Brady Bunch: Bedtime Partners Part 3 (orgy)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Another night has fallen upon the hallowed walls of the Brady's and since
it is that time of the week, the family prepares for sex night at the Brady
home. The doorbell rings to signal the arrival of Sam the butcher, Alice's
boyfriend of many years. Alice walks tot he door let's him in and is
immediately kissed by her man. Not everyone is at home as Peter and Marcia
are at the doctor's office, for the last few mornings Marcia has been
getting sick. Peter knows what this could mean and made an appointment to
have her checked out by someone that the family doesn't know.

Marcia and Peter arrive home and see the family waiting for them to join in
the sexual festivities. She tells them of what is going on and that she may
not be able to continue if the tests prove that she is indeed pregnant and
that Peter is the father. Not at all surprised that the two may have created
a child, Carol tells Mike that he should wear a condom while he has his
evening in the arms of Marcia. Marcia wants to beg off, but knows that this
may be her last family sex night for a while.

Mike grabs his "daughter" by the hand and leads her into the master bedroom.
Greg, who has drawn Alice's name is lead to her room on the main floor, Peter
kisses Cindy and lets her lead the way into the den. Bobby smiles as he walks
with Jan into the kitchen and the final couple Carol and Sam go to the girl's

Sam slowly undresses Carol, not realizing that his lady was once a porn star.
Carol smiles devilishly at him and lowers the zipper to his pants, cups his
hanging nuts and licks them. Mildly grossed out by the fact that Sam is 30
years older, Carol is pleased that he is well hung once his dick has been
worked on. She licks his balls, moves to his dick and circles his manhood as
she prepares to give a blowjob that even Alice won't give him.

In the master bedroom, Mike takes Marcia's jeans of slowly and savors the
moment, knowing that he has to make this one last. Seeing no panties on her
trim pussy, Mike laps up the wetness dripping from her pussy. Noticing that
she is urinating, Mike continues to lick away at the pussy of his lover of
the night.

Alice, who is three times Greg's age, is like a twenty year old as she gives
head to him like his high school teacher did after class earlier that week.
Greg smiles as the older expert is having his cock like she has never had one
before. Greg fingers her ass, while this vixen that masquerades as the maid,
blows him for all he's worth.

Jan, who wasted no time, asked Bobby to eat while she sucks and that is how
their sex started. Jan who the men of the house has the sweetest lips for
blowjobs in the house, sucks on Bobby with much gusto as he fingers her pussy
and eats at the same time.

In the den, Peter has decided to use a condom with Cindy, even though she
would have been his pick to get pregnant by one of the others first. He
gives this reasoning in his head; by the way he watched her blow the whole
basketball squad in her senior year. Cindy masturbates as Peter lowers his
cock in her mouth. She sucks and rubs as the excitement has her cumming
quicker than usual. Peter senses this and licks the ooze off her fingers,
before he eats her wet hole.

Back in the nest where Sam has been blown by Carol, he ass fucks the lady,
thinking that no body has ever banged her hole before. She squeals at him
that he must fuck her ass harder. Sam obliges and drives it all the way in
her widened hole until he shoot a load in her ass. She turns over and smiles
as she sees Sam flopping on the bed, knowing that she has warn him out for

Marcia is pleased that her "father" is fucking her with a condom and wants
to keep it that way until such a time that she is willing to feel his
uncovered cock in her pussy. Mike unloads on her stomach after sliding out
of the condom.

Alice has surprised the young Greg and fucks her older well-fucked cunt. She
moans as the first young male she has had drives her with every thrust she
gives back. Greg turns her over and plunges his cock in her sagging ass. She
yelps loudly as she wants out of this sexual situation to have Sam bang her
his way.

Peter gingerly fucks Cindy, wondering if Marcia is okay without his long
dick in her cunt. While having one of those thoughts, Cindy moans as he hits
her g-spot leaving her a quivering mass of hot passion.

Jan and Bobby are the only one's who want this night to never end as he fucks
her ass for the third time, driving her hard as his fingers probe her tender
pussy. Not using a condom, Bobby wonders if she wants a load or have his dick
on a sock. Jan soon lets him know that a load is what she needs and is
willing to have him unload wherever he wants. Bobby leaves her ass and then
plunges deep in her hot dripping pussy. Finally a load unleashes within her
twat and leaves a smile on both faces. Jan licks the cum from his cock and
they sleep together peacefully.

The Brady's go to the living room and pick names for the next time, but it
won't continue if Marcia is expecting Peter's baby. Sam and Alice bow out of
the sex for every time after this. Carol selects Greg out of the bowl; Cindy
is Mike's lover as Jan gets to have Greg, which leaves Peter and Marcia
again. Smiling the two hold hands and say good night as the lights fall on
Brady sex night.

The End


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