Brady Bunch: Jan Brady - I Want To Be Popular (FFF,reluc)
by Dr. Bone

Alice saw Jan come in and slam her school books down on the table. The boy that she had wanted to go out with was only using her to get close to Marsha. "It's always about Marsha! Marsha!! Marsha!!! Marsha!!!!" she said storming out of the kitchen.

"Oh! Jan has to learn that sometimes these things don't work out the way they should. I'll go in and..." said Mrs. Brady.

"Um! Mrs. Brady let me go speak to her." Said Alice the Brady's family maid as she started to get out the fixings for Jan's favorite "pick-me-up" sundae. "We are both middle children. We understand each other."

Alice came upstairs and found Jan sobbing in bed. Marsha was trying to comfort her, saying what a jerk Todd was for doing what he did and that she would never go out with him, ever.

Marsha saw Alice nod her head towards the door and took the hint and left. "Look Jan I understand how it is. We are both the middle child."

"Alice I don't want any..." She said looking at the sundae.

"Okay, but look maybe I can help you."

"Well nobody seems to be able to. Mom says it will happen someday, that I will meet the perfect boy for me. Marsha tries to help but she has always been popular. It comes natural to her. And dad just spouts clich‚ after clich‚."

"I know, it is hard but I can help you. Before I was with Sam I used to beat them off with a stick."

"You did?" Jan said, then felt bad about it, as if the way she said it was hurtful to Alice.

"Look next week when the family goes away just say you are not feeling good and we will have the whole weekend to work on it."

Jan felt a little guilty about lying until she realized Marsha would have all the attention on the ski slopes anyway. Then she suddenly felt less guilty.

Once the family had left she went downstairs to Alice's room. "Okay Jan I am going to teach you how to keep a boyfriend, or take someone else's away." She said laughing. "The first thing we are going to do is see what mistakes you make when you are on a date. Now just give me a minute or two." It was more like fifteen minutes until Alice came out of the bathroom. And Jan stood there in surprise. Alice was wearing a black men's suit, with shirt and tie. She had on men's shoes and sox, her hair was greased back and she had no makeup on. She saw Jan was stunned and laughed.

"Don't worry Jan we are going to use some role-play to see where your problem is. Okay say hello." Jan did it so stiffly, she suggested a nod and a wink and to be more flirty. Jan began to relax a bit.

Alice went over to the bed and sat down. "Now suppose we are in the car, sit down next to me. What base do you let the boys get to? First, second...homerun?"she said with a bit of intrigue.

"No I never do that! Mom says boys respect girls that don't do that."

"And they don't get a second date, what do you think Marsha does? She is good looking and all, but I talked to the maid of one of the boys she dates and whoa!!!"

Jan was stunned; it was almost as if her sister was cheating to be popular. "What can I do?" she said sitting down next to Alice.

"Well, when a boy puts his arm around you what do you do?"

"Push it off!" Jan said realizing that was the wrong answer.

"No leave it there, it is not doing any harm to anyone." Alice put her arm over Jan's shoulder. Jan felt a little uncomfortable but left it there.

"Why do they do that?" Asked Jan. Alice told her it was to be closer to her, and also to cop a little feel. "A little feel?" Jan asked and Alice gave the side of Jan's tit the briefest of touches which made Jan throw Alice's arm off of her shoulder.

"And that is why Marsha will always be ahead of you. A grope is not going to harm anyone. Is it going to get you pregnant?" Jan said it would not. "Is it going to hurt your reputation? No you can always later deny it. And it won't leave a mark or stain. So let him. There are different sorts of feels. So sometimes you have to say no."

"Like how?" Jan asked.

"Well there is the brief feel like I just did. Then there is the brush he might make while getting up." Alice said briefly touching Jan's breast. Then there is the out and out grab, only let them do it if they know you really well or you are sure they are a keeper." Alice boldly squeezed Jan's tits, then she reached underneath and lifted her breasts up from underneath. "I won't even get into nipple pinches. There you might just have to slap him good." She said making Jan laugh.

Alice crossed the room and brought back a mirror. "Then there is kissing. I want you to kiss the mirror." Jan did her best kiss but she looked "fish-faced."

"Now do it with your eyes open, so you can see how you look." Jan did so and realized she looked far too tense.

"Look, a kiss is a gift between two people you have to relax or they are going to know how tense you are. Now try it again." Jan adjusted her technique per Alice's instructions. Alice told her she was doing very well. "So let's see if you learned anything." She said telling her to "pucker up. "

"Alice..I can't. You're a girl." Alice told her it was just a small kiss for practice and would mean nothing to her. "I have to see if you have learned anything."

"Well, okay." Jan leaned forward and Alice kissed her on the lips with a quick peck. "Not bad at all, but you need to relax your mouth more."

"Like this?" Jan said doing it again. This time Alice kissed her a bit longer.

"Very good Jan. What about tongues have you ever done that?" Jan told her she hadn't. Alice told her it was not hard just not to stick her tongue too far down and to always make sure her breath was fresh.

"Now some boys will try to cop a feel wile kissing you. Now how you want your relation to continue with them will let you know what to do. But you must be ready for it in advance. If you swat his hand away or jump he will think you are rejecting him and the whole evening will be ruined. So don't be surprised. You have to suppress your natural reflex to pull away."

It made sense to Jan, Alice kissed her again but this time she placed her hand on her breast giving it a slight squeeze. "Very good." Said Alice getting up to make Jan feel more comfortable. Alice did not want to push Jan too was to be a long weekend.

She let her relax and asked had she given any boy a hand-job or sucked them off. Jan got a little bit offended but then said she had. Alice said she knew, Jan looked stunned but then she told her maids did talk amongst themselves.

Alice asked her how it had gone and Jan had to confess that it had gone "Not too well. I think I pulled too hard, he said I hurt it, and the other guy, I uh...bit." She said looking down.

"Well, I can teach you and have brought a visual tool, but I don't know if I should, it might make you too popular and I don't know if you can handle that."

Alice had hit the perfect keywords for Jan. "I can handle it." she said quickly.

"Are you sure?" Jan nodded she could. Alice reached down and unzipped the fly of her pants and pulled out a huge flesh colored silicone dildo which she had strapped on.

Jan's eyes went wide. "Now let me see your hand-job technique." Alice said clinically, putting Jan at ease. Jan reached out and gave it a tentative tug. Alice told her "First off you need some lube and second off don't tug it to hard, let your hand glide over it. "Now if you don't have lube spit in your hand, it may be nasty put it will get the job done, this is no time to be a lady."

Jan spat in her palm and grabbed the cock rubbing it. Alice told her she was doing good and told her to twist her hand around it. Alice complimented her on her technique making her smile. "Now your hand will get tired, sometimes guys will distract themselves to make you work longer, so you have to combat that with kissing and feels. Let him feel you tits so he will cum quicker.

Alice reached out and felt Jan's breasts as she jerked her off. Alice kissed her making fake moaning sounds to provide her feedback. "Okay enough! That was great! You would have gotten the guy off in a few minutes. Now we have to work on blow-jobs unless that would be too much for you."

Jan paused and then asked, "Alice, what we are doing it's not lesbian. Right?"

Alice acted a bit insulted, "Jan that is why I took the time to dress up this way, and all you have done is played with a big fake cock. And the reason you are doing it is to get boys. Right?"

Jan nodded. "Now the classic position is with the girl kneeling in front of the guy. The first thing you have to do is grip it at the base, that way he can't shove too much down your throat. Though some guys do find it sexy if you gag. Don't ask me why. Now brushing it with your teeth is okay but not too hard."

Jan got on her knees in front of Alice and grasped the silicone cock, she hesitated, for some reason she was slightly turned on and did not know why. "Now kiss it." Alice told her, Jan complied then took it in her mouth. Alice told her to relax her mouth and stroke the shaft while she did so. "Good Jan. Now the problem is like the hand-jobs some guys have a lot of staying power and can make you do it until your jaws are tired. So what you have to do is stimulated them so they finish quicker." Jan asked her how she could do that. "Well, you can play with your tits while you suck them off. Go on try again."

Jan groped her own breasts while she sucked on the cock. Alice smiled pleased telling her to open her blouse a bit. Jan, not seeing the harm and did so. "That's great Jan, if I was a guy I would have been near coming. The other thing guys like to see is the girl rub themselves." Jan looked at her puzzled then realized what she had meant.

"Come on reach up there and rub yourself. Don't fake it guys can tell, rub yourself, that's it. No put your fingers inside your panties and keep sucking. Yes take it deeper you little slut!" Jan froze at that last comment but Alice recovered saying that was just a little thing guys said when they were really excited. Alice started to stroke Jan's hair softly telling her to rub her pussy faster.

Jan moaned and then despite herself came. Panicked she got up. What have I done? This is wrong. Am I a lesbian?" Alice let her calm down telling her she was not.

"Look there is the other thing you must know."

"What is that?" said Jan a little leery.

"You must know how to put a rubber on a guys cock." Alice said going over to her draw and getting out a big handful of rubbers.

Jan and her laughed as it was so hard to open the wrappers. She finally got it opened and managed to roll it onto the cock. Alice showed her skills by taking off the one Jan had put on and put another one on one handed. Jan was impressed.

"And remember for all you do for a guy he should do something for you. For instance you jerked and sucked me off and the least I can do is return the favor." Before Jan could react Alice had her hand between her legs and was rubbing her pussy though her panties.

"This isn't lesbian, is it?" She asked as she came. Alice told her no and snaked her fingers inside Jan's panties taking delight in feeling her wet tight pussy. Alice kissed her lips telling her that it was not.

Then Alice got Jan to stand up. "Take off your panties, if we want to be sure you are not a lesbian there is one other thing we should do."

"Which is?" Jan asked.

"Fuck!" Alice said. Jan hesitated then Alice reached up her dress and the panties came down. Jan stepped out of them. Alice kissed Jan hard. Then she lubed up the cock.

"This is just to go over how to be fucked, right?" Jan asked as Alice got on top of her tossing the suit jacket away. She spread Jan's legs wide and pushed the dildo inside of her.

"Yeah! That's right I am going to teach you the ultimate secret. Of what men want." Alice pumped the dildo in out of Jan as her hands opened up Jan's dress and slid it off, followed by Jan's bra. Alice admired how rock hard her nipples were.

"Now before the big secret what do you do if he brought a friend along to fuck you?" Before Jan could answer that Alice said "If you are really into the relationship you might have to let him do it even if it means that he thinks you are some sort of slut."

Jan did not know what she was talking about until Alice came into the room again, or rather her identical cousin Emma. Emma was dressed in jeans, a black leather jacket, boots, and most menacing of all she had a huge black dildo strapped on and was lubing it up. Alice pulled out and Emma pushed the big black cock into Jan and began to fuck her as Alice stripped. Then Alice, naked except for the strap on reentered Jan as Emma stripped.

"Oh my! I'm not a lesbian now? Am I?" Jan said.

"No, not till we tell you the secret which is: boys love lesbians." Said Alice pulling the dildo out of Jan she leaned forward and stuck her tongue into Jan's blond cunt.

"Stop!" Jan pleaded but Alice kept licking until Jan came like she never did before, ever. Emma joined in and between the two they held her at a near state of climax for nearly fifteen minutes, then when they let her cum her entire body shook.

"Now you are a lesbian, or at least bi." Jan looked puzzled for a moment at the last term but then she got it. The women kept teasing her cunt making Jan say how much she loved pussy and hated boys. And some of it might have been true.

"Now you are our slave." Said Emma as she took a large black leather collar and put it around Jan's neck locking it into place.

Then Alice went around the bed and lowered her shaved pussy onto Jan's face slowly. She leaned forward and pinched Jan's nipples as Emma pushed that big rubber cock back into her pussy.

The smell was strong and musky. Alice rubbed her pussy across Jan's face several times until finally she felt Jan kiss her snatch then lick it. They had done it, they had converted Jan. Jan felt the dildo slide out of her replaced by Emma's skilled tongue.

The fucking and pussy licking continued for another hour then the women rested. Alice and Emma took Jan into the bathroom and with an electric clipper gave her a buzz cut in the bathroom that made her more fit in her new role better. In some ways she liked it as she now looked way different from Marsha.

The two cousins took off their strap-ons and taught Jan the finer points of cunt licking and pussy on pussy rubbing. They took the big black dildo Emma had worn and strapped it on Jan and had her fuck them both, they were impressed on how rough she was.

"That was good but don't get too cocky." Alice said laughing at her own pun as Jan pulled the dildo out of her pussy. Emma went behind Jan and unstrapped the dildo, then she roughly pushed Jan down onto the bed and pulled her hands behind her bed.

"What are you doing?" Jan said as she felt the handcuffs snap around her wrists. Alice got out the blindfold and put it over Jan's eyes. A pillow was stuffed under her stomach raising her ass into the air.

"A little advance training. Emma put her mouth up to Jan's pussy, she spread her lips and then spit into it. Jan then felt something slide into her pussy, it was not a dildo. Then she felt something else push into her ass. It was small and slid right in. Emma turned the remote on that linked the two vibrators and they began to buzz.

"What? Oh shit!" said Jan as she came. "This is too much. Ugh!"

She felt a hand at the back of her head push her face into Alice's pussy. She started to lick it. Then the two cousins reversed positions, taking their time to train Jan in the finer points of sex slavery and cunt licking...

At the end of the night Jan finally put back on her dress and crawled up the stairs spent.

Over the next two weeks Jan discovered a power she had not had before. Her new buzz cut and indifference towards the boys had them crawling out of the woodwork to date her. She had gone on a date or two using the methods Alice had taught her and the guys came back wanting more, but Jan felt bored. As if having the prize was not as good as its pursuit.

Jan one afternoon was talking to Alice and she said that there was a girl that was very interested in her, a Blair Warner and maybe she could set it up.

"But if they find out I like girls, couldn't I get in trouble?" Alice assured her not if she played it right.

Then there was the turning point where Marsha came in all frustrated saying she was having problem with boys. "Maybe I ought to get my hair cut short like you."

Jan smiled and told Marsha, "Maybe you should go ask Alice."


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