Brady Bunch: A New Bunch (Ff,FF,MFf,MmF,f-mast,inc,oral,anal,fist,slash)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

After Marica stepped out of the showe , she looked at herself in the mirror.
She felt a hand on her shoulder, a kiss on her neck, fingers rolling her hard

"You still look sexy." She smiled leaning her head back, touching his wet
hair. "You better hurry, don't want you to be late for school again."

She kissed her son. Marica was fucking her own son. It seemed her husband
just couldn't give her what she needed. Her son Randal had just the thing,
a cock of nine thick inches. It brought back memories of her and Greg, and
her Dad.

Marica went to the bedroom door and knocked on it. "Get up sleepy head!"
She walked in and seen a lumpy cover. She sat on the bed and pulled the
covers back. She saw blonde hair just like hers. She sowly pulled the
covers off. She looked at the figure. Naked her touch woke the girl.

She looked at her with a smile. She dropped her robe. "I have something for

The girl sat up looking at her naked mother. Marcia got in the bed with Kara
and had her lay down. Marcia opened her pussy, cum came dripping out.

"It's your bothers," she said. "He fucked me in the shower."

Marcia raked the cum out of her pussy to feed her daughter. Kara's tongue was
soon inside her pussy.

Marcia rode her daugther's tongue, "OOOOHHHHH GOOODD!!!!!"

Kara grabbed her ass as she forced her tongue deeper moving her hips across
Kara's face she came again.

Marcia turned around. She soon was licking her daughtter's pussy. Kara
thrashed all over the bed. Marcia put two fingers into her asshole.

"YES!" she screamed, "FUCK MY ASS!"

Three fingers went into her ass. Marcia worked her ass till she had her whole
hand in there.

"OH GOD, MOM!" Kara wailed.

Marcia watched the cum out of her daughter's pussy ooze. She licked it up
and they both showered.

* * *

Marcia was at work when her sister Jan stopped by. She needed a favor. She
was going out of town for a bussiness trip and she asked Marcia if she could
watch Tony her son for a day.

"Sure, sis, one favor for another."

Jan knew waht that meant. Into the office they went. Marcia stood as Jan was
on her knees. Marcia raised her skirt. Jan seen the shaved pussy, the pussy
she loved to lick. She spent many a night in bed with her.

Jan licked and fingered her sister's ass. Marcia pulled out the strap-on.
Jan dropped her skirt and put on the dildo. She rubbed Marcia pussy and began
to fuck her.

"Harder, you bitch!"

Jan fucked her sister, her thighs slapping her ass. Jan grabbed Marcia's
hair, pulling her head back. Marcia came then they switched places. Jan loved
her ass fucked. She rubbed her clit as the dildo ripped her ass. Out it came
and Jan immediately sucked it clean tasting her own ass, then kissing Marcia.

* * *

Marcia arrived home to the sounds of some one fucking. She went up stairs.
What she saw was her husband in bed with Kara, but Kara was doing the
fucking. She was fucking him with a dildo.

Kara looked at Marcia. "Why did you marry a guy with a short cock, Mom?"

"Money, dear." She took off her clothes, "Besides he likes being fucked."
She kissed her husband, "Don't you, dear?"

Kara asked, "How come Randal has such a big cock then?"

"Your uncle Greg or Grandpa got me pregant. They both have BIG cocks."

Kara went down on her father, it was short but thick. He was licking Marcia's

* * *

Randal arrived home. He kissed his mother, who was on her knees. In minutes
she had his cock out. Slurping sound filled the house.

"Mark your son is home!"

He walked down to see his wife sucking his big cock. Mark knelt by his wife
she jacked his cock.

"Open!" she said.

He opened his mouth as a shot of cum went in. Mark sucked his sosn's cock
till it was soft.

* * *

That night Randal was back in his mom's bed while hubby slept in his room.

"OOOHHH FUUUCKKK MMMEEE!!!" rang thru the house.

Kara had a dildo up her ass and in her pussy. Listening, she knew she would
taste him once again in the morning when her mom would wake her.



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