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Author's note: This story takes place mostly in Season 3.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: B's Butt Bitch Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

"Fuck me B! Fuck my little ass hole!" Faith moaned shamelessly while thrusting her ass back against the dildo pounding her most intimate hole, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, bang my tight little Slayer butt! Bang it hard and make it yours! Make me your butt bitch! Ooooooh fuckkkkkk, make me cum again like a little bitch with a dick in my ass! Oooooohhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, fuck me Buffy!"

Buffy obliged, because how could she not? Faith's ass was made for fucking. It just had the perfect amount of jiggle as her thighs smacked against it. And the hole, oh the hole was just so tight, and just so beautiful when it was wrapped around a cock. And Faith just looked so sexy and submissive bent over in front of her like the little bitch she was born to be. The butt bitch. More importantly, Buffy's butt bitch. Oh yes, for all Faith's tough talk she was obviously meant to be the bottom of their relationship, and Buffy was ashamed she hadn't realised it before. Although she would make up for it now, as she planned to do this forever. And not just some gentle screwing, but a hard butt pounding which would make Faith whimper and cum like the little bitch she was, which was exactly what Buffy was doing now.

Or at least, she thought she was, as suddenly an increasingly annoyed voice exclaimed, "Miss Summers? Miss Summers? Miss Summers!"

"What?" Buffy exclaimed, before blushing as she realised where she was.

Her teacher scowled at her, "That's the third time today I've caught you daydreaming in class. If you keep this up how do you expect to graduate?"

Which prompted some laughter from her fellow classmates, causing Buffy to blush furiously and apologise, "I'm sorry... I..."

Just then the bell went and the teacher sighed, "You should apologise to yourself, it's your own time you're wasting."

"Yeah... I'll do that." Buffy blushed softly, slowly packing up her things and hanging back before asking the teacher, "Can I have my phone back now?"

The teacher sighed, considered keeping the phone until the end of the day, but not wanting to have another thing to deal with after-school, so instead she just handed the device back to her, "Try and do better the rest of the day."

"I will, thanks." Buffy quickly grabbed the phone and almost literally ran into one of the last people she wanted to see right now.

"Buffy, are you okay?" Willow asked softly.

"I'm fine Will." Buffy blushed, quickly dodging past her friend and starting to walk down the corridor.

"You don't seem fine." Willow grumbled while struggling to follow her friend, calling out to her softly as she could, "Is it a Slayer thing? An Angel thing? A Faith thing?"

Buffy tried to ignore her friend, but that last thing had her turning around and frowning, "Why would it be a Faith thing?"

"I don't know..." Willow hesitated nervously, before pointing out, "It's just... you've been hanging out a lot lately, and maybe she did or said something. I mean she's not exactly... well, she can be a bit... you know?"

There was a brief pause and then as firmly but nicely as she could Buffy told her friend, "Will, seriously, everything is fine. I just need to be alone right now, okay?"

"Okay?" Willow said softly, before insisting, "But I'm here if you need me, okay?"

"Okay." Buffy mumbled, quickly leaving this conversation.

Ironically Buffy was bursting with things to tell Willow, but every time she tried she chickened out given how massively things had changed for her lately. That Angel, and boys in general, were in her rear-view mirror, because she couldn't stop thinking about Faith, who she'd been having sex with for weeks now, and even though they weren't officially using labels because Faith 'wasn't the commitment type' Buffy wanted them to be official. For Faith to be her girlfriend. For Faith to be hers. Which was why it had felt like things had been great with Faith, but something had been missing. Or at least, that's what Buffy had thought. Although maybe it was a combination of that, and the fact that if she was honest with herself while switching was fine she preferred to be the one in control.

That was the main reason why Buffy couldn't stop thinking about last night, because it had just been so perfect. She was in total control, and Faith had been hers, and not just her girlfriend, which Buffy had loved. Oh yes, Faith didn't seem like the girlfriend type, but she was definitely a bitch. Bad ass bitch? Sure, and sometimes a bitchy bitch, but mostly, Faith was a submissive little butt bitch with an ass made for fucking. It was the purpose of Faith's existence, but clearly one butt fucking hadn't been enough to make the stubborn Slayer realise that. And surely only another Slayer could save Faith from herself, and show her what she was always meant to be?

God, Buffy needed a cold shower. The inside of her head sounded like bad porn. Or she needed to tell Willow about it, because Buffy was sure if she said it out loud she would realise just how ridiculous she was being, but she couldn't possibly tell Willow that she had butt fucked Faith, could she? No, and she didn't want to be caught sneaking into the locker rooms for a cold shower. So that left her with one option, sneaking to the girls bathroom and indulge in some of her fantasies. Again. Because admittedly that was all Buffy had done during second period, but it just hadn't been enough. She needed more. So she sneaked into the bathroom furthest away from the lunch hall, waited until everyone had left, and then locked herself in one of the stalls.

The first thing she did was to open her phone, thank God for screen locks, and open up the picture she had been staring at in class before the phone had been confiscated, which was of course the picture she had taken right after popping Faith's anal cherry. The one which showed Faith's ass hole gaping wide open, something so disgusting and obscene Buffy would have probably broken her phone if she found it there yesterday, but this was different. It was proof of her dominance over her fellow Slayer. Her ownership of Faith's most private hole. And honestly, some perverted part of Buffy's mind was now finding it hot and sexy, which she couldn't quite explain, other than now she was actually indulging in this side of herself Buffy was finding just how twisted she really was.

For a few long seconds Buffy just stared at that picture, her free hand already in her ruined panties ready to frantically finger herself she had done throughout that second period while imagining herself sodomising the other Slayer. But that just hadn't been enough to satisfy her, and against her better judgement she found herself switching to contacts and lingering her finger over Faith's name. But she couldn't, could she? The best thing for both of them was surely some space so they could figure out if this was something they really wanted. Or at least, Buffy should give Faith that chance. Because while she was still disgusted with herself for it, and even trying to convince herself otherwise, deep down Buffy knew what she wanted. Yes, she shouldn't be calling Faith right now... and yet, she just couldn't resist.

* * *

Faith had so desperately wanted to punch B in her smug face, but she was physically and emotionally wrecked from what had happened to her, and she didn't trust her body last night. So instead she had done the only thing she could do, go get a drink. Unfortunately in a second rate town like Sunnydale there wasn't any bars open this late which weren't crawling with Demons, and again as much as Faith would have liked a fight she was in no mental or physical state for it. So she broke into a convenience store, stole a couple of bottles of booze and drank half of them before heading back. Thankfully Buffy had gone by then, leaving Faith to drown her sorrows in peace. Which wasn't easy, considering she literally couldn't sit on her ass, and instead had to constantly stand or lie on her stomach.

While she was tremendously relieved Buffy wasn't there when she got back to her shitty room Faith was furious to find she had left her a present, namely the strap-on she had used on her, sitting in the centre of the bed is a reminder of what she had done to her. As soon as she saw it Faith let out a loud and angry cry of frustration, and smacked the sex toy across the room. She then just left it laying there, constantly looking at it while trying and failing to get some sleep, Faith's mind replaying the unbearable humiliation she had gone through in this room over and over again. Which convinced her to get a new room when morning finally came, but when it did she found she was just getting off to sleep. Then she was awoken by a familiar ringtone. Initially Faith tried to ignore it, but she just couldn't resist.

"Hey." Faith said awkwardly.

"Hey." Buffy said awkwardly back.

There was a long and awkward silence and then Faith grumbled, "What do ya want B? I got things to do you know?"

"Like what?" Buffy quipped automatically, before quickly adding, "I'm sorry, it's just... I just, erm, how are you?"

Faith thought about her aching ass, blushed, and then lied, "I'm 5 by 5."

"Really?" Buffy bit her lip, "You're not..."

"Not what B?" Faith huffed.

"Mad at me?" Buffy asked softly.

"Why would I be mad?" Faith grumbled sarcastically.

"I don't know... because I popped your anal cherry?" Buffy softly pointed out, and then after a few long seconds of silence softly asked, "Faith?"

For those seconds Faith had been blushing furiously, and horrified into silence, then she practically spat, "Why did ya call me B? Just to rub it in?"

"No! I just..." Buffy hesitated, before confessing without really thinking it through, "I just can't stop thinking about it. You bent over in front of me. Your ass hole stretching around that strap-on. Inch after inch after inch disappearing into your tight little butt, until my thighs were pressed against your cheeks. And the way the jiggled for me as I fucked you. The sound our bodies made as we screwed like that. How hard you came. Mmmmm, oh God Faith, it was so... fuck."

There was another pause, albeit not brief or silent as Faith just lay there dumbstruck, unable to believe this was actually happening. The lust in Buffy's voice, oh God, she had never sounded so good, or so horny, and that was saying a lot considering how they'd spent the last few weeks. But there was more, namely the way Buffy was breathing, and the sounds in the background, both of which was telling. Then when there was the fact that there was only supposed to be one Slayer, so they had this intense bond, and in that moment Faith swore she could sense exactly what the other Slayer was doing, and it wasn't a mystery what was causing it, which was beyond embarrassing and humiliating for her. Almost to the level it was last night.

"B?" Faith finally murmured softly.

"Yes F?" Buffy responded, again sounding unbearably horny, and terrifyingly confident, just as she had last night.

Which initially had Faith hesitating before asking a question she almost definitely knew the answer too, "Are you... you know?"

"What? Touching myself in the girl's bathroom during lunch?" Buffy moaned, somehow both blushing and smiling at the same time, and both Slayers knew it, "I can't help it. I'm just so... mmmmm God Faith."

Again there was another pause as Faith wasn't sure what to do or say. She tried to talk Buffy into phone sex once or twice, mostly as a joke because she knew that prim and proper Buffy Summers would never even consider it. Then again she thought Buffy wasn't capable of actually going through with... their little bet last night, and Faith had paid dearly for that. And under other circumstances she would welcome this surprise, but Buffy had made it very clear exactly what she was thinking about while touching herself, and in a public place no less, which intensified the embarrassment and humiliation Faith was feeling. So as much as she enjoyed hearing Buffy moan, and rubbing that hot little pussy of hers, Faith desperately needed to end this conversation.

"I can't stop looking at it." Buffy suddenly moaned.

Again Faith thought she knew the answer to the question, but asked it anyway, "What?"

"The picture I took." Buffy blushed as she hesitantly admitted, "You know... after..."

"Okay, that's it, I'm hanging up now." Faith grumbled.

"Wait, wait, wait." Buffy protested.

"What?" Faith grumbled after a long pause.

After yet another pause Buffy asked, "What do you think Willow would think if she could see it? The picture, I mean?"

Faith's eyes went wide in horror, then she weakly protested, "You wouldn't. You can't. You don't have the guts."

"Like I didn't have the guts to take your ass cherry?" Buffy pointed out.

Yet another long pause, maybe the longest so far, and then Faith asked softly, "What do you want from me B?"

Buffy bit her lip, and then asked, "Are you touching yourself?"

"No." Faith replied hoarsely.

"Start." Buffy ordered, then after giving Faith a few long seconds to comply added, "How did it feel?"

"What?" Faith asked softly, although she already knew the answer again.

"You know what." Buffy pushed.

This time there was a brief silence and then Faith shrugged, "Like I needed to take a dump."

Buffy laughed, which was not the intended result, "Yeah, I bet. First times are the worst, aren't they? But you took it, didn't you Faith? You took it all, right up the ass, and then you came like a little bitch. You remember that, don't you? Huh? How did that feel? How did it feel, cumming with a strap-on cock up your ass?"

Faith gulped, then found a way to answer which wasn't devastating, "It fucking sucked! I hated it, okay? I'm a bad ass bitch, not a-"

"Butt bitch?" Buffy offered, and then when she was treated to more silence pointed out, "Yeah, it must have been devastating to your pride, but didn't that just make you cum harder? Or were you just in it for the butt sex? No wait, I've got a better question, where are your fingers right now? Because if it's in your pussy, that's great, because it means that they're are nice and wet for your ass hole. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh Faith, be a good little butt bitch and finger your ass."

Yet another brief silence and then Faith whimpered, "Buffy-"

"Do it!" Buffy said firmly.

Again Faith got really close to hanging up the phone, and she desperately wanted to, but she just couldn't bear the thought of anyone knowing about last night, so with another whimper she pulled her fingers out of the front of her pants and then down the back of them, meaning she went from gently rubbing her pussy to pressing her fingers against her butt hole. Which physically was reasonably easy considering she was lying on her front, but mentally it was torturous. So much so that Faith couldn't perform the final act, not without prompting. Which for better or for worse must have been obvious to her fellow Slayer, who was only too happy to give her one final push.

"Are your fingers in your butt hole?" Buffy pushed.

"No." Faith whimpered.

"Do you want me to send Willow that picture?" Buffy teased.

"No." Faith whined.

"Choose." Buffy said firmly, before offering, "If it helps, imagine it's my fingers."

It didn't, if anything it made it worse, but once Buffy suggested it Faith just couldn't get it out of her mind, and to her shame it was one of the reasons she cried out in pleasure as she pushed her index finger slowly into her ass hole. At the same time Buffy let out an equally pleasure filled cry, most likely from also penetrating herself, although Faith had no doubt it was her pussy receiving the treatment Faith wished she was receiving. Or better yet those were her fingers in Buffy's cunt, but any attempt to imagine anything other than herself or Buffy pushing a finger into her butt was unsuccessful, because all she could think about was the finger slowly working its way inside her. And the fact that it felt obscenely good.

"Is it all the way in?" Buffy moaned, spookily just as Faith finished burying her finger up to the knuckle in her own ass.

"Yes." Faith moaned truthfully.

"Then fuck it." Buffy pushed insistently, "Fuck your ass Faith, mmmmm, finger fuck your own ass you slut. Imagine it's me. Imagine it's me, kneeling behind you, loosening you up for another butt fucking. Mmmmm yeahhhh, imagine it Faith. You lying on your bed face down, me kneeling behind you with a big dick strapped around my waist, fingering your ass hole. I'm not supposed to be touching that hole Faith. No one is. But you're the kind of girl who actually likes it. Who loves it, and craves more of it, mmmmm, because just one finger isn't enough for you. You need at least two. Yessssss, shove a second finger up your ass Faith. Let me hear it. Let me hear you moan as you shove a second finger up your ass."

The smart thing to do at that moment would have been to fake it, but Faith was far too overwhelmed to even think about that until after the second finger was buried up to the knuckle inside her butt. Hell, she should have been faking it the entire time, instead she was just doing everything Buffy told her to do, and constantly moaning while doing it. Buffy was too, but she was also literally laughing at Faith, which was almost too much for Faith to bear. But again she feared the consequences of not obeying, so she just kept fingering her butt hole before she was, arguably, given a moment of relief, only for things to become so, so much worse for her.

"Now pick out a dildo. It can be the smallest one of your collection, or it can be the biggest, I don't care. I just want you to shove it up your ass." Buffy said, briefly biting her lip, before revealing, "But only if you want too."

Before that last part there had been a long pause, more than long enough for Faith to get up out of her bed, quickly dash over to her toy draw and grab her smallest dildo. She was just about to follow through, when Buffy suddenly hung up the phone, leaving Faith just to stand there for a few long seconds, mouth wide open and clutching the phone to her ear while in the other hand she held the dildo tightly. She really couldn't believe it. After all that, that bitch wasn't sticking around until the end? God, she was probably in her toilet stall right now frantically fingering herself to the idea of big bad Faith Lehane dildoing her own ass. Well, fuck that!

With a scream of rage Faith through the phone across the room, smashing it to pieces and then swearing up a storm. She should march right into that fucking school and beat the shit out of that prissy little bitch. Whether she was in one of her stupid classes or in the library with all her little friends Faith should grab her, drag her out into the middle of the most populated area of the school and just start kicking her ass. Or better yet she could fuck it. Give the mighty Buffy the Vampire Slayer a taste of the humiliation Faith had just felt. She should do a lot of things, but instead she found herself staring at the dildo in her hand, biting her lip, and wondering just how hard she could cum if she slammed it up her ass.

But she couldn't... could she?

* * *

Back in the bathrooms of Sunnydale High Buffy was hammering three fingers now in and out of her cunt while picturing Faith sodomising herself with the same amount of enthusiasm with the biggest dildo in her collection, while fantasising it was Buffy butt fucking her. This fantasy then evolved into Faith realising she was not only a total bottom, but born to be Buffy's little butt bitch, and as soon as she came finding the true Slayer, dropping to her knees in front of her and begging Buffy to make it official. To put her in her place in front of everyone, so everybody knew that the big bad Vampire Slayer Faith Lehane was nothing but her fellow Slayer's anal loving bitch.

Of course Buffy would be only too happy to oblige, bending Faith over in the middle of school and shoving a strap-on up Faith's perfect little ass. And instead of being disgusted at this frankly gross behaviour all of Buffy's classmates would cheer them on, boys and girls alike. Even the teachers would nod with approval. As for the likes of Willow, Xender and Cordelia, they would be literally high-fiving Buffy as she put this mouthy bitch in her place. And maybe Willow would blush, and ask if she could have a turn with Faith's ass later. And maybe Buffy would let her. After all, Faith's ass was hers. It was her property, therefore she could let anyone she wanted borrow it. But first, she needed to make sure that Faith and everyone else knew who it belonged too.

Which she would make Faith admit before she let her cum. Oh yes, the self-proclaimed bad ass Faith Lehane would scream that she was Buffy's butt bitch for all to see, then after they were done Buffy would wrap a collar around her neck and lead her around school, showing everyone Faith's gaping butt hole. Maybe she would even have Willow use her magic to tattoo her name onto Faith's beautiful body, or better yet give her a tramp stamp stating that she was Buffy's Butt Bitch. Or perhaps as an in joke, B's Butt Bitch. Or just B.B.B. so only they would know what it meant. Whatever it took to hammer it into Faith's thick head that she was her submissive fuck toy, with an ass made for fucking.

All of these things combined to make Buffy cum wonderfully hard all over her fingers, but the thing that sent her over the edge was Faith collared and branded, on her knees and staring up at her with total devotion. Buffy wasn't even sure she wanted Faith that broken, but the very idea of it almost made her cum harder than she had last night. The difference was of course was that she completely came down from her high, and it was all so satisfying, and she found herself alone and ashamed of what she had done. Even more so than when she had finally realised what she was actually doing on the phone, and made her excuses and quickly hung up, although by then it was probably too late.

Buffy sighed, pulled up her panties, lowered her skirt and did her best to sort herself out before getting out of the stall to wash her hands. She then stared at herself in the mirror for a very long time and once again told herself to get her lust under control. It was so embarrassing to be acting this way, but what was worse was that she was pushing Faith away, and that was the last thing she wanted to do. It was just... after she came she would have these moments of clarity, but then she would start thinking about Faith's butt again, and she became the typical teenage boy with zero self-control. But the things she just said to Faith? The way she treated her? The things she had literally forced the other Slayer to do? Literally blackmailing her in the process? That was unacceptable. And yet, she wanted more.

Was there a middle ground? Some way she could dominate Faith without having to blackmail her into it and behaving like a psycho bitch? Or was that what appealed to them both? And God, what if her friends ever found out what she had done last night, just now, or what she wanted to do in the future with Faith? They wouldn't high-five her, they would surely be disgusted by her, almost as much as Buffy was disgusted with herself. Especially as she could already feel the need to touch herself again as she imagined Faith working out her frustrations by hammering her own ass hole with her biggest toy, Buffy even letting out a soft moan as the fantasy once again washed over her, before she quickly shut herself out of it.

"Get it together Summers." Buffy scolded herself, before leaving the toilet.


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