This is a parody, not the real thing, you have to be an adult to read the
below story.

Brady Bunch: Something Came Up Part 1 (MF, reluc)
by Dr. Bone

Ever since Mr. Brady had left Mrs. Brady for a younger secretary at the
office she had been hell to live with. She had retreated into making
schedules for everything. "What sort of man has a family of eight living
in a house with only one toilet upstairs?" she said posting the shower

Greg looked at the schedule. He had overslept and had to take a shower. He
did not see his mother around and got in. As the hot water hit his back he
began to wake up some more.

Outside Mrs. Brady steamed. It was bad enough Mr. Brady had left, the
bathroom situation, the fact that no man wanted to date her (when they heard
six kids they bolted), but now somebody was blocking the shower, well, she
would teach them a lesson.

Mrs. Brady steeled herself and went into the bathroom. She ignored Greg's "I
am in here." and stepped right into the shower, nude other than her bath cap.

"Mom!" Greg shrieked trying to turn against the wall.

"Young man there is a schedule up there for a reason." He tried to push past
her to get out but his body rubbed against hers. Her tits hit against his arm
and his cock hit her stomach, a cock that began to grow.

Mrs. Brady noticed his cock and despite herself felt excited, Greg's cock was
a solid ten inches and was young and thick. She had not had it in so long,
and struggled to control herself. "Young man you cannot leave the shower in
that...state. What would people say."

Greg blushed and said that he had been thinking of Susan, head of the
cheerleader squad.

"I bet you are young man, so think of her while I do this." She reached
forward and grabbed her step son's cock and began to jerk it off.

"Mom!" Greg screamed in horror, but some of it was shame, he had often jerked
off about his step mother and now it had come true.

"Greg you should learn to keep on a schedule. None of this would have
happened. So think of that cheerleader of yours rubbing your cock, with her
nice blonde hair."

As she talked though all Greg could think of was fucking his step mom right
then and there. She could feel his cock start to throb and knew he was going
to cum soon. She aimed it deliberately right at her tits. Greg fired off a
huge load in the shower and she could feel the hot sticky mess splatter all
over her breasts. She pumped his cock for an extra minute to make sure the
load was all out making him groan and moan.

"Now remember the schedule." she said leaving him in the shower trembling.

For the next week all Greg could think of was that moment in the shower.
Carol pretended it did no happen at breakfast though her pussy got wet every
time she saw him, and Greg had to hide his hard on from her.

Then came Friday, a rare occasion, nobody home for the weekend but Greg and
Mrs. Brady. She was on the phone getting dressed for a school meeting when
Greg came into the bedroom and told his mom she could not go as something
had come up. Irritated she turned around to see Greg in just his briefs with
a huge hard on. She quickly said "I will have to call you back. Greg! What
are you doing!" she said.

"I can't stop thinking about that day in the shower and now that dad is gone
you need a man around the house."

"Greg this is so wrong. Get back!" but he came closer, she knew she had to
get control of the situation, so she grabbed his hard cock and pulled it out
of his shorts, thinking a quick hand job would get it out of his system and
they could talk, but Greg had other plans, he pulled her closer and kissed
her, she was not ready for it and struggled to push away but his strong arms
held her. He kissed her again put his cock against her stomach pointing up
so the top brushed her tits.

He put her hand back on his cock and kissed her deeper, grabbing her pert
little tits. "Greg! This is so wrong. I am your step mother. I'm older than
you. You are my stepson." but Greg continued to grope her breasts. Greg
started to open the buttons of her dress. With a snap her bra came open and
Greg slipped her boobs out of it and began to suck on them. His fingers
slipped under her cotton panties and began to finger her pussy.

Mrs. Brady had never been more aroused or scared. She knew she had to control
this situation before it got out of hand. She got down on her knees and in
the classic pose told Greg to calm down. She reasoned that if she blew him he
might come to his senses. She did not know if she wanted him to fuck her.

Greg's cock was bigger than his father's and had that young taste to it,
clean and fresh with a bit of sweat and musk. It turned her on to suck his
dick, more than she thought as her fingers reached down and played with her
own snatch. She licked along the main vein underneath his cock, then kissed
then head noisily.

This was too much for Greg. He lifted her off the floor and threw her on the
bed. Her panties were yanked off and she felt Greg's tongue lick her pussy,
no technique but quick and hard, it got her off anyway, instinctively she
reached down and held his head down against her pussy. His tongue licked her
clean pink anus also, something Mr. Brady had not done in years.

Greg got on top of her. "Greg if you do this there is no going back. Are you
sure?" In response he grabbed her legs and pulled them up onto his shoulders.
He reached down and guided his cock into her. It felt like she was getting
fucked for the first time in years.

They kissed violently, Greg sucked her tits hard. She whispered in his ear
that she wanted him to cum inside of her. "Cum inside of my pussy Greg. Own
me! Own me! Own me!" Greg could not take it and came in her deeply.

They laid together, his cock growing soft inside of her. She kissed him
saying they would have to think about what to do next. She went to the
bathroom to pee, and when she came back Greg was already hard again. She
got into the kneeling position and she stood behind her and penetrated
her. Greg varied his thrusts more. At times ramming her, at other times
pulling it almost all the way out and slowly reentering her. He squeezed
her tight little ass as he fucked her.

"Greg I want you to stop and fuck me in the asshole." Greg pulled out unsure
what to do next. Mrs. Brady told him to get the vibrator and lube out of the
nightstand. He put the vibrator in her pussy then he slowly pushed his oiled
cock up her ass, taking his time to let her anus stretch and relax to
accommodate his member.

"That's it Greg!" She said reaching backwards to work the vibrator as he
fucked her ass, "Own me! Fuck my ass. Yes my man! Fuck my ass! Oh shit! I'm
yours. Fuck me in my butt!" Greg soon came and slowly withdrew his cock from
her ass.

"She told him to clean off his cock with a wet towel. After he cleaned it
off she sucked on it to make sure it was totally clean and soon he was hard
again. This time he sat down and she fucked him sitting on his cock facing
him until a third dose of semen was sprayed into her body.

They slept together and in the morning had a stale "fuck" before getting in
the shower together. They planned to bring the rest of the family into what
had happened! But how much they were brought in they would never dream of...

As you will see in the next episode.


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