Brady Bunch: Bobby's Lucky Day (bf)
by Roaddogg ([email protected])

Setting: One day Bobby Brady was walking around his house bored with nothing
to do. His Older brothers Greg and Peter went to camping with a family
friend, and his parents were at work Bobby had nothing to do. Bobby was
looking for something to do when he found his mom Clothes Catalog and went
to jerk off to pass the time. While jerking off in his room his step sister
Marsha walked by with her sister Jan and they heard something. So they slowly
open the door and saw Bobby under the Covers playing with his tool. Neither
of them could believe what they were seeing.

Jan: Damn look at him go!

Marsha (laughing): Yeah I know! Damn he must be horny as hell.

Jan: Yeah, I wonder what turned him that much, he would probley fuck anything
or anyone.

Marsha: Yeah probley even Mom!

Jan: Maybe even one of us. Hey Marsha. Dare ya.

Marsha: Jan are you serious? He is are brother.

Jan: Come on you might like it.

Marsha: Ok, well here let me get naked and completely surprise him.

Then Marsha lifted up her sweater wearing no bra showing her b cup tits and
then took off her pants showing her panties soon pulling them down to. She
exposes a patch of dark brown pubic hair. Here hold theses.

Marsha then threw open the door and scared the hell out of Bobby, who jumped
out of bed.

Marsha: Hey Bobby!

Bobby (voice cracking): Hey Marsha!

Marsha (holding her tits): Would you like to play with theses, big boy?

Marsha then walks over and Bobby wasted no time to suck on her tits.

Meanwhile Jan watches from the hallway.

Marsha then reaches down and grabs Bobby 4 inch dick and starts to stroke it.

Marsha: Do you like that Bobby?

Bobby nodding his head yes, he breaks off of her tits and Marsha lets go of
his dick and spreads her legs.

Marsha: Come and fuck my Bobby, please Bobby.

Bobby waste no time and jump to the bed and slides himself into his older
step-sister. Marsha moaned as Bobby starts to pump Marsha tight pussy.

Marsha: ooooooooooooooooh God!!!

Jan in the hallway watches in amazement as her Sister and Brother fuck.

Bobby starts to fuck Marsha faster and faster.

Marsha: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh,
Shit fuck me Bobby!!!

Bobby starts to slam his sister's pussy as hard as he can.

Marsha: yeah ohhhhhh yeah, Fuck I'm getting Closer Bobby I'm about to cum.
Fuck me, god yeah.

Bobby keeps fucking her pussy trying to go faster and faster.

Marsha: ohhhhhhhhhh Shit I'm going to cum. I'm Cummmmmmmmmmming.

Marsha juices start to drain her body as Bobby pulls out; Marsha takes his
dick and slides it into her mouth. She tries to deep throat his cock, but it
wasn't big enough. She starts to Bob her head up and down on Bobby's cock.
Marsha then takes Bobby's cock out and starts to jerk him off.

Bobby: Ohh shit I'm going to cum!

Bobby cums on Marsha's face, Marsha then gets up and walks a way after
kissing Bobby and saying...

Marsha: Thanks kid.

As she walks out Jan is waiting for her.

Jan: So how was it?

Marsha: It wasn't that bad, I wish he didn't pop in my face.

Jan (laughing): Yeah, I know that had to suck.

Marsha: Well, I'm tired, so I'm going to go take a nap.

The End


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