Brady Bunch: The Real Reason Mike Married Carol (Mg,oral)
by CLD

Cindy Brady skipped down the stairs, giggling. "Dad's got a big one again,
you guys!" she said to her sisters sitting on the couch. The pigtailed,
blonde six year old looked behind her and grinned at her stepfather Mike as
he came down the stairs wearing nothing but under shorts. She had been in
the bathroom watching as he got out of the shower and dried off. The cute
little girl liked to watch his big peter bounce around when he did that,
getting hard. It meant that he wanted to play some games.

Alice had the night off, she was out getting some meat with her butcher
friend, and Carol, their mother, had gone with the boys to a Boy Scout

Eleven year old Marsha glanced up, seeing the bulge in his shorts, and
sighed. She knew, just like her nine year old sister Jan, that someone would
be going down to the playroom with him tonight. She didn't mind it so much
when he put it in her, it just seemed weird. Even though their Mom told them
not to talk about it, she knew that he did other things with Jan and Cindy;
his peter was too big to put in them.

Cindy sat down beside her, her short nightie riding up to show her frilly
panties. Mike came down and stood in front of the TV, not bothering to hide
the bulge in his shorts in front of the girls. "Okay, who got an A on their
homework today?"

Jan looked up, avoiding looking at the bulge. "I did," the nine year old said
in a small voice.

"Good! Let me see it!" He grinned as she went down the stairs slowly.

"Aw, Daddy, does that mean Jan is going to the playroom with you?" Cindy

The cute little six year old blonde was his favorite, her soft little tongue
on him got him so excited, but he also enjoyed getting a blowjob from Jan.
She always pretended to be reluctant about it, but once she started, she knew
just how to excite him; she was a natural at giving head and swallowing the
come. He was so glad he had married their mother two years ago. He married
her mainly for her daughters; he just loved to have sex with little girls,
and this was the most excellent opportunity he had ever dreamed of.

Within a couple months, he had taken Marsha's cherry on her tenth birthday.
She was the youngest girl he had ever fucked, and it was the best experience
of his life. At the same time, he had taught four year old Cindy and seven
year old Jan to suck on him. And it was so easy; one day Carol, his wife, had
unexpectedly come home early while he was messing around with Marsha. He was
naked from the waist down, and Marsha was completely naked in her bed, and
Carol walked in on them. She was furious at first, but he reasoned with her,
saying that Marsha was going to learn about sex sooner or later, and it was
best that she learn from someone who wouldn't hurt her or give her any
diseases. From then on, Carol gave her implicit consent for him to fool
around with the girls, though she didn't know to what extent it occurred; she
didn't want to know. As long as he didn't do it in her presence, she was
alright with it.

After the first month of marriage, he and Carol slept in separate beds; at
first he wondered why she was satisfid with this arrangement, but wondered no
longer when he went in the bathroom early on morning, thinking that Carol was
the only one in there; she wasn't. Through the translucent shower curtain, he
could see the silhouette of his oldest son, Greg, with his stepmother. Mike
just said "Excuse me," then left.

He hoped to snuggle his pecker in Jan's tight little pussy soon. She was
built a lot slimmer than Marsha, and he knew it would be so tight. After
fucking Marsha a couple times a week for two years, her pussy was starting
to get loose, and he needed a tighter pussy to fuck. Besides, he knew it
was only a matter of time before Marsha began growing pubic hair, and he
preferred girls who didn't have that pussy hair. At that age, their pussies
didn't taste as sweet.

His penis got even harder as he gazed at Cindy's panties under her nightie;
her vulva was quite wide, and perhaps he could fuck her by the time she was
eight years old. Little girls like her were just made for fucking. But for
now, he would content himself with letting her suck on him; big hard peters
make the nicest toys for little girls.

He followed Jan down the steps into the playroom and closed the door. "Take
it off," he gestured, and the slim nine year old girl lifted her see through
nightie over her head, sighing. "Your panties too, Jan," he said, when she
just stood there, her arms crossed over her naked chest.

Rolling her eyes, she skimmed her panties down and stepped out of them. He
gazed with hunger at the cute little hairless slit and knelt in front of her.
She closed her eyes as he did that thing, running his finger up and down the
smooth lips of her pussy, then reached further back to gently probe the tight
opening of her vagina. He had been doing this a lot lately, and she trembled.
She knew what he wanted to do; about a year ago, she had inadvertently walked
in on her Dad and Marsha in his bedroom. They were both naked, and he was
lying on top of her, pushing his peter between her legs.

"Get out!" he had exclaimed, "Can't we have any privacy?"

She left hurriedly, scared at what she had seen.

Later, Marsha had told her that he put his peter in her hole down there and
though it hurt a bit the first time, she liked to do it. Jan wasn't so sure
she would want him to do that; his peter looked too big for that. Her
thoughts were interrupted by his low voice. "You're getting big down here,
honey, almost big enough," reflecting her thoughts.

She trembled some more as he bent his head forward and began to lick her. She
liked this part of the sex thing the most. When he licked her tiny clitoris,
it made her feel so good in her tummy, and she wished he wouldn't make her do
those other things. But he would.

Standing up, he pulled his shorts down, revealing his large, erect penis to
the little girl, and pulled back the foreskin. "Your turn," he said simply.
She licked her lips nervously as she knelt in front of him, and he caressed
her naked shoulders. "Come on, suck Daddy's peter," he whispered, and she
reached out and took the throbbing staff in her small hand.

Taking a deep breath, she opened her lips and took the end of it in her warm,
wet mouth. Trying not to think about the sticky stuff that was going to come
out, she licked the bulbous head and hoped that he would come soon.


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