Brady Bunch: Home For The Holidays Part 1 (MF,MMFF,inc,slash)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Carol Brady laid in bed with Mike and his cock still inside her. Carol felt
it getting hard as she moved. Carol tried to get out of bed. Mike just smiled
and he moved between her legs. He looked at her and was working his cock,
slowly pulling out til the head just rubbed her clit. Carol begged him to
put it back in as she arched her hips up. Mike pushed his cock deep into her
pussy forcing Carol back down and Mike went to work on her. The bed was
rocking. Mike groaned as he shot his load deep into her well fucked pussy.

Outside the door stood Alice the house keeper. Her finger was deep in her
pussy. She slumped down her as her dress was bunched up. She quickly got up
went to the kitchen just in time as the phone rang.

Alice saw Carol. She waved to her. It was Greg. Carol talked to her oldest
son and thoughts went back to when her and Greg first had sex. He did have a
large cock just like Mike's and Carol spent lots of hours sucking and taking
him up her ass. She found out he and his wife, kids were coming in for
Christmas. As she hung up it rang again. It was Marcia she too was coming in
and the rest of the kids were on there way, too. They would all be in town
the next few days. Carol's pussy was wet and she couldn't get all the images
out of her head.

Soon the days went by. Carol was laid back with her favorite dildo and she
didn't hear the door open and her youngest son Bobby walked in. He stood and
watched his horny mother. Carol was licking her nipples while fucking her
pussy. Bobby stripped and tip toed bewteen his mom's legs. He pulled the
dildo out and put his tongue in. Carol jumped, when he felt his tongue, but
soon laid back down while her fingers rolled her hard nipples.

"OHHH GOD!" Carol moaned as she came.

Bobby kissed his mother. He was attending USC. Bobby felt his mother stroking
his thick cock. It seemed all the Brady men had that. Bobby held his cock
while Carol was sucking it. Bobby continued to fuck her mouth. He groaned as
he shot a large load down her throat. "Been saving that for you," he smiled.

Bobby grabbed his clothes when he heard a car pull into the driveway. It was

Carol walked up to him openned her mouth kissing him. Mike could taste the
cum in her mouth his tongue searched for more.

"You're youngest son is home and he just fucked me, too."

Mike's cock began to get hard. Carol felt it throbbing and she knew she
wanted it. Carol knelt down unzipped his pants pulling out his big cock.
She kissed and licked the precum leaking out of his big piss hole.

"Can I have some, too," Carol heard Bobby say. He stood there with his cock
in hand. Bobby knelt next to his mother. He soon was sucking his dad's cock.
Carol knew that Mike did it with the boys on those camping trips. Just as
she had sex with her daughters. Bobby was going to town on Mike's big cock
as Carol was sucking Bobby's.

Alice walked in and seen the three of them going at it. Mike told Alice to
strip and get her ass over here. Alice sat on Mike's face. He worked his
tongue deep into her pussy like he had done several times before. Carol was
soon riding Bobby's cock while Mike fucked Alice's ass.

They laid in the floor covered in sweat and cum.

"One down and five more to go," Carol said, " grand kids."

to be continued


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