Brotherly Love: Getting Inside Of Lou (MMm/F,ncon,rape,drugs)
by Wet Sprocket

"I'd like to get me some of that:, stated Matt Roman as he peered out into
the garage while taking a swig of milk from the jug. He was googling Lou
Davis as she bent into the hood of a car she was working on. Matt rubbed
his groin, shuffling his stiff woody.

"Some of what?" Asked Joe, the eldest brother, as he entered the kitchen.

"Oh, nothing", Matt uncomfortably scurried to put the milk away. Joe clued
into what he was thinking as he too scoped out the lovely Lou's ass in the

"Lordy, mercy. I see what you mean." He commented. "Lou looks pretty hot

"Yeah," Matt sighed behind his brother, both tranquilly taking in Lou's view.

Joe turned and noticed his brother in a daze.

"Hey, cut that out!" He swiped as his brother.

"What!? You were checking her out too!"

"So!!.." Joe's response was interrupted by calls from the youngest brother

"Joe! Matt! Guys!" Andy yelped. Both brothers skipped from the kitchen to
the living room where Andy stood.

"What's wrong with you?" The eldest brother asked.

"I experienced something weird this morning." Andy began. "My weenie grew."

"What!?" Matt almost fell over in amusement. "Your lil' guy sprouted?"

"Yeah. You guys said it would happen soon and this morning I woke up and he
was BIG!"

"Really..?" Joe thought of how to respond. "What did you do with him?"

"I ran down here and now he's back to normal." Andy thought his older
brothers didn't believe him then. He had no proof. "You don't believe me
do you?" His head sulked.

"One way to check" mentioned Matt, getting an idea. He motioned to Joe back
towards the kitchen and Joe immediately picked up the signal.

"Let's go into the kitchen." Suggested Joe.

Andy and Matt followed Joe into the kitchen to the place where the two eldest
had just been standing, checking out Lou. Joe saw that Lou was still there
and he led the trio outside into the garage.

Lou was still stretched inside the hood of a car. The three brothers stopped
a few feet from her. Lou wore a pair of faded jeans that held her ass well.
After a brief gawk, Joe cleared his throat. The sudden sound surprised Lou
and her head struck the raised hood of the car. She pulled from underneath,
rubbing her head.

"How many times do I have to tell you Joseph not to sneak up and scare me
like that?" Lou scolded.

"Sorry." Joe responded, half-hardedly.

"Well, what brings you boys into the garage so early this morning?" Lou
asked, wiped her hands with a work rag.

"Oh nothing. Just wanted to wish you a `good morning'" Responded Joe.

Joe was the only one who could speak. The two other brothers were googling
are Lou's breasts. Lou usually wore blouses and shirts that bared her
midriff and were snug to her body. Today was no different. She had a tight
button-up blouse that she had knotted at the bottom. The knot was high
enough and tight enough that it accentuated the outline of her outstanding
bust. Coupled with her form fitting jeans, you could deduct that Lou had a
great body.

"How about you boys. Ya'll ok today." Lou knew she was being scoped.

"Uh, yeah." Both boys responded, breaking from their gaze.

"Well, we'll let you get back to work," Joe spoke, taking some heat from his

"Ok See ya'll later then." Joe motioned the boys back inside. He followed
behind them.

"Oh, Joe?" Asked Lou, just before he closed the door.

"Yeah?" he responded.

"Would you bring me some orange juice, please?"

"Sure. Have it right out." Joe closed the door.

"Man I had a big time woody out there!" Exclaimed Andy. "I got so warm
inside looking at Lou. She is fine!"

"Tell me about." Matt replied.

Joe picked up some of the talk as he poured Lou some juice from the fridge.
Matt and Andy conversed about the difficulty of getting some. All three of
them had big time boners and Joe couldn't seem to get over the urge to
relieve it. He took out his wallet and pulled a slip of plastic from inside.
Matt and Andy's conversation quickly subsided.

"What's that?" asked Matt.

"It's illegal." Replied Joe, opening the plastic and tapping a touch of white
powder into Lou's juice.

"So," Matt shrugged his shoulders. "When's that really made a difference?"

"It's a type of tranquilizer." Joe answered, finally. "I've got to nail Lou
before I go insane."

"What do you mean by `nail'." Asked Andy.

"He means have sex with Lou." Matt answered for Joe.

"She'll let him?" Andy followed up.

"No. That's why he's putting that stuff in her juice."

"Oh." The youngest appeared to get it then. "Oh..."

"This knocks her out and .." Joe picked up the cup after a quick stir and
headed towards the door. "Then we can all have a turn, if you want to Andy."

He knew that Andy would and Joe would be basically bringing him into manhood
by delivering his first piece of ass. Andy and Matt watched from the kitchen
as Joe delivered the juice.

"Here ya go." Joe announced as he neared Lou. She rose from the car and took
the juice from him.

"Thanks. I was dying of thirst." Lou gulped it down and Joe stayed until she
was done, even disposing of her cup for her. She smiled as Joe turned and
returned to the kitchen.

He closed the door behind him.

"15 minutes or so and she should be out." Joe informed his brothers as he
placed the cup in the sink.

The three of them watched patiently as Lou slowly began to wear down. All
three shuffled awaiting hardons inside their pants. Within 10 minutes Lou
took a break and joined the boys inside the house.

"I so tired all of the suddened," she told them as she entered the kitchen.
"Do you have any coffee made?"

"Oh yeah. Sure." Joe responded, grabbing a mug from the shelf and pouring
her some coffee.

"Thanks." She weakly said, taking a seat at the kitchen table. She took a
sip of coffee and sighed, drearily.

Andy sat to her left, watching and waiting. He had never seen a girl naked.
Now he was getting a chance to see a fine, blossoming woman nude and possibly
lose his virginity to her. Andy tingled with excitement.

Matt sat to her right. He rubbed his swollen rod through his jeans. He had
lusted after Lou ever since she started at the garage. Every time he saw
her, he could only think about squeezing her breasts. Once he had seen the
impression her nipples poking through her shirt and he had immediately gone
to his room to whack off. Now he was about to touch, feel and squeeze those
melons he had yearned after for so long.

Joe smiled. He saw Andy and Matt both deep in though, waiting for Lou to
knock out and he knew what they were thinking. He couldn't help thinking
about her too. His erection raged inside his jeans. He could envision
pulling down Lou's panties and getting between her legs. He couldn't wait
to penetrate inside her cunt and pump her until he came. He quivered some
in anticipation, but eased it with a drink of coffee.

Lou's head rested on her hand and she leaned to her left. Her eyes were
closed. Joe put his coffee mug into the sink and walked towards Lou. Once
behind her, he tapped her on the shoulder. He received no response. Softly
and carefully he pulled her back and she was limp, completely zonked out.

"Alright." Said Andy, rubbing his hands together.

"Wait guys." Advised Joe. "Take it slow. Matt we need to teach Andy a few
things along the way. We have a few hours so don't rush."

Matt nodded. Joe began to clear the table.

"Let's move her to the table so we all can get to her."

"Hold on a sec." Matt stopped them. "I've been dying to do this." Matt
placed his hands on Lou's bust. He began to squeeze and feel the firmness of
Lou's melons through her blouse. He felt the extra padding of her bra and a
hint of the ripeness that lay underneath. He smiled up to his brothers.

"Nice..." Matt admired. Andy moved to have his own squeeze, but Joe stopped
him short.

"Let's move her fellas." They lifted her from the seat and spread her on her
back across the table. Matt immediately began unbuttoning Lou's shirt. Andy
watched as Matt unveiled a standard white bra with some lacey textures around
the edges. Meanwhile, Joe removed Lou's shoes and was unsnapping her jeans.

"Joe. Check it." Matt called to him as he unhooked Lou's bra and exposed her
tits to the boys. There were just as Matt had imagined, full and round with
perky pink nipples.

"They really are that big." Joe commented, giving his assessment. "She's got
some good size."

"Yes she does," Matt admired, moving his hand across each breast,
incidentally teasing her nipples. He paused and gently caressed each with
a good squeeze. Lou's breasts were full with maturity and stout with the
youthfulness of a young woman.

"Go ahead and give one a squeeze," coaxed Matt to Andy. Andy was stunned by
the site of a naked female form and in awe of it as well. He moved his hand
to Lou's left breast and gave it a tender, inexperienced squeeze. He was
impressed by its tautness and repeated with more confidence.

"Nice, huh?" Matt asked, noting Andy's increased focus. "Do this."

Matt cupped both hands around Lou's right breast and squeezed. Her nipple
sprouted up as a pointed peak to its mountain. Matt enclosed his mouth over
her swollen areola and he began to suck it. Lou let out a pleasurable moan,
which startled the boys for a second, but she was completely unconscious.
Matt motioned to Andy to copy him.

"Just squeeze and suck." He coached. Andy squeezed his assigned tit and put
his mouth over the nipple. He tongue played with her nipple as he mirrored
his brother by sucking Lou's tits.

Joe had moved on. He had unzipped Lou's jeans and pulled them down. Her
knees bent over the edge of the table, leaving her feet to dangle towards the
floor. Joe tossed aside her jeans. Lou's white cotton panties remained and
Joe could see a darkened portion in the crotch, where he knew her brunette
pubic wool was. He reached each hand to her waist and pulled the elastic
band of her panties down over her hips. Lou's pubic triangle was thick with
dark brown pubic hairs that were matted from being pressed inside her
panties. Joe tossed her panties on top of her jeans on the floor. He opened
Lou's legs and rubbed his hand through her pussy wool and into her crotch.
He felt the purse of her clit and he gently rubbed it. He squatted and took
in the full view of her womanhood. He saw her clit and it swelled out from
the surrounding forest of her hairs as he rubbed it. He teased the crevice
with his index finger and could see some of the healthy pinkness inside when
he broke the seam. Lou moaned loude r, causing some panic in the younger
boys, but it was too late now anyway. Lou was violated and Joe would not be
turning back anyway. This was too good of a view.

The moan caused Andy and Matt to stop sucking Lou's tits and they noticed Joe
was now squatting between Lou's legs. Andy's mouth fell open as he saw the
pussy of a woman for the first time. He reached in petting it.

"It's not some little kitty, Andy." Joe spoke, his hand fiddling further down
on Lou. Matt had moved behind Joe and Andy soon followed. Joe had split
open Lou's clit and now it was like a pictorial out of a Hustler magazine
Matt had seen with a friend of his. Lou's cunt was like nothing Andy had
ever seen before. He looked close as Joe explained everything about having
sex with Lou as a real life example. Matt paid close attention as well
noting Lou seemed to have a much better looking twat that any of those women
from Hustler. He ran over and got his camera from a nearby drawer and began
to take pictures of Lou's wide spread. Joe assisted by holding Lou's clit
apart revealing everything possible. Matt even got pictures of Joe tonguing
Lou's vagina and tasting her sweetness. Andy and Matt took turns as well,
but pictures were though better of. This time, Lou's moans went on deaf ears
as the boys fully explored her cunt. No long thereafter, Joe dropped his
jeans and pushed himself back between Lou's legs. He pushed his cock into
her dripping wet clit and entered into her vagina. As he pressed his length
into her, he felt her jolt suddenly then subside. She was tight and he
wondered if she was still a virgin. She was no longer whatever the case and
Joe enjoyed each thrust into her. He pushed back her legs and firmed
re-entered her with deep, solid thrusts continuously. Andy and Matt watched
as Joe pounded Lou, smacking his pelvis audibly against the back of her

"Oh, yeah!" Joe exclaimed. "This was a great idea."

Lou let out loud grunts and moans with each penetration into her. Joe heard
her and it persuaded his attention to her breasts that were jiggling wildly
below him. He laid into Lou more and mouthed over one of them. He couldn't
continue so he sat back up and grasped them with his hands. The table
squeaked as he moved his point of balance.

"You're right, Matt. She's got some awesome tits." That was interrupted by
Lou shaking and calling out in her sleep.

"Yes. Oh. Yes!" She yelled out. It stunned the boys, but Joe knew when she
settled, that he had made her cum.

"She had an orgasm." He explained to the others.

Joe felt his building up and pulled Lou up to him and supported her basically
with his pelvis, his cock ramming deep into her. He bounced her and groaned
as his load released inside her. He fell back forward over Lou and continued
his stokes until he was emptied.

He pulled off.

"Next?" He announced. The other two were hesitant to follow.

"Still got your hard ons?" Joe asked. They nodded.

Matt retrieved a washrag and wiped off Joe's residue. Then, he lowered his
jeans and pushed into Lou. Her cunt enclosed around Matt's rod and he began
to fuck her. Her legs felt good around him, soft and smooth. She felt good.

"Take a picture of me," he begged Joe. Joe snapped off a few of Matt as he
laid Lou. He could always beat off to those, he though. He would never look
at Lou the same again however. He looked down and watched his cock disappear
inside of Lou, her pubic hair damp from all of the sex. He felt his load
building, quicker than his brothers.

Lou began to shudder again. Matt's eyes grew large as Lou's hips grinded up
and into him more. She let out a large gasp and arched her back. Matt
pushed into hard as he came inside her simultaneously.

"Oh.oh!" Matt called out, enjoying his climax. He finished off and exited

"Do you want to go now?" Joe asked Andy.

The answer was almost moot because Andy had already dropped his pants and his
fresh hardon stuck straight up. He stepped up on a chair and ease onto Lou.
He tried to push back her legs like Joe had done, but his brother had to help
him. Joe and Matt grabbed and ankle and Lou once again had her cunt fully

Andy wiped her pussy down and took a good look at the treasure Lou kept
hidden from the world. Only a few men would see this site, he bet. Lou was
a good girl and a very good-looking one at that. He saw how her clit split
her pussy in the middle and billowed out from between her legs from the way
her legs were opened and back. He lowered his penis to her threshold and
slowly he leaned into her. He felt her vagina accept him then he copied his
brothers' styles and began moving in and out of her. He grinned as he pushed
inside and took up a pace with his thrusts. He didn't last long. He quickly
came, jettisoning his load inside Lou's belly.

"Atta boy!" Exclaimed Joe with approval.

"Yeah. Good job!" Echoed Matt.

With a big smile Andy stepped down, having blown his first wad with one fine

The boys figured they didn't want to press their luck so they quickly clean
up Lou and dressed her. They left her seated at the table while they ran off
to catch up on their days.

Lou awoke from her `nap' a little after lunchtime when Lloyd showed up. She
awoke with a start and some confusion.

"What happened?" She asked, Lloyd, who had no idea having just shown up

"I don't know. Are you ok?" Lloyd asked her.

"Yeah, I guess. I feel really tired and worn out though." She answered,

"Maybe you should get on home and get some rest then. I'm hear now and can

"Ok, then." Lou agreed and she went home for the afternoon.

No worse for the wear, everything was fine and Lou never found out about the
boys adventure of her body. Things went on as normal, but the boys did look
at Lou a lot differently from then on. They also had the pictures to remind
them of what Lou had to hide.


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