The following story is a total fiction of my own device; just using the
characters from a classic TV show. No slight is meant to the creators or
actors who put on such a great show. Nor is any insult meant for the people
who enjoy or share fond memories of this show. This is simply a fantasy
of mine; it has no bearing on reality and is meant for adults only.

Brady Bunch: The Box Part 1 - Meeting The Bradys (Mf,reluc)
by CometDave

Previously I was just a schulb. Just around the corner from 40, overweight,
vacillating between boredom with and hatred towards my job. Then one day I
came home to my small two-bedroom house to find my coffee table gone,
replaced with a large box. It was closer to being more of a crate actually,
about 4 feet tall, 5 feet wide, and easily 8 feet long. At first I thought
it was some elaborate joke, since there was no way that huge black box could
be fit through my doorway. However no one else had a key to the house, and
none of my friends was prone to this kind of prank. Upon examining the box
further I found it was a solid mass, no visible screws or hinges, and it was
definitely solid.

I eventually found a control panel on the front, which gave access to a
keyboard, and caused a view screen to pop out of the top. Playing around
with the menus I found the thing was like a giant Tivo box, and it was
recording everything. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING, on TV,
and had been since about 8:00 AM that morning (the same time I got to work).
This was pretty amazing because 1. It wasn't hooked to my TV, or to any
power source that I could see, and 2. It was taping everything! I only got
50 channels; it was recording closer to 200!

I found out how to work the filters (I didn't need game shows, Home Shopping
Network, or Sesame Street taped), and the delete functions. What I found
interesting was the Edit functions. This allowed the controller to change
the show they were watching. You can tweak dialogue, exchange actors, delete
scenes, change wardrobe, even change or add entire scenes. The system was
even capable of ad-libbing, or changing themes (i.e. you could make Sienfeld
into a drama, or horror show), and this feature would work better with the
more footage of the show it had archived. The possibilities were endless! I
spent pretty much my entire free time for a week learning the ins and outs
of the machine, including the VR function. The box came with a disc that
connected to the keyboard. Place the disc on your forehead and you were part
of the show. All your senses were engaged, sight, sound, taste, touch, the
works. Factor in that one of the theme changes was 'porno' and you can
understand how eager I was to learn all I could about this device. These
are some of the shows I have 'programmed'.

* * *

I had never had a sexual thing for Marsha Brady until adulthood. As a kid I
had crush on her, but it wasn't until I was an adult that I really took a
good look at that teenage vixen. I wrote a basic script out on the box, more
of plot outline. Chose the 'porno' theme. The box asked me questions to help
fine tune the performance of the actors. Then I created an onscreen persona
of Jack. Jack was 6'2, 280 lb. of pure muscle, with a very thick love muscle
of 9 1/2 inches.

The scene opened with me pulling into the Brady driveway, the delectable
Marsha my passenger. She was wearing a powder blue shirt, and short brown
skirt. As always her hair was long and straight, her eyes a beautiful blue,
her skin almost flawless, and her attitude both perky and cute.

"Well here you are Marsha."

"Thanks for the lift home Jack."

"Where is the rest of the Brady clan?" I asked as I got out to get her door
for her.

"Oh they're at Peter's ball game, even Alice. I'd be there too, but I have a
science report due next week and I have to get started." She told me as she
got out of the car. Her legs looked incredible as she stepped out of the
vehicle. "Well thanks again for the lift." She said as I stepped in real
close and looked down at her. Marsha blushed and clutched her books to her
chest as she looked down shyly.

"Maybe I can come in and help you start your report. Is it anatomy or
biology?" I asked flirting.

Marsha blushed even brighter and began stammering, trying to hide her smile
at my attentions. "Oh, I'm not allowed to have boys in the house Jack."

"Well then stay out here and keep me company a little." I said taking her
books from her hand and putting them on the roof of the car. Then I took the
blushing teen by the hand and lead her towards the hood of the car. Marsha
shyly followed my lead; once I got her back to the hood I took the tiny
blonde into my arms and began kissing her. Marsha tried to press me away
at first, but soon melted in my arms. Her slim little hands ran over my
shoulders and back. Her tight little form pressed against me urging me on.
I left her mouth and let my attentions wander down the length of her neck.
This made her gasp, moan, and shudder.

"Oh Jack! Oh Jack! Stop. Jack you have to stop." Her voice became a light
whisper, "Please Jack, no more. Oh Jack, we can't! Jack, oh Jack."

Up till then I had just kept my arms wrapped around her. Now I pulled back a
bit looked her straight in the eye "Marsha, you are an amazingly beautiful
woman, and we can do whatever we want." and with that I put my hands on
her tight ass cheeks and lifted her up. I locked lips with her again as she
wrapped her legs around my waist to keep her balance, and whimpered in
protest at the same time. I lost no time in getting my hand up and under
that short skirt. I worked my hand between her satiny thighs and pushed my
fingers up against her womanhood. The lacy panties were wet and I could feel
her heat through the thin material. Marsha gasped at my intrusion and tried
to pull back from our kiss. "Jack! Stop!" she half-yelled, half-moaned.

"Kiss me and I'll put you down." I told her, as my fingers began to rotate
and tease her. Marsha looked lost and confused. Helpless in my arms and
helpless against her own hot response and the hunger it brought forth. She
took my face in her hands and leaned in to kiss me. He tongue slid between
my lips as I slowly lowered her to the hood of the car. Once she was sitting
on the hood I leaned it to press her down so she was lying flat against the
hood, her legs still wrapped around me as I ground into her.

Marsha broke the kiss and pressed her hands against my shoulders. "Jack
please. Please Jack." I gave her a comforting smile and Marsha relaxed as
I slid down her body, like I was getting off of the car. I surprised her
however when I stopped half way down her body in order to give her mound
some oral attention. I had flipped her skirt up when I put her down, so
her pink panties were exposed. I slipped my fingers into her panties and
hooked the now wet material out of my way. I then leaned and began slipping
my tongue up and down her slick slit. Marsha's body jumped like I had given
her an electric shock. Her hands dug into my hair in an effort to pull me
away, but at the same time her hips, far wiser than the rest of her,
responded to my attentions with urgent humping motions. I ignored Marsha's
hands which soon left my head anyway, and I concentrated on the task at
hand (or mouth at hand as it were). I got one hand under my chin and pushed
my finger to where it was just touching her opening. My other hand I ran
under the waistband of her panties to keep it well out of my way, as well
as to apply gentle rubbing circles to her mound. Within moments Marsha was
humping my fingers, eager for them to please and touch her where she had
never been touched before. I glanced up the supple lines of Marsha's body
to see her trying to stuff one of her hands in her mouth to muffle her
cries of pleasure. Her other hand had bunched up the edge of her blouse,
exposing her bare tanned belly. I smiled to myself and started giving her
snatch a series of gentle sucking kisses.

Each one was longer and a little more stimulating than the last. On the third
one little Marsha went off like a firecracker! Her tiny fist balled up and
slammed into the hood of my car! I could hear her crying around the hand she
had forced into her mouth, and her feet kicked out as she tried to twist her
body away from me!

I let her go and stood up. Marsha curled up and quivered on the hood of my
car, shaking with the passion of the moment. I wiped her juices from my mouth
with my shirtsleeve as I looked at her. Her tanned and toned legs, perfect
calves and thighs. Her long blonde hair, her pretty face. Damn but I wanted
this girl!

I leaned in and scooped her up in arms. Marsha tucked her head in on my
shoulder and put her arms around my neck, her breathing still ragged. I
hushed and shushed and made comforting noises to her as we entered the
house through the sliding glass door that went into the kitchen. I thought
about fucking her on the counter, but passed. We went through that most
famous living room next, and again I passed on the thought of doing her
there. Instead we went up the stairs and I put my delicious prize on her
bed. I knelt down by the side of the bed and talked to her.

"Marsha. Marsha are you OK?"

"What was that Jack?" she asked in a small voice.

"Oh baby that was just you cumming. Don't tell me you never had an orgasm

Marsha's face screwed up in embarrassment. "No." she responded.

"Did you like it?"

Marsha nodded yes.

"Would you like another one? Maybe even a better one?" I asked smiling,
already knowing the answer.

Marsha's eyes got very wide, but she nodded yes.

"Do you trust me baby?"

Marsha smiled and nodded yes again. I could see she was both scared and eager
at the same time. I kissed her forehead lightly, savoring the smell of her
shampoo. I then began undressing Marsha. I ran a constant rap on her "Oh
baby you are so beautiful. Look at what a woman you are." That kind of crap.
Marasha reluctantly helped me strip her down. She became more enthusiastic
about helping after we got her blouse off and I started kissing her firm
pointy little tits. This new attention got her going and soon she was nude.
Then my clothes started coming off. The look on her face when I dropped my
jeans and boxers in one fell swoop was priceless. Her jaw dropped and her
eyes almost popped out of her head!

I dropped to my knees beside the bed and began running my hands over her
body. I got her to move her legs apart as I brushed her lean thighs with my
hands. Then I swung my body up and between her sweetly parted thighs. I
lifted myself up high so that my cock was actually against her belly. Marsha
had a serious look on her face as she gazed down at the heavy meat snake
laid against her torso.

I slid myself back down into a more proper position for entering my prize.
Then I propped myself up on one arm like I was doing a one-handed push-up.
I used my free hand to grasp my rod and I began rubbing it up and down her
slit. I took my time, watching her sparsely covered mound move at my
attentions. Marsha ran her hands over my VR chest and arms, her breathing
deep and eager as I pressed myself against her opening.

I lined myself up at her opening and began pushing my way in. She was so
tight I wondered if I would even be able to tell if I came up against her
hymen. The answer was yes. After the first couple of inches worked their
way past her tight walls, I could feel an obstruction. I slowly worked
myself into a rhythm working with just those first few inches.

I had both hands on the bed now, full push-up position, just working my hips
up to the point of no return. Marsha was getting used to my girth and was
enjoying the sensation. Soon enough she was ready for "More." She said.
"More." She whispered hoarsely.

"You want more Marsha?" I asked.

Marsha nodded her head; her eyes closed as she softly bit her lower lip.

"Look at me Marsha." I commanded.

She opened her eyes, the bright blue almost electric with her need and

"It will hurt a little at first. If you want me to give you more you have to
be prepared. If you want me to go deeper and make you feel really good...
you'll just have to take it. Understand?"

Marsha looked me straight in the eye and slowly nodded her head yes. I gave
her a smile and leaned down to kiss her. First I planted a soft kiss on the
end of her perky little nose, and then I ravished her mouth. As I did this
I began pumping myself in and out of her a little faster, still stopping just
shy of breaking into her. Marsha ran her hands all over my upper torso as I
built up our tension.

She broke the kiss, panting, her lower torso twisting itself up to my
thrusts, ready. I PUSHED into her! Marsha stiffened against the invasion and
cried out. I moaned at the sensations. She was amazingly tight and I had to
fight the urge to start slamming into her.

Marsha's hands bunched up the bed sheets underneath her. Then I thrust past
her barrier with one sharp move! Marsha's hands went to my chest as she tried
to push me off. She opened her mouth as if to tell me to stop but the wind
was out of her and no noise came out. I calmly took and pinned her hands
above her head as I continued my quest to bottom out in her tight confines.
I kept up a steady pace of getting another inch in every 5 or 6 strokes.

Before I worked my way all the way in Marsha found her voice "Oh Jack it's
wonderful! Oh Jack its soooo gooood!" She moaned as leaned down to nuzzle
her neck. Tears were drying on her face from the pain of my initial entry.
I freed her hands and leaned in close to get more of a thrusting angle. I
could feel Marsha run her legs up the outside of my body, tilting her pelvis
to give me better access. I finally ground my pelvis all the way against
her, sheathed in her tight, tight heat. I started a steady series of long
slow thrusts. Marsha moaned and groaned in my ear as she nipped at my neck.

I felt her stiffen against me as she came. "Are you cumming for me Marsha?"
I asked as I freed one of my hands to cup her small soft tit. "Are you
cumming for me?" I growled when she didn't respond.

"Yessssss!" she let out with a breathy sigh. When she did this I pinched her
nipple for the first time. The response was galvanizing as her body jumped
and she cried out. With this I really began thrusting, pounding my way in and
out of her tight little body.

Marsha cried out and clung to me as she twisted underneath me. I could feel
her cum again and ride the wave as I sped up my pace, racing to finish with
her! Then BAM! I did, I came hard and Marsha cried out even louder as I
emptied myself into her!

I kept pumping until I was done, then I slowly slid out and off of her,
collapsing next to her on the bed. Marsha just lay there next to me, trying
to learn how to breathe again. After awhile I was almost dozing off when I
heard "Wow." Come out of her. I laughed and sat back up, taking her in my
arms and kissing her soft delectable lips.

We made out a little while, and then I asked her if she had enjoyed herself.
She looked up at me, her eyes blue wide open and eager "Oh yes Jack, it was
wonderful!" she told me.

"Well, let's clean up, and maybe if you are good I'll show you some more

"Oh. I'm bleeding." She said in a quiet voice.

"That's from me breaking your hymen. It should be done bleeding now."

"But look at my bed spread! What will I tell my parents?" She wailed.

"Tell them you got sick and threw up on the bed." I told her as got off the
bed and motioned for her to do the same. "Or you spilled a drink. In the
meantime you clean up your own mess and throw this spread in the washing
machine and do a load before they get home and see any different."

"I don't like to lie to my parents Jack."

"OK. So tell them the truth then." I said flatly as stripped the spread from
the bed and wadded it up to hand to her. Marsha gave me a frustrated look
before taking the spread and throwing on a frilly little robe. "I'll start up
the shower so we can get cleaned up." I called after her as she headed down
to the laundry room.

In the bathroom I laid out two towels for us and started up the hot water. I
stepped in and started to lather up, making sure to clean my tool well. I was
done with all the essentials and just enjoying the beat of the hot water when
I heard a knock at the door. "Jack? Are you almost done?" I shook my head; I
forgot how much leading she would need. I slid out of the shower without
answering and yanked the door open. Marsha just stood there startled as I
grabbed her and lifted her up. I carried her to the shower stall and set her
in the tub as she finally realized what I was doing and began to squeal.

I got in after her, stripped the wet robe off of her incredible body, and
began kissing her all over. We spent about 10 minutes just touching each
other. I uncapped the shampoo and as she washed her hair I soaped up the
rest of her incredible body. I ran my hands all over her torso and back,
then I got down on one knee and worked my hands over that ASS and then down
her slender legs.

Then I told Marsha it was her turn. I poured some shampoo in her hands and
put them on my chest. Then I watched her tentatively explore my body. She
started with my torso, but her hands soon found themselves drawn downwards.
She took my stiff rod in her soft hand and explored the length of it. I took
her other hand and led it to my balls. She cupped them and rolled them in
her palm. I pushed down on her shoulders and the entranced teen took her
position in front of me. I splashed some water over my privates to rinse the
soap off. "Kiss it." I said. "Taste it." I encouraged. "Remember when I went
down on you? Remember how good that felt? You can do that for me now Marsha.
Go ahead."

Timidly she started. She spent a lot of time on the crown at first. Kissing,
then little flicking tastes with her tongue. Then she graduated to actually
sucking the head into her mouth. I encouraged her to roll her tongue around
it a little more and to explore the shaft. I also encouraged her to look at
me. "See how much you please me baby. Look at me with those baby blues." It
was an incredible sight.

Before too long I felt my load cumming. I could feel it in my knees. I leaned
forward and braced myself on the wet tile above her head. Doing this forced
me even further into mouth than she was prepared for and I could hear her
choke a little. The suddenness of the shift made it difficult for her to move
away. I could hear her gag a little but like a trooper she kept on sucking
until... until... "Oh Yeah Baby! Suck it, suck it all down! Keep at it!

Spent I pushed myself off of the tile wall and left the sanctuary of her
mouth. I helped her stand and turned her around to rinse my cum from her
face. I praised her and thanked her as I nibbled on her neck and played with
excited tits. My hands wandered down to her sparsely covered pussy and began
to rub. I was surprised by the heat I found down there, she was more than
just a little excited. "Sucking me off made you excited didn't it? Making me
happy made you horny didn't it little girl?" I teased. My fingers began to
stroke her and I slid the other hand between her legs from behind. Marsha
was gasping for breath as I probed her opening with my thumb. The water was
hitting her high on the chest and running down her body in torrents. My right
hand was a blur of motion rubbing her clit; the left hand had my thumb up and
inside stimulating her.

It was amazing how soon and easy she got off. Marsha cried out and caught
herself from falling with one hand on the wet tile, the other digging her
nails into flesh of my arm. I kept the attention up as she cried out, shaking
her head back in forth, her hair flailing wildly. After a little bit I slowed
down. Marsha was still shaking, but I realized the water had gotten cold. I
turned it off and scooped my little shell-shocked honey. I wrapped Marsha up
in the towels and took her to her room where I covered her up. I went back to
the bathroom to dry off and wipe up the water I had tracked on the floor.

Back in Marsha's bedroom I got dressed and tucked the now sleeping teen into
bed. I went downstairs and let myself back out. I got in my car and grinned
to myself. I was very pleased with everything, especially the plot twist I
had plugged into the script at this point. I pulled out of the Brady driveway
and Marsha's schoolbooks went everywhere! I pulled the car all the way out
and parked on the street in front of the house next door. Then I got out,
picked all the books up, and re-entered the house. I took the books up to
Marsha's room and laid them on her desk. Then I headed back down the stairs
when I heard the rest of the Brady clan come into the house from the side
door. In typical sit-com fashion I looked around frantically and tried to
hide at the top of the stairs. When the kids started to come up I realized
I couldn't slip back into the girls room without being seen so instead I
slipped into the master bedroom and hid myself in the closet.

Once in there I hit the escape button. The escape button was a large red
button that worked just like the phones in the Matrix movies. Hit it and you
were out of the VR simulation. So I went from standing in the middle of Mike
and Carol Brady's closet, back to reality, sitting on my couch. I had draped
a hand towel over my abdomen and folded it over my hard on when I first sat
down. Now I used that towel to clean up and grab a soda and a nap before I
went back into my VR playroom.


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