Brady Bunch: Joy Of Jan (ff,inc,herm,preg)
by Richard Garner ([email protected])

As every one was waiting for the new baby to arrive, Jan Brady was always
seemed to out of sorts. So Marcia took thing in hand, she walked into the
bedroom. Jan was laying on the bed doing her home work. Marcia was looking
at her ass. Marcia was rubbing her pussy, her cock appeared. "Jan she said
I have something for you."

Jan looked and seen how Marcia's skirt was poking out like a tent. Jan just
looked as Marcia raised her skirt. "Oh my!" Jan said looking at the large
cock before her.

"This is what got mom pregnant, how would you like to feel it in your ass
and pussy?"

"Marcia," Jan said, "this is not natural."

"Natural or not, I can make you just like mom."

Jan just sat there and reached for Marcia's cock.

"Go on keeping going."

Jan was jacking Marcia off. Jan seen the pre cum leaking out.

"Taste it!" Marcia said.

Jan bent down her tongue touched her cock head. It sent Marcia off.


She pushed Jan mouth over her cock, "I'll teach you how to suck cock too."

Marcia laid back on the bed. Jan was between Marcia's legs she was working
her tongue. Jan's head was all Marcia seen, took off her blouse she wore no
bra. "Come lick my hard nipples," she said.

Jan crawled up her body laid on her sister. Jan took great pleasure in
sucking on Marcia's nipples. Soon Jan was naked Marcia was sucking on her
clit. "OOOOHHH GOODD! Jan moaned.

"Be quite they will hear you."

"But it feels so good," Jan said.

Marcia soon was rubbing her cock along Jan's pussy which was so wet.

"Please fuck me!" Jan said.

"I shall," Marcia said. Marcia slowly put her cock into her sister. "You a

"Yes," she said.

"Well, not for long."

Marcia felt Jan's cherry break.

Jan was in pain but that too seem to go away, and she felt nothing but
pleasure. Jan had felt her first orgasm, but it wouldn't be her last. Marcia
continued to fuck her. She let Jan go shower. She clean the bed up and then
she joined her.

"Oh my pussy is sore."

Marcia ran her finger along Jan's clit. "Come suck me," Marcia said.

Jan was once again on her knees, taking Marcia's deep in her throat. "Oh you
are a good cock sucker, you like to suck don't you?"

"Yes, I love your cock," Jan continued to suck it.

Marcia jerked as she came in Jan's mouth.

Weeks went on, Jan was at Marcia call even at school Marcia waited in the
restroom. Jan walked in called her name.

"I am here!"

Jan walked to the far stall seen Marcia naked. Holding her hard cock, Jan
turned around raising her skirt pulling her panties down which was wet.
"Open your pussy," Marcia said.

Jan opened her pussy, juice went all over her fingers. Jan licked her
fingers. Marcia fucked her hard. Jan felt her pussy jerk as she came again.

At home they fucked every chance they got. Carol was home, Jan soon began to
feel sick.

"Marcia am I knocked up?"

"I would say so sister dear. You have a while before you show. You better
have a story, too. I don't think dad will like to find out you're knocked

Time went on, Jan still had sex with Marcia, she would take it up her ass.
Jan was showing, but she never told it was Marcia. Carol knew for she had
seen them. To everyone surprise, Jan had twins and the Brady's just got


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