Brady Bunch: Part 2 - Momma's Tight Hole (MF,Mf,FF,anal)
by Spyder ([email protected])

It is later that evening, the family has had dinner and separated to various
activities. Marcia is out filling in her friends over the appointment of
being head cheerleader. Mike is at a movie with Jan, Bobby and Peter have
taken Cindy to the park and for ice cream. Alice the housekeeper is in her
room relaxing with her fingers up her ass and pussy as she dreams of blowing
Mike. Greg remained home for the evening to relax after interviewing the
girls for the cheerleader job. Carol is finishing her work out in the
basement and then plans to retire to her room.

Across town at a local fast food establishment Marcia is sitting with her
friends wondering if she should tell the details of how she got the job. She
listens intently as each of the girls she sits with describe what they did
during the interview.

Linda starts by stating that Greg has an unbelievable cock and it tasted
fine. She says that she took Greg to the girl's locker room, he gently kissed
her and watched as she removed her clothes. Her next move was when Greg asked
her to unzip his jeans and stroke his thick love gun until fully erect, then
she blew him until he came in her mouth. Being a virgin, Linda wasn't certain
of how far Greg wanted to go, so after the blowjob, he lid his dick in her
ass and he ass fucked her until he unloaded on her butt. She summed it up
with the fact that Greg quick fucked her pussy with a condom on and let her
go easy.

Next is Terri, the head cheerleader of last year, she said in straight facts
that Greg fucked her hard and she turned the job over to who ever was ready
for it.

The evening went that way mostly ending with Marcia. Intrigued by her story,
they asked what did the brother with her. Marcia first stated that Greg is
only a step-brother and wasn't as of yet adopted or legally added to the
family only in marriage. The girls licked their lips as they wait for Marcia
to continue. She starts her story with the fact that she lies on Greg's bed
with only her pussy showing, teasing him with her large tits inside a
well-strained bra. Her description continues with how she gave Greg the
blowjob he never expected all the way to his entry into her ass for her first
long dick in her hole. The girl's seem to want to masturbate, only to realize
that they are in a restaurant and cannot release his cum inside. Marcia then
gulps hard as she finishes the story with Greg banging her hot cunt until he
was ready to shoot all over her stomach and hair pie. She says that her ass
fucking was near the end and that Greg also fucked her pussy from a rear
entry and she felt so horny afterward that she masturbated in the shower. The
girl's purr over the story and know who got the appointment, which didn't
disappoint them to much because she earned it over the years and now with the
way she gave Greg the sex of a lifetime.

Meanwhile back at the Brady household, Carol makes her way to the bedroom
after a shower to clean up after her workout and on her way she decides to
see who might be home. Room by room she finds no one until she reaches the
boy's room and finds a naked Greg stroking his cock while looking over the
pictures of a men's magazine. She never saw the title until he opened the
book wider and noticed Playboy. Carol walks quietly in and then says why
look at pictures when a live woman stands near by.

Greg looks up and sees a totally naked Carol and says Mom. Don't you look hot
and bothered tonight? Carol smiles, sits on the edge of his bed and grabs a
handful of his cock. Stroking it she tells him that his dick is bigger that
his father's and won't let it go until he has fucked her pink pussy. Greg
straightens out, takes his mother by her head and slips his cock in her
mouth, which is wide open from her last sentence.

Greg thrusts his hardened love machine until it touches the back of her
throat, she gags and takes over with the longest blowjob she has given a man.
Knowing that no one is due home for about three hours, Carol decides to get
as much time with her son as she can.

In another part of town, Mike has taken a route home that is unusual as he
drives down a country road to explore the now 17 year old Jan's body. Jan is
no dummy, as she knows that he plunged his cock inside Marcia a few times
since she turned 16. Jan already knows how to arouse a man's dick, as she
gave a teacher a hand job a few times some months ago. Unzipping his pants,
Jan lowers her head to examine his cock and begins to lick the love tool
until he moans. Jan then releases her "father's" cock and slowly strips her
mini skirt and panties off. Mike helps her by uncovering her breasts that
aren't fully-grown yet, seeing no bra under the tiny halter, he massages the
nipples and once they are erect he nibbles on them while Jan squirms at the
amount of pain felt from them.

Jan moves to get away from her "father", but he is too strong as he drives
his hardened cock in her pussy. A little blood trickles from her virgin hole
as she asks him to stop.

Back at the Brady home, Carol smiles until Greg slaps her ass so hard she is
close to sending him out or leaving herself. She thinks again and asks Greg
to follow her to her bed. Doing as asked Greg asks what the fuck are we
changing rooms when we could have completed the whole thing in my room? Carol
says that she won't have any man talk that way to her and tells him to lie
stretched on the bed with his eyes closed. Greg lies there as Carol takes a
series of ropes from the closet; she ties her "son" up and watches as he
opens his eyes to see his predicament. Next she takes a couple of Mike's
leather belts and whips them around before using them in Greg, who squirms
at the treatment he is about to endure.

At first she teases the use of them with light taps on his legs, then it
gets more vigorous as Carol strikes hard over the skin of her lover. Soon
Carol slides on the prone body of her "son" and her pussy wraps around his
stiffened pole. Riding him into complete submission, Carol ignores the fact
that he has cum inside her and once she does rolls off to lick the droplets
from the shaft of his organ.

On the darkened country road, Jan has become used to a cock inside her and
meets every downward thrust with many of her own. Pulling out of her gaping
cunt, Mike plunges it in her ass and bangs her tight hole for awhile, cumming
in her ass a few times in the process.

Meanwhile Marcia has gone home with Linda and the two young vixens explore
their female sexuality. Kisses lead to more passion, as the women finger
fuck each other while French kissing. Linda, who is a practicing lesbian,
removes her friends clothing to get a view of her hot body. Marcia responds
by sitting Linda on a chair, lifting her skirt and eating pussy. What Linda
doesn't know is that Marcia has been seduced by Alice there house keeper
many times and enjoys a little one on one with another woman.

Once again at the Brady home, Carol let Greg free and he ass fucks her, while
squeezing her ample breasts. She makes little gurgling sounds in the back of
her throat as he plunges deeper in her hole; he slides out for a time and
then drives forward into her pussy, creating more heat that she has never
felt before. Carol yells to him to fuck her hot cunt for all he is worth and
obliging his lover, cums in her once more.

At Linda's parents home the two horny ladies have cunt fucked each other
making enormous amounts of cum drip onto the carpeted floor that they moved
to for the rest of there sexual evening. Marcia excuses herself and kisses
her friend promising another date in bed together.

Mike, in the meantime has begun to drive home, after unloading his cum all
over a newly popped Jan. Before leaving the scene, Jan blew her "dad" one
last time.

The other kids are returning from their evenings out, but take as much time
enjoying the freedom of being on their own.

Alice has been watching the sex in Carol's room and masturbated in the hall
as she saw Greg finally roll on top of his "mom" to give her the hottest sex
in a long while. Mike has not pleasured her too much lately as he has fucked
his new assistant and her husband on regular basis. Greg shoots one last load
in her cunt and passionately kisses her while rubbing the mound that accepted
his cum all night. He leaves the room, but not before Alice walks in eats
Carol's pussy and gives him a blowjob. Now thoroughly exhausted, Greg stagger
into the shower and then to bed. Falling asleep quickly, he dreams of Marcia,
Carol and Jan waxing his pole one-day soon.

The family all have returned, Jan takes Marcia aside and tells her what has
happened. Marcia just smiles and says that even Cindy will meet this fate
once she turns 16, 17 or 18, it just seems that it will be a family tradition
to get laid by our "father" first. Jan smiles and senses that there is more
to follow with not only Mike, but also Greg and the others as they get older.

Jan heads into the bathroom to wash up, but is stopped by an advancing Peter,
who is the same age as her and he smiles...

The End


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