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Rated NC-17 for f/f/f sex, cons., bdsm, I/R (Chinese, White, Latina)

Evil Eye strikes. Battling Burrows fights. But will Tiger leave? If he does, is poor Lucy as good as dead?

Broken Blossoms: Tigers Two Part 3
by Vicki ([email protected])

Teresa Lopez woke up dreamily. Half asleep she reached across the bed. Her eyes flew open as she found it empty. She bolted upright, but quickly breathed a sigh of relief. It was a warm night, Hu was doing a kata on the balcony wearing only a pair of briefs.

He was lean and hard in the light of the full moon. Teresa had always heard that Chinese men were small in the penis department. Hu most certainly wasn't small. In any way.

'That's one myth dispelled,' Teresa thought to herself smiling.

She could tell that something was troubling him. Clad only with the sheet she walked outside, joining him.

"Honey, what's wrong," Teresa asked.

"I love Uncle Cheng," Hu sighed, "And I can not and will NOT, allow Lucy to be dragged back to that asshole father of hers! Being a glorified stockboy is not rewarding, I want to open a martial arts

"Oh baby," Teresa put her arms around him from behind,

"Uncle Cheng needs me," Hu continued, "He's family, and so is Lucy now. I can not abandon them."

"I'll stand by you no matter what you decide," Teresa said.

"I must stay," Hu said, "At least until this is resolved."

Mr. Cheng had the same lawyer's the Lopez family did, Dewey, Beatum, Cheatum, Dewey, and Howe*. The younger Dewey had a crush on Teresa. It was against the law, he was not supposed to, but he had told her Mr. Cheng had filed a new will, dividing his considerable fortune between Meiying, Lucy, and Hu.

Even divided 3 ways Hu was quite wealthy now, richer than the Lopez family. A fact he was unaware of. Not that it mattered to Teresa. Teresa would gladly live in a cardboard box under a pier for Hu.

"Hopefully Burrows won't be as stupid as the stories I've heard," Teresa said," I've met him a few times at city functions. He was a drunk and a bore, wanting to paw every woman there. I still had no idea he was that bad until I saw all the bruises on poor Lucy."

"Well, at least she and Meiying have grown close," Hu said, "And your cousins been hanging them lately too. Very glad to see that."

"Lucy is a very sweet girl," Teresa said, "I'm glad she's got friends now. You know, Selena does seem a bit strange. She's spent most of her life in a covent school. The nun's who taught there were nothing like the nun's I've always known."

"Huh? How so?" Hu asked.

"Well, the nun's at Selena's school were all young for one thing," Teresa said," I don't think any of them were out of their 20's. Even the Mother Superior couldn't have been older than 30. And well, they were all rather attractive. All the ones I had in school were 90 and ugly."

Despite what was staring them right in the face, neither one of them figured out what the girls were up to. Hu and Teresa returned to bed. Hu's mind was still troubled. He hoped the next few days could bring a solution.

* * *

The girls didn't sleep long. They all woke up extremely horny. They kissed, lightly petting each other.

"Please, please tie up and whip me," Lucy begged.

"You see, I knew you would like it," Meiying smiled kissing her.

"And, and, I want you to be rougher with me," Lucy shyly said, "I want you to dominate me and make me your slave."

"Oh Lucy!" Meiying whispered,," I love you so much."

"I love you too sister," Selena added, hugging her.

"Sisters, I am a broken blossom," Lucy hugged them both, "I know now that I love girl sex. My father, he was brutal, and cruel, but girls, girls are love. I was born to be a sex slave to girls. Please, I beg you, make me whole! Make me your sex slave!"

"Oh darling," Meiying kissed Lucy passionately.

"Shall we try the candles?" Selena asked.

"Mmmmm, I love the candles," Meiying smiled, "Lucy, we shall tie you down and use the candles."

"I can't wait," Lucy spread herself out for bondage.

The 2 girls tied Lucy down, spreading her legs as far apart as they could without causing her discomfort. Lucy felt a little fear when they pulled out long thick red candles and lit them. Lucy gaped when the first drops landed on her breasts. It wasn't hot, it was a pleasant warm!

"Oh, more, more, more," Lucy moaned, "It feels so good!"

"Let's cover her tits," Selena grinned.

First her nipples, then all over her teen tits they dripped the wax making Lucy cum.

"Ooooooooooo!" Lucy shuddered, "More! Please! I'm a slave! Punish me!"

"Now her pussy," Meiying announced.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Lucy screamed cumming again, "So good!"

Lucy's pussy was completely covered in wax, even running down to her anus. Lucy no longer wanted to be a princess. Now and forever she wanted to be a naked, chained slavegirl to other girls. Lucy looked so vulnerable and sexy covered in the red wax.

"Hmmmm, now, how should we get all this wax off of you?" Meiying asked in a sexy voice.

"Ooohh, whip it off!" Lucy pleaded, "Please! I love the whip now!"

"Your wish is our command," Selena giggled.

Meiying and Selena each took a side and started whipping the willing slavegirl. Lucy loved it from the very first lash. The girls were whipping her tits and pussy harder and faster now. The harder they whipped her the more Lucy loved it.

"Oooooooo! Whip me!" Lucy begged, "Oh please, whip me! Aaaaaaaa! More!"

Lucy shuddered from another orgasm. A poor waif who had been abused her whole life Lucy now loved being abused and wanted more. Three way kissing began yet again as Lucy was released from bondage.

"We have taught you to take pleasure from your feet, your titties, and your pussy," Meiying whispered between kisses, "We have taught you that pain can be pleasure. I think we should now teach your ass darling. We must break all taboos!"

"Yes, yes, anything," Lucy panted, "Teach me to be a good slave!"

"First she should lick our feet and suck our toes," Selena grinned, "And if she doesn't do a good job she gets whipped!"

"Ohhhhhh, yes," Lucy shuddered in anticipation.

Meiying and Selena sat on the bed, Lucy kneeling on the soft rug before them. Submitting to girls of her own free will was so different from the terror she felt from her father. Lucy couldn't wait to taste their pretty feet. Lucy knew she was going to get whipped no matter how good she did. She licked her lips wanting even more.

"How about some clamps for those pretty pink nipples?" Selena smiled, pulling out 3 sets of nipple clamps attached by thin chains.

"Oh, I love it," Lucy moaned thrusting her tits out.

All 3 girls were now wearing nipple clamps. Lucy was licking the feet of Selena while Selena and Meiying kissed. Lucy licked up and down the soles of Selena's feet then sucked each toe, ran her tongue between the toes, then licked some more.

Selena and Meiying soul-kissed, roughly kneading each other's tits. Lucy now licked Meiying's feet, sucking each toe, then trying to get them all in her mouth. Lucy had seen Meiying kick through a dozen bricks with her bare feet and couldn't believe how soft and delicate they were.

"Oh yes," Meiying shuddered from a small orgasm.

"Mmmmmmmm," Selena moaned from a small cum of her own.

"That was a terrible job on our feet," Meiying lied, "You will have to be punished."

"Oh yes, yes," Lucy panted, "Punish me! Please! Oh please, punish me!"

"Yes, the whip," Selena smiled, "She needs to be whipped!"

"Oooooo, I love it," Lucy shivered in anticipation.

Lucy was bound between 2 posts, arms and legs spread wide. She giggled as the girls gently kissed her, running their hands all over her excited body. Wicked fingers probed her pussy and asshole, while lips and tongues teased.

Selena moved behind her, Meiying in front. With a deep soul kiss the girls started the sex-whipping. Lucy loved it from the first lash!

"More!" Lucy cried out, "Whip me! Aaaa! Whip me! Ooooooo! So good! Mmmmmm! Ooooooo! Yes! Yes! Harder!! AAAAAAA!"

Lucy came so hard she almost passed out. Out of breath, the girls helped her to the bed to recover. Softly and slowly they kissed her, playing with her body with fingers, lips, and tongue's. It didn't take long for Lucy to recover.

"Now, I will give you pleasure in your ass," Meiying promised, "Selena, hold her legs wide over her head."

Selena complied, putting Lucy into the erotic position. Meiying teased Lucy with a few licks to the younger girls pussy. The wicked tongue moved lower. Meiying licked all around Lucy's virgin anus, her tongue probed the hole, then stabbed inside. Sighs of pleasure came from Lucy as Meiying expertly rimmed her.

"Oh, oh, oh," Lucy gasped.

"Like it?" Meiying asked grinning.

"Hmmmm, I love it," Lucy moaned, "Break all my taboo's!"

Meiying licked up and down the bottom flower, all atound, then probed inside. Lucy cried out as she came, then came again, then a third time! Meiying's tongue darted in and out, then around, then up and down. Lucy was lost in pleasure, gasping, moaning, crying out.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa!" Lucy screamed, writhing in ecstasy, "I'm cumming! Aaaahhhhh!"

Lucy passed out for a few seconds from the intense pleasure. Regaiing her senses Lucy and Meiying deeply kissed, Lucy tasting and loving her own ass. The 3 girls then positioned themselves in a triangle, licking each others pussy and asshole.

Lucy found herself in a pussy and ass licking frenzy! Tongues flashed faster and faster. Moans grew louder. Finally, the 3 teenage girls screamed as they came and came. Panting they cuddled together and were again asleep.

* * *

In the weeks since he had started training 'Battling' had not had a single thought about Lucy or her welfare. He had not even asked anyone to check on her. Hard training showed was noticible as his paunch was nearly gone, his muscularr arms and legs firmer.

His hands were being taped, shoulders being massaged, his manager, cut man, trainer, and a few 'lackeys' were with him. They were all smiles as it was 'standing room only'. The purse alone was going to be huge, not even counting the tens of thousands they were betting for their man.

"Boyo, you 'aven't looked this solid in 7 years," Sean, his cut man complimeted.

"I feel great," Burrows smiled, "I'm going to pound Carver into the canvas!"

At that time Evil Eye's 'Western Union' messenger showed up.

"Urgent message for Mr. Burrows sir," the young man said.

"Can't this wait?" the manager asked irritated, "The fight's starting in just a few minutes."

"Sorry sir," the messenger replied, "My instructions were quite clear."

"Aw, let me see it," Burrows grinned, "Might be some dame who adores me. I do get high class dames sometimes ya know."

Burrows tore open the large brown envelope. Pulling out the picture his face turned red wih rage. After reading the letter his face turned purple!

"A fucking chink after MY kid!" Battling roared, "I knew that old yellow bastard was up to no good! I'll murder him! I'll kill that yeller chink with my bare hands!"

In anger Burrows grabbed the messenger and slammed him against the wall. The young man almost soiled himself with fear. The others were mostly afraid that Bob would hurt his hands in his rage.

"Calm down man," the manager ordered as he and the trainer grabbed Burrows.

"My baby's at the mercy of that dirty old slant," Burrows snarled.

"We'll take care o' him," Sean added, "But we's got ta take o' Rocky first lad."

Almost as quckly as he had become near beserk 'Battling' Bob Burrows was again outwardly calm. Replaced by a seething cauldron of pure hate. Rocky Carver had no idea of the hell he was about to suffer.

Carver won the first 2 rounds on points, but he paid for it with a brutal body attack by Burrows. In the third he was awarded a knockdown when he caught an off balanced 'Battling' with a lucky shot that really didn't hurt him. In the fourth Burrows dominated, hurting Rocky twice. Only the bell and running saved Carver.

After that it was longer a fight. Carver went down twice in the fifth. In the sixth 'Battling' toyed with him. Able to finish it any time he wanted, Bob waited until the end of the round befor sending Carver down again. In the seventh Carver's nose was caved in along with nasty, but legally delivered cuts over both eyes. The ref and his corner both wanted to stop the fight.

Rocky managed to talk them out of it. They reluctantly agreed, but the towell was held ready, the ref warning of a stoppage. Burrows mercifully finished it with a right cross seconds into the round. Rocky Carver was a bloody mess, "Battling' had only a slight mouse under his left eye. The arena was filled with riotous cheers!

Normally 'Battling' would pose and soak it up for a long time, not this time. Storming from the ring Burrows. ignord the cheering throng. In order, his thoughts were; kill Cheng, rape Lucy, beat Lucy, rape Lucy some more, rape her 2 friends (he had met the little Lopez girl once), then sell Lucy as a whore.

After the manditory doctors check, getting washed up and dressed, Burrows and 7 of his toadies slipped out a side exit to avod the press and gushing fans. In the famed San Francisco fog they were quickly gone. The manager didn't care less if his charge killed a man. The murder of
Chinese was hard to prove, cops and courts were not sympathetic and the Chinese rarely came forth. Even if somone saw Burrows kill Cheng tonight, there would be a thousand witnesses that would say he was still at the arena.

It was a long walk to Chinatown however. Burrows didn't want to risk a cab. Plus he was desperate for a drink. He sent 2 of his cronies into a liquor store for several bottles. His place was closer so they all went there and started drinking. Burrows still had the picture. As the booze hit him he held it up, swearing to beat and rape the 'yeller' out of them!

The adrenaline from the fight wore off, the whisky kicked in. 'Battlng' Bob Burrows passed out. Mere blocks away 3 sleeping girls were unaware of how much danger they were in.

* * *

*= I know, old joke, couldn't resist. :-)

Teresa Lopez is based on J'Lo, Selena Lopez based on Selena Gomez


End of Chapter 3:


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