Brady Bunch: Bedtime Partners Part 2 (orgy)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Sunday night at the Brady household and it is the second time the "family"
will sleep with other partners. The girls have had their boyfriends come over
and grope Carol before the evening festivities of the week. Of course Mike
has had his cock in the daughters as well as his secretary.

Tonight is the night the partners change except where it pertains to the
switches. Peter and Marcia have had the luck of fucking each other once more.
As the partners head to the various rooms, Alice and Sam walk in and want a
little of the action. Sam asks each of the ladies to uncover their pussies
so that he can eat. Alice has in turn asked each of the men to lower their
pants. Alice gives a blowjob to each of the Brady men and Sam has pussy to
eat. He starts with Carol, who never shaves her twat. Driving his fingers in
first he licks her clit while plunging his digits into her hot gaping cunt.
Carol moans as Sam makes her cum very quickly and then watches as he takes
Cindy next.

Meanwhile, Alice has blown two of the men. Swallowing each load, she
masturbates while she sucks Bobby's thick dick. Soon her quick lips have her
swallowing the last load of Brady cum and she asks each to eat her burning
pussy. Bobby goes first and she is quick to explode on his tongue, as she
awaits the next until all the men have made her cum.

Sam has eaten pussy and has ass fucked each of the girls and leaves with

Finally the sex between the bunch will occur. There is some mild whimpering
as to why Peter has wound up with Marcia again, but once Carol explains that
is the way it will happen it goes quiet. Each of the ladies takes their lover
to the room of choice.

Carol who is nude already thanks to Sam, gets Greg to lie between her legs
as she face fucks him with her wet cunt. Greg laps up the juices that are
running from her and finger fucks her ass. She squeals in delight, as she
and Greg have not fucked for a while. Greg for his part is having reoccurring
dreams about doing old Alice on one of these nights of family sex.

Carol asks, "Greg why are you a little preoccupied tonight?"

Greg replies that he is afraid that one Sunday Alice might wind up as his

"Are you saying that she shouldn't be a part of this? Afraid to fuck an
experienced ex-hooker turned maid." asks Carol.

A shocked Greg looks at Carol and immediately understands why Alice gives
such fantastic head. Carol nods her head and pulls Greg into her crotch, so
that he continues to eat.

In another room, Jan has already gotten Mike to cum as she has given him head
so good, he wants her to continue for a little more time. She looks at him
with the puzzled look that Greg gave Carol and implies that Sam shouldn't be
a part of this. She growls as she says that his cock isn't going inside her
pussy. Mike states that he has already fucked Marcia, who enjoyed the
ex-marine's cock so many times. Mike also says that she should reconsider as
a favor to Alice who will be involved with the "brothers". Jan says she is
okay with it for Alice's sake.

In the basement, Cindy has asked Bobby to ass fuck her before he eats pussy.
Looking at her shaven mound, Bobby agrees to do as asked, since she had
already sucked him good and hard. In he goes, a little tentative at first,
but realizes that she has an accepting hole to enter. In and put he goes
driving harder with each masterful plunge. Cindy squeals as she tells Bobby
that he is the best so far. All the men have ass fucked her since her 18th
birthday and only he has made her feel like they should go away together
alone. Bobby smiles as he unloads in her ass, stroking his prick so that
the hot sticky ooze has been ejected fully.

Finally, in the back seat of her car, Marcia slowly brings Peter to a climax
from her lengthy blowjob.

She says quietly to him "I want your cock in my hot cunt every night for the
rest of our lives."

Peter nods, smiles and says that he knows what she means and that is all
right with him. Marcia giggles at the thought that they could move to another
city, pretend to be married and not make anyone there wise to their real
situation. She widens her creamy white thighs, as her lover will eject his
load in her hot cunt. Before he does so, Peter eats the unshaven pussy of his
life's companion. Moans echo inside the vehicle as Marcia yells that Peter
shouldn't wait any longer. Drive me she says, then the middle Brady boy fucks
his loving "Sister" long and hard. Lying well wasted after the lengthy fuck,
Marcia and Peter return to the house, looking to see the family waiting to
select the partners for the next one in a week's time. This time the men will
select a name out of the bowl. Mike goes first and has Marcia, Greg winds up
with Alice, Peter gets Cindy, Bobby smiles at the fact he has Jan, which
leaves the ex-marine Sam to bang Carol.

The family goes to bed, as Marcia winks at Peter while groping his still
stiffened cock, knowing that they have to get together before the weekend
fuck fest.

The End


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