Loosely based on the silent 1919 movie starring Lillian Gish, but with the Tyval suggested additions. Setting is changed from 1900 London to 1900 San Francisco.

Rated NC-17 for f/f sex, Rom, I/R (Chinese/White)

In 1900 San Francisco a Chinese man takes pity on an abused waif. The abusive father, a champion boxer, makes the situation seem hopeless; until the arrival of the Chinese man's nephew and niece, students of martial arts legend Wong Fei Hong! But is the abused girl safer with her ruthless father than with the beautiful teenage niece?

Broken Blossoms: Tigers Two! Part 1
by Vicki ([email protected])

San Francisco, Ca. 1900:

Lucy Burrows lived her life in fear. Every day she cringed at every word her father spoke. Her father was known as 'Battling Bob Burrow's'; current Intercontinental and California heavyweight champion. He was ranked #6 in the recognized world rankings of the day and would possibly have been ranked slightly higher were he not 37 years old.

'Battling' Bob was 6 and a half feet tall, a little over 250, starting to get a bit of a paunch, but still extremely powerful, winning most of his fights by knockout. He had decent speed, above average skills, a rock hard chin, and power with both hands. But above all he was a mean, sadistic son of a bitch! Especially to poor Lucy.

'Battling' had won tens of thousands of dollars in the ring, the equal of 20 million in modern money. Most of it he squandered, gambling, whoring, and especially drinking! He wisely had turned his finances over to his surprisingly honest manager some years before.

Despite his earnings one would be surprised at how Spartan he and Lucy lived. The 2 room apartment was a dump in a building that should have long been condemned. Furnishings were sparse, a table with 2 chairs, a stove, and a worn out bed for Lucy in 1 room, a nice new bed, dresser, and new easy chair for her father in the other room.

'Battling' wore fine suits and ate steaks, while Lucy got only what was leftover. Her clothes were rags, what little was left from her mother who had died when she was 5. Were it not for the kindness of strangers she would have no shoes, clothes, and would have long ago starved.

Lucy long ago had learned to put on several layers of clothes when her father drank, which was all too often and getting worse as he grew older. Besides frequent slaps he had a small whip he liked to use on Lucy for little or no reason. Lucy's crying and begging seemed only to encourage him. By wearing extra clothes she avoided the scars, but not the pain.

She basically had to grovel whenever he was in the house, and do all the cooking, cleaning and washing. Lucy lived in terror for another, more recent reason. She had just turned 15 and was developing into a very attractive young lady. Already 'Battling' was making her walk around the house naked, dance naked for him, and spanking her bare bottom red. He wasn't to the point of rape or even fondling her yet, but, young as she was, a street girl like Lucy knew all too well what the bulge in his pants meant. Lucy knew it was only a matter of time.

There seemed to be no escape. Lucy could read and write and do basic math, but she had been pulled from school in the fourth grade by 'Battling'. Her only options seemed to be marriage or prostitution. Neither was a good option. Many of Lucy's school friends had been married off, some when they were as young as 12. It seemed all of them already had 3 or 4 children with husbands almost as bad as 'Battling'. The same age as Lucy they looked very old.

The ones who turned to prostitution had better clothes, but never knew when some psycho would slit their throats. It was a dirty dangerous life, few lived past 21 and those who did also seemed aged far beyond their years. Many turned to drugs, which only made it worse. Opium was cheap and easy to get. Especially in nearby 'Chinatown' only a few blocks from where Lucy lived.

'Battling' was not the only danger Lucy faced. A gang of boys, ranging from 10-15 years old, teased and tormented her, sometimes even stealing some meager possession she had found or been given. It was no wonder Lucy hated the male sex.

But for all the hardship in her life Lucy had hope. Lucy loved flowers, though they were rare in the city, she loved the fireworks during 'Chinese New Year', her large closet that was both her hiding place and refuge. Despite the weight and horror of her life she would dream of being a princess, surrounded by flowers.

The only man who was kind to her was Cheng Huan*. Cheng Huan had come to America when he was an idealistic young man of 20. Now, at 65 he was mostly a cynical bitter man. Cheng Huan was quite successful, owning the largest and most prosperous curio shop in 'Chinatown'. But 45 years of blatant racism had worn him down. So many whites thinking he was inferior, calling him a 'Godless heathen' and idol worshipper, constant racial slurs and bullying. Worse still, it didn't seem to be getting any better, specially after the recent 'Boxer Rebellion'.

Cheng Huan had managed to avoid the lure of opium. His 2 experiences with it in his youth had not been pleasant. Seeing it ruin so many others had also convinced him to avoid it. His one vice though was marijuana. Almost free and legal in those days it helped him cope with ignorance.

Perhaps it was a shared sadness, or perhaps because he recognized a kindred spirit, or simply saw the beautiful, but frail soul of Lucy that attracted him to her. His love for her was pure and platonic. From the first moment he saw her, looking at some flowers outside his shop, he felt a father's love for her. He had become rich but empty in America; the thin beautiful creature filled a void in his heart he didn't know was missing.

After 45 years Cheng Huan spoke perfect English, almost sounding like he had a British accent in fact. It was with concern and caution that he first approached Lucy.

"They are yours if you want them," Cheng Huan softy said.

"Ohh!" Lucy gasped in surprise even though she had seen him coming.

"It's okay," he smiled, "See, I don't have 2 heads, I don't say flied lice, I cut my queue off 20 years ago, and I don't bite."

"I'm sorry sir," Lucy giggled, "I've just never really talked to a chink before. Oh golly, I'm so sorry sir."

"I've been called worse," Cheng accepted the hasty apology, "I am Cheng Huan."

"Lucy, Lucy Burrows sir," Lucy shyly said.

"How old are you Lucy?" Cheng asked, "Please, call me Cheng."

"I just turned 15 sir, I mean Mr Cheng," Lucy bushed, it had been a long time since she had talked to anyone who seemed interested in her.

"Ah, a year younger than my niece Meiying," Cheng smiled.

"That's a very pretty name," Lucy complimented.

"It means 'beautiful flower' in our language," Cheng smiled, "Perhaps you will get to meet her someday soon. My second brother recently wrote me that his son Cheng Hu, along with third brother's daughter Meiying may be coming to America soon."

"Oh, that makes it even more wonderful," Lucy happily clapped her hands.

Cheng Huan had not been happy when he had read the letter. While he had been happy that his family had managed to stay out of the current conflict, there was more trouble on the way. A man named Sun Yat-sen was speaking about freedom for all men. The cousins had been a bit too vocal in their support for Dr. Sun. They didn't have to flee, but their master thought it best if they did.

Cheng Huan and Lucy talked for nearly an hour. A happy Lucy accepted the flowers. She hoped they might put her father in a good mood. That hope was soon crushed, along with the flowers.

His manager had done it! He had gotten 'Battling' a match with 'Rocky' Carver, the current #2 contender. Not only would this be a huge payday for 'Battling', but if he managed to win it would mean an almost automatic world title shot! Perhaps 'Battling' Burrows last chance.

The downside was that he would soon go to the training camp on the edge of the city for the next 6 weeks. No cigars, whores, or booze. Lucy was always glad during these times, as she only had to worry about food. Life was going to be hell until he did.

He came in, smelling of whiskey. Lucy fell to her knees and started cleaning his boots, but knew she was going to get it by the look on his face. He saw the flowers on the table, a sneer of his lips. He shoved Lucy down, strode over, and knocked them to the ground shattering the vase. He then stomped on the flowers.

"No daddy!" Lucy cried out, then slapped her hand over her mouth.

"What? Did you just tell me no?" he loudly ordered.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Lucy sobbed, tears already flowing as she knelt in total submission to the huge bully.

'Battling' grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to stand; he then slapped her hard, sending her across the small room. He then kicked her, but not very hard as he wanted to enjoy beating her.

"Oh please! Please daddy please!" Lucy wailed, "Please! Don't hurt me! I'll do anything! Anything!"

"Take off your clothes!" 'Battling' leered, "Bad girls that don't obey their fathers need to be spanked!"

Lucy cringed at the order. Was this the day her father was going to rape her? She nonetheless hurried to comply. Not fast enough as 'Battling' grabbed her when she was half done and ripped the thin worn fabric off of her. She cried out in terror, her father ignored her, looking at her naked body. Lucy was thin, but not quite dangerously so. She had very little pubic hair, but her mound had a woman's plumpness, her butt was no longer boyish, and her small breasts were developing nicely. She had tried to cover herself with her hands, but her father slapped her hands away.

"Hands down," he ordered, "Hmmmm, no, not quite ready. Soon. Maybe after I beat Rocky. Then let my buddies have a chance."

"Oh no daddy, no," Lucy wailed, "Please! I'm your daughter! It's wrong!"

"Silence you little shit!" 'Battling' slapped her, knocking her down, "I'm your father, you do as I tell you! You're nothing! Worthless little piece of shit! Only thing you're ever going to be good for is a hole for men to put their dicks in! KNELL!"

Lucy assumed the submissive posture, on her knees, arms stretched out in supplication, head down, and ass up. A police friend of 'Battling's' had recently given him a set of handcuffs and a set of ankle cuffs. More modern and humane style, "Battling' hadn't used them on Lucy yet. He thought this day would be good. Lucy's wrists and ankles were cuffed, making her even more helpless as tears freely ran down her face.

"Please daddy," Lucy begged, "Don't spank me! I'll be good! Please, please, please! Please!"

"You deserve a good spanking," the bully leered at her developing body, "You are bad! You are sinful! You should be begging me to beat you!"

"No daddy, please," Lucy begged even though she knew it was hopeless.

Lucy was dragged over to the bed then thrown face down across it. Bob easily pinned his unresisting daughter and started spanking her bare ass.

"I'll teach you to disobey me," Bob snarled as he smacked her, "All your good for is to suck cocks, and take cock in your cunt and ass!"

"Ahhhhhh! Stop!" Lucy screamed in pain, "Please stop! Eeeeeee! Please! No! Aaaarrrggghhh! It hurts! Stop!"

'Battling' spanked Lucy until her ass was red. Her pleas and cries falling on deaf ears. Lucy could feel her father's huge erection. She closed her eyes fearing that she was about to be raped despite his earlier statements. Why was he so mean to her?

Lucy didn't know when he stopped. She sobbed for a long time. 'Battling' Bob watched her, smoking a cigar. He not only didn't think he was doing anything wrong, he thought he was going too easy on her. He decided that after he beat Rocky he was gong to keep Lucy naked and chained all the time and beat her even more.

Lucy's ordeal was far from over. He uncuffed her and made her dance naked for him, then recuffed her and used her as a footstool. The shame of her humiliation felt as bad as the pain from the spanking. Finally the booze kicked in and he went to bed. Lucy had to get the key from his pocket and unlock herself. Too tired to get dressed she cried herself to sleep still naked.

Lucy almost overslept. She just managed to get dressed and make her father breakfast before he woke up. As usual he left her nothing.

"This is terrible!" he roared, grabbing his whip, "On the bed!"

"Please daddy, please," Lucy wailed, "You'll kill me! Please! Don't! Please!"

'Battling' Bob shoved Lucy onto the bed and started beating her. Not as hard as some, but enough.

"You should be begging me to beat you naked!" Bob snarled, "Soon I won't allow you to wear clothes, EVER!"

"Eeeeeeeee! Stop!" Lucy screamed, "Mercy! Mercy! Nooooo! Aaaaaaa! Stop! You're killing me! Eeeeeeeee!"

"Now, thank me for beating you," Bob stopped.

"T-thank you for b-beating me daddy," Lucy whimpered, fearing more.

"Now, clean the house and be quick about it," Bob ordered.

Lucy did her best; usually it wouldn't be good enough and she would get another beating. Today 'Battling' Bob let her slide. Some of his leech friends stopped by. Bob didn't have any REAL friends, but he had a lot of losers that hung around him for free booze and other things. Many could hardly wait until he gave them permission to rape Lucy.

After they left Lucy ran out as well. She was frantic, knowing she had no money and nowhere to flee to. She was also hungry having not eaten anything for almost 2 days. By chance or fate Lucy had wandered back to Chinatown.

"Ah, hello Miss Lucy," Cheng Huan said.

"Oh, Mr. Cheng, you startled me," Lucy breathed a sigh of relief, then her stomach rumbled.

"Ahhhh, doesn't take a genius to see you are hungry little one," Cheng Huan said, a rare smile on his face," Come, I made some cashew chicken and rice, and I made far too much for just me."

"Thank you," Lucy said with a tear in her eye, but this time one of happiness.

Lucy was unused to anyone being nice to her. She gasped at all the pretty things in Cheng Huan's huge shop. He smiled at her and invited her in.

"The really good stuff is in the back," Cheng grinned.

Cheng Huan really was rather wealthy. Were it not for racism and snobbery he would have been living in Nob Hill with the city's elite. He led Lucy into the kitchen. A confirmed bachelor he had cooked for himself his whole life. He was quite good and really did tend to cook more than he needed.

To Lucy it was unusual, but delicious. They talked about little things; Cheng wanted to know about her. At first Lucy was reluctant to talk about her father. Instead she talked about wishing she were a princess in a field of flowers. She didn't remember her mother very well except that she smelled of flowers.

It was when Cheng Huan asked her how she liked her flowers and offered her some more that Lucy finally broke down. Crying, she told him everything. How her father beat and abused her. How recently he was making her go naked and promising rape. Cheng Huan held her as she wept in his arms.

There was little he could do. Children were not always well protected by the law in 1900. Going to the police against a father, especially one who was a popular local sports hero was hopeless. Cheng Huan was old, no physical match for 'Battling' in any way.

Help from underworld sources could not be found, as he had no Tong connections. Except for the lurking 'hatchet man' known as 'Evil Eye' who collected 'dues' from many of the shops Cheng Huan didn't know any of them.

Cheng didn't like 'Evil Eye'. He was a creep, always peering into windows. He was known to be a backstabber. Rumor was he preferred boys. Taller than most at almost 6', 'Evil Eye' claimed to be wushu expert, but would always back down from a fair fight, then murder that person in their sleep.

"I don't know how, but I will try to find a way to help you," Cheng promised.

"Oh thank you, thank you," Lucy couldn't help but hug the old man.

When the time came that Lucy knew she had to return, Cheng Huan went with her. He hoped he could spare her at least tonight's beating with his hastily thought out plan.

As expected Bob Burrows was drunk when he got home, but it was a very rare 'feel good' drunk for him. The sight of a Chinese man outside his door almost ruined what little good mood he had.

"What the hell you want chink?" 'Battling' snarled.

"Ah sooo," Cheng started, adopting a false 'coolie' accent, "You are great boxer 'Battling' Bullows! Honorable daughter tell me you great man. She also tell me you velly, velly handsome man. She so right."

"Uh, yeah chinkie," Bob responded to the flattery like Cheng knew he would, "Uh, so anyway, what the hell you want chink?"

"Honorable daughter explain to me that I go to hell unless I convert," Cheng laid it on thick, using the bully's own racism against him, "Me know yellow man deserve to go to hell, but me decide me not want to go. So me will pay you $100 if daughter stay night at my shop and teach me not to be heathen."

'Battling weighed this in his booze soaked mind. His manager doled out his winnings to him so $100 to blow was a lot. It would mean he wouldn't get to beat his daughter tonight, but he could always use a whore. It wasn't known, but 'Battling' had beat 2 women to death. No one cared in 1900 if a prostitute was found dead.

It was the softest bed she had ever slept in, as Lucy, for once went to bed without being hungry. She was asleep almost instantly, a slight smile on her lips. For once she even had sweet dreams. Cheng looked at her asleep. So sweet and angelic. How could her father be so cruel to a daughter who still loved him even after all he had done to her?

* * *

The ship was taking on its tugs. By sometime the next day they would dock. There were some 300 Chinese immigrants onboard seeking a better life. Many would end up as little more than slaves, lucky if they lived a year. But there were businessmen, farmers, and professionals in their number too. There were also Tong gangsters trying to recruit some of those not already in their control.

And there were 2 who stood out among all of them. Even hardened Tong gangsters gave them a wide berth knowing who their master had been. Cheng Huan knew little of him, but in China the name of Wong Fei Hong was already becoming legend!
A master fighter who stood FOR the common man, who sought freedom for his people, but also recognized it, could not be won through violence. In addition to his almost super-human martial arts skill, Wong Fei Hong was also a skilled healer and herbalist. These 2 were his students. Cheng Hu, known as 'Tiger', and his cousin Meiying. Despite the 10-year age difference these first cousins were much like brother and sister, and used those words for each other, which was common for close relatives in China.

Tiger, was 26, fairly tall at 5' 8", handsome, and was one of Master Wong's top students. So much so he was in the 'inner circle' of champions. He was very serious, always training to be better, but could laugh easily. His body was both hard, yet flexible like bamboo.

Meiying was 16, petite and beautiful by any standards. She was at the top of her class of the teen girls. Many ranks below her cousin, but very good. She was fast and agile, but she always thought her best asset was that she was skilled in the medical arts. A pixie in both looks and mischievousness. Even Hu didn't know one secret about her, she was a lesbian.

Not just a lesbian, a hardcore lesbian into all kinds of kinks and perversions, especially bdsm. She could seduce and convert almost any woman into being permanently wanton depraved lesbianism. A teen girl, bullied, beaten, and mistreated by men would be easy.

For the last 5 years Wong Fei Hong had had his students learn English. He sensed that despite some racism that America was a greater country than the others were. The innate American love of freedom and the willingness of many Americans to accept other races he could see would make them rise above. Hu and Meiying were apt students and spoke English well.

"Once we get some money together we will open our school sister," Hu voiced their plan out loud.

"I hope Uncle Cheng will like us brother," Meiying smiled.

"Anyway, I wonder if we should even stay in San Francisco little sister," Hu said, "The soothsayer said we should not be here in 1906."

"I know you want to train in the desert brother," Meiying laughed, "Me, I just want to take a bath after all these days at sea."

What she really wanted was to be in a pool big enough for many girls at once. She had met many white girls and found most, except the French, to be sexually repressed. She enjoyed turning them into lesbian hellcats! The French girls, once bathed, were willing to do anything and didn't need to be seduced. The French girls liked to playfully wrestle naked where winner got to do anything they wanted to the loser. Meiying always lost. On purpose. And loved it.

* * *

Lucy woke up happier than she could ever remember being. Cheng brought her breakfast, which was another pleasant surprise to her. Tears of love filled her eyes a she flung her arms around the old man hugging him.

"Oh Mr. Cheng," Lucy gushed, "You've done so much for me! How can I ever thank you?"

"You already have child," Cheng smiled, "I never knew how empty my life was until I met you."

"I'm scared," Lucy pulled back, "You saved me for a day, but my father, he, he, oh I just know he's going to keep hurting me! He's going to go too far one day and kill me!"

"I will try to think of something," Cheng tried to calm her fears, "Your father leaves for his training camp today. That will give me 6 weeks to find way to get you away from him. I am a rich man, I will find a way."

"I guess I should be getting back," Lucy dried her eyes.

"After your father leaves come back here," Cheng said, "My nephew and niece should be here. I heard the tugs earlier."

Lucy actually skipped home. She prayed Cheng Huan could save her. Yes, she had made up her mind, she was leaving. In fact, were it not for a few items she had hidden in a secret spot under a loose board in her closet sanctuary, she wouldn't even come back now. The items were useless, ribbons, trinkets, but some had belonged to her mother others were from happy memories.

Going back for them was a mistake! They had underestimated what a complete bastard 'Battling' was! He was waiting for her, he was sober, and he just wanted to beat her for the sake of meanness. Lucy's face turned from a smile to a look of horror when she saw her father standing there whip in hand. Lucy fell to her knees in submission, trying to polish his boots.

"Where was my breakfast?" he roared.

"I'll fix it right away daddy," Lucy tried to crawl, but was stopped.

"And what were you up to with the chink?" the bully asked.

"Sp-spreading the word daddy," Lucy gasped, "He, he wanted to hear the true, and he paid you. Isn't that what we're supposed to do for heathens?"

"Sassing me again?" 'Battling' yelled, "Sass and not making my breakfast. You're really gonna get it girl!"

'Battling' grabbed her hair and yanked her up. Lucy cried out in pain, earning 2 very hard slaps that almost knocked her out. A single shove sent her across the room and onto her bed. He gave her a few moments respite before pinning her down.

"Ahhhhhh! Stop daddy, stop!" Lucy screamed as the whip began hitting her.

Ignoring her pleas he laughed as he beat her!

"Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!" Lucy screamed, "No! Stop! Eeeeeeeee! You're killing me! Please! Eeeeekkkk! Daddyyyyyy! Mercy! Mercy! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

"Stupid little shit," he snarled, "You should be begging me to beat you harder!"

"Noooooo! Pleaseeeeee," Lucy cried out, her thin body racked with pain, "Please! Mercyyyy! Eeeeeee! I can't take anymore! Aaaaiiiiiiieeee!!"

"Too bad 'cause you're getting more, and more, and more," 'Battling' laughed, as even her feeble resistance was gone as she screamed and screamed.

Lucy passed out, her father hit her a few more times, then got a pan of cold water. He threw the water in her face reviving her momentarily. He didn't even need to pin her now, as Lucy had no strength left to resist. Even her screams were gone, replaced by whimpers. It took only a few more lashes to cause her to pass out again.

Two pans of water failed to revive her. In disgust 'Battling' Bob kicked her twice before finally leaving. It was late afternoon when Lucy came to. Battered and bloody her first 3 efforts to stand failed. Dizzy she made it out the door. Operating on survival instinct she staggered down almost deserted streets. Most people at work or seeing the ships dock.

Somehow she knew she had to make it to Mr. Cheng. The short 7 blocks to Chinatown seemed like miles. Evil Eye spotted her. While girls didn't excite him, the lure of forbidden fruit, a white girl, made him pause for a moment. Also there was the thought of just selling her to his masters. Fortune's smile turned back to Lucy. Evil Eye was running way late. The ship from China had docked and he was already going to be punished for not being there as he was always supposed to.

Lucy somehow made it to the door of Cheng Huan's shop. She got just inside when she collapsed. Upstairs, the tea whistle killed the sound of Lucy's fall. Cheng Huan had just finished getting a room ready for Lucy and Meiying. They would have to share a bed, but it was a king-size bed.

Lucy might have died, but fate decreed otherwise. Hu and Meiying arrived only moments after Lucy collapsed.

"Uncle," Meiying screamed, "Uncle Cheng! Come quick!"

"Lucy," Cheng cried out seeing the girl on the floor.

"She's still alive," Hu said, kneeling by her.

"Quick, get her upstairs," Cheng ordered, "I'll get a doctor!"

"No need Uncle, I've got that covered," Meiying said, "I may need some medicines though."

Cheng's eyes got big as Hu easily but gently scooped Lucy up and carried her upstairs. For fear of hurting her during undressing Meiying cut Lucy's clothes off to keep from moving her too much.

"Concussion, fortunately minor," Meiying looked at her eyes, "Split lip in 2 places, nose bloody but not broken, she's going to have shiners on both eyes, no damage to ears, bruised cheeks..." Lucy's body was then slowly, carefully revealed, "Oh my! Whoever did this beat the shit out of her! Bruised ribs, 3 on right side, 2 cracked on left side, lots of bruising, back, front, arms, legs. If she hadn't been wearing 3 layers of those rags she'd have been cut to ribbons and bleed to death hours ago. There's been some internal bleeding in the pelvic region."

"On top of everything else, even I can tell she's borderline malnourished," Hu added, "Uncle Cheng, you seem to know this girl, you said a name."

Cheng Huan had been kneeling, holding her hand, praying to Buddha and Christ both. He even offered himself up in exchange.

"I'm going to need some things," Meiying said, her heart going out to the beaten girl in front of her," I'm reluctant to use opium, but I need something stronger than willowbark. I have my needles, that will stop any more possible bleeding."

"Hemp," Cheng said, coming out of it, "A plant known as marijuana to some. Not near as strong, but not addictive that I can tell."

Tears filled his old eyes.

"Lucy, her name is Lucy," Cheng said, "Lucy Burrows. I guess I've seen her running around for years, but I was too blind to see her. I've really only truly known her a couple of days. That's long enough to know she is a flower. A rare flower."

"I've stopped the bleeding uncle," Meiying said, feeling the girls pubic area, "I'm going to write down some things I'll need to see if she has internal damage. Her hymen was definitely busted. From the beating, nothing else."

"I failed to save her," anger replacing sorrow for a moment on Cheng's face, "He did this!"

"He who Uncle?" Hu asked boiling water for Meiying.

"Her father," Cheng fumed, fists clenched in impotent fury.

"What kind of man could do this to his own child?" Meiying asked, shocked, finishing her list of supplies.

"Probably hundreds in this city alone little sister," Hu told her, "And worse than this. And it happens all over the world regrettably. I never told you this sister, when Master Wong set me to scout in Suchow I came across 5 Boxer's. They had murdered a missionary and his wife, a Chinese cook, raped and murdered a 9 year old girl and were about to start on her 7 year old sister. I killed them and burned their bodies."

"And the child?" Cheng asked.

"She died. Of fear, no one touched her," Hu sadly said, "I was angry. She had watched her whole family killed. I could have done it quick; I tore them apart with my bare hands. A couple of them surrendered, one not much older than you sister, I gave them what they had given."

"Oh brother," Meiying sympathized, "That must have been terrible."

"Be that as it may," Cheng said, "I wanted to at least save one."

"You still can Uncle," Meiying said, "This is a pretty bad beating, but unless she's really messed up inside she will be fine with rest and food, and love. I will need these items and a few herbs I've also listed. We have no clue where to get them."

"Her father is a prizefighter," Cheng said, "We must get her away before he returns. He is very violent."

"Have no fear Uncle, brother Hu is known as the Tiger," Meiying beamed at him, "Brother Hu is worth 20 men!"

"Is your kung fu really that good?" Cheng asked.

"One who speaks does not know, one who knows does not speak," Hu would not brag even though he was that damn good.

Lucy was still unconscious, but it was a normal sleep when Meiying finished her examination hours later. A cream Hu had mixed up had been spread over all her bruises; Lucy's ribs had been wrapped.

"Good news, bad news," Meiying shook her head, "Nothing broken inside, almost everything's intact, except the bad news; she's not going to have children. Of course she's also not going to have to deal with what I have to 3 days a month."

"Trust me, even Master Wong hid during those 3 days," Hu smiled, earning a playful jab to the arm.

"The rest, well, just time, sleep, food, and love, like I said before," Meiying smiled.

"Thank you, thank you," Cheng bowed relief washing over him.

"Why don't you men go downstairs," Meiying wearily smiled, "We are all exhausted. I will sleep here, where I guess we were supposed to share anyway. Besides, she's naked, and I sleep that way you perverts."

Both men blushed a bit. They had not even paid attention to Lucy's nudity. It was not a taboo like in western cultures. Once they were gone Meiying stripped, laid down, put her arms around Lucy protectively and was out. Inside Lucy's fragile mind came a good dream of being protected and safe.

* * *

Cheng Huan was surprised to find Hu already up, outside, in back, doing exercises. Seeing the rock hard wiry muscles, then the flexibility, of snake and crane practice strikes.

'Pity Lucy can't have children,' Cheng thought, an idea forming, 'I never had a body like that! Nephew is a handsome man and has a good heart.'

Cheng Huan had no idea that Meiying's heart was good, but her mind was wicked. Waking up was painful for Lucy. Her eyes were swollen and blurry. Her moans woke Meiying up. Normally an early riser herself, she had been exhausted from the long night before.

"No, please daddy, no more," Lucy whimpered, "Please. I can't take anymore."

"It's okay, it's okay," Meiying whispered stroking her hair, "You're safe now."

"Mommy, is that you?" Lucy could now see a female ace, it wasn't clear, but she knew it was beautiful, "Am I dead?"

"No, I'm Meiying, you're here at Uncle Cheng's," Meiying answered.

"Beautiful flower," Lucy smiled then fell back asleep.

After a bath and a change of clothes Meiying came downstairs. Her face was red with fury. Breakfast had been over for awhile, so she ate a cold meatbun.

"That girls been treated like an animal," Meiying fumed, "You're right uncle, we should try to save at least one."

"In the meantime sister, we didn't bring much from China," Hu said, "We should have uncle tell us where we can buy everything from clothes to martial arts supplies for our future school. We'll also need jobs."

"Why do you need jobs?" Cheng asked.

"Master Wong taught us that hard work is a virtue," Hu said.

"Right, a lazy man is an evil man," Meiying added.

"There really is no need," Cheng said, "You can work at my shop, which I need to open now. Meiying can work the counter and I REALLY need Hu. I need his muscles for the stacking and unloading; I also need a bodyguard for when I take money to the bank. Something else I need to do today. I usually have to wait for a policeman to patrol down here, which is rare."

"You don't have to do this Uncle, we have some money, and we are not afraid of hard work," Hu said, thinking it was just charity.

"Trust me, I need you more than you know," Cheng said, "There are street gangs, thieves, even Tong out there. I'm old, an easy target, and I do need help with all the physical stuff. It's too much for me. I'd have had to hire someone soon if you hadn't come here anyway. And a pretty girl behind the counter is always good."

"Maybe until Lucy gets better," Meiying thought out loud, "Cleaned up, and after her swelling goes down, she's a very pretty girl."

"I need 3 employees at any rate," Cheng truthfully said, "I need to concentrate my efforts on the books. I've had dreams of expanding my operations, and I have long had the capital to do so. But I grew old and bitter. I wasn't happy even when I got the letter saying you 2 were coming to America. It was Lucy stopping to look at my flowers that changed everything. I've known her only a few days, and you only a few hours, but after 45 years of business, I know good people when I meet them."

"Well, we could give it a try," Hu smiled, "We're family after all."

"Good, good," Cheng grinned, "There is much to do. Hu, I need some firewood chopped, and then for you to escort me to the bank."

"I need to check on Lucy and apply some fresh cream," Meiying said, "Should only take a few minutes."

"That's fine, when you are done, come to the shop," Cheng said.

When Cheng saw Hu splitting the wood, for the first time he truly began to believe that they were all safe. Hu wasn't using the axe, just his bare hands.

"'Battling' Bob may be big, but damned if I wouldn't put my money on 'Tiger'," Cheng almost smiled.

Upstairs Meiying had put on some herbal soup in case Lucy woke up. She took a clean cloth to wipe away some dirt and older cream. Swelling around the eyes had already gone down. A good sign.

'She is really going to be pretty,' Meiying thought, 'She is like a broken blossom now, but I will make her a cherry blossom!'

While wiping her face Lucy woke up. It was with clearer eyes that she finally saw Meiying.

"Oh, you are so pretty," Lucy said.

"Good morning sleepy head," Meiying smiled down at her, "Do you think you can eat something?"

"I-I could try," Lucy gasped in pain, "It hurts, all over."

"A couple of weeks and you'll be doing cartwheels," Meiying smiled.

"I must look awful," Lucy tenderly touched her face.

"A lot of bruising, and your ribs are going to be tender for awhile, I've seen worse," Meiying lied, then truthed, "I'll have you looking like a princess in no time."

"Really?" Lucy asked, excitement in her voice.

"Really, pinky swear**," Meiying hooked her pinky with Lucy's, "This means we are like sisters now."

"Sisters?" Lucy was jumping for joy inside.

It was difficult sitting up, but love helped Lucy. Abused for so long it took strangers of a different race to love her. When Lucy actually managed to get 2 small bowls of the healing soup down was when Meiying knew she her body would heal. Meiying worried about when to tell her she couldn't have children.

"Now, you just rest and get better," Meiying kissed her on the forehead, "I'm going down to help Uncle Cheng. We get you all better we'll let you help. You are family now!"

"Oh Meiying, I am so happy," Lucy cried, but it was tears of happiness.

Meiying learned quickly making 2 good sales. She made a third as Cheng and Hu left for the bank.

"Hey, Evil Eye," A young tong gangster asked seeing them, "Why doesn't old Cheng pay?"

"He's an old timer," the demoted Evil Eye said, "The big bosses have this whole honor thing with old timers like him and some others. We touch him and they find out about it we'd be shark food."

"There's some young guy with him, FOTB***," the Tong tough said, as 2 more thugs joined them.

"He's not protected," Evil Eye smiled, he was pissed from being demoted down 1 rank for being late, "You 3 ask him to come over here. If he doesn't want to, bring him anyway."

Ten seconds later the 3 goons were laying in the middle of the street. Evil Eye ran as if his life depended on it even though Cheng and Hu didn't know he was behind it. Cheng was laughing out loud. Seeing his nephew practice for a few minutes and chop wood with his hands was one thing, seeing him beat 3 men so easily was something else.

"Oh great Buddha," Cheng laughed, "I have gained 2 daughters and a son at my age! What a blessing!"

"I don't really enjoy fighting," Hu sighed, "But I could spot these guys as creeps as soon as they walked up."

A few hours later Evil Eye found himself brought before the leaders of 4 Tong's. He was scared shitless as any sane man would be. In the center was the man known as Mr. Fong, leader of the Phoenix Axe Tong.

"Do you have any idea how deep in shit you are," Mr. Fong glared at him," While Mr. Cheng is not aligned with any Tong he is a man of good standing here in Chinatown. People respect him and it makes those in our influence want to be like him. We had even hoped to take over his most prosperous shop after he passes away."

"After a minor screw-up yesterday, we docked you one rank," Mr. Chu of Evil Eye's Tong, the Hawk Talons spoke," Today, in broad daylight no less, 3 men under your direction approached a man with him. After speaking to FOTB members we have learned much of this man. He is the nephew of Mr. Cheng and likely will inherit Mr. Cheng's shop. That is, unfortunate, but not something we would concern ourselves with."

"He's only one man master," Evil Eye spoke up, "Give me 5 men and I will avenge our honor!"

"Silence," Mr. Fong shouted, "You will be lucky to leave here alive. That man is Cheng Hu, known as the Tiger! He is in the inner circle of Master Wong Fei Hong! Alone Cheng Hu would be extremely dangerous, it appears as if Mr. Cheng's niece is with him, also a student of Master Wong, said to be a good fighter in her own right."

"A war against students of Master Wong would be foolhardy at best, crazy at worst," Mr. Chu added, "We go against a man like that, he could tear through all of us! Even if we killed him, that might bring more of Master Wong's students here seeking revenge. Madness!"

"Do you have anything to say that might persuade us to give you a lesser punishment?" Mr. Fong asked.

"Yes great lords," Evil Eye had not wanted to play his last ace, but if he didn't he would likely end up in a chum bucket," A very important piece of information that also concerns Mr. Cheng, but that we can take advantage of in any number of ways."

"This had better be damn good as we are quite clear that the Cheng family is off limits!" Mr. Fong was growing tired of Evil Eye's mistake with the Chengs.

"Ah, but we also know that in 6 weeks there is to be a major boxing match here in San Francisco," Evil Eye said," Lots of money involved in all manner of vice, with lots of wealthy people from all over."

"We know all this and are preparing or it, women, opium, gambling, hell even our legit businesses, restaurants, shops, and the like should make a fortune," Mr. Chu said, "What of it?"

"The daughter of 'Battling' Burrows is living with the Chengs," Evil Eye played his ace, "Seems that daddy dearest likes to beat the shit out of her and Mr. Cheng has taken her in."

"How do you know this?" Mr. Fong asked, he could not hide the fact he liked this, 'Battling' Burrows bigotry was well known.

"I witnessed it myself," Evil Eye partially lied, "Uh, that was what delayed me yesterday. It will be easy to confirm, just ask Po's pharmacy."

"Well now," Mr. Chu laughed, "You are an idiot, but a most useful idiot after all. We will check with Po, and if confirmed you have not only earned your life, but will not be further demoted. You are dismissed."

Evil Eye counted himself lucky to still be alive and not further punished. The elders indeed had many options with the information. They could bet on Rocky and (a.) ruin Burrow's in the press, (b.) blackmail him to throw the fight, (c.) leak it to him to disrupt his training concentration.

Then there was the possibility of leaking it to Burrow's right before the fight. A pissed off 'Battling' was more likely to win the fight. A suggestion of setting up a 'style vs. style' match between 'Battling' and Tiger could also be an option. They would wait and see what the oddsmakers did.

Cheng Huan checked on Lucy as soon as he returned Meiying had visited twice. This store was doing great business today. Cheng was right; a pretty girl behind the counter was a draw. She had only brought 3 changes of clothes with her, and one was her martial arts gear. Lucy would need clothes too, so Cheng resolved to take Meiying shopping for pretty outfits for them.

"I guess there is a drawback to gaining 2 daughters," Cheng chuckled out loud.

The men went downstairs, Meiying stripped down to her underwear and picked up a measuring tape. Lucy was curious.

"What are you doing?" Lucy asked.

"You need some new clothes, we had to burn what you were wearing," Meiying said, "We didn't know how bad you were hurt, so we had to cut them off, it was safer. And you are family now."

"You are so sweet," Lucy looked at her, already falling in love, "I've never had new clothes. Never had new anything."

As petite as Lucy was she turned out to be a half-inch taller than Meiying, and a half size bigger feet. Meiying was slightly more developed in the chest area. Lucy would catch up and end up with a slight edge there in a year or so. Still, they were close enough that they could wear the same clothes. Cheng liked that. It meant he could dress them alike in the store, and also take them around Chinatown like that.

Cheng Huan's lust for life had been rekindled big time. Everyone in Chinatown thought of him as successful, but miserly and hermitlike. He now pictured himself riding a float at Chinese new year with the girls at his side all dolled up. There was also a more charitable side to him. Cheng had thoughts of helping the orphanage, maybe even a fundraiser. Hu could do a martial arts exhibition; there could be all kinds of other entertainment.

'Great Buddha I feel young again," Cheng thought.

It was now time for bed. Meiying had surprised Lucy with some flowers. They hugged, gently. Meiying then started telling her the story of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. It was a big hit. Meiying had lots of Monkey stories.

"Time for bed," Meiying smiled.

"Awwww," Lucy fake groaned.

"I sleep nude, so we'll both be naked," Meiying took her clothes off, "It's okay because we're both girls. Girls should always be naked with each other."

"That isn't wrong?" Lucy was curious.

"No silly," Meiying stood naked in front of her, "See, I look exactly like you do. It's natural for girls to be naked with each other. It's only nasty with men!"

"I-I guess so," Lucy looked in awe at Meiying's body, "So pretty. Oh, you don't have any hair down there. I've only got a little."

"Chinese girls don't have much, and I shave what little I have off," Meiying said, "You should too. Cleaner, prettier, sexier, and cooler."

Putting her arms around her Meiying snuggled up to Lucy. The 2 girls fell asleep in each other's arms.

* * *

Days passed, then weeks, the a full month. Lucy was almost completely healed. Only a few very small bruises remained and those were fading fast. Lucy had even gained a few pounds as she was eating regularly for perhaps the first time in her life. She had started helping around the shop and doing minor household duties. Thanks to Meiying, Lucy was clean and groomed. Meiying got her ears pierced.

Lucy had never worn any jewelry before. She now wore earrings, a cross on a gold necklace, bracelets and even a small ring. She wore pretty Chinese clothes that matched Meiying's. Looking at herself in a mirror she looked and felt like the princess she had always dreamed of being.

The girls had fallen completely in love with each other. Lucy was no longer shy about being naked as long as it was with Meiying. They bathed together and slept nude together. It was to the point that anytime they were alone together they got naked. Meiying taught her how to kiss. Starting off slow with just lips, they now open mouthed tongue kissed.

Starting off, with bathing her Meiying slowly grew bolder, soon Lucy was letting herself be touched anywhere Meiying wanted, and Meiying got her to do the same. Soon they were kissing and petting each other. So scared of being touched by her father Lucy was craving the gentle touch of Meiying's lips, tongue, and fingers.

They were absolutely inseperable. Meiying knew she could seduce her all the way anytime she wantd, but held back until she thought Lucy was ready. She had such strong love for Lucy. This wasn't like her flings. They loved each other like sisters and more.

It was right under the nose of Cheng and Hu and they never noticed. Cheng's business was doing so well he was having to order triple just to keep his shelves stocked. Word had gotten around that he had 2 pretty girls working in his shop. Locals were coming in and buying things just to see them. The tourist trade was picking up too because of the fight.

Not knowing they were Tong leaders, knowing them simply as successful businessmen, Cheng had met with Mr. Fong, Mr. Chu, and others to discuss his idea of a charity street fair. Thinking about all the good will this would earn them it was agreed. Reclusive for so long, Cheng's popularity was rising.

Even though Lucy was calling Hu and Meiying, 'brother' and 'sister', Cheng told her to call him 'uncle'. He wanted her to have no bad thoughts because of what her real father was like. Lucy actually saw little of Hu. Usually only when he and Meiying would practice. He worked hard and trained harder. Always thinking about improving his kung fu, he had developed some new moves based on stacking, shipping, and wrapping. He showed and taught Meiying a move where he had her bound hand and foot in wrapping tape in seconds.

"That's pretty useful," Meiying told Lucy, "There's always a roll at the counter."

Lucy wasn't so sure until 2 of the older boys from the gang that used to bully her came in and tried to steal. Meiying had them on the floor taped and helpless in no time. Hu was always so serious that it surprised everyone when he got a

Teresa 'Tessa' Lopez, a beautiful Latina singer and dancer. Teresa was a legitimate first-rate act who only worked in the highest circles. From a
respected old Spanish family, she had seen a shirtless Hu out doing a martial arts jogging exercise involving, leaping and climbing over obstacles. His acrobatic flips caused her heart to flip.

As the 5th week started Meiying and Lucy could not keep their hands off of each other, nor their mouths from kissing every chance they got. Lucy was fully healed, the last of her bruises gone. Meiying was starting to get her into exercise. Lucy now loved being naked with her.

"You know that sex isn't wrong with another girl," Meiying and Lucy cuddled nude looking at the moon, "I know you're afraid because of your father. But I would never do anything bad to you sister."

"Oh sister," Lucy moaned as Meiying caressed her breasts, "Take me. I'll do anything you want. I love you!"

"I am yours sister," Meiying kissed her, "Girls should always have sex with each other. Not nasty brutal boys! Even nice men like other Hu are too rough, wanting to stick their dicks in us. But a girls fingers and tongue feels good."

"Mmmmmm, I'd love your fingers in my pussy and ass," Lucy purred, "I want you to do everything to me."

"I love you sister," Meiying hugged her close, the 2 girls kissing deeply, "Mmmm, let's rub out titties."

Nipples rubbed against nipples; the 2 teen girls pressed their small, but shapely tits together. Mouths hungrily sought each other, breasts mashed against one another. Lucy's nipples grew hard, a strange pleasurable wet warmth between her legs.

"Oh sister," Lucy moaned from her very first orgasm," Please, take me, take me! Teach me to be a girl lover."

"I will give you pleasure with my mouth little sister," Meiying laid Lucy on her back.

Meiying was kneeling; she spread Lucy's legs wide. Meiying smiled down at her with love. Lucy smiled back, trusting her completely. The Chinese teen lifted Lucy's right leg. Meiying licked up and down the sole of Lucy's foot, then took her toes in her mouth and sucked each one, then licked again.

"Omigosh," Lucy shuddered from another small cum, "I never knew my feet were so sensitive."

"I have so much to teach you little sister," Meiying smiled, starting on the other foot, "You have known horror from spanking and the whip, but if girls do it to each other with love it feels good. I love being spanked and whipped by girls."

"It doesn't hurt?" Lucy was amazed; she'd known just pain from her beatings.

"I would never hurt you, or allow you to be hurt darling," Meiying cooed, as she continued driving Lucy crazy just by licking her feet and sucking her toes.

"Oooooooo," Lucy moaned, another small orgasm shook her, "Oh sister, even that, I'll be your slave! Anything! I am yours!"

"We'll save that for another day," Meiying started kissing and licking up Lucy's legs.

Meiying teased her love with soft kisses on the inner thighs. She wanted Lucy to enjoy everything so she wouldn't have any taboos about lesbian sex. Meiying had been shaving Lucy's pussy since the second week. Lucy liked having a smooth pussy just like Meiying knew she would.

Meiying was finally ready to stop teasing. First she blew gently on Lucy's clit making her moan in pleasure. Then a kiss, at last her tongue, causing Lucy to have her biggest orgasm so far.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," Lucy cried out in pleasure.

Meiying was licking up and down the tasty slit, then thrusting her tongue inside, then up and down. Flicking the clit, then tongue fucking, Meiying ate her pussy.

"Oooooooooooo," Lucy moaned, "More! More! Lick me! Aaaaaaaaaa! Take me!"

Lucy couldn't stop cumming! Meiying greedily lapped up her girl cum, which made Lucy cum even more. Lucy felt like she was going to pass out. Meiying could also feel it. Pausing she kissed Lucy. Lucy tasted her own pussy juices and loved it.

"How did you like that?" Meiying smiled.

"I loved it," Lucy purred content.

"Well, there is so much more," Meiying smiled, "We're just getting started. This time we will please each other."

"We can do that?" Lucy asked eyes wide.

"Just lick me like you think you would like," Meiying smiled going into a 69 position.

"Wow, your pussy is so pretty," Lucy said, then licked, "Mmmm. And tasty too."

"Your pussy is pretty too," Meiying replied, "And delicious!"

The 2 teens started lapping each other's sweet pussies furiously. Lucy wasn't nearly as experienced, but she was a fast learner. Both girls were soon moaning in pleasure, tongues flashing faster and faster!

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" Lucy screamed, almost passing out from pleasure.

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee!" Meiying cried out cumming.

For several moments neither girl could more than shudder. Meiying and Lucy kissed again, holding each other tight.

"I want to be naked in your arms forever," Lucy panted.

"And I as well," Meiying sighed, "But Uncle Cheng and brother Hu will be back soon."

"Awwwwww," Lucy pouted making both girls giggle.

"It's late, they wont stay up long," Meiying said, "Then I can show you some more ways of girl sex."

"I can hardly wait," Lucy grinned.

* * *

*= Chinese names are reversed so Cheng Huan would be Huan Cheng. Many American Chinese as well as Chinese film stars have 'Americanized' their names.

**= Taking literary license here. I doubt pinky swear existed in 1900.

***= Fresh off the boat. I don't know if that dates all the way back to 1900, but I've seen it as far back as fiction stories from 1936.

End of Chapter 1:


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