Brookside: After Hours At The Salon (m/f,reluc)
by Zxsa ([email protected])

Emily O'Leary hated her life. She was 19 years old and was stuck in a dead
end job as a hair salon where she spent her whole day listening to old
grannies who spent most of their time talking about their grandchildren and
their pets. She had only got married 6 months ago to her boyfriend Tim and
even though he loved her she was getting sick of both him and married life.

Before she was married Emily would go out on the Oull every night and every
night she would come home with a different man. Now she had to stay with the
one man and she thought it wasn't fair as she was young and extremly
attractive. She had shoulder length blonde hair and large 32DD breasts. For
work she had to wear a tight fitting pink dress with matching skirt which
bearly covered her thighs.

One day she was giving one of her regulars a perm when she felt someone tap
her on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a handsome man standing there
wearing fadded blue jeans and a checked shirt. He was over 6 feet tall, had
short black hair and was muscular.

He smiled at her and said, "Excuse me love we're doing some building work
outside, you wouldn't mind making us a cup of tea."

Normally Emily would have told him to get lost but she thought he was cute
and felt sorry for him so she said, "Course you can follow me".

Emily lead to a small kitchen at the back of the salon. She opened the door
and lead him into a small grotty little kitchen which had a sink, a worktop,
a fridge and a small table. She pointed to a kettle sitting beside the sink
and said, "There yo go just fill it up and you can borrow some of the cups on
the worktop as long as you bring them back later."

Emily walked back out the door and went back to work. She caried on her day
as normal and knew that she would be alone later to shut up the salon.

At 5 o clock she had just finished her last customer of the day and was
shattered so decided to make herself a cup of coffee. She went into the
kitchen and went to fill up the kettle when she realised that the builder
hadn't brought it back yet. 'Shit!' she thought to herself thinking that was
the last time she did anybody a favour. She was about to walk out of the
kitchen back into the salon when she saw the builder in the doorway with the
kettle in his hands.

She smiled at him her thoughts of anger now gone and he said, "Sorry love I
just waited until your last customer was gone before I brought your kettle

He set the kettle on the table and was about to leave when Emily touched him
on the arm and said, "Do you want to have a cup of tea with me?"

He smiled and sat down on the table. Emily and Steve talked for 15 minutes
when Emily started to get really turned on as Steve talked about his
girlfriend. Emily's eyes began to wander down his muscular chest to his
crotch where she noticed that his dick was erect. Emily though about how
much she wanted to suck his cock and taste his cum. Emily's husband Tim had
called her the best fuck he ever had and a great little cocksucker.

Emily accidently on purpose dropped her spoon on the floor and bent down to
pick it up. She then crawled on her hands and knees under the table so that
her head was just a few inches from Steves crotch. He still hadn't noticed
where she was and continued talking about his girlfriend. Suddenly he looked
down and saw Emilys hands on his fly ready to unzip him.

He said, "Emily what are you doing?"

She simply replied with, "What do you think?"

She placed her hands on his belt and began to fiddle with the buckle until
she got his belt off. She then unbuttoned his jeans and slowly pulled down
his zipper revealing his boxers which contained an obvious errection. She
licked her lips at the thought of what she was about to see. She put her
right hand into his boxers and ran her hand up and down his impressive shaft.

Emily suddenly shifted herself up and she started to unbutton Steves shirt.
She then pulled of his shirt revealling his muscular chest. She ran her hands
down his chest and brought her mouth level with his cock again. She then
pulled his rock hard cock out of his boxers and began to pump her hand up
and down the length of his cock.

Steve had a look of desire oh his face and said to Emily, "Come on you little
bitch suck it. You know you want it."

With that he grabbed Emily's head and forced his cock into her mouth. Emily
offered no resistance as she liked to be treated like a slut. Once his large
cock was in her mouth she went to work on it like a pro. She started off by
running her longue up and down the length of his cock which caused Steve to
shudder. Emily then began to lube up his cock by letting saliva run all over
his cock while she began to suck fericously on the head of his cock.

After 30 seconds of this she started to blow his cock and bobbed her head up
and down quickly while her hands massaged his balls. Steve couldn't take it
any more and Emily felt his balls tighten and could feel the cum flowing
through his cock and into he waiting mouth. Emily loved the taste of cum more
than anything else in the world and was sure she wouldn't spill a drop. She
managed to swallow all of his cum and this was no small feat as his cum
didn't stop flowing for over a minute. She then sucked his cock dry of cum
and crawled out from under the table and sat on the edge of the table.

"What do you think of that sexy" Emily said.

"Great but not as good as the fucking I'm gonna give you."

With that he walked over to the edge of the table where Emily was and kissed
her full on the lips slipping his tongue into her mouth. He gently but firmly
pushed Emily on to her back so she was lying on the table. He continued to
kiss Emily but put his right hand on her breast and began to massage it. He
could feel her nipples getting erect already so he moved his other hand past
her breast down to her waist.

He then slipped his hand up under her dress up to her panties and inserted
one finger into her already moist snatch. Emily moaned in approval as he
pushed his finger into her snatch. He then inserted another two fingers into
her and started to thrust them in and out quickly. At the same time he moved
his mouth onto Emily's breast and began to suck it through the fabric. This
new pleasure became too much for Emily and she cam violently all over Steves

"Now I'm ready to fuck you," Steve said.

With that he slowly unbuttoned Emily's blouse to reveal her large breasts
snuggled inside her black bra. Steve reached around the back and unclasped
the bra allowing her huge breasts to fall free. He then put his hands along
the hem of her dress and pulled it down over her hips and threw the dress on
to the floor.

Emily O'Leary was lying on the table wearing only a black thong and with her
tits hanging out. Steve couldn't stand this any more so in one swift movement
he ripped of the thong and got a good look at her cleanly shaven pussy. Steve
quickly advanced on the table and hoisted himself up on to the table so that
he was only inches away from entering Emily.

He slowly inserted his cock into her waiting pussy. Once he entered her he
couldn't believe how tight she was. Emily loved the feeling of Steve's
monster cock entering her and had to bite her lip to stop herself from
screaming with pleasure. Steve began to rock faster and faster into Emily
allowing his cock to go further and further into Emily.

Steve began to caress Emily's breasts and then proceeded to lick her niples.
This was too much for Emily and she came all over Steve's cock lubbing him up
further. This only encouraged Steve and he started to fuck her harder and
harder. He suddenly stopped and withdrew from Emily.

She was obviously dissapointed but Steve lay back on the table and said,
"Ride my cock you little bitch."

Emily then positioned her pussy above Steve's cock and in one swift move
impaled herself on his cock. She started to bounce up and down on his cock
and after a few minutes Emily began to moan louder and louder and then
started to scream. She grinded her hips into his cock and Steve was
approaching his orgasm and pumped harder and harder.

Emily was approaching her second orgasm and was screaming at the top of her
voice. All of this was too much for Steve and with one final thrust he came
all over Emily pussy. Steve withdrew from Emily and rolled out of her and
lay on the table beside her so that he could catch his breath.

After a few minutes Emily got up and was starting to get dressed. She had
bent over to pick up her bra when she felt Steve wrap his arms around her
waist as he hugged her. She tried to pull his arms off her but he wouldn't
let go so she said, "Come on Steve I gotta go."

Steve then said, "Come on baby I haven't had you up the ass yet."

Emily was shocked as she had never been taken up the ass. "No Steve I really
gotta go."

Steve was getting annoyed so he decided to take matters into his own hands.
He shoved Emily down against the table so that her ass was sticking up in the
air. Emily was really scared and was pleading with Steve to let her go but he
had gotten a glimpse of her sexy ass and was sure he was going to fuck it. He
pushed her head down against the table and placed his penis at the enterance
to his ass.

Emily was really scared and was pleading with Steve, "Come on please don't do
this I'll give you a blow job, please."

Emily had only finished speaking when Steve rammed the first 5 inches of his
cock into Emily's ass. It was so much tighter than her pussy and he was
enjoying it even more as he heard Emily scream and could feel the tears
running down her face. Steve had managed to shove the last 5 inches of his
cock up her ass and was fucking her hard. Steve couldn't stand this anymore
and shot his load all over Emily's ass.

As he withdrew his cock from Emily's ass a load of cum overflowed and dripped
out of her ass. Emily was lying on the table and was crying as she felt so
dirty and used after being raped.

Steve put his clothes back on and took 20 out of his wallet and set it down
on the table beside Emily. He walked out the and Emily slowly got up and
started to get dressed. She couldn't believe he had the nerve to pay her.

As Emily walked home she began to think that it wasn't that bad and was an
easy way to earn 20.


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