I hope you all will enjoy these stories. They have a little twist, about them
hope all approve.

Brady Bunch: A Little Twist (Ff,f-mast,herm,trans,voy)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Marcia had just gotten home from school. She didn't feel that good either.
Could it have been those two cocks she sucked before she left school. They
were pretty long and thick. She still had the taste in her mouth, too.

For Marcia she loved sucking cock, but she wondered what it would be like to
have one though. Marcia went to her new room which her dad, Mike Brady had
added on. Each kid had their own room now. Marcia's was a light green, and
on the wall was all the hunky male teen of the day. She wasn't feeling well
or else she would have done her strip tease dance in front of the mirror.
Instead she just put on a t-shirt with no bra.

Her frim breast were getting bigger. She wondeed if she would be bigger than
her mother. Marcia felt the soft shirt rub against her nipples making them
hard, which made her pussy all wet. She laid on her bed, raised her shirt and
began rubbing her nipples and pussy. Her panties were wet. She pulled them to
one side and was rubbing her clit. Her fingers were working deep inside her
pussy, sweat was on her forehead and her lips trembled.

"OOOHHH IT FEELS SOOO GOOD! Yes deeper!!!" she moaned til she shuddered with
an orgasm, her body jerking.

Finally subsiding Marica covered up and fell asleep.

* * *

Marcia twisted and turned as she woke with a start and sat up in bed.

"Boy, that was some dream."

She went to the bathroom down the hall. Walking past her parent's bedroom she
heard them.

"OOHH GOD, MIKE!" her mother was moaning.


Marcia stood at the door listening to the sounds. Marcia dropped her hand
to her pussy, but to her surprise she found a bulge instead of her pussy.
Marcia went to the bathroom, pulled her panties off and looked down at a
COCK. Marcia was in total shock. She looked in the mirror, it was her. She
took a pin and poked herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Marcia then
sat on the toilet just looking at her cock.


There was a knock came at the door. Marcia pulled up her panties and flushed
the toilet. Her cock had soften. She opened the door. Bobby her youngest
brother stood there waitng for her to move. Marcia went back to her room,
but she couldn't fall asleep.

* * *

She awoke to the alarm clock going off. She jumped out of bed, pulled her
panties down and she saw a soft cock just lying there with soft blonde curly
pubic hair. She raised it up and seen a pair of balls.

"OH, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!" she sobbed.

Alice their maid called out, "Breakfast was ready.?"

Marcia could hear the running of feet down the hall and stairs. Marcia
dressed in a blue skirt, white blouse with her hair was in ponytail. She
walked into the dining room trying not to act if something was wrong.

"You okay, honey?" her mother asked.

"Not really, mom," Marcia replied, "Can I stay home from school.

Jan her younger sister said, "You'll miss your math test."

Carol her mother said, "You go to school, but if you still feel bad give me
a call."

Marcia walked to school with her sisters.

"What's wrong with you?" Jan asked.

"Nothing. Just didn't sleep well."

They arrived at school. Marcia walked down the hall. She felt she had to use
the bathroom. 'OH NO!' she thought. Marcia walked into the girls bathroom and
found a stall, raised her skirt, pulled her panties down and out came her
cock. She sat with it between her legs, but it was no good, so she stood and
out came the piss. Marcia shook it a couple of time and put it back.

Marcia's first class was math. She sat waiting for the test to begin. Her
teacher Ms .Bolden handed out the test. She went to her desk told them to
begin. Marcia tried to consentrate. By the end of the test she knew she
hadn't done that well.

Marcia went through the rest of the day struggling with her problem. Ms.
Bloden called Marcia to her room. She leaned against her desk. Marcia was
looking at her legs and her cock then began to stir. She tried to conseal
the fact she was getting a hard on.

"Marcia what's wrong?"

"Nothing," she said, but the fact her cock was about to rip her panties.
Marcia felt flushed her cock was plusing along with her heart beat. Marcia
stood up and to her surprise she had a huge bulge under her skirt.

Ms. Bloden looked in amazement. "Marcia," she said, "You never told me you
had a cock!"

"It surprised me, too," she said to herself.

Ms Bolden slowly raised Marcia skirt and she saw a cock about seven inches
long, fairly thick, too. Ms. Bolden went to her knees, peeled the panties
down, seen the cock just as hard. She took off her glasses and her soft hands
went the whole lenght of Marcia cock. It sent shivers all along her body.
Marcia was breathing heavy.

"Relax dear," Ms. Bolden said with a smile.

Marcia gasped as she felt the warm breath along her cock. Ms. Bolden wrapped
her tongue around the head and then took it into her hot mouth. Pulling it
out she stuck her tongue into the piss hole senting Marcia through the roof.


Ms. Bolden then deep throated her. "Did you like that?"

"YES!" Marcia said.

"Let's get comfy shall we?" Ms. Bolden said.

She locked the door, pulled the shade down, and started to take off her
dress. She wore a white bra and panties. Her firm thirty six inch breasts
and her niples were hard. She pulled down her panties. Her pussy was trimmed.

Marcia was soon naked revealing her young breast and large nipples. Her
throbbing seven inches of cock just stood out from her flat stomach. Ms.
Bolden once again was on her knees sucking the cock. Her tongue ran the
lenght of it under it. She even sucked her balls, while fingering her virgin
asshole. Marcia had never experinced anything like this. Now she knew why
boys liked when she sucked them off.

"Come fuck me," Ms Bolden said.

"I don't know how," Marcia said.

"Well dear, that's what teachers are for. Just get between my legs."

Marcia did as Ms. Bolden guided Marcia's cock into her wet pussy.

"Push froward," she told Marcia, "and pull back."

"Like this?" Marcia was going back ann forth.

"OH YES, DEAR! Just like that!" Ms. Bolden gasped. "Push in a little harder.

"Am I hurting you?" Marcia asked.

"OH, NO!" she said, "Just keep going like that til I tell you to stop."

Marcia contnued thrusting her cock into her teacher. Ms. Bolden got on all

"Come fuck me."

Marcia put her cock into her wet pussy.

"Bend over and kiss my neck. Play with my nipples."

Marcia did as she was told. Marcia was now getting the hang of fucking. She
would go fast then slow down driving her teacher crazy. Marcia thought, 'What
if she put it in her ass?' She pulled out.

"What are you doing?" Ms. Bolden asked.

Then Marcia put her cock into her ass.

"OOHH!" Ms. Bolden moaned, "Yes. fuck my ass!"

Marcia found out she liked ass fucking too.

Marcia felt something strange in her cock. "Ms. Bolden I'm going to pee!"

Ms. bolden knew was happening. Marcia was about to cum and she wanted it in
her mouth. "Hurry dear. Let me suck it."

She pull away from Marcia and took the cock in her mouth. Just then Marcia
let loose her load. Marcia jerked as Ms. Bolden sucked all her cum. They laid
together on the floor.

"I'll write you a note for your other classes," Ms Bolden said.

Soon Marcia arrived home from school with a smile on her face.

* * *

Marcia then awoke to the sound of the alarm clock and the voice of Alice
stating breakfast was done. Marcia jumped out of bed dropped her panties and
seen her pussy covered in blonde hair .

"I'll never suck a wino's cock again."


Tell me what you think. I may do another.


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