Brady Bunch: Bedtime Partners (M+F+)
by Spyder ([email protected])

The Brady household is one always full of activity with the now adult
children still living at home. Mike has added to the house in case of
visitors, but that rarely happens and Carol still fucks the boys and
occasionally the butcher, who is Alice's boyfriend. Of course at night
Alice is at Sam's place fucking him after he eats her. Of course Sam
has visited the Brady home many times and fondled Marcia particularly,
but enjoyed having some sex with all the Brady Ladies. The boy's and
girls have their friends that come over, Greg's football buddies enjoy
visiting because they have Jan, Cindy, Marcia and Carol to get them
hard and ready too.

This night is entirely different than most at the Brady home, as they have a
new rule that once a week each of the family will share a bed with someone
else. In fact the girl's look forward to the Sunday ritual that will carry
over after they are married if the spouses wish to join in. This set-up is
perfect as Mike or Carol didn't adopt the children once they were married.
So even though they are family anything can happen in their eyes.

On this particular Sunday, Mike pulls out the jar with the names of the guys,
as it is ladies turn to pick a partner for the night. Carol reaches in first
and draws Bobby's name. Marcia is next and has Peter to enjoy this night;
Jan drew Greg and shows an enormous smile, while Cindy is to have her first
time-sharing a bed with Mike, the father.

Cindy walks over to her "father" and gropes his bulging pants and then purrs;
"Daddy is your cock as big as I think it is?"

Mike replies, "Lets go upstairs and we'll find out."

Carol slips tongue while kissing Bobby as he slaps her ass. Marcia lifts her
skirt to reveal a panty-less pussy, which Peter is surprised to see his
"sister" stocked with hair. He kneels before her and slowly licks his way up
her thighs to the blonde pussy. Marcia squeals in delight as Peter jams his
tongue inside her pussy. Her words are shaky as she tells him that Greg or
"dad" never had her feeling that good before fucking her. Peter looks up,
smiles and says, "You ain't seen nothing yet, honey." Two wet fingers find
their way into Marcia's ass, as she wants Peter to lick inside her anus. He
doesn't know what she is thinking, but he wants her to be well fucked and
hornier during so he licks in her anus as she cums wildly.

Meanwhile, Carol is giving Bobby his first blowjob by her. She doesn't
know that he has had his Sex-Ed teacher blow him a few times to get out of
detention. Bobby also has desired his "mom" since he saw her nude in the
back yard tanning one summer when he was 16. At that time he thought what
a hot lady he has for a step mom. Carol swallows his load as he came inside
her mouth. She slides onto her back, throws her thighs as wide as she can
and points at her pussy, which Bobby obliges his mom by eating her out. He
uses his fingers wisely as two go in and out of her pussy, while two others
finger Carol's anus. Moans fill the master bedroom as the tow get ready to

In yet another room, Cindy has had her pussy eaten and waits as Mike slowly
blasts his way into her tight ass. She screams, as she is about to feel her
first cock fucking her asshole. Mike forgoes the condom and plunges her hard
with every stroke he gives. She fondly remembers fifteen minutes earlier as
she gave her "father" a blowjob for the first time. She also has a flashback
to when she saw mom-riding Mike after such an act. Her attention is brought
back to reality as Mike drives her pussy hard from the rear as she
experiences her first time doing it doggy style. She wonders if he remembered
to use a condom, as she isn't ready to have a baby so soon. Her fears are
alleviated as Mike pulls back and Cindy hears a snap as his condom is

In the final room of the upstairs, Greg and Jan lie across one another as a
blowjob is taking place as her pussy is being eaten. She moans as she is
enjoying some of what Marcia has had since she turned 18. Wondering no
longer Jan is pleased to know that her "brother" is better than any of her
boyfriends she has been with since high school. Greg smiles as Jan's fuzzy
peach tickles his tongue and nose. The two cum many times over as Jan begs
Greg to fuck her. Greg takes hold of his long dick, strokes it a few times
and slides it into Jan's pussy. He quietly says that she must open her legs
wider as he wishes to feel her thighs squeeze him as he fucks her hot cunt.
Jan knows that he is not using a condom, as she hope she will remain in her
that way for it will be her first load of cum inside her after being fucked.

Peter and Marcia continue to pleasure one another as she has accepted his
load in her mouth many times. She looks over to him standing erect with his
cock in hand and asks him to fuck her without a condom. Peter looks at his
"sister" as if to say why I am your brother. Marcia sees this and reminds
him that none of the parents adopted the six children, so this is legal.
Peter is calmed by the revelation and does as instructed. Eight inches of
cock find it's way into the eldest Brady girl. Long strokes find the target
as Marcia squeals that he is the best she has ever felt. Marcia isn't kidding
with this statement as she has had some boyfriends, Greg, Bobby, Mike and
Alice's boyfriend fuck her leaving her wanting more. Peter smiles as load
after load fill the hot cavernous cunt of his "sister". Finally the two lie
next to each other well spent and wondering what is happening in the other
rooms. They slowly get up and walk to the living room to relax and wait.

Bobby has accepted his "mom's" challenge and devours her pussy one more
time before actually fucking her. With cock ramming the wonton lady who is
supposed to be his "mother", Bobby fills her desires over and over again.
Cum is extracted as Carol deviates her pelvis with a thrust from Bobby, it
tightens with every load that her "son" shoots into her body. Bobby turns
her over, lines up her ass one more time and plunges his rod deep inside,
fucking her ass until she begs him to stop. He slaps her cheeks until they
are so red she will not be able to sit down to soon. Carol moans as she
states that Bobby has her permission to fuck every time they are alone.
Carol and Bobby make their way to the living room to talk with the others
and see Marcia with Peter's cock in her mouth.

Cindy is riding Mike in her room, as he loves the feel of his youngest
"daughter's" pussy rubbing his cock. Inside his wish is to have one of the
boy's blow him as he can go both ways, but is not about to force it for he
knows that they might not be willing. Mike brings Cindy atop him and rolls
the two of them over as he fucks her. Smiling broadly, Cindy looks into her
"father's" eyes knowing that she has pleased him. Mike whispers into her
ear that she is going to be one hot woman in bed no matter whom* she fucks.
She squeals as he cums inside her, knowing that she could be pregnant from
this one time. Mike gets off of her and they head downstairs to join who
ever is already waiting.

Greg and Jan are the last two who will join the discussion downstairs, as
Jan is allowing Greg to fuck her ass again. She screams in sheer delight as
Greg turns her onto her back and drives her gaping cunt. She yells as he long
dicks her into sexual pleasure. His jism fills her pussy, as he fucks her
more than he thought that she would allow him. With one final dip. Greg
leaves her lying there, but she gets between is legs and blows him again. He
exclaims damn woman if I knew any better I thought you might be a hooker in
your life away from home. Jan smiles and states that in deed she is a hooker
from time to time to have money for her clothes and other needed items. Greg
looks shocked and says that it is her business if she collects money for sex
and he won't fink. Jan says it's okay, every one in the house knows anyway.
After another half an hour they join the others downstairs.

The discussion is about the first family sex night. Each gives their
opinion and state that they enjoyed every second of it. They have only one
stipulation that partners must change every time this happens. Before they
go to sleep, new partners are selected for the next time. Greg is with Carol,
Mike is with Jan, Cindy and Bobby and Peter is again fucking Marcia. They
are the last two to go to their separate room as they kiss goodnight while
groping one another. They say goodnight and wait for the next time there is
a family sex night, although an arrangement is possible for Peter and Marcia
as they are extremely hot for each other.

The End


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