This story is not a story for anyone under 18, its an adult story so if your
under 18 then leave now, this mean you! It is also a work of fiction, so if
I ruin you for how you see the show's characters from now on then I say get
a grip! Contains (Ff, reluctant) Feedback: is always welcome, you have a good
idea and you want me to use it, or you wanna tell me you like my stories or
that I suck, either way let me know.

This story is loosely based on a storyline that happened on the show. On the
show a girl named Sheila told the whole class about a sexual dream she had
about her teacher. Kimberly Woods the teacher, became worried that the girl
might be obsessed with her. After talking to Sheila she hoped that the whole
awkwardness would be over with. But Sheila would later visit her teacher
(Miss Woods) at her house with roses. Then tell her that she loved her.

On the show Kimberly reported Sheila to her superiors at school and had
Sheila transferred out of Miss Woods class. Sheila told Kimberly this greatly
upset her, and that couldn't believe that Kimberly had suddenly become so
mean. Kimberly would later come home to her house vandalized and the word
"BITCH" written on her living room wall. I'm taking the story in a little
different direction, enjoy!

Boston Public: Sheila Mercer And Mrs. Woods
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Kimberly Woods was an attractive woman barely 30 years old. She had gorgeous
black hair past her shoulders, a thin figure to go along with a nice ass and
a sexy complexion, a perfect tan. She was a high school teacher in Boston,
and she loved her job. Her brightest student was Sheila Mercer a sandy
blonde 17 year old Senior. She was shorter and had nice breasts, bigger than
Kimberly's even, and light skin, a nice figure just not as petite as
Kimberly. The two of them had dinner together a few times because Mrs. Woods
was helping her fill out her college applications. The two were fond of each
other. Kimberly admired how bright Sheila was. Sheila saw her teacher as a
role model.

This all got thrown for a loop one morning though. The class was asked to
analyze one of their dreams as an assignment. Sheila told the class of her
dream, and it being about Mrs. Woods. What it involved though, REALLY got
everyone's attention. It involved her and Mrs. Woods kissing on each other
at her graduation from high school. It didn't stop there though.

It later went to the two of them French kissing. Then undressing each other
and eventually making love after Sheila got a letter of acceptance to
Princeton. The quietness of the classroom after it was read spoke volumes as
to how unbelievable it was that Sheila shared such a dream with the whole
class. Kimberly tried her best to get over her shock and embarrassment and
moved on with the other student's reports.

As the other students read their reports Kimberly hardly noticed. For some
reason in her mind she kept imagining what Sheila had described. Kimberly
already knew that Sheila was a very pretty girl. It wasn't until now though
images flashed in her mind of Sheila naked. Images of what the cute teen
girl wore under her clothes. Her thoughts drifted off to wondering if Sheila
masturbated thinking of her teacher.

Kimberly tried to shake her mind of these feelings, but images kept popping
up. Images of Sheila with her bra off her naked breasts exposed and with her
hands in her panties touching herself and moaning Kimberly's name. Images of
both her and Sheila in their panties, their almost naked bodies very close
together, as they French kissed. Kimberly always though of herself as a good
kisser. She wondered how it would feel kissing lips like Sheila's. She was
betting they were soft. Kimberly crossed her legs in her skirt rubbing her
thighs together. She looked up to see Sheila smiling at her. Kimberly turned
red and looked away. 'God how can I ever look her in the eyes again.' She
wondered. She was removed from her daze as the bell rang ending class. The
student's all filed out quickly, and so did Kimberly Woods.

She later consulted her friend and fellow teacher, a pretty blonde woman
named Ronnie. She told her the details given in class of the dream.

"I have to admit I was so embarrassed, hearing a student tell me about an
erotic dream they had about me, in class."

"Well, Kim, is this a guy you've had trouble with before in class?"

"Actually no, one of my brightest students, and it's a girl."

"A girl has sexual fantasies about you??? You didn't by any means give her
signals that you were a lesbian or interested in her did you?"

"No, Ronnie, I mean I had dinner with her to help her with...."

"You had dinner with her?! Kim that could be considered crossing the line.
Seeing a student outside of school, she may have consider that a date."
Insisted Ronnie.

"You really think so, she never showed any signs before that she was a
lesbian, you know. I was only helping her with her college applications."

"That's irrelevant as to why you had dinner with her Kimberly, the fact is
you need to tell her that seeing her anywhere but at school has to stop and
right now!"

"Well, Ronnie if you think so, I'll tell her."

Later in the day Kimberly caught up with Sheila as she was making her way to
her last class.

"Sheila can we talk?"

"Well, I'm running kinda late, but you can talk to me while I get ready for

Walking with Sheila to the girls locker room. She told her how she was
surprise to hear about Sheila's dream, and that certainly it could give some
people the wrong idea. Once again though she was distracted as Sheila started
getting ready for gym. She had tossed her shirt aside and Kimberly's eyes
were fixed on Sheila's breasts in the confines of a light green bra. 'Wow,
they're bigger than mine,' Kimberly thought to herself.

"I know what your thinking Miss Woods but don't worry I'm not some psycho
lesbian stalker or anything. I just had an interesting dream and that's what
the report was about."

Kimberly listened as her bra was soon covered by her green PE T-shirt. Her
pants dropped to reveal matching light green panties, the fabric on the
panties were almost see though, which made Kimberly uneasy. Sheila then
covered her bottom half with her school shorts.

"Please don't be freaked out by my dream Miss Woods, your my favorite teacher
and not to mention a friend in my mind too. I'm not wrong am I?"

"Oh uh no your not wrong at all, better get to the gym floor before
they take role Sheila, I'll talk to you later."

"Thanks again for everything Miss Woods."

Sheila pressed her body against Kimberly's giving her a tight hug. Kimberly
felt herself getting aroused as Sheila's above average tits pressed against
hers. As she broke the hug she had to turn her head to keep Sheila from
seeing she was blushing. Kimberly then quickly made her way out of the locker

It was later that night a Kimberly's house, Kimberly was grading papers.
She was in just a white T-shirt and blue shorts. She was near the end of the
papers when the doorbell rang.

Looking out of the eye hole in the door she saw that it was Sheila!

"Sheila what are you doing here?"

It occurred to Kimberly that she failed to tell her that they had to stop
seeing each other outside of school. 'God I was so busy looking at her body
I didn't even tell her what I was supposed to!' She thought.

She let Sheila in, and was greeted with a dozen roses by the teen girl.

"Happy Valentine's Day Mrs. Woods!"

"What this all about?"

"Here read this."

Kimberly read a paper that Sheila handed her. It was an acceptance letter to

"I couldn't have done it without you Miss Woods!"

Sheila leaned in to Kimberly and hugged her tightly, even more so than
before. Kimberly trembled as the young teen held her body close. Her breasts
smashed up against Kimberly smaller ones. Kimberly knew this was wrong, that
she shouldn't have a student in her house, or bringing her roses. Still she
found herself aroused like never before. In her teen years she never
experimented with other girls. Secretly though she had those thoughts. Too
kiss another girl with a beautiful body. To get naked and make love with
another girl.

Now at this moment she had her chance. Her conscious told her it was wrong,
that she shouldn't give in to these feelings, but she couldn't help herself,
she had to give in.

As the hug broke Kimberly leaned in and kissed Sheila on the lips. A shocked
Sheila stood motionless. Sure Sheila had lesbian feelings for her teacher,
but she would have been satisfied with just being around her. Sheila thought
that was all Kimberly would ever let happen in their relationship. Now
though, her teacher was taking the initiative. Sheila put her hands around
Kimberly's waist and slid them back to her teachers ass. She squeezed her
ass through the blue shorts as she opened her mouth and they began to French

Tongues caressed tongues as Kimberly's hands, ever so slowly and nervously,
made their way up and under Sheila's shirt to her firm teenage breasts.

"Oh Miss Woods, that's it squeeze them, oh God yes!"

Kimberly felt the heat from Sheila's pussy as the shorter teen cuttie grinded
it on her leg like a bitch in heat. Kimberly lifted Sheila's shirt to find
that same sexy green bra she saw before. This time though the young girls
nipples were visible and poking through the bra. She was definitely aroused!
Sheila smiled a 'you want me you slut' smile at Kimberly, then removed her
white T-shirt. Underneath was a lacey white Victoria's secret bra. While her
breasts weren't impressive size wise like Sheila's, they were certainly

Sheila started kissing her teacher's neck as her hands caressed all along
her flat tummy. She softly brushed her nails across Kimberly's tan skin and
kissed lower down her neck. Sheila unhooked Kimberly's bra in the back and
tossed the bra aside. Seeing the dark nipples poking out Sheila quickly took
a hard nub in her mouth and began sucking on it. Kimberly ran her hands
through her students ponytail as Sheila continued to suck and bite on her
nipple, first one then the other. Kimberly was on fire, she thought she would
cum before her pussy was even touched.

Sheila moved on dropping to her knees, and grabbing Kimberly's shorts
and panties at the same time and pulling them down. She looked up at the
sanctuary between her teacher's legs. A hair pussy with dark cunt lips.
Sheila dove in right away. Her hands parting her teachers pussy lips and
licking her pink insides. She looked her teacher in the eyes as she licked
her rapidly. She slid a finger into Kimberly as she found the older woman's
clit a began tonguing it and even nibbling on it. Kimberly was amazed at
how well Sheila got her hot, no one had ever got her this hot this quick!
'It has to be because she's a woman,' thought Kim.

As Sheila began to eat her teacher out more rabidly Kimberly felt her orgasm
building. She start humping Sheila's face as she gave in to the pleasure.

"Oh Sheila, Sheila, SHEILA! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!"

Kim exploded all over her students face, covering her with her feminine
juices. Sheila licked her teacher dry not wanting to leave a drop of her
sweet cum.

After that Sheila stood up and unzipped her jeans and slid them off. Her
panties that were practically see through before were very see through now
as they were soaked with her juices already. Kimberly's eyes were momentarily
locked on Sheila's almost completely visible pussy, it had light brown pubic
hair much like on Sheila's head. Her attention went elsewhere though as
Sheila played with the straps on her bra, sliding them down, then unhooking
it in the back and exposing her big breasts to her favorite teacher. Sheila
was easily at least a C-cup, her tits were huge.

Kimberly took Sheila by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Once there
Kimberly drop to her knees and slid down Sheila's panties. With them both
naked they climbed into bed. Kimberly got on top of Sheila and took a big
tit in her mouth sucking on it hard causing Sheila to arch her back in
pleasure. Kimberly pinched on her other tit as Sheila scrapped her nails
up and down her back. Kimberly went back and forth sucking each breast
like she was in infant feeding on her mother. She felt she could suck on
Sheila's breasts all night they were so perfect. Big, round and with pretty
pink aureolas and pointed nipples that seemed to call out to be sucked by

Eventually though, she made her way down to Sheila's other treasure. She
licked the teen girls inner thighs and spread her legs. Sheila moaned loudly
as Kimberly got ever so close to her pussy. She finally got there spreading
Sheila's legs wide as she buried her face in the nice trimmed light brown
snatch. Once there she went on instinct, licking up and down her slit,
getting her primed for an oral session that she wouldn't forget. She opened
Sheila up and gently shoved her fingers in her while her tongue found her
clit. She kissed and blew and even bite lightly on the young girls womanhood.
Sheila played with her own tits while being eaten out by her teacher.

Kimberly caressed her hands all over Sheila's smooth pale skin (at least
compared to hers). Sheila got up and positioned herself so she was sitting
on Kimberly's face. She wanted to do a 69 so she could get another taste of
Kimberly's incredible pussy. Kimberly kept up her tongue work on Sheila's
lovely cunt as she felt Sheila's big tits against her belly as the girl
started eating her pussy yet again. Kimberly was in heaven, no lover had
ever been so considerate about getting her off like Sheila was.

Sheila licked up and down Kimberly's snatch eager to taste more of her sweet
cum. Kimberly wet her finger and slid it into Sheila's ass. Sheila was thrown
off by the intruder at first. Then after a while started to like the feeling
and began riding the finger and Kim's face too. The oral pleasure became too
much and Sheila let out a gusher on Kimberly's face.

"Oh Miss Woods, ohhh ohhhh OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Sheila caught her breath and quickly concentrated on getting her teacher
to cum again. She forced three fingers into Kimberly's pussy as she pulled
on her clit with her teeth and even slap Kim on her ass. This went on for
several more minutes slapping and biting till at last Kimberly's body
released a bigger orgasm than the last one. Again not a drop would be left
as Sheila licked it all up.

They laid in bed a while kissing and fondling each others breasts.

"You were amazing Miss Woods, I do mean what I said, I love you."

"I love you too Sheila, but from now on you can call me Kimberly, were
lovers I would think we should at least be on a full name basis!"

The two laughed and held each other tightly.

Later that night the phone rang, Kimberly, still in bed answered with her
only free hand.


"Kim? Its Ronnie, how did it go with Sheila, is the situation well in hand?"

Kimberly look over and saw that her other hand was still on one of Sheila's

"Oh yes well in hand I'd say."

Kim giggled, as Ronnie shook her head in confusion and hung up.


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