Brady Bunch: Bobby's Big Cock Part 1 (bF)
by Star Gazer

Bobby Brady was the youngest male in the Brady clan, so he had it rough always
left out. Bobby was in the hospital for he caught a virus. As he laid in bed
with the IV tubes in his arm, Bobby had to piss so a nurse came to help him.
She pulled the covers back and there she seen his cock laying there. She had
to blink twice. She took hold of it and held the container so he could piss.

When he was done, the nurse looked around and instead of wipping it off she
put it in her mouth and began to suck it. It soon filled her mouth up. She
had sucked many cocks but this one was BIG. She even gagged a little trying
to take it deep.

Soon she had her pussy in Bobby's face. Bobby worked his tongue around her
pussy. The nurse moaned. She had to fuck this cock. She sat on his cock and
she gasped. It filled her pussy. Her lips stretched "OOOHHHH GGOOODD!!!" she

Her breasts were free of her bra. She rolled her nipples pulling on them.
She rode his cock til she came twice, but he hadn't came yet. She laid there
sucking his cock until her mouth was sore. She jacked him off.

Bobby finally came. When he did, he shot his hot load all over her face. She
licked him clean, put her clothes back on and kissed his forehead. "Call me
if you have any problems," she smiled.

Bobby just nodded ok.

Carol Brady arrived with her husband Mike. They talked with the doctor. Bobby
was able to go home. Soon he was wheeled out in a wheel chair. The nurses
gave him their phone numbers for they will miss his big cock.

Booby arrived home to find a warm welcome. From his brothers, sister and
Alice, too. Bobby soon he had his own room, too. Mike had the house made

Bobby laid on is bed when Alice came in. Bobby was in his underwear. She
stood with her eyes wide for she seen the large bulge he had. Alice didn't
say word. She pulled his underwear off and his cock stood up.

Alice licked her lips and began to suck it. She had sucked Mike's cock which
is big, but this was bigger. Alice had her dress off and laided on her back
Bobby was fucking her, sucking on her nipples. Alice had never been fucked
like this. Bobby was giving her all of his cock. He told her he was ready to

"Cum on me!" she said.

Bobby pulled out with a POP. He jacked off all over Alice. She was covered in

Alice had trouble walking her pussy was sore. Bobby fell asleep.

As the days went on Bobby returned to school where he found it hard to
consetrate. For some of the female teachers found out about him from kids
talking when they seen him change in gym class. Mrs. Russle the math teacher
was the next to feel his cock in her pussy. Bobby soon used his cock to get
what he wanted for he would play them and Linda Russle soon found out.

Bobby would complain of headaches. Linda had him doing his work in a another
room. She went to check on him and the way he was sitting she could see the
bulge. Bobby asked if a three inch circle could fit in a two inch one.

Linda said, "No."

Bobby said, "I think it could."

With that he popped out his cock.

to be continued...


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