Braceface: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 27 (ff,M-mast,voy,magic,mc)
by Hamster

Sharon was sitting in her room crying. The pretty blonde had always been very
self-conscious about her braces but she had suffered a major humiliation this
day. Alden had kissed her and accidently hooked his lip on her braces. The
incident had ended with a trip to the school nurse. It wasn't pretty. Not

"Sniff, sniff I'm such a loser freak." Sharon sniffled.

"No you're not." Maria said.

"Yes I am." Sharon cried as she buried her face in her pillow.

Maria put a hand on Sharon's shoulder.

"Sharon I think you are beautiful even with the braces." Maria said.

"Sniff, sniff really?" Sharon asked.

"Absolutely. Can I tell you a secret?" Maria asked.

"Sure. Sniff." Sharon said.

Maria put a hand on her friend's.

"I think you are the prettiest girl in the school." Maria assured her.

This made Sharon blush brightly.

"You are just saying that because you are my friend." Sharon said.

Bob the Cupid was invisible and was listening in on the conversation and
getting bored. He had a habit of spying on people while invisible for awhile
before decided who to pair up but he was losing patience. He wanted some Hot
Lesbian Action and he wanted it now. Taking aim he fired a pair of arrows at
the teen girls.

"OUCH!!!" Both girls exclaimed.

"Wow I feel weird." Sharon said.

Suddenly and without warning Maria leaned in and kissed her blonde friend on
the mouth. When she broke away and Sharon could only stare at her.

"Wh-what was that?" Sharon said.

"Just proving that I think you're beautiful." Maria said.

"Yeah but we are both girls we..." Sharon started to protest.

Maria put a finger on her lips. "That so doesn't matter. If we like each
other who cares?"

Maria put her hand on Sharon's thigh and kissed her again. Maria looked into
Sharon's eyes and let her hand slide higher up her thigh and under her skirt.

"M-Maria, what are you doing?" Sharon asked nervously.

"I just want to touch your pussy, can I please touch your pussy?" Maria

Sharon gasped slightly when Maria's fingers made contact with her cunt
through her panties. Sharon wasn't gay but she was greatly enjoying the
sensations Maria was giving her.

"Will you let me touch your pussy?" She persisted.

"Yes." Sharon whimpered.

Maria didn't know why she felt this way or why she was doing it, but she
really wanted to fuck Sharon. Maria tugged Sharon's panties down and inserted
a finger into the now damp pussy. She swirled it around inside of Sharon's
pussy for a minute the pulled it out and sucked on it.

"Mmm, mmm delicious." Maria said.

With that she pulled Sharon's panties completely off, then rolled up Sharon's
skirt. Maria took a moment to admire the sweet looking pussy before diving
in. Sharon arched her back and squealed as Maria licked, slurped and sucked
at her pussy like a starving person with a bowl of ice cream. Maria devoured
the beautiful pussy-feast as Sharon was driven to greater and greater heights
of pleasure by the intruding tongue in her cunt. Sharon was moaning loudly as
her best friend snacked on her cunt. When Sharon finally came Maria drank
down her cum with obscene relish.

Bob had his dick in his hand and was stroking it wildly as he watched Maria
enthusiastically eat out her friend. He suddenly came to a realization. Venus
had said that he could have a harem if he wanted!!!

Maria had undressed and was now on top of Sharon. The girls' legs were
entwined and they were grinding their pussies together. The friction between
the two pussies sent electric pulses of pleasure surging through the girls'
bodies. The kissed gingerly and and squeezed each other's developing breasts
as they fucked each other to a mutual orgasm that rocked their world.

Bob fired a volley of arrows at them before materializing in the girls'

"You two are coming with me." He said right before tossing a net over them.
_ _ _

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