Brady Bunch: Bringing In The New Year (Mf,MMF,MFF,inc,hand,cream pie)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

The Brady house was busy. Alice as in the kitchen cooking a New Years feast.
Carol was in the shower, she was shaving her pussy, her fingers busy fucking
her pussy. Her clit was hard as a cock. She rubbed it til she buckled at the
knees from her orgasm. Thinking once more of the three cock that wil fill her
mouth, ass and pussy.

Mike Brady was at the airport to pick up Cindy and Jan, they both went to the
same college. He thought back when he first fucked Jan, he took her diving...

~ ~ ~
She wore that short skirt, he looked at her smooth tan legs. They drove. She
was doing well then Mike then took control. He put his hand on her leg, Jan
hit the brakes, thank God for the seat belts.

"Relax," he told her. He caress her legs then raised her skirt. He seen her
light blue panties.

"Dad," Jan said, "I'm going to wreck if you don't stop."

Mike continue to rub her pussy. He seen where she was getting wet. "Okay," he
said, "Let's park."

Jan pulled into a place. Mike took off his seat belt. Jan sat there while her
dad was fingering her pussy. Holding on to the steering wheel, she felt his
finger going into her wet pussy. Jan screamed as she came, juices were all
over his hand.

"You cum more than your Mother. Even more than Marica when he took her
cherry," the same way as he willing the do Jan's.

~ ~ ~
Mike came back when the announcer said the arrivals. He seen Jan and Cindy,
his cock was hard as a piece of steel. Cindy hugged, kissed him, and
whispered in his ear while touching his cock too. "That for me?" she smiled.
Jan soon felt the same thing.

"Yes, it's enough for two."

They walked to the car.

* * *

Greg had already arrived home, he and Marcia were fucking. Marica was sucking
his big cock, sucking his balls and licking his ass. While Greg was licking
her well fucked pussy, he knew Marica was a whore, she gave it to everyone.
He watched as she took Bobby's cherry. She taught him how to eat pussy, for
Marica loved pussy too.

Alice was bent over when she felt a pair of hands raise her dress, pull down
her panties, begin to lick her ass and fingering her pussy.

"OOOHH Peter!" she said, for she knew his touch.

Peter had three fingers in her pussy, Alice just moaned.

Bobby walked in and seen Alice. He took out his cock and held her head up.
Alice opened her mouth took his cock. 'God,' she thought, 'how he had grown,'
as it filled her mouth. She continued to suck.

Carol just got out of the shower and walked past Marcia's room hearing her
and Greg fucking made her pussy wet. She looked in and saw Marcia riding his
big cock. She thought back to the first tme she seen them and the thrill they
gave her. She sucked Greg while Marcia ate her pussy.

As Carol stood at the door naked, Greg smiled as her. She walked over to the
bed and started kissing her daughter's neck licking the sweat. Soon Carol was
licking her daughter's pussy and ass. Marcia soon came.

Carol soon was sitting on her son's cock. Marcia's tongue was busy working on
her mothers clit. Carol was in heaven. She shook as she came again for the
third time.

Carol's pussy was filled with cum. She laid on the bed watching her daughter
lick her pussy clean.

* * *

Mike arrived home. Jan shut the car off just as Mike just pulled out of
Cindy's pussy. Cindy said, "I think that will get me pregnant."

Mike put his cock away. Cindy put her wet panties on.

Jan asked her dad, "Can you knock me up too?"

"Why sure. Just wait til tonight!" He thought, "A lot of babies will be made

They entered the house, Alice, Peter, Bobby comes from the kitchen. Carol,
Marcia, Greg come from up stairs. Carol thought, "Another Brady New Years

The End

Lets have a great New Year!!!


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