This story is a parody, done in fun as a satire and is for adults only!!!!

Brady Bunch: Bobby, Do That To Me One More Time (MF,MFF,anal)
by Dr. Bone

Cindy was nervous, and not just because she was going to start college in the
fall. She had looked all over town for the outfit; and had found it at last
at a second hand store, along with the shoes. She looked at herself in the
mirror. "Not bad! Even if I do say so myselth." She said imitating the lisp
she had had when she was far younger. She had done her hair up in curls, she
had hated it when she was younger, but this one last time would be okay. The
plaid dress barely buttoned up over her bosom; and the skirt was way too
short, but it all worked out in favor of what she was going to do next. Still
she put a bathrobe on before checking out the rest of the house.

It was strange, with everything packed up for the move next week; the house
looked different and a bit sad. But her parents did not want to keep up such
a big household now that all six of the kids were gone. Alice had gone to
work with her cousin Flo, in some dinner in Arizona, it was good for her
arthritis and all.

Nobody else was home; she went upstairs to see Bobby. Perfect he was on the
bed, "Penny for your thoughts Bobby." She said coming into the room.

"Cindy! I thought you were already on your way to the dorm." Bobby said
smiling at her presences.

"No, there is time for that." She said smiling. She nerved herself up and
dropped her robe. At first Bobby did not understand why she was wearing the
robe then he got it.

"Wow! That reminds me of when I washed all the clothes and the machine shrank
them all." He said laughing.

"Yeah! Mom and dad were steamed. And you looked so silly." They said laughing
together, then she said, "Hmm! I seem to remember us wrestling she said
jumping on top of him."

"And tickling!" he said as he did so putting her into a fit of laughter.

When they were done she laid on top of him. He became aware of her body
pressing against him.

"Bobby, to quote the Wizard of Oz I am going to miss you most of all. You
know Marsha and Gregg got to do more as the oldest. Jan and Peter got the
attention being the suffering middle ones. But we were just the kiddies
playing in the sandbox as children do. Well I am not a child anymore." She
said sitting up straddling Bobby's hips.

"Yeah we relied on each other a lot. Hey! What are you doing?" he cried out
as she undid his belt.

"Bobby you are my brother, then again you are not, we are step siblings to
each other meaning..." She said undoing the snap and zipper of his jeans, "I
can do this without breaking the law, either of this land or nature. She
pulled out his cock and spit into her other hand which soon encircled him.

"Cindy!" Bobby cried out but did not struggle too much against her.

"Do you like?" she said smiling as he rose to the occasion.

"Yes but Cindy." She leaned forward and kissed his cock's head and then gave
it a lick, making him quiver. She pumped him some more and then guided his
hand to her breasts. He gave them a tentative squeeze through her dress, they
felt even bigger than they seemed to be.

"Bobby I am not wearing any panties." She said, her blue eyes staring into
his. He understood instantly, part of him wanted to run and the other part
trembled. She lifted herself up and then, holding him steady planted herself
on top of him. Leaning forward she kissed him deeply. His hand opening her
top, he was surprised as her white breasts tumbled out; no bra either; she
let him suck her nipples as she slowly humped his cock.

"Oh yeah Bobby! That feels so good; you know we are going to the same
college." She said picking up pace.

"That's right." He said barely able to speak those two words as she started
to slam herself down on him harder and harder. Within minutes Bobby came.
Cindy jumped off his cock and for a moment he thought she was going to run
out of the room, or more irrationally, that she was going to tell mom. But
without wiping it off or even a second's hesitation she took his cock in her
mouth and started to suck on it, as she played with herself. "You like the
braids Bobby?" He mumbled yes. "I can even talk with my lisp if you want."
She said. He told her no that that was okay.

She moaned from her own fingers, it was one of the sexiest acts ever
committing in the Brady house, but they were not alone. From the bathroom
Bobby and Peter, who had come back to the house to retrieve their stash of
Swedish girlie magazines had heard the noise and now peeked through the
bathroom door.

"Man I never knew Cindy could be so hot. That wimp Bobby is getting all that
action. Come on lets jump in and get some." Said Peter.

Greg the more experience and older one told him to wait a few minutes for
just the right time, as they both started to strip. "After all Johnny Bravo
knows a few things about chicks." He said in his fake stage voice.

Bobby now fully hard at Cindy's instruction, got behind her as she got onto
all fours on the bed. Bobby drove his cock into her and Cindy started to
spasm as she had one orgasm after another. "Oh yeah Bobby fuck me! I love to
fuck! Fuck me! Squeeze my tits. Slap my ass but don't stop." Bobby could not
believe how horny she was and pounded her to the best of his ability.

"Seven silly swan songs! Seven silly swan songs!" Cindy started to chant
as Bobby fucked her; he wondered what she was saying at first, but then he
realized it was that nursery ryhme that she had used to teach her not to
lisp. She was chanting it faster and faster as he pounded her. Her pussy
was the wettest anyone felt. Her tiny body shook as she came again and

"Now!" said Greg, as he and Bobby burst from the bathroom. Cindy, her eyes
clinches and in a state of total orgasm did not even notice.

"Bobby let us help you out there." Greg said as he and Peter yanked Bobby
backwards, his cock sliding out of Cindy.

Cindy turned around and said "Hey!" as she saw Greg standing behind her, he
then shoved his cock deep into her and started to pound her, Cindy's protests
started to die down as Greg's bigger cock made her start to moan and groan

She turned around to the dejected Bobby and said "I am sorry but I need it so
very bad!" in her cutesy little girl's voice.

"Share and share alike! That is what dad used to say." Said Peter letting
Bobby go. He went around and put his cock in her face and she opened her
mouth, Cindy did not care anymore she just wanted to be fucked.

Greg had her sit on his cock and bounce up and down on it. She was totally
out of control moaning and screaming to be fucked harder and deeper. When
Greg shot his load Peter grabbed her and she leaped on to his cock, he got
her onto her back and spread her legs wide while he fucked her. Greg put
his cock in her all too willing mouth as defected Bobby watched from the

"Ughh! Yeah! I can't stop myself! Please do it!" she said sandwiched between
Greg and Peter. Peter pored the lube on and then pushed himself up her pink
little anus as Greg used her pussy again.

When they were done and pulled out Cindy pleaded for more; but Greg and Peter
had had enough saying she was all theirs. They got dressed and left.

Alone at last Bobby held Cindy until she calmed down and fell asleep until
the morning, "Bobby I am sorry I don't know what came over me. But it is you
I love." She kissed him deeply and they fucked until the movers came that

That year Cindy moved into the dorm with Bobby; the family refused to come to
the wedding and some eyebrows were raised, and others weren't; they knew what
a bunch those Brady's were.


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