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This story is part three and is meant to follow (in order) Winning is a
State of Mind and Torrance Meets the Pantalones. I think each story can
stand alone on its own merits, but you might want to read them in order. I
might add to these stories later and anyone is welcome to add to the story

Bring It On: The Initiation (m+/f+,gangbang)
by The Cock Roach ([email protected])

Missy was tired from the night before as Torrance worked her through some of
the cheers she showed her the night before. They both had gotten to school
early so Missy could get some work in before the others joined. This would
make it possible to actually get some group practice in today rather than
just working Missy into the group.

The squad would have most of the school to themselves all day. Only one
teacher came in to work and the football team would not practice the morning
after a game. The squad members filed into the gym one-by-one and stopped to
watch Missy and Torrance practice. Missy didn't notice that that all of the
cheerleaders had arrived until they started to walk towards her in a loose

Missy was slightly disturbed by the looks of Courtney and Whitney who seemed
to have been most hostile to her joining of all the group. She turned to
watch them approach and backed into Torrance. She was not sure she liked
what she was seeing in her teammates faces. Torrance stopped Missy from
backing up further and she turned to look and noticed Torrance also had a
strange look on her face.

Missy was starting to get nervous as she felt Torrance pin her arms against
her body. Jan grabbed a pocketknife out of one of his pants pocket. Darcy,
the tallest female cheerleader went behind Missy to help Torrance hold her as
Jan started to cut her shirt off with his razor sharp knife. Casey stammered
an explanation to Missy, who just stood naked in front of the rest of the
squad, her clothes in shreds at her feet.

Apparently, every new member had to have sex with the squad to bring them all
closer together and walk home naked except for a cheerleader uniform several
sizes too small. Missy was scared, but desperate to become one with this
close-knit group. She relaxed as several girls laid her out on the floor of
the gym. There were nineteen members of the squad, not counting Missy,
twelve girls and eight guys and all were going to try out Missy's body before
she could go. Everyone stripped down so that they were nude.

First, all the guys stood in a row with one of the females laying on the
floor beneath their legs. Missy was told that she had to suck each guy until
they came, swallowing as much cum as she could. While this was going on the
girls lying on the floor would play with her pussy. If one of the girls
could make her orgasm before she got off each male member she would have to
start over.

Missy was for the sex she had the night before with Torrance or she would
never have a chance to finish this first right without help. As it was so
almost did not make it through the line. Whitney was the girl beneath the
last male cheerleader and so was an expert rug muncher. The man came just
before Missy started to convulse with her long awaited orgasm.

Missy had cum all down her chest from the cum that spilled out of her mouth
as she tried to suck it all down. She was a real mess as she stood before
the squad to hear what the next task would be.

The second task was much harder. All of the girls lay on their backs on
the floor and Missy had to bring each girl to orgasm using only her tongue.
While she was doing this, each of the guys would fuck her from behind until
they came, then they would switch off.

At first this went well, Missy made quick work out of the first four girls
as five guys fucked her from behind and came on her back. The sixth man was
gay, so instead of sticking his cock up Missy's pussy, he stuck it up her
ass. This surprised Missy and she quickly spasmed as an orgasm washed over

The first four girls were much hard to bring to orgasm the second time and
several other guys tried to get Missy to orgasm by ass fucking her. Missy
was able to progress through six girls when the Jan, the eighth boy to Missy
stuck his huge dick into her pussy. His huge cock stretched Missy's pussy,
and she found herself unable to concentrate as it rammed her from behind.
Missy was able to get the seventh girl to cum, but could not control herself
with such a huge cock embedded in her snatch and came for a second time
during this task.

Missy groaned, as she had to start again. It was much harder to bring the
first girls to orgasm for the third time and found herself shaking from
another orgasm before she even finished the first girl. Missy took a deep
breath and went back to work. The first girl was already close to orgasm
and she used her knowledge of the next several girls to get them off in
quick secession. Missy made it to Torrance the last of the girls without
any trouble.

Missy's back was coated with semen and it dripped down off her back. Several
of the guys had cum so many times that they were momentarily spent, having
each fucked Missy no less than times each. Jan was the only one who was
ready to fuck her and even he was tired from cumming five times already this
morning. Missy found Torrance to be difficult though. Not only was she
sated from the night before; Missy's tongue was also very tired. Despite
Jan's feeble attempts, Missy still almost reached orgasm before she had a
chance to give Torrance an orgasm.

Missy was exhausted. She lay one the floor starting to feel sore all over
from the fucking and orgasms that she had gone through this morning. This
was the first time only one cheerleader joined the group, usually several
worked together to finish the tasks Missy had just accomplished solo.
Several girls picked up Missy up off the floor and strapped Missy into a
frame. Missy found herself unable to move with her legs spread wide. The
frame could be adjusted so that Missy could be bent forward or backwards
allowing access to either her pussy or ass.

Torrance inserted two vibrators into Missy. One in her pussy and one in her
ass and strapped them in so they could not fall out. Torrance told Missy as
she turned both on that she was on her final task. Missy saw a dozen
strap-on dildos, the same size as what Torrance used the night before being
strapped on to each girl. Missy was informed that after fifteen minutes the
vibrators would be taken out. Then each squad member in both her ass and
pussy would fuck her until everyone was done. There was no criterion for
her to succeed. She just had to have everyone thoroughly screw her before
she could go home.

Missy was relieved that she was almost done. She told herself that all she
had to do was relax. She had had so many orgasms this morning she didn't
know if she was capable of any more. She was surprised by her physical
reaction to the vibrators. She was on the edge of another orgasm before the
first girl started to fuck her. Missy was on the edge of an orgasm until the
fourth girl started to fuck her. She arched her back and spasmed for a full
five minutes as the girl continued to fuck her.

Missy passed out after the eighth girl and yet another orgasm but continued
to get pounded. She woke up as the frame was turned to allow easy access to
her ass. She felt her ass burn as dildo after dildo ravaged her ass. Missy
was in a daze as the boys started to fuck her up the ass. She didn't notice
the difference between the dildos and cocks as they progressed and was
surprised when the pounding stopped.

Missy was taken off the rack and lain on the floor to recover. While she lay
on a cold hard floor the rest of the squad quickly cleaned up the gym. She
was dressed in a cheer outfit several sizes too small. The tank top barely
covered her chest and the skirt barely covered her bare ass. Missy was
almost completely covered with cum. It was in her hair and it was drying on
her face. She was stiff and could only walk home slowly, knowing that most
of the neighborhood between the school and her house would see her cum
drenched scantily clad body as she walked home.

* * *

The teacher smiled as he packed up the camera. This would have to be the
most exciting initiation ever caught on tape. His video collection was
really increasing, he might have to think about editing a best of movie for


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