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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy's Lover Part 4 (Ff,inc,anal)
by LL

It was the first time in a while that Joyce had seen Dawn in anything so chaste, though chaste was relative as the skirt was still half way down the teen's thighs and the top was cropped albeit below the belly-button rather than below the breasts. Buffy had taken some persuasion to agree to take Dawn on patrol, Joyce adding her arguments to that of her youngest daughter round the dinner table, though Dawn had been equally as persuasive when Joyce was at work and the teen was in bed with her sister. After a few days of constant pleading and logic bashing Buffy had finally relented, she couldn't deny that things were quiet vamp-wise - even if there was a new big bad on the horizon she wasn't over it yet. And with Xander and Willow both visiting grandparents out of town and Giles having made himself scarce (telling Buffy he was going to a conference in Paris for a few days) Buffy had agreed that she could use the company. However, if they were going out together Dawn couldn't dress like a she was auditioning for porn. The teen had pretended to be annoyed (not so much that she wouldn't go, just enough to show she enjoyed dressing sluttily), but agreed.

Buffy was upstairs speaking to Giles on the phone in case he had any demon related news from France he wanted to impart. Joyce knew he didn't, she had spoken to him earlier. If there was a powerful evil demon making the rounds she wanted only her trained daughter out there - the whole point of Dawn joining her sister on patrol was to help continue her seduction of the Slayer, not practice taking biffs at superhumanly strong vamps. Dawn tapped the table nervously with a finger as her Mom poured some coffee into a thermos. The blonde looked at the teen sympathetically, "Nervous?"

"No," said Dawn. She paused "A little."

"It'll be fine," her Mom said with confidence. "You've practised with the plug and dildo, so it won't be the first time. Remember just relax and make sure Buffy enjoys it."

"Perhaps she won't want anal," said Dawn, smiling weakly.

"I don't know. You're the one who said she enjoys watching it. I don't even know you're having sex," Joyce smiled, trying to make the last sentence a joke.

"It might just be watching it she likes, doing it is something else," Dawn said.

Joyce nodded and patted her daughter's hand, "Perhaps. But we've talked about this. It's important that Buffy wants this relationship and doesn't get bored and end it. That means you've got to take every opportunity to make sure she enjoys you. I don't want to nag, but the fate of the world hangs on you."

"I know," Dawn closed her eyes and nodded for a second, before opening them again, "It's just I always thought my first would be more romantic, some guy from school or even from college, someone older. Not my sister."

Joyce nodded, she sympathised, but there was nothing either of them could do. If Dawn wasn't Buffy's lover the key would be broken and Glory would be able to return to her own dimension, shattering Earth as she did so. She quickly changed the subject, passing her daughter the coffee thermos "At least it's a nice night. You're equipped."

Dawn nodded and taking the thermos slipped it into her rucksack at her feet, "Yes. I've Buffy's favourite strap-on in here, an anal plug and a dildo in case she needs help and some anal lube as well, oh a blanket so we don't have to sit on the grass. And now some coffee as well."

"What about underwear?"

"I'm not wearing any," replied Dawn, "Wanna check?"

"I trust you," said Joyce, though half of her not only wanted to see her youngest's sexy shaved slit, but stuff her face down there and lick it up. That was a good reason for not looking at it.

Dawn didn't seem to realise the effect she was having on her Mom, as she then added, "I've not bothered with a bra either. It makes my boobs bounce more," she shook them, "I think that'll help keep Buffy's attention."

"It will," agreed Joyce, knowing that it kept hers. The trouble with Dawn seducing Buffy was that in with all the training in sexual techniques and wandering around all hot and semi-nude was that she had secretly succeeded in turning her Mom on as well as her sister. Joyce felt a pang of jealousy that it would be Buffy who got to bang Dawn tonight and so intimately, despite Dawn's hopes Joyce was sure Buffy would be tempted by the backdoor, if only because Joyce knew she would have been. She forced herself to smile, "Look I know I say this a lot, but relax and try to enjoy it. You've seen on the movies how much many women enjoy lesbian anal, you probably will as well."

There was a clump on the stairs as Buffy began to descend and Joyce quickly changed the subject, "Make sure you do what Buffy says. She's the Slayer."

"It won't be dangerous, I wouldn't be taking her if it was," said Buffy as she entered the kitchen and not realising what the undertone of her comments meant.

"I wouldn't be letting her go either," said Joyce as Dawn gave a pained look that she was being talked over rather than too.

"I can take care of myself," the brunette teen said, a little huffily. Her Mom and lover both ignored her comment and Dawn picked up her rucksack. She turned to Buffy, "We ready to go?"

"You got the coffee? Then yes," Buffy scooped up the car keys.

* * *

Buffy slowed to a stop in the parking lot outside the cemetery. During the day the day it would be full with visitors to the graveside (Sunnydale had a higher than average fatality rate, Giles had once calculated that before Buffy came you had a better chance of surviving as infantry officer in Normandy than you had of living through Sunnydale High). But at night it was abandoned, even those residents of Sunnydale who didn't believe their town was haunted by demons never found a reason to do their mourning after dark. Opening her door Buffy stepped out, the night was warm, but not too humid, if they did run into any vamps it was perfect weather for a workout. However tonight she hoped that the cemetery was as quiet as the proverbial grave.

"So how do we get in?" Dawn stood on her side of the door looking at the wrought iron gates that towered above them grandly. "We don't climb do we?" she looked anxiously at the gates.

"Key," grinned her sister, "Or rather skeleton key." She walked over to the padlock and chain and began to fiddle with it, "One of the first things Giles taught me was how to pick locks so that I could get in to locked cemeteries."

"You get all the best teachers," said Dawn, "All mine do is go on about Math and spelling."

"He does that as well," said Buffy and triumphantly held up the padlock. Not that it had been difficult and she had plenty of practice, but she couldn't help but bask inside at her sister's whistle of appreciation. The younger teen picked up her rucksack and followed her sister into the cemetery. Buffy carefully locked the gate behind them, no local would enter Sunnydale at night, but you could never be too careful - a new in town hobo looking for somewhere to sleep or kids from out of town wanting to find a safe spot to smoke some dope.

Dawn was looking around the cemetery. It was one of Sunnydale's largest and most popular, with graves going back to the last century but with plenty of green spaces for new ones. Despite its age it was well kept, the tombstones and mausoleums regularly cleaned of moss and lichen, the paths swept of debris and twigs and the grass cropped short. Surrounded by trees you couldn't see the tall walls that surrounded it. Buffy stood next to her sister for a moment, taking it all in. With the moon coming down it was kinda romantic, something she'd never noticed before. Dawn must have thought the same as she slipped a hand into Buffy's. "So what do we do now?"

"We'll just walk for a bit, search for any sign of disturbed earth - sure sign of vamp activity. Or gophers."

"Okay," said Dawn, nodding in agreement. "You're the boss." She smiled attractively.

The two of them walked slowly along the pathways, the moon casting a silvery glow over them, creating pale shadows wherever they walked. When the cemetery wasn't dark and evil looking with demons behind every gravestone, it was actually kinda scenic - especially with the slight rustle of the trees and far off tweets of owls making it seem like a magical wonderland. And to add to that Buffy was with the hottest girl she knew, the younger teen holding her hand and resting her head gently on Buffy's shoulder as they walked. Whatever perfume Dawn had on was alluring as well, a sensual scent that made the teen smell even more delectable than ever.

By the time they'd circumnavigated the cemetery Buffy was totally turned on by her sister. Luckily there was no sign of any demon activity to stop Buffy suggesting a make-out session with her sister. She stopped next to a wooden bench. "Shall we sit?" she gave a wicked grin to suggest they wouldn't be wasting time talking about the weather and sipping the coffee.

Dawn pointed to a spot of grass a few yards further along, "What about there instead. I can lay out the rug and we can picnic." She too gave a wicked smile that suggested that coffee too was far from her mind.

Buffy nodded and stood back admiring Dawn from behind as the teen took out the rug and flapped it before putting it down. The younger teen got onto it and looked up as Buffy dropped her own rucksack, containing stakes, throwing knives and holy water beside her sister's. She dropped onto the rug and moved over to her sister, who was lying on her side using one elbow to prop up her head. "Mmmnn Buffy you look so pretty and sexy in the moonlight."

"You too," grinned Buffy. She rolled over and onto her sister, pushing the younger teen onto her back. Her mouth opened and she brought it down on Dawn. The brunette was prepared and her own lips swung apart to allow Buffy's tongue to slide in. The jaws worked in unison, gently moving up and down, munching each other's mouths as their tongues touched and teased. Even through their tops Buffy could feel the press of her younger sister's boobs - no bra and her hands moved to the teen's waist working her way up the sides until she was pressing at them. Dawn kissed her harder, her own hands going down beneath Buffy's body.

"Just a second," the younger teen broke the kiss. She gripped the bottom of her T-shirt and began to pull it off. Buffy levered herself up just enough to give her sister room, before dropping down again, except this time there was only the material of her own top between her and sister's lovely plump titties. She resumed her passionate kisses, the tongue sliding back over her sister's mouth, but one of her hand crept to nearest titty and she began to fondle the nipple between her fingers. The brunette kissed her hard back, her jaw working overtime. At the same time the younger teen's hand was on the bottom of Buffy's light pullover pulling it up.

"Here," Buffy raised herself for a second time and as the pullover came nearer her shoulders she shrugged her arms up and wiggled, allowing her sister to remove it.

"This as well," giggled Dawn as her lithe fingers reached for her older sister's bra strap.

"Yes," agreed Buffy and the black lacy material sailed through the air to land just beyond the rug.

Dawn half sat, making Buffy retreat so that she was sitting over the teen's thighs. The younger Summer's giggled and with one hand reached up to teasingly flick Buffy's nipple. "Those look good enough to eat," she tittered.

"Go on then," Buffy smiled back and within a few seconds found their positions reversed with her on her back and her younger sister on top of her, the brunette's teen tongue sliding round first one teat and then the other, slowly, gently, lovingly bringing them to life. Buffy could feel her sister's lips against her boob as Dawn brought her mouth closer, her teeth tenderly grating on the nipple as she tugged it, making Buffy's tit rise like an cake in the oven. The blonde teen groaned and shuddered in pleasure as her sister's mouth moved to her other boob to repeat the treatment.

"Oh Dawn, that's good," Buffy sighed. There was no answer from Dawn, just a switching of bosoms again and the touch of her teeth and tongue over the erect teat. "MMmmmnn," Buffy moaned.

Her sister's hands began to undo Buffy's pants. The blonde raised her ass off the rug so that Dawn could pull them over her hips. The brunette did so, bringing the panties with them at the same time. As she lay back down on her sister her body rubbed gently at Buffy's naked pussy, sending tiny vibrations of excitement coursing through the Slayer. She groaned again, in anticipation this time, as Dawn's mouth moved from the blonde's pert bosoms down to her chest. The brunette kissed it and continued slowly down, kissing all the while. Her hands still gripped Buffy's pants and as her mouth descended so did her hands. She paused just above the slit and smiled, "We better get these off," the teen giggled, moving back and pulling them down to the ankles.

Buffy gulped and tried to wait patiently as her topless younger sister moved back on the rug to pull the pants over the pumps. The brunette struggled for a moment to jerk them over the shoes which would have been easier to remove before finally succeeding, leaving Buffy reclining on the rug naked from the ankles up (if you didn't count the small cross round her neck).

"Looks like there's something else that's good enough to eat," grinned Dawn, looking down at her sister's shaven slit.

She didn't wait for an answer before lying face down between Buffy's legs and starting to gently lick over the slit. Buffy lay back, groaning heavily, her legs opening to give her sister space. Over the last few days she'd begun to appreciate what a good pussy licker Dawn was, how she could bring Buffy to the throes of ecstasy with just her mouth - though sometimes she'd add a finger or toy for variety. "OOoohhhh yes," she moaned, "eat my cunt, Dawn, slurp it out."

The blonde's hands moved to the back of her sister's skull, encouraging her sister's licking. Not that the younger teen needed any. Her tongue shot back and forth, up and down, racing over the lips and slowly prying them apart to tease the pink within. Buffy shuddered and moaned as Dawn entered her, her cunt juicing up as the tongue moved over the soft, velvety flesh within. Her hands pressed on Buffy's thighs, pressing them apart and using her thumb to trace small invisible circles sexily on her sister. The blonde shuddered, her own hands rubbing her titties and playing with the erect teats, her fingers adding to the pleasure surging through her. "Ooohhh God, Dawn carry on, oh yes, lick me."

The younger teen did as she was asked her tongue pushing into her sister's twat, lapping away at the juice that was forming in the hole. "Mmnnn, yes," Dawn murmured as she licked, obviously enjoying it as much as her sister, "Yummy."

"Ohhhh, urrrrhhh, don't stop," Buffy trembled. Above her the stars glinted down like a thousand eyes watching her incestuous love and around the cemetery owls hooted as they listened to her gasps and groans. Buffy didn't care - it was wrong, but with the number of things wrong around Sunnydale being lapped by your sister was way down the list. The blonde teen gasped again and her back arched, lifting itself from the crumpled rug as Dawn's tongue found a sweet spot. The brunette recognised Buffy's reaction and redoubled her tonguing, speeding the lapping and stabbing the wet walls with her tongue. Buffy quivered and shook, "OOoohhh, fuck, oooohhh, yesssss, oh God yessss!"

Her sister began to lick harder and faster, thrusting her pretty face at the shaven slit and giving it her all. Buffy appreciated it, gasping and squealing in ecstatic pleasure as her sister drove her to orgasm. The intense bliss surged through her, making her eyes close and her mouth twist. Her chest rose and fell as she tried to bring in more oxygen, panting with excitement. Her hands fell to the rug, gripping it hard. Dawn's tongue continued to do its work, the talented teen cunt-licker knowing exactly what hr Slayer sister wanted and needed. "Ooohhh God, ooohhh God," Buffy cried.

Dawn's tongue was speeding away like a championship runner, hammering down the hole, rushing back and forth over Buffy's sensitive spots. The orgasm grew until it became too overpowering, exploding in Buffy like a nuclear strike, "AAAaarrrghh," she screamed in pleasure and in the background a frightened owl took off, "Aaaaarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaarrrrghhh." The orgasms burnt through her like a hot nail through wood and her body bucked in pleasure. A burst of liquid shot from her pussy, splattering all over Dawn's face.

The younger teen looked up and giggled, licking her lips. "Now that was the yummy ending."

"Me as well," panted Buffy, trying to regain some equilibrium as her body felt like a million volts had just been passed through it. Dawn licked a little more cum from her lips and then moved forward to drop her head on Buffy's shoulders. It felt strange to the Slayer to kiss her, if only because she found herself tasting her own juice, on the teen's lips. But it also felt right, lying there in the moonlight, with Dawn in her arms and on her lips.

"I hope this isn't how you normally patrol," teased Dawn.

"Only when I've got a hot little sexpot with me," grinned Buffy.

"Willow?" laughed Dawn.

"You... and you know it," Buffy kissed her sister again.

Dawn laughed and rolled away, spinning onto her hands and knees and crawling over to her rucksack, with her skirt pushed up enough Buffy's became suspicious that Dawn wasn't wearing panties. The brunette fished around for a moment and then came out with a strap-on. It was Buffy's favourite one as well, dark black with a thick head and ridges to give Dawn even more pleasure. The younger Summer's turned back to her sister, "You brought your weapons, I brought one of mine."

"I thought you might," grinned Buffy. She didn't resist as her sister undid the straps and slid them up Buffy's legs, buckling them in place.

"I'll go on top," Dawn stood and undid her skirt, confirming Buffy's suspicions about the lack of underwear.

However given how hot and sexy the teen looked, standing there without a stitch, exposing her juicy slit Buffy was in the mind to forgive her being pantyless. Buffy grinned and reached down to hold the cock upright, "Be my guest, Dawn, come fuck my dick."

The younger brunette squatted over Buffy and slid herself down, pushing her tight teenage twat on the thick toy. She purred in pleasure as it entered her, her fingers holding apart her slit to ease the fake dick's passage. Buffy did her part, keeping the toy straight and guiding it through the entry way and as the toy slid up and became further impaled in the wet fuckhole, she began to gently wiggle and wave her hips, pushing it in deeper. Dawn gasped and groaned, continuing on down until she was fully on the dildo, the ten inches deep into her cunt. "MMmnnnn, that's good. Let's fuck."

The two teens began to move. Over the last few days Buffy had learnt how to match Dawn's speed so that within moments they were working together for Buffy to go up as Dawn came down and to retreat as quickly, before returning. Dawn gasped and groaned in pleasure, leaning forward over her sister and planting her hands on the rug either side of the blonde. Her tits dangled over Buffy, shaking and jerking as the young woman went up and down the dick. She bit her lip gently in concentration and looked Buffy in the eyes, connecting them spiritually as well as physically. "Ohhhh, mmmnn, yesss," the brunette moaned.

"I know, fuck yes, I know," Buffy's hand reached to her sister's waist, gripping it and using it as a lever to thrust up. At the same time her fingers and thumb stroked and gripped the teen's skin, massaging her as they fucked.

The dildo shot up Dawn's cunt, and Buffy could feel her younger sister shudder as the toy pleasured her. The brunette pounded down, her tits swinging and bouncing, and a smile on her face. "Ooooohh, oooohhh, yessss." Up she pushed again, Buffy's ass falling onto the rug on unison. For a moment their eyes locked and then they were moving again, slamming up and down to meet each other in a clash of pleasure. Dawn shook and tossed her hair over her shoulder with a vigorous shake of her head. Her tits swung as she came down, "Oooohhh fuuuuuckkk, yessss."

Buffy's hands slid over Dawn's sweaty skin round to the younger teen's ass. She took hold off the round cheeks and fondled them, pulling them apart and kneading them as Dawn jerked up and down her plastic prick. She couldn't believe how good her sister's ass felt in her hands and how good it looked whenever Buffy saw it, round and firm and sexy. Buffy had never thought about wanting anal sex and she still didn't want it up her own ass, but she was finding herself more and more nursing a secret desire for her sister's. Not that she was yet willing to ask, not because it was taboo, but because she didn't want to put Dawn into the position where she might feel pressured into giving up her butt cherry. Perhaps she would at some point, but now she'd have to enjoy Dawn's other hole.

Not that that was a chore. "Fuck, oh my God, yes," Buffy grunted as Dawn slammed down on her, the dildo impaled up her pussy and rammed down against Buffy's. The blonde's cunt was soaked, the juice seeping out and over the leather straps. She knew her sister was as well, the toy glistening every time it came out of the well lubricated hole and the juice dripping down from Dawn like spots of rain. She slammed up, smashing into the teen's box. Dawn squealed and shuddered and rammed at Buffy. The blonde could feel her back arching and lifting up as the wave of pleasure tore at her.

Faster and faster they moved, grunting and squealing and gasping as the dildo tore into Dawn's hole. Sweat dripped from them both, coating their skin like a second coat, the perspiration glistening under the Moon and stars. Dawn's breath was coming in fits and starts, she didn't have the fitness of a Slayer, though to be fair she was also doing a lot of the work and moving like a train. She slammed harder, sending another wave into Buffy. Her head shot up and she let out an earth shattering cry of ecstasy. Buffy pounded up driving home her sister's orgasm. Dawn screamed even louder, her entire body shaking as she came. Then with a grunt she rolled off Buffy and collapsed on her sister's outstretched hand breathing heavily.

Buffy turned her head, "Did you cum?"

"You know I did," Dawn smiled prettily. "God, that was so good."

"For me too," Buffy smiled back, pulling dawn closer so that they snuggled on the blanket.

They lay like that for a while, the moonlight glowing down on them as in the background the owls hooted a chorus to the accompaniment of rustling trees. Buffy could see Dawn's eyes gradually close. She looked beautiful lying there, asleep or almost so. A slight breeze began to play over them and gradually a chill set in. Buffy sat up and reached for her pullover.

"What you doing?" Dawn opened her eyes.

"I was going to put something on," Buffy replied, "You should as well. It's getting cold."

"We still got plenty of time to patrol before we go home, we should make the most of it," Dawn grinned.

"Okay," nodded Buffy smiling.

"And it'll keep us warm," Dawn added.

"You're insatiable," Buffy said with a mock groan. But she dropped her pullover back down.

Dawn nodded and giggled, "You're fault. You make me horny." She stood up and walked over to the nearest gravestone, leaning forward on it. Turning her head back towards Buffy she gave her sister her most sultry smile. "So you want to fuck me?"

Buffy stared lustfully at her sister's hot behind, almost salivating over the round curvaceous rump. If her cock had been real it would have become hard, being plastic it already was. She nodded and stood up, "I am so going to ram your hot little puss."

Her sister giggled again, "You could or..." she wiggled her butt, "you could bang another hole."

Buffy stared, hoping she was understanding her sister right. She couldn't think of any other explanation than her sister was talking about letting Buffy have her ass, but at the same time she didn't want to embarrass her or make Dawn feel forced if she was misreading what she was saying. "Which other hole?"

Dawn looked at her, a slow smile crossing her face. She reached round with one hand to her ass and pulled at a cheek, "This one." She paused and she looked a little more serious, "I mean if you want to. You don't have too if you think its too icky."

"I want to," said Buffy, "but are you sure?"

"I am, I want you to pop my anal cherry," Dawn grinned.

"Okay, but if you want me to stop you tell me," said Buffy.

"It's a deal," said her sister, "I bought some anal lube, it's in my rucksack if you want to squirt it over your dick."

"You came prepared," smiled Buffy as she went over to the rucksack.

"What can I say? I was a girl scout," Dawn smiled back.
Buffy took out the anal lube and squirted out a generous portion onto her hands, rubbing it into the thick plastic dick like a lotion, making the black dong shine under the starlight. All the time she was looking at her younger sister's round butt and wondering what it would be like to fuck it. Of course Dawn wasn't doing any harm to her libido by wiggling the cheeks at her sister, bouncing them up and down like she was doing a booty dance and then prying them apart and moaning. Soon Buffy had the strap-on oiled, the lube oozing down the cock in streams. She moved towards her sister and asked one last time, "You sure you're sure?"

"I'm more than sure, I want you to fuck my butt. I want you to be the first up my anal passage," Dawn grinned at Buffy. She whipped her head round so she was facing away from her sister, gripping the tombstone with both hands and raised her ass. "Please fuck it."

"Okay," agreed Buffy enthusiastically, if Dawn wanted her ass to be drilled Buffy more than wanted to do it. She took a cheek in one hand, kneading it gently as she pulled it apart from the other until she could see her sister's virgin butt, the little rosebud of the sphincter looking so tight and certainly not ready for a big cock. Buffy touched it with her finger, pausing momentarily on the wrinkled flesh to give Dawn one last chance to pull back from what they were about to do. The only reaction was a little moan of anticipation from the brunette. Buffy pushed down.

The muscle gave way and the digit slipped it to the hole. It was tight and warm, the tunnel walls gripping her finger as Buffy twisted and swivelled it like she was screwing it in. Her sister gave a groan of pleasure, her spine bending as she arched her back. Buffy pushed further in, working back and forth and turning her finger round. Dawn moaned louder, her hands gripping the tombstone, "Mmmnnn, ooooohh."

The knuckle went past the sphincter and Buffy twisted again, she could feel her own excitement rising at the thought of sliding her dildo all the way into this tight hole. She pushed a little further, but the press of the knuckles on her other two fingers against her sister's cheeks showed that she reached as far as the finger could go. She twirled the finger around, pulling it back an inch and then pushing it forward. Dawn shivered, "Ooooohhh, yes, oooohhh. Buffy fuck my ass, fuck it please."

"Yes," said the Slayer. She pulled out her finger and quickly, before the hole could close again, took the dildo and pushed the head at the cratered rosebud. The elasticated wall moved back into the hole, holding the toy just outside. Buffy held it with one hand, the other moving to her sister's waist, holding and stroking it.

She pushed.

And just like that she was in and taking her sister's anal cherry.

"Uuurhh," Dawn let out a purr of satisfaction. "Oh Buffy."

"Oh Dawn," Buffy moaned in reply and pushed the toy deeper. It slid in easier to the virgin butt than Buffy expected, almost like Dawn had prepared for it earlier. Buffy briefly wondered how much Dawn's giving away her anal virginity was a spur of a moment thing and how much she'd been thinking about it; like Buffy had she been wanting it and just now worked up the courage to ask for it? It didn't matter, the dildo was in her sister's butt and going deeper. It was firmly enough encased that Buffy could let go, content it didn't need a guiding hand. She put her hand on her sister's waist gripping it. Her hips heaved and jerked as she worked the toy in and out of her sister, Dawn rocking as her sister pounded her, her long hair dangling over the gravestone she was gripping.

"Oh my God, this is so hot," Buffy moaned as she went back and forth, staring down at the gleaming black dong as it went in and out of her sister's rectum, a little further each time.

"Ooohhh yessss," moaned Dawn in reply, her ass moved backwards to meet her sister's thrusts. She gripped the gravestone so hard, her knuckles were white in the darkness. "Ooohhh yeesss, give it me all."

It didn't take Buffy long to fulfil her sister's request, slamming the cock all the way into the waiting butthole. Her thighs smacked at her sister as the toy vanished all the way into its hole. Buffy's hand gripped Dawn hard and she went faster, making the cheeks bounce and jiggle as she hammered home. The younger teen squealed in pleasure, gripping the stone so hard that her nails threatened to slice through it. Buffy grinned to herself and slammed harder, she could still hardly believe it, here she was butt-banging her sister - it was one ultimate taboo on top of another. And she didn't care... "Ohhh, yes, this is so sweet. Oh my God, Dawn, I'm loving your ass."

"Ooooohhh, yesssss, meee tooo! Fuck me Buffy, ram my asshole good," Dawn squeaked in return, her entire body quivering in pleasure.

The blonde continued to up her speed. The more she fucked Dawn the easier it got as her sister's hole spread and opened. Buffy held her hard and slammed, her hips jacking back and forth as she butt-pounded the younger teen. Dawn seemed to be liking it, her body enthusiastically shuddering and rocking in time with Buffy's thrust and squealing with energetic abandon as the waves of pleasure flew through her. Buffy was glad, she wanted Dawn to enjoy whatever they did as much as Buffy did and she'd been worried that the younger teen wouldn't enjoy having her ass stretched. Seeing she so obviously did Buffy rammed even harder, one hand lightly slapping her sister's butt-cheeks, making them glow a bright red under the moonlight.

"Ooooohhh, yesssss," squeaked Dawn, her body bending and arching, "Spank my naughty ass, fuck my horny butt. I'm yours Buffy, bang me good."

"Yes, Dawnie, yes, This ass is so tight. I could fuck it forever," Buffy swatted her sister's butt as she rode her, before transferring her hands to her waist to keep the teen balanced as the Slayer switched up a gear and hammered the teen's ass like it was a vamp who wouldn't stay down. The large dick vanished completely between the younger Summer's sister's cheeks and into her most taboo hole. Buffy watched it go in and out, so fast it was almost a blur, so dark it looked like a thick snake punching forward over the teen's pale white skin.

"Aaaaaarrrghhh, fuuuckkk, yesssss," Dawn shrieked, her legs bending as she was pounded from behind and her tits swinging like two demolition balls. Her hands gripped the tombstone so hard she was nearly uprooting it. "Aaaarrrrrhhh, give it me Buffy, ram my ass, fuck me so hard. AAAarrrrggggh, fuck, this is incredible, pound my asshole."

"Oh God Dawn, I can't believe it, this is so hot," Buffy gasped in excitement. The toy was rubbing at her own clit and pussy as it entered her sister's ass, little rushes of ecstasy running through her and making her feel like a spark of electricity. She pulled the cock out of her sister's ass, gazing briefly down at the gaping hole and wondering how her sister could take it. The younger teen turned her head quizzically, frowning at the abrupt end. Buffy shook her head to show it wasn't over. "Lie on your back on the rug, Dawn, I want to be able to see your face as I fuck your butt."

"Coolio," her sister giggled and slipped over to the blanket. She dropped to her back and lifted her legs, reaching up to grab her ankles and pull them towards her. She rolled on her back, like an upturned crab, pointing her still open asshole at her sister. It seemed to be winking in welcome.

Buffy went down, her hands gripping Dawn's calves just below her sister's, pushing the leg down further and like a rocking horse, pushing the ass upwards. The brunette gave a cute little sigh as the toy went in, easily sliding down her well-banged ass. Once the toy was fully in Buffy paused and grinned at her sister. Dawn grinned back, "Ram my asshole, sis, I want to feel it."

"Mmmnnn, like this?" Buffy asked as she pulled back and then slammed forward.

"Oooohh, fuck, yes," squeaked Dawn, rocking on the blanket as the cock hammered home, her tits jumping like two jellies on a plate. Her mouth opened and she let out another gasp as Buffy slammed down again, the cock vanishing down the once tight hole like a terrier after a mole. She raised herself quickly and slammed down again, rapidly reacquiring her rhythm as she butt-fucked her sister.

"AAAarrrghh, yessss," Dawn squeaked. She let go off her ankles, relying on Buffy to hold her legs back and reached down to her pussy, rubbing it vigorously as her other hole was filled. "Oooooohhh, fuuucckk, yesssss."

Buffy smiled down at her sister. She loved looking down on her. The teen was so pretty when she was cumming, even prettier than normal - the way her face scrunched up and her mouth opened, the way her body bent up and made her lovely teen titties jiggle and the way she spread and strummed her wet pussy. The Slayer hammered in harder, making Dawn really appreciate the cock. The younger brunette shrieked and cried, her eyes closing hard and her head falling back to push at the grass under the rug. The pale moonlight played across, giving her naked body a ghostly, but sexy hue.

"Aaaarrrghhh, yesssss, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Dawn screamed.

"So hot," replied Buffy, "Your ass is so hot."

"Fuck it, Buffy, fuck it," Dawn squealed, one hand pressing and rubbing her pussy as the other fell out to unsuccessfully grab for the blanket. "Aaarrrrggghh, fuck it so good, aaaarrrghhh, fuuuucckkk!"

Buffy wondered what her Mom would think if she saw them now. She'd be disgusted, probably call in expensive shrinks and send one of them to live with their Dad. She'd stop them fucking at the least and Buffy would never have this sweet ass again. She had to keep the secret, not let her Mom know. Dawn was squealing even louder, her sopping cunt displayed for Buffy's inspection, the teen's fingers opening it and playing with the pink. She was so hot and sexy, Buffy couldn't stop, even if their Mom discovered, she'd ignore the shrinks and runaway to her Dad's to be with Dawn, for the chance to fuck again and again this marvellous, bangable ass. "Oh, Dawn, God. You can't believe how much I'm loving it."

"Aaaarrgghhh, I can Buffy, I'm loving it too. You're making me cum. Oooohhh, fuck you are making me cum so hard." As if to add to her words Dawn's back bent and her pussy squirted a jet of liquid, rising up in the air like a fountain, before splattering back over the teen's belly, sliding down towards her tits and cleavage like a dozen mountain streams. "AAAAarrrrghhhh."

Buffy continued to pound, slamming her sister. The teenage squeals competing with the tweets of the owls. Soon her screams were getting louder as the anal orgasms took control again, flooding through her. "Aaaarrrrghhh, yesssss, fuccccckkkk, yesssssss!"

Buffy could have continued fucking her all night, but it wouldn't be good for Dawn's ass, especially as Buffy wanted to be able to fuck it on a regular basis - assuming Dawn agreed. Anyway, she didn't know if their Mom would be awake, waiting for them and steadily getting worried. Buffy slammed down a couple of times more, driving Dawn into another set of frenzied squeals before she pulled out.

Dawn's legs dropped down to the rug and the naked teen lay their, panting, exhausted and sated. Buffy slid on top of her, crushing her naked titties onto her sister's as her mouth closed on the younger brunette's. Dawn's lips opened and she moved them slowly, but passionately against her sister's as Buffy's tongue flicked in. "Mmmnnn," the blonde raised her head, "That was something."

"You enjoyed?" Dawn smiled upwards, her white teeth flashing in the moonlight.

"Oh God, yes," replied Buffy, " I seriously can't believe how much. I'm guessing you did as well or else you're an award winning faker."

Dawn grinned, "Loved it. Ass fucking is going to have to be a regular thing."

"It will be," said Buffy and leaned it to kiss her sister.

* * *

Joyce Summers slid the dildo up her cunt, gasping in pleasure as she hit her spot. With her other hand she was thumbing at her clit, doubling her enjoyment. The covers above her jumped and rolled like waves on the sea as she furiously masturbated in her bed. Half an ear was cocked for the sound of her daughter's returning; though she sure that it wouldn't be a short patrol, not with Dawn giving Buffy the chance to take her anal virginity.

It was that she was masturbating about,. Slamming her dildo in her cunt, she imagined Dawn in her room, the teen dropping out of a tiny robe to reveal her naked body. "Fuck me Mom, fuck me in the ass," she pleaded and Joyce did, kissing her naked body as she lay her on the bed. It wasn't the first fantasy Joyce had had, it wasn't even the first she'd had this evening . It hadn't been long after the girls went up that she had slid out the dildo for the first time, sitting on the couch and imagining taking her daughter's anal cherry on the lounge floor and not long after that she fantasised about ass-banging her in hottub. But that was all it could be, a fantasy...

The sound of the car coming into the drive brought Joyce back to reality, slipping the dildo from her cunt and under the pillow. She turned over and pretended to be asleep, in case Buffy stuck her head in. The younger blonde didn't, instead Joyce could hear her saying something to Dawn, probably just goodnight and then the sounds of two doors shutting as her daughter's went into their separate bedrooms. Joyce waited with baited breath for her cell to beep.

It seemed to be forever before there was a light beep. Joyce grabbed it like a shipwrecked sailor diving for a life raft. It was Dawn. Joyce opened the message, with trembling fingers. There was just one word, 'Assfucked.'

Joyce felt both relief and jealousy, but she fought them both down to type in a question, 'Did she enjoy?'

Moments later a reply appeared, 'She loved it.'

'Good. You'll need to do it a lot. Keep her enjoying it,' Joyce felt a twinge of guilt as she typed in the words, aware that only her eldest needed to like it, Dawn's feelings towards anal didn't matter as long as she could fake it.

'Will do', Dawn replied. 'Goodnight.'

'Night' Joyce texted back.

* * *

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