Carol's Dilemma (F/f, inc, fetish, sitcom-parody)
by Lord Pepper ([email protected])



Carol Brady had a dilemma. While she was in college, she had had a two-year
affair with her college roommate. Sandy had taught her the joy of girl-girl
love plus the added pleasure of sex with another woman wearing pantyhose.
Since then, Carol had had the urge, from time to time, to sleep with another
woman. During her first marriage she and her next-door neighbor made love
with each other on an on again off again basis. Tracy had also shared Carol's
love of pantyhose. Since marrying Mike Brady, Carol had not had the desire
for another woman until just recently. Now the feelings were hitting her full
force again. Images of another woman continually ran through Carol's mind.
The dilemma: the other female she fantasized about was her daughter, Marcia.

Marcia was 15 years old and was growing into a lovely young woman. Adding
fuel to Carol's desires was the fact that Marcia seemed to enjoy wearing
pantyhose. Marcia had long shapely legs and was always wearing short skirts
and tan pantyhose. Even when Marcia was wearing jeans, Carol noticed that she
was also wearing pantyhose.

The whole thing had started innocently enough. Carol had seen Marcia limping
in from school and watched as she dropped onto the couch in the rec room.

"Marcia, what's wrong?" Carol exclaimed.

"I've got a cramp in my calf and it hurts like crazy."

"Here sweetheart," Carol said. "Let me massage it for you."

As usual, Marcia was wearing a short skirt and a pair of tan pantyhose. Carol
knelt down in front of Marcia and took her leg into her hands. She slid off
Marcia's shoe and told her to straighten her foot out. Carol was not prepared
for the effect that Marcia's nylon covered calf would have on her. Nor did
she expect the thrill that ran through her body as she stared at Marcia's
pantyhose covered toes. Carol began to slowly massage Marcia's calf. The feel
of the smooth nylon against Marcia's leg started Carol's juices flowing. She
could feel the crotch of her own pantyhose getting wet. Carol had a vision of
sucking Marcia's gorgeous tan nylon covered toes into her mouth.

"Oh Mom," Marcia sighed. "That feels so good. I think I can straighten my leg
out a little."

Marcia straightened her leg and as she did so her thighs parted giving Carol
an excellent view of her mound. Carol nearly fainted. She never expected the
sight of her daughter's pantyhose covered crotch to drive her this crazy.
Images of her glistening red lips and tongue making love to Marcia's nylon
covered pussy swam through her head. Carol had to get out of there quickly.

"All better now dear?" Carol stammered.

"It's just fine now Mom," Marcia replied.

"All right then sweetheart. Go upstairs and start your homework."

As Marcia left the room, Carol quickly ran upstairs to the bathroom in her
own bedroom. She locked the door and quickly pulled her skirt up around her
waist. She unbuttoned her blouse and began playing with her nipples. With her
other hand she began to finger her pantyhose covered cunt. She masturbated
herself while fantasizing about making love with Marcia while they were both
wearing pantyhose. She quickly brought herself to three body shaking orgasms.
As her body began to relax, she began to feel guilty about what she had just
done. She did not mind fantasizing about another woman; however, this was her
own daughter that she was dreaming of. It was incest.

The next day Carol slipped into her daughter's bedroom. She quickly found
Marcia's discarded pantyhose from the day before. She slowly brought the
crotch of the pantyhose to her nose. It smelled of Marcia's sweet perfume.
She also thought she detected a faint odor of sex. She slid her hand into one
leg of the pantyhose. Then she started to slowly caress her cheek with her
nylon-covered hand. Images of Marcia's long shapely legs sliding into the
nylon pantyhose as she put them on ran through her mind. Carol began to
fantasize that she had her daughter here with her now. She unbuttoned her
blouse and began to run the pantyhose over her hard nipples. She lay down on
Marcia's bed and slid her hand under her skirt. She began to rub the crotch
of her pantyhose. Shortly she had fingered herself to another orgasm.

After she came she quickly slipped her own pantyhose off and slowly slid
Marcia's pantyhose onto her own legs. It was somehow erotic to her to be
wearing her own daughter's pantyhose and having the crotch of the pantyhose
that had been next to Marcia's vagina now pressing against her own.

Carol and Marcia wore the same size pantyhose so every day Carol would slip
into Marcia's room, get herself off, and then put on Marcia's pantyhose. She
reasoned this was okay because Marcia was not here. Just fantasizing about
your daughter while you masturbated was not incest. The more she did this,
the more she realized that she did smell girl cum on the crotch of Marcia's
pantyhose. She began to wonder how sexually active her daughter might be.

She would also try to sit across from Marcia as much as possible. Marcia's
skirts were so short that it was not hard to get a peak at her tan nylon
covered cunt. She could tell that Marcia never wore panties when she was
wearing pantyhose. Sometimes she even thought that Marcia was actually
flashing her a little bit.

The images of making love to her daughter soon overcame the moral dilemma
that Carol was having. The strong sexual attraction she had for Marcia had
to be appeased. She began to stand close to Marcia whenever possible,
"innocently" rubbing her breasts against her daughter's body. She would coyly
touch Marcia's nylon encased legs. The feel of the pantyhose against Marcia's
legs drove Carol crazy.

Finally, the day came when Carol planned to seduce Marcia. Mike and the boys
would be going to a baseball game after dinner. Jan and Cindy were staying at
a friend's house for the weekend and Alice would be leaving for vacation.

Friday night arrived and everyone had left. Marcia had gone upstairs to do
her homework. She was wearing a short purple skirt, a purple flower print,
long sleeve, button up blouse, and a pair of sheer to waist dark tan
pantyhose. Carol started up the stairs toward Marcia's room. At the top of
the stairs, Carol stopped. She told herself that it was not too late to turn
back. This was incest. If she stopped now, Marcia would never know. Her own
pantyhose were soaking wet. Her whole body was on fire. With images of her
daughter's long sexy silken legs in her head, Carol continued on. As she
walked into Marcia's room, she saw Marcia lying across the bed on her stomach
reading a book. The short skirt just barely covered Marcia's ass.

"How are you doing sweetheart?" Carol asked.

"Pretty good Mom, but my legs are pretty sore from all the running we did in
gym class today."

This was more than Carol could have hoped for. "Would you like me to massage
them for you Marcia?"

"Would you Mom? That would feel so good," Marcia replied.

Carol sat down on the bed beside Marcia. She started rubbing Marcia's nylon
covered feet. At the first touch, Carol felt a thrill of excitement shoot
through her. The feel of the smooth pantyhose against Marcia's feet was
electrifying. She then moved her hands slowly up Marcia's shiny calves. The
pantyhose felt so good against Marcia's legs. Carol moved her hands up to the
backs of Marcia's silken thighs. Marcia parted her legs so that her mother
could massage the inside of her thighs. This hiked her skirt up slightly and
urged Carol further. Carol's own pussy was screaming for attention. The
desire in her was unbearable. However, she had to go slow. She wanted Marcia,
but she did not want to scare her. Carol eased Marcia's skirt up around her
waist. The sight and feel of Marcia's pantyhose covered ass almost made Carol

Carol began to gently massage Marcia's thighs. She started down around the
knees. She slowly worked her hands up to the tops of the thighs. Now was
Carol's chance. Marcia had spread her legs a little further as her mother
moved her hands up. Carol could see the nylon crotch of the pantyhose
clearly. As she massaged Marcia's thighs, she ever so gently began to rub her
fingers against her daughter's vagina. She noticed that Marcia had put down
her book and had laid her head down on the bed. Then a thought hit Carol. Was
Marcia offering her pussy to her? It seemed to her that her daughter had
spread her legs a little further as she first began stroking her pussy. Carol
became bolder. She now kept her hand in constant contact with Marcia's nylon
covered pussy. It seemed to her that Marcia was raising her ass up in the air
slightly to give her better access to her cunt. Carol could feel the crotch
of her daughter's pantyhose getting wet. Then Carol's heart stopped as Marcia
said, "Mmmm, yes Mom. That feels so good. Don't stop rubbing me like."

All pretenses were gone now. Carol began rubbing the crotch of Marcia's
pantyhose against her clit. At the same time, Carol lay down on the bed and
begin to kiss and lick Marcia's silken ass. The smooth pantyhose tasted good
to Carol's tongue. Marcia's crotch was soaking wet and her moans of pleasure
spurred Carol further.

"Yes Mom! Yes! That feels so good! Don't stop! You're going to make me cum!
Oh god yes! I'm coming!"

Carol felt Marcia's legs squeeze tight around her hand as her whole body
began to shudder. Carol's own pussy was screaming for release. As Marcia's
orgasm overtook her, Carol put her hand under her skirt and made herself cum
too. Her moans of pleasure mixed with her daughter's as they both came all
over the crotch of their pantyhose.

As they begin to relax, Marcia rolled over so she could look into her
mother's eyes.

"Wow Mom. That felt great."

"I'm so sorry I did that to you Marcia," Carol said. "But I just could not
help myself. We won't go any further. A mother and daughter should not be
doing things like this."

Marcia slid close to her mother and said, "Don't be sorry Mom. I wanted you
to do that. I have ever since that day you massaged the cramp out of my leg.
I had always wondered what it would be like to be with another woman. Then
when you rubbed my leg like you did it really excited me. When I went
upstairs to do my homework I heard you moaning in your bedroom. That really
turned me on and I masturbated that day fantasizing about you."

Then one day I came home from school early because I was not feeling well.
As I came up the stairs, I heard you moaning in my room. I peeked around the
door and saw you fingering yourself with my pantyhose. You looked so hot
playing with yourself like that. I wanted so much to come in and lick your
pantyhose covered legs but I was afraid. I thought to myself, 'what would
people think if they knew that I had sex with my mother.' I did make sure to
cum in my pantyhose every night so that you could smell me the next day when
you would play with them."

I also tried to show you my pussy as much as I could when I was sitting down.
Then when you came in here tonight and began rubbing my legs, I said to
myself that I was not going to let you out of my bedroom without making love
to you. So you see mother, I really want to have sex with you. I knew
everyone was going to be gone, that's why I wore this short skirt and these
pantyhose. And since you are also wearing a skirt and pantyhose, we can both
make our fantasies come true."

Carol stared deeply into Marcia's eyes. The doors had been opened. Carol
slowly lowered her lips to Marcia's waiting mouth. Her daughter opened her
mouth as Carol's lips brushed hers. Marcia slid her hands around her mother's
neck and started running her fingers through her hair. Carol pressed her lips
against Marcia's and slowly put her tongue into her daughter's mouth. Marcia
started caressing Carol's tongue with her own. As Carol pressed the kiss
deeper, she slid on top of her daughter's body. Carol could not get enough of
Marcia's eager mouth. She let Marcia put her tongue into her own mouth. As
their lips pressed tightly together, Carol moved her hands down to her
daughter's pantyhose covered hips and ass. The feel of the smooth nylon
against Marcia's legs kept Carol's nipples hard.

Carol broke the kiss and began slowly kissing and licking Marcia's neck. She
slowly worked her lips and tongue to Marcia's breasts. She brought her hands
up and unbuttoned her daughter's blouse down to her waist. She pulled her
blouse back over her shoulders exposing her firm breasts. Her daughter's
nipples were rock hard and Carol could not wait to get them between her lips.

As her Mom's lips sucked in her breasts, Marcia slid her legs around her
mother's and started rubbing her long tan nylon covered legs against her
mother's pantyhose covered legs. The sound of nylon rubbing against nylon
made Marcia hot. She loved the way her mother's legs felt in the pantyhose.
She held her mother's head to her breasts as Carol's tongue eagerly flicked
her nipples.

"Yes Mom, yes," Marcia cried. "I love having you suck my nipples like this.
It feels so good."

Carol slowly moved her lips down Marcia's stomach. She traced a line with her
tongue from Marcia's stomach down to her silky smooth pelvis. She started
eagerly licking her daughter's pantyhose covered hips. Marcia opened her
thighs so her mother could move between them. Carol ran her tongue up and
down her daughter's pantyhose covered thighs reveling in the taste of the
pantyhose against her daughter's legs.

Marcia was crazed with passion. "Lick me Mom! Lick my pantyhose! You don't
know how long I've wanted to have your lips and tongue worshipping my
pantyhose covered legs. It feels so good."

Marcia pulled Carol's head into her nylon-covered mound. Carol eagerly
pressed her lips against the crotch of her daughter's pantyhose and sucked
her juices. She could not believe that she was laying here committing incest
with her daughter. She had fantasized so often about eating her daughter's
pantyhose covered pussy and now she was doing it.

Marcia wildly pumped her silken pelvis into her mother's face as Carol's
tongue rubbed the crotch of the pantyhose against her daughter's clit. The
insides of Marcia's nylon covered thighs were rubbing against Carol's face
as she tongue fucked her daughter's cunt. Soon she felt Marcia's thighs
stiffen. The way her daughter was wildly fucking her pussy into her mouth she
knew it would not be long before she had her orgasm. Marcia's whole body
shuddered and Carol felt a new flow of pussy juice soak the crotch of
Marcia's pantyhose. Carol eagerly swallowed down all of it.

As Marcia let go of her mother's head, Carol moved back up her daughter's
body and quickly sought out her lips. They held each other tightly as they
deeply French kissed for several minutes. Finally, Carol broke the kiss and
laid back.

"Wow Mom," Marcia said breathlessly. "I had no idea an orgasm could feel that
good. You really are good with your tongue."

"It's easy when I have someone as gorgeous as you to work with," Carol
replied as she gave Marcia another kiss on the lips.

Marcia reached over and slowly began to unbutton her mother's blouse. "Now
Mom, can I do the same to you. I've never done this before so you may have to
help me."

Carol slowly took her daughter's hand and placed it on her bare breasts.
"Just go slow sweetheart, and do to me the things you would like to have done
to yourself. You can start by giving me a slow French kiss."

Carol lay back on the bed as Marcia moved on top of her. She lowered her
lips to her mother's. She started slowly giving Carol a deep passionate kiss.
Carol slid her hands around her daughter's waist and started caressing her
nylon covered thighs and ass. Marcia French kissed her mother for a long
time. Then Carol tilted her head back as Marcia moved her lips to her
mother's throat. She began to gently kiss and nibble on her mother's neck.

"That's it honey," Carol whispered. "Now while you are doing that, pull my
skirt up around my waist and start caressing my pantyhose."

As Marcia pulled her mother's skirt up around her waist, Carol spread her
legs so Marcia could move in between them. She hooked her nylon-covered legs
around her daughter's hips and started gently caressing Marcia's legs with
her own. At the same time, Marcia began caressing her mother's silken thighs.

"Yes darling, yes. That feels so good. I love it when you feel my pantyhose
like this." Marcia moved her lips to her mother's breasts. She began to suck
her mother's nipples as Carol moaned with pleasure. The nipples tasted so
good in Marcia's mouth. Then she felt her mother pressing her head down
between her legs. Marcia could hardly wait. Carol spread her legs wide giving
Marcia easy access to her tan pantyhose covered mound. Marcia began to gently
lick the insides of Carol's nylon encased thighs. The smell of her mother's
pussy quickly brought Marcia to Carol's waiting cunt.

Marcia started to suck the crotch of her mother's pantyhose. Carol knotted
her fingers in her daughter's blond tresses and began to hump her pelvis onto
her daughter's tongue.

Carol began pleading with Marcia. "Yes Marcia, yes! That's it! Fuck my
pantyhose covered pussy with your tongue! Just the way I did you!"

Marcia was beside herself. She had no idea that she could make her mother
feel this way. The taste of the cum on her mother's pantyhose drove Marcia
crazy. She quickly pushed her tongue in and out of her mother's wet pussy.
She timed the thrusting of her tongue with the pumping of her mother's hips.

Carol's body was ready to explode. Her daughter was eating her pantyhose
covered pussy and she was ready to cum all over Marcia's face. Marcia's
tongue kept dancing across Carol's clit. Then suddenly Marcia began to suck
it hard. As Marcia did this, Carol's orgasm overtook her and wave after wave
of pleasure rocked through her body. Marcia could not believe how suddenly
wet her mother had become. She greedily sucked the crotch of her mother's

As Carol relaxed, mother and daughter began to slowly lick the cum off each
other's face. Now that they had both released their first throws of passion,
they spent the next couple of hours French kissing each other and exploring
each other's tan pantyhose covered legs with their hands, lips, and tongues.
Carol thought to herself, what does the future hold?


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