passenger seat, which she'd be holding ever since they set out from the house and sure Buffy had come to a complete halt. "She's obviously used to it," she said reaching to unclip her safety belt, "I think she must ease her foot down gently."

Buffy shook her head, "I'll mention it over dinner. The brakes were so bad I nearly ran a red light." Which was true, though she didn't mention the several she had run as she was talking to Dawn or looking down at the map on the brunette's knees (and trying to get a quick look at the teen's sexy thighs).

"Well at least we're here now," said Dawn with a sigh of relief that was very exaggerated given that the journey had only taken them less than an hour (though Buffy admitted that it would have been longer if she hadn't several times crept slightly above the speed limit). The brunette stepped out and gave another sigh, this one more of wonder, "It is beautiful though."

Buffy stepped behind her and slid her arms round the teen's waist and rested her head on her shoulder, "Not the only beautiful thing here," she murmured at her sister and the younger Summer's giggled. Buffy had to admit the scenery was stunning though, a wooden forest, unspoilt by humans, blanketing a gentle slope, with a small river just visible at the bottom through the trees; the smell of pine laced the air. Willow had mentioned the place, as somewhere secluded she and Tara had gone for romantic picnics and had mentioned that Buffy might want to take her mysterious lover there. Looking out and down, seeing the twinkle of sun on the water and hearing the chirp of crickets, feeling the sun on her arms, Buffy had to think Will had it right, even if Willow did think her secret girlfriend was a married woman rather than her sister. She unhooked herself from her sister, "I'll get the picnic basket."

She opened the trunk and lifted out the plastic box by its handle. Her spare hand reached out for Dawn's, the teen hoisting a small rucksack over her other shoulder, as she took it. The two of them started down the slope, managing a dozen paces before Buffy remember to go back to lock the car, the place was so secluded it was unlikely it would be stolen, but no-one had thought Sunnydale High would be burnt to the ground by a cataclysmic fire. They continued down the slope, holding hands lightly, Buffy guiding her sister past anything that looked like it was even vaguely trippable. As they got closer they could hear the gurgle of the river and see the sandy beach upon which it slow waves were rolling. Buffy kicked off her pumps as they approached the sand. "We're here."

"Oh it is nice," said Dawn. She pulled off her T-shirt, dropping it onto the beach. Beneath she was wearing a tiny bikini top that hardly held in her tits. She stretched and pushed her long hair behind her back, before shimming out of her hotpants, to expose a matching bikini bottom. It was just as revealing as its partner - a piece of cloth over her pussy and a smaller piece for her ass, so tiny it was sliding into the crack and barely bothering with the cheeks. Buffy looked at her sister's lithe body admiringly, she still couldn't quite believe she was tapping the hot little thing and even less so that she was enjoying it. "I'm just going to paddle."

"Don't go far, I'm not sure how strong the current is," Buffy sounded like her Mom.

Dawn gave the same reaction, which was a shrug which gave no indication that she was going to do what she was told or not. Buffy watched her, partially out of concern and but mainly out of lust as the teen walked into the water. The brunette shivered as the cold water bit her and quickly came out. "I'll go in a minute," she said, "Let me help you with the blanket."

Buffy opened the basket and without Dawn's assistance, managed to spread the blanket. The younger teen instead reached into the basket and started pulling out their lunch, some sandwiches, cheese and biscuits and some fruit, spreading them over the blanket as Buffy reached in and pulled out a couple of diet sodas. She sat on the down cross-legged and snapped open the ring-pull and poured into a plastic glass. Dawn stood looking at her, with a fake disgruntled expression on her face. "What?" Buffy asked.

"We're on a sunny secluded beach and you're wearing jeans and a top?" Dawn grumbled.

"You want me to change now?" Buffy asked.

"It's traditional," said Dawn.

Buffy stood up and pulled off her top. Dawn whistled in appreciation. Like her sister Buffy had gone for a bikini that was just a couple of cuts of cotton over her nipples, and as she pulled off her jeans she also showed they had similar taste in bottoms. Dawn stood, her head moving up and down, as she took in Buffy. "I like your new bikini."

"I thought I'd try something a little more daring," Buffy said, "though I'm not sure I'd want anyone but you to see it."

"I don't know," giggled Dawn, "I find it kinda hot to see lots of other girls and guys as well giving you the eye as you walked down the beach, secretly knowing the only one who gets to taste what is underneath is me."

"So you like it?" Buffy smiled and twirled round, so that her back was to her sister. Looking over her shoulder she wiggled her butt cheeks, the teen's response was exactly what Buffy wanted, a purr of lust coming from the brunette's lips and a dirty smile forming on her mouth/

"Oh, I like it," grinned Dawn. She stepped forward.

Buffy turned giggling, "Sandwich?" she picked up a smooth peanut spread, one of Dawn's favourites and offered it her.

"That's not what I want to eat," Dawn said.

Buffy passed it her anyway, "You need to keep your strength up," she teased, before sitting down on the blanket, her legs straight out in front of her.

Dawn shrugged again, but she sat down and unwrapped the sandwich from the cellophane as Buffy reached for her own sandwich. As she did so she opened her legs, spreading them so that Dawn could see the bikini covering her slit. The teen's gaze slid down and she smiled in appreciation. Her smile got wider, as Buffy once she had unwrapped the sandwich, used a spare finger to pull the cloth aside giving her sister a look at the shaven slit. The teen's smile got wider and she made as if to move, but Buffy kept still like she wasn't exposing herself to her sister and continued eating her sandwich. Dawn started to eat hers as well, but mechanically, as if her entire concentration was focussed on her sister's slot.

Buffy finished her sandwich and reached for a sliver of cheese. She offered one to Dawn, "You like cheese," she smiled and pulled her bikini a bit further to one side. Dawn took the proffered cheese like a robot, her mouth opening as Buffy slid a finger over her slit, gently easing one of the lips apart from the other to show her sister some pink. Even as she was flashing the teen she kept her face innocent and ate her slice delicately.

The younger brunette nearly fainted as Buffy picked up a banana. Her bikini's bottom slipped back into place as she needed two hands for the next bit of her lunch. Some people said that peeling a banana could never be sexy, those people had never seen a bikini clad Buffy remove the skin of it like she was stripping it naked. When the banana was unpeeled Buffy didn't so much eat it as give it fellatio, her spare hand moving back to her bikini to ease it from her pussy.

"Huh," Dawn breathed deeply, her eyes glued to her sister. "Huh." Her own hand was rubbing at the cunt through the thin material of her bottoms.

Buffy enjoyed the attention as she sucked the banana until it was so soft she had no chance but to chew. There was no chance to tease her teen sister so she quickly finished it and tossed the peel in the box. She stood up, "I'm hot," she purred, "I'm going to take a cooling paddle." She walked towards the river not waiting to see if Dawn joined her.

The water wasn't just cold, it was freezing. Buffy wouldn't have been surprised if an iceberg floated by. She moved in as deep as she dared, the water lapping up just below her knees. There was a squeak from behind her and she turned to see Dawn retreating back from the river. The teen saw her sister looking at her and gritted her teeth to rush in. "This is freezing."

"A little cold," Buffy said.

Her sister waded a little further in, "Freezing," she repeated.

"Luke warm," countered Buffy, teasing her sister with a smile.
"You think?" grinned Dawn and quickly bent down her hand sliding under the water and scooping it up, sending a cold wave over her sister.

Buffy shrieked and giggled and tried to dodge as Dawn sent a wall of freezing water over her. She bent down herself and returned the deluge, spraying her sister. The two of them squealed as the cold water splashed and laughed as the other tried to dodge it. Bending within feet off each other they scooped the water as fast as they could, trying to make each other wetter and colder, whilst attempting to avoid the same fate.

It was Dawn who won. Seeing an opening in Buffy's defence she hooked a leg round her sister and tripped her as she tried to dodge a wave sending the Slayer spluttering backwards. Buffy was up and on her feet in seconds, smiling and laughing, even as she shivered and shook her head to clear her water-filled ears. "I am so going to get revenge," she laughed.

Dawn was already out of the water and running along the sand of the beach. Buffy raced after her, chasing the younger teen down. Dawn dodged and sprinted, keeping ahead of her sister until she came to the edge of the beach. She had a choice, go bare foot onto the pebbles and rocks or try and dodge past her sister. She chose the latter, diving forward and trying to get past Buffy like she was a soccer striker dribbling past a defender. Buffy was quicker, tackling her sister and dragging her to the floor. Laughing thy wrestled and rolled on the sand, but Buffy was a Slayer and there was going to be only one conclusion.

"You have a choice," Buffy sat on top of her sister, pinning her wrists to the ground and grinning at the sexy teen, "I either pick you up and duck you in that freezing cold river..." Dawn shook her head and Buffy continued, "Or a bare bottom spanking."

"It won't be too hard, will it?" Dawn asked, "Not a full Slayer strength butt-beating."

"No," Buffy conceded.

"I'll take the spanking," said Dawn with a frisky smile.

Buffy got up off her and went over to a nearby rock and sat on it. She patted her knees, "Come over."

Dawn did as she was told, giving her sister a naughty girl caught look, full of false repentance. Buffy grinned as her sister stood beside her, "I think I said bare bottomed..."

"Don't hit my little tush too hard," said Dawn as she slipped out of her bikini, leaving |Buffy to stare lustfully as her sister's sexy sexhole.

"Over my knee," giggled Buffy.

Dawn dropped down, her waist creasing over her sister's thighs. Buffy stared down hungrily at the two cheeks. She was in no hurry to start and she let her hands slide over the round cheeks, massaging and rubbing them, squeezing and pulling them apart. Below her she could feel Dawn tremble, from lust, not fear, especially when Buffy's finger slid down between the crack and went to the bottom of the teen's pussy, pausing just at the edge of the slit, before gliding back up. She moved her hand back up and over the ass cheeks, feeling the muscles under the flesh, squeezing tightly and enjoying the feeling of rising excitement that was coming from her sister. She brought her hand up...

"You've been a naughty girl," she said with fake sterness and swatted her sister's ass lightly.

Dawn giggled as her buttock jiggled with the light blow, "Very naughty, I'm sorry."

"Sorry's not good enough," Buffy spanked her sister again, looking down lustfully as she did and feeling her pussy heat up as she watched Dawn's ass quivering. "You need to be good, not bad" she playfully swatted the ass again, a little touch of red flushing to the cheek.

Dawn gave a little squeak, that turned into a giggle, quickly confirming to Buffy that she wasn't going too hard. The teen quivered and raised her ass a little, inviting Buffy to strike it again, "I won't duck you again. I'll be good."

"I'm not sure you will, you're bad to the bone," Buffy gave her sister two swift little spanks, one on each cheek.

"I'll volunteer for the dishes tonight," giggled Dawn, "Washing, drying and putting away."

"That's tempting, but that would just mean I'd have to do it tomorrow instead," Buffy slapped the wanton teenage ass.

"Okay, tomorrow I'll wake you up with a pussy licking spectacular," Dawn giggled as Buffy's palm came down again.

"It's supposed to be a punishment," Buffy said, "Not a normal morning routine."

"I'd really go at it, eat your pussy like you've never had, ouch..."

"It sounds good, but I'm not sure you're really recognising your badness."

"Oh, spank me," giggled Dawn.

"That's the idea," her sister replied dryly, bringing her hand down on the firm butt. She repeated it, smiling "You're a naughty girl."

"I know that now, I'm a bad brat, who's fucking her hot older sister and needs to be spanked for it," Dawn said with a fake whine.

Grinning Buffy said "Believe me, that's bad, but it'd be wrong for me to punish you for that, without getting my own ass spanked as well." Dawn turned her head and looked up at her sister with a wicked smile. Buffy laughed, "Don't get any ideas..." she swatted the teen ass playfully.

"I'm a bad girl," said Dawn, "but you like me very, very bad. A naughty slut who likes it up the butt."

"You're getting it," smiled Buffy. She spanked Dawn again, but this time instead of raising her hand she trailed a finger round and down until she found her sister's slit to rub. "You're wet you little minx."

"We have just been in the river," said Dawn.

"You know that's not why," replied Buffy. She traced the finger up to the teen's other hole, currently hidden between her round cheeks. Buffy put a finger in her mouth and sucked it, "Luckily I know what bad girls need."

"Mmmmn," Dawn quivered and raised her ass seductively at her sister, placing her palms on the sand to allow her to lever it.

Continuing to suck a finger Buffy placed the other hand on the round butt, gently lowering it back. She gripped the cheek and eased it apart from its twin, exposing the rosebud that lay between them. It looked so tight and virginal that if Buffy hadn't known how much it had been hammered, she'd have thought it was unpopped. She brought her finger out, it was soaked with her saliva. "I'm going to finger this hot asshole of yours."

"Oh yes, do. It's a bad, bad butt that needs to be fingered," Dawn giggled and then gave a little squeak as Buffy, as good as her, word pushed and the sphincter and entered the tight back hole. Slowly Buffy pushed the digit down, twisting it as she did, literally screwing her sister's ass. Dawn giggled and wriggled, her ass lifting to meet her sister. Buffy pushed her back down as well, smiling at her sister's enthusiasm. Bhe finger went in knuckle deep. Buffy pushed some more, working it deeper into the hole, until the press on her other fingers stopped further penetration. She began to wiggle it, sliding it up and down.

"That's good, mmmmnnn, urrrhh, that feels so good, not as much as a dildo, but still good," Dawn moaned.

"Yes, this ass is so tight, let me loosen it," giggled Buffy. She worked the finger up and down, fingering her sister's hole. She rested the other hand on the small of the book, both pressing Dawn down and sensually stroking her smooth skin. The ass tunnel clamped tightly round Buffy's finger, the warmth seeping over the digit, as the soft wall vibrated and moved to her touch. Her sister squeaked and squealed and quivered with every push and shove, her moans guttural turn-on.

"Finger number two," said Buffy, who believed that if Dawn's ass could take a ten-inch dildo without complaint it could fit two fingers.

She was right. The tunnel tightened round the second finger, but it coped, slowly spreading out as Buffy pushed down. Her sister squirmed and giggled, rocking happily on Buffy's lap as the blonde digitally penetrated her. Buffy worked the two fingers slowly, making sure her sister could cope, gradually delving deeper into the warm hole and extending the tunnel's girth. Her own pussy was aflame with lust as Dawn ground her thighs, just inches from the cunt. "Mmmnnn, this is such a sexy ass."

"Oooohh, urrrrhh, it's your ass, for you to use," Dawn moaned in return. "Oooohhhh..."

Buffy was deeper now, the fingers as deep as she could get them working up and down, faster and faster as the asshole became use to them and loosened. The blonde's elbow was pumping back and forth as she slammed down, loving the way dawn jumped and shuddered with each thrust. Without thinking she found herself adding a third, putting the fingers together like a dagger stabbing at her sister's butthole. Dawn jerked, gasping in pleasure, "That's right, Buffy, oh my God, that's so good."

The butt was tight round her fingers again and Buffy slammed back and forth, driven by her lust to get the fingers as deeply into Dawn as she could. "Ohhhh, fuck, yessss, yessss, yessss," squeaked Dawn in evident pleasure, her stomach rolling over Buffy's thighs like an out of control see-saw. Her feet swung up and waved so that Buffy could see the soles, crusted with sand. She shoved her fingers hard in, blocked from going further as her knuckles hit the teen's cheeks. It made her think about something so kinky she wasn't sure she should even contemplate it. Dawn squealed again, her pussy soaking the blonde's thighs and her body twisting in ecstacy. Buffy decided...

She pulled her hand out for a second and brought all her fingers together in a pointed beak. This time she returned with a whole hand. Dawn screamed "Yessssss," as Buffy went in her ass, pushing down to the wrist. The asshole stretched wider than it had ever been before. Buffy pulled back and pushed down, feeling the grip of her sister's sphincter gripping at her wrist, like a tight bandage wrapped round it. She worked the hand up and down, pushing deeper and deeper into the teen anal fuckhole. Dawn shivered and shuddered, her feet waving like tree branches in a storm and her hands whirring at the sand either trying fruitlessly to get a grip or dig herself a trench.

"Aaaarrrghhh, yessssss, Buffy, yesssssss...." the brunette screamed loudly, her head bouncing up and so that it was almost at right angles to her body, her long hair shot round and down her back. Buffy hammered down, slowly bringing her fingers together so that made a fist. It elasticated her sister's anal tunnel even more than the beak and Buffy could feel the walls trembling as her knuckles punched through them. It was hot, not just sexually, but literally, the warmth of her sister bowel's made her hand sweat and flush red. The perspiration perhaps helped, allowing Buffy to pound down. Dawn was leaking cunt juice all over Buffy's thighs, leaking like a snapped pipe.

Butt-pumping your sister with your fist must be the ultimate taboo, but Buffy couldn't stop. Her own pussy seemed to be singing a song of lust, wet juice staining her bikini bottoms. She was so in control of Dawn, she was almost out of it, hammering her fist down in a frenzy with only a tiny part of her looking out for the signs that Dawn was about to snap. It wasn't yet, her sister could still take it, yowling and squealing in excitement, "Yessss, aaaaarggghhh, yesss harder, Buffy, harder."

Doing what she said Buffy pounded her fist down, ramming it as deep as she could reasonably go, each punch making her sister twist in orgasmic delight, shrieking her joy to the world. "AAAarrrghhh fuuuckkk, aaaaaarrrggghhh."

The screams got louder and louder and away in the bushes some small mammal paniced and ran. Dawn screamed higher, her body ablaze with ecstacy, rocking on Buffy like she was having a stroke.

It was enough Buffy decided and pulled out her hand. Dawn breathing began to slow and her body began to relax, as Buffy gazed down on her slowly closing asshole. She waited until it had returned to nearer normal size (if not yet fully tightened) before giving Dawn one last light spank, "That'll teach you," she grinned.

"I'll need to be naughty more often," Dawn replied, still panting.

* * *

"Ooohhh, urrrhhh, yes," moaned Tara Maclay. She squeezed her eyes tighter shut, as if the washing waves of pleasure flowing through her body might leak through the pupils. In the darkness, the senses became more intense. She could feel the cotton sheets that rubbed at her feet and knees, gripped tight between her fingers and palms; the rock of the bed, shuddering and rolling, like it was a raft in swollen seas; and the plastic cock in her butt, filling her, stretching her, pleasuring her. And the sounds seemed so overpowering, the squeak of the wooden bed and floor beneath it, the squelch and splurt of a well lubed dong going into her, her lover's grunt and pants as she slammed in.

"Ooooohhh, yesssss, baby, yessss," Tara's eyes sprang open and she could see her reflection in the mirror, her face flushed and the expression raw, her hair streak with perspiration, beads of it forming on her forehead. Her large tits jiggling beneath her body as she bounced forward and back, swinging like and banging at each other. And behind her, Willow Rosenberg, her naked lover as naked as she was, slamming back and forth. Her girlfriend must have seen her eyes open as she smiled at her, speeding up as she did so, her hands sliding over Tara's naked waist and round to her cheeks, massaging and rubbing the twin globes as she speared between them.

"AAAarrrghh, yessss, aaaarrrghh," Tara squealed again, her back arching as the orgasm hit her like a runaway tram, "Aaaaaarrghhh.... yesssssss!"

"Wow," Willow panted and pulled out the toy, collapsing on the bed and then half rolling, half crawling so that she was lying with her head on the pillow, rather than across it.

"Mmmmmn, yes," agreed Tara as she followed her lover, ending up so that she was lying next to her. She could get used to mid-morning sex, with college out there was little else to do - especially as the girls she shared the small apartment with (she hesitated about calling them friends) all had families to go to and she didn't. She moved her face nearer to Willow and the redhead responded by sticking her tongue out and then wiggling it at Tara. Tara brought her own tongue out to touch Willow, trying to lick the swiftly moving tongue, their lips creasing up in a smile.

After a few moments Willow stopped and turned over properly so she was facing Tara, her hand rolling down her girlfriend's thigh and the still equipped strap-on touching Tara just above the waist. The redhead smiled, "I can tell you loved that."

"I did," grinned Tara back, "A lot."

"And to think how much I had to talk you in to trying anal," Willow said.

Tara nodded, a small blush forming, anal was her favourite position, as often initiated by her as by Willow and something they did at least three or four times a week, more often with the extra fucking time afforded by the vacation. But it hadn't been something she'd wanted to do and it had taken a lot of hints and not so subtle pleads from Willow, before Tara decided to give up her ass as a one-off present to her girlfriend on their three month anniversary. Her only regret was that she hadn't offered up her anal cherry on their first night. "When you're right you're right."

Willow grinned and nodded, "Funny you should say that... I was thinking now that Buffy's come out as a lesbian... I've always wanted to try a three-way and she'd be perfect for it, she is my best friend and you know what they say about best friends and sharing..."

"What? What do they say about best friends and sharing?" Tara looked at her lover with a small smile on her face.

"Er, best friends share," replied Willow, making Tara smile as she'd been expecting something a little more profound.

Tara stroked her lover's arm, "So are you asking whether I'd like to be Tara in the middle and let both you and Buffy bang me together."

"It'd be hot, you'd love it. We could lick both of your tits at once and as you're eating me, Buffy could be tonguing you and I'd be feasting on Buffy. And think what we could do with strap-ons, you wouldn't need to choose which hole to be fucked, as we could fuck you front and backdoor together," Willow said, smiling persuasively.

"Have you spoken to Buffy?" Tara asked.

"Not yet, I wanted to see if you were up for it," Willow said, "but if you don't want too..."

Tara had a feeling she was being manipulated, much as she loved Willow she recognised her girlfriend, played her to get what she wanted. First she'd shown up with flowers over breakfast, then she followed it up with a really hard fucking sending Tara to heaven and back, and then a reminder how she hadn't wanted to try anal. Tara gave an inner sigh, she might be being played but Willow was right about the butt-fucking and she could be right about this and anyway Tara had to admit to a bit of curiosity over what the blonde Slayer would be like in bed. "Let's try it, if Buffy wants..."

"I'll speak to her and see," grinned Willow.

* * *

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