This is a parody. Not the real thing.

Brady Bunch/Gilligan's Island:
The Brady Bunch On Gilligan's Island Part 3 (FFF,orgy,food,trans,magic)
By Dr. Bone: Who sez: Ya Gotta Be an Adult to Read the Story Below.

If you missed the last episode of Gilligan's Island you missed a lot. The
misadventures of our castaways took an erotic turn when the natives from a
neighboring island captured them all.

All the castaways were forced to drink a potion. The effects were immediately
seen on the women, their boobs grew to at least 42DD. It also made Mrs.
Howell grow twenty years younger. The men gained the sex drive of a dozen
porn stars.

Since then their days consisted of work with frequent fuck breaks. Things
could have ran that way forever until they spotted a boat that contained
the lost at sea Brady Bunch. Some of the Brady clan have already taken the
potion. Who was next???

"Alice my dear you work too hard. You must sit down." said Mrs. Howell to the
Brady's maid.

"But there is so much to do around here." said Alice trying to make herself
busy so as to forget she was stuck on an island far away from her boyfriend

"My dear, I must insist that you relax. Come sit down here for a moment!" she
said patting the beach chair next to her.

"Well maybe for a minute."

They started to talk about Alice and her boyfriend Sam, and their lack of a
sex life.

"That is such a shame my dear. Oh hello Ginger. Join us."

"Well things here used to be like that. Here try this punch. You might find
it pleasing." said Mrs. Howell handing Alice a cup loaded with the sex potion
the natives had given them.

"Okay but just one sip then I have to get back to work." she said taking a
huge sip from the cup. She meant to put it down but it tasted so good that
before she knew it she had finished the whole cup.

"I feel funny." Alice said as her breasts started to tingle. Her dowdy maid's
uniform started to feel tight. She wondered why until she looked down to see
that her tits were getting bigger. The skin on her face got tighter as she
started to, as the Professor called it, de-age. Her ass and abs got tighter
as her boobs continued to expand. She started to unbutton her uniform top and
managed to unhook her bra just in time, a second later and they would have
burst from her expanded cleavage.

Alice collapsed to the chair exhausted. She looked like porn star Aunt Peg
but with bigger tits. "What have you done to me? Sam will never want me like
this." said Alice in shock.

"No my dear, everyone will want you now." said Mrs. Howell getting up from
her chair, she leaned forward and kissed Alice on the lips as her hands
stroked her nipples. Alice almost came on the spot quivering.

"What have you done to me?" she moaned.

"We have unleashed you." said Ginger digging into the bowel of fruit on the
bamboo table. She pulled out a pale yellow fruit that was twelve inches long
and shaped like a penis. "We call these island bananas, even though the
Professor states that they are not bananas in the strictest sense of the
word. Feel their skin." Alice did and was shocked to feel how much like flesh
it felt like.

"What are you going to do with that?" Alice asked nervously.

"Why work it up that needy pussy of yours until you cum."

"I am not going to oooooohhhhh!" she said as Alice felt Mrs. Howell suck on
her tits. Ginger pulled the maid's panties off and started to work the huge
fruit up her pussy. Alice squirmed and moaned as Ginger fucked her with the
fruit. "This is so wrong but it feels so good. Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she
said as she thrust her hips to meet the fruit.

"Mmmm nice and wet!" said Ginger popping the fruit out and handing it to Mrs.
Howell. Ginger started to lick the maid's pussy as Mrs. Howell dangled the
fruit over Alice's mouth having her lick the very tip of it. Alice then took
it in her mouth sucking her juices off of it.

"My dear you are adjusting well to your new…condition." Mrs. Howell said
getting up and removing her clothes. She swung her leg over Alice's head and
then squatted down on her face and felt her pussy being eaten hungerly by the

"Oh you have adjusted well." Mrs. Howell said pinching Alice's nipples hard
enough to make her groan.

They switched spots and Ginger had her pussy eaten as Mrs. Howell fingered

"Mary Ann are you out there? We can use some help!"

"I'm uhhhh! Coming!" a voice said coming from a row of palm trees just beyond
the clearing the three women were at.

"Well hurry up!" added Ginger not that she was in any hurry to get off of
Alice's tongue.

"Some things can't be rushed." a minute or two later Mary Ann emerged, naked
with the three Brady brothers, Peter, Bobby and Greg. She had given the
potion to them and they had ravished her all the way down to the beach.

"Who is that?" said Bobby as he began to stroke his hard on. The men on the
island were horny enough but when you gave the potion to young men...

"Shit is that Alice?" said Greg as Ginger and Mrs. Howell moved to the side
to watch what would be a most interesting show.

"Boys!" Alice said realizing who was around her, then she looked down at
their throbbing cocks and said, "Men!"

Greg laid down in the chair next to Alice and held his prick up in the air.
Alice got up, her will not her own, "Come on Alice! Sit right on my cock.
That's a good girl."

"I don't know about this, what about Sam!?!"

"Sam is thousands of miles away from you not giving a shit what happens to
you. Now sit on it!" Ginger said as she pushed down on Alice's shoulders and
as Mary Ann held his cock up and steady. All she had to do was feel the tip
go in and she went berserk. She started to slam her body up and down the
shaft without mercy. Greg sucked on her now huge tits.

Peter balanced on the chair behind Alice, he pushed down on her back to lean
her forward and inserted his well greased cock up her ass. "What! Peter! Oh
wait! That is more like it!"

"Yeah Alice that's it. Ride my cock baby. Faster oh yeah!" said Greg enjoying
the body of the newly sexed up maid.

"I guess I am the odd man out!" said young Bobby, then the other three women
laughing, tackled him onto the other chair. He was eating Mary Ann's sweat
pussy as Ginger and Mrs. Howell took turns humping his cock.

Greg and Peter busted their nuts inside of Alice, then the girls jerked
Bobby off all over her tits, she happily licked the cum off of them as they

The free for all orgy lasted all afternoon. In the late evening they
struggled to find their clothes on the beach. Alice could not close her
top so when she got back the girls found her stuff to wear from all the
other people who had gone to the island, and left them there when they
got rescured.

What had happened with The Professor and Cindy Brady will be in the next


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